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BANDIT- Mar 20, 2014 2.57
1 out of 5

I'm not gonna test this App because I've looked at the screenshots @Homepage, & I've seen it all before. The same sort of UI. The same Old tools.. Yawn..!! .... However. There's a very mixed bag of opinions in the reviews. I've gotta tag along with the critics rather than the high raters.

I picked up on a couple of various points, So here comes my (1p peneth).
System restore is NO use whatsoever if your system crashes due to Registry Errors. A backup of the Registry is neither use nor ornament if it isn't Exported as "Hive" files. A backup saved as (*.reg) will NOT overwrite corruption, whereas "Hive" files will. I'm not getting into the ethics tho.

If you're an avid user of registry cleaners... Try this.
Start>>Run ... & type ... Eventvwr .. Click OK.
Application. Security. System. In the Left panel.
Click on them one at a time... IF, you're loaded up with REDS in the Right panel. A lot of that "Can be" due to Registry cleaners, Improper Shutdowns,
BSOD's, and many .. many other Issues. Corruption mounts up.

Finally. Anyone who thinks a Reg Cleaner will BOOST, or make their system super FAST, is living in a world of "Make believe". Those words are selling points. Making your system faster by Reg Cleaning OR Reg hacking is a myth.
"Faster".... Is measured in MilliSeconds, So you wouldn't even know.

A good registry is an Untouched one. BUT..!! .. Viruses/Trojans will add & delete keys. So It's all a bit Dodgy. "Roundabouts & Swings". Here's a starter for anyone who wants to know a bit about the "Heart" of their System. @ ...... Keep Safe... ~_^
barrytbutler Jan 29, 2014 2.55
3 out of 5
i hate the fact that delta tool bar comes with this thing, so sneaky.
harrydevlin Oct 6, 2013 2.55
1 out of 5
"Clean the Registry" always fails at 11% with a "type de donnes incorrectes pour" error, whatever that means.

From doing a Google search, it appears that users of RegSeeker have been having this issue with this program for more than a decade, and it still isn't fixed, nor is there any explanation of what causes it or how to get around it..
olivergiving Sep 25, 2013 2.55
5 out of 5
Lsavagejt Jul 26, 2013 2.55
1 out of 5
Deceptively bundled with Delta toolbar. Loads BHO's. RegSeeker will not remove Delta toolbar reg keys. BitDefender flags this garbage.
gatorfan95 May 6, 2013 2.5
3 out of 5
Like all registry cleaners, don't use that feature unless you know what you are doing, eventually you will regret it., The rest of the program seems pretty solid, 4 stars for the over all program, minus one star for implying anyone can use it to clean their registry without caution.
dubstepmaker Feb 14, 2013 2.1
3 out of 5
definitely dont use the cleaner part, the rest of the program is great though.
nvic Jan 3, 2013 2.1
3 out of 5
Works, but wouldn't recommend the cleaner part. I tried it on a few VMs letting it fix everything it finds: Trashed 2, broke a few programs on 1, and no issue on 3 others.

The "Find in Registry" tool is invaluable though when removing leftovers. It makes cleaning up messy apps like AOL and Symantec products easy if you know what you're looking for and actually understand the results. Makes regedit's search look like junk.
solant Jan 3, 2013 2.1
5 out of 5
I have used this app for many yrs and the only time my PC got hosed after using this is when I got stupid and started blasting everything pretty much blindly.
Zootopia3001 Dec 28, 2012 2.1 Beta
1 out of 5
@Music4Ever..."A registry backup is of no value in a non booting PC which is a likely conclusion if you use this program"
Not really so. There are many ways to restore a corrupt PC registry. My choice: Creating a System State backup of the registry using MS's Backup Utility 'Advanced' mode. That way I can boot into 'Repair' mode if need be and the registry backup will be used for restoring the PC to its last backed up registry state. ERUNT(Emergency Recovery Utility NT) also provides a method to restore via DOS mode. Windows System Restore would be another way in some situations, though I don't like Windows System Restore(I disable it personally).

Overall, I don't recommend regcleaners. Only for folks that are very PC savvy, having much experience in restoring PC's and fixing problems on their own. However, Windows Vista and Windows 7 are a more tricky situation(ERUNT has documentation on this for a workaround).

Update: @Music4Ever... For me, with all the software I try, uninstall later on if I don't like or find I don't really use anymore, bad or unwanted updates, stuff maybe installed by mistake by others in the family and whatever other reason, I find the need to clean that registry out from time to time due to a good many uninstallers being so, so sloppy that they leave oodles and oodles of garbage left behind in the registry. But, that's just me. It seems you would like to see regcleaners banned for all. That's as bad as others wanting to see your TOR use banned. To each his own. It's a free country brother. We ain't China, at least not yet. BTW, if I were to recommend a regcleaner, the only one I would trust would be from Macecraft(jv16 Powertools). However, even theirs has gotten overly aggressive over the years, but they do have an option for a 'Normal' mode(now called 'Safe' mode), of which I would only recommend with their new versions. These makers of regcleaners ran afoul when each was trying to outdo the other by saying theirs cleaned more than their competitor(s). That's really where the problems lies with regcleaners these days... Trying to be the biggest and baddest on the block and ending up possibly ruining systems in the process. I'll give this particular regcleaner 1 star just to make you happy. Really don't matter to me. I don't use it and never will.
Music4Ever Dec 27, 2012 2.1 Beta
1 out of 5
@BlackDragon64 - Only fools type in uppercase as they assume wrongly that this adds validity to their comments.

