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  1. Review - nLite (Oct 16, 2008)

    nlite is one of the most useful free software tools available. Just like with any new software, you must take the time to read how to use it; otherwise, you may end up with a bunch of coasters before you get a good image. It is very easy to use as long as you're not trigger happy with the mouse. This software does work best with volume licensed media. Another great program for downloading Microsoft standalone updates is called Windows Download Updater.

    A cool thing about nlite is that, while it does not allow you to slipstream hardly any Microsoft programs (only a couple), you can sneak sysinternals suite into the "image" using nlite. These tools are the best out there and worth downloading if anyone is unfamiliar with them. freeware.

    One last thing. It does not matter how intelligent a person is, there is always a learning curve with anything new. The arrogance that is typical of most IT people is present because of their inferiority complex. Let's not stereotype ourselves to the outside world. If someone has a question about something they don't understand, help them out. Isn't that what we are on this page for?