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  1. Review - AOL Instant Messenger for Windows Beta (Aug 10, 2006)

    This beta is a great improvement. Great Job!

    It runs very fast and smooth as the performance has improved a whole lot. I also like the "full" background color option. Sometimes the RAM usage does climb above 25,000K but that really depends on what I am doing with the program. Having a couple tabs open will raise it a bit but then it goes down again, also uses the radio feature....

    Another plus, the aolsoftware.exe now closes when you are done with the software rather than stay running.

    And for those who say it runs slow, that is because your pc may not meet the full requirements of the software. The performance of the software, told my an AOL Techy, soly depends on your Buddy List size and how many IM windows. (seperate - you have open)

  2. Review - AOL Instant Messenger for Windows Beta (Apr 7, 2006)

    Thats the thing... you people download the software.... but "quickly uninstall it" you never even allow yourself to get used to the new software. Triton is a little bad with resources but so what... it will be ironed out very soon... You people here just see "AOL" and nothing else, and assume that if it has the letters "AOL" its a piece of sh** well AIM Triton is by far the best I have tested. Trillian went down the tubes with No updates.... and I don't know who makes GAIM or Miranda... and I really don't care. I like AOL. Keep up the good work.

  3. Review - AOL Instant Messenger for Windows

    1.0.4 (Mar 31, 2006)

    This is odd... why would they release a "Final" version of AIM. I got this version off AIM.com about 3 weeks ago... This isn't a "beta" version.... so if they are gonna post final versions why did they call this site "Betanews"

    Now, As for my review. 1.0.4 is great. I have no problems with RAM usage at all. It only uses about 15-16,000K + 6,000K for AOLSoftware.exe and the reason it uses less is because I have turned off the Buddy Icons in the buddy list, turned off the conversation loggin, and only have notifications for buddy sign on/off.

    I also got an e-mail the other day from the betateam at AOL.com and they said they were releasing a new beta very soon, and a whole bucnh of enhancements, and bug fixes. They also mentioned they have "Disabled" the conversation logging in the build, as I guess that was causing the high ram usage. They did mention though it will added back into later builds, but much much better.

  4. Review - AOL Instant Messenger for Windows Beta (Feb 16, 2006)

    Worried about Ad-ware? In AIM 5.9, I have found a way to block those pesky "Typed" ads in the bottom left hand corner of the IM window. In fact, it works in Triton, and eliminates all the ads on AOL.com! What you need is Norton Internet Security 2005 and Either an Adult or Supervisor account (so you can modify settings). When you see one of those ads on AOL.com, just get the beginning of the url (ex: http://http:adaol.com) nothing after the first part.... Open NIS 2005, then click Norton AntiSpam > Ad Blocking, then on the right hand side there is a configure button, click that and it brings up this window with a list of blocked Ads. Just click the "Add" button, insert the URL, (its automatically set to "Block") then click "Add" Close NIS 2005, Refresh your web browser, Close/Exit AIM, and Restart AIM. No more Ads!

  5. Review - AOL Instant Messenger for Windows Beta (Jan 31, 2006)

    I give it a 5.

    Only because all you other people who constantly bash AOL, probably haven't even tried the software. You just see the word "AOL" and immediately think its a horrible piece of software. Its not. I use 1.0.4 from AIM.com and its great.... Its a little high on the RAM but I got word that (beta.aol.com) has actually brought it down. And after is suppose to be a "BIG" performance beta that will improve ram like no tomorrow.

    You people that constantly bash AOL make me sick.... you can have your Trillian, GAIM, and Miranda.... Cause I am behind AOL all the way. Good Job AOL.