Actually if you do know about the registry you will be editing it manually & or certainly not using this (beta) program to do it - That much is certain ~

This program has been around for many years, & have used it in the past, you are best leaving the registry well alone unless you know what 'you' (not a program) are doing - it’s not a case of if you will have an issue but when if you use a so called registry cleaner - My review stands.

Looking at your other 'reviews' it seems you type in uppercase often & seem to mistakenly feel you know about PC's & MS Windows - You don't - Add to the fact you can neither spell or use basic punctuation you have to understand I don't rate your review highly ~

You trashed an install using 'Advanced System Care' yet seemed not to have learned your lesson regarding cleaners?

@Zootopia3001 - Yes, I too am able to get just about any PC booting, on all the PC's I maintain all have multiple images - I also can restore boot sectors on any OS without problems - My point is 95% + of people who use registry cleaners don't have C:\ images, or the understanding of MS Windows to restore a registry backup when faced with a blank screen on boot. There never has been any independent evidence to show that registry cleaners actually make any difference to the speed of a PC that an 'average' person uses. Regseeker is not aimed at savvy as you put it PC users.

There are heaps of free ISO's based on Linux for example that will get you out of trouble but users of a program such as RegSeeker are unlikely to have or know how to use them. Sometimes I think you argue points for the sake of it & at the end you have still given it 2 stars? I edit the registry often but I can fix anything that goes wrong, most can't & few have any restoration system, I too disable 'System Restore' as it's all but useless & can't be relied on as a safe disaster recovery system ~

Your own words 'Overall, I don't recommend regcleaners' then argue the point that they are OK in a review of a Registry Cleaner' does not make any sense? As for what BlackDragon64 is on about I have no idea?

Edit to Edit :-)

No it's not a case of wanting them banned, it's a case of seeing many people losing data, ending up re installing Windows & me often picking up the pieces from the many Utility programs around, actually I had just 2 days ago a guy with a half working PC because a 'Uniniblue' utility program that stopped his sound & most of his Control Panel working - The required Backup' he tried didn't restore - In the end I fixed it, several .dll files had become unregistered.

My point is & always will be if you want to mess with the registry & I do often (every-time I remove a program) have a good backup system. If you look on the main screen of this program it does point out the potential issues of using it - if you can't restore a PC from a blank screen on boot avoid these programs - If you can that's fine, but you can have a false sense of security in thinking as the program has made a registry backup you are OK whatever you do, but you may not be when you get a blue screen on boot?

I have a lifetime licence for JV16, but IMHO if you want the safest reg cleaner around the Wise one I think is the most conservative - I think RegSeeker is particularly aggressive which is why I wrote the review just to save some people a bit of grief, that's all :-)
BlackDragon64 Dec 27, 2012 2.1 Beta
5 out of 5
Excellent program.Period.
ALWAYS has been excellent.
The programs does NOT "break computers", USERS break computer, especially users who KNOW NOTHING ABOUT THE REGISTRY.
I have always had a basic principle, and have taught it to many.
And that is thus: "IF you DO NOT know what the registry entry does, then LEAVE IT BLOODY WELL ALONE".
ALWAYS will save you issues, as well as "broken computers".
PLEASE stop blaming an excellent program for USER STUPIDITY.
Thank you.
Have used for MANY years with ABSOLUTELY NO ISSUES EVER!
dejavu Dec 8, 2012 2.0b
5 out of 5
Finally an update! Thanks for this excellent freeware!
Music4Ever Dec 7, 2012 2.0b
1 out of 5
This program breaks PC's & has done for many years -

@ johnwalter629 - Somehow your two statements don't fit together?

1.- 'If you break your computer with this and don't know how to restore a backup you shouldn't be touching the registry to begin with.'

2. - 'I've used this on countless PC's working in the IT department and haven't received a single problem yet.'

A registry backup is of no value in a none booting PC which is a likely conclusion if you use this program. No one in an IT department who has any sanity will use a registry cleaner ever. And it seems you use two registry programs not just one, I have zero belief you work in IT.

'Hope this review has cleared up any doubts of downloading' - No it hasn't & I don't believe a word you have said ~
johnwalter629 Sep 15, 2012 1.55
4 out of 5
RegSeeker is a perfect companion for your Windows registry ! With RegSeeker you can search for any item inside your registry, export/delete the results, open them in the registry. RegSeeker also includes a tweaks panel to optimize your OS ! Now RegSeeker includes a file tool to search for duplicate files, bad shortcuts and more ! I run this together with this once a month and everything runs great. Thanks

