ReviewerDate ReviewedVersionRatingReview
mikebray Mar 12, 2014 0.4.4
3 out of 5
paulperry Aug 24, 2013 0.4.4
4 out of 5
4 stars
durcas.traushun Sep 9, 2012 0.4.4
1 out of 5,11791.html
is IDLING as always ...

Singapore radio stations are IDLING..
Philippines radio station are IDLING..

Screamer Radio can you please add pretty please ...
asaenz Sep 6, 2012 0.4.4
4 out of 5
Still works for me EXCEPT in Windows 8 but I'm using early pre-release version and final might be different. Runs fine for 30 or so minutes but usually by an hour it has frozen or repeats a small segment of the incoming stream and I have to shut it down and rerun it so I wind up missing a segment of a 4 hour program if I leave it alone. To keep up with modern times needs to be tested under Win 8 and debugged. Meanwhile I'm using another product under Win 8 although I prefer to use Screamer R..
GadgetPig Sep 27, 2010 0.4.4 (20100924) Beta
3 out of 5
As a basic streaming and recording program it works well, just a couple things:

a.) when you first start the player, make sure to go top menu>recording>begin recording and make sure it is checked OFF.
For some reason it was already enabled when I downloaded the portable version. YMMV of course.

b.) As was mentioned before, the gui could use updating, maybe add vista/win7 taskbar controls (as windows media player classic already does) or basic skinning support.

c.) Regarding radio presets, there are times when stations fail to load "gives up" (as the radio station may have changed iURL or network ports), so you need to manually edit or add stations occasionally. For example under the "salsa" genre, there are 10 listed, but only one "sky FM" actually works. YMMV of course.
aszure Sep 26, 2010 0.4.4 (20100924) Beta
5 out of 5
I have toyed with this program for years. It does what it is advertised to do, plays internet radio streams, and does it quite well. I find that there's a very small memory footprint, and doesn't take up your desktop.

The interface is a bit weak. All the functionality is there, however, I wouldn't mind seeing some degree of skinning and maybe a mini-view when it's playing in the background. It reminds me of a media player from 1998.

One thing I will say is that it gives one of the most thorough listing of radio stations of the other media player programs. I believe the lists are compiled from the shoutcast yp, icecast yp, and then personal submissions from users on their forum. All my favorites are there, and tons more to choose from.

That all being said, it's great. Works excellent. Just could use a face lift.
smaragdus Sep 26, 2010 0.4.4 (20100924) Beta
4 out of 5
Good, but I prefer this one - Radio Sure -
anomoly Sep 25, 2010 0.4.4 (20100924) Beta
1 out of 5
Unfortunately this comes with lots of presets from all over that simply don't work and even if you know the proper url, it is impossible to correct it's internal list.
If you want a simple gui to record a simple stream, look no further.
The fact it's presets are such a mess is what turns me off completely.
It's like looking to buy a car with a convertible top, and getting it home and finding out you bought a lunchtruck.
asaenz Jul 13, 2010 0.4.3
4 out of 5
I use it almost daily and it works well for me.
philosopher_dog Oct 17, 2008 0.4.3
1 out of 5
Just use xmplay for radio streaming. I haven't found anything close, certainly not SR.
GSMAN Oct 14, 2008 0.4.3
5 out of 5
The menu tweak must have gotten rid of the interface bug I was speaking of.
Running XