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  1. Review - Microsoft .NET Framework (v4)

    4.6 Preview (Jan 23, 2015)

    Apparently our buddy commenter Steve doesn't comprehend two things. First, this release is a PREVIEW release. And, most obvious, this site is "beta" releases - in this case PREVIEW ... so don't moan about something not working. My god, now ridiculous.

  2. Review - Mozilla Firefox for Windows (32-bit)

    29.0.1 (May 11, 2014)

    In my opinion, version 23.0.1 is the most appealing. I have tried each major release that has come in the time since. 23.0.1 has the best interface and usability. Every version after that screwed around with putting this icon here or there, changing ease of access to downloaded items, clearing bars, moving bars, etc.

    Mozilla needs to get a grip and understand not to move things from where people expect them to be. Functionality is one thing, but making people search for something that "was always right there" is moronic.

    They figure, "hey, it's free." Well that's the wrong attitude.

    Go back to Firefox 23.0.1 folks.

  3. Review - ĀµTorrent for Windows Beta (Apr 14, 2014)

    I'm still using version 2.2.1 - anything after that was buggy, full of advertising crap, spy....... it's all garbage after 2.2.1. uTorrent developers are nothing but hipoccrits. They spouted off, mouthed off on their site and in the forums how they would always remain true to freeware and so on and so forth. Then they quickly were bought out and added all kinds of crap that makes it nothing related to the freedom of the internet. I was one advocate going after uTorrent to add a simple feature of when deleting a file or torrent in the UI that it go to the recycle bin. I was attacked for months in the forum how I was too stupid to have other undelete tools or download what I wanted and such things. MONTHS. Attacked by uTorrent people and forum members that did nothing but kiss the asses of the uTorrent people by "being on their side" to attack me to, again, kiss their asses. They talked of how the program would remain only a couple hundred kB forever. Look at this program now int he current state - huge, bloated, spy-filled, ad-filled, you name it. It has nothing to do with internet freedom anymore. Version 2.2.1 is the last of the true sharing enthusiast.

  4. Review - WinRAR (64-bit)

    5.00 Beta 3 (May 9, 2013)

    Apparently you don't understand the concept of beta ... just like this site name happens to be - let alone the application in question!

  5. Review - TestDisk for Windows

    6.14 Beta (Apr 19, 2012)

    Those moaning and groaning about errors, bugs, problems, etc. . . . you clearly didn't read the "beta" portion of the forum let alone the application release name.

  6. Comment - Why is there LTE in the Arctic Circle but not in my neighborhood?

    6.14 Beta (Jun 27, 2011 - 10:56 PM)

    Why the hell should MY tax dollars pay for you to download porn or whatever the hell else you think is a "right?"

  7. Comment - Firefox 5 arrives early -- get it now!

    6.14 Beta (Jun 21, 2011 - 2:34 AM)

    And yet the startup page on the first start after install shows that this is still Beta - regardless of the Hep/About "not saying beta" I still don't believe this is the final release - the page still says beta when you first start the program after install/upgrade.

    Anyone have some ACTUAL EVIDENCE this is not Beta ?

  8. Comment - Now you can send the Office ribbon to join Clippy

    6.14 Beta (May 21, 2011 - 9:41 PM)

    While I am one that despises the stupid ribbon and the fact that MS didn't leave in the capacity to keep the menu bar ... it's YOUR damn choice to buy and use MS products, and any other product for that matter. If you don't like it - then DO NOT BUY IT ! How stupid people are!! You bought it so you have ZERO right to complain. Stop buying things you hate and maybe the manufacturers will change their tune! Or do what I did - I wanted the new Office, bought it, then paid for Classic Menu to solve the issue that I had with the program function. Otherwise .... shut up! Or moan and groan when you actually pay for something rather than steal and pirate software !

  9. Comment - Not sure what's going on on your home network? Rubbernet can tell you

    6.14 Beta (Apr 28, 2011 - 3:07 AM)

    Yes, for all those CHINESE SPEAKING/READING WINDOWS users ...... geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez

  10. Comment - Hotspot Shield snags 1 million users overnight, proves privacy can be monetized

    6.14 Beta (Apr 7, 2011 - 4:18 AM)

    I'm an American user living in China and have massive issues with censorship. Most of you probably know that China has the "Great Wall" as well as the "Great Firewall" ! So much is blocked - some of which is easy to understand why they chose it to be unacceptable (though not agree with such decisions). Hotspot has "saved" me regarding the ability to see so much that I usually cannot gain access to from China. Sure, it's a little slow at times, but it's free and solves most of my access issues. But, I would like to get some more speed, but to be blunt, I'm not so willing to actually spend $$ on it - but would always consider it. However, while you may not understand, I hate to see stories like this posted online, as it's far too easy for some punk kid that works at the internet control desks around the country to see this, or other, articles and simply block the program, IP, ports, etc. - as it DOES happen. Hush-Hush is the phrase that comes to mind. I'd love to hear opinions on other solid, reliable VPN programs such as this that are free ! Anyone have solid recommendations?