Great application: one of the few registry programs out there that works beautifully. If you break your computer with this and don't know how to restore a backup you shouldn't be touching the registry to begin with. I've used this on countless PC's working in the IT department and haven't received a single problem yet. I run this, SpyBot S&D, and Norton Corporate once a month and everything runs great. Hope this review has cleared up any doubts of downloading
CilyPudi Jul 28, 2012 1.55
5 out of 5
I have used this program since 2008 and it has never been updated, but really is still useful because I use it only to search out specific files or folders for deletion. Especially cleaning up after an uninstall. It works wonderfully for me on my Windows XP & Windows 7 HP computer. I never use the other functions as it will delete critical system files if you are not careful, but it very well finds things, viruses, malware, hidden crap. I highly recommend. Peace
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Galacticruler Jun 8, 2012 1.55
4 out of 5
just get VLC media player, its better than WMP.
twmechanic Jan 30, 2010 1.55
1 out of 5
Well... I decided to see if invalid registry entries were the reason my computer started slowing down. Installed RegSeeker and ran a scan. 1200 invalid entries showed. Went through all of them and had it delete the critical ones. Rebooted and it seemed about the same.. no faster no slower. The next day I tried to watch a video clip on Windows Media Player and got a blank screen. I know the video was working prior to the 'cleaning' it got from RegSeeker. Guess I need to figure out what it did to my WMP now. I wouldnt recommend it. If anyone knows or had this happen ... gimme some pointers to fix my Media Player!
carlvui Oct 20, 2009 1.55
4 out of 5
Good cleaner.
Not a very mild registry cleaner, digs a bit deeper but it didn't retrieve false positives for my scan. Beginners should be a bit precautious.
nehal4you Jul 27, 2009 1.55
5 out of 5
i am using the regseeker from years and have no problem yet. but recently its not cleaning the registry of media shout. but apart from others i believe regseeker is the best for regitry cleaning and reliable too.
trynow Jul 20, 2009 1.55
4 out of 5
Vista but having no SP1 and in XP home and XP Pro SP3....But I use this version on only XP Home Edition Sp3....
niknetpc Jul 19, 2009 1.55
1 out of 5
Crash Windows Vista in five minutes, do not install and run if you not experience user,and don't know how to repair system. Also don't forget check,, Make backup,, option in the left before applying any changes. Be very careful with this program!
s0ccurpr0 Jan 13, 2009 1.55
5 out of 5
Great application: one of the few registry programs out there that works beautifully. If you break your computer with this and don't know how to restore a backup you shouldn't be touching the registry to begin with. I've used this on countless PC's working in the IT department and haven't received a single problem yet. I run this, SpyBot S&D, and Norton Corporate once a month and everything runs great. Hope this review has cleared up any doubts of downloading
Grizz Jan 10, 2009 1.55
5 out of 5
RegSeeker was the only thing that would remove AVG files from my PC. As soon as I used this program walla I was able to install My new Anti-Virus Program ...I was told about RegSeeker in a forum of people who were having the same problem. I advised them of my findings as well !! Highly Recommended!!
radiomaffia Dec 22, 2008 1.55
4 out of 5
The only thing that annoyes me is that after scanning the registry you have to use Ctrl+A first to select all items to be removed by right click...a bit strange..
Further, great tool and more then only cleaning the registry! Remember, and it can not said enough, do not use more then 1 registrycleaner if you do not want to mess up your system...choose 1, use 1, make allways backups when the cleaningtool has to feature and know what you are doiing!
Anaphaxeton Oct 15, 2008 1.55
1 out of 5

I used this the other day out of curiosity, Normally i manually remove Registry entries, Wish i had done this time. I ran this programs found a number of errors and i selected the 'safe' ones to remove, made a back up deleted the entries.. goodbye pc and welcome format.. pc went into continous rebooting nothing would work or run i lost over 1TB of files ( which i was in the process of backing up!) Just a warning, I'm no newbie to computing i have a very very high spec machine and know the ins and outs of everything.

Even if you know what you're doing, Be careful!
argybee Jul 10, 2008 1.55
5 out of 5
Maybe not for the average Joe but for power users - truly excellent!
bitscomputers Jul 6, 2008 1.55
2 out of 5
The most thorough reg scanner I've seen. That said, since I used the software I can't get my desktop icons to save in place any longer. Every time I reboot the icons are arranged just like if I had Auto Arrange checked. I also loose the Quick Launch on my taskbar. Not sure if this happend after the reg scan and cleaning or after I used the Tweaks/Rebuild Icon Cache.
Monyet May 17, 2008 1.55
5 out of 5
Best i`ve ever seen!
netrocket Apr 12, 2008 1.55
5 out of 5
I downloaded and started using RegSeeker V 1.55 about 3 days ago.

I was astounded by the sheer depth of its scan and the Windows Registry disasters/calamities it discovered and cleaned up. Now the system runs a LOT faster than ever!

I say it is a great product!

Anyone with a S .L..O..W.. Windows XP system should really try it. It is absolutely the best Windows registry cleaner I have ever tested!
MeanMotherUSA Apr 4, 2008 1.55
5 out of 5

Reg-Seeker 1.55 Is Was 1 Of First Registry Cleaners Free....I've Used Since Day 1...It Still Finds Glitches-Unknowns-Things That Even---2008 Advanced Windows Care v.2.71 Does Not Even Find...

You Are Genius Thibaud,Created Reg Seeker 1.55...

guti Mar 18, 2008 1.55
5 out of 5
Best freeware registry cleaner.
Fast and safe.
oompoop Mar 6, 2008 1.55
5 out of 5
Remarkable tool, running on my XP since the beginning of time without causing difficulties :-)
But today:
Der Schlüssel "HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\{80b8c23c-16e0-4cd8-bbc3-cecec9a78b79}" enthält keine Daten. Der betroffene Dateityp ist damit nutzlos und kann gelöscht werden.
But RegSeeker couldn't, TuneUp couldn't, CCleaner couldn't and even NTREGOPT didn't solve the problem.
But nevertheless ...
hell0 Aug 14, 2007 1.55
5 out of 5
This is an excellent application, though it seems not to be working with my new Windows Vista OS. There's something wrong with the permissions of editing the registry. But I guess that has to do with the OS, not RegSeeker.

