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  1. Review - GreatNews

    1.0 Beta Build 354 (Jan 16, 2006)

    The best thing about greatnews is that is uses the SQlite library so it is incredibly fast.

  2. Review - Trillian

    3.0 Alpha 1 (Nov 7, 2004)

    So far so good i really like the new laout of the prefrences panel

  3. Review - Nvu for Windows

    0.50 (Oct 16, 2004)

    Syntax highliting will be very nice :D

    Anyways this is good for the fact that it is free and it is at version .50 but it's no Dreamweaver or Golive. But it's pretty good i guess.

  4. Review - Mozilla Firefox for Windows (32-bit)

    0.9 (Jun 15, 2004)

    The best browser there is been using this since 0.6 and it gets better with each release 0.9 is much more stable than 0.8.

  5. Review - Mozilla Firefox for Windows (32-bit)

    0.9 RC (Jun 10, 2004)

    Very awesome i test around 3 nightlys a week and i can say that starting in june it has gotten VERY stable much more stable than firefox 0.8.

    The best new feature will be the ability to un-install extensions and the ability to update them :D

  6. Comment - Opera Browser to be Included in Wii

    0.9 RC (May 10, 2006 - 4:03 PM)

    Awesome news :D

  7. Comment - Cisco, Researcher Settle Flaw Tussle

    0.9 RC (Jul 29, 2005 - 2:43 PM)

    What an idiot you shouldn't quit your employer just to get a speaking gig continue to work there and fix the problem.

  8. Comment - Microsoft: No Public Beta 1 of IE7

    0.9 RC (Jul 28, 2005 - 12:55 AM)

    I abhor the fact that you link to the "pirated" file.

  9. Comment - Comcast to Boost Cable Internet Speeds

    0.9 RC (Jul 12, 2005 - 2:07 PM)

    Yeah i have comcast in wa state and i get outages everyonce in a while, but more speed is always nice and like 1 person said more upload would be nice as well. Espically when i'm ftp'ing funny picures to my website.

  10. Comment - DivX 6 Format Offers Alternative to DVD

    0.9 RC (Jun 16, 2005 - 12:59 AM)

    "The DivX format has been extremely popular among content creators due to its ability to compress video into files 10 times smaller than standard MPEG-2 used in DVD, without compromising quality."

    You mean without compromising much quality. ;) Is this a press release or a news article :p