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FixXxeR Jan 21, 2015 4.94.34121
1 out of 5

Ad Muncher is officially dead in the water, admitted to by Jeff. Murray has other priorities that do not include Ad Muncher. Sorry folks, but the list below will remain (with features promised since 2007).

Still slows down browsing.
Still fails to work on IE11 (Release date: October 17, 2013)
Still fails to work on HTTP 1.1 (June 1999)
Still fails to support gzip (First mention by devs that it was "being worked on" was in 2007 on their forums)
Still fails to block https (First mention by devs that it was "being worked on" was in 2007 on their forums)
Still the same, tired excuses from Jeff about how over-worked they are and how we should trust that they will release all of this functionality for a now free product.
Does NOT block youtube ads, despite claim below. Youtube is https based and as such falls under the comment above.

Promises have been made and broken too many times to count. Stay away and go with Ad Guard or Ad Block Plus.
CyberDoc999 Nov 8, 2014 4.94.34121
3 out of 5
I could not get this to block ads on you tube.... how did you do it? also slows down my web browsing
inkowyouknow Nov 7, 2014 4.94.34121
5 out of 5
Works a charm does everything it says on youtube, websites the lot even sneaky popups:)
Zootopia3001 Nov 6, 2014 4.94.34121
1 out of 5
Version 5 is just around the corner any decade now.
Music4Ever Nov 6, 2014 4.94.34121
2 out of 5
What's not to like? What is there to like more to the truth?

It doesn't work in IE 11.
It does not remove ad's on encrypted pages, such as Facebook etc.

Reason to like it:

It's free.

Although if you read to the end of the main page you can donate a beer a month at $5 (wonder where Murray get's his beers)
Or $10 a month for Pizza
Or $20 a month for c***tail
(well 30 people did ask so he succumed) :-)

'At some point in the future, I may need to offer complimentary software products to Ad Muncher users (for example, a recommended spyware blocker or antivirus). These will be done respectfully, and will only be products that compliment Ad Muncher and which I genuinely use myself'

Will that be when version 5.xx is released I wonder?
Lsavagejt Nov 6, 2014 4.94.34121
5 out of 5
Works perfectly at blocking ads [No Ads], with practically no setup and zero overhead. And now it's free, too. What's not to like?
noobtard Nov 5, 2014 4.94.34121
1 out of 5
Years behind the competition. Devoloped at a snails pace.
They give it away for free since it is useless in Win8.xwithout HTTPS filtering. Can't charge for useless software.
Switched to AdGuard a long time ago.
CyberDoc999 Oct 22, 2014 4.94.34115 Beta
5 out of 5
this is now Free....
Music4Ever Oct 21, 2014 4.94.34115 Beta
3 out of 5
It doesn't work at all in IE 11, despite claims it works in all browsers, added to the point it doesn't work on encrypted pages on any browser has now made it pretty much useless - Version 5 is as elusive as ever.

As an ex premium user I stopped using it when it stopped working on half the internet despite having a viable licence - Being free now doesn't change that - Hopefully version 5 will be available in the near future!

Though 5 was talked about almost 10 years ago & the interface was done 6 years ago?

--------------> http://forum.admuncher.c...topic.php?f=8&t=569

--------------> http://www.murrayhurps.c...og/ad-muncher-version-5
Steve1209 Oct 20, 2014 4.94.34115 Beta
4 out of 5
This page is incorrect, this software became FREE, there is NO charge for it
kstev99 Oct 20, 2014 4.94.34115 Beta
5 out of 5
Out of the Box, this adblocker blocks TEN TIMES the ads that extensions such as adblock. Nothing against ABP, but it only works on one browser, where this program works across many browsers and programs.

I have been a paid user with lifetime updates since 2005, but now the developer has made this FREE!!! It doesn't get any better than that, and I hope many of the naysayers will actually give it a try instead of bashing it. Https support is coming in future version.
noobtard Oct 19, 2014 4.94.34115 Beta
5 out of 5
Yep, free and almost useless without https filtering.
WTH is V5?
Adguard FTW!
elopez17 Oct 19, 2014 4.94.34115 Beta
5 out of 5
as today 10/19/2014 Ad muncher is free
shroom Oct 18, 2014 4.94.34115 Beta
3 out of 5
@Sven123456789: It's now free, details are not up to date.
Sven123456789 Oct 17, 2014 4.94.34115 Beta
1 out of 5
Whoa.. People are stupid enough to pay for something that is free already for browsers like Pale Moon, Seamonkey and Firefox. Long live dumbnessyeah...
FixXxeR Jun 23, 2014 4.93.33707
1 out of 5
Perhaps new faith in this program.


Nope, they lied again. July has come and gone and the "free version" (NOT VERSION 5) is not available still.
Music4Ever Jul 16, 2012 4.93.33707
5 out of 5
FYI - it does have an auto-update & installer if required.

I actually ran this PC with Adblock+ for a day or so with Ad-Mucher uninstalled to see see for myself if there was any slowdown on the net using AM regarding recent comments made on this forum

I noticed no slowdown whatsoever (none – zero - zilch - bugger all) & neither were as many ad's removed & on the few occasions I did use IE it was awash with ads.

i was pleased to reinstall Ad-Mucher & are forced to conclude that those who to dislike it with such an unusual amount of vehemence must have a rather large hidden agenda(s) - It's the only logical conclusion.

It's also half price at the moment if you are thinking of buying it.

A worthy five stars.

(though if I were associated with online advertising & or tracking I would give it one star)
Uriel Jul 16, 2012 4.93.33707
5 out of 5
As of March 23, 2013, Ad Muncher blocks Hulu ads again with update 4544. This was one of the major gripes at Jeff's forum. Great ad blocker and just purchased a life time license for my Windows 8 Pro surface tablet.
ssb Jul 16, 2012 4.93.33707
1 out of 5
Enough said!
HeilNizar Jul 16, 2012 4.93.33707
3 out of 5
Thought of buying it, but after a couple of minutes testing it didn't block those annoying Skype ads, changed my mind.
Also its not being released in portable version, and I doubt it has an auto upgrade option when new version is released.
kstev99 Jul 14, 2012 4.93.33707
5 out of 5
The best adblocker. Period
Lsavagejt Jul 13, 2012 4.93.33705 Beta
5 out of 5
I like it too!
Uriel Jul 12, 2012 4.93.33705 Beta
5 out of 5
Admuncher is the best. Not only does it block ads in the browser, but it monitors from the kernel level blocking ads to other applications as well. It speeds up the computer by blocking annoyance ads and therefore saving bandwidth.

Admuncher still blocks ads at Hulu. It's just that Hulu is protesting and requesting in the place of the ad that we turn off the ad blocker. Hulu has written a server side script that can detect and report if the end user is using an ad blocker or not and respond accordingly.

Admuncher is the best ad blocker bar non. I also use Ad Block Plus on my Linux OS. Ad Block Plus is very very good also.
Zootopia3001 Jul 12, 2012 4.93.33705 Beta
2 out of 5
Looking at the changelog from last public beta release, no real standout improvements at all. So Ad Muncher is still far behind the times while the internet as a whole leaves Ad Muncher further behind in the dust. And yes, I'm talking speed wise. There IS a slowdown with the use of Ad Muncher on plenty of sites as compared to without its use.

The ONLY plus Ad Muncher has going for it over AdBlock Plus is the lack of ads when watching videos on some sites, but apparently still no real fix for sites such as Hulu.

Me, I'll stick with AdBlock Plus and Ghostery for now. Let me know when you FINALLY have HTTP 1.1 support, then I will gladly pay for the product again, with or without a Hulu fix.

@Music4Ever, AdBlock Plus is not free because it asks for donations? Really? That's a real stretch on your part.
AND NOW, you resort to one even being a 'freeloader' if you don't donate to AdBlock Plus. Pretty sad on your part. Desperate is more like it.
Also note, I still have a valid license for Ad Muncher so my reviews have merit.

Edit: Music4Ever, give it up. I DO have a license for the rest of the year. As I stated, the changelog shows virtually no significant improvements, so there's not even a need to reinstall and try again.
And my gosh, should EVERYONE who uses software that asks for donations, donate in your mind, and even so far as to be "honest" in your mind? Well excuse me, I didn't know I was speaking with the morality police. Anyhoo 'fanboy', like I stated in a prior review, I may very well 'donate' to AdBlock Plus when my current Ad Muncher license expires. Why should I pay twice for ad removal in one year? But hey, that's one thing that makes donateware so great.
Music4Ever Jul 12, 2012 4.93.33705 Beta
5 out of 5
I really dislike this stupid expression 'fanboy' - That's now used on anyone that uses a program & often buys it & says the program is OK - AM is still well worth using, it works with all browsers I've used & does a better job than 'Adblock+' that actually does ask for donations so isn't free at all.

I notice no slowdowns using AM whatsoever.

@Bette - Your system will not have been 'hacked' what will have happened is that 'simultaneous' updates on AM will have been done on more than one IP address - Cancelling a license for this type of misuse is common on many single use software products. I've never had a single license issue on 3 PC's one which is used across the planet.

@Zootopia3001 - Yes Adblock+ does ask for donations & unless you are a freeloader I assume you have donated? And no it does not slow any of the 3 PC's I use it on & no it's not my first day on the internet.

It pretty obvious you have long term issues either with AM or life itself & as you no longer use this program anymore have can you continue to review it?

Edit: My point is that if no one donated to Adblock+ it would simply not exist, whether you have donated for software you use often is up to you but if you are an honest person it's not free is it?

You did write-

'then' 'I will gladly pay for the product again' - Not 'I will reinstall it' - That does greatly infer that you do not have a licence at the moment but will acquire one 'again' when AM is up to your specifications? Unless you mistyped?
Bette Jul 3, 2012 4.93 Beta Build 33502
1 out of 5
I am done with this guy. He once again hacked our system and turn off our license. the first time our address change with a router upgrade. then we changed service providers. Now I don't know what the hell, but he claims we are installed on two system so he is cancelling our license and we can only buy the new more expensive type.

thasks for the lead to ad-aware.
progh Jun 1, 2012 4.93 Beta Build 33502
5 out of 5
I am selling my Ad Muncher Premium license that will work till v5 is released

I switched to Mac OS and there is no version available for Mac.

$50 US by paypal :)
ssb May 3, 2012 4.93 Beta Build 33502
1 out of 5
Still no HTTP1.1? Sorry but I'm not going to make my connection slower because of admuncher developer incompetence and laziness.

Yeah yeah I know, Murray Hurps has promised that HTTP1.1 will be implemented in next version. I remember him promising same thing ten years ago.
Music4Ever May 3, 2012 4.93 Beta Build 33502
4 out of 5
I actually renewed this last month & on my receipt it does say: 'You sent a payment of $17.95 USD to Murray Hurps Corp Pty Ltd' (Full version - Daily updates)

I also got a full licence for 'Emsisoft Anti-Malware' included, quite a bargain I though ~ It was cheaper to pay in US$ than UK£ or AUS$ or even EURO€ at that time.

I still consider it's worth buying esp. at the pittance I paid, although I use Linux most of the time & use Ad-Block+ on that OS & rarely see ad's, but for Windows Ad-Muncher is worth having 'I think'.

However $29 is far, far to expensive & I would not pay that amount & if I'm asked to pay that next year it's goodbye Ad-Muncher.

BTW For reasons unknown this beta is broken so returned to last final - Get a grip Murray ~
Zootopia3001 May 2, 2012 4.93 Beta Build 33502
1 out of 5
To the "idiot"? fanboy who says he saw a "world of difference" with Ad Muncher after going from a 50mb to a 1.5mb connection... I also downgraded to a lower speed(2.5mb average), and I DO see a slower "experience" with AdMuncher as compared to AdBlock+, time and time again on plenty of sites. On occasion in the past I have recommended to others who were complaining about ads to give Ad Muncher a try. The response I most always got... Ad Muncher made the web pages load slower. The other response... It wasn't free. So it's not just me saying it, but then again, you probably think everybody else is always wrong. Typical of fanboys. HTTP 1.1 is used throughout the web now and has been for quite some time, yet the folks at AdMuncher are still stuck on HTTP 1.0, and it seems to be out of laziness. Heck, why don't I go out and buy myself a used USB 1.1 PCI card to get the same "experience" that Ad Muncher currently offers. Nah, I'll stick with USB 2.0 and AdBlock+, also ad blocking software "you rarely ever have to touch".

BTW Dark Wizard, funny you said that it "works in the background without a browser plug-in". That was just of recent, and I mean very, VERY recent. You might very well be a friend of the AdMuncher team trying to make a selling point out of the blue like that. When my license renewal comes up, I may use the money not given to Ad Muncher and 'donate' it to the folks at AdBlock+. At least they understand the need for speed to go with that "experience".

Now rated 1 star for fanboy thuggery. Must get that from Jeff over at Ad Muncher.
darkwzrd1 May 2, 2012 4.93 Beta Build 33502
5 out of 5
In response
@Zootopia3001: Just because I've never had any performance issues with this product, doesn't mean I'm a fan boy. It's just "Fact" and I'm not going to come up with bull-crap stories like some people. I can't help that you don't know how to optimize your browser performance. The only issue I've experienced with Ad-Muncher is on T-Mobiles "Bill Pay" Portal. A simple Ctrl - Right Click to add to "Don't Filter" list. God forbid that's so difficult. The "Fact" is there are millions of websites out there, there's going to be issues. Ad Block+ has plenty of it's own issues and doesn't work in Alpha, Beta versions of Mozilla and Chrome based browsers until Updates are released.
Note: Also very very recently would be defined as a month ago which is inaccurate, its been at least 6 months since the No Browser Plugin (required) edition was released.
*I would suggest you get a life, instead of coming up with "CRAP" to make yourself feel relevant. Clearly, your not intelligent enough to develop your own software, so stop moaning and groaning.
Whats $29.95 per year (daily updates) when you have a product that you rarely ever have to touch, blocks every ad imaginable and works in the background without a browser plug-in. I've had my license since 2003, so I'm except from the yearly fee and I'd have no problem paying yearly. I've definitely gotten my money's worth over and over again.

Also to the idiot that says this application slows your browser experience, your completely wrong! I went from a 50mb/s Cable connection to a 1.5mb/s DSL connection and this application makes a world of difference, especially in combination with SeaMonkey 2.9.1 and Ghostery.
Richardky May 2, 2012 4.93 Beta Build 33502
1 out of 5
the price is what kills this its insane ,no thanks. when i mentioned in the uninstall note that i can use a good free adbocker and noscript to achieve the same results, i got a email reply of attack as to why this product is worth the price and is better blah blah again no thanks some people know better.
Zootopia3001 May 2, 2012 4.93 Beta Build 33116
2 out of 5
Can get rid of a few ads that the free adblock and other free alternatives cannot.

Still no HTTP 1.1 support, making web browsing actually slower on a number of sites even with the ads removed. Hulu now detecting Ad Muncher and no hope of having it resolved by the Ad Muncher team. New drop down menu toolbar instead of an easy right click context menu. Recent forced beta use rather than a final version to get filters updates. Being now forced into beta for filters updates, a premium paid license instead of basic paid license is required to receive some beta updates. No other paid software provider would even think of doing this. The pricing, especially the premium pricing, is not worth the the pros listed, which amounts to one pro as you can see. Also note: You have to pay for each PC use, whether it's basic or premium.

With the recent beta issue I chose to just uninstall my paid basic version of Ad Muncher. The final reply from the Ad Muncher team... "You still don't get it... Take care and so long". As you can see, freeafrog's review is spot on... The new guy doesn't care about the product, much less his customers. Overall, this software is past its prime for the money.
Music4Ever Mar 24, 2012 4.93 Beta Build 33116
5 out of 5
Despite the essay by 'FixXxeR' -

Do I see any ads? - No none whatsoever

Does it break any sites out of my 1650 bookmarks? - No

Is it worth every penny? - Yes

5 stars...
Lsavagejt Mar 24, 2012 4.93 Beta Build 33116
5 out of 5
Nice updates!
Uriel Mar 24, 2012 4.93 Beta Build 33116
5 out of 5
This app works so well that I wouldn't doubt that ad campaigners and marketers who earn a living with services such as Google Adsense would be compelled to write a bad review of it because Ad Muncher would undoubtedly put a huge dent in their profit margins. It's a pity that the targeted ads in FaceBook get munched.
kstev99 Mar 23, 2012 4.93 Beta Build 33116
5 out of 5
The best there is. Set it and forget it.
FixXxeR Feb 24, 2012 4.93 Beta Build 33053
1 out of 5
The biggest issue I have with this tool is the lack of updates to it. HTTP 1.1/gzip support is breaking more and more websites. Many items on facebook fail to work unless you completely exit ad muncher. For example (yes, a game), when you launch tetris battle, the scores and stats are removed from within the game until you exit ad muncher. The "no filtering" rule does not fix this. Likewise, Google features such as +1, domain blocking from search results, google instant and various other features are broken due to this lack of support. These are two of the biggest examples. There are plenty more which I encounter on an all-to-frequent basis. I was unable to watch the super bowl online with ad muncher running. I had to completely exit, similar to the other issues above, in order to get these running.

One MAJOR issue comes into play with filtering on edu sites. My college website, my wife's college website, and another college site I use frequently are broken when using ad muncher. Tracing down the various no filtering rules requires far more work than should be necessary. One would think that all .edu sites would be non-filtered. Add to this the fact that services such as MyMathLab, MathXL, and other research libraries provided by at least 3 colleges I work with fail to operate properly with ad muncher, I am left wondering how much effort I should have to provide for a tool like this.

One of my biggest hang-ups to a tool like ad muncher is that there is a SINGLE PERSON updating the list to this program. With other tools such as ABP for various browsers, the lists are community based and receive far more attention. Ad Muncher might be quick and good at what it does, but it relies on a single man as a decision point for list updates while also placing emphasis on the relatively small userbase to report issues, of which only a handful of users actually do so based on the forum activity.

If we could get a version with http 1.1, gzip and the other promised features, perhaps I would rate this higher. But with more and more sites breaking, on a more frequent basis, I cannot rate this more than a 1.
The Seeker 11 Feb 21, 2012 4.93 Beta Build 33053
5 out of 5
Awesome. No more having to worry about non-existent or non-compatible browser extensions. The new toolbar takes care of this and can be updated via regular filter list updates. Ad Muncher is about to move to a whole new level.
Uriel Feb 20, 2012 4.93 Beta Build 33053
5 out of 5
Awesome. This gets rid of Google ads, FaceBook Ads, and a host of other intrusive ads that nobody really likes to have popping up in their face every minute while reading or watching a website. It can also block web bugs and hamper all sorts of trackers whose only purpose is to spy on you. It works with all sorts of applications besides browsers too. It's also one of the best applications for security as many trojans like to come bundled with ads. Recommended.
pjb Feb 20, 2012 4.93 Beta Build 33053
5 out of 5
In my opinion still the best Ad blocking software about.
Lean on resources and does what it should.
This new beta is really good.
Browser extensions have been updated - CTRL & Right Click.
Developers respond very promptly to customers.
kstev99 Feb 20, 2012 4.93 Beta Build 33053
5 out of 5
Works seamlessly regardless of which browser you use. I have used this for years, Definitely the best there is and well worth the money
Input Overload Feb 20, 2012 4.93 Beta Build 33053
5 out of 5
Brilliant, worth each & every penny or cent even.
progh Dec 7, 2011 4.93 Beta Build 32930
4 out of 5
AM is the best ad blocker out there, I have no doubt about it and gets 4 * from me because there is no Mac OS build :) and no gzip, https, regex support...


AM works perfect for me no issues, including the beta builds.

From where do you know that "Murray Hurps stopped being the front man for the program"?

Some inside info for v5:
- gzip, https, regex support
- simplified interface
- per site filters
- per filter whitelisting
- per process filtering
- ability to remove any HTML element

...and much more :)
Output Overboard Dec 6, 2011 4.93 Beta Build 32930
5 out of 5
They gave a free version on Giveawayoftheday so I'm changing my score.
I still think it's horrifically priced but as software goes, it's always worked well.
freeafrog Dec 1, 2011 4.93 Beta Build 32930
1 out of 5
Worked great thru 4.91. Nothing but problems since. Unfortunately I bought the lifetime update just before they junked the system. Hasn't been the same since Murray Hurps stopped being the front man for the program. The new person doesn't care about the product.
Lsavagejt Nov 18, 2011 4.93 Beta Build 32930
5 out of 5
Inray Nov 17, 2011 4.93 Beta Build 32930
1 out of 5
Sorry folks but I have to completely agree with FixXxeR comments. I would be more than happy to rate AdMuncher 5 stars but without HTTP 1.1 support is not worth it.
Input Overload Nov 17, 2011 4.93 Beta Build 32930
5 out of 5
Works very well indeed. FixXxeR must have had a real bad day, to be frank I don't know what he is going on about all Google features work OK here. Worth each & every penny.

Brilliant, one of my better buys.

@ Inray, i'm not knocking your opinion as it's a free world & that's great but what alternative are there & what do you use? :-)
Uriel Nov 17, 2011 4.93 Beta Build 32930
5 out of 5
You get what you pay for. Admuncher must be a nightmare for those who rely on ad revenue for a living. LOL! It works VERY VERY well. It's a thousand times better than the free addons that one can get with Firefox. I hate Google Chrome so I don't know if they have any ad blocker extensions and really cant see why they would seeing that they are an ad driven company. But Admuncher picks up this possible void if you Google humpers were wondering.
jetz Nov 17, 2011 4.93 Beta Build 32930
5 out of 5
I laugh at the whiners too! QQ
Been using this since the very early days.
It has always been the best in it's class.
Yeah I know there are plugins for browsers and what not. Bla bla bla. They don't even come close to what this can do!
The Seeker 11 Nov 17, 2011 4.93 Beta Build 32930
5 out of 5
I always laugh at those that whine about how long development is taking, then make prophecies about how this or that will never come to fruition. Get over it. It's a fantastic program that blocks ads better than anything else out there.
FixXxeR Oct 21, 2011 4.93 Build 32869 Beta
1 out of 5
All we get from this developer is "it's coming". This has been going on for way too long. It has been at least 5 years since "http 1.1 support" coding supposedly had started with v4.7.

Here we are at the end of 2011 when http 1.1 and gzip has been standard for how many years? well over a decade? before this product made it big?

This 5.0 release feels a lot more like vaporware with constant broken deadlines, feature delays and feature promises. The developer keeps asking for more patience for features which should have been implemented a long while ago.

You CANNOT use many of the Google features with ad muncher running as it breaks them. +1, domain filtering, many google+ features, gmail functionality, all broken with ad muncher running.

Stop lying to your users. As someone who paid for a lifetime license before the price increase which is raping current users, and someone who has bitten his tongue and had several people purchase licenses under the new "subscription" model...I am sick of the lack of information being provided by this developer. If you are telling me you cannot take 5 minutes and write up a post to your website and/or forum to inform your users about development status, then how am I to believe that you will ever deliver on the features promised to those of us who purchased or are considering purchasing? A once a month status update is not too much to ask and would help keep your users informed.

1 star for a product that will likely never produce a final version with the functionality promised to its users many, many years ago.
war59312 Sep 16, 2011 4.93 Build 32869 Beta
5 out of 5
Still the best.

But yeah that is a bit crazy how much it cost now for lifetime license. :(
mentallo666 Sep 14, 2011 4.93 Build 32869 Beta
5 out of 5
Great program I have been using it for almost 10 years. I didn't notice that they changed their pricing structure. $109 for a new Premium version is a lot. I bought it for 15 or 20 a few years ago.
Lsavagejt Sep 14, 2011 4.93 Build 32869 Beta
5 out of 5
I like it. It's a snap to use, keeps ads out of my eyes, and does not-- NOT-- cost too much.
niknetpc Sep 14, 2011 4.93 Build 32869 Beta
3 out of 5
Not bad, but cost extra money.AdBlock Plus really works much better and block more ads and banners than AM.For those who like and use Firefox every day AM is not needed
Output Overboard Aug 29, 2011 4.93 Beta Build 32739
1 out of 5
Ad Muncher Premium with unlimited updates costs $109.95 for 1 license.
Are you out of your mind?
Adblock Plus for Firefox and Chrome with unlimited updates cost $0.00
'Nuff said.
progh Jul 19, 2011 4.93 Beta Build 32739
5 out of 5
- no Gzip/HTTP 1.1 support
- no other platforms support (especially Mac OS)

But is still the best ad blocker :)

Looking forward for Gzip/HTTP 1.1 and Mac OS support.
FixXxeR Jul 17, 2011 4.93 Beta Build 32739
1 out of 5
The lack of HTTP 1.1/GZIP functionality is causing many websites to break unless you exit ad muncher. Simply disabling ad muncher does not fix this.

Several Google products are broken with ad muncher running. Several facebook features fail to work with the same situation. The team continues to blame websites for these functions being broken yet they are only broken with AM running.

There are several features which have been promised for several years which are still not present. USB portability might make an appearance but will likely include a hefty price tag given the recent stance of price increases and licensing changes.

Like others, I used to recommend this product. However, that is a thing of the past. At least with browser specific ad block plus extensions (opera, firefox, chrome, IE), I can use the websites I like without fear of breaking functionality because they all support many of the features the developers of AM have been promising for years.


UPDATED: Now this program breaks my college homepage and prevents a login from occurring when ad muncher is running. A "No filtering on URL" filter does not fix this. AM must be shutdown before the page will login properly.

Also note: While Jeff, list maintainer, was on a "business trip", those users who paid for the premium license did not get list updates for a full week. The sole purpose of buying a premium license is to receive updates more than once per week.
ssb Jul 15, 2011 4.93 Beta Build 32739
1 out of 5
As others said, without HTTP1.1 support it definitely doesn't deserve any better rating than 1. Sorry, but this is a very very serious issue not just some minor glitch.

NOT recommended any more!
kstev99 Jul 14, 2011 4.93 Beta Build 32739
5 out of 5
Excellent. Have used it for years with no problems.
The_Unknown Jul 14, 2011 4.93 Beta Build 32739
1 out of 5
Not supporting HTTP 1.1/Gzip at this point in time is just ridiculous.

I've moved back to ABP on Firefox a long time ago. I'm stuck with filtering on browser only but at least it works top notch.

Check http://betanews.admunche...amp;t=3134&start=45 to see when this was promised.
Input Overload Jul 14, 2011 4.93 Beta Build 32739
5 out of 5
No problems so far with the Beta. This program does a great job.
pjb Jul 14, 2011 4.93 Beta Build 32739
5 out of 5
Still one of the best ad-blocking applications out there, if not the best.
Works really well, and not browser dependant.
shroom Jul 13, 2011 4.93 Beta Build 32739
5 out of 5
Lazy ? Just have a look at their forum.
Guys are fixing every filtering issues users are reporting.
If you know a better software, please enlighten us :)
But so far, this one's never failed on me and I've been using it for years.
The Seeker 11 Jul 13, 2011 4.93 Beta Build 32739
5 out of 5
The crème de la crème of ad blockers. If you disagree, you're wrong.
Inray Jun 18, 2011 4.92
1 out of 5
@ovd: >> ...Looking forward for Gzip/HTTP 1.1

It might happen someday but if I were you, I wouldn't hold my breath. :)
Decompressing, analyzing and filtering HTTP1.1 streams requires major rewrite of admuncher, and Murray Hurps has proven to be lazy and unwilling to do any hard work.
progh Jun 15, 2011 4.92
5 out of 5
Looking forward for Gzip/HTTP 1.1 and Mac OS support.
Uriel Jun 14, 2011 4.92
5 out of 5
Clean pages without adds and popups means a faster browser. This should indeed be considered as security software in that it can block malicious adds. Those of you who are unfortunate enough to have been duped into signing a contract involving data caps will be able to save precious band width as well.
Lsavagejt Jun 14, 2011 4.92
5 out of 5
Ad Muncher is loaded with functionality, and should be part of any computer user's security array, but if all you want is to never see another advertisement on your rig then simply install Ad Muncher.

No, it's not freeware.
Input Overload Jun 14, 2011 4.92
5 out of 5
Installed & runs without problems.
betasun Jun 13, 2011 4.92 Beta Build 32692
3 out of 5
is it really 30 days timeout with every release ??
you can use it ONCE as a Trial .what is the aim of beta releases ?
The Author can release only final version here with limitations .
Inray Jun 11, 2011 4.92 Beta Build 32692
1 out of 5
Do you know how many years have passed since a v5 release (supposedly with HTTP1.1) was first promised? A whole decade!

So don't expect us to believe more empty promises. Enough with Murray Hurps lies. It's time to finally get off his a*s and write some code.
gate1975mlm Jun 11, 2011 4.92 Beta Build 32692
5 out of 5

Where did you here Ad Muncher v5.0 will have Gzip/HTTP 1.1 support?

Also 5.0 I bet is at least 12 to 18 months or more from release.
progh Jun 11, 2011 4.92 Beta Build 32692
5 out of 5
Ad Muncher v5.0 will have Gzip/HTTP 1.1 support.

...and Mac OS support in v5.*

or both in the same time :)
kstev99 Jun 11, 2011 4.92 Beta Build 32692
5 out of 5
I have been using AM since 2001. The Web really IS a whole different place without all of the Viagra / Insurance / Travel ads and banners.
I have been working on Computers since the TRS-80 pulled me in around 1978. 90% of the calls I get these days from co-workers,friends,clients are because they are infected with some form of FAKE ANTIVIRUS.

If more people used AM, Fake AV infections would be greatly reduced. People generally get infected by clicking on a pop-up window that says "WARNING!!! Your Computer is Infected!!" that looks like an authentic warning.

I haven't once seen this pop-up on my home computer, although I have seen it where I am employed. Sure, most ads are not malicious, but just annoying and a huge waste of my bandwidth. I Highly recommend Admuncher, It works seamlessly and is well worth the cost. It has nothing to do with being paranoid, It just makes the web a more pleasant and safer place.

Great Program, Amazing support. Keep up the good work Murray and Jeff!
Uriel Jun 10, 2011 4.92 Beta Build 32692
5 out of 5
This is the best app to get rid of adds. Not only works with all browsers, but other apps that may display adds too. Unlike the free browser extensions, Ad Muncher works at the kernel level unobtrusively.
The Seeker 11 Jun 10, 2011 4.92 Beta Build 32692
5 out of 5
@Input Overload

"I've forgot more than you will ever know regarding IT / USB backup / Networking etc."

"Don't make assumptions. You got that?"

Perhaps you should take some of your own advice.

Anyway, I'm a happy Ad Muncher user since Jan 2006. I was lucky enough to purchase when the license was a lifetime one, so I've been surfing ad free for over five years. I wouldn't be without it.
jetz Jun 10, 2011 4.92 Beta Build 32692
5 out of 5
This is thee best! Don't listen to cluesess nubs!
Input Overload Jun 10, 2011 4.92 Beta Build 32692
5 out of 5
@kstev99, A well constructed argument.I might buy it.

P.S. I bought it, I hope you are all happy now!
progh Jun 10, 2011 4.92 Beta Build 32684
5 out of 5
Ad Muncher rocks!

Can't wait to have Mac OS support.
war593122 Jun 1, 2011 4.92 Beta Build 32684
5 out of 5
Still the best, forget the rest! ;)
Sven123456789 May 31, 2011 4.92 Beta Build 32684
1 out of 5
People pay for this. Woah....
progh May 27, 2011 4.91 Beta Build 32500
5 out of 5
Ad Muncher does a great job in blocking ads no doubt about it, it's the best ad blocker that you can get.

This is a great piece of software, even the beta builds are very stable, I never had a crash and I use Ad Muncher for about 4 years now.

