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  1. Review - Trillian

    0.635 RC1 (Jun 1, 2001)

    the first version of Trillian i tried, i was impressed with. it was nice. a little unsure of itself, wobbly fawn legs, but nice, and it worked fairly well, bar a few bugs.
    the next version i tried was a lot more sure of itself. Trillian had matured. less buggy, definately more mature.
    the current version, this one, Trillian is a very very pretty and beautiful thing. i haven't picked up any overt bugs yet, but am only using it for IRC and ICQ. the one thing lacking is the ability to send files via ICQ.
    however, Trillian makes up for this with her looks. Trillian, as i mentioned before, is simply stunning. a beautiful piece of ^H^H^Hsoftware. not overtly wanton in any way, but simply twirling knee high summer dress sort of pretty. i absolutely love this application.