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  1. Review - DVDFab All-In-One for Windows (Mar 30, 2007)

    I haven't heard anything about a keylogger but the software does phone home. When decrypting a DVD movie, a log will be transmitted to their servers. The log includes details on what DVD was decrypted. Fentago, makers of DVDFab Decrypter, states the log is only used to get a "feel" of what DVD movies are being decrypted - supposedly for marketing purposes. My firewall, Comodo Firewall Pro, alerted me that DVDFab Decrypter was trying to connect to the Internet. When I blocked the connection, DVDFab Decrypter refused to decrypt the movie.

  2. Review - Spyware Terminator (Dec 14, 2006)


    Spyware Warrior did indeed list Spyware Terminator as a rogue antispyware program initially. However, upon further review, they removed it from their rogue antispyware list. Read their article (

    We originally listed Spyware Terminator on this page out of concerns that Crawler, the company behind the product, had established connections with IBIS, a well known adware distributor responsible for such adware programs as Wintools, Websearch, & Huntbar. Although we found no problems in our initial testing with Spyware Terminator, and while the vendor itself announced that it was exiting the adware business (1), we decided out of caution to impose a three month probation period before we would consider re-testing and, if warranted, de-listing the the product from the Rogue/Suspect list. During that three month probation period we monitored the behavior of IBIS and Crawler. At the end of the three month probation period we re-tested Spyware Terminator, again finding no problems serious enough to justify listing the program on this page. As the vendor involved has not been involved in the distribution of adware for many months, and as the program itself exhibits no problems serious enough to warrant mention on this page, we have decided to de-list Spyware Terminator from the Rogue/Suspect list and can no longer regard the program to be "rogue/suspect."

  3. Review - Spyware Terminator (Dec 6, 2006)

    Someone mentioned that Spyware Terminator is a rogue antispyware software program, which was true until recently. The website Spyware Warrior did at one time list it as rogue software but, after further investigation, changed its classification. However, many tests have shown Spyware Terminator to be a poor performer. PC Magazine rated it as very poor in both detection and removal.


    I don't want to bash the program; however, there are better free security software available, such as Spybot, Ad Aware and Windows Defender. Of note, Spybot has a new scan engine in beta which greatly increases its detection and removal rate. In addition, the final version of Windows Defender is now available and it is markedly improved compared to previous beta versions.

  4. Review - Microsoft Windows Defender (32-bit)

    1.1.1592 (Oct 24, 2006)

    I agree with most users that Window Defender is a decent antispyware scanner and remover. However, there are some annoyances. As Alex Stevens mentioned before, there is no progress bar displaying the updating of spyware signature. In addition, the user interface is barren, too barren. For example,I could not find the log of scan results.

  5. Review - Ad Muncher

    4.7.27105 (Oct 13, 2006)

    Ad Muncher is a great tool. Unlike, Firefox or Opera, Internet Explorer doesn't include an ad blocking feature, which is a gross oversight. However, Ad Muncher comes and saves the day.

  6. Comment - British Hacker Extradited to U.S.

    4.7.27105 (Jul 7, 2006 - 7:45 PM)

    Hey, I have my own reservations when it comes to the US government but come on. Are you saying McKinnon wasn't aware that roaming around a governmental website was illegal? And, I am not talking about the Park Service. He hacked in to the US Army, US Naval and Pentagon. What if, by his activities, he interfered with aerial radar and caused a plane to crash?

    And, some of you are arguing that the websites were wide open and it is understandable that McKinnon would take the opportunity to explore these websites. Well, if I come across an empty car with the keys in the ignition and decide to drive off with it, does it mean I didn't commit a crime?

    Hey, you want to bash the American government and/or President Bush be my guest. But, how would you feel if an American hacked in to a British governmental website? How would you feel if the US government refuse to extradite him solely because he is an American?