I am fully switching to Mac so will be nice to see a build for Mac OS too, and this soon :) but the development it's slow if we look at the gzip support.

Users are asking for gzip support for over 6 years.

by Murray » Thu Mar 10, 2005 8:19 pm

Specifically I'm working on the HTTP 1.1/Gzip support for v4.7, which is coming along nicely.
----- we have AM v4.92 and still don't have gzip support that has been promised for v4.7

AM breaks "google instant" due to lack of gzip support, I did not even know this because if you disable AM "google instant" is still not working, you have to close/exit Ad Muncher to see that "google instant" is working.

Hope to see gzip and Mac support soon :)

However this software gets 5 STARS from me!
FixXxeR May 8, 2011 4.91 Beta Build 32500
1 out of 5
Like the last two reviewers, I can now confirm after extensive testing that browsing WITHOUT ad muncher is noticeably faster on many http 1.1 enabled sites.

I went for 1 month without using ad muncher on my systems, despite owning several licenses, and can confirm without a doubt that loading pages without ad muncher, even with advertisements, is faster. Now, these are not breakneck differences, but they are noticeable.

That said, various web features which I did not know existed are now present and I can actually make use of them. Google Instant is present and works just as it should. There are several facebook features which now popped up that I did not know existed before. These are but a few of the things I have found while browsing without ad muncher.

I can also tell you that techniques such as persistent connections, pipelining, and content compression can and DO speed up page loading times and make the experience better for the end user.

By not supporting this decade old technology, you are hurting site administrators and forcing them to pay more because the server providers hosting these sites are getting increased load and have to charge more to their customers. This increase in usage and charges on the web hosting end will be off-loaded on the site administrator which will in turn be passed on to the user after it gets too high. Serving up an 8kb compressed page over a 32kb uncompressed page DOES make a difference.

1/5 until http 1.1 and compression support is added, along with all of the other "5.0" features promised more than 5 years ago.

If anyone wants to use google instant, domain blocking, +1, or other google features, and happens to be using ipv6. Try

Google IPV6 is not touched by ad muncher, so all of these features work beautifully.
ssb Mar 27, 2011 4.91 Beta Build 32500
1 out of 5

Years now most websites serve http compressed content (huge bandwidth saving), make use of caching control headers, persistent network connections and pipelining.

Guess what; All these essential performance and bandwidth optimizations (and much more) are missing when using AdMuncher simply because it still only supports HTTP1.0.

So next time, don't criticize other users opinions if you're the one who doesn't know what you're talking about. You better blame AdMuncher's lazy developer for non being able to keep his ten years old promises.
Input Overload Mar 20, 2011 4.91 Beta Build 32500
1 out of 5
As I can't remember the last time I had an invasive ad that caused me any concern the question is do you need to shell out £'s for programs such as this with such good free ad blockers around?

I think not, there was a time for this program but that time has now passed, It's an (expensive) anachronism.

Most of the reviews on this page are by die-hard ad muncher users who have no idea what an ad muncher free life is really like as they have used it for years.

You really don't need it anymore. It safe to come out and play, yes really!

Spend your money on something really useful like 'Malwarebytes'.

war593122 - BTW I do!

Can't stand people who give crap 5 stars.
CyberHobo Mar 19, 2011 4.91 Beta Build 32500
5 out of 5
The Cow has been on all of my computers since Ad Muncher's release. Never hangs or crashes. My latest install has been on Windows 7 64bit and the cow keeps chomp'n away. I can now surf with a smirk.
kstev99 Mar 19, 2011 4.91 Beta Build 32500
5 out of 5
The best there is! Well worth the price.
Can't imagine not using this program on my home computer. Works invisibly and without page damage.
If you do have a problem, the developers are very quick to help. I use ABP on another computer and there is just no comparison between the two.
pjb Mar 19, 2011 4.91 Beta Build 32500
5 out of 5
Great application. Have been using for many years.
Development team respond to enquiries promptly.
This application is one of the first to be installed after a fresh install.
I can't recommend this highly enough.
war593122 Mar 18, 2011 4.91 Beta Build 32500
5 out of 5
Still the best.

People who give ones starts for no HTTP 1.1 support more than likely don't even know what HTTP 1.1 means or what benefits it would bring.

Can't stand people who give bad rating because of 1 feature that it is not even that important, certainly not to the majority of users.
Uriel Mar 18, 2011 4.91 Beta Build 32500
5 out of 5
I agree that is expensive and it can only be installed on one computer per license. But it exceeds and blows away the competition hands down. It keeps getting better and better.
Conrad.TDI Mar 18, 2011 4.91 Beta Build 32500
5 out of 5
Expensive, but it always works, in any program that accesses the internet. It even filters games that log on if you so choose. It works flawlessly and quickly on Win7 64 machines, and I have yet to have it hang or crash. I've also gotten overnight fixes for changing website techniques.

The free stuff works well, I know, but I pay for a premium Firewall/AV, too.
Diam0nd Mar 18, 2011 4.91 Beta Build 32500
1 out of 5
Best blocker. But unbelievably and arrogantly overpriced.
I mean, it IS good, but there are free alternatives that are quite close to it. And even Opera now supports add-ins, so all browsers can use those.
ssb Mar 8, 2011 4.9 Beta Build 32193
1 out of 5
Nine years of development and still no HTTP 1.1 support yet?
Maybe next decade! Until then, get a single star and is too much....
jferr3 Jan 5, 2011 4.9 Beta Build 32193
5 out of 5
Ad Muncher is UNBELIEVABLE! Since I installed it I have not gotten one popup yet. Before Ad Muncher i used popup stopper but the trial ran out and it let some through. I must have downloaded then uninstalled 15 popup blockers, all of which sucked. One made my computer run slow as molasses, another disabled my copy and paste feature, another one wouldnt even let me open a new window and another one made my computer crash. Im glad there guys got it right.
FixXxeR Dec 30, 2010 4.9 Beta Build 32193
2 out of 5
Breaks "google instant" due to lack of gzip support. Have to remove my browser from filtering to get it to work since adding a "no filtering" or "minimal filtering" filter does not resolve it. Thanks, but I prefer products which don't break webpages and web features I actually use.
progh Sep 5, 2010 4.9 Beta Build 32193
5 out of 5
Best Ad Blocker out there. It's not free but definitely worth the money.
dotnetnightmare Aug 19, 2010 4.9 Beta Build 32193
5 out of 5
This filters the entire internet connection, not just the browser, the entire network. That means Email, Feed Readers, I.M. Clients, ALL Web Browsers, Weather Software, EVERYTHING has Advanced Ad & Junk Filtering. For PARENTS it has ADULT CONTENT FILTERING. This is REALLY a CONTENT FILTER, Ads being just one part. Once you have used it you will understand why this is an indispensable piece of software. I admit you CAN hack HOST files & use AdBlock Plus and get 50% of the filtering this has for FREE. If your Not Poor, Broke, Homeless, or a Self Proclaimed Pirate this is worth the MONEY!
Aargh, Tis Good Me Mates.
flibberyGiveIt Aug 19, 2010 4.9 Beta Build 32193
5 out of 5
Well worth the money.
As it sets itself up on its first install it's great for inexperienced
users, and has features that can appeal to even advanced
Blocks adverts out of the box, and with a few right clicks can be
programmed to remove nuisances such as the Drudge report
You can even use it to put script(s) into every page, and to take
them and about everything else out.
Can block pages from reloading themselves, websites from
messing with the mouse, and more.
I can't quite decide whether I'm happy or sad about it not filtering
in encrypted pages, and I think that things being a little bit faster
since I installed this new beta is all in my head.
And perhaps best of all, it's one little program that tames every
thing that I use to connect to the web, no having to find and set
up a plug in for each new internet enabled program I want to play
betasun Aug 19, 2010 4.9 Beta Build 32193
4 out of 5
The author granted trial for beta users .excellent .
kstev99 Aug 19, 2010 4.9 Beta Build 32193
5 out of 5
Best ad blocker program out there. I have used it for years. It's very customizable and maintenance free. I use ABP on my other computer and
Ad Muncher catches a lot more advertisements. Great technical support.

Ad Muncher Usage Statistics for v4.9 Beta Build 32193/3133
Adverts removed by Ad Muncher: 1,301,998
Approximate bandwidth saved: 10,171 MB
Counter started: July 20, 2003
davana Aug 18, 2010 4.9 Beta Build 32193
5 out of 5
I love this thing! I buy it. It is better then any other kind.
pjb Aug 18, 2010 4.9 Beta Build 32193
5 out of 5
Keeps getting better and better. Great application, great support from the developers. Works on blocking all ad's not just those in browsers.
Plumber Aug 18, 2010 4.9 Beta Build 32193
5 out of 5
For the billionth time, Ad Muncher vs. AdBlock Plus is not "paid vs. free". The two products do different things. Why do so many people have difficulty differentiating product function overlap from product function scope?

ABP does not block pop-ups or pop-unders. AM does, and it does it far better than Firefox does natively. ABP also does not work with anything outside of Firefox... Oh forget it, I'm sick of repeating the same things over and over.

Ad Muncher Usage Statistics for v4.9 Beta Build 32193/3133
Adverts removed by Ad Muncher: 2,990,505
Approximate bandwidth saved: 23,363 MB
Counter started: October 14, 2002
FixXxeR Aug 2, 2010 4.81 Build 31376 Final
1 out of 5
Since betanews refuses to post this:

4.9.32130 beta. The first signs of x64 support (after more than 6 years in existence.
niknetpc Apr 12, 2010 4.81 Build 31376 Final
5 out of 5
Works great but shareware. AdBlock Plus also perfect solution for ad blocking,people who hate ABP simply affiliate by AM,it's like a war between free and paid. IE also has ABP alternative called Simple AdBlock if you know..
thecensor Mar 28, 2010 4.81 Build 31376 Final
5 out of 5
excellent product. Unlike other ad blocker it also blocks commercials inside videos!!!
jspratjr Feb 9, 2010 4.81 Build 31376 Final
5 out of 5
If you want to be stuck with using Firefox, use AdBlock plus - if you want ad blocking and want to use anything else (including Firefox), use Ad Muncher - easy to use and does what it says, worth every penny.
ballyhairs Feb 7, 2010 4.81 Build 31376 Final
3 out of 5
3 starts for good software, but who needs such a thing these days?
Firefox with Adblock plus and your done
kevinmook Feb 6, 2010 4.81 Build 31376 Final
5 out of 5
As always, still the best ad blocker out there. Removes tracking scripts, potentially malicious portions of websites, and video ads from just about every video content provider out there. Top notch support is basically always available through the forum or IRC. Like everyone eles, really looking forward to gzip and regexp support.
progh Feb 5, 2010 4.81 Build 31376 Final
5 out of 5
Ad Muncher v4.9 Beta Build 32193 out NOW! download link:

Best Ad Blocker out there. It's not free but definitely worth the money.

Official Website:

Download Ad Muncher v4.81 Final Build 31376 Direct link:
Lsavagejt Feb 5, 2010 4.81 Build 31376 Final
5 out of 5
I like it too.
The Seeker 11 Feb 5, 2010 4.81 Build 31376 Final
5 out of 5
The best ad blocker bar none. If you disagree, you're wrong.
war593122 Feb 4, 2010 4.81 Build 31376 Final
5 out of 5
Time to update the screen-shot here. ;)

Still the best, v5 is going to kick major ass. :)

And I already using ff 3.6 thank you very much, ad block + can't touch this.
4122 Feb 4, 2010 4.81 Build 31376 Final
5 out of 5
Plumber sums it all up perfectly.
Plumber Feb 4, 2010 4.81 Build 31376 Final
5 out of 5
I've been using Ad Muncher for almost a decade, and it is still without peer. It has been all this time. Calling it "Ad Muncher" is inappropriate, I think, because the name sells it short. Ad Muncher handles much more than just advertisements--it gets rid of all sorts of web-based aggravations, from inane Flash animations to maddening popups and popunders. (And let's be honest; Firefox's native popup blocker misses a lot of them, with LiveJ**** being just one extremely annoying example.)

That's why Ad Muncher fans appreciate it.

AdBlock Plus should not even be mentioned as a peer of Ad Muncher; it's not. As others have pointed out, AdBlock Plus is compatible with Firefox, and only Firefox. It also does nothing to help with popups and popunders. And it relies on third-party list maintainers, who may (and have) abandoned their projects, or moved list update URLs. Ad Muncher updates one way, from one reliable source, and it always will. Wladimir Palant is a brilliant extension developer, but AdBlock Plus just wasn't intended to compete directly with Ad Muncher. It's like comparing a Jacuzzi to a mop bucket, just because they both hold water.

But still, add mine as the trillionth vote to get HTTP 1.1/Gzip support added soon!
Banquo Feb 4, 2010 4.81 Build 31376 Final
5 out of 5
I've been using it for years. It has always worked great and you never have to do a thing. Turn off the system tray icon and you don't even know it's there.

Blocks ads in every program that accesses the internet, even messengers. No need to worry about stupid browser addons.
Conrad.TDI Feb 4, 2010 4.81 Build 31376 Final
5 out of 5
The best: blocks nearly everything, and filters almost every program that accesses the internet, including Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Chromium, etc.
johnk119 Feb 1, 2010 4.81 Beta Build 31362
3 out of 5
You should be using Firefox!!!!
Uriel Jan 30, 2010 4.81 Beta Build 31362
5 out of 5
The KING of kings!
b0mmel Jan 28, 2010 4.81 Beta Build 31362
5 out of 5
King of all ad-blockers.
Diam0nd Jan 28, 2010 4.81 Beta Build 31362
5 out of 5
I love it when people say that AM is bad/crap/etc because there is a free AdBlock. The only problem is that those people assume EVERYONE is using FireFox, well, sorry to break it down to you, but UNLIKE AdBlock Ad Muncher can work with ANY browser (yes, there are other browsers than FF) and a lot of applications which have banners. That's exactly the reason I like AM: I can use it with any browser I might want to use, be it Opera, IE or Chrome or whatever else. And, well, it just works.
betasun Jan 28, 2010 4.81 Beta Build 31362
3 out of 5
Is it Beta ? then why you can not try it ?
ACDsee pro $160 beta is free to try when it is in Beta .
what is the purpose of publishing in Betanews ?
going through a maze of registration /alternative way /contact /.../?
war593122 Jan 19, 2010 4.81 Beta Build 31343
5 out of 5
Still the best.
Lsavagejt Jan 19, 2010 4.81 Beta Build 31343
5 out of 5
I like it too!
FixXxeR Nov 25, 2009 4.81 Beta Build 31325
3 out of 5
Please note: OVDs link is an AFFILIATE link (Not the OFFICIAL download link) and will get him money if you use it to buy this program or if you download it using said link and then purchase it later.

The actual download link is at
progh Nov 24, 2009 4.81 Beta Build 31325
5 out of 5
Best ad blocker out there, supports all the browsers, have a lot of functions and daily filter list updates, it is a lot much better than any adblocker. It's not free but definitely worth the money.

Download it from the official website:
Stable Release

emanresU deriseD Nov 24, 2009 4.81 Beta Build 31325
4 out of 5
I've tried Proxomitron and could not stand its means of operation nor its interface. I need something that doesn't require me to screw around with it for 62 hours setting it up. That thing is not Proxomitron, it is Ad Muncher.

I used AdBlock Plus for a long time. It works great as an ad blocker, but it's useless for popups and some other web page annoyances.

Thus, I tried Ad Muncher again, after a few years of non-use protest due to the author's (apostrophe not misplaced) refusal to add HTTP 1.1/Gzip support.

Now that I've been using it again, I'm pretty much hooked again. Firefox's native popup blocking support sucks. It really does. I've already explained why some of the other free solutions don't work for me.

So, for the time being, I'm back to using Ad Muncher. I guess some people value their time over their money... As if there is a difference.
Sven123456789 Nov 24, 2009 4.81 Beta Build 31325
1 out of 5
Yep, allot of morons out there paying for something thats already free.
pjb Nov 23, 2009 4.81 Beta Build 31325
5 out of 5
A good build as they all have been.
I would not use a personal computer without this installed.
Makes surfing the web a nicer experience.
Lsavagejt Nov 23, 2009 4.81 Beta Build 31325
5 out of 5
I like it too, except that proxy IP lists seem kind of useless. Otherwise I do like it for blocking ads, which it does perfectly, with no fuss at all. Worth the money.
Diam0nd Nov 23, 2009 4.81 Beta Build 31325
5 out of 5
Good build, but ooooold news.
TomWibbaert Nov 23, 2009 4.81 Beta Build 31325
1 out of 5
For stupid people willing to pay big mnoey for an adblocker, and never heard of Proxomitron.
FixXxeR Oct 23, 2009 4.8 Build 31318
3 out of 5
For those who do not understand why the features I have mentioned before are important, let me provide you some information.

Gzip is used by many websites to compress data being sent by the web server to the requesting client in an attempt to lower bandwidth usage. Ad Muncher not supporting this requires that data be sent in full size thus requiring more bandwidth. Many web server administrators enable this to reduce operating costs and to help users which might not be as fortunate as you and I to have a high speed connection. It helps those who also have limits on their bandwidth usage (say, 3gb/month as I have witnessed).

From the AM Forums: regarding gzip support.

HTTP 1.1 is a standard finalized in 1999:

Given that this was finalized well before ad muncher came about,k I find it hard to believe that this support is not yet implemented. HTTP 1.1 offers significant advantages over the dated original standard. The most notable is persistent connections which allow connections to a server to remain open in the theory that a client who submits one http request is likely going to submit more. Again, this cuts down on unneeded bandwidth usage, server resource usage, and traffic to/from the site.

From the AM Forums:;t=3134&start=15 regarding http 1.1

Regex support offers users the ability to cut down on the number of filters required and can provide even more power in creating filters that catch various items that a single filter would miss. If you have ever messed with regex, you will understand its power when it comes to things like what ad muncher can do.

Per site filtering offers users the ability to create a filter specific to one site which would help alleviate the possibility of a single filter breaking many sites. Yes, this can be done in a way now using CSS or JS, but that type of workaround should not be required. A user should not have to know CSS or javascript in order to say that a filter should only apply to one website or domain name.

From the AM Forums: regarding Per-Domain/Site filtering.

While each of the above features might not make a big difference on a single request by ad muncher, adding them up during a normal users daily usage with thousands upon thousands of http and various other website requests sure will.

USB portability is something that is needed given the advent of usb thumb drives. Almost all popular browsers are portable now and as such, so are any addons that come with them.

From the AM Forums: and type in portable. You will see that it is very much possible to make ad muncher portable. Only a minor change would be required to get it working and that is to make it store the registration data in the config file and make it per installation.

With the advent of portable software, I feel this feature is a necessity in order for ad muncher to remain competitive. Yes, I know it will come eventually but it will also be likely at an additional cost or license addon for existing users given the latest price changes.

x64 support is something that is needed because, like it or not, web browsers are not the only 64 bit application. 64 bit is the future of computing (especially if we want to move past the 3.25GB RAM limit imposed by 32 bit computing). Saying that supporting current and future technologies like this is not essential is like telling a car manufacturer not to add the auxiliary input jacks to car stereos because "It's not needed and won't make it better. People can just listen to mp3 cds".

Hopefully this provides some insight to the users reading this review as to why these features are important and why you ask the developers to put more effort into these features which could help save some of us time and money. The developers of this program, which does work, don't get me wrong, are taking far too long on features which should be standard already in this application given other products support for these same standards/features. These features are things that WILL make ad muncher more efficient, easy to use, and faster. They are essential to ad muncher and the user base should realize this.

I love using ad muncher but I am really starting to question whether I should keep it installed or go with a product which actually keeps up with modern (and decade-old, for that matter) times. 1 year between releases is unheard of in the modern age of computing for anything but anti-virus/security programs and operating systems. Even linux has 6 month incremental releases in some distributions and that is an entire operating system. Heck, it took one year for the .8 release to come after 4.72. Most of these features are only being touted as being in the v5 release and who knows how long it will be before that comes to exist.

Do I feel a 2/5 is fair, given all of the above? Yes I do. So, until some headway is made on some of these more important features, 2/5 my rating remains. Good application but features are missing which are critical especially given the pace of modern web technology innovation.


Bumped up to a 3/5. I was being a tad harsh in the rating but I do feel that this will not get above a 3/5 until at least one of the promised MAJOR features from years ago show some signs of being implemented.
dhry Oct 22, 2009 4.8 Build 31318
5 out of 5
Absolute best program of it's type.
emanresU deriseD Oct 21, 2009 4.8 Build 31318
4 out of 5
I find it hard to swallow that HTTP 1.1/Gzip support wouldn't "make Ad Muncher better". It would definitely make it better, especially for users who frequent sites that use those things... It really helps.

As a pure ad blocker, slamming AdBlock Plus is nonsense. ABP does a very good job blocking ads. But that's essentially all it does. Ad Muncher's popup/popunder blocking is the real advantage it has over ABP.
pjb Oct 21, 2009 4.8 Build 31318
5 out of 5
Ad Muncher still rocks. Have been using it for many years.
Would not like to have my computer without it.
Diam0nd Oct 21, 2009 4.8 Build 31318
5 out of 5
This is the best blocker in the business. Nothing comes close to it, especially AdBlock.

Sorry, but NONE of the features you mentioned are 1) essential 2) would make Ad Muncher block better. They would be a welcome addition, but none of them is important enough to bring the rating down to 1.
I bet you were red and screaming at the monitor, while dripping spit, when writing this little "review" of yours too. Well, best of luck, kiddo.
progh Oct 21, 2009 4.8 Build 31318
5 out of 5
Ad Muncher v4.8 Final is out!

Official site download:
progh Oct 21, 2009 4.73 Build 31306 Beta
5 out of 5
Ad Muncher v4.8 is out

This is by far the best ad blocker out there.

digg it!
FixXxeR Oct 21, 2009 4.73 Build 31306 Beta
1 out of 5
Still no real updates to this product in well over 5 years. I think they are finally starting to realize people won't pay for this product which is why they are going to offer a cheaper version. But really, what are they giving those users? A product which breaks websites and forces users into the position of "Either I upgrade and get the list updates right away, or I just deal with broken web pages". I guess basic updates are a great thing! Yes, give the users an excuse to come asking for support just to be told "Upgrade if you want the latest fix, otherwise wait X weeks".

Oh, and it looks like they are relabeling this release to 4.8. I guess x64 and any REAL additions will have to wait for 4.81 or 4.82 which will probably be several years off.

That list, in case you missed it, of real NEEDED features:

Regex Support
HTTP 1.1 Support
GZIP support
USB Portability
x64 Support
Per-Site filtering
Filter comments
Filter statistics
Enable/Disable individual filters

And look at this! $100 USD for lifetime updates to the program! Basically, pay for the cost of 4 licenses and get lifetime updates.
dwby Oct 20, 2009 4.73 Build 31306 Beta
5 out of 5
It still blocks more ads and other annoying web nasties than any other product - free or otherwise. Just try it for yourself, I'm willing to put money on it!
betasun Oct 20, 2009 4.73 Build 31306 Beta
3 out of 5
Not much useful anymore .
Lsavagejt Oct 20, 2009 4.73 Build 31306 Beta
5 out of 5
With the exception of its IP Scramble component, which I suppose is some kind of onion router, and slows my browser down to a crawl like all onion routers do, and which I therefore never use, this is an excellent program. It does everything I was hoping it would- block ads- all ads, right out of the box- no fussing about, not tinkering--done.

On the other hand, if you want to mess around with it a bit, it is totally granular--totally! Totally awesome too, really and totally!
Ramp4me Oct 19, 2009 4.73 Build 31306 Beta
1 out of 5
The free Proxomitron blows this stupid crap thing to dust.
4122 Oct 19, 2009 4.73 Build 31306 Beta
3 out of 5
For those panicking about the "Premium List Updates" dialog. Here is an excerpt from the changelog:

Added support for premium/basic list updates (for a future reduced-price license).

They are evidently going to offer a basic product with reduced features for a reduced price sometime in the future which, of course, isn't going to affect current registered users.

Rating this a 3 because all the other criticisms (RegEx, Gzip, etc.) still are valid concerns.
Zoroaster Oct 19, 2009 4.73 Build 31306 Beta
5 out of 5
Some people here seem rather hysterical. With calm, Ad Muncher is recognized as a leader in its category, and the registration I have paid 3 years ago has never been submitted since. Also, I'd like to point out that the extravagant speech of some techies seem to fit somewhere between arrogance and childishness. Ad Muncher will suit the advanced user as well as the newbie, it removes here everything one can see, as well as stat and other nasty calls of the sort. The Ad Muncher team and it's founder are helpful, efficient and not at all big-shots. Hope that's clear enough :)
FixXxeR Oct 18, 2009 4.73 Beta Build 31256
1 out of 5
Looks like they might be about to start charging for list updates or add another "tier" of updates (AKA Premium List Updates).


The latest beta, 4.73.31306, gives a prompt after requiring re-validation of my license after the upgrade, stating that you are entitled to "Unlimited premium list updates". This same dialog also appears to give the impression that a new support system will come into play where only certain users are going to get support. Guess they need some more money out of the people who have supported them thus far after having removed lifetime upgrades as an option for new customers. Perhaps this added income will speed up this snails pace development cycle. 4.72 has been out for over a year, who knows how long 4.73 will take to finish. 4.73 was supposed to be the x64 release allowing you to tie into a 64 bit browser or application. This has, again, been pushed back to another release which is in itself at least a year away from the release date of 4.73 which who knows when that will finally hit release status. I guess they learned their lesson after missing the boat with Vista and waiting until almost a year after its release to fix it. At least Windows 7 users won't have to suffer since the author learned from his first mistake.

1/5 for a slow development cycle which appears to have reached the point where they are about to ask for more money from their users. Let us not forget the laundry list of promised features dating back at least 4 years ago:

Regex Support
HTTP 1.1 Support
GZIP support
USB Portability
x64 Support
Per-Site filtering
Filter comments
Filter statistics
Enable/Disable individual filters

But hey, we have new popup filtering code!

A sample of a request for gzip support dating back over 4 years ago. The user was promptly attacked by the other forum members because he is a developer and would like to be able to work with ad muncher enabled rather than having to disable and re-enable it all the time. This, again, was 4 years ago although the gzip request is far older than that. As I said above, 1 year between point releases is not a development cycle, it's a gestation period for a new human being.
emanresU deriseD Oct 6, 2009 4.73 Beta Build 31256
4 out of 5
Mighty Firefox? Firefox's native popup blocker sucks. Ad Muncher is FAR superior, not just in blocking unwanted popups (and popunders), but in allowing wanted popups.

Slow development because there's just one coder? Give me a break. I know of another lone developer who maintains several popular software titles, and he adds significant new features in most of them every couple years, and does point and subversion increases weekly.

And actually, Ad Muncher has more than one full-time developer. Check the site if you don't believe this.

Ad Muncher has been around for almost a DECADE and still we don't have HTTP 1.1 support? That's not "slow developement", it's a stubborn refusal to add a much-requested feature. At this point, all I can think is that it's a middle finger.

BTW don't tell me I haven't used Ad Muncher enough to know; my stats are more than double those shown by FreeSpeech below, and that's despite not having used it much over the past couple years.
Young Strider Sep 26, 2009 4.73 Beta Build 31256
1 out of 5
I use 4 browser and I use Proxomitron, so I definatelly DON'T need this crap payware.
QQFarmer Sep 26, 2009 4.73 Beta Build 31256
5 out of 5
I normally use three web browsers: IE8+FF+Chrome. So I need Ad Muncher. It does a beautiful job blocking ads on IE and Chrome. Fantastic customer support. I can't live without this little cute software. Definitely worth the money.
ballyhairs Sep 26, 2009 4.73 Beta Build 31256
2 out of 5
If you are user of the mighty Firefox then you don't need this
FreeSpeech Sep 24, 2009 4.73 Beta Build 31256
5 out of 5
Best ad blocker on planet Earth! This is quality software that is worth paying for.
Ad Muncher Usage Statistics for v4.73 Beta Build 31256/2576
Adverts removed by Ad Muncher: 1,342,096
Approximate bandwidth saved: 10,485 MB
Counter started: August 7, 2003
kevinmook Sep 11, 2009 4.73.31233 Beta
5 out of 5
Ad Muncher is still the best ad blocker out there, hands down. I rarely run into ads these days, and when I do, I report them, and they're gone generally within 24 hours. Video Ads on almost every site are completely blocked.

Yes, development can be slow, but that's how it goes when there's only one person writing the code. And frankly, I think this issue is moot when the list maintainer is putting out 2 updates every day and is available almost upon demand whenever you need to report a problem.

Why are people clamoring for filtering support of x64 applications? OK, great, my 64-bit browser is filtered - Too bad Flash, Java, or any other of my plugins still aren't working. IMHO, the only major feature AM is lacking is HTTP 1.1/gzip support - everything after that, to me at least, is ancillary, and certainly does not deserve a 1-star rating for lacking it.

This latest release offers some huge improvements when it comes to filtering performance. The popup filtering code and javascript code were entirely rewritten, and false positives and page damage (Especially on AJAX-heavy sites like Facebook) are basically nil now.
ssb Sep 8, 2009 4.73.31233 Beta
1 out of 5
Still no HTTP1.1? I hope they'll implement this until next ...century.
Diam0nd Sep 8, 2009 4.73.31233 Beta
5 out of 5
People, cut the crap with x64 support already. This is a ad blocking application. This is no video editing, no photo editing or any other CPU-intensive program. So would you please stop whining about x64 support - MOST program do not need that!
FixXxeR Sep 7, 2009 4.73.31233 Beta
3 out of 5
Ad Muncher might be a very well written application; however, it has one glaring flaw. It cannot keep up, it's developers that is, with the rapid pace of the modern internet or computing era.

64 bit process support was supposed to make its debut in 4.73 but has yet again been pushed to 4.74. It has been 6 months since the release of 4.72 and we are only now beginning to see beta's of 4.73. There is no roadmap posted anywhere on the products website which details what is planned or what we can expect with each version.

There are numerous features which have been promised for several YEARS now. HTTP 1.1 support, gzip support, regex filter support, per-site filter support, USB Portability, the list goes on and on. But hey, at least we have a new popup filtering tab!

As of recent, the ONLY way to receive list updates was to use a beta version that has not been posted anywhere but on their IRC channel or via PM on their forums. This beta was one of those releases it would appear. 4.72 users found themselves without any sort of list update or a notification as to the fact that they had to upgrade to beta code in order to continue receiving what they paid for. 30615 was an update released but not pushed through the update system. There was another beta released about a week ago that again was the only way to continue receiving list updates. This version is another one of those releases. If you DO NOT upgrade to this version, which is not being pushed to users who do not have "check for beta versions" checked in the configuration window, you will fail to receive updates which could fix the very site you are having an issue with. I cannot agree with this method of pushing updates as it leaves some users high and dry unless they KNOW to check the contact tab of ad muncher or the web forum. If you are going to require a beta update to continue receiving list updates, SEND OUT AN EMAIL ADVISING YOUR USERS OF THAT!

That said, Fusemail's V3 interface still fails to load unless I completely unload ad muncher and service magic still fails at step 2 of the contractor search process for home repairs. These were reported via various methods (email, irc, etc) back when I wrote the first review here.

So, while this is a great application, I cannot rate it highly because it simply cannot keep up with the fast pace of the modern era. Features and functionality are missing from this application that other products have had since the start.