Thanks again for publishing this incredible program for free!
gawally Jul 5, 2007 1.55
5 out of 5
Having read all the other reviews and understanding most of them I thought I should comment. One reviewer seemed to think a reg cleaner was not needed, it may not be a necessity if you have a fast computer and high speed internet and use it for mundane purposes but a dramatic increase in speed with a slower computer is very evident with cleaning of the registry. Even with a new computer the loading of windows and the initial software can leave many redundant errors or unnecessary entries in the registry. I have just downloaded the newer version of RegSeeker and am about to try it but the previous version certainly did a great job as far as I am concerned although I must agree that it didn't indicate well how to do the deletes but overall a great program and FREE.
Rebell Jun 12, 2007 1.55
5 out of 5
Very nice free tool !

Better than some expensive software ^^

AlphaBetaGamma Jun 8, 2007 1.55
4 out of 5
This is better than previous versions, which often caused problems with some programs. I have not run into major problems with 1.55 yet, though I did have to exclude a couple of entries to prevent problems with extensions. So if you want a thorough cleaning and are willing to experiment a bit and maybe re-install a program if necessary, this is a good registry cleaner. But RegSupreme, Eusing, Wise and CCleaner seem to be safer.
armpit Jun 8, 2007 1.55
5 out of 5
Awesome utility.
horsecharles Jun 8, 2007 1.55
5 out of 5
Very useful.
darthbeads Jun 8, 2007 1.55
5 out of 5
PhucDat's "review" smells of user-error to me....
PhucDat May 8, 2007 1.52
1 out of 5
I wish I could rate it lower than 1. Had the desktop icons stuck to left glitch. Put my computer back in upper left manually with regedit. Whenever i restarted, my quick launch would disappear and would have to reinstall sound driver everytime. The backup feature is completely useless because it won't let you restore the registries. Updated my windows in an attempt to restore my registries, restarted, and now explorer won't load. Tried ctrl+alt+del->new task->explorer.exe and still won't work. Poor product. Too agressive, that's why people see high registry fixes. Worst than a virus, but not a virus, so anti-virus won't detect.
anomoly Mar 2, 2007 1.52
5 out of 5
Regseeker does have an 'exclusion' feature. the quick cleaner if you read the directions will remove window history including that of icon placement. The uninstaller is fine but I use the free version of uninstall tool (1.6.6).
Ap does not install, so where you run it from it will leave the backups, hopefully in it's own folder far from your c drive.
wildcatxxx Nov 12, 2006 1.52
3 out of 5
Using the automated cleaning, I can no longer use the 'Arrange icons by' on the desktop. They are scattered evry startup.
jimb11 Oct 27, 2006 1.52
5 out of 5
Every time I try to clean out my registry, regseeker puts a backup folder and three other files on my windows xp desktop. Regseeker has a backup on the left hand menu that I can use, so why put things on your desktop if you don't need them? Anyone know how to fix this?
[deXter] Oct 26, 2006 1.52
3 out of 5
Glad to see a new version of my favorite Registry Cleaner is out after SUCH a long time, but sad that the very two features I wanted aren't yet present/fixed.

1) Keyboard shortcuts.
- Keyboard shortcuts are *still* not yet implemented. This may not be a big issue for some, but it is for a lot of people, namely those who prefer the keyboard over a mouse and from an accessibility point of view.

2) "Type de données incorrect pour 'AppID'"
- In spite of reporting this bug years ago, 7 versions and 3 public releases later it's still not fixed. Want to make your RegSeeker crash? Apply this reg and viola, RegSeeker will crash when it comes across this key. It's *REALLY* irritating for me as I use a couple of apps that makes keys like the above, and what's more irritating is that I can't add such generic keys/data to exclude.ini.
DIRKES Oct 25, 2006 1.52
5 out of 5
Nice tool, it help me to remove 'untachabled' software entries and help to remove trash keys from my registry.
Thank's for the idea to distribute it free for personal use.
dhry Oct 24, 2006 1.52
2 out of 5
So why, when you uninstall a program, is it not automatically deleted from the Installed Applications list? You literally have to press F5 to refresh your installed apps list after uninstalling something! Ridiculous.
hurzx Oct 20, 2006 1.52
5 out of 5
The best. 3 builds within a week after several years without anything is amazing but improvements are always welcome. Only negative point : autoclean can be slightly damaging ( disorganisation of the desk (icons)).
DiamondT Oct 20, 2006 1.51
1 out of 5
I ran this with the experimental services box checked.
I had no idea it would completely disable XP's defrag.
Dumb on my part.
Even dumber on the part of a reg cleaner that would target XP defrag as a service to clean.
mojoworking Oct 18, 2006 1.51
5 out of 5
Just installed and used,got 6,976 invalids,this on a 4day old RC2,bit the bullet,backed to disk,all very intuitive,restart,all ok.WIth referance to defrag,did one yesterday,much better functioning after,this should be done about once a week,or if you felt the system is sluggish,this utility would not be their if not needed?,as files naturally scatter across the disk,so take longer to find.Anyway a Jewel(theme occuring here)it costs nowt,it does what it,a bit slow,but so long as does job,no prob,ta ra.
arvind Oct 17, 2006 1.51
5 out of 5
i don't mean to be rude or anything, but dude you're an idiot. you're giving this gem a rating of "3" because it found more invalid entries?? if you think it's not right, then shut up.. don't give a bad rating without even knowing what registry cleaning is all about. moron.

