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Reviewed VirtualBox for Windows 6.0.8

Would be nice if they would fix the "known 3rd party issues" already.

Would love to be able to use again. Not giving up my Comodo and I need network bridging.

So this version gets a 0. Recommand old buids of you run any sort of security app. Read full review

Reviewed doPDF 10.2.114

Like others have said, version 7 is last good build.

Version 8 is crapware and fileforum should not even be hosting it..

Version 7 rating is 5 and version 8 is 1. Read full review

Reviewed ICE ECC 2.7

Make it open source and run on Linux and you got yourself a winner, maybe. Read full review

Reviewed QuickTime for Windows 7.7.9


A real update would be nice, been years since it was really updated. Read full review

Reviewed Speckie 7.0

The best spell checker for IE by far.

Just wish there was a way to make it work in no add-ons mode. ;) Read full review

Reviewed Norton Security with Backup (formerly Norton 360)

Still junk. And yes I tested!

Has always sucked!!! Complete bloatware still! Read full review

Reviewed Spybot - Search & Destroy

Mehha, 2.0 is terrible indeed. Read full review

Reviewed doPDF 10.2.114


Fix: Characters with skew effect weren't converted correctly (rotated instead of skewed)
Fix: Corrected problem when converting files with long name
Fix: Corrected conversion from Visio when backgrounds were used
Fix: Corrected... Read full review

Reviewed Ad Muncher 4.94.34121

Still the best.

But yeah that is a bit crazy how much it cost now for lifetime license. :( Read full review

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