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  1. Review - Super Flexible File Synchronizer

    5.30b (Jan 18, 2011)

    Can't say enough about this tool. I use it to synch my MP3s to my SSD in my car; it cleans out all the non-mp3 files so the player doesn't get stuck. I replaced my PC in 3 hours using this tool to reload all of my personal files. It keeps getting better with each release.

  2. Review - Tag&Rename

    3.5.7 (Nov 17, 2010)

    Long time user, can't do without it. It excels at managing large collections. The UI is well-designed to enable bulk changes in an intuitive way. Well worth the shareware cost.

  3. Review - Directory List & Print (Feb 11, 2010)

    Simple program that fills a gap in Windows. Doesn't require install, which is why there is no uninstall. Word & Excel export are a nice touch.

  4. Review - LightScribe System Software (Mar 14, 2008)

    Well, if your hand shook as much as mine when marking CDs, you'd think this tool was just fine.

    Also, I have a hard time drawing jpeg pictures of the artist that I can easily grab off the web & put on the CD for instant recognition.

    You pay just as much of a premium for those fancy writable CD blanks as LightScribe CDs. Besides, I can remember when it took 20 minutes to just burn a CD, so I've learned to go out & take a walk while it's creating my graphics.

  5. Review - Super Flexible File Synchronizer

    2.62 Build 445 Beta 10 (May 16, 2006)

    My favorite feature is how SFFS figures out when I've moved files or renamed directories, and avoids copying those files unnecessarily.

    I tried MS SyncToy, which also does this, but SyncToy doesn't give me the range of options SFFS has.

    SFFS is fast & efficient & works the way I want.