as for regseeker, it's an absolute gem.. and it's free. the only registry cleaner i've used. sweet!
paulm Oct 17, 2006 1.51
3 out of 5
I'm a huge fan of RegSeeker, and have been using it for a few years now on W2K/XP machines, along with EasyCleaner and more recently C(Crap)Cleaner. These programmes along with defragmenting are part of my regular maintenence. But...

I've just tried RegSeeker 1.51 on Vista RC2 and it has found 7755 entries for deletion!!! No way do I believe a 2 week old install of Vista has that many useless entries. Even with the created backup of the deleted entries I'm not going to try. Wouldn't be supprised if the OS didn't boot.
I've not used a previous version such as 1.45 on Vista either, but presume that would find a similar number of entries.

A few hundred entries would be expected on a "fairly dirty" machine!

As Hoverdesk are linking to BetaNews for downloading of RegSeeker now, hopefully they will read this and comment?

Now I finally understand why this programme has never left Beta status. ;-

If on the other hand this is simply a case of the programme not being Vista complient, then that needs to be boldly stated on Hoverdesk's site as well as BetaNews.

As for the helpful comments by "arvind" above. You say "I don't mean to be rude". Then you go on to call me a moron.
If you also knew anything about registry cleaning, you wouldn't need to use a registry cleaner. Period!
Unfortunately Betanews doesn't seem to have an active moderator to delete the username of people like you.
Yet another waster of good clean air!
Grongle Oct 17, 2006 1.51
5 out of 5
RegSeeker has long established itself as one of the best of the best. It is a beautiful piece of true freeware, unattached to any marketing at all. It does not even suggest you should do anything—it leaves all choices up to you, assuming you have a conceptual understanding of the process. The process, of course, is cleaning your registry, which gathers a lot of broken files and bits and pieces of old links as you use your system. How quickly this happens depends largely on how often you download new programs, or update or remove old ones. You can demonstrate the damage by noticing how many items are found in a sweep by RegSeeker (or any other registry cleaner): about a dozen is typical of a clean system; hundreds or even over a thousand in a system not maintained. Most of the time when I help people "clean out viruses", the problem in fact is a very cluttered registry, which causes Windows to continually look for the nonexistent references to all those broken links. If you are pretty inactive with your computer, use RegSeeker about once a week. Active pros may use it several times a day. As I said, it does not tell you what to do, but if your system is running well, you should be able to delete the whole schmeer of what it finds. Even so, this IS a registry-altering program, so you must be aware that, yes, you could cause yourself some problems in so doing. RegSeeker has thought of that, too—it has a backup, which will draw itself to your attention as you go through the motions. It is simply one superb piece of well-designed, superbly crafted piece of software. Thanks to the folks who make these things available to us for free.
anomoly Oct 17, 2006 1.51
5 out of 5
Registry cleaners can & do improve performance. Pc's are measured in kb's, not just gigabytes.
Don't try this with a server setting work pc. Results may vary.
Johnbald01 Oct 17, 2006 1.51
3 out of 5
I am of the same position of the bullet. I don't clean out my registry and have no problems on my computer. I never thought it was needed but to only address individual software problems than resolve by editing registry. The same as far as defragmentation goes, another over done task. The average person does not need to defrag but maybe once every six months or so.
pjb Oct 17, 2006 1.51
5 out of 5
A really useful application, with a nice clean interface.
Easy to work with and achieve the desired results.

I am sure that if ‘The Bullet’ was to try the application, that he/she would find it useful, as it is a little bit more than just a registry cleaner!
tp Oct 17, 2006 1.51
5 out of 5
this worked fine here...

doesn't a clean and compact registry help in a similar way as a does defragged drive (although obviously not as critical)? what i've read is that the registry has to be referred to and so if there is a lot of clutter, it will slow things down... with this in mind, I will do a cleanup like this on a rare occasion, and also run ntregopt.. i am sure the performance gains are neglible, but it does give me warm fuzzy feelings..
The Bullet Oct 17, 2006 1.51
1 out of 5
I have to clear something up here:


All of you people which are downloading this software and rating it so highly, don't even understand why you are using it!

Aslong as the program says it is removing entries you should delete, you happily sit there clicking yes and agreeing to potentially damaging your system (if you forget to back-up), for the sake of removing a few files!

And, I also would like someone to show me any hard evidence that registry cleaning actually improves performance. (Unless there is a specific problem that has to be addressed by making changes to the registry)...guess what, YOU CANT!