I am not referring to ad block in and of itself, but ad block does fall into the category of blockers that have kept pace with the changing web. Yes, I use ad block on Firefox but only on systems where I do not have administrative rights. Ad muncher still runs on other systems but again, I find myself having to disable it in order to get certain sites to even load. Ad block might not have the plethora of options that AM does, but it does have features which many have been clamoring for in AM for a while now (regex, 64 bit support, http 1.1 and gzip, PORTABILITY since Firefox itself is portable). Again, I only use AB when I have to, but it still is fair to point out that it does support many CORE functions which AM does not. Heck, proxomitron had support for regex and http 1.1 over 5 years ago.

I am in agreement with "emanresU deriseD" and while I used to rate this a 1 I feel a 3/5 is justified given that the code quality, when a feature actually gets added, is very good. When the developer is able to keep up or add "new" features that other removal utilities have had for a while, I will rate this higher.


Diam0nd: 64 bit support IS NEEDED if you want ad muncher to filter 64 bit browsers. It's not about increasing processing speed, but supporting a series of browsers and other applications which ARE 64-bit.
dhry Sep 7, 2009 4.73.31233 Beta
5 out of 5
This is still the absolute BEST, most comprehensive and most efficiently-coded ad-blocking and privacy application out there. To compare it to Adblock Plus for Firefox is like comparing a Beverly Hills mansion to a freakin BUCKET. This program routes other connections through it - meaning the one program will work with IE, Firefox, your RSS reader (Greatnews, FeedDemon etc), and anything using the IE engine such as Outlook Express, Outlook, PopPeeper etc. Frequent updates. Privacy system allowing you to scan, add, and then reroute all your connections through multiple free proxy servers. Dozens of options, frequently-updated adblock lists, multiple levels of blocking (block entire site, or just particular images or particular directories from a site, or even permanently disable blocking for a site) and extremely mature and stable. Agreeing with a previous reviewer; if you only ever spend $25 on one software package, this one should be it. Very rare that I say this, but if I could assign ten stars to this review instead of five, I would. All this needs is to become freeware - which it was for those lucky Komputer Swiat readers in Poland.
Uriel Sep 7, 2009 4.73.31233 Beta
5 out of 5
Ad Block Pro is a good freebie, but Ad Muncher does a whole lot more. It blocks web bugs and java applets that spy on you besides ads.

I used to get continuous messages from my security suite that google-analytics was fishing for my Visa or telephone information. But these messages have stopped since Ad Muncher was installed.

I am running this on a Windows 7 64 bit machine without any problems whatsoever so far.

You pay for what you get. If you can't afford Ad Muncher, stick with Ad Block Pro. They both work well, but Ad Muncher will go the extra mile for you by way of privacy.
war593122 Sep 7, 2009 4.73.31233 Beta
5 out of 5
Still the best!! D

Adblock sucks compared to this!!!!!
Cris3 Sep 7, 2009 4.73.31233 Beta
5 out of 5
Ad Muncher makes Ad Block look like milk toast.

Pay the $25 for Ad Muncher and instantly start living a better life. It works straight out of the box without configuration.

Updates are daily. Support is responsive if you report an ad it didn't block.
pjb Sep 7, 2009 4.73.31233 Beta
5 out of 5
Still my preferred choice for ad blocking. Never let me down.
Works across all browsers and so much more.

Great app, highly recommend it.
shroom Sep 7, 2009 4.73.31233 Beta
5 out of 5
AdBlock for Firefox ? Sorry, not everyone is a Firefox Fanboy.
emanresU deriseD Sep 7, 2009 4.73.31233 Beta
1 out of 5
Still no gzip support.


What year is it?


There are many things I love about Ad Muncher, but let's get serious.
Sven123456789 Sep 7, 2009 4.73.31233 Beta
1 out of 5
Who would use this? You can get a free version of adblock software for Firefox and Seamonkey. As far as ads for im's, just use a program like Trillian. I always laugh at people who buy something thats available for free already elsewhere.
Diam0nd Sep 7, 2009 4.73.31193 Beta
5 out of 5
Geat program, a must-have for me on any PC I use.

Higher beta is available at the usual location:
Lsavagejt Aug 31, 2009 4.73.31193 Beta
5 out of 5
I've been using ad muncher about 6 months. I started using it to stop banner ads when playing chess on Yahoo. It does that and a lot more useful stuff.
pjb Aug 31, 2009 4.73.31193 Beta
5 out of 5
Either a dodgy build posted by BN or Ad Muncher haved not got around to updating their page, which seems not likely.

'The specified beta could not be found, possibly because it has been removed from circulation.

The latest public beta (Ad Muncher v4.73 Beta Build 30615) is available from here.'

Current beta works fine, thus 5 rating. :-)
I have been using Ad Muncher for many years now and never had any problems. The developers are most helpfull.
RoSmecher May 27, 2009 4.73 Build 30615 Beta
4 out of 5
it's because 4.72 version got cracked so they made a new version so they don't lose mula...
dwby Apr 5, 2009 4.73 Build 30615 Beta
5 out of 5
Wow guys. It isn't about refusing to release lists to the previous version. The new beta carries the support needed for the new lists, 4.72 does not. Let me re-iterate what I just said, 4.72 cannot load and use the new lists.

In other words, stop moaning and groaning and update to the latest version - you have absolutely nothing to lose! Thank you to the devs for the latest and greatest ad remover program in the world!
FreeSpeech Mar 16, 2009 4.73 Build 30615 Beta
5 out of 5
Best ad blocker there is! Who cares if its beta? This is one of the most stable programs ever written. Worth every penny.
wat0114 Mar 16, 2009 4.73 Build 30615 Beta
1 out of 5
FixXxer is right; updates are NOT being made available to 4.72 users! What is up with that anyways!?
FixXxeR Mar 16, 2009 4.73 Build 30615 Beta
1 out of 5
Try running a list update on 4.72, YOU CANNOT DO IT. They are forcing users to use beta code in order to continue receiving updates. While it might be stable, users should not be put in that position and should CONTINUE to receive updates for the previous version until this version IS made a FINAL.

FreeSpeech, please learn to read. The issue here is NOT that this program is beta but it IS that the programmer has stopped providing ad list updates for users who do not want to use BETA code on their machine.

It seem's we are not the only people who feel this is wrong, check here:

From their very own forum. Jeff (Shannow on IRC) refuses to release list updates for the latest final to "protect the users". I feel sorry for any user who does not know about the irc channel or the forums. They, like myself, are not receiving what they paid for and that is wrong.

dwby: I realize you are one of the zealots from the IRC channel, so let me make this clear since I obviously haven't above. SOME PEOPLE DON'T WANT SOMETHING LABELED AS BETA ON THEIR MACHINES Especially when it can influence other sites and result in damage which remains broken despite being reported multiple times and ends up never getting fixed (ala,, and various other sites I have reported), Customers should get what they paid for. If this product is as stable as they say, remove the beta tag and release it. I can't count how many times ad muncher has broken something and adding a "No filtering" or "minimal filtering" filter doesn't fix. Sometimes just having ad muncher opened results in the break as has been proven time and time again on the forums.

In summary, give 4.72 customers what they paid for. If you want the users to use this version, remove the beta tag and release it via the update mechanism. Otherwise, don't get upset when users complain about no updates being provided to users of the LATEST STABLE version.

EDIT - 07JUN2009

It looks like ad muncher now breaks, You cannot get past the second of three screens in their search for a home contractor. This happens when logged into an account which are freely given out on their site.

Also, to add to my last comments, I would suggest that the AM Developers (Since there are now TWO developers and ONE list maintainer) make point releases if they are going to stop providing updates to stable releases. Make 4.72.1 if you have to and then continue work on 4.73.

EDIT 09JUN2009

Please note that a broken site I reported almost 2 months go, on numerous occasions, is still unfixed. I have reported it via email, the chat tab on ad muncher, and their irc channel. is broken. When you attempt to track a package and try and switch between the 12H and 24H formats, the links do not work. You have to disable ad muncher or add a no filtering on to fix the issue.

EDIT 12JUL2009

Ad Muncher cannot be OPEN otherwise it completely breaks fusemail's new version 3 interface at I have to completely exit the program for the interface to load. A "No filtering on URL" or "Minimal filtering" rule does not fix the issue.
jspratjr Mar 16, 2009 4.73 Build 30615 Beta
3 out of 5
"Updates no longer work for 4.72 users" Good Lord --This version works fine here (as have the previous)-- you're right!! Sorry :-)
skapig Mar 16, 2009 4.73 Build 30615 Beta
5 out of 5
Still a rock solid, low-footprint app. To me, it's essential. It does a fantastic job of blocking ads and cleaning up pages. Even blocks ads thrown in on Hulu and CBS videos. Works consistantly no matter which browser I decide to use (and with other apps). The developer personally responds to reported issues and tries to work with you to resolve them. One of the very few pieces of software that I'm proud to shell out money to support.

On the downside, it has been taking an awfully long time to get some of the new features that people have been clamoring for. Doesn't bother me too much, but we all have our own priorities.

If a site doesn't work, usually all that you have to do is just quickly disable it for a quick one-off. Otherwise, you can create an exception. The only one I've encountered that won't work at all with it running is Badongo, which just takes you through an endless loop when you try to download. This is known though.
buellie Mar 12, 2009 4.73 Build 30552 Beta
3 out of 5
works great EXCEPT...1 website that i regularly go to wont load...I emailed author he refused to believe it would load fine when ad muncher isnt installed...If I re-ghost my machine I can get to that 1 website fine, as soon as I load ad mucher....the site won't load....I tried unchecking every box including default filters and the website wouldn't load, but as soon as i get done re-ghosting this partition...I will get my web site back
FixXxeR Feb 18, 2009 4.73 Build 30552 Beta
1 out of 5
Updates no longer work for 4.72 users.

We haf to use 4.73 BETA to get them
Steff_P Jan 31, 2009 4.73 Build 30552 Beta
1 out of 5
Another useless update.

Still no support for regex, http 1.1, ssl, intelligent cookie filtering/rewriting (all features supported by proxomitron)

Still useless/gimmick "daily updates"

wagner reatto Jan 31, 2009 4.73 Build 30552 Beta
5 out of 5
the best!
Diam0nd Jan 30, 2009 4.73 Build 30552 Beta
5 out of 5
Wow... People here are pretty darn amazing: comparing Ad Muncher with AdBlockPlus, which is a FF-only add-in, is beyond me.
Young Strider Jan 29, 2009 4.73 Build 30552 Beta
1 out of 5
Proxomitron and AdBlockPlus beat this payware with a 1000 slaps, and they're both free and so much stronger than AdMuncher.
war593122 Jan 28, 2009 4.73 Build 30552 Beta
5 out of 5
Still the best..

Cant wait for version 5 though.. ;)
ssb Jan 28, 2009 4.73 Build 30552 Beta
1 out of 5
I used to love Ad Muncher, but with no support for HTTP 1.1 is a no go.
skapig Jan 28, 2009 4.73 Build 30552 Beta
5 out of 5
Still a very solid app and one of the very few that I have purchased, although the volume of program updates has declined a bit lately. Hopefully it will pick up. Still, the definitions often get updated several times a day. They are very responsive to reports, which take very little time to issue (browser context menu item).

Adblock Plus is great, but not nearly as robust. Additionally it ties you down to Firefox. What's great about Ad Muncher is that I can bounce between browsers, as web devs often do, and have it block consistantly in each with very low overhead. The only downside is that Muncher can't block secured (https) content due to the level that it sits on, but you don't often get secured pages ladened with ads.
pjb Jan 28, 2009 4.73 Build 30552 Beta
5 out of 5
A really great application. I have been using it for many years - without any major issues. Some minor issues have always been resolved prompt and efficiently.
Great that Windows 7 Beta is now able to install this version.
Ad Muncher is an application I personally highly recommend.
Undesired Username Sep 8, 2008 4.72 Build 30400
1 out of 5
Indeed, the delay on HTTP 1.1 support is just crazy.

Saying that Adblock Plus slows down your browsing is equivalent to saying "I've never tried Adblock Plus, but I think I'll mention it just to slam it".

Besides the curt replies from Ad Muncher support, I dropped it because it broke too many sites. I got so completely sick of sites not working. Don't tell me to report the damned things; I'm not turning ad-blocking into a part-time hobby.
tipstir Jun 27, 2008 4.72 Build 30400
5 out of 5
Listen, I've been using this software and all its versions for years now. Best we got to remove ads and etc from pages and speed-up those pages. Still FLASH has taken over for ads now so the old static ads kind of history now, but still on some sites and forums. I'll keep on using this program. You all should stop and think what else runs less on the system and been around for years that can do all that it does!
Administraighter Jun 5, 2008 4.72 Build 30400
1 out of 5
I take back my review from last year. Ad muncher used to be a fairly quickly updated program feature-wise but that has since stopped. As pointed out by several reviewers below, features like gzip, ssl, http 1.1, per site and various other features are being pushed to the way side. Not good, not good at all. All the 1/2 ratings are appropriate now in my eyes.
sparskter Jun 1, 2008 4.72 Build 30400
5 out of 5

AD MUNCHER is a must! Really... It is VERY difficult nowadays to find a lightweight and well written software like this one. It is VERY FAST and lightweight because it was written originally in assembly. Nowadays they are changing the code to 'C' for better portability.

I bought this. 1 license, 25 dollars. Very cheap.

I am serious considering buying 3 more licenses for using at work.

@ADBLOCK PLUS: I know firefox users can use ad block plus. I personally dislike it... It hangs your browsing speed and is slow in overall performance.

Besides, using AD BLOCK and OPERA BROWSER is a perfect match...

@Mr Whizzle:

Ok, you have your opinion. But let me say this: do you have the TIME to hunt down ads and patterns to block most of them editing the .INI file on Proxomitron? If you have, ok , GOOD FOR YOU! But there a lot of people whom just wants to browse without the worry "oh no! a new ad I will have to hunt down and write the rule on proxomitron .ini file".

You gave your rating based on your PERSONAL like and not considering the software itself and facts. AD MUNCHER does what it promises and does V-E-R-Y VERY WELL!! So it deserves a good rating and not a ad one because YOU don´t like it besides the features being there.

The fact is: Ad muncher works VERY WELL and is updated EVERY DAY! And this is important: a dedicated team improving the software sin 1999!!! (9 years!)
Mr Whizzle May 29, 2008 4.72 Build 30400
1 out of 5
The fact that this software hasn't been improved significantly in the past 10 years or so says alot on the developers coding ability.

The Proxomitron took much, much less time to code and blows this software out of the water in every respect (gzip,http 1.1,ssl,regex, etc) and even if it's not developed anymore, still no bugs are in sight and the much more powerful and FREE proxo-lists beat Ad-Muncher's ad blocking capabilities any day of the week.

I might give this program a shot again if it ever catches up with the no more developed proxomitron, but at this rate i believe i'll get there faster if i learn to program and code a similar program myself from scratch *rolls eyes*

Paying for a software less featured than freeware alternatives makes no sense in my book, but to each its own.
war593122 May 26, 2008 4.72 Build 30400
5 out of 5
Still the best..

*** WARNING: Begin Rant ***

Last three viewers are newbies so ignore them, they don't have a clue what they are talking about...

every ad blocking application worth a hoot has false positives/negatives. Its a limitation of current technology.

Willemans, does not even explain why Proxomitron is so much better.

Steff_P, seems not to understand that Jeff works his a** off trying to fix false positives/negatives. He also seems to think new features is the only important thing when it comes to software and if his demands are not meant the software sucks. As if the software was created just for him and as if he is paying anyone's pay check. Why not hire a developer yourself to get what you want. Good luck with that!!!

marks1976, again basses his total view on the fact that from time to time their are false positives. Clearly not a software developer! And if you set a filter correctly it will work. Never had a filter not work the way it was suppose to. However, I have used the wrong filter before. That was my fault not the developers. So perhaps your blaming the wrong person!

Anyhow, be sure to check out the admuncher forums. Jeff does a great job at fixing false positives. If you have a problem with some site that works just fine without admuncher but is "broken" in admuncher he will do his best to get it fixed right away. Normally under 72 hours. Really is amazing.

Also, about price. You do realize that is for like 5 years or so, right? Pretty damn cheap!! You newbies are just use to hand outs and expect everything to be free. Get a job!! Grow up! Find out how the world really works!!

There sure are a lot of reviewers here who seem to think that software is magic and that it was created for only him/her and that developers are some how supposed to be Gods! Code code code! No life! If its not perfect then it sucks attitude. I wonder what the average age is of these posters.

And before anyone calls me a fan boy. Hell yeah I am. I love admuncher!

But yes there are lots of features that I would love to see implemented and yes I do not agree with how support for Vista was done, but that does not mean I think it is crap. So yeah ad muncher is not perfect, but nothing is. Get over it! Just because you want a feature does not mean they owe it to you! And just because another product has some feature it does not does not make it suck any more either. Review the software on its own merits people not based on some other product.

*** WARNING: End Rant, For now.. ***
Steff_P May 5, 2008 4.72 Build 30400
1 out of 5
Awfully slow development (is http 1.1 supported already?), lots and lots of useless updates gimmick (home page proudly displays the hundreds of updates done last year, still the functionality/bugs/page damage stays pretty much unchanged over time)
Not Reccomended.
marks1976 May 4, 2008 4.72 Build 30400
2 out of 5
Program does what it says. It eats all the ads but it also ate most of the pages I was looking at. Which is no problem if you tell the program not to filter anything on that page. Problem was even after telling the program not to filter it did anyway. The only way to disable it was to shut it down for that page and re-open when you start surfing again.
jspratjr Apr 29, 2008 4.72 Build 30400
5 out of 5
No problems here, amazon or any other - the best!
dwby Apr 29, 2008 4.72 Build 30400
5 out of 5
Metshrine, do you know your whinging won't accomplish anything? They are working as hard as they can. And it has worked too, it's the best ad blocker, free or paid, out there.

You really need to get a hold of yourself and get over your little tantrum.

The whinging is only giving yourself a bad rap on here. Nothing else. Plus it doesn't help when sign up to multiple accounts to push the rating of Ad Muncher down. That is called obsessive. It seems you are the only one to go to these lengths to try and put Ad Muncher down.

Maybe you need to take time out from the Internet. Since it seems you can't act like a grown up.

The "legitimate users" as you put it were all you. They were checked by the Betanews staff so quit playing innocent.

Anyway, for Ad Muncher two thumbs up. I have updated my multiple copes on several machines and am looking forward to the next release!

To the devs, don't worry about Metshrine. To every 1 Metshrine, there are 30 sane people loving your work ;)
kevinmook Apr 29, 2008 4.72 Build 30400
5 out of 5
It's unfortunate that Ad Muncher is getting such a bad rap here at FileForum. It's easily one of the best applications I've ever purchased.

To Metshrine: If you really did purchase your license 4 years ago, why complain so hard? You know there's only a single developer. You do know your license is good for LIFE, right? For EVERY version of Ad Muncher ever released, a license purchased 4 years ago will ALWAYS be valid. These features being promised are coming, but it's not just a drop in the hat to implement them, especially when your code base is all in ASM (Which is also changing). How many 64-bit applications do you really need filtered? I only know of one, IE7 in Vista x64. And I never use it, because Flash doesn't even work in 64-bit applications yet, let alone Ad Muncher!

If sites are broken due to AM, you need to report them (In any number of ways available - built-in chat, the right-click report function, or the forum), not just complain about them in a fileforum review. That's not the proper place for such complaints. And you need to provide specific broken URL's, not just the root domain. I just browsed around every link inside my account and I don't see a single broken item.

This product will always receive 5 stars from me. The developer support and customer support are both top notch. Thank you, Murray, for another solid release, and I look forward to continuing to help beta testing during dev cycles.
Murray Hurps Apr 28, 2008 4.72 Build 30400
5 out of 5
Metshrine: Betanews removed your reviews because you were posting the same comments under a dozen different pseudonyms.

We appreciate all comments (negative or positive), but posting them repeatedly under false accounts really isn't helpful.

Regarding your comments on our development speed, I've been working full time, along with most weekends, for the last six months. I really can't work any harder, nor can Jeff, so I don't know what you expect us to do here.

I'm working on 64-bit support right now, and have taken a pay cut to well below what I would earn working for anyone else in order to hire another developer (Peter), who has been working on adapting a regex engine for Ad Muncher. What more can I possibly do??
Metshrine Apr 28, 2008 4.72 Build 30400
5 out of 5
I would like to apologize to ad muncher's staff, and the community for my reviews as of late. My reviews were uncalled for. Yes, the development is slower than I would like, however, the developer only releases when he is sure the program is ready and fits his high standards. This is a great program, it works very well, and while it does lack certain functions I would like to see in a timeline sooner than I can honestly expect given the staffing situation with AM, it is really no reason to rate it poorly as I have.

So to Murray and Jeff, I am sorry. Keep up the good work and you will not hear any more negativity on my part.

To the community, if you want an ad blocker, use this. It works far better than anything else, including ad block and proxo. You wont be disappointed.

Diam0nd Apr 28, 2008 4.72 Build 30400
5 out of 5
A real improvement in this build, cuts ads out in the place where it used to fail.
YouAreBeneathMe Apr 28, 2008 4.72 Build 30400
3 out of 5
rcadams, many reviews from the past 36 hours or so WERE removed. Just because you see several "poor" reviews during April doesn't mean none were removed.

Metshrine made several valid points, such as the fact that it has been YEARS yet we still have no HTTP 1.1 support.
BarneyR Apr 28, 2008 4.72 Build 30400
5 out of 5
why hello there - you are a complete idiot - why do you still rate it (assuming you no longer use it - why would you based on your feedback)?

No problems noted.
rcadams Apr 28, 2008 4.72 Build 30400
5 out of 5
to why hello there : There is a little button at the top of the review window "View all reviews"

Do you beta test? Wow simple yet you missed it. No reviews have been removed. As you said, if you don't like Betanews then leave, I'm sure us who do won't miss you.

And now onto final.. Excellent. Glad it's finally outta beta. Now we can get 64bit, etc.. Nice job guys. Keep working hard!

why hello there Apr 28, 2008 4.72 Build 30400
3 out of 5
Wow--once again the heavy hand of the BetaNews editors strikes. Many negative and lukewarm reviews (including my own 4-star review) have been removed.

You see, they have to keep software vendors happy by censoring honest feedback. It keeps the gravy train a-rollin'.

Why people of sense continue to participate in this site is beyond me.
mark7649 Apr 26, 2008 4.7.30385 Beta
5 out of 5
New build is out

30392/E - Added filter category for the default list, "No filtering on content",
allowing us to avoid filtering on specific content without excluding
entire pages.
jspratjr Apr 25, 2008 4.72.30369 Beta
5 out of 5
Problems? none here...excellent
shroom Apr 24, 2008 4.72.30369 Beta
5 out of 5
If that was that easy to block ads and popups on every single website, there wouldn't be any updates needed.
For that price you have an updated advert list every day and an excellent support. That's enough I think to charge 25$, while most of the sharewares are between 20 and 30$, and not all of them can display the support this team does.
dwby Apr 24, 2008 4.72.30369 Beta
5 out of 5
Diam0nd, just report them. I rarely (very, very rarely) see a site which is broken because of Ad Muncher. And when I do I report it to the devs via email. A simple right click and I get a fix via the default list the next update or they give me a custom filter.

Easy as pie :)

Very close to the final guys!
Diam0nd Apr 24, 2008 4.72.30369 Beta
5 out of 5
Caleb: "No ad blocker is perfect, it's an ongoing job. If you see an ad that was not blocked then just report it, won't take more than 10 seconds."

No can do my man, simply too much sites that I need to add manually. This is NOT what I paid for.
Caleb Apr 24, 2008 4.72.30369 Beta
5 out of 5
Diam0nd said: "Works flawlessly, but there are more and more sites where it does NOT for some reason cut the ads out..."

No ad blocker is perfect, it's an ongoing job. If you see an ad that was not blocked then just report it, won't take more than 10 seconds.
dwby Apr 24, 2008 4.72.30363 Beta
5 out of 5
Not exactly Diam0nd. Let me put it into perspective.

You can put away $5 each week for 6 weeks and you will have enough (using the price structure it is in, Australian dollars) to buy one license which will last you for a long time (version 5 won't be coming for many more years).

And what's that? One lunch a week for 6 weeks? It really doesn't sound like much when you put it like that. You're buying the dev (he can't share with the other dev 0;)) 1 lunch a week for a month and two weeks, while you get everything [deXter] said and more for a much longer time than that.

Is the price worth it? I think so :).
Diam0nd Apr 23, 2008 4.72.30363 Beta
5 out of 5
Whatever the dude belows says, BUT price really IS an issue.
[deXter] Apr 22, 2008 4.7.30342 Beta
5 out of 5

Tell me if you can find *any* other program less than $25 or cheaper or even free, that offers all these features/advantages in one roof:

- Less than half an MB in size
- Works seamlessly across all browsers AND applications without any manual setting-up
- Doesn't require any manual filter configurations
- Regular updates for both the program and filters
- Integrated LIVE chat support and e-mail support
- Works in all versions of Windows

- Doesn't leave a blank space when an Ad is removed
- Blocks video Ads very effectively (eg: @ CNN, CNET, etc)
- Allows to add your add your own JS/CSS to webpages and also modify their content
- Features a built-in anonymizer with a regularly updated proxy list and a builtin proxy checker
- Customizing site behaviour, eg, (dis)allowing a webpage from changing your status bar, mouse trails effects, etc
- Can change referer and user agents

- Oh, and did I mention it blocks popups too?

If you ask me, the program is priced way lower than what it's worth.
The Seeker 11 Apr 22, 2008 4.7.30342 Beta
5 out of 5
Out of interest, why do these betas always end up here? It clearly states on the download page, "Please do not post this beta to beta sites, shareware sites or software news sites. We will make the posts ourselves once all known critical problems are dealt with."

Also, the URL spells it out quite clearly -

Anyway, it is a top program that I've happily been using for two years now.
Diam0nd Apr 22, 2008 4.7.30342 Beta
5 out of 5
Strange it's not on auto-update yet.

Works flawlessly, but there are more and more sites where it does NOT for some reason cut the ads out...
preinterpost Apr 21, 2008 4.72.30321 Beta
3 out of 5
Good but too expensive for its functionality and compared to features of free alternatives.
digitalking Apr 21, 2008 4.72.30321 Beta
5 out of 5
Perfect program that should be on everyone's PC who uses the Internet.
Brian49 Apr 19, 2008 4.72.30321 Beta
5 out of 5
Indispensable for hassle-free browsing. I've just been retrying all the rival programs, as I do from time to time, and none of them comes near Ad Muncher for effectiveness of filtering, range of options and size of footprint. Moreover, the option to change the referrer field is an excellent bonus which apparently hasn't even occurred to the developers of the other programs.
WildTbag Apr 19, 2008 4.72.30321 Beta
5 out of 5
Any prog can be filtered, i.e. Website Copier like WinHTTrack. Just add it to the list of filter targets. The Ad Muncher engine is very powerfull, you can add almost anything to the 'My filters'. Highly recommended program.
kevinmook Apr 19, 2008 4.72.30321 Beta
5 out of 5
Another solid beta from Murray, and it's getting close to a final release.

To those complaining about long dev cycles, well, there's not much that can be done about that when the dev team is a single guy. These changes that everyone wants aren't going to happen overnight. They require massive code rewrites and implementing features from scratch.

The list maintainer is not condescending at all. He can be curt, and is very straight-forward about his answers. He is this way because time is limited. But every single website I've ever reported with broken content has been fixed immediately and has been included in the next list update. If you need the fix immediately, he will give it to you to add to your custom filter list. Every time, without exception, this is how my experiences have been handled. I've also found several bugs during beta testing processes and they were also fixed for the next beta release.

The customer service ALONE is worth the price of a license. Always a 5-star product. Please rate it on the features it has NOW, not the features you WISH it had.
Caleb Apr 19, 2008 4.72.30321 Beta
5 out of 5
Ad Muncher is the best ad and popup blocker/remover around. I guarantee that you will not find anything as good as AM for the same price or even for a higher price, it's just the best.

It filters ads from all the popular browsers and even allows you to manually add filter targets (names of executables) that you want to filter.

It updates once a day to make sure that you never bump into an ad, and I never have. It's also fast and barely takes any resources.

About Metshrine's review: This app doesn't deserve a 1/5, that's ludicrous, I'm not sure what he's pissed at but even though that AM does not yet support HTTP/1.1 and GZIP or per-site filtering it does its job superbly and all these features are in the pipeline for the next version.

If you're going to spend cash on an ad removal software, make sure that it's this one and you won't be disappointed.
rcadams Apr 18, 2008 4.72.30321 Beta
5 out of 5
Amazing program. Never knew how I could use the internet without this application. Definition list updates are frequent, Software updates are great, in a timely manor.

Current Beta for Vista works just great. Never had a problem.. Well worth the investment in your surfing pleasures.

If I could rate higher then 5 I would. A must have for any internet user. Enough said!
pjb Apr 18, 2008 4.72.30321 Beta
5 out of 5
I have been using this for many years.
I have never had any issue with it.

Support is fast/prompt. Also between web designers and the developer any little niggles in code are normally rectified.

If you don't like Ad's then I would recommend this product.
shroom Apr 18, 2008 4.72.30321 Beta
5 out of 5
You should name those big-name sites that don't work, 'cause I really doubt they don't work considering I've never had any single problem with "big-name" sites, neither ssl transactions.

This tool is just an amazing piece of software that makes your Internet surfing much more pleasant.

Also 25$ for an everyday updated tool is not expensive (and I bought it when it was a lifetime license price).
Diam0nd Apr 18, 2008 4.72.30321 Beta
5 out of 5
Price really IS an issue. Support doesn't look too good to me as well.

Still, does the trick. I've NEVER had problems with it.
slimy Apr 18, 2008 4.72.30321 Beta
1 out of 5
Simply not worth the cash anymore :/
Metshrine Apr 18, 2008 4.72.30295 Beta
1 out of 5
Poor support (Jeff is very rude when you have an issue that he doesnt feel is important or one which he doesn't agree with. I believe comeoffit used the proper term which is condescending) coupled with a release schedule which seems to have no defined pattern or time schedule. I remember when I first ran into ad muncher and many of these things were talked about and promised to the users, and still are promised. That was some 4 years ago. 4 years in and we still dont have Regex, per site filters, http 1.1, gzip support, usb drive support (although it can and is easily accomplished), Per filter statistics, the list goes on and on.

Hell, its taken them almost a year and a half to finally impliment vista support after vista's release and this 4.72 release still isnt done yet. x64 hasn't been implimented either so I have to use the 32 bit version of applications on my x64 OS if I want to use ad muncher. I am sorry, but 4 years for some features which others have implimented in far less time is unacceptable.

There also seems to be a trend of forcing users to use beta builds because they break the way updates are handled. My father was wondering why his version hadn't updated in almost a month. It wasnt until I was forced to check their forums that I saw that they had once again broken the update mechanism for a version which is less than 4 months old.

By the way, if you want a major site that is broken with ad muncher, check out the blackboard site for most online schools and try and post a new thread on the discussion boards or send an email to your instructor. You cannot with ad muncher enabled. I learned this the hard way just recently. Thanks ad muncher!
dwby Apr 18, 2008 4.72.30295 Beta
5 out of 5
To the poster below, what major sites are having problems? I believe you are a troll since I have had no problems what so ever. If you would kindly post a link to the pages with the problems or send them to the authors, they will get fixed.

Otherwise, stop your trolling :).

