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  1. Review - FreeWire

    2.4.0 (May 2, 2002)

    Great. LimeWire with no ads but more spyware. Ironic.

  2. Review - KatMouse

    0.95 Beta (Jan 18, 2002)

    Same comment. I hated the way mouse wheels only scrolled if you give a window keyboard focus. It makes SO much more sense to scroll whatever window your cursor is on at that moment. This program is a must-have!

  3. Review - RaidenFTPD

    2.2 Build 486 (Dec 28, 2001)

    The most customizable and also the fast FTP server for Windows by far. I tried doing some speed tests by transferring files locally (copying files on the HD). RaidenFTPD went over 4mb/sec consistently (probably maxing out my HD speed). Serv-U, BPFTPD and several other Windows FPTDs I tested refused to go above 700k/sec. I'm running Windows 2000 by the way. Check out http://www.raidenftpd.com/en/plugin.html for the great scripts/plugins.