All I will get is "marketing spill" telling me how it works, without any evidence.
hurzx Oct 17, 2006 1.51
5 out of 5
@letterman. Strange. I never experienced that and never read of other people having the same problem. Woeks great here !
Rebell Oct 16, 2006 1.50
5 out of 5
For a freeware real GREAT !!
andy2004 Oct 13, 2006 1.50
3 out of 5
OK, downloaded and extract and I ran it, good points first, it does what is says on the tin, cleans the registry, removes everything that needs to be cleaned, so on that, I give it a 5, bad points, seem to remove my ability to run flash files .swf on websites, even though I had the newest flashplayer installed, reinstalled flash still didnt work, used the backups from the backup .reg files and it worked again. So on that I giving it a 3 . NOTE: I didnt select anything that was red in regseeker. good program, you just have to be careful, and make sure theres a tick in the backup box on the bottom left.
PetePat Oct 13, 2006 1.50
1 out of 5
I try it every now and then because of all the high ratings and hoping it would work, but on every computer that I have reg cleaner doesnt show color for entries so I cant know if entry is red or green for safe removal, and select only green or red doesnt select anything. I searched and searched for some solution and didnt find it.
Letterman Oct 13, 2006 1.50
5 out of 5
I've been waiting so many years for an update. Still can't belive it's here. Just tested. The great got even better.
Ian C. Oct 13, 2006 1.50
5 out of 5
A new version?!?!? I figured they had stopped working on it for good.

Great registry cleaner, catches more invalid entries than any other I've used, including several commercial ones. The other great thing about it is that it is so safe, it keeps it's own backup history of things it removes, and makes recovery easy, just in case it removes something it shouldn't have, which I have yet to see it do.
anomoly Oct 12, 2006 1.50
4 out of 5
It has a nice gui & nice menu but is not so simple & scanned both of my internal drives first, but it found 300 entries and eusing found only 88. Interesting, I'll just have to see. All it needs is a builtin shortcut to ntregopt.
bendingspoons Oct 12, 2006 1.50
5 out of 5
I've used this for ever and love it,just when
you think developement is dead it pops back
up again,i'm sure someone already said that
but i'll say it again,it's always on my machine.
Haaglander Oct 12, 2006 1.50
5 out of 5
Great, great piece of software. I'am using it for more than 3 years and i am very happy with this update: waited for more than 1 year :(
k2r Oct 12, 2006 1.50
5 out of 5
I'm using this masterpiece for years now. One of those "must have" apps it is.Used it with win98, 2k and xp without any problems. I only ask myself if its working with winxp64 or not. I don't wanna just try it, because a destroyed registry to restore is a lot of work :-) So anybody can give a hint about xp64 compatibility ?
busaman195 Oct 12, 2006 1.50
5 out of 5
hey blue joker......
This is the reason that it should not be this easy to review a product. If you are going to compare a program with another program then you have to compare it to something that is in the same category. ccleaner is a good disk cleanup utility with a basi registry scan and regseeker is the best full service registry cleaner with tons of usefull tweaks.

THIS IS THE BEST registry cleanup app out there and i have tried them all.
bobad Oct 12, 2006 1.50
5 out of 5
Excellent! By far the best of the free registry cleaners.
Blue Joker Oct 12, 2006 1.50
1 out of 5
Compared to CCleaner , this is a piece of crap.
For real.
hurzx Oct 12, 2006 1.50
5 out of 5
Excellent product and this build rocks. A good work.
CilyPudi Oct 10, 2006 1.45
5 out of 5
CilyPudi has kept same program 2 years. No need update. Perfect "RegSEEKER". Locate in entire computer where search term exist in under 2 min.

Never "regcleaner". Much too thorough. Erase the registry. Only RegSeeker to clean up after uninstalls, find malicious files. Manual delete or other with backups.
stopbuggingme Sep 9, 2006 1.45
4 out of 5
it's good but don't delete red items if you don't know what you're doing, that can crash your computer. So I only delete green items.
darkven Aug 10, 2006 1.45
5 out of 5
Wow, finally i stumbled to good registry cleaning program. This one has it all, nice interface with extra options without being too bloated.
urbanriot Dec 11, 2005 1.45
5 out of 5
Excellent piece of software, and generally I'm highly skeptical of registry "editing" or "cleaning" programs. This doesn't contain any spyware or malware, and does a wonderful job without causing any issues. And it's free!
brotherS Sep 22, 2005 1.45
5 out of 5
Great! I use it for quite some time now to clean my registry and ALWAYS delete EVERYTHING RegSeeker finds. I NEVER had a problem, this tool is highly recommended! Just make sure you extract it to HD before running it.
gmartau Sep 15, 2005 1.45
1 out of 5
I tried the "Clean registry" feature (win WP Pro). The result is a garbage. All items found have a number at the end. This number doesn't exists in registry (the entry exists but without that number appended). So the "Jump to registry" doesn't work. The backup file created when deleting something contains the items with that number so when restoring the garbage is added to your registry instead of recreating the deleted values/key. This bug is from at least a year (was beta then), I send them all the info about the bug including screenshots but no even a reply (screenshots are still available).
I remember that this program worked on a Win98 system but not for any Windows XP system that I tried. So beware.
Nikkita Sep 9, 2005 1.45
5 out of 5
RegSeeker is one of my favourite tools for PC maintenance. It is small, fast and doesn't require installation: just put it on your system and run. Once a month I use it for cleaning my registry of redundant/obsolete entries and errors. I install and inevitably uninstall lots of programs and RegSeeker is an integral part of my uninstall routine: a lot of programs are badly written and leave many entries even after proper uninstallation and RegSeeker helps me to find those unneeded items in the registry and delete them. This utility has also many other useful options. So far I have never had problems with RegSeeker and I would highly recommend this superb program but not to novice: one should be very careful making changes to the registry, you should understand what you do. Even to experienced PC users I would advise to always use "Backup before deletion" option of the program and also make a system restore point before using RegSeeker: that way you can recover from any mistakes you may accidentally make.
Velocition Sep 5, 2005 1.45
5 out of 5
Awesome, just awesome. Not only did it find many more entries than most other registry cleaners, it has other options too. I haven't been able to find anything I really don't like about it. I would say it finds at least 90% of all the incorrect entries in your registry. The only program that found other entries (only 32) after cleaning with RegSeeker was Registry Mechanic. Though, RegSeeker found about 100+ more entries than Registry Mechanic was able to.
dejavu Aug 23, 2005 1.45
5 out of 5
Wonderful software!!!
zridling Aug 19, 2005 1.45
5 out of 5
Incredible. RegSeeker found entries that six other registry cleaner apps did not find even with their deep scans. Best of all, that Mozilla Firefox pantload is finally obliterated from my system.
Aug 1, 2005 1.45
5 out of 5
Very light, and you don't have to install RegSeeker. It's a good program.
bellgamin May 14, 2005 1.45
5 out of 5
I use 4 applications that include registry cleaners: RegSeeker, CCleaner, HDCleaner, & Ace Utilities. All 4 are excellent, but RegSeeker is by far the best. Nearly always RegSeeker will find useless registry entries that the other three applications did not turn up.