Thanks for the great release fellas!
why hello there Apr 13, 2008 4.72.30295 Beta
2 out of 5
Lately Ad Muncher has been interfering with SO MANY sites--many of them big-name, popular sites--that I simply can't stand to use it anymore. It sucks to be in the middle of watching a news video, or making an online purchase, then wonder why the site isn't working, only to eventually figure out that Ad Muncher is munching your time rather than just advertisements. I guess this is most likely caused by sloppy default ad-blocking list maintenance, but I wouldn't so much as intimate that to Mr. Wonderful the list maintainer lest I have my head bitten off.
the artist Apr 10, 2008 4.72.30295 Beta
4 out of 5
in Beta state since the Flintstones.

Not as relevant as it used to be, now that 'AdBlock Plus' exists for Firefox and 'IEPro' for Internet Explorer. Opera users (as me) can manually do theirs with the integrated "Block content..." option so... should be even cheaper and offer ultra quality to compete with freeware. It is very good indeed anyways.
comeoffit Apr 9, 2008 4.72.30295 Beta
4 out of 5
Ummm... Diam0nd... I didn't say it could "ONLY be Ad Muncher". And I don't run firewall software, and tested while not running any anti-virus software at all as well.
Zebets Apr 9, 2008 4.72.30295 Beta
5 out of 5
Works great, I'm using the trial. I have a couple questions though. If I buy this and 5.0 comes out do I have to buy it again, and second I have two PCs in my home on a router. Can I install it on both of them or do they want me to buy two copies?
JeremyGNJ Apr 9, 2008 4.72.30295 Beta
5 out of 5
Simply Excellent!!! For 2 main reasons.

#1. "It just works". I have tried other ad blockers and I know people who use other blockers full time, but there is always some quirk or hurdle to deal with. Never had any such problems with AdMuncher!

#2. They do maintain their own list of filters, but I like that! All you have to do is mention it on the message board, and it will usually be out in the next day's filter release (accounting for time-zone of course).

Yes, that's right there's a filter update EVERY day.
Change Apr 9, 2008 4.72.30295 Beta
5 out of 5
It's true that it's not very cheap, but in my case I paid for it 4 years ago and *still* get free updates and support. They've never been "condescending" to me, I've always rated their support highly.

One downside is that they have to maintain the blocklist themselves, perhaps it would be nice to have the option to subscribe to multiple lists like AdBlocker. This way you don't have to rely on fixes to their list too much (which were needed for the sites I visited from time to time).

If you have problems with Firefox crashing, I would disable the AdMuncher extension since it's not necessary for AdMuncher to function. I've had problems with it too (thought it was back when they first launched it - never tried again).
innerlensus Apr 9, 2008 4.72.30295 Beta
5 out of 5
Ad Muncher v4.71 Build 28140/1892
I myself bought it a year ago (or less), and it’s on my Xp. All I’m saying, that so far I had no problem what so ever with it, and it does a great job.
Diam0nd Apr 9, 2008 4.72.30295 Beta
5 out of 5
comeoffit: It's funny how you say that this can ONLY be attributed to Ad Muncher. How come you don't even suggest that it MIGHT be a problem on YOUR side, as in something in your OS or a conflicting problem? It's funny how people ALWASY blame the program first, but usually digging a little bit deeper shows a firewall or an anti-virus messing things up.

I personally think AM is great, but overpriced.
Murray Hurps Mar 25, 2008 4.72.30185 Beta
5 out of 5
comeoffit: can you please contact me ( so we can get to the bottom of this, thanks very much.
comeoffit Mar 24, 2008 4.72.30185 Beta
3 out of 5
I have used Ad Muncher since 2002 and used to be one of its greatest proponents. Until the past several months, that is.

I've been having phenomenally aggravating problems with Ad Muncher and Firefox whereby the latter would refuse to load any page content at all, and a restart would be required. This is really fun when you're in the middle of applying for a job or making a purchase online.

I've tried all the betas, including the latest, and the problem won't go away. And no, the problem is not that my system has too many connections going on.

I'm really disappointed about this, since I hate Firefox's native pop-up blocking feature, and I don't want to have to use Adblock Plus. But if I have to choose between Ad Muncher and sanity, I've got to go with the latter.

Oh--and calling Ad Muncher support "friendly" is a real knee-slapper. The adjective I'd use is "condescending".
Metshrine Mar 18, 2008 4.72.30185 Beta
2 out of 5
2/5. Good product combined with ungodly long development cycles makes me rate this lower.
dwby Mar 16, 2008 4.72.30185 Beta
5 out of 5
If I wanted to use another browser can I use adblock? No. Ad Muncher munches any ads. And those "batches" you are talking about only hide the ads. A while ago MSN/WLM was getting drive by downloads with the ads in the program. The "batches" didn't stop them, but Ad Muncher did.

People are different and they want to use any program they feel like. If I wanted to change to another browser I can do so full knowing I can use Ad Muncher with it.

If there is an ad it misses or a bug I can get friendly, quick 24/7 support via email, IRC or forum. New ads are most often added in a new list compiled each day. If you don't wish to wait you may request it yourself and add it to your filters.

Now, tell me how the adblock for Firefox, which doesn't update every, single day, doesn't block as many ads as Ad Muncher (I would take the pepsi challenge), cannot filter any other program other than Firefox and will not give me support whenever I wanted, is better than Ad Muncher?

That being said, you're lucky adblock is free. Because I wouldn't pay a cent for the little things it does. Ad Muncher does SOO much more. Easily worth the multiple licenses I have already paid for :).

Metshrine, your whining in here makes me realise why they kicked you from the chatroom in the first place. I am guessing they were in the right and you were causing a ruckus. Mar 15, 2008 4.72.30185 Beta
5 out of 5
I wrote a bad review in 2005 that maybe I shouldn't have. AM is a great program. Three years ago when I wrote that I stated I was going to look for something better... something I never found.

I had what I would call an Ad Muncher disaster last month when I built my new machine. Murry was extremely helpful and really went out of his way to get me back where I was.

Great program. The internet would be a different place without it for me.
minklein Mar 14, 2008 4.72.30185 Beta
5 out of 5
I have beeen a user of this program for years, It is the absolute best add blocker available, and I have tried many. 25 bucks, for a lifetime of updates, that is dirt cheap. Thank you Murry, for all your hard work developing Ad Muncher.

There might be a need for 64 bit version? IE7 64 bit would be nice if Ad Muncher would work with it.
ballyhairs Mar 14, 2008 4.72.30185 Beta
2 out of 5
No need for it no more, it was useful before Firefox appeared with Adblock add on, now all you get from this software is getting your memory to be used in the background for nothing, spend money for nothing and slow down your internet connection. And for those who say it blocks adds from other programs... like what? Yahoo messenger? MSN? a quick search and you can batch them not to ever show ads.
Use Firefox with Adblock add on and your set.
MeanE Mar 14, 2008 4.72.30185 Beta
5 out of 5
Been using this program for a number of years. Simply the best in ad removal.
Diam0nd Mar 13, 2008 4.72.30185 Beta
5 out of 5
Price aside, this is one of the most useful programs. For those in doubt, try loading without, and then WITH ad muncher. And then tell me there's no differece ;|

minklein: it is NOT lifetime. can u read? coz i do suggest you try.
skapig Mar 13, 2008 4.72.30185 Beta
5 out of 5
Only gets better. I've been a very happy customer for a few years. Admittedly I don't buy much software, but this is one that I'm very proud to support. It does the job better than the rest with support that is far superior (you get what you pay for). Especially useful if you move between browsers. So light on resources, too.

AdBlock Plus has gotten better with time, but is slower and has never been as good at cleaning up the pages to make them seamless. Plus there's the obvious point that it only works in a Mozilla environment.

Browser integration of AdMuncher has improved greatly in 4.7 for contextual adding of custom filters. Even in Opera. Not perfect, but not bad either.

Gets used every day and improves my browsing experience significantly. Well worth the price.
rcadams Mar 13, 2008 4.72.30185 Beta
5 out of 5
I think many of us forget the nature of this software. It's designed to remove ads from websites, That being said, it's a on-going program. Every day websites get changes, that is a fact. If a website stop working, it's not due to AM, it's because new code has been put on website, and AM needs to be updated. BUT
the good news is those updates comes within 24 hours if not less. So I have to say that when you support this program, you are basicly hiring someone to work 24/7 on our websites. So thank you very much..

PS. Just ignore Metshrine, and others who complain when they have no idea what really goes into a huge project like this!
Murray Hurps Mar 11, 2008 4.72.30131 Beta
5 out of 5
Thanks very much for the report Metshrine. Mapquest was fixed in less than an hour from when it was reported to us.

In future please make sure you report issues using Ad Muncher's built in reporting system (as well as posting here if you really feel the need) for the fastest possible response.
digitalking Mar 10, 2008 4.72.30131 Beta
5 out of 5
The fastest and most complete ad blocker on the Net. Adblock Plus may make it easier to add a site or a component of a site, but in my testing, is slower. Ad Muncher blocks ads and bad sites, for every application that uses an Internet connection. The only other solution I found to do this, was using a HOSTS file.
Metshrine Mar 10, 2008 4.72.30131 Beta
1 out of 5
Breaks's direction search facility and the "Saved and recent" function. Unacceptable given the amount of time I spend on this site.

To the developer, this doesn't require you reply on this forum or to me on irc. So please refrain.
(Glad to see you guys can read).

The fastest response method has been removed for me since Jeff has banned me for doing nothing more than doing a daily check of the channel for news in the topic of the channel for new betas (WHICH HE HIMSELF ADVISES PEOPLE TO DO ON YOUR VERY FORUMS).
dhry Feb 22, 2008 4.72.30131 Beta
5 out of 5
Absolute best program of it's type. For what it does, it's incredibly small too. An example of how to write a REAL program, and a real useful one at that.
dwby Feb 22, 2008 4.72.30131 Beta
5 out of 5
Getting closer to a final release me thinks!

Just a couple of replies:

Ad Muncher does not run as a proxy. It just simply hooks in. No fuss, no mess.

Can the ad block in Maxthon filter MSN or Firefox or Opera or any other program for that matter? Does the filter list get updated *each* day? Last I checked you had to add the filters to Maxthon yourself.

@Point Zero
Neither program have lists which are updated each day. Neither programs have lists which are scrutinised by one talented person. Promomitron hasn't been updated in years and runs as a proxy (eww) and Ad Block Plus, which one are we talking about? The Firefox plugin which can only filter Firefox or the program which is about as useful as shoes for a legless man?

I'm just a very happy user who cannot get enough of this program. Thank you so much for keeping it updated folks!
b0mmel Feb 22, 2008 4.72.30131 Beta
5 out of 5
This is THE best adfilter on the market. If you're an IE user, this is a must have program. Together with "Inline Search" from, it makes IE7 a superlightweight, efficient, little browser. It also offers some other options like anonymous browsing and removing of this annoying colored scrollbars some sites have.

Ad Muncher runs as a local proxy and is therefore much lighter on the browser than the sluggish IE7Pro (which I don't trust btw).
Diam0nd Feb 21, 2008 4.72.30131 Beta
4 out of 5
The only drawback is the price. In terms of other solutions, there arent much of those around. I'm talking standalone applications, NOT plugins for browsers, since people saying that AdBlock is better are friggin hilarious since WHAT IF I DON'T USE FF?
preinterpost Feb 21, 2008 4.72.30131 Beta
3 out of 5
It works well but too expensive given that there are free solutions. The blocker built into Maxthon is especially giving it a run for its money.
shroom Feb 21, 2008 4.72.30131 Beta
5 out of 5
Another "nice" review from Point Less... Thanks !

Not everyone is a FF-fanboy, so keep your FF plugin for yourself.

Rating 1 because it isn't free is plain stupid as it works much better than Proxo for the content filtering part. Support is perfect and a lot of users have a lifetime license.
Point Zero Feb 19, 2008 4.72.30018 Beta
1 out of 5
Proxomitron and Ad Block Plus can do all this and much much more, for free.
RawGutts Feb 16, 2008 4.72.30018 Beta
5 out of 5
Great product, been using it for years now..
Diam0nd Feb 16, 2008 4.72.30018 Beta
4 out of 5
Good, but madly overpriced for it's purpose. I mean I could get an FTP client, or server or many other products for that same price. Better use smth free.
boooggy Feb 16, 2008 4.72.30018 Beta
5 out of 5
a great program.
one thing ....version 4.72.30046 beta is out.
dwby Feb 16, 2008 4.72.30018 Beta
5 out of 5
Another great release from these guys. This program beats every other one out there. I am willing to place $100 bet that AM removes more ads better and cleaner than any other blocker out there!
Scoobs72 Feb 15, 2008 4.72.30018 Beta
5 out of 5
Been running this latest beta for a few days now. Working beautifully as usual. Fantastic application
rcadams Feb 15, 2008 4.72.30018 Beta
5 out of 5
I wish Admuncher could block your useless reviews Sacrifce.

Now on to the real program. Works as described, Works great with Final release of Vista w/ SP1 RTM. Great Job guys.
Sacrifce Jan 20, 2008 4.72.29848 Beta
1 out of 5
1 year between major feature additions. HAH! Give me ad block any day.
4122 Jan 20, 2008 4.72.29848 Beta
5 out of 5
My rating returns to a 5 now that it works half-way decently with Vista. 64-bit compatibility was pushed back so basic Vista-compatibility could be pushed out the door. Gzip was pushed back to tackle the way Ad Muncher works with Vista so I won't dock any points for those two things.

There's only so much one guy can do. There's technically two guys on this team, but the way I understand it one of the guys strictly works on the signature updates. The lack of regex is disappointing, but it is supposed to come with the re-write from assembly into C++ and the author just hasn't reached that part of code yet. He's wisely decided to tackle the re-write in stages rather than delay releasing anything until the entire program has been converted to the new programming language.

64-bit compatibility, gzip, regex - hopefully there won't be a year between releases when each of these show up in the feature list.
war593122 Jan 20, 2008 4.72.29848 Beta
5 out of 5
Well there you go x64 coming soon. And yes I really want gzip as well but I don't judge a product based on one feature.

Just glad most of you people are not judges.
shroom Jan 19, 2008 4.72.29848 Beta
5 out of 5
One of the most useful, if not the most useful, Internet tool available.
Spark99 Jan 18, 2008 4.72.29848 Beta
4 out of 5
This seems to be working fine on Window Vista Ultimate 64-bit Operating System Service Pack 1, v.744

Works in Internet Explorer (32-bit), Opera and Firefox...

They just need to add support for Internet Explorer (64-bit)
ripfuel Jan 18, 2008 4.72.29848 Beta
5 out of 5
Awesome program! I would not surf the net without it. These guys update the advert list daily & rock w/ all the extra's included like IP Scramble! I bought this software about a year ago & will always use it! Keep up the GREAT work guys!
ssb Jan 18, 2008 4.72.29848 Beta
2 out of 5
@Murray Hurps:
> v4.73 will support filtering of 64 bit programs,
> and we plan to start work on HTTP 1.1/gzip
> support for the next major release after that.

I only hope you release it sometime ...this century.

Sorry if sound sarcastic, but I'm very disappointed with AdMuncher never-ending beta cycles, and "nothing-new" releases.
rcadams Jan 18, 2008 4.72.29848 Beta
5 out of 5
Nothing compares. As I always said you pay for what you get, but with this one, you get so much more. Nothing more needs to be said. Well done!
kevinmook Jan 18, 2008 4.72.29848 Beta
5 out of 5
For those talking about better free alternatives, please remember, this does not filter ONLY web browsers. And application-specific plugins will only filter that application. Ad Muncher is a system-wide filtering application that filters everything that uses HTTP for advertisement delivery.

One could argue that Proxomitron is a free option, but it is no longer being developed, and the community support is completely fragmented. The two developers of this program are always available and respond to every email. The filter list is updated every single day. New features are being implemented constantly. They have a live chat (Hooked into EFNet) where users can help if the developers are not around at that particular moment.

For those reasons alone, I feel this is well worth the $25 I paid for it. And the license is good for ALL v4.x versions, and v4.8 is going to be a major revision.
preinterpost Jan 18, 2008 4.72.29848 Beta
3 out of 5
It's a neat prog but I just think this is overpriced or what it does given there are free alternatives. The Maxthon browser shell does the job just as good or better. FF has plugins. If it was reasonably priced I'd prob go for it as a one catches all.
magusg Jan 18, 2008 4.72.29814 Beta
5 out of 5
Excellent apps, been using for years, absolutely love it, filters ALL browsers and other web apps.

Not everyone uses firefox buddy.
Murray Hurps Jan 17, 2008 4.72.29814 Beta
5 out of 5
Quick reply to SSB:

v4.73 will support filtering of 64 bit programs, and we plan to start work on HTTP 1.1/gzip support for the next major release after that.

That version will entail a significant rewrite of the filtering engine however, so it may take a little while to get right.

Thanks for bearing with us, we'll be doing everything we can to implement these features as quickly as possible.
ghammer Jan 17, 2008 4.72.29814 Beta
5 out of 5
There is not a Firefox plugin that blocks ads for ALL programs...

This does a great job, so much so that I am amazed when I use other computers and see all the crap that is on websites. Havent seen them since I started using Ad Muncher.

This just for a month of not frequent browsing:

Ad Muncher Usage Statistics for v4.72 Beta Build 29814/1812
Adverts removed by Ad Muncher: 24,335
Approximate bandwidth saved: 190 MB
Counter started: December 18, 2007
ballyhairs Jan 17, 2008 4.72.29814 Beta
3 out of 5
No need anymore to have separate program to block ads, there is a Firefox add on that does the job.
ssb Jan 17, 2008 4.72.29814 Beta
2 out of 5
@Murray Hurps:

What about HTTP 1.1 support? You said nothing about it.
It was promised years ago and still is one of the most annoying limitations of AdMuncher.
pjb Jan 17, 2008 4.72.29814 Beta
5 out of 5
New Beta is: Ad Muncher v4.72 Beta Build 29814/1812
Works really well. Not come across and problems.
Auto update from the previous beta release worked really fine.
Metshrine Jan 16, 2008 4.72.29715 Beta
5 out of 5
Installer is working fine for me now. Doesnt appear to be any annoying UAC prompts anymore on startup and IE appears to work as well. I havent run into any bugs with the exception of the one where AM freezes when hitting APPLY after manually updating (Detailed in this thread: ).

Other than that, as usual, a great program. 5 points for the home team!
Murray Hurps Jan 14, 2008 4.72.29715 Beta
5 out of 5
Hi everyone,

Reviews were deleted by Betanews because they were all posted by the same person using different accounts, this was confirmed by the Betanews admins from their server logs.

Negative reviews are appreciated as much (or more) than positive ones, but posting the same comments from dozens of accounts is helpful to nobody.

64 bit support has not been delayed in order to get v4.72 out. We are simply making more frequent releases with individual features, instead of giant releases that take 12+ months to develop. v4.72 includes Vista support, v4.73 will include 64 bit support.

Thanks for using Ad Muncher, stay tuned for more updates.
tinderkill Jan 14, 2008 4.72.29715 Beta
1 out of 5

with all due respect I feel DJ's post sums up my feelings as well. I am sorry, but I use x64, and I know a large community which uses it as well. Just because you don't use it doesnt mean its dead or not active. The promise was made that x64 would be a 4.72 release. I too remember the many posts DJ refers to that were deleted. The developer clearly has more of an interest in getting their buddies at betanews to remove the bad reviews, which are honest, than adding the code needed. How much of the time spent removing these posts could have been spent on coding x64? All of it is my guess.

Anyways, I give this a 1 because it is not portable, slows down gzip and http 1.1 sites, see this thread ( )
, does not support regex which is why their list of ads to block is so long. All of this could have been worked on during the time they took to remove the posts on a single site. I will be posting this same review to sites like as well since this type of behavior should not be tolerated.
war593122 Jan 14, 2008 4.72.29715 Beta
5 out of 5
DamageJackyl, x64 is no where close to mainstream so get over it. Even Microsoft does not develop most of their applications for x64. I bet not even 1% are now x64 and that includes new products.

Until then it's going to take a bit of time, effort, and money, for 3rd parties to do it.

You should just be happy they decided to go with the flow. I probably would have put x64 on the back burner until next OS after visa. And perhaps the next one after that since Microsoft is still planning to make both x86 and x64 versions of their next OS and some how I see x64 still pretty much, well dead! Basically we wont see x64 mainstream until developers, including Microsoft, are forced to.

Until then it's anyones' game and it just surprises me how many people wine about not having x64 support when there are many more import issues in computing.
DamageJackyl Jan 13, 2008 4.72.29715 Beta
1 out of 5
x64 support got knocked back to 4.73? Wow, I guess I was right and removing bad reviews on betanews was more important to them than developing. 1/5 for a development staff that seems more intent on boosting their rating than actually developing (hence why 4.73 is now the x64 release that 4.72 was supposed to include).

This program blocks ads, it does an ok job, but if you find one that isnt on a US based site (one in the top listing on whatever list the developer uses to rate whether to add a site or not), then you wont get a default rule added. That, and now they are charging customers more due to the poor exchange rate for the AUD.

I will continue to use this program since I have 2 paid licenses, but I will not promote it to my friends like I had before. They have lost a promoter for good.
kevinmook Jan 13, 2008 4.72.29715 Beta
5 out of 5
Finally, full-on Vista support is here! As always, this application gets a 5/5 from me. Now all we need is 64-bit extensions (Planned for 4.73), http1.1/gzip, per-site filters, and regexp support, all of which are planned for v4.8, last I heard (I hope!).

I can't live without this app anymore, and it's the first thing that gets installed after windows & windows updates :)
pjb Jan 11, 2008 4.72.29715 Beta
5 out of 5
Really love this application. It's never let me down. Well worth the asking price.
rcadams Jan 11, 2008 4.72.29715 Beta
5 out of 5
I agree with the last post, this one should be bult-in to windows. It makes Internet what it should be. Perfect app.

But one thing.. Diam0nd you need to go back to school. It's spelled Author not Autor. Clearly you don't know him. And it is very well priced for what you get!

Again A++++
Diam0nd Jan 11, 2008 4.72.29715 Beta
5 out of 5
This is an essential software in our age. Makes Internet experience WAY more decent. However:
1. Overpriced
2. Autor is a j.e.r.k
jeromy Jan 11, 2008 4.72.29715 Beta
5 out of 5
AdMuncher is one of the few software programs I immediately install on every computer. It's essential to keep your sanity while browsing.

RoSmecher: Clearly you aren't asking in the right forum. I routinely browse the message boards at and I've never seen a question go unanswered.
RoSmecher Jan 11, 2008 4.72.29715 Beta
4 out of 5
a great program but it continually crashes with maxthon 2. i have reported the problems to both companies but none have taken the initive to fix it.
i'm using vista 32-bit ultimate.
tipstir Dec 31, 2007 4.71.28140
5 out of 5
Don't know why the other user is having problems but again I've been using this software for years now and it works great. Newer version is 100% better blocking those nasty ads and anything else it finds.
DamageJackyl Dec 30, 2007 4.71.28140
1 out of 5
1 year into Vista's release and still no support for it. No x64 support for a platform which has existed for about 3 years now. No portability for an application which is in competition with ad block (an extension which can be used with portable firefox, or proxomitron which is also portable and free). It also seems the developer is more focused on removing bad reviews because I distinctly remember several other users upset about the same thing I am posting about. I guess the developer wants to silence those with bad reviews and boost their rating on betanews (Hence why they have the "Thanks to" included in the credits of the program. Perhaps BN is in cahoots with AM to boost its rating). Perhaps this is more important to them than developing. Well Murray and Jeff, good job, it appears you've succeeded.

1 out of 5.
digitalking Dec 23, 2007 4.71.28140
5 out of 5
Fastest ad/junk blocker out there. Faster than Adblock Plus. Worth every penny. Has many options not available in other programs: User Agent switcher, referrer field changer, multiple options for weird website behaviors, extensions for Opera, IE, and Firefox\Netscape.
tinderkill Nov 2, 2007 4.71.28140
1 out of 5
No vista support. 1/5
sooti Nov 2, 2007 4.71.28140
5 out of 5
best anti-ad program in the market, i've been using ad muncher for 3 years now and am very satisfied, filters flash ads almost 100%, which is much better then other ad filters who only filter banners that are jpgs or gifs
jeromy Oct 23, 2007 4.71.28140
5 out of 5
I think the program is well worth the cost.
It's one of the few programs I haven't even thought to find a free or GPL replacement for.

Ad Muncher Usage Statistics for v4.71 Build 28140/1739
Adverts removed by Ad Muncher: 1,329,453
Approximate bandwidth saved: 10,386 MB
Counter started: April 3, 2005
xrmbx Oct 23, 2007 4.71.28140
1 out of 5
really nice and powerful program, but now overpriced. Especially with the new licensing schema their are using now its impossible to use on more than one computer. Ok let me count, me, me and me, wife, kid, kid... one license for each computer? Make it one IP at the same time, or family license, else forget it, I'm going crack hunting.
ghammer Oct 23, 2007 4.71.28140
5 out of 5
Ad Muncher Usage Statistics for v4.71 Build 28140/1738
Adverts removed by Ad Muncher: 239,223
Approximate bandwidth saved: 1,868 MB
Counter started: August 13, 2006
Dixon_Butz Oct 23, 2007 4.71.28140
5 out of 5
Ad Muncher Usage Statistics for v4.71 Build 28140/1739
Adverts removed by Ad Muncher: 672,760
Approximate bandwidth saved: 5,255 MB
Counter started: August 7, 2003
kicelo Oct 13, 2007 4.71.28140 Beta
5 out of 5
Ad Muncher Usage Statistics for v4.71 Build 28140/1711
Adverts removed by Ad Muncher: 20,949
Approximate bandwidth saved: 163 MB
Counter started: August 15, 2007
WildTbag Oct 13, 2007 4.71.28140 Beta
5 out of 5
I use this program nearly 2 years now, without any problems. Two years without ads! One of the best programs i know. To the ones who could not resist to 'upgrade' to Vista. Just wait for the vista-compatible release..
dwby Oct 8, 2007 4.71.28140 Beta
5 out of 5
Man look at the whingers on here. Some people don't realise how good this program is.

"Boo hoo it won't load up on my Mac or linux box, I'm going to rate it a 1 because I am a customer and because I can even though it didn't state it."

Meh. It's good to see many fixes related to crashing and the helper fix. Great support, great program, great people.

EDIT: Whiners? I said whingers. Whingers is a word last time I checked. And that's what you are, a whinger. You don't get your way so you are doing this. Is this helping you in any way? Or the devs? No.

Please grow up. Attacking ones country isn't showing much character. Keep doing what you wish. In the end I will be using Ad Muncher to my full advantage while you're on here attacking me. So keep going :)
[deXter] Oct 8, 2007 4.71.28140 Beta
5 out of 5
When it clearly says "OS Support: Windows 2000/2003/9x/XP", I don't see how anyone could get so frustrated, thinking it would work perfectly fine in Vista?

And a) It's not like it doesn't work at all in Vista, it just needs a few workarounds, like any XP era program that hasn't been updated.

and b) It's not like this program has been abandonware. Anyone following BetaNews would know how quickly these new Ad Muncher betas have been coming in, solving more compatibility issues with Vista. It's obvious that the Author is doing his best to solve Vista issues.

So is it worth rating a near-perfect product like this a lowly 1-star? It's understandable that you all might have been disappointed that it doesn't have full vista compatibility (yet), but that's no reason to rate it a 1-star.

"Patience, young Padawan"
Metshrine Oct 8, 2007 4.71.28140 Beta
5 out of 5
After having a nice long talk with the lead developer, Murray, I have to say I feel so much more at ease about Vista support. 4.72 beta's should start hitting soon and Vista will finally be supported.

This is one of those truly indispensible applications on my pc. Yes, I have had to move to firefox temporarily so I can use ad muncher, and yes I do have to put up with a UAC prompt at startup, however, its only temporary until 4.72 beta's kick off.

To the dev team, good work. Cant wait to see the future of this fine product.

5 thumbs way up
Methsrine Oct 8, 2007 4.71.28140 Beta
5 out of 5
Same here, all you need is XP!
CharlieGimbert Oct 8, 2007 4.71.28140 Beta
5 out of 5
I'm happy with my XP.
Sven123456789 Oct 8, 2007 4.71.28140 Beta
3 out of 5
Why use this over free software thats already out there?
Diam0nd Oct 8, 2007 4.71.28140 Beta
1 out of 5
Good, but not at this particular price.
dougau Oct 8, 2007 4.71.28140 Beta
3 out of 5
I bought and used this program for years but there are free alternatives that will be better if you use Vista at least till the next stable release. At least it seems that IE 7 will work in Vista now without having to launch Firefox first.
JeremyGNJ Oct 8, 2007 4.71.28140 Beta
5 out of 5
Simply the best! Almost nothing gets past it!

I still dont know what people are talking about with these issues:

I run it on Vista Business 64-bit (UAC enabled) without any problems. You just have to use 32-bit Internet Explorer.

I use per-site filters all the time!!!

I suspect many of the negative views could be people who didn't pay, and recently got flagged as such.
wat0114 Oct 8, 2007 4.71.28140 Beta
5 out of 5
Still the *Definitive* advert removing utility available. Nothing compares.
ungrabber Oct 6, 2007 4.71.28082 Beta
5 out of 5
Ad Muncher just rocks. I tried a lot of so called "ad blockers" - and compared to admuncher they are just toys. If i would not have registered this tool before the license was changed from "lifetime upgrades" i would register it anyway - the creator really did (and does) a GREAT job and DESERVES EVERY SINGLE PENNY. I think its one of these tools that should be overtaken from microsoft for some multimillion dollars (just the tool license itself, support and updates still coming from the original creators.. hehe) and included into every damn windows installation.
kevinmook Oct 6, 2007 4.71.28082 Beta
5 out of 5
For those stating they threw their money away, full Vista support IS coming, and it will be a free upgrade! If you purchased a license within the last year, all v4.x versions will be a free upgrade. Yes it's been a long time and Vista support should be here, but there's only one programmer, and he can only do so much so fast.

And there are numerous reasons why Ad Muncher is better than Proxomitron and Proximodo, even though it's not free. For one, both of those free apps require far too much user interaction, and Proxomitron isn't even developed anymore. Once I download Proxo, I need to search around various websites to find some sort of halfway decent filtering list. With AM, list updates are done by a paid maintainer and loaded automatically with zero user interaction, and over 5000 regularly maintained and watched over filters are available by default!

If you have a problem with a particular website, you can do one of 4 things to try and remedy your issue. First, right-click the website, chose the AM extension/plugin, and select 'Report Website' which goes directly to the list maintainer. Second, you can use AM's built in live chat which is able to get into direct contact with the developer and list maintainer, and if they're not around, another AM user might be, who can also help you. Third, you can report problem sites in the forum which the developer and list maintainer both monitor daily. And fourth, you can try and fix the page yourself if you want (A custom filter for the site using 'Minimal Filtering' usually does the trick).

Fact of the matter is, $25 is a small price to pay for a lifetime of direct support and contact with friendly developers, and you get so much more out of the box than Proxomitron will ever give you. And with loads of new features slated to come, it's hard to go wrong with a license that gives you free upgrades for all 4.x versions.
4122 Oct 4, 2007 4.71.28082 Beta
1 out of 5
This used to be my favorite app & I'm a paid customer, but in spite of the author's lame excuses regarding Vista and gzip support it's obvious from the changelog that the majority of the coding time this past year has been changing the online activation system. I'm sure it's just a coincidence that older versions won't get signature list updates right after the new activation system has been put in place.

Vista was RTMed a year ago. Workarounds to make your system less secure in order to run Ad Muncher are not only inexcusable but laughable.

