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Reviewed My Lockbox 3.9.3

If you are a professional sneaky-beaky then go to your department egg-head and get something secure.

If, on the other hand, you are just like the rest of us and want to keep wee little prying eyes away from adult content...then this is for you... Read full review


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Reviewed Advanced SystemCare Free

LOL indeed....

I have used the paid version on four separate machines for the last two years, and I think this version is rubbish, so much so that I have taken off my machines even though I have six months to go on my licence.

And... Read full review


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Reviewed Microsoft Internet Explorer for Windows XP 8.0

Okay..I have tried this RC1, and so far it is the point of even accepting all of those wee little items that I added into IE7 myself.
It took just on 15 minutes to completely install onto my three year old computer...this also... Read full review

Reviewed IncrediMail 2.5

There are two things that really peeve me off about this application, the first is when you click for the menu in the tray so that you can exit the rotten thing, the so-and-so's have put "tell a friend" right at the bottom of the menu.
The next... Read full review

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