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  1. Review - Mozilla Firefox for Windows (32-bit)

    3.5 RC1 (Jun 18, 2009)

    Must speedier.. Looking forward to a final release and hope that better gmail 2 is updated:) Can't give it a 5, after all, it's only an RC:)

    DoHickey... You can set ff to not show the tab bar if you only have one page open (Tools --> Options --> Tabs --> Uncheck: Always show the tab bar)

    That may solve part of your problems and also give you more screen real estate:)

  2. Review - 3DP Chip

    9.01 Beta 12 (Jan 14, 2009)

    Is this a real program? Looks like it's just a photo and it crashed. Not worth being listed on this site!!

  3. Review - GMail Drive

    1.0.13 (Jan 1, 2009)

    Would be great program if it would logon... Did gmail change their logon function again? Any chance of an update to this program?

  4. Comment - Resolved: EU 'Choice Screen' for Windows will show top 5 browsers first

    1.0.13 (Dec 16, 2009 - 1:03 PM)

    I suspect the answer is they don't care about such a small player. But that is bologna. These selective anti-competition attempts are not to benefit users like you and I. They are to benefit whomever the individuals, in this case Comm. Kroes likes more. What's next, will MS have to have choice screens for email apps, graphic apps, etc? It's up to the user to install what software they want if they don't like the bundled applications. Not for any government to say what a manufacturer can and cannot do. Sad sad day...

  5. Comment - The smartphone popularity contest: Palm Pre crashes iPhone 3G S' party

    1.0.13 (Sep 26, 2009 - 12:38 PM)

    Game playing remote control replacement don't count as getting something done by any reasonable standard. For me the most obvious and far reaching clue that the iphone was not made for business people is the # of people who have an apology at the end of EVERY email they send from their iphone that says something like, 'sent from my iphone, sorry for the typos.'

    Definitely very professional and cool letting dozens or hundreds of people a day know your device wasn't made for typing. Oh, forgive me, every iphone user has fat fingers, I forgot, ignore everything I wrote.

  6. Comment - Google Voice controversy continues with melee between AT&T and Google

    1.0.13 (Sep 26, 2009 - 12:13 PM)

    BTW, yes I do have Google Voice. And I still pay my annual fee to Vonage for my VOIP line and my employer still pays their monthly fees to AT&T for my blackberry service.

    For those who have either been brainwashed or brain dead, Google Voice requires you to have at least one landline/VOIP/cell line. So rest assured that if you've been getting ripped off, you will continue to be ripped off. But the convenience of Google Voice and ease of use just may push some of those companies to decrease the amount they are ripping you off, by trying to offer more services and lower their rates so you don't use Google Voice.

  7. Comment - Google Voice controversy continues with melee between AT&T and Google

    1.0.13 (Sep 26, 2009 - 12:02 PM)

    I know, I go a little overboard when I see such ignorance and stupidity. After writing it I couldn't decided whether to hit the "post your comment" button or not. But I figured those people probably wouldn't take the time to read the whole thing or wouldn't understand it. Sorry to offend so many people, but reality check: If you don't know what your talking about and haven't taken the time to learn enough to understand a topic, don't bother wasting your time or our time. Instead pickup a newspaper, a non Murdoch empire paper, and learn what is really going on in this world.

    Ultimately Looey's attempt to blame Obama for AT&T choosing their shareholders over their consumers, is as ridiculous as the senior citizen town hall spoilers yelling at Senators and Representatives to stop health care reform because they like the insurance they have now and don't want the government to put their hands on it. (In my opinion, the answer to those people should have simply been, fine, you don't want the government giving you health insurance, you have just legally terminated your right to receive medicare. Think of all the money the government would have saved then:))

  8. Comment - Google Voice controversy continues with melee between AT&T and Google

    1.0.13 (Sep 26, 2009 - 11:00 AM)

    There are many ways to prove virtually every thing you wrote as wrong, but out of fear that you have backdoor access to the unfairly ridiculed previous whitehouse administration of BushLIED-CheneyTORTURED, I'll ask you to answer one simple true/false question: (Please don't send the silent black helicopters or mind altering nano-creatures.)

    Q: Taxing every user of something that is free gives the federal government the money necessary for medicare to pay for baby killing abortions that save the woman's life? And have the added benefit of allowing 0.1% of the 307,550,154 people in the USA ( to improve their standing from very rich to extremely rich while simultaneously accomplishing the task of allowing the very rich and extremely rich insure the middle class become poor and the poor become very poor? (Hint: Despite the fear of government run medical care, Medicare kicks in for EVERY American at the age of 65.)