I'll be back to rate this a 5 if/when the author gets his priorities adjusted.
dwby Oct 4, 2007 4.71.28082 Beta
5 out of 5
Oh wow. What's with all the bloody whingers on here? Do you guys think the more you whinge the faster he will program?

Hmmmmmm. Really, patience is a virtue. You can complain all you want but he can only program so fast.

It takes all of 10 seconds to write a comment on here. But I am sure your patience isn't big enough for that.

And to the guy comparing Vista compatibility to a car without seatbelts, seriously rethink your comments before you make an arse of yourself.

5/5 as always for the great program.

EDIT: So you're giving it a 1 for an OS it doesn't knowingly support yet? Man, I would hate to be behind you in a supermarket line. Angry customers suck. Hmmm are you a customer? Or just a troll? How many people here are legit customers and how many are trolls? Being the trolls you all are, you will most probably find something else to whinge about when these are fixed. So why aren't you guys giving AM a 1 for not supporting a Mac or linux? Hmmmmm...

And Proxo does not block as many ads as AM. I've tried. AM has a list update each day with 10 changes to each list. Over 7 days that is 70 heavily scrutenized changes.

4122: You seem like more of a troll instead of a legit customer with a complaint. Go somewhere else please.
war593122 Oct 3, 2007 4.71.28082 Beta
5 out of 5
Still the best!!!!
Scoobs72 Oct 3, 2007 4.71.28082 Beta
5 out of 5
Vista isn't an issue for me - I wouldn't upgrade until Vista was up to SP1 anyway, and definitely not until admuncher supported it :o) Under XP admuncher is a superb app, one of only 3 pieces of software I've ever opened my wallet for - and I'm notoriously tight with my money (just ask my wife). You either love it or you hate it - for me it's a must have.
skapig Oct 3, 2007 4.71.28082 Beta
5 out of 5
What issues are you folks having with Vista? As I've reported earlier, it works flawlessly on my Vista machine. However I've not seen any specific bugs reported on here.

The one that I see on the Ad Muncher forum is due to the UAC and IE7 protected mode. If you don't use either one of them, then you won't have a problem. I agree that it certainly should be fixed soon (and perhaps a while ago), but it's not the showstopper that some are making it out to be.
Dixon_Butz Oct 3, 2007 4.71.28082 Beta
5 out of 5
Not overpriced. Worth every penny. Best app in its class!
Diam0nd Oct 3, 2007 4.71.28082 Beta
1 out of 5
For what it does: OVERPRICED. Period.
ssb Oct 3, 2007 4.71.28082 Beta
3 out of 5
> All of our work is currently dedicated to getting
> v4.72 out as soon as possible, thank you for
> bearing with us.

Sorry but you didn't say how soon...
Last time we're waiting for more than a year just for a minor update. Also you didn't comment the http 1.1 issue.

For years I used to be very happy using AM; I cannot say that now.
Metshrine Oct 3, 2007 4.71.27946 Beta
4 out of 5
OK, I have since moved to firefox (only temporarily due to IE7 not being able to be run in protected mode) just so I can aide in testing. Yes, it is annoying having to deal with UAC and not being able to use my browser of choice, but I still want to help out.

As I've said in numerous reviews of the past, this is the best program for blocking ad's, however, it is not fully vista compatible and requires several security bypasses in order to get it working if you choose to use IE7 or an IE variant on your system (maxthon for me). As such, I cannot rate this 5/5 for now.

I thank the team for their hard work, and while I wish that vista would have come first, I continue to sympathize with the developers since there are only two of you.

Good job on the current builds. To the developers, please get me vista and x64 support SOON :-)
Ragle Gumm Oct 3, 2007 4.71.27946 Beta
5 out of 5
I use VISTA 64bit edition and have no problems with Ad Muncher. This program is simply the best. Period.
Murray Hurps Oct 3, 2007 4.71.27946 Beta
5 out of 5
Just a quick note to say sorry for the lack of full Vista support in v4.71.

We originally planned for v4.71 to be a fully Vista compatible version, but a few important bugs were discovered that needed to be fixed before Vista support was completed. v4.72 will therefore be the fully Vista compatible version, and will be released shortly after v4.71.

All of our work is currently dedicated to getting v4.72 out as soon as possible, thank you for bearing with us.
war593122 Oct 2, 2007 4.71.27946 Beta
5 out of 5
maxstep, admuncher does NOT officially support Windows Vista! Full Windows Vista support is however coming soon!

And yes as said a million times by now you can easily run Ad Muncher in admin mode and disable UAC on Vista and it will run fine. People are complaining that this is required, and rightfully so.
maxstep Oct 2, 2007 4.71.27946 Beta
5 out of 5
No vista support? Wtf are you ppl talking about? I have vista and ad muncher working perfectly together for almost a year now!
ssb Oct 2, 2007 4.71.27946 Beta
2 out of 5
AdMuncher used to be my #1 system application; that's why I've got a license since its very first days.

Unfortunately the last two years AM development has stalled. After a long period of beta testing, AM not only doesn't support Vista but is still incompatible with HTTP 1.1, although that was promised years ago.

I really don't know why that happens, maybe Murray lost his interest on AM. In any case I cannot recommend AdMuncher any more.
dwby Oct 1, 2007 4.71.27946 Beta
5 out of 5
When will people learn that giving a program a low rating will not help speed up the process. They are both working hard as ever on this BETA and when it is finished it will be on to 4.72 which is full Vista support.

Some people...
skapig Oct 1, 2007 4.71.27946 Beta
5 out of 5
I've been running Ad Muncher (auto-updates enabled, including betas) on Vista for months without a single issue. Before that I had been running it on XP for well over a year.

Truly great software that is simply more polished than any of the alternatives. Well worth the $25 and that's coming from someone who rarely opts to pay for such software. I hunt for the free alternatives as much as the next guy, but this one is way ahead of the game and keeps getting better. No bloat. No BS.
dwby Sep 30, 2007 4.71.27906 Beta
5 out of 5
Support for Vista will be here soon. Why bother posting that (and remain hidden behind a bugmenot login - coward), will it speed up the writing process of the author?

And there is no way Ad Muncher is worse off than proxo. Really, out of the box Ad Muncher can catch more ads than Proxo could ever. Ad Muncher updates its list each day with 10 list changes. Plus support from the IRC channel, forum and email you could not go wrong. Yeah, Ad Muncher is much much than Proxo. You're just cheap :)

Also, for those finding this build crashes for them, update to the latest BETA build. This fixes many crashes for me. Check out the main site for the link until FileForum is updated.
war593122 Sep 28, 2007 4.71.27906 Beta
5 out of 5
The very best just got better! Full Vista support coming really soon now...
ghammer Sep 28, 2007 4.71.27906 Beta
5 out of 5
There is NO better way to block ads to ANY app that you use.
davygiven Sep 28, 2007 4.71.27906 Beta
5 out of 5
Ridiculous review from the person below.

This is one of those little apps that I can't live without.
Metshrine Sep 28, 2007 4.71.27906 Beta
4 out of 5
I love this program, I just dont like that I cant use it on my system due to vista not being supported. I was, am, and have been a long time supporter of this software and hope that Vista support (v4.72) will come soon.

That said, in its current state, I will rate the program based on my experience with it which is a 3/5 since I cant use it on my browser of choice. Once 4.72 comes out, I will raise it back to 5/5 which it will fully deserve once I can use it again with maxthon.


I am using firefox for the time being until Vista is supported as I dont like seeing money I've invested go down the toilet. I will knock this up one point for working in firefox, but I still hate having the constant UAC prompt on startup.
kevinmook Sep 28, 2007 4.71.27906 Beta
5 out of 5
Best advertisement removal tool out there period. No, it's not free, but you are getting a completely dedicated support team along with a program with loads of features for what I believe to be an extremely reasonable price. Many more features than Proxomitron or AdBlock Plus. The only reasonable gripe I have with AM thus far is it's lack of http1.1/gzip and regexp support, which is slated for the v4.8 release, probably some time next year with any luck.

For those complaining about Vista support: Nowhere on the website have they claimed Vista compatibility yet. That's like trying to install AdMuncher on OS X or Linux and not understanding why it won't work. Many, many applications have had to undergo rewrites to work around Vista incompatibilities.

There is only one lead developer and one list maintainer, that is it! If they claim Vista support is coming by the end of the year, I'm inclined to believe them. And there is a workaround if you are really intent on getting Vista to play nice with AM - Disable UAC.
bigmama Sep 28, 2007 4.71.27906 Beta
4 out of 5
very good ad blocker

unfortunately non-free tha's why i gave 4
MisterY Sep 28, 2007 4.71.27906 Beta
5 out of 5
Ad Muncher is the best ad blocker !

ATTENTION: Vista support isn't claimed in this new beta so you can't use it for a review.
I just heard that Ad Muncher v4.72 will be out before the end of this year and will be completely Vista-compatible so you know.
Point Zero Sep 28, 2007 4.71.27906 Beta
1 out of 5
$25 of crap ! Get Adblock plus for free ! Or even better, get the Proxomitron !
Diam0nd Sep 28, 2007 4.71.27906 Beta
4 out of 5
Simply the best. I mean, it really DOES improve my web experience A LOT.

However, its extremely OVERPRICED, in my opinion. I mean, how can a banner cutter cost as much as a file manager, pim manager, ftp server, ftp client and many other programs. I'm not sure the price is justified.
VictorAnderson Sep 28, 2007 4.71.27906 Beta
5 out of 5
Simply the BEST.
pjb Sep 28, 2007 4.71.27906 Beta
5 out of 5
Works really well. Here is a link to the changelog:

Edit @ bugmenot:
It works on Vista really well. It may not be officially supported on Vista, but it works. Do some research, or stay away from beta testing.

Edit : tinderkill:
Read the changelog!
sn1p34 Sep 28, 2007 4.71.27906 Beta
5 out of 5
The new update supports vista, and before you could get it running on vista but the people bellow didn't bother trying it was actually quite simple.
Lotheric Sep 28, 2007 4.71.27906 Beta
5 out of 5
Works on Vista Ultimate 64bit (as a 32bit app).
Ragle Gumm Sep 23, 2007 4.7.27105
5 out of 5
I have the 64bit VISTA Ultimate Edition ... and Ad Muncher works perfectly. Forget about the rest ... this one is really the best!
Metshrine Jul 31, 2007 4.7.27105
1 out of 5
No vista support. 8 months since Vista's release and still no support. Unacceptable.
pjb Jul 29, 2007 4.7.27105
5 out of 5
Works fine for me, always has done. I've been a user for many years, and the support you get from Murray Hurps is excellent.

I have been using it on Vista for many months, with out any problems - with or without UAC turned on/off (UAC like/dislike need not be discussed here), using both IE & FF.

I suggest that if DipThong you still have problems
contact Support:
or check FAQ:
or forum:

And 'Ball Sacks' that is a bold statement - surely that is your opinion - to which you are entitled.
steven0451 Jul 12, 2007 4.7.27105
5 out of 5
Bought it on the 2nd of Sept '06 and haven't looked at another ad blocker since. :)
Ball Sacks Jun 11, 2007 4.7.27105
1 out of 5
Ad Muncher is 100% crap! ad block and no scrips is all u need for pop ups and ads. I wish i would pay $25.00 when i can use ad block and no scrips free with firefoxx.
Administraighter Apr 21, 2007 4.7.27105
5 out of 5
I once tried doing away with Ad Muncher. I removed it, and relied on an alternative. I won't say what the alternative was, but it started with "A" and ended with "dblock Plus". This setup worked well to block ads, but I found myself having to rely on several third parties for ad-blocking lists, rather than just one.

I also ran into another problem. Ads were mostly taken care of, but the issue of popups remained. With Ad Muncher, I never had to worry about this--requested popups appeared correctly, but unrequested popups were blocked as expected. But now, I had to enable and rely on only my browser's popup blocking function. Again, I won't name the browser, but it rhymes with "Wirefox".

The "rhymes with Wirefox" browser's popup blocker blocked popups very well--even requested popups. Why wasn't it smart enough to tell the difference between requested and unrequested popups, the way Ad Muncher does? Why don't they realize that not getting a desired popup is at least as annoying as getting an undesired popup? I don't know. I've submitted that exact question to the investigative site, and I await their educated guess.

To make a long story not quite so long, after a few days of this, I felt my sanity slowly melting away, like polar ice caps in the age of a right-wing administration. Luckily, I was able to reinstall Ad Muncher and get on some handy meds in time, and my doctor says I'll be good as new in no time.
digitalking Mar 21, 2007 4.7.27105
5 out of 5
Ad Muncher works great behind a proxy server at work. Proximitron does not, as it is a proxy itself.
kashin Jan 22, 2007 4.7.27105
5 out of 5
I will just quote what comeoffit said;

"Adblock Plus is a wonderful extension. I used it for awhile, and liked it. However, no extension will ever be as fast and efficient at filtering as a well-tuned asm/C program. Nor will it work with any client that uses HTTP, as Ad Muncher does.

Ad Muncher is very configurable, very powerful, but if you want it to be, very automatic. The fact that it does all it does, so easily and so well, is nothing short of awesome. Yes, I'm going to compare it to Proxomitron. Now, there you have a powerful web filter, but one with nowhere near the compatibility or user friendliness of Ad Muncher."

Couldn't have put it better myself. Ad Muncher is the best, nothing even comes close. Comparing Ad Muncher to something like Proxomitron is just like comparing apples to oranges. There's simply no comparison. Don't listen to idiots who rate this program a 1 without anything to back up their claims. Try it yourself and you decide!
Mr Whizzle Jan 6, 2007 4.7.27105
2 out of 5
It appears that the Developers spend alot of time writing propaganda in review sites...

Steff_P has a few valid points there; after a moderately quick test using Sysinternal's Process Explorer it indeed appears that Ad Muncher uses more CPU resources than Proxomitron (by the way, Proxomitron's CPU usage is relative to the filterset used, my tests were done with a medium/advanced set), Ad Muncher's processes stressed my P4 3.4GHZ quite a bit more than Proxomitron during the page striping (loading) time of a "heavy" page ( Loading time was a bit slower probably due to lack of HTTP 1.1.

Right now Ad Muncher stands alone as a commercial ad-filtering software and that can be negative for it specially since there are free alternatives that offer basically the same for free (Adblock, Proxomitron, custom HOSTS file etc), hopefully the Developers will realize this and will make of Ad Muncher a product that is worth paying for. Right now it isn't, sorry.
dwby Jan 4, 2007 4.7.27105
5 out of 5
- it's faster
I don't think so. It uses a lot less CPU than proxo (I've done the test). I am on broadband and don't see any "clunkiness".

-Proxo is way more customizable/powerful
It is yes. But soon Ad Muncher will have regexp support aswell. Also, for what it is now, I still see no ads. That's pretty good.

-Filters SSL Pages
Ad Muncher will handle this in the future.

-Has a friendlier community
Anyone go onto the forum and you can see this is quite the opposite. Pretty much every thread has an answer to it. If you have any problem with a webpage, usually a member or one of the AM staff will help you.

--Admuncher's developers care more about implementing anti piracy features rather than write useful code
ummm show me where this is true? Murray has coded heaps and heaps of features into AM while I only remember one new anti-piracy feature being implemented, encryption of the server list. And rarely add useful filters? Then why don't I see ads? It is updated every couple of days.

-Manual association to programs
Have you even used Ad Muncher? Wait a minute you have, but we'll get to that later. You can choose which programs you wish AM wants to work its magic on by a simple line. e.g. +maxthon:* The plus meaning filter and - meaning don't filter. You can specify a port or just use * for any.

-it's FREE
AM deserves every bit of money it gets. With the author working hard at programing while someone updates the default filter list every couple of days scrupilising over every entry. Also, I've had the program since May 2005. I bought it at $24.95 USD. I don't know where you got $15 from? Maybe years and years ago. I think the change from life time to one time payment for all of version 4.x and before is great. I'll gladly pay the next registration fee for my Mums AM.

-It's cleaner:
Again, show me how this is true? Even when shutting down AM it removes the context menus.

In closing, I think I know who you are. You are the guy who had a big rant about how great pirating is on the AM forum aren't you? You got angry at how you couldn't crack AM anymore so you had a cry about it, made up all this garbage in an effort to try and get back at what the author is writely doing so. Stop being such a cheap arse and pay for Ad Muncher like I did!

p.s. I am not a developer of Ad Muncher as Mr Whizzle is trying to make me out as. It is not propoganda, I'm merely fixing what he said. You want me to keep those lies there? The proof is all there if you want to check it out. I will personally buy Steff_P a license if he can prove all of what he said is true.
Steff_P Jan 2, 2007 4.7.27105
1 out of 5
Proxomitron works fine with proxies. You can add them individually or a text file with a list of them.
It even has a proxy test/benchmark utility.
Stop posting ignorant comments.
zridling Jan 2, 2007 4.7.27105
5 out of 5
What comeoffit said.
comeoffit Jan 2, 2007 4.7.27105
5 out of 5
Adblock Plus is a wonderful extension. I used it for awhile, and liked it. However, no extension will ever be as fast and efficient at filtering as a well-tuned asm/C program. Nor will it work with any client that uses HTTP, as Ad Muncher does.

Ad Muncher is very configurable, very powerful, but if you want it to be, very automatic. The fact that it does all it does, so easily and so well, is nothing short of awesome. Yes, I'm going to compare it to Proxomitron. Now, there you have a powerful web filter, but one with nowhere near the compatibility or user friendliness of Ad Muncher.

Lack of HTTP 1.1 support is the one source of disappointment I still harbor.
Arutha Dec 2, 2006 4.7.27105
5 out of 5
Brilliant piece of software, and without a doubt the best in its class and on a level of its own.

Just take a look at the filter list Ad Muncher uses and you will understand how thorough this program works. Goodbye Ads !
Nikkie Nov 13, 2006 4.7.27105
5 out of 5
I used to love this program but why bother when you can use a proxy.O well, To each his own..

Though,The best part of this program was how it got rid of program banners.That is a nice feature!!

But i do use programs that are clean now.Frostwire instead of limewire etc.
[deXter] Oct 20, 2006 4.7.27105
5 out of 5
I can't believe that Ad Muncher 4.7 final has come out at last! This is really really big, I mean considering that 4.7 was in beta for more than an year, so you can just about imagine how stable and efficient this release must be!
l0v3 Oct 14, 2006 4.7.27105
5 out of 5
Congratulations to the writer who assidiously put the programme through its many betas with security-avid volunteers to create a final programme better than before, even when the programme was formerly one of the best (if not the best) of its kind.
war593122 Oct 13, 2006 4.7.27105
5 out of 5
Best of the best. Nothing even comes close. I guess what all the FF & adblock fan boys don't get is this works with all browsers and applications unlike the competition.

And yes I use FF too OK.

Ad Muncher v4.71 Build 27906 Beta is out now... :D
the artist Oct 13, 2006 4.7.27105
5 out of 5
OMFG at last final!!!! Press VIEW ALL CHANGES, damn they are many!

Awesome proggie, works great, love it.
wanderer2005 Oct 13, 2006 4.7.27105
5 out of 5
Ad Muncher is a great tool. Unlike, Firefox or Opera, Internet Explorer doesn't include an ad blocking feature, which is a gross oversight. However, Ad Muncher comes and saves the day.
Diam0nd Oct 13, 2006 4.7.27105
5 out of 5
Great stuff. One of a very small number of applications that actually worth the money. By the way, it works not only with web browsers, which makes it even better!
Scipio Oct 12, 2006 4.7.27068 Beta
5 out of 5
Terrific program. I've been using it for several years now, and it completely changes the experience of being on the internet for the better. I've almost forgotten that there is such a thing as ads.
b0mmel Oct 12, 2006 4.7.27068 Beta
5 out of 5
Absolutely essential little program. The most mature advert removing tool.
stopbuggingme Oct 9, 2006 4.7.26932 Beta
4 out of 5
mmm It seems pretty good ^^ but if u use Firefox Theres a Free program that does a really cool job in Blocking all the ads where i havent seened them ever since i started using it its called Adblock Plus
the artist Sep 27, 2006 4.7.26318 Beta
5 out of 5
REALLY, REALLY GREAT PROG. it clears all websites form the ****ing adverts. ahhh, deep breath!


ballyhairs Sep 27, 2006 4.7.26318 Beta
4 out of 5
I tried it for a while, its the best of the best when it comes to Ads blocking, nothing comes close, the only thing I didn't like is that I noticed my internet is slower loading internet pages while Ad Muncher is eating all that crap, but thats all.
stereoskill Sep 27, 2006 4.7.26318 Beta
5 out of 5
Updated constantly, completely customizable, works flawlessly (not just hiding the ads but prevents downloading them, excellent support community, lifetime license.

Absolutely the best ad blocking software.

Ad Muncher Usage Statistics for v4.7 Build 26318/1360 *BETA*
Adverts removed by Ad Muncher: 781,698
Approximate bandwidth saved: 6,107 MB
Counter started: novembre 15, 2005
kll Sep 27, 2006 4.7.26318 Beta
5 out of 5
i can't suft the web without it

Adverts removed by Ad Muncher: 240,917
Approximate bandwidth saved: 1,882 MB
Counter started: oktober 31, 2005
Alex Stevens Sep 27, 2006 4.7.26318 Beta
5 out of 5
It blocks ads, even though that's stealing.
yagood Sep 12, 2006 4.7.26156 Beta
5 out of 5
This is the same type of "must have" as Total Commander, some firewall, antivirus and Bittorrent client. Just for the record:

Ad Muncher Usage Statistics for v4.7 Build 26039/1352 *BETA*
Adverts removed by Ad Muncher: 140,490
Approximate bandwidth saved: 1,097 MB
Counter started: June 29, 2006
nefarious1 Sep 10, 2006 4.7.26156 Beta
5 out of 5
I wasn't bashing Proxomitron; I was responding to a user who called Ad Muncher a "clone" of Proxomitron. Yes, Proxomitron is very powerful and has excellent performance, but the catch is its usability. I've read quite a few forum posts of people who admit to spending hour upon hour upon hour honing their Proxomitron configuration. When I ask them if it saved that much time and effort when in actual use, as a web filter, they tend to get a bit pissy.

Ad Muncher is powerful and flexible, and doesn't require immense effort in terms of setup and babysitting.

But I wish to hell they'd finally add HTTP 1.1 support...
freegoo Aug 27, 2006 4.7.26039 Beta
5 out of 5
This is the lightest ad blocker there is, and it works transparantly. New ad filters are downloaded automatically and the options are very good. All in all the web pages load very quickly and it's very rare that I see an advertisement. Finally Ad Muncher includes plugins for all the main browsers (including Opera even!) making it real easy to block or allow pages and images. Very good value at $25.

Only problem is with compatibility. Various programs will not work right when AdMuncher is running. Examples include the new MSN Messenger (runs ok after it is connected, but won't connect while AdMuncher is running), Media Monkey won't update tags online, and netlimiter works but the connections for Opera, Internet Explorer, and various other connections get lumped into the Ad Muncher connection. You can quickly shut down Ad Muncher from the tool bar when these problems arise. Another problem arises with firewalls. Admuncher will allow programs to bypass firewalls if you don't disable the binding to loopback interface in routing options. Beware!

EDIT to say: I just updated my filters to the most recent registered version and Media Monkey and Messenger now both work correctly.

All in all it's still a superb program. There are other alternatives out there, but they either don't work as well, are bloated, or don't work with Internet browsers out there.
wat0114 Aug 26, 2006 4.7.26039 Beta
5 out of 5
To the misinformed who feel this is only a "set & forget lovers" ad blocker, some quality research will reveal Ad muncher is a heluva lot more than that. Simply put, Ad muncher will easily allow a filtering range on individual web pages from: no filtering to full filtering, and everything in-between. Not only that, but the filtering definitions are updated almost daily. This is a first rate ad and pop-up blocker with first rate support.
knivez Aug 25, 2006 4.7.26039 Beta
5 out of 5
I don't understand all this Proxomitron bashing by admuncher fans and admuncher bashing by the proxo ones.
Both are very different programs, the only thing in common is that both are capable of blocking ads. I found Admuncher to be excellent at doing its job (just blocking ads indeed) while Proxo, on the other hand is a much more versatile program, it can not only block ads but completely rewrite any page/domain as well as the HTTP routines from the ground up.
Proxo itself could be "dead" but the program's strenght relies on the filters, anybody with some regexp knowledge can modify the filters to suit *any* page/domain to any personal needs without problems.
For the "set & forget" lovers Admuncher is a no brainer tho.
nefarious1 Aug 22, 2006 4.7.26039 Beta
5 out of 5
There's nothing like having no idea whatsoever. Ad Muncher is a "clone of Proxomitron" in about the same way that a fine automobile is a clone of a go-kart.

Ad Muncher doesn't use or modify proxy settings. So much for comparison #1.

Ad Muncher doesn't have strict compatibility issues. So much for comparison #2.

Ad Muncher doesn't require you to earn a Ph.D. in a poorly-conceived filter format and structure. So much for comparison #3.

Ad Muncher can update automatically. So much for comparison #4.

Ad Muncher can be installed and ... forgotten. So much for the whole idiotic idea of calling it a "clone" of a dead (literally) program.
falconfox Aug 21, 2006 4.7.26039 Beta
5 out of 5
To a7:
Promomitron stopped being developed in June of 2005. Sooner or later you will be forced to part ways with your beloved Promomitron.

As for admuncher... great program, i have been using it for about 2 years now. it is in heavy development and gives me everything i need.
bakura Aug 21, 2006 4.7.26039 Beta
5 out of 5
You owe it to yourself to at least try this software. It's the best!
djtf Aug 21, 2006 4.7.26039 Beta
5 out of 5
Nothing compares to this! The best of its kind! Higly recommend it to every Browser-User! Take us by the word! ;-)
darkxiii_ndp Aug 21, 2006 4.7.26039 Beta
5 out of 5
$25.00? Not enough for a good software like this.
Babayaga Aug 21, 2006 4.7.26039 Beta
5 out of 5
A must for web surfing! Comeoffit has a bit exaggerated ;) but Admuncher it's very great piece of software!
comeoffit Aug 21, 2006 4.7.26039 Beta
5 out of 5
If you aren't using Ad Muncher, you have failed as a human being.
crosscut Aug 17, 2006 4.7.26008 Beta
5 out of 5
To any user that would pick mozilla firefox w/ ad block over ad muncher, WAKE UP. Ad muncher doesnt tie you to a specific browser, so you can CHANGE IF YOU WANT, and have every custom entry and ad be blocked without any additional work. But as Metshrine said below, You get what you pay for, so if you want to settle for subpar functionality, go for ad block.

Ad muncher is, hands down, the best ad block utility available for the Win32 platform. Cant be beat
wickedfeel Aug 17, 2006 4.7.26008 Beta
5 out of 5
dwby Aug 17, 2006 4.7.26008 Beta
5 out of 5
Yeah you can use Firefox with adblock if you want. If you want something even better you will use Ad Muncher. You're a bit of a troll if you ask me. Try it and you will fall in love with it.

I am so happy to have bought this program! It deserves so much more respect. Ad Muncher is the one and only program you should use if you want to have an ad free browsing experience.
ghammer Aug 17, 2006 4.7.26008 Beta
5 out of 5
The best annoyance blocker going.
Works great with the default settings, and is fully configurable so you can dial it in just as you like.

For those who think Firefox and Adblock are its equal, well, you need to get out more often. Most don't use firefox, and there are other online apps than a browser.

Ad Muncher takes care of them all.
mrow Aug 16, 2006 4.7.26008 Beta
5 out of 5
It's about time for a new beta! Couldn't live without this program. Wish I could give it a 6 rating!
wat0114 Aug 16, 2006 4.7.26008 Beta
5 out of 5
I just love the fine tuning capabilities this terrific utility offers. You can filter nothing or have it all-out block everything, including all links and images on a chosen web page. It surprised me to see the number of fixes for this beta; the previous version worked extremely well for me, as I did not really notice any problems with it.
war593122 Aug 16, 2006 4.7.26008 Beta
5 out of 5
Perfect! And this build seems to have fixed the stall issues some of us were having. Glad to see the whole microsoft hotfix and firefox issues are also fixed.

Great job guys!!!!
Metshrine Aug 16, 2006 4.7.26008 Beta
5 out of 5
This application is one of the few which is essential on my pc. It blocks 99.9% of ad's I've ever come across, and the ones it misses can easily be reported via the right click context menu that is available in every browser. It has a PLETHORA of options available for the person who likes to tweak, and works right out of the "box" for those who prefer to just let it run.

For those of you with the firefox bon echo bug, see here


and download the latest build.

The developers are VERY friendly and open to suggestions no matter how small. The support channel ( #admuncher on ) is a very easy way of obtaining support (you can access this via the contact tab).

Very few applications are as sleek and efficient as ad muncher and I do commend the developers.

If you are sick of being bombarded with ads which are hugely invasive and annoying, get this. You can unblock any sites you want to see ads from so you can support the sites you like.

Good job!

To those who would recommend firefox/adblock, this works with ALL BROWSERS and ALL APPLICATIONS WHICH RETRIEVE ADS VIA HTTP, so you are not tied down to a single browser. Also, ad block leaves a LOT to be desired. Its list is nowhere near as comprehensive as ad munchers. But hey, you get what you pay for I guess ;-) Just cause its free doesnt mean its better than any other competitor on the market.
pjb Aug 16, 2006 4.7.26008 Beta
5 out of 5
I have been using this for around 2 years. Never had any problems with it. It works really well. $25 well spent.
davygiven Aug 16, 2006 4.7.26008 Beta
5 out of 5
The Firefox Bon Echo bug has been fixed. Download the latest Bon Echo build from Mozillas forums.
amnar Aug 16, 2006 4.7.26008 Beta
3 out of 5
Causes Firefox 2.0b1 to crash, but works fine with other versions.
9i08 Aug 16, 2006 4.7.26008 Beta
4 out of 5
i dont want to rant here but "Blocking ads is wrong, they are what pay for the sites you are visiting." - wow, im sorry im not particularly interested in what 101% of the adverts on the internet offer me you damn geek. ill go join a poker site and get my credit card scammed if that will make you happy!!!!!

"I have read of people getting threats from the developers claiming their copy is pirated and if they don't pay $25 right away they'll be prosecuted and then lists this huge fine and prison sentence."

DUDE, if you are using a cracked copy, u are bascially stealing their software.
dwby Aug 2, 2006 4.7.23669 Beta
5 out of 5
Don't listen to Alex Stevens. From his comment it looks like he tried to crack Ad Muncher and failed. Went on here to vent his anger.

"Probably a waste of money since web sites will find ways around it."

The default list is always being updated every few days. It is very rare that I see an ad. And when I do, I report it and it's gone :).

"Blocking ads is wrong, they are what pay for the sites you are visiting. If you block the ads you are basically stealing their content."

If you say so.

"This program also phones home constantly, which more or less makes it spyware."

Do you know you can get tin foil hats for cheap these days? If you enable it to check for updates, it does just that. And randomly it checks the key you registered with. Nothing else! Which leads me to my next point,

"I have read of people getting threats from the developers claiming their copy is pirated and if they don't pay $25 right away they'll be prosecuted and then lists this huge fine and prison sentence."

I am 99% certain you were the one who tried to crack Ad Muncher and got that message. Serves you right. Ad Muncher is a one of a kind program which does not deserve to get cracked.

"So spyware, extortionware, hasn't been updated in over two years and it cheats web site owners. No thanks."