RegSeeker is *safe* from the standpoint that, by default, it backs-up every registry deletion that it makes. I highly recommend this superb program.
[deXter] May 13, 2005 1.45
4 out of 5
I update my review to give it a 4 because:

1) It crashes when certain corrupt registry entries are encountered (Norton Windoctor can fix them)

2) The program doesn't have keyboard shortcuts. It's highly limiting the accessibility and automatibility of the program, since you can't automate the program internally.

3) No updates to fix some of the errors and feature requests. At this rate RegSeeker will soon be superseeded by other programs.
pjb May 13, 2005 1.45
4 out of 5
Good Programme. Works well. (Not sold on the colour purple though - hard on the eyes)
mosimea Apr 25, 2005 1.35 Beta
5 out of 5
I really like the software, the cleaner works well and the search function is really handy. I actually like not having an installer and having more reg entries and more stuff is installed hither and yon.
SuperVegeta Dec 26, 2004 1.35 Beta
5 out of 5
I have made a complete setup file for RegSeeker with Nullsoft Installer freely downloadable at this link:

You don't need to know italian, just click on download link.
brotherS Dec 25, 2004 1.35 Beta
5 out of 5
Ok, it has no installer, but still it does what it's supposed to do! Never had a problem, neither did all the people I told to use it!
httpd.confused Nov 21, 2004 1.35 Beta
4 out of 5
Rough around the edges, especially the exclusion list (INI file). But still pretty decent.