    Lets run through a quick 5th grade math word problem to help narrow down the two choices (true and false):
    Ex: Johnny walks into his local 7-11 to buy a carton of milk. The milk costs $2.25. A big sign on the door reads Bush (sorry, I mean recession) special --> First carton of milk 100% free. He takes the carton up to the counter. Not being able to do basic math in his head, the cashier scans the UPC on the milk carton and the computerized register reads $0.00. Confused and dazed the cashier hits to the subtotal button (as he had been trained to do 12 years ago) and the register still reads $0.00. Having recently completed a year of advanced 5th grade US math, Johnny new that meant the price was equal to zero.

    Johnny's parents had always told him that if you can get away with getting something for free (by any means) to jump at the opportunity. He wanted to double check and make sure the total really was zero. He asked the cashier to try again. The cashier told him he had to pay for this order before he could close the registers drawer and scan a different item.

    Johnny thought about for a minute and decided to take things into his own hands before he paid the cashier the $0.00 he owed him for the milk. His teacher, having completed high school himself, had taught Johnny that when you had a discount, you multiplied the discount percentage by the cost of the item and then subtract that amount from the original price to get the total. Johnny pulled out his handy dandy lazy mans brain alternative, the iPhone, found the little box with numbers on hit and opened the calculator application. Using his fingers he punched in 2.25 * 100 and hit the % button. The display read 2.2500. Johnny knew he had one step left, so not having made it to US high school math yet, he didn't realize that 2.2500 was in fact the same things as 2.25. But he knew how to use the memory and clear buttons on his phone. So he put the 2.2500 into memory and cleared the display. He then entered 2.25, the minus sign, and memory recall, followed by the over sized equal button. The display now read 0.00. Johnny was proud his phone read the same thing as the big computerized register on the counter.

    The cashier then had a sinking feeling her forgot one of the steps but couldn't figure out what he had forgotten. He started to sweat and panic. His fear of losing his job if he had to ask the new store manager what he missed was so disturbing he knew it was a real emergency and he better get some help. He picked up the phone, punched in the numbers 911, and waited about 5 seconds. An automated system answered and apologized for the delay saying call volume was very high but someone would be with him soon. The announcement went on to offer alternatives to the caller. The recorded message told the cashier to hold on if help was needed for a true life, limb, or property emergency, other wise the caller was directed to contact other free resources including, 311, their private physician (with the caveat that the caller must earn $100,000 or more per year for this option,) their local library, and a half dozen other resources for situations that didn't require immediate help from the police, emergency medical system, or fire department. The cashier held on since this was a true emergency.

    Meanwhile Johnny, being the son of two accountants knew he had to pay tax on everything he purchased. He suggested the cashier hit the Total button so it could calculate the tax and let them know exactly how much Johnny had to pay.

    Being relieved, the cashier hearing the 911 operator come on the line asking what the emergency was, simply said that he wasn't going to die if he just hit the total button and hung up the phone.

    The cashier quickly hit the total button and the display read $0.00 due.

    Having read the sign stating a carton of milk was 100% free, Johnny realized that the total in front of him was the tax he had to pay. He pulled out his wallet and searched for a Zero dollar bill. Being out of those, he searched his pocket for a Zero cent coin. Not having one of those either and knowing if he returned home without milk his punishment would be an unbearable 48 hour period without his 52" flat panel TV and his Wii, grabbed the milk and ran out of the store, once again remember his parents telling him to take something free by any means.

    The cashier, leaving the register drawer open, ran after Johnny yelling, "You owe me zero dollars!" and other curse words I can't type here.

    - Johnny's parents were so proud of him for not having to pay the tax on the milk.
    - Being alone in the store, United Health Care's CEO couldn't figure out how to get the coffee out of the machine into the paper cup, realized this was why he had a college educated assistant, and started to head towards his limousine. Walking past the counter he noticed the registrar drawer open. Not even looking to see if anyone was around, reached into the drawer and pulled every bill and coin out. With a big smile on his face he walked out the front door where his chauffeur opened the limo door so he could get him. Being proud of himself for rescuing the cash from having to be around any of the 307,242,604 people his company was planning on ripping off, he felt like being generous. He gave the elegantly tux clad wearing chauffeur a 5 dollar bill saying, "The midnight shift maid told my wife she can feed her entire family for a day on $5 in your people's neighborhood." The chauffeur said, "Thank you sir" closed the door and walked around to the drivers door saying to himself 'Pas étonnant que nous ne voulons pas que ces gens dans notre pays!' (Translated to: 'No wonder we don't want these people in our country!')
    - The cashier returning to the store and finding an empty register panicked and filled the drawer with cheeze wiz, assuming the manager wouldn't notice the difference in weight. He is now serving a 60 day sentence having been found guilty of a law in Carmel that states, "A man can’t go outside while wearing a jacket and pants that do not match." He should taken off his 7-11 smock before running after Johnny.

    A: True or False?

    Yes I know this isn't exactly on topic, but it's no more off topic than Looey's reply is inaccurate.