Very stable BETAs don't count as updates? Hmmmmmmm better yet, I'll buy you the tin foiled hat for you. K? :)

Ad Muncher is simply the best of the best. Go and try it out. I can't imagine browsing the net without it.
Alex Stevens Aug 1, 2006 4.7.23669 Beta
1 out of 5
Probably a waste of money since web sites will find ways around it. Blocking ads is wrong, they are what pay for the sites you are visiting. If you block the ads you are basically stealing their content. This program also phones home constantly, which more or less makes it spyware. I have read of people getting threats from the developers claiming their copy is pirated and if they don't pay $25 right away they'll be prosecuted and then lists this huge fine and prison sentence. So spyware, extortionware, hasn't been updated in over two years and it cheats web site owners. No thanks.
Zerbe Jun 20, 2006 4.7.23669 Beta
5 out of 5
Great program. Like AdBlock for FF, but works with any app.
b0mmel May 15, 2006 4.7.23669 Beta
5 out of 5
Superb little program which plays in a league of its own. A league below this program is a well shaped hosts file. But with a hosts file some sites have "holes" in them where the ads were. IE shows red X instead of the holes. Further down come the Adblock extension for FF and Opera9s content blocker. Both are a PITA to maintain. FFs Adblock is slugish and slows the computer down. Even further down come other commercial so called ad blockers which aren't worth mentioning (try them out - it's a waste of time).

This is the only 100% cure against ads. You only have to install it once and can then forget about it. The ad filters update automatically.

This is quality software!
zee7 May 5, 2006 4.7.23669 Beta
4 out of 5
Excellent program. I've got Firefox loaded to the gills with ad/popup blocking extensions, but some still get through -- i.e. the ads on Megaupload, which are especially annoying. Since I don't want to spend the rest of my life configuring GreaseMonkey, AdBlocker, and FF's built-in popup blocker to block every ad on the webpages I visit, I use AdMuncher. What a lifesaver! I've used it in the past and it was just so-so, but this new version is amazing. The only negative thing is that it has a bug of some sort that randomly causes my download & upload speeds to drop drastically. Downloading at 20 kbps (I'm on dsl) isn't fun. Also pages will load very slowly, sometimes timing out. This happens randomly after I've been online for a while. I just turn Ad Muncher off for a few minutes and everything goes back to normal. This is a beta though; I'm sure they're working on it, but it's very annoying.

Tested on Firefox, IE7 b2, Flock, and Orca 1.0 RC3 (doesn't work on Orca, but Orca has a pretty good built-in ad blocker already).

Top notch program. If you spend more than two hours a day online, then this program is definitely worth the money. It makes the web enjoyable again.
sQin Apr 21, 2006 4.7.23669 Beta
5 out of 5
most popular browsers (except IE) have good freeware plugins. Opera 9 built-in, firefox, mozilla - adblock. You can block everything with them. For average users Ad-muncher will be ok, for $25
Metshrine Apr 21, 2006 4.7.23669 Beta
5 out of 5
No other program offers the configurability, ease of use, professional developers, updated lists (that you dont have to hunt for), well maintained lists that this program does. Ad Muncher is easily worth twice its asking price. The only time I've seen something negative against this is when someone doesnt feel like paying for any software (let alone ad muncher), or those that feel that all software should be free (as is the case with most (NOT ALL) mozilla/oss software supporters). This program cannot be beat in terms of functionality. Ad block is nowhere near the same realm as this program is, proxomitron is no longer developed and its lists arent as well maintained as ad munchers are, and the opera functionality is nowhere near what I would consider user friendly.

5 stars out of 5, as usual! Good job Murray and Jeff



22202/F - Fixed broken uninstaller link in the "add/remove programs" control panel section.

23527/F - Fixed possible crash when loading corrupted server supplied lists.

23556/F - Fixed possible crash when handling server-supplied lists over a certain size.

23646/F - Fixed incorrect handling of div/span tags inside of anchors.

23650/F - Fixed bug in onmouseover popup detection.

23664/F - Improved handling of GetPeerName patch to avoid erroneous results if called within a few milliseconds of connecting. This fixes a conflict with MediaMonkey.

23665/E - When searching the filter lists or logs, if no matching entry is found a message box is now shown.
bryanblue Apr 20, 2006 4.7.23669 Beta
5 out of 5
ive personally tested ad muncher for ad blocking against secretmaker and have tested it against adblock, and others, on the same web-sites for a accurate test. Ad muncher loads site page and is done transferring in just several seconds. The others are still transferring after a minute...And they are transferring ADS that they didnt block.
People are on the internet for HOURS a day IS worth paying for this and using it. my pages are CLEAR. And I am not saying listen to me. I advise you to download secretmaker and ad block for example, and do tests and you will see that AD- MUNCHER IS the Best ! :)
wat0114 Apr 20, 2006 4.7.23669 Beta
5 out of 5
I seriously doubt there is a better advert blocking program available than this gem.

For those finding all the different configuration options intimidating, try researching the sub-tabs under the main "Options" tab. If you can figure out most of those, which aren't too difficult, then you will have an excellent overall grip on this utility. Try out the "My Filters" option as well if you find Ad Muncher is blocking too much on your favourite, trusted sites. It is very easy, for example, to apply minimal or even no filtering on your choice of URL's.
Eeyan Apr 20, 2006 4.7.23669 Beta
5 out of 5
Worth every cent it cost me......... Outstanding..... best there is of its kind...............
pjb Apr 20, 2006 4.7.23669 Beta
5 out of 5
Remains my frist choice of Ad Blocking Software.
Excellent Programme.
captainahab Apr 20, 2006 4.7.23669 Beta
5 out of 5
Ad Muncher is a great program but Adblock Plus is all you need if you just use Firefox. Simply install Adblock Plus, install Adblock Filterset.G Updater and force update. 99% of all ads will be gone and it's very simple to add anything that is missed.

Ad Muncher is a blessing to all IE users.
Blackhole8746 Apr 20, 2006 4.7.23669 Beta
3 out of 5
Blocks all ads as promised, but they pushed it a bit too far! Ad Muncher preents me from loggingin to some sites for example when I log in to my telecom provider's site, after prssing sign in I see the login screen again, when I login to Windows Live Mail Beta I see a blank screen with an "attach" button on it. Not to mention that Ad Muncher slows and significantly he browsing experience since the data is routed through it as if it were a proxy server (and thats without enabling IP Scramble) which also manages to show numerous errors on pages... At first I thought I liked this software but it turned out to be no better, overall than IE's popup blocker! I'll stick to my firewall's ad blocking it's much better
lil2short2see Apr 20, 2006 4.7.23669 Beta
4 out of 5
Kind of complicated in terms of setup, but mostly pretty good. A pity it's not free.
nefarious1 Apr 4, 2006 4.7.22200 Beta
5 out of 5
More compatible.
More effective.
More seamless.
More problem-free.
More automatic.
More cost-effective.

...Than ANY other solution, free or otherwise.
brotherS Mar 23, 2006 4.7.22200 Beta
5 out of 5
I was skeptical at first, but now I'm a believer! A really great and helpful app! Not only does it remove ads perfectly in FF and IE, it's really like Banquo said below: "(The Firefox extension) AdBlock is simply unacceptable". Since I'm using Ad Muncher instead Firefox isn't having RAM issues anymore!
FriscoKid Mar 18, 2006 4.7.22200 Beta
5 out of 5
I have tried 20+ popup blockers and nothing compares to AdMuncher. I feel this product is indispensable and I've purchased it for 6 friends and relatives.
stereoskill Mar 16, 2006 4.7.22200 Beta
5 out of 5
Yes, browsers may already incorporate ad-blockers, but believe me, nothing compares with Ad Muncher.
I must admit I was a little skeptic at first, but after trying it, I realized it really beats any similar program! Can filter ANY http incoming traffic, blocking unwanted stuff, this means it works with any software that displays ads (even flash and MSN messenger ads).
Even if it stills in beta, I've never had a single crash, great support (email, forum and even live chat).
Filters and proxies (yes, it's good for anonymous surfing) are constantly updated. Bought the license five months ago, which grants lifetime support and updates.
Excellent software, absolutely recommended.
war593122 Mar 10, 2006 4.7.22200 Beta
5 out of 5

Besides ad block is only for firefox is it not? A lot more people use other browsers remember? ;)

Besides ad muncher does not just filter browsers, it can filter any application you want like msn messenger, aol, games, etc. Pretty much any application that's internet enabled.

You cant say that about ad block or other proxy bassed ad filters. Besides they suck big time because you have to config all the applications manually though the proxy whcich is going to normally be slow as hell.


Banquo Mar 9, 2006 4.7.22200 Beta
5 out of 5
Works great and is browser independent. Very light on resources, once set up and the silly cow icon is turned off you won't even know it's there. Highly recommended!

Ad Block is simply unacceptable. It has memory leaks and also when the block list becomes large it slows page loading down to a crawl. Finally it has nowhere near the number of features that Ad Muncher offers, so no it most certainly does not do the same job. AdBlock doesn't filter annoying site or browser behavior for instance. Look through the options for Ad Muncher and compare that to AdBlock. One other thing, Ad Muncher works right out of the box, while AdBlock comes with an empty list that you have to add sites too. It's not even in the same league as this.
KOLE89 Mar 9, 2006 4.7.22200 Beta
4 out of 5
I was using AdMuncher while used Opera and I liked it, but since I started using Firefox I don't need it anymore (AdBlock extension is free and does almost same job).
styxrtp Mar 9, 2006 4.7.22200 Beta
5 out of 5
Thank God, they fixed the DEP error!!!
[deXter] Mar 9, 2006 4.7.22200 Beta
5 out of 5

If you care to follow Ad Muncher's release history or change log- its been updated quite frequently. Some people even complain that its updated too frequently :)

If you were to read the changelog, you'd see quite a lot of improvements and genuine bugfixes (generally compatibility fixes like DEP... Most versions of AM have been hugely stable; in the past 3 years I've seen AM crash only once)

A lot of popular products have a very large beta period, and some of them haven't yet come out of the beta stage. Take foobar 0.9 for instance, or nLite which still hasn't reached 1.0 Final, or many of the Google Betas which everyones' been enjoying.
maxstep Mar 7, 2006 4.7.22198 Beta
5 out of 5
Amazingg software, worth every dollar spent on it, just imagine browsing without ALL annoying ads!
stopbuggingme Mar 7, 2006 4.7.22198 Beta
5 out of 5

I can't believe you gave it a 4 star rating because of that.

And there have been a very large number of beta releases. Just because there hasn't been a new final release shouldn't count against Ad Muncher.

The fact that there are so many beta releases shows that development hasn't slowed or stopped.

Which is important in making a purchase decision for software.
Skyfrog Mar 7, 2006 4.7.22198 Beta
4 out of 5
Very nice program, but updates are too slow. I was going to buy it until I saw that the last version came out in 2004.
[deXter] Mar 7, 2006 4.7.22198 Beta
5 out of 5
eh war... 5.0 is still a loooong way to go, don't you think ?

First lets wait for 4.7 FINAL to come, then 4.8 (Gzip), 4.9 and 5.0 :)
Brian49 Mar 7, 2006 4.7.22198 Beta
5 out of 5
Couldn't live without it.
war593122 Mar 6, 2006 4.7.22190 Beta
5 out of 5
Getting closer to 5.0 with full gzip support.

I cant wait. :)
wat0114 Mar 6, 2006 4.7.22190 Beta
5 out of 5
I've noticed a slight increase in browsing speed with this version.
[deXter] Mar 6, 2006 4.7.22190 Beta
5 out of 5
Nice new build! Finally the Opera 9 bugs have been fixed. This is the reason why its still a Beta.. Although I would still recommend people to use the Beta and NOT the stable 4.6- the amount of changes between 4.6 stable and this build would probably fill up a small notebook :)
Metshrine Mar 6, 2006 4.7.22190 Beta
5 out of 5
Best program of its kind. Beats the pants off of ad block, proxo, and any other ad blocker out.

To the user below that claims Not downloading and installing spyware based apps will stop "adverts", you are misinformed. This program blocks ads WITHIN webpages, not ads generated by third party tools which cause popups on your system. Ad Muncher is not a spyware removal tool. Although it does remove scripts from webpages that are used to install spyware, it is not meant to be a total solution for spyware prevention. If you read the description and use the program, you will find that this is meant for WEBPAGES primarily. Attention to detail my friends, attention to detail.

wat0114 Feb 27, 2006 4.7.22035 Beta
5 out of 5
GT2L has a point, but the main purpose of this app is for blocking ads and non-spyware induced popup adverts. This is a phenomenal program. Light on resources, launches quickly and doesn't seem to interfere with other running apps. It does so much to strip away all those annoying ads, resulting in a nice, clean web page.
JensusUT Feb 27, 2006 4.7.22035 Beta
5 out of 5
Excellent program! Small, efficient, very good support.
I've payed for it in year 2000 and registration is valid the whole lifetime.
Very good browser integration, also inside Opera 8.x / 9.x (FF needs PlugIn).

A must have and the 25$ worth!
nebojsaf Feb 27, 2006 4.7.22035 Beta
5 out of 5
Excellant programme.
Also very small, a must have!
pjb Feb 27, 2006 4.7.22035 Beta
5 out of 5
This application does what it say’s it does; it gets rid of all those adverts. It uses very little system resources. I have been using this for around a year now, one of the best investments I’ve made.

The support is First Class – Very good response and the developer actually listens to his customers (Not many others that do!)

If it doubt give it a try. I am sure you won’t be disappointed.
GoodThings2Life Feb 27, 2006 4.7.22035 Beta
5 out of 5
Well I can't argue with the results of this program... it does do what it says, and it's very good at it... so it gets a 5 rating.

On the other hand, it's like taking a tylenol for a brain tumor... it might cover up the headache, but it doesn't really solve the problem. Seems like the more reponsible way to handle it is to not install programs that install the spyware that causes the popups in the first place.
QBgreen Feb 26, 2006 4.7.22035 Beta
5 out of 5
Best utility of its kind, hands down. Nothing comes close.
JPRoon Feb 26, 2006 4.7.22035 Beta
5 out of 5
This program is the best of its kind as far as i know which is why i give it 5 stars, but no program is perfect.

It noticably reduces the speed of my internet connection, and that keeps me from purchasing it to use all the time.
jsc315 Feb 26, 2006 4.7.22035 Beta
5 out of 5
this is truly the best pop up blocker ever. firefox does a GREAT JOB, but this does even a bette job. It's worth the small price. Ths is one of the few things everyone needs to download.
demetrisk Feb 26, 2006 4.7.22035 Beta
3 out of 5
This page does not display if ads are blocked by Adblock. Interesting...
ballyhairs Feb 26, 2006 4.7.22035 Beta
5 out of 5
I Can't even use the internet without Ad Muncher anymore... but i'm using the offecial release (4.6), I once tried one of these 4.7 beta releases and I had page damage sometimes, and later my whole Firefox was corrupted so I didn't try any of the beta releases since then, anyone had same problem? and what is the difference between the 4.6 and 4.7?
CyberHobo Feb 26, 2006 4.7.22035 Beta
5 out of 5
The one and ONLY...! Passes all the tests that I can throw at it with what is currently available. Ah... ...the right click context menu features!
opticdmx Feb 24, 2006 4.7.20836 Beta
5 out of 5
Must have for Power User!
Highly cutomizable and very powerful.
yagood Jan 10, 2006 4.7.20836 Beta
5 out of 5
This program deserves 10/5, statistics say enough:

Adverts removed by Ad Muncher: 66,841
Approximate bandwidth saved: 522 MB
Counter started: October 25, 2005


That's why they have a "Page Damage" subforum on their board:

Just report and discuss about it.
Arutha Jan 6, 2006 4.7.20836 Beta
5 out of 5
A very decent and well made program that does what it says with virtually no flaws (even in the beta releases). The default filter is very complete and basically blocks every form of ad you can think of without you noticing it. When I turn Ad Muncher off it immediately becomes clear how much of a difference this program makes in everyday surfing. It's like the internet is much calmer and more enjoyable without a dozen flickering ads on every page you visit :).

Truly an excellent program that deserves nothing less than 5 stars!
The Seeker 11 Dec 30, 2005 4.7.20836 Beta
5 out of 5
I've been using the trial version for about 10 days now and I'm 99% sure I'll be buying a license - it's that good.

Pages load so much quicker, its default filter list is very accurate; I've yet to encounter an erroneous munching (new term perhaps)?

I'll most certainly be recommending this to my friends and family. Plus, a one time fee for lifetime upgrades!

A much deserved 5.
protowall Dec 23, 2005 4.7.20836 Beta
5 out of 5

the problem you stated has NOTHING to do with the admuncher program. It is a problem with that website you are visiting. Do a refresh and it should be fixed. It has to do with the server not loading the css file sometimes.

Admuncher rocks!
RoSmecher Dec 23, 2005 4.7.20836 Beta
3 out of 5
ad muncher sometimes makes pages load weird, this happened with all the 4.7 beta's i have tried. it just makes the pages look weird sometimes when they load, like this:
when in fact it should load like this:
only when I started trying ad muncher it occurred.
I have noticed it occurring quite a bit on when I go to the NHL section. Perhaps around 35-45% of the time. I've only had the problem when I am downloading quite a lot. I have closed ad muncher and the problem no longer exists. I have chosen to stop using ad muncher until this problem is resolved in the feature.
pjb Dec 8, 2005 4.7.20836 Beta
5 out of 5
Brilliant Programme. Small footprint. I've never had any issues with it. Well worth the download, and small payment. A good development team with excellent support.
bunghole Dec 8, 2005 4.7.20836 Beta
5 out of 5
Another 5 for the Muncher.

It's rock solid for me. It does what it says and does its job perfectly.

Anyone who hasn't already done so needs to try it then register it. Ad Muncher is that good.

I can't imagine going back to an internet full of flashing ads and spyware.
dwby Dec 8, 2005 4.7.20836 Beta
5 out of 5
Glad the update crash was fixed. Even though it was VERY rare for me.

Great program! Can't surf without it. Have a go at this beta and you won't look back. Honestly.

Keep up the good work fellas!
war593122 Dec 7, 2005 4.7.20836 Beta
5 out of 5
Simply the best!

And some guy yes it checks valid key, but only when checking for updates.

That why it's connect to Ad Muncher servers. If you dont like it simply disable it in the updates tab and check for updates manually.

Take Care,

some guy Dec 7, 2005 4.7.20836 Beta
5 out of 5
betst add blocker I found yet, the only thing I dislike about it it always trys to contac the addmuncher server evrytime you use it. Im sure this is to see if you have a valid key.
twinlight Dec 7, 2005 4.7.20836 Beta
5 out of 5
I love AdMuncher. Its small and efficient and works really well. Yes its a bit hard to make filters yourself but the built in list is very good.

Its been true love from the first time I tried it.
wat0114 Dec 7, 2005 4.7.20836 Beta
5 out of 5
Ad Muncher fan boy? Suits me just fine. This beautiful little app must be nearing a final release. Performs seamlessly and still affords me a very pleasant surfing experience.
Brian49 Dec 7, 2005 4.7.20836 Beta
5 out of 5
cubebomb Nov 22, 2005 4.7.20163 Beta
5 out of 5
If you dont get This program You are just stupid!--WOW- This is the type of program that i like to DONATE too--and it works with OPERA! nice!
QQ Nov 14, 2005 4.7.20163 Beta
5 out of 5
httpd.confused: saying that i only visited handful of sites daily is really funny, because last time i tried looking through my "pages visited today" i found myself in real trouble navigating through hundreds and hundreds of pages. but you see, that's the whole thing you Ad-Muncher fanboys don't understand. Proxo is smart. It's not developed by a single guy. You don't need to blacklist every ad server on the internet. My block lists are 10k combined, and that's including like 2k or so of comments. And it works. I might have exaggerated by saying I havent seen a single ad, but those are isolated cases, and most of the time it's not even blocklist failing.

So there, I give 5 for effor on Ad-Muncher (i always love low level optimisations). But damn, Proxo would get a shiny 5 aswell =)
wat0114 Nov 14, 2005 4.7.20163 Beta
5 out of 5
Since I don't need any reassurances of how incredibly effective this brilliant app is, I disabled the logging option, which should help speed up browsing.
nobodyknows Nov 14, 2005 4.7.20163 Beta
5 out of 5
Hmm this is interesting. As soon as I finish downloading it using FlashGet, McAfee said is infected with a New Melware.b. I wonder if anybody else got the same msg from McAfee.
Eeyan Nov 14, 2005 4.7.20163 Beta
5 out of 5
Well worth the registration cost... HIt has culled nearly 3 Gb of crap since July 200.

Excellent value...............
Scipio Nov 14, 2005 4.7.20163 Beta
5 out of 5
It's getting better and better. This program works beautifully with a minimal footprint, and saves time loading pages as well as eliminating most ads.

I've been beta-testing this for years and have been very impressed with the developers.
Metshrine Nov 14, 2005 4.7.20163 Beta
5 out of 5
Software of this quality and caliber is hard to find. No other program in this genre competes with ad muncher. Cant wait for 4.7 final :)
stisev Nov 11, 2005 4.7.19992
5 out of 5
Murray and ShannoW, you both RULE!
war593122 Nov 8, 2005 4.7.19992
5 out of 5
Simply the best.

jsc315 there is no free version. Its sharware and you can only use for 30 days for free. After that you must buy, legaly any ways.
wat0114 Nov 7, 2005 4.7.19992
5 out of 5
Over 100 MB bandwidth saved in last month. Use this terrific app for a while and you may just forget what an ad even looks like!
jsc315 Nov 7, 2005 4.7.19992
5 out of 5
im using the free version and works great.
Joco Nov 7, 2005 4.7.19992
5 out of 5
If I had to use only 5 utilities. Ad-Muncher would be among these.
Metshrine Nov 7, 2005 4.7.19992
5 out of 5
What more can you want from a utility like this? It blows proxomitron and ad block out of the water. The only argument one could possibly use as to why this program isnt as "good" as others is that its not free. But then, truely high quality software such as this seldom is free. Any of my other thoughts about this program can be found in my past reviews
Mirrebex Oct 24, 2005 4.7.19510 Beta
5 out of 5
Excelent... tha best! and i used all of them..
Banquo Oct 23, 2005 4.7.19510 Beta
5 out of 5
It does what it says and does it very well. Just make sure you buy your own copy though because I've read dozens of posts saying this program does phone home and if it finds you are not using a legitimate copy you'll be getting a scary warning from them.
QBgreen Oct 23, 2005 4.7.19510 Beta
5 out of 5
I've used numerous methods of ad and popup control. Ad Muncher easily takes the role of best of breed, IMHO. The fact that I can go from Firefox to IE and Opera with one small and super efficient program speaks volumes.
Babayaga Oct 23, 2005 4.7.19510 Beta
5 out of 5
Great Program!
nebojsaf Oct 23, 2005 4.7.19510 Beta
5 out of 5
Small programme with a lot of customisation features. Here are my results:

Ad Muncher Usage Statistics for v4.7 Build 19510/1226 *BETA*
Adverts removed by Ad Muncher: 296,134
Approximate bandwidth saved: 2,313 MB
Counter started: jul 10, 2003
httpd.confused Oct 22, 2005 4.7.19510 Beta
5 out of 5
Please, don't even try arguing about Proxomitron. If you haven't changed its configuration in three years, and still see no ads, it can only mean you visit no more than a handful of web sites. There are people who have made a career out of creating all types of web ads, and one of their goals is to circumvent filtering. A three-year-old filter list can't possibly cut it, without interfering with desired web content.

As for recoding web sites, you can do that better with the user scripting support built into Firefox and Opera, or, in many cases, using a "replace text" filter in Ad Muncher.
Lotheric Oct 22, 2005 4.7.19510 Beta
4 out of 5
I tried many ad/popup blockers and this one is the best yet. Bravo!
tannman1 Oct 22, 2005 4.7.19510 Beta
5 out of 5
Bravo!! I'll gladly give these folkks my visa number for a lic copy......about time something works as claimed.....Good Job!
Zankur Oct 22, 2005 4.7.19510 Beta
5 out of 5
Simply the best!
dwby Oct 22, 2005 4.7.19510 Beta
5 out of 5
I love disabling Ad Muncher to see how many ads/popups it has eaten. I never knew how many ads betanews has! Now, I hardly every come across an ad/popup. And in the 99.9% I do, I report the page with a simple right click it will either be gone in the next update or Jeff will send you a filter to get rid of it.

This program is the best! I HIGHLY recommend this to everyone!!!!!
wat0114 Oct 21, 2005 4.7.19510 Beta
5 out of 5
Metshrine Oct 21, 2005 4.7.19510 Beta
5 out of 5
What is there to say? The best hands down.
some guy Oct 21, 2005 4.7.19510 Beta
5 out of 5
best Ive seen. Have not found a better one to this date.
UTAKER Oct 21, 2005 4.7.19510 Beta
5 out of 5
excellent program when it comes to ads
BUT IT HAS A V V V POOR WAY of working as a proxy, its a nightmare if you want to make it work with the new firewalls
Oct 17, 2005 4.7.19331 Beta
5 out of 5
wow just outstanding!
just last week i was all for Firefox + Adblock but adblock would crap up most flash stuff and as a result a lot of websites stopped working (note this didn't always happen but has for recent adblock builds) so i got sick and tired and switched to AdMuncher and it does the job so easily and efficiently!
pjb Oct 16, 2005 4.7.19331 Beta
5 out of 5
This application continues to improve with each build. Highly worth the $24.95. It makes reading web pages ad-free a joy.
bunghole Oct 13, 2005 4.7.19331 Beta
5 out of 5
Well, truth be told I registered Ad Muncher over a year ago. They were talking about version 5 and implementing regex and stuff back then. I assumed they'd have version 5 out by now, but it really doesn't matter. As long as Jeff keeps updating the list Ad Muncher will be good for a long time.

Best $25 I've ever spent (not counting that hooker in Thailand).
Metshrine Oct 12, 2005 4.7.19331 Beta
5 out of 5
Wow, I guess this must be an example of _8ight's and another users complaint about how development has stalled and come to a halt. Guess thats why we've had 4 betas (2 public) in the last 3 days. Hmmm. Anyways, this version is just as good as the others. Works great! Great job murray!
Aires Oct 12, 2005 4.7.19307 Beta
4 out of 5
Let me say again - Ad Muncher is a very good app.

But to dis Proxomitron is extremely dumb - extremely dumb indeed and shows how little you know of the app.
jonspencerbx Oct 12, 2005 4.7.19307 Beta
5 out of 5
Simply great. The new update system is much better. And trial users can now also update the filter list (trial users get new lists a little later than registered users though).

I have tried a lot of ad-blockers over the years and admuncher keeps on beating them hands down.
QQ Oct 12, 2005 4.7.19307 Beta
5 out of 5
This definitely is a great piece of software.

BUT. To the one who whines about Proxomitron. How about this: I installed it 3 (three) years ago. Since then I didnt update a single filter, a single blocklist, AND i don't remember seeing any ads either! Now that's flexibility.

Not to mention I can recode my fav pages the way *I* want to see them;p
wat0114 Oct 11, 2005 4.7.19307 Beta
5 out of 5
The two reviews previous to mine say it all, so there really isn't anything more I can add, other than this is $25.00 EXTREMELY well spent. Sure, some of you will say that your current ad blocking utility does the same job, something I once said about Outpost's ability, but not a snowball's chance in Hades. This is THE definitive advert blocking utility. Nothing else can touch it.
Metshrine Oct 11, 2005 4.7.19307 Beta
5 out of 5
To enhance what httpd.confused said, this application is still under very rigorous development. All you have to do is use the built in chat and tech support option and you will see a channel full of support personnel that are willing to help you and give you the latest beta version. 4.7 final is due out soon, it is just undergoing some final preparations, and I am certain it will be worth the wait.

As for this release, the update system has undergone a major overhaul. Just look at it and try and update your INCLUDED FILTER LIST (A major benefit over ad block and proxomitron) and you will see a brand new interface. I cant wait for 4.8 as I've heard rumors about what is planned for that release, plenty of goodies to be added (for example, regex support, gzip support are just among the goodies i've heard are planned (not necessarily for 4.8, but for a future release that is slated to all be included in the 5.0 major release). I cant say enough good things about this program. Try it out, you wont regret it.

Also, this new 19307 fixes the install problem in 19301 that caused it to display an error message on installer start. Great work murray! Keep it up!

And, again, the list undergoes a VERY STRICT filtering process which is run by Jeff, he manually checks each report of an ad on a website, and determines if it is worthwhile to add it to the default list (I.E, will it break some other sites, what is the site ranked in google (i.e how many people will likely hit it), is the reported ad actually an ADVERTISEMENT or is it ACTUAL CONTENT on the site). I can guarantee you that other list providers for these other programs dont put their entries through the rigorous testing that AM's list goes through.
httpd.confused Oct 11, 2005 4.7.19290 Beta
5 out of 5
Sorry, but Ad Muncher is still untouchable. I use Firefox, and Firefox is nowhere near as good as Ad Muncher in dealing with popups. It blocks some requested popups, for one thing, and in Firefox 1.0.7, the popup information bar has an annoying bug that can prevent the popup URL from appearing in the drop-down.

And I'm guessing that people are saying that Ad Muncher is obviated by the AdBlock extension, right? Give me a break.

Then there's Proxomitron... Have fun configuring that defunct, local-proxy-using time killer.

Not only does Ad Muncher work better than all the aforementioned piecemeal software combined, it does one thing that no one seems to mention: It can update its filter list automatically. I don't have to worry about a 7,000-line Proxomitron configuration file that some nameless shut-in whipped up, and that invariably has dozens of errors and conflicts that I will have to deal with manually. Ad Muncher does it right, and does it automatically.

And I've never failed to get a quick response from Ad Muncher support.
RWW Oct 11, 2005 4.7.19290 Beta
5 out of 5
Excellent program but my browsers now cover this and do it well so I no longer need it. Still it is the best stand alone program like it that I have used.
Aires Oct 11, 2005 4.7.19290 Beta
4 out of 5
No doubt that it does what it says, but for removing adverts I would not say it's untouchable. It's a very good app with a long history, but development is not what it once was. It does extra stuff like IP scramble etc which is very useful (amongst other stuff). But again, it is not untouchable for removing adverts.

For the benefit of the person below, grab a copy of Proxomitron and then grab some updated filters for it. Works a treat and totally free. As such I no longer need to use Ad Muncher anymore.
some guy Oct 11, 2005 4.7.19290 Beta
5 out of 5
works good with firefox , most add blockers I find only support IE,just wish they had a freeeware version for us poor people ,that get raped by our govement.hey Gorge send another 50 mil to Packistan
kashin Oct 8, 2005 4.7.18491 Beta
5 out of 5
After reading's review, it's definately a case of sour grapes. In fact, he's not really reviewing the program itself but the support staff. Most of whom are volunteers I might add. So you don't get along with them on their IRC channel, boo-hoo. Fact of the matter is, this program does exactly what it advertises and does it extremely well. Nothing out there even comes close. Seriously, just look at your own stats that you posted. What more do you want? What exactly do you mean by ad-muncher is full of "empty promises"? I'm not sure what magical function you're looking for, because this thing already does everything needed and then some!
Dr-Drew Oct 2, 2005 4.7.18491 Beta
5 out of 5
I have been an AdMuncher User since early 2003. I am an MCSE, CNA, CCNA, and have been an IT professional since 1997.

I stumbled into this program from a recomendation from some random person on the internet. I was looking for a client of mine who uses the internet all day long in her business. She was stuck on dial-up because of her location, and seriously hated waiting for a Flash ad to load all the time.

I tested the software at my place first, and it seemed to work great. So I installed the trial in her machine, told her if she liked it, to buy it.