Please stop whining about an installer. What is so terribly difficult about extracting an archive, and creating a couple shortcuts? RegSeeker is freeware, remember. But if you desperately need an installer, try ZipInstaller:
beast64 Sep 30, 2004 1.35 Beta
4 out of 5
This apears to be a great app with a lot of potential, but it definitly needs an installer.
gkar Jun 25, 2004 1.35 Beta
5 out of 5
Very impressive, it removes tons of invaild reg entries and yet does not seem to remove anything needed by the system. This in combination with norton windoctor is a superb combo. My compliments to the author! 5*****'s
boboki Dec 15, 2003 1.35 Beta
4 out of 5
Great program! This thing finds MASSIVE amounts of invalid or old reg entries that other regcleaners never saw.
Only complaint I have about it, please include an installer.
CyberInferno Dec 10, 2003 1.35 Beta
3 out of 5
This is a good program, but it's a little too aggressive in its cleaning tactics. For instance, after one run of the program, it deleted the registry key for http and .html, so there was no default browser, and MyIE2 couldn't even set itself as the default without the entries. I use it for clearing MRU history, and I normally delete the entries it finds and marks with green lettering (the obselete entries and entries that refer to a missing file). I wish the authors would add an option to select all safe entries, as it's kind of a pain to go through the entire list using CTRL+Shift to find all the green ones manually. Overall, not a bad program.
paulm Dec 5, 2003 1.35 Beta
5 out of 5
Great programme! Not sure what's new over v1.30, but easily the best registry cleaner out there. Freeware or shareware.
freeza Dec 5, 2003 1.35 Beta
5 out of 5
great program
Customcomputerkid Dec 4, 2003 1.35 Beta
5 out of 5
Nice program this is a keeper! It has very nice features and lets you uninstall stuff from that program! Pretty nice!
scodan Oct 1, 2003 1.30 Beta
4 out of 5
RegSeeker has some interface quirks and some design issues: Such as the fact that it doesn't check exclude entries when it adds them, but rather just blindly adds them--so you can end up having the same line in exclude.ini many times over; you can't exclude registry values, only keys; and the "backup" feature relies on file associations (so if you have been wise enough to change the default action for REG files to "Edit", rather than "Merge", it won't work as designed...). But overall, the utility works quite well. I was surprised and impressed with what it caught that RegVac did not. On the other hand, I would definitely NOT recommend this for the average user.
wagner reatto Aug 26, 2003 1.30 Beta
5 out of 5
excellent program! this software must be used for those who know what is doing.
klumy Jul 23, 2003 1.10 Beta
5 out of 5
Excellent work !!
The Registry cleaner works fine for me.
bobad Jul 22, 2003 1.10 Beta
3 out of 5
This is a very mediocre program. The Registry cleaner is a total scam. When I started scanning the Registry, almost all of the first 15 file types that came up were good file types. I overlooked some MS Office references, and Office got hosed. The rest of the program is not so useful. RegSeeker is not hopeless. Just some fine tuning with the Registry Cleaner accuracy and ability to sort,,,and re vamping the temp file cleaner methodology will make it a very nice program. bobad at charter dot net
brazen weep Jul 22, 2003 1.10 Beta
5 out of 5
Works great and it's beautiful.
paulm Jul 22, 2003 1.10 Beta
5 out of 5
This is an excellent programme!
A great complement to EasyCleaner 2.0 Beta 1, RegScrubXP and jvPowerTools 1.3.
Thankyou jvPowerTools 1.4, your recent move from freeware to shareware prompted me to look for another freeware registry cleaner. This one excellent! Needs an installer/uninstaller and a delete button on the UI, but as a beta is great. The app. highlights most of the "red do not delete" entries that jvPowerTools 1.3 found, so I deleted these and no problems.
pjb Jul 22, 2003 1.10 Beta
5 out of 5
A very good free programme. I have used regseeker for some time now, and never found any problems with it. This release (1.10) is another step forward.
ssb Jun 23, 2003 1.06 Beta
4 out of 5
Very interesting, small and free registry cleaner. In fact it's better than many commercial cleaners.
Unfortunately it has some serious limitations (IMHO)
For example very limited exception list handling as you must add exceptions manually one by one.
Anyway try it and you won't regret it.
crimarti Feb 22, 2003 1.06 Beta
1 out of 5
there is a serious bug in this 1.06b version: it disables the mouse wheel in my pc. i have made a few tests and found that if i just install and open regseeker just to clean up the registry doesn't crash the wheel but i click the uninstall module or the tweaks one my whee dies, i didn't go further to see what exactly must be done for the bug to appear cause it sould had to restore my pc a lot of times (you have luck that i have a rollback utility cause if i don't this post would be very different). read my other post under this one to get a complete idea. win98se lite (chubby install), ie6sp1, 64mb ram, 4mb video. hope you could fix it.
egg83 Jan 28, 2003 1.06 Beta
5 out of 5
This is a good lightweight program for seeking out registry errors (Not lightweight in the sense of features, mind you). Blunt, direct, and right to the point! And also has some useful tweaks that are useful. No bloat in this program.
bbhermit Jan 27, 2003 1.06 Beta
5 out of 5
Very good program. Tight, not a space hog, and does what it's supposed to. It should have a delete button, in addition to the select all button. I had a bit of a problem figuring out how to delete things when I first started using this program.
crabbyappleton Jan 27, 2003 1.06 Beta
5 out of 5
Fast,small,handy and powerful. Absolutely excellent program. Thank you
nevers Jan 27, 2003 1.06 Beta
5 out of 5
I second the previous contributor !
Tiga Jan 23, 2003 1.05 RC3
5 out of 5
Nice designed prog. Not bigger than needed. Great job guys
chimpypimpy Dec 18, 2002 1.05 RC2
5 out of 5
An excellent program by a couple of great guys, nice work!
betasun Dec 9, 2002 1.05 RC1
5 out of 5
A very nice tool,works fine .
randman Nov 15, 2002 1.05 RC1
5 out of 5
Excellent! Just excellent! I can't wait to see the final release.
nLctr Nov 15, 2002 1.05 RC1
5 out of 5
Real good program but just tried 1.05RC1 and for the first time get the below mentioned French error msg consistently at count 384.
ebell Nov 8, 2002 1.04 Beta
5 out of 5
A good idea to couple a registry toll with some tweaking capabilities. Nice program with foreign language support. Thanks
Aimo Oct 29, 2002 1.03 Beta
5 out of 5
you guys are very fast in fixing bugs. and the prog is still excellent. again best rating from me.
Aimo Oct 28, 2002 1.02 Beta
5 out of 5
it's still running without any probs on my xp. keep on going like this folks...i'll give ya best rate - it's excellent
hover Oct 25, 2002 1.01 Beta
5 out of 5
When does that error occure ? Can you please contact us in order to fix that bug ? Thanks.
bobad Oct 25, 2002 1.01 Beta
1 out of 5
"Type de donnees incorrect pour" Socre Bleu!
Zoohooter Oct 25, 2002 1.0 Beta
3 out of 5
Appears to be doing what it is supposed to do, but after it has completed its scan, I keep getting a popup box with the following message: "Type de donnees incorrect pour" and I haven't the faintest idea what this is saying.
call2 Oct 24, 2002 1.0 Beta
4 out of 5
Seems to do all that it says. The reg cleaning showed up a lot more invalid entries than some other cleaners. Deletion needs care but a backup file is optionally available so that the deleted entries can be restored. A nice little package that will do a lot of jobs all from one area.