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  1. Review - Trillian

    0.725 (Feb 22, 2002)

    No compromises. Trillian is top quality shiznit. I'd really like to see a BeOS version tho for two reasons. 1) It would supply me with the one thing that keeps me from running BE as my only OS and 2) I can throw the illegal burnt copy of WinXP (Which sux btw) in the trash and burn the trash behind my house and piss on the ashes. Ohh.. goosebumps :D that would be nice.

  2. Comment - Sun Sues Microsoft, Seeks Over $1 Billion

    0.725 (Mar 12, 2002 - 10:18 AM)

    JAVA won't die out. The internet was founded on UNIX based machines. Microsoft invaded that market. JAVA was developed to provide internet based applications on all platforms. Microsoft invaded that market and tried to eliminate it.

    A theory: Microsoft did this by producing a nonfunctional JAVA VM that would run on 96 Percent of the machines that access the internet (win32) instead of the REAL JAVA VM. This eliminates the JAVA technology by proving it inept and broken accrossed all platforms because its no longer stable on anything but MS's OS so once again all people will run to Microsoft.

    Just an idea, but this seems to be the general principle MS has adapted as a market strategy plan: Netscape/Mozilla (HTML). Linux/BeOS (OS). MSN (ISP). I mean come on. Anyone that becomes a threat to them they throw money down on a table to find a cure to thier threat and eliminate it. ITS JUST NOT RIGHT. I don't really care what the damn government says or what any individual says. Its no longer about make money, or "promoting advancement of technology". Its about being number one and letting noone in on your coffee beans. The reason monopolies are illegal is because when the constitution was written it was kept in mind to protect the little guy as well as the big guy. You can't take away the rights of an individual because your bigger. How would that be a fair and 'equal' country? That's like saying just because there are more white people in a neighborhood than black people or mexican people or canadian people that the white people are always right. I'm not saying that Microsoft is evil. I'm just saying they have had a lot of good luck and at the same time people are getting squashed in the market place. And not all of this is MS's fault. Most of it is the fact that Computer Manufacturers are always looking for cheaper and easier ways to get there products out and MS helps a great deal by dropping the price on MS OS's if you only package thier stuff with it or if you do it thier way.

    All for now.


  3. Comment - Sun Sues Microsoft, Seeks Over $1 Billion

    0.725 (Mar 12, 2002 - 10:02 AM)

    Point well said.

  4. Comment - Sun Sues Microsoft, Seeks Over $1 Billion

    0.725 (Mar 12, 2002 - 9:59 AM)

    '"The real problem here..." is people's inability to keep on topic!!'

    Waa Waa.

    "You could very well be talking about Sun and Java right there." I agree. Sun should have, but what was thier reason for pulling it? I mean its pretty scary opening something up to the general public that you have created when MS just might take and destroy the standard after its realeased as an open standard. I don't know. But I seriously think SUN would have if they weren't so worried about MS's cheap tactics with open standards. Look at HTML now. MS has nearly rewritten and added so many things to it and never bothered to speak to the web community first. I could be wrong but isn't Mozilla pretty much the HTML standard? Everytime I see a browser snooper checking my browser it says Mozilla 5.0/IE 5.0 Compliant or whatever. How did SUN not know JAVA would work out the same way. They release it as open. MS goes and changes it to thier fitting which eliminates the "write once run anywhere" ideal (which they did anyways) and then the standards worthless?

    "If MS would just adhere to standards already in place..."

    You didn't get the full quote. Please don't peacemeal my thoughts to prove your point.

    "If MS would just adhere to standards already in place or _try_to_work_with_the_ocmmunity_to_better_them_ there would be no fights and it would promote productivity in all parts of the market not eliminate it."

    The difference is acting as a community versus a dictatorship. What it all comes down to is we all want an even fair distributed marketplace and MS has eliminated that on several occasions. If they would play the game with ethics nobody would care, but they don't.


  5. Comment - Sun Sues Microsoft, Seeks Over $1 Billion

    0.725 (Mar 12, 2002 - 2:06 AM)

    The real problem here is the fact that Microsoft seriously wants to be in charge of all with the market. They want to set the standard, have control over it, and if they can't do that then they want to eliminate it. I don't think anyone would care if they tried to work with the already existing communities to build better standards but instead they produce what they want and label it the greatest thing around. And because of thier wide popularity in the pc market they can do it and developers will follow. Unfortunately it screws up the system for those already developed for the community voted on and distributed standards layed out in the past. If every one of us came along and developed our own standards on how things should be and enforced them then there would be chaos and nothing would get done or work correctly. If MS would just adhere to standards already in place or try to work with the ocmmunity to better them there would be no fights and it would promote productivity in all parts of the market not eliminate it.

    Just a thought.


  6. Comment - Sun Sues Microsoft, Seeks Over $1 Billion

    0.725 (Mar 12, 2002 - 1:58 AM)

    Actually he is correct. There are two different versions of the Java VM for windows. The one that is packaged with windows is a "proprietary" version labeled MS Java+ VM. And if you have ever programmed in Java you would know there are distinct differences in how you write in Java and Java+. Original Java maybe slightly slower on load times but its also a lot more stable language. There are little problems with libraries. When writing in Java+ 75 Percent of the time you are writing around individual holes that MS never included in the package. It makes it very difficult to "write once run anywhere." So now you might want to revamp that statement about knowing what people are talking about. And yes there is a Win32 'True' Java VM. Unfortunately you have to go out to Sun's website and download it separately and install it, it doesn't just autoload like MS's version does. (because IE autodownloads 'thier' specific plug and run extentions to the browser) hmmm... sounds like taking advantage of your place in the market don't you think?

    Learn to write in real JAVA and then try to execute it in a Win32 Java+ VM. See if it will run. Thank you I rest my case.