She bought it, and told me how much she loves it. I gave it another whirl, and had my teenage son try it too. Since then, I of course have paid for it, even loast my CD key once, and they had a little thing on their website to have it re-emailed.

I know regularly say hi to the developers of AdMuncher online. I offer my suggestions, and they say that someone beat me to it each time and that it may be offered.

I also enjoy how they properly update their release information letting their users see the progress they make.

This newest beta is the fastest and easiest to use of all of their realeses. Auto filter update makes this program so cutting edge, i rank it up there as important as a quality anti-virus.

If anyone has anything bad to say about this software, they need to go ask their mothers why they were not loved as a child.

~Dr-Drew~ Oct 1, 2005 4.7.18491 Beta
2 out of 5
to start this off... yes, this application is good, but it used to be better. development has slowed, and features that have long been promised are yet to make it in the app. i am a long time user of ad muncher. in fact, i used to be a support op in the "bonus" efnet channel (which is also built into the software) until last year when i left due to the way ad muncher was being handled. some of you will say sour grapes, but that is not the case.

the way the channel worked when i was a part of it was to help anyone with an ad muncher related problem. now, if you jump into the channel and make a suggestion for an ad that is getting through the filter list, you get blasted. i guess they're no longer open for suggestions. i understand ads, and that they are changing how they are being displayed to foil advert removers. no one person can police the web for advertisments, so i figure suggestions would be benenficial... but now, that's not the case. it's frustraing when you try to be nice and provide input of an ad that is showing up on yahoo, cnn, or wherever... and you're chastised.

not that this next thing is a fault of the application, but i found it interesting when i tried to email murry (the author) about the support staff. i got a failed delivery email back that is a domain that is blacklisted for email abuse. probably not their fault, but take it for what it's worth.

again, i'm a long time user, i've recommended this program to a lot of people and i know a lot of sales that have come from that. i will not recommended it again, i will continue to use it until i find something better (which i will look for).

in conclusion, ad muncher has been full of empty promises and unfortunately has a sour support staff. chances are you'll enjoy the app, it is good at what it does... but hasn't changed much in the 3 years i've used it.

Ad Muncher Usage Statistics for v4.7 Build 18491/1216 *BETA*
Adverts removed by Ad Muncher: 1,021,306
Approximate bandwidth saved: 7,978 MB
Counter started: December 4, 2002
nayan003 Aug 10, 2005 4.7.18491 Beta
5 out of 5
The application ever made for surfing the WEB !!!
Seriously it works so cool.... NO ads at ALL... Thanks a lot !!!
But can anyone tell me what if I want to view that ad, what do i do?
Thanks in advance...
flashhh Aug 9, 2005 4.7.18491 Beta
5 out of 5
Easy, small and effective - what more do you need?
The only thing bad is that it is not free.
war593122 Aug 4, 2005 4.7.18491 Beta
5 out of 5
Blackhole8746 said:

What is this moquery crashed my browser every single time I opened a webpage, I use NIS 2005, along with Maxthon browser... Sheesh! I have an ad and pop up blocker in my Norton Internet Security what do I need this for?

That would be a bug in NIS 2005. Damn you need to do some research before laying blame. God I hate people who give bad rateings when its their own stuipdity at fault.
wat0114 Aug 3, 2005 4.7.18491 Beta
5 out of 5
I'm so sold on this outstanding utility, I bought a license a few days ago (just after purchasing a NOD32 license). I mean, lifetime updates and advert definitions! It's a terrific deal, especially for a utility that blocks ads so effectively and with incredible efficiency. Once you spend some time going into all the options, figuring out what they do (which isn't difficult) and modifying them just the way you like, your surfing experience will improve dramatically, and you can't even tell Ad Muncher is running because it has next to no impact on your pc's resources.
GimieGimieGimie Aug 3, 2005 4.7.18491 Beta
5 out of 5
I've tried many ad blockers/ad removers out there, but nothing comes close to the perfection of Ad-muncher.

I am also a very happy registered user, who was more then happy to part with my cash to continue to receive future support.

I personally cannot live without Ad-muncher, i don't know about everyone else, but i hate ads, i hate advertising on the whole, if i want something, i'll find it and buy it myself and that's that, advertising has never helped me what so ever in my daily life.

I remember back in 1996, where browsing the net was a far easier/happier experience on the whole, sure the speeds was 33.6/56k, but ads on general were far and few between and was quite small on the majority of the sites i visited. This includes betanews.

Pop-ups have always been an issue, not as bad as today, but they was there.

Now, the whole internet is just a farce, so much so, i need to run an active real-time spy-ware scanner, an alternative apparent securer web browser, 2 other ad-aware products that only scan and remove, an anti-virus with solid trojan protection, an active IP blocker, and finally, a good ad/pop up blocker/remover which is ad-muncher.

I don't know about everyone else, but with the internet as f**ked up as it is these days, i for one, am thankful that programs like Ad-muncher exist!

It's the only program that blocks ads in not just your browsing experience, but your application experience as well.

Well worth the money i think.
Metshrine Aug 3, 2005 4.7.18491 Beta
5 out of 5
To the user below, I am in NO WAY associated with the developer. I do hang out in their support channel because I am an avid fan, but I am in no way associated with them. Just because a program gets a lot of praise doesnt mean the developer is intentionally spamming reviews. Murray has far more on his plate (being the only coder for ad muncher) to handle than falsifying his reviews. This program, for $25, offers far better support than one can expect from adblock or any of its other commercial alternatives, is far more frequently updated, and does what it says with 99.9% accuracy (I've seen maybe 3 missed advertisements in my 2 years using this program).

While you say you wont notice a big speed increase, its not designed to truely "speed up" web browsing as it is designed to enhance your experience by removing the ad's and popups/unders that cause so much annoyance to many users. Now, you can get ad free browsing without having to shell out $20 per site per year.

Again, just because many users rave about a program, or know how to word a good review (instead of the traditional "This programs rawks your sawks" or "This program sux, use ad block" reviews), doesnt mean its from the author/dev. And please remember, while you might not feel this program a must have, many users do. This doesnt make it so for EVERY USER, but it seems the opinions are in the majority here. We arent saying its for everyone, not everyone cares about advert removal, but those who do will find this to be an indispensable addition to their web arsenal
rAj` Aug 3, 2005 4.7.18491 Beta
5 out of 5
love it, even if your a firefox user this is better than adblock + built in popup blocker.

no hassles updating/setting up filters, and doesnt block popups that you actually want to show up.

and unlike adblock, it blocks everything completely.
Perhonorificus Aug 3, 2005 4.7.18491 Beta
5 out of 5
For $25 (which I consider cheap for the effectiveness of the software, and the lifelong free updates), you can effectively weed out most of anything that you find obtrusive in websites -- not just advertisements, but any type of clutter. And if you can't manage to do it on your own, simply inquire the developers, and they will hastily (as per personal experience) provide you with a solution.

With the high availability of broadband, it is true that this won't do much good in speeding up your surfing times. I also suppose that Ad Muncher is not a "must-have" if you don't care about aesthetics when you browse. But if you would like to get a taste of how clean the WWW looked in its golden days, go for it and take out the trash; you'll be surfing with a sigh of relief.
dougau Aug 3, 2005 4.7.18491 Beta
5 out of 5
I changed my mind on this program after going to a few add plagued pages i am use to visiting. It let one by but there is a way to report it back to Ad Muncher quickly and easily. I used the beta of this about six months ago and uninstalled it, but bought it this time mainly because as the number of adds we are bombarded with each day has increased so gradually, you might hardly notice them till you run Ad Muncher and see how clean everything looks. Well Done!!
Zoroaster Aug 3, 2005 4.7.18491 Beta
5 out of 5
Problems with many firewalls? Certainly not. There was one with MacAffee, this new version of Ad Muncher resolves the problem.
I use Ad Muncher since (practically) always. I've used it with many firewalls and antiviruses, never the slightest problem. Ad Muncher is *the* solution, moreover it will handle *all* browsers, and even progs dealing with the net (within the 'Filter Targets' module).
Ad Muncher is excellent.
UTAKER Jul 31, 2005 4.7.18335 Beta
5 out of 5
pros: excellent adblockign due to traffic routing through it
cons: problems with many firewalls
wat0114 Jul 30, 2005 4.7.18335 Beta
5 out of 5
BTW Utaker, I can see the firewall problem happening. It constantly wants to connect outbound, TCP on the localhost loopback ( on several different ports. I just set up a global rule for this to happen, and I'm no longer constantly alerted by my fw (Outpost Pro).

After using it for a few more days and running some comparisons, this - admittedly - actually works a lot better than Outpost's ad blocking plugin. This really is outstanding software. Very light on the system too. I still haven't figured out all the options and settings on this utility, but it looks very comprehensive and a real "must have" as part of anyone's pc security package. The default settings are probably adequate for most. I just purchased a NOD32 license and this little gem will likely be my next. It gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling inside just thinking about a combo of: NOD32, Outpost Pro, Webroot Spysweeper and Ad-Muncher.
war593122 Jul 30, 2005 4.7.18335 Beta
5 out of 5
I think the description needs to be re-written. That is the info on the right. Specificly this line:

30 day timeout

Ok i see:

1. Ad Muncher is Shareware, which entitles the user to use the software at no charge for a period of 30 days.

Now i do believe you have to agree to 30 days use but i ment it simply does not expire out right after 30 days and you can "freely" use for more than 30 days but just will not be able to use the update mode until you register which I blieve is fair.

Then again I think it would be pefectly fair if Ad Muncher does expire after 30 days use. After all thats what you agree to when installing.

And yes like most here I agree 110% that Ad Muncher is the best applicaton of its type and will always be. :)
some guy Jul 29, 2005 4.7.18335 Beta
5 out of 5
best all around add blocker. Nice software guys.
PaneTrez Jul 29, 2005 4.7.18335 Beta
5 out of 5
At 10MB of memory consumption, this little tool is fabulously configurable and incredibly effective. Browsing the internet has never been faster or more enjoyable! I tip my hat to the creators.
karlo Jul 29, 2005 4.7.18335 Beta
5 out of 5
Thanks Murray, and thanks BetaNews for making this BETA VERSION available for the public.
Metshrine Jul 29, 2005 4.7.18335 Beta
5 out of 5

I cant thank you enough for putting your time and effort into such an outstanding program. This is by far the most indispensable program that any internet user could ever have. This program alone, removes scripts that allow for the installation of spyware, removes unwanted advertisements and popups (with a 99.9% accuracy rate thanks to Jeff's outstanding work at maintaining the list), removes unwanted portions of the page that a user doesnt want, and so much more. This program is worth twice what is being asked for it now. This beta continues to improve on the functionality that has already proven rock solid. Way to go Murray/Jeff. I recommend this to any pc user that uses the internet.

Cekay Jul 29, 2005 4.7.18335 Beta
5 out of 5
A long time the internal betas have been a secret. Now it seems the best online advertising remover improvements are ready for the crowd. I appregiate the effort Murray Hurps put in this program.
Tokar Jul 28, 2005 4.7.18251 Beta
5 out of 5
Best ad remover available.
husky87 Jul 28, 2005 4.7.18251 Beta
5 out of 5
i have been using ad muncher for a long time now, it's a very good program, havn't seen an ad for a long time now. Those using the new msn messenger beta should add -msnmsgr:* to the custom filter target list if you experiance connection problems in msn messenger 7.5 betas
dwby Jul 27, 2005 4.7.18251 Beta
5 out of 5
I can't use the internet without this program. It is just really good! Best investment I have ever made along with NOD32.

Sometimes I like to turn it off to see how many ads etc are blocked with this program. I'm amazed!

The support is equally amazing. These guys will reply to your email very quickly. It's only $32.95 (AUS $) for life time use of the program. With that you get a great program, great support and free upgrades and the default filter database updates (3-5 times a week!).

If the program misses an ad or popup etc (which is rare I have found) you can report it and it will be added to the default filter list, ready for you to download on the next update!

Forget any other ad removers, this is the one you need. Anyone that compares it to FF ad block is just kidding themselves. Just give this program a try, you'll love it!
VikingBlade Jul 27, 2005 4.7.18251 Beta
5 out of 5
Yes, AdMuncher is more valuable than my AV. That is, I can't replace it :-).
Looks like AM is just chugging a long, still waiting for some of the features that haven't been implemented yet in the betas.
Metshrine Jul 27, 2005 4.7.18251 Beta
5 out of 5
I wish people would stop spamming adblock on here. Adblock doesnt even come close to comparing to the functionality this has.

This has a built in list, which is updated 3-4 times per week, right click ability to remove images/tables/div/spans, the most responsive dev team I've ever seen. Functionality alone, this program stomps the hell out of adblock. So please, if you decide to review this program, USE IT BEFORE REVIEWING. And dont just install it and say you used it, actually work with it. You will see how this beats any other ad blocker hands down. Not only does it work with ANY BROWSER, NOT JUST FIREFOX (as the user below's link's case is), but any application which uses http retrieval of its ads (like opera, icq, and many other adware apps).

Top notch software from a top notch programmer. Great job murray
[deXter] Jul 27, 2005 4.7.18251 Beta
5 out of 5
Whoo Hoo! Browser extensions for ALL the browsers! Plus plenty of bug fixes and code restructruing.. Too many changes to list here :)
wat0114 Jul 27, 2005 4.7.18251 Beta
5 out of 5
VikingBlade, an ad blocker is more valuable to you than your antivirus software? Ummm, please explain. This is an outstanding utility for blocking ads. However, I'm very pleased with my $39.00 subscription for Outpost Firewall (some people like to affectionately call it outhouse...oh well, maybe one day they'll see the light) that not only protects my system with Fort Knox-like ability, but also contains plug-ins for: Ad blocking - yes it really works, email attachment protection, activex, javascript, referers,cookies...oh my, there's just too much to list! Anyways, it's hard to criticize Ad Muncher. Good utility.
slushdot Jul 27, 2005 4.7.18251 Beta
3 out of 5
I have never used this particular software, but if you want a free and good alternative, try Adblock with Firefox, linky:
VikingBlade Jun 13, 2005 4.7.16446 Beta
5 out of 5
Definitely the best program I have ever bought. Even more invaluable to me than my NOD32 subscription.
Amazingly fast, effective, frequent filter updates, and good support. Browsing on public computers make you really appreciate how much junk Admuncher cleans up.
Cekay Jun 10, 2005 4.7.16446 Beta
5 out of 5
No other program reaches the ability of Ad Muncher. Once installed you never ever wanna miss it. It`s like your best relationship in your life: You only miss it when you don`t have it anymore!
The plus are:

+individal configurable
+less resource eating
+low price (it`s a lifetime license!)
+continous updated since 1999
+direct support from the developer (mostly in a couple of hours you get an answere that solves the problem)

For me the best investment since I earn a PC with internet!
zpeef Jun 6, 2005 4.7.16446 Beta
5 out of 5
This is the best adblocker out there. It's small, and unbloated. You only have to press install, and then it just sits there and works.
ssb May 14, 2005 4.7.16446 Beta
5 out of 5
What can I say about AdMuncher, it is one of the very few programs that is really a must have.

AdMuncher has an excellent filtering engine and advanced features like anonymity proxy switching, multi-programm targeting etc.

Since first registered it, three-four years ago, I never used anything else to protect my surfing from popups and ads. Never had a single problem using it not only with IE but with all http accessing applications.

AdMuncher's author, is very helpful supporting users, tracking bugs and adding new features to this small software gem.

Highly Recommended
stisev May 12, 2005 4.7.16446 Beta
5 out of 5
The most indespensible piece of software for windows. Period.
glassdesigns May 3, 2005 4.7.16446 Beta
5 out of 5
Good software! Works in both Firefox and Opera.
Try it, you'll be happy.
Matb_TePe3a Apr 23, 2005 4.7.16446 Beta
5 out of 5
Yeah, Ad Muncher is excellent piece of software. Thank God for it. Ad Muncher is perfect for noobs like me. Yeah, i love it.

All my friends have Ad Munchy installed. You MUST download it!
Schmeck Apr 23, 2005 4.7.16446 Beta
5 out of 5
Do us all a favor and NEVER POST AGAIN.
As for this program, I've been using it for years and love it. It has ALL the features you could want and more. I have absolutely no need for any other popup/ad blockers as admuncher makes surfing enjoyable again.
Amazing support with live chat with tech support built right into the program!
Absolutley worth registering.
bunghole Apr 22, 2005 4.7.16446 Beta
5 out of 5
Yes, these are internal betas it seems but they're still great stuff.
Wes Apr 22, 2005 4.7.16446 Beta
5 out of 5
Much better than Proxomitron and much, much simpler to configure and keep up-to-date. One of the few programs on my watch list.
Metshrine Apr 22, 2005 4.7.16446 Beta
5 out of 5
Dont know if this is actually murray releasing these copies on here, he has said this version wasnt meant for public use, but oh well.

Top notch software, great job on it. Not sure what is new on this one, since there is no change log. Anyways, keep up the great work murray!

Beats the hell out of AdBlock extension on firefox. Yes you have to pay, but guess what, good software is worth paying for.

httpd.confused, are you registered on the admuncher forums? If so, what is your username? Could you please post it in your review next time. Thanks!
wagner reatto Apr 11, 2005 4.7.16313 Beta
5 out of 5
nothing compares to this 'cow'!
kashin Apr 7, 2005 4.7.16313 Beta
5 out of 5
Amazing piece of software. I wish more programs were coded like this. Clean, fast, small, extremely flexible and configurable. I really can't think of anything to make this program better. Too bad idiots who are obviously computer illiterate keep rating this a one. Please take note that this programs usually gets a 5 or a 1 and really nothing inbetween. Why? The answer is simple. There are those who know how invaluable this program is -- and then there are the people giving it a 1 with comments like "it crash my IE! piece of carp"
httpd.confused Apr 5, 2005 4.7.16313 Beta
5 out of 5
Don't bother, deXter... You're trying to dispense wisdom on people who think that Ad Muncher can directly alter the interface of other applications, and who actually compare it to Outhouse Firewall. You may as well give a physics lecture to people who think that a ton of feathers weighs less than a ton of bricks.
[deXter] Apr 2, 2005 4.7.16313 Beta
5 out of 5

Now you dont expect Ad Muncher to actually modify program's windows now do you? How does it matter? As long as the ads are blocked..

And about your IE problem, you are obviously doing something wrong. Thousands of people use this and have never faced such problems. Try updating your windows/IE. It could also be that AM is preventing the proper functioning of a spyware attached to your IE, so scan your system for spyware too. If you are SURE that IE crashing isn't your fault, you could file in a bug report and send it.


Crapware? Would you mind being more specific? OP firewall, or for that matter, all firewalls have BASIC blocking features. Obviously if you think thats sufficient, then you obviously dont need or use Ad Muncher- and you dont deserve to rate it either.


As for build 16313, amongst other things the most notable is the "Add CSS" feature. Finally we can now force websites to look the way we want it to!
Scipio Apr 2, 2005 4.7.16313 Beta
5 out of 5
Yes, it's the best. Well worth the money. Minimal footprint, works seamlessly, and saves time and space whenever you visit a web page with ads on it.
stisev Apr 2, 2005 4.7.16313 Beta
5 out of 5
What's up Lukian. :)

AdMuncher has got to be one of the top 3 programs for windows. It's just one of those programs that I cannot live with and that there is NO other replacement.
Cekay Apr 2, 2005 4.7.16313 Beta
5 out of 5
I use it since about 2 years and it saved me a lot of nerves and bandwith. If you want to know what stuff is changed since the last release read here:

A big thank you to Murray Hurps for his effort and to make this peace of softwre possible!
Lukian Apr 2, 2005 4.7.16313 Beta
5 out of 5
I've been using Ad Muncher for over 2 years, It's a great program, and this latest *internal beta* (who's posting these - this isn't ready for public release!) version has an add css to all pages category, so with a simple filter, you can change all those sites without fonts specified (and falling back to ugly Times New Roman) to Sans-Serif fonts and lots more... :)
bunghole Apr 2, 2005 4.7.16313 Beta
5 out of 5
Ad Muncher rules. Buy it!!
Caleb Apr 2, 2005 4.7.16313 Beta
5 out of 5
The *BEST* ad remover.
Scipio Mar 26, 2005 4.7.16248 Beta
5 out of 5
The best. Well worth the small cost.
FriscoKid Mar 26, 2005 4.7.16248 Beta
5 out of 5
Customizable yet powerful right out of the box. This is an essential program well worth the small price--try it, you'll buy it.
stealth_thunder Mar 23, 2005 4.7.16248 Beta
5 out of 5
rated this 5 the best excellent ad destroyer in the whole world.

No popup stopper can take this as much as this guy can take.

good job keep it up
war593122 Mar 20, 2005 4.7.16248 Beta
5 out of 5
Simply the best application of its kind.
Googly Mar 20, 2005 4.7.16248 Beta
5 out of 5
Dear Folks!!!
I've seen how beatifully it works. Fantastic. This is the reason why I'm rating it 5. but the only thing is if it would be a freeware then lot of people can benefit from it.
giodeluigi Mar 20, 2005 4.7.16248 Beta
5 out of 5
Without any doubt Ad Muncher is the best internet-trash remover I've ever used.
I love it!
Keep on with your work guys!
C U on the brand new forum.

Giò De Luigi
holbrooke Mar 20, 2005 4.7.16248 Beta
5 out of 5
I've used this for several years now and I believe it the best there is for stopping ads and popups. The footprint is tiny!!
httpd.confused Mar 19, 2005 4.7.16248 Beta
5 out of 5
Give me a break, robmanic44...

Proxomitron is a dead project (no pun intended).

Ad Muncher is not.

Proxomitron is a career to configure, and not an enjoyable one. Ever wonder why there were several "Proxomitron gurus", who shared their configurations? Or why there are several forums dedicated to Proxomitron configuration? (Hint: It ain't because it's well designed.)

Ad Muncher is a breeze to use, configure, and update. Are there any "Ad Muncher gurus"? Not really, unless you count everyone who installs it, since you pretty much just have to install it, spend 5 (maybe 6) seconds configuring it, then forget it. There is also now an Ad Muncher forum, but desperation is not in the air.

Proxomitron works as a local proxy, and therefore is a pain to deal with under some circumstances, and won't work at all with many applications.

Ad Muncher uses hooks, and works with just about any application that uses HTTP.

Proxomitron is free. Hooray, you don't have to pay for something! But wait... How much time and effort does it take to configure? What, your time isn't worth anything? So much for "free".

Ad Muncher is not free, but it has lifetime filter and application updates included, and price has nothing to do with how you should rate it, anyway.

Next idiot? Step right up!
SlowNeasy Mar 19, 2005 4.7.16248 Beta
5 out of 5
I agree with Metshrine on this one. I used Proxomitron for several years so I know what it can do. Yes, a geek can tune it to do a lot of things. Face it, most people aren't geeks. Ad Muncher is simply the best combination proxy/ad blocker on the market. I also like the fact that you can just pop into their irc channel within the program for support.
Metshrine Mar 19, 2005 4.7.16248 Beta
5 out of 5
And by the way, you just proved yourself to be hypocritical. You ask why people still use these programs yet you use one :) Admuncher blows proximitron out of the water. The developers of this program almost always accept new ideas to improve it as long as they are reasonable and can be easily implimented. The program size is magnificent, a little over 200KB for a full download. Memory usage, right now admuncher is using about 8MB of ram with about 15 different tabs in FF and 3 IE windows open. Very nice program. Keep it up murray!

httpd.confused, can you possibly contact me with an instant messenger you use? I would like to talk to you about a few things, if you so desire, add 295403262 to your icq list, or reply here with your own messenger program. I use almost any program you recommend simply because you provide great reviews on the programs true functionality. Let me know. Thanks!

Ad Muncher Usage Statistics for v4.7 Build 16248/1075 *BETA*
Adverts removed by Ad Muncher: 21,458
Approximate bandwidth saved: 167 MB
Counter started: January 22, 2005
robmanic44 Mar 19, 2005 4.7.16248 Beta
1 out of 5
I simply don't understand why people still use these programs with so many good proxy and web filter programs around. Some of them are free and they are easy to setup. They work very well to rid you of popups, counters, and even banner adds. By the way, Proxomitron is still available. I'm using it right now.
Mar 15, 2005 4.7.16218 Beta
5 out of 5
Wonderful program...had a little trouble with the last beta so I switched to the last major release - this does a great job. Terrific work!
stisev Mar 15, 2005 4.7.16218 Beta
5 out of 5
One of the best programs ever coded. I NEVER browser without it.

Ad Muncher Usage Statistics for v4.7 Build 16218/1071 *BETA*
Adverts removed by Ad Muncher: 868,900
Approximate bandwidth saved: 6,788 MB
Counter started: November 15, 2002
Metshrine Mar 15, 2005 4.7.16218 Beta
5 out of 5
Fixed the dreaded cache clearing crash that occurred in previous version. THANKS SHANNOW AND COKE_. As always, top notch work from some top notch developers. Keep up the good work.

Ad Muncher Usage Statistics for v4.7 Build 16218/1071 *BETA*
Adverts removed by Ad Muncher: 18,960
Approximate bandwidth saved: 148 MB
Counter started: January 22, 2005
pjb Mar 15, 2005 4.7.16218 Beta
5 out of 5
All Beta versions have not caused me any problems. A small download, easy install and a programme that does what it say's it does.
Trully most excellent.

Adverts removed by Ad Muncher: 6,054
Approximate bandwidth saved: 47 MB
Counter started: February 12, 2005
CyberHobo Mar 15, 2005 4.7.16218 Beta
5 out of 5
Simply the best in it's class. Also, check out their new forum (opened 14 March 2005). Been running Ad Muncher for a little over a year with XP Pro and never a problem. Light on resources and have not experienced any surfing slow downs (cable, 5000/480).
Litespeed Mar 15, 2005 4.7.16218 Beta
1 out of 5
Hmmm, installed it and it crashes when I click the Tools tab. Uninstalled it.
hAxXoR Mar 7, 2005 4.7.16138 Beta
4 out of 5
Nice program! Removes almost all ads and uses less resources than others..
Surfing is little bit slower, though, but acceptable
Didn´t experience bugs so far.
Nice feature to cycle anonymous proxies!
[deXter] Mar 7, 2005 4.7.16138 Beta
5 out of 5
I recommend people NOT to install the 16138 Beta build; I got a mail from the lead programmer, Murray Hurps, saying:

... "Yes there are some v4.7 betas floating around which have not been sent out to the beta mailing list yet; these betas still have some issues which we are aware of and are attempting to fix. Obviously while there are still significant problems we do not want to bother any more people with them until they are fixed

I am currently working on correcting the stability issue, and should have a beta out to the mailing list within a fortnight."
For now, stick with the 16103 build.
Metshrine Mar 7, 2005 4.7.16138 Beta
5 out of 5
Great prog as always but now it crashes on startup and whenever i try and uninstall it to install an older version :-/
sfo Feb 20, 2005 4.7.16103 Beta
5 out of 5
haven't found anything that is as good as this one. It works for all browsers and other programs that display ads. Removes almost all, and the ones it doesn't can be sent to the Ad Muncher team, and it will be blocked in the next update. And it doesn't use any considerable amount of CPU. Gotta love it!
some guy Feb 14, 2005 4.7.16103 Beta
4 out of 5
very nice program I do like the added security it provides for them bad lil scripts
agildehaus Feb 14, 2005 4.7.16103 Beta
4 out of 5
Very nice app, works well across all browsers.

Firefox >= Opera >>>>>>>>>>>>> IE. Just thought I'd throw that in :)
droozel Feb 14, 2005 4.7.16103 Beta
5 out of 5
Dixon_Butz u r using IE, yes? :)))
war593122 Feb 14, 2005 4.7.16103 Beta
5 out of 5
Simply the best. Not sure what your problem is niti but thats not a really good explanation and yea this firefox crap can go to h e double hockey sticks.
Arutha Feb 13, 2005 4.7.16103 Beta
4 out of 5
Firefox + Adblock extension combined with a decent filter (see and you have no popups and better ad blocking than Ad muncher ... for free. But hey, it's not a bad program
niti Feb 13, 2005 4.7.16103 Beta
1 out of 5
It can not be installed. It continuously gives errors during starting and corrupts.
LiNUS|X Feb 13, 2005 4.7.16103 Beta
5 out of 5
WooooOw! unthinkable much features, my new top-anti-spam programm! i install it, and not more ... it works good without a spezified configuration :] simple great!
jonspencerbx Feb 13, 2005 4.7.16103 Beta
5 out of 5
This program is great!

I did not have to configure anything. It just works!

Well worth the $25!
[deXter] Feb 13, 2005 4.7.16103 Beta
5 out of 5
An excellent update to the BEST blocking/filtering program ever written!

This is an interim release to the upcomming v5.0 of Ad Muncher, with much needed features like automatic cache clearing, HTTP 1.1 and gzip support, and of course a new filter list.

Started using AM since the past 1 year (too bad I didn't discover it as early as httpd.confused did!) Before Ad-Muncher though I used to use Naviscope and Proxomitron, and they did the job- but had a limited scope and blocking new ads/etc was not exactly user friendly. Using the hosts file seemed a good option until my hosts file was too huge and caused too many problems. Later I added Norton Internet Security to my anti-ad arsenal; but it still wasn't enough. Finally I replaced all of them with THE one and only program.

And by gosh, did you happen to see the file size? Just 200kb! No wonder its the smallest, fastest, easiest and most sucessfull blocking and filtering program ever! Munch away little cow!
stisev Feb 12, 2005 4.7.16103 Beta
5 out of 5

This is unarguably one of the best programs ever coded. Murray (the author) listens to every single suggestion and implements them within weeks. Definitely worth the $25 price tag.
bunghole Feb 12, 2005 4.7.16103 Beta
5 out of 5
The three programs I can't live without are Ad Muncher, WinRAR and StrokeIt. Ad Muncher is unmatched in terms of speed, ease of use, and filtering. Nothing else comes close.
rav0 Feb 12, 2005 4.7.16103 Beta
5 out of 5
Have been using this for ages and it works beautifully, using minimal resources.
It comes with its own ad removal settings which update automatically, but lets advanced users set up their own rules and I havn't come accross a page that it interferes with yet.
pjb Feb 12, 2005 4.7.16103 Beta
5 out of 5
I have found this to be a very good programme, with no noticeable page rendering problems. It also works wonders with blocking MSN Messenger’s annoying ad’s.
httpd.confused Feb 12, 2005 4.7.16103 Beta
5 out of 5
Ad Muncher Usage Statistics for v4.7 Build 16103/1047 *BETA*
Adverts removed by Ad Muncher: 760,420
Approximate bandwidth saved: 5,940 MB
Counter started: October 20, 2002

Ad Muncher is awesome. As you can see, I've been using it for quite awhile, and I never had to take part in all the incessant whining people did over popups; it just was never an issue for me, thanks to Ad Muncher.

Ad Muncher works by using a system hook. This makes it capable of working on any application that uses HTTP. Filtering applications that operate as local proxies suck. And the filtering applications that work only with Insecure Explorer suck even more.

On top of all this, the support is fantastic. Murray and Jeff bend over backwards for their users. Ad Muncher is a genuine rarity among software.
MMPD Feb 12, 2005 4.7.16103 Beta
5 out of 5
Excellent program no complaints at all!
I been using this program for over 2 years.. it is well worth the $25!

Ad Muncher Usage Statistics for v4.7 Build 16103/1047 *BETA*
Adverts removed by Ad Muncher: 28,816
Approximate bandwidth saved: 225 MB
Counter started: November 28, 2004
cREoz Feb 7, 2005 4.61.16007 Beta
5 out of 5
Adverts removed by Ad Muncher: 147,159
Approximate bandwidth saved: 1,149 MB
Counter started: September 29, 2003
jer_oh_mee Jan 29, 2005 4.61.16007 Beta
5 out of 5
I highly recommend Ad Muncher - it's very effective, uses little system resources, and highly customizable. It works flawlessly in both IE and Firefox. If you're looking for a popup blocker, ad blocker, or want to completely tweak websites behaviors this program is definately for you. The proof is in the numbers.. check out mine:
Ad Muncher Usage Statistics for v4.61 Build 16020/1037 *BETA*
Adverts removed by Ad Muncher: 116,537
Approximate bandwidth saved: 910 MB
Counter started: October 9, 2003
karlo Jan 28, 2005 4.61.16007 Beta
5 out of 5
I love it! It really do removes the ads!
Inray Jan 21, 2005 4.61.16007 Beta
5 out of 5
Simply the best ad filtering solution available today.

Admuncher is rock solid, ultra fast, configurable and has an extremely small footprint. It doesn't install silly BHO extensions and filters not only a single browser but the whole system including every program that has http access.

I've tested Admuncher with all known browsers, including Firefox, Mozilla, Opera, IE plus all IE based ones. It works flawlessly, filtering out all image and text ads, popups, background images and music, flash, selected script actions, web bugs and everything a user wants.

Highly recommended !
VikingBlade Jan 20, 2005 4.61.16007 Beta
5 out of 5
Quick, effective, and efficient. Can't ask for more.
gkajaia Jan 20, 2005 4.61.16007 Beta
5 out of 5
What can I say? It's simply the best!
Very usefull no bugs at all and very small!
MeanE Jan 20, 2005 4.61.16007 Beta
5 out of 5
Amazing program. Great ad filtering, and very easy to add your own custom filtering.
eyv Jan 20, 2005 4.61.16007 Beta
5 out of 5
Wow. Written entirely in assembly. That takes guts!
kashin Jan 20, 2005 4.61.16007 Beta
5 out of 5
I could write a lenghty review to praise this program, but there's really no need. Suffice it to say, it is by far the BEST in its class. Anyone who's tried it knows it's extremely powerful and flexible . Even if you aren't computer savvy, this thing will please you, because it works very well right out of the box!

PS. - I'd give it a 6 rating too, if I could. This is one of those must have programs everyone should be using.
VictorAnderson Jan 20, 2005 4.61.16007 Beta
5 out of 5
I've used this thing for several years now and it works perfectly. For those of you that read my reviews you know that getting a 5 from me is almost impossible...anyway this one gets a rating of 6 from me...haha
bunghole Jan 20, 2005 4.61.16007 Beta
5 out of 5
It's gold, Jerry, gold!!!!!!!!
chimpypimpy Jan 20, 2005 4.61.16007 Beta
5 out of 5
A must have. One of the best downloads you can ever make.
Erator Sep 7, 2004 4.6.10270
5 out of 5
This program is by far the best pop-up, banner, web-bug, anonimity program out there. I've test quite a few too, and when I bought my license to this program I do feel I got my money's worth!
wagner reatto Sep 1, 2004 4.6.10270
5 out of 5
caleb, i do like regexp, since i am a developer. i can understand that regexp algorithms must be implemented using a high-level language, c, delphi and so on. expressions like, for instance, "[._]ad(click|server|s\.)" could cut a lot of filters we have today. for sure, ad muncher is the best, it is fast, compact, stable, and it has an excellent support from murray team.
CyberHobo Aug 28, 2004 4.6.10270
5 out of 5
Simply the best ad blocker/popup blocker. A true compliment to any browser. Also, works great with FeedDemon.

I can now plow through any site without seeing a popup or siezure-inducing banner ad!

Arutha Aug 28, 2004 4.6.10270
5 out of 5
A very decent program for blocking all sorts of Ads. Very handy for IE users but not needed if you use Firefox or Opera. Nevertheless one of the best programs in its kind.
BeerLion Aug 28, 2004 4.6.10270
5 out of 5
10 stars of 5!
Small, powerfull, proxomitron-like! What else?
Caleb Aug 18, 2004 4.53.10128 Beta
5 out of 5
wagner reatto, AdMuncher canot use regexes since the regex engine is written in C, and AdMuncher is written in ASM.
Plus, regex are slow :)

Maybe the new core will have something similar to regex, but much faster.

Ad Muncher is THE best.
holbrooke Aug 18, 2004 4.53.10128 Beta
5 out of 5
Yes, this program works with Firefox perfectly. I have been using it for years. It has such a small footprint and works straight out of the box. It does not use proxy settings either.
dzjepp Aug 18, 2004 4.53.10128 Beta
5 out of 5
Does this program work with Firefox/Mozilla?
wagner reatto Aug 15, 2004 4.53.10059 Beta
5 out of 5
i have used ad muncher for some years and nothing compares to this software; it is very fast. i miss a 'regular expression' , because many filters could be 'killed' using this technology. firefox(ad block) uses regexp and a star(*) - novices - to set a filter, for example.
httpd.confused Aug 11, 2004 4.53.10059 Beta
5 out of 5
The best, and getting better all the time. If Ad Muncher were freeware, the legions of fans it would have would boggle your mind. Too bad the tight-wallet types flock toward lesser software.
VikingBlade Aug 10, 2004 4.53.10059 Beta
5 out of 5
Very very efficient and effective. Still waiting for the new core.
Joco Aug 10, 2004 4.53.10059 Beta
5 out of 5
AdMuncher is definitely an excellent Ad-blocker. The best I've seen so far.

Mozilla, Firefox users, if all you need is hiding ads, then there is an ingenious ad-hiding (ad is downloaded but not displayed)
I use this at work at it is quite satisfactory.
Richardky Jul 24, 2004 4.53.9408 Beta
5 out of 5
Aires - you probably need to lower your routing setting in the option of admuncher - many people raise the settings on this thinking its going to do something better.lowering mine to 4kb instead of the 16kb defualt my internet runs faster than without it .

Top of the line ad\popup blocker
runs smooth no hairbrain settings required
install it forget it ..the settings that are there are very simple to understand

no whitelist blacklist crap and no need to constantly mess with it after running

set and forget with this one.

oh yeah and its for all browsers

IE Opera Mozilla FireFox ect ect.
no proxie setting crap needed like others.

5 stars plus.
Aires Jul 22, 2004 4.53.9408 Beta
3 out of 5
I must be having a bad day or something. It's still as good as it ever was, but pages load slower than I remember. Slightly more effective than AdsGone (only slightly) but also slower too.

Nope I've had to go back to using AdsGone. Ad Muncher is slower and uses slightly more memory. Sorry Ad Muncher but you're not the tops with me anymore.
opticdmx Jul 22, 2004 4.53.9408 Beta
5 out of 5
The best ad blocking software out there..
You can also manipulate any wepage by injecting your custom code. Very Very nice..
Inray Jul 21, 2004 4.53.9408 Beta
5 out of 5
Don't waste your time and ...bandwidth. AM is the best.
war593122 Jul 21, 2004 4.53.9408 Beta
5 out of 5
The best!! Not slow in the least. It speed up my browsing. After all no loading of ads and pop ups. If your Internet is slower after installing more than likely you have spy-ware on your system that is having a negative effect. Or your firewall is acting up in which case you need to set Ad Muncher to Avoid binding to loop back. Which is under Options > Routing.
httpd.confused Jul 20, 2004 4.53.9408 Beta
5 out of 5
Right--nothing but nothing compares to Ad Muncher. Rave on about freebie alternatives all you want, but Ad Muncher is tops for its effectiveness, wide-ranging support, and lack of the requirement of proxy settings modification. And did I mention EASE OF USE?

My only gripes are that the server-supplied filters aren't updated very often anymore, and Ad Muncher disables HTTP 1.1.
wagner reatto Jul 2, 2004 4.52
5 out of 5
nothing compares to ad muncher. i miss drag-drop procedures, my only exception.
Pizda Jun 11, 2004 4.52
5 out of 5
This thing rocks. Can't imagine browsing without it. Worth every penny.
Giacomo® May 8, 2004 4.52
3 out of 5
I am a bit disappointed with this app lately. It has many bugs and doesn't munch many adverts, above all the big rectangular ones and the vertical skycrapers. I am not able to explain furtherly due to my limited english, sorry.
  May 8, 2004 4.52
4 out of 5
Yes, I did mean version 4.6, not "version 6". And I use a 4-star rating here so as not to skew (and also because the worsened support almost made me rate with 4 stars in the first place).
CyberHobo Apr 30, 2004 4.51.8416
5 out of 5
Simply the best. The only time it contacts it's server is to verify your registration and thats all. Has saved me 1.5 gigs of bandwith on my system in the past two months alone. Headaches and seizures have subsided as well.
robodesign Apr 27, 2004 4.51.8416
5 out of 5
the best - uncomparable with others
betasun Feb 21, 2004 4.51.8416
5 out of 5
I would like to see some new features in the new release. option to block animated ads ,or in IP scramble page
supporting for anonymous socks proxy ,or in the proxy chain
we could be able to see the name of countries .in this release the chain includes 10 proxies which is along chain for a moderate speed browsing ,true we can delete some of them , but which one.some of them are filtering proxies and thats not good at all for the Ad Muncher which
defends privacy .
KingCrab Feb 20, 2004 4.51.8416
5 out of 5
There is no doubt that this is the best software for Ad and Pop-Up blocking/removing. Buy this software to support good programming. *****
Nigma Feb 20, 2004 4.51.8416
5 out of 5
Ad muncher is the best I've seen. Now I can forget what a pop-up means :). I recommend to everyone. Dec 30, 2003 4.51.8415
5 out of 5
bravo, it contacts the admuncher servers to verify your registration key is correct. murray im sure couldn't give two hoots in hadies where you go and what you do on the internet.

simply a great program. well worth the money, makes the internet worth using again. thank you murray.
bravo369 Dec 9, 2003 4.51.8415
1 out of 5
i'm trying to use this program and it keeps contacting the admuncher servers. it's a good program but it's spying on me. i don't like my programs spying on me
borisf98 Oct 19, 2003 4.51.8415
5 out of 5
No doubt Ad Muncher is the best ad-filtering software. It removed 95% of all advertisements after I learned how to use it. It does not trigger alerts that some websites now employ to prevent ad-filtering. It does not interfere with firewalls and other popup-blocking programs.
Metshrine Sep 25, 2003 4.51 Final
5 out of 5
I must say, I have tried other popup blockers (most of the ones listed at and this is by far the best ad/popup blocker program out there. For the cost, and the amount of features you get, this is top notch software (if only microsoft was this good ;-) ). The author always responds very quickly to your emails (if only he was on irc more often, it would be 110%) and answers all your questions. He is always open for suggestions and has taken 2 of mine so far. If you want top quality ad blocking, this is it.
scodan Sep 14, 2003 4.51 Final
5 out of 5
Another release, another review. :) Ad Muncher is the best. It is VERY "set and forget", and I can't imagine how it could be any easier to use. No one is FORCING you to play with the advanced filters, and Ad Muncher works fantastic without them.
ssb Sep 14, 2003 4.51 Final
5 out of 5
Excellent as always.

btw PWT999 why do you rate programs you cannot use ?
Compare AM with any other stopper and see yourself.
betasun Sep 13, 2003 4.51 Final
5 out of 5
PWT999 Sep 13, 2003 4.51 Final
2 out of 5
Overly complicated for the novice and the non paranoid, ?Zero Popup? is far more ?Set & Forget?.
Scipio Sep 13, 2003 4.51 Final
5 out of 5
Great program. It does everything, seamlessly, and actually speeds up internet page downloads. The author, Murray Hurps, constantly improves and refines it and is tireless in releasing new betas as soon as the smallest bug turns up. Well worth the money.
kevinmark Sep 13, 2003 4.51 Final
5 out of 5
A must HAVE !
Error404 Sep 7, 2003 4.51.8256 Beta
5 out of 5
The best overall Advert remover of all time!
ssb Sep 5, 2003 4.51.8256 Beta
5 out of 5
Latest betas work even better than before. Faster filtering response and more options for advanced users.
I really cannot understand why people use other popup killer apps when most of them are just toys compared with Admuncher.
Excellent work Murray...
scodan Sep 4, 2003 4.51.8256 Beta
5 out of 5
The person who said that Ad Muncher is in a class by itself hit the nail squarely on the head. Ad Muncher works with *ANY* application that makes HTTP calls. This means it will work not just with Internet Explorer, which is the case with most of the lesser ad- and popup-blocking utilities. Instead, Ad Muncher will work with Opera, Insecure Explorer, Mozilla, Firebird, Netscape, Outhouse Express, PocoMail, ICQ... you name it. Ad Muncher is not only *THE* *BEST* pop-up blocker available (, it notifies you in the browser status bar when it does block a pop-up. And it also lets you open any blocked pop-up, with an easy-to-use tray menu. Am I going on too much? Well, it's only because I've found Ad Muncher to be a true *rarity* among shareware offerings; not only does it work, and it's worth the money, but the author is a fantastic guy who will bend over backward to help you at every turn. Out of the thousands and thousands of applications I've used over the past seven years, Ad Muncher is among the very best of the best. [As for the Ad Muncher 4.51 betas, they are great. The increase in web page loading speed is tremendous; I can no longer detect any slowdown at all. Awesome stuff.]
RaymondS Sep 4, 2003 4.51.8256 Beta
5 out of 5
I've tried many, many of the other ad-blocking programs and AdMuncher is the best.

Sometimes I'll turn it off to remind myself how *LOUD* the internet is without AdMuncher.


It also has a built-in IP Scramble feature!
wagner reatto Sep 3, 2003 4.51.8068 Beta
5 out of 5
great utility, cool support. this is , imo, the best ad killer and multi proxy connection we have today.
hotmusik Aug 30, 2003 4.51.8068 Beta
5 out of 5
nothing compares to admuncher; each release is better; murray gives an excellent support, you have all replies for your requests.
ssb Aug 27, 2003 4.51.8068 Beta
5 out of 5
What can i say ? The best around :)
bid Aug 27, 2003 4.51.8068 Beta
5 out of 5
I agree with RavenSoft. It's worth the money too. I trialed it for a month and have it say that it just blew me away. It's simply awesome.
RavenSoft Aug 27, 2003 4.51.8068 Beta
5 out of 5
bravo369, try BUYING the program and it won't deactivate. You have 30 days to try it out. And using illegal keys won't do any good unless you crack the program.

This is the best program ever designed for killed banners/ads/popups/other crap. Nothing else compares.
bravo369 Aug 26, 2003 4.51.8068 Beta
2 out of 5
Good program but keeps trying to contact the admuncher servers and keep deactivating itself. i don't like my programs spying on me and shutting themselves down
VaMPiRiC_CRoW Aug 26, 2003 4.51.8068 Beta
5 out of 5
An excellent program to block popups and prevent ads...
method77 Aug 24, 2003 4.51.7168
5 out of 5
this was the best and lightest web filter available but it doesn't work with new opera betas.
FataL Jul 1, 2003 4.51.7168
5 out of 5
Easy and quick install, small size, smart cutting AD! BOMB!
chimpypimpy Jun 21, 2003 4.51.7048
5 out of 5
Ad Muncher make surfing the net a joy again. Far better than Proxomitron, Ad/Subtract Pro, Fitlergate or any other ad remover.

Ad Muncher is in a class by itself.
captainahab Jun 21, 2003 4.51.7048
5 out of 5
The best popup/adremover... period! And ironically one of the cheapest.
ssb Jun 21, 2003 4.51.7048
5 out of 5
Murray, Admuncher's author doesn't stop further development. After the excellent 4.5 he still optimizes this small gem code.
"I love that ...cow"
bigbuddy Jun 14, 2003 4.5 Final
5 out of 5
I have to say, this is the best ad blocker I have used thus far. I had been using killad for over a year. It was annoying (having to CTRL browse.) But this program kicks ass. I don't have to do anything. It does all the work for me. It does a fantastic job.
boarder8925 Jun 10, 2003 4.5 Final
5 out of 5
A most excellent ad-muncher! I thought it only blocked popups, but I quickly saw that all banner ads had also disappeared! Definitely a most excellent product! 5 stars and THEN some!
ahjefri Jun 6, 2003 4.5 Final
5 out of 5
Ad Mucher is the Best ever program I have tried that removes Ads for good the final version rocks. More than 5 would be fair to this software to me second to Total Commander both I can not run with out them. Jun 2, 2003 4.5 Final
5 out of 5
hands down, #1 in advert removing. i've tried others, i like others, but admuncher is king. i can't stand to use computers w/out admuncher installed. -- Ad Muncher Usage Statistics for v4.5 Build 7000
Adverts removed by Ad Muncher: 265,968
Approximate bandwidth saved: 2,077 MB
Counter started: February 28, 2003 -- that's 2 gig saved in 4 months... not bad!
bluelabel Jun 2, 2003 4.5 Final
5 out of 5
four thumbs up (hands and legs) in my opinion the best ad filter ever... murry you did and excellent work with your guys thanks
ssb Jun 2, 2003 4.5 Final
5 out of 5
What can i say ?
AdMuncher final is here after months of beta testing. Better, faster and more secure, is the BEST ad filtering utility available. I never saw so many functions in such a small package.
As of support, Murray is always very helpfull and every single question i ever had, was instantly answered.
AdMuncher is a first class product and not just another proxy like filter like most of the rest.I use it in a business enviroment everyday and i cannot live without it.

Get it, use it, love it. This small cow :) is always in my Windows tray
Bravo Murray, you did excellent job
(Sakis aka SSB)
sanjiv May 17, 2003 4.5.6592 Beta
5 out of 5
May I add:

Ad Muncher Usage Statistics for v4.5 Build 6713 *BETA*
Adverts removed by Ad Muncher: 103,337
Approximate bandwidth saved: 807 MB
Counter started: September 6, 2002

That sure is a lot of bandwidth saved. (P/S. I started using AM earlier then September 6; but Septemver 6 is when I last did a format ;-)).
moldycheese May 10, 2003 4.5.6592 Beta
5 out of 5
I have been using Ad Muncher for only a year now... and love it. I upgraded seemlessly to every upgrade without a hitch. The bad: sometimes it gives JavaScript/ messes with the overall formatting with a page very badly. The good: It cut down something like 98% (non scientific) over all ads, popups, etc. It also saved me from downloading about 300MB of ads total! I recommend it to everyone if they don't already ask how I did it anyway.
May 10, 2003 4.5.6592 Beta
5 out of 5
Wow! Excellent pop-up and advert remover ever!
IoWolf May 10, 2003 4.5.6592 Beta
3 out of 5
Am I missing the point here? A pop-up killer for Opera!?
Does anyone still use the adware/spyware version of Kazaa?
Apollos May 10, 2003 4.5.6592 Beta
5 out of 5
Yus, this is a quality program, actually does it's job in getting rid of annoying popups and gets rid of ads on websites too. So far, I have used abou 11 or 12 popup blocking programs and this has been the most conveniant / effective.
QQ May 10, 2003 4.5.6592 Beta
5 out of 5
Oh come on guys, please be fair.

"Absolutely the best"? No way. Please, at least say "absolutely the best, from what I tried".
Tinker Apr 25, 2003 4.5.6379 Beta
5 out of 5
Absolutely the best!

Also has IP Scramble to hide your IP address when posting on message boads (like this one).
RedBadger Mar 31, 2003 4.5.5841 Beta
4 out of 5
I would give it a 5 except it doesn't work quite right. I do *want* to have ad banners on web pages, as I don't mind them, its just the popups I don't like.

However this program still blocks the imbedded banner ads even though I unchecked that option.

In my opinion the *free* program called Proxomitron is still the best.
AnthonyB Mar 31, 2003 4.5.5841 Beta
5 out of 5
I've tried 5-6 different pop-up and banner ad killers but this one leaves them all lightyears behind on features, performance, and stability.
ssb Mar 30, 2003 4.5.5814 Beta
5 out of 5
The best got even better.
I suggest it to everyone who uses the net and hates ads, popups and the rest.
rreynolds8 Mar 29, 2003 4.5.5814 Beta
5 out of 5
i've been a beta tester for this product for many many months now. it took alot of coaxing from a fellow user on efnet to install it. i was stubborn and insisted on using my hosts file instead. but one day i broke down and installed it, and have been using and testing it ever since. i was sold on it within the first hour of use. i have it installed on most of my familys machines, who all tell me now... they couldn't imagine browsing without it. for example, my fathers stats:

Ad Muncher Usage Statistics for v4.5 Build 5814 *BETA*
Adverts removed by Ad Muncher: 85,103
Approximate bandwidth saved: 664 Mb
Counter started: February 28, 2003
cedman Mar 29, 2003 4.5.5814 Beta
5 out of 5
Easily the effective Ad remover out there. Tiny, minimal resource consumption, and yet extremely powerful and compatible with almost any http using program. Best shareware I ever purchased.
Tylenol Mar 29, 2003 4.5.5814 Beta
5 out of 5
This is the best ad blocker, period. For the price of registration, anyone who doesn't register this great piece of software should be ashamed.
Dustdragon Mar 25, 2003 4.41.4356 Beta
5 out of 5
Very Good And Small, Works fine on my comp but not when my riend tested it, his ADSL login page ****ed Up Totaly, he had to uninstall it to go online! ;P (His Computer Is ****ed'up) Ill Hapfully Give it a Big FIVE! Oh and a minor problem sometimes a minimised window appears on the task bar. nothing realy to complain about. Save a lot of speed and skip the irritating popups! Download now! Exuse my bad german! I spell like a Ape's mother! ;)
war59312 Mar 8, 2003 4.41.4356 Beta
5 out of 5
Ad Muncher Usage Statistics for v4.41 Build 4840 *BETA*
Adverts removed by Ad Muncher: 6,350
Approximate bandwidth saved: 49 Mb
Counter started: February 5, 2003

Pretty sweet for a 56K modem. :)
wagner reatto Mar 7, 2003 4.41.4356 Beta
5 out of 5
it is fast, uses little resources and an execellent support.

now, for my pleasure, i am a new registered user.
captainahab Feb 24, 2003 4.41.4356 Beta
5 out of 5
May very well be the best popup/ad filter available (I also like Adpurger and Adshield). Frequently updated, many options, good support, etc. Just download it and try it.
baafie Feb 24, 2003 4.41.4356 Beta
2 out of 5
I guess this program will save you a megabyte or so..
Other than that, its attemps to connect to the internet shed a different light on matters. Could removing driver files just be one of multiple tasks of this program?
llivinglarge Feb 23, 2003 4.41.4356 Beta
5 out of 5
I have used many ad blockers in the past... They do the job, to a satisfactory extent. But Ad Muncher goes beyond the call of duty. I have never seen an ad blocker that can meet or excede the power and efficiency of Ad Muncher!
SNYder Feb 23, 2003 4.41.4356 Beta
5 out of 5
awsome! thanks for this program! :) it finally got Windows Update to stop suggesting the Nvidia driver update even though I had a newer version that I installed myself :) thanks!
controler Feb 23, 2003 4.41.4356 Beta
5 out of 5
Wormguard will give a warning if you run the Ad Muncher install program. Why? well because of all the dots in the filename (B-4.41.4356.exe) wormguard thinks there are multile filename extentions. APPX three of them to be exact.This doies not mean the program is unsafe. Either turn off Wormguard before installing AD Muncher or just tell Wormguard to ignore and go on with the install.
xRMB Feb 23, 2003 4.41.4356 Beta
4 out of 5
only 4, because some pages are really destroyed by admuncher, because they have so many suspicious features... but take a look at, almost nothing is working with admuncher, ok w/o its not much better :)

but the support was great, got feedback from the author within minutes...
krayon Feb 23, 2003 4.41.4356 Beta
5 out of 5
I give this 10 stars! I have been a registered user of this software for a long time. It's the best popup killer I have ever used. Thanks Murray!!
MMPD Feb 7, 2003 4.41.3302 Beta
5 out of 5
Excellent program I especially like the ip scrambling :)
admuncher Jan 27, 2003 4.41.3302 Beta
5 out of 5
Just a note to greenze (and others)

If you have a version of the beta which creates amdump.txt files please re-install the version available through the above link; a debugging version was posted for a short while by accident but a propper non-logging beta should now be available.

Our apologies for the inconvenience - and thanks for trying the betas.
ahjefri Jan 23, 2003 4.41.3302 Beta
5 out of 5
I tried many ad removers.. non of them could remove ads like ad muncher. Ad muncher is the best for removing Ads. I recommend it to every one who is bothered by Ads. If you get annoyed by pops try Killads free program and in assembly too, best for killing pops.
I will give Ad muncher 5 for outstanding performance
greenze Jan 22, 2003 4.41.3302 Beta
3 out of 5
Just one problem , how to disable the creation of admdump file in the bulky!!!!!!!!!!
WRFan Jan 21, 2003 4.41.3302 Beta
1 out of 5

I know, Ad muncher is written in assembler and therefore is incredibly fast, but come on, we are talking about small programmes, not about a 3D computer game, which eats all resources. webwasher may be slower, but you won't notice it, maybe if you do some computer tests, but personally I don't have the impression that it's slow in any way.
and tech support? well, who cares? there are just a couple of options to set in both programmes, what tech support do you need? these small utilities are not windows xp, you don't need tech support. and besides, because webwasher is so famous, there are many websites that explain how it works. Is there anything that webwasher can't do? It filters all advertisement. the only prob with webwasher is that it can't filter many popups, but for that I use popup ad filter together with webwasher. apart from that, webwasher filters all advertisement: banners, swf ads, whatever. The most important argument in favour of webwasher is that it's free. I know, there are many cracks for ad muncher, but who wants to search if you can get another programme, that does its job just as well for free? I guess many people think ad muncher or ad subtract pro are better, because they cost money, but this is not true
ssb Jan 21, 2003 4.41.3302 Beta
5 out of 5
The new beta release is even better than before.
Stable as rock and very fast, it filters now more AOL garbage, more adware apps and has some very interesting advanced options.
After almost a year using it, i never regret it
Scipio Dec 22, 2002 4.41 Beta Build 1533
5 out of 5
Ad Muncher is miraculously good! I was sold on it after a one-day trial. It not only cleans up almost all the ads on AOL, Compuserve, and the internet, and saves you time loading pages, it even knocks out some of the ads from spam mail coming into your POP3 mail client. I paid to register and kicked out my old popup killer in a flash.
mike79_fr Dec 6, 2002 4.41 Beta Build 1533
5 out of 5
I've tried a lot of popup-, ad- and scripts- blockers, but AdMuncher is simply the best for me. It's very powerfull (it filters all that come trough your connection), and don't any change to its configuration to work good. But with some minor changes it can filter all that you want. A must have.
media-man Dec 4, 2002 4.41 Beta Build 1533
5 out of 5
This program rocks. I don't understand those reviews which claim slow speed or a lack of features. This is the fastest and most feature rich program on the market today. Nothing can touch it. Read the help file or just browse the tabs within the program. It will soon become apparent how powerful this program truely is. And you won't sacrifice speed because this program is coded in windows assembly which also results in its tiny file size.(110kb)

To: WRFan

webwasher is old news. It's slower and not as powerful as Ad Muncher. Those things you said in your review about what webwasher can do, well AM can do the exact type of filtering but in a much more powerful way, obviously you didn't even try the program. For Shame.

This program shines in one other area. Tech Support. The author always replies to e-mails, it may take a few days to get a reply sometimes, but he does try. If you want a faster response you could use the built in IRC client which connects to their tech support channel. There is almost always someone there who knows what to do. If you prefer your own irc client, join #AdMuncher on an EFnet.

I suggest everyone who surfs to get this program. I've been looking for the past 3 years for a program that works as well as this one. Thank you Murray Hurps. Your program is the best.
WRFan Dec 1, 2002 4.41 Beta Build 1533
1 out of 5
I prefer webwasher - I haven't seen banners for years. allows filtering by name - insert the word "fastclick" and at least 2 mio banners on the web will be filtered at once for ever. insert "ads.*", "/ads/" and similar - and another 4-5 mio banners will be filtered. you can also filter by image size, switch off referrer, change the http agent variable, use an external proxy inside webwasher,which itself works as a local proxy etc.etc. it's the best ad filter on windows. on linux the best is sQuid with the sQuidGuard plugin. second best is proximotron, and apart from that nothing else is needed. ad subtract, ad mucher and whatever - well, I guess everybody tries to make as much money as they can, but if a product is useless, because there are better alternatives, why should I use anything else?
QQ Dec 1, 2002 4.41 Beta Build 1533
5 out of 5
Good? Yup! Very good? You gotcha! Best? No way.

Well, I thought it was best too, and I used to use it, for quite some time. It did its job pretty well, but was, well, kinda limited. Then I came across Proxomitron. Now thats the very best program of its kind. Fast, increadibly flexible, and its free too. Try it.

Otherwise, great work on AdMuncher.
admuncher Dec 1, 2002 4.41 Beta Build 1533
5 out of 5
For the people having problems with build 1533's browsing speed, please contact me at - we haven't had reports of this from the current beta testing list and I'd love to ask you a few quick questions to track down the problem.

- Thanks.
greenze Nov 30, 2002 4.41 Beta Build 1533
1 out of 5
Ad muncher4.41 b1533
1)Eats up more memory
2)Slow down the systems and internet speed(install back 4.4 back to normal)
3)Block some sites and forum which previous verions dont

Advise not to use it
toekneec67 Nov 30, 2002 4.41 Beta Build 1533
1 out of 5
I just downloaded it and installed it. The idea is great but KILLED my internet speed. All my pages load very slow now (but with no ads). I have 2.4 Gig Intel, 512 Megs and a cable modem (usually around 700). It's not my system. And after I uninstall Ad Muncher, everything is back to normal (fast). I do have Windows XP Pro just in case it's just a bug in Ad Muncher.
Scipio Nov 29, 2002 4.41 Beta Build 632
5 out of 5
Excellent. I have replaced my freeware Popup Killer with this. It works quickly and seamlessly, and it speeds up loading most web pages. I think the author must be a first-rate programmer as well, because the program is tiny for what it does.
bluelabel Nov 28, 2002 4.41 Beta Build 632
5 out of 5
tough on ads and popups , 56er will love this one
fr33k Nov 28, 2002 4.41 Beta Build 632
5 out of 5
Ad Muncher
Is the best privacy, and adblocker software on the planet.
completely removes banners, and popups you don't want to see,
and if you want you can use the IP scramble to proxy your computer
just select a proxy that you like and have that be the only one in the verified list
perfect for proxy morons like myself :P

all I can say is thank you "Murray Hurps" this prog is worth every penny
thank you for makeing my internet experience better :)
ssb Nov 28, 2002 4.41 Beta Build 632
5 out of 5
The best ad-remove utility is now even better !!!
Really excellent. Get it now.
jeffazz Nov 28, 2002 4.41 Beta Build 632
4 out of 5
its a good program. the interface is easy to use and the encoding util is very fast... i like how you can choose the diffrent output formats. the results are good also.... but the only problem i have found is that it takes over your pc when u start encoding the cd. other than that over all its a good program.
ssb Sep 11, 2002 4.4
5 out of 5
The best program of its kind. I was really surprized when i run it first time. All those features in such a small package. And best of all, it doesn't work as a small proxy like most other popup/AD killers.
If you really want the best solution for ad/banner/popup removal as well as advanced web filtering then get a copy.

Good work Murray
boki_ Sep 10, 2002 4.4
5 out of 5
Simply the best !
Lusifer3300 Sep 10, 2002 4.4
5 out of 5
The Best Ad Remover out there !!!
klumy Sep 10, 2002 4.4
5 out of 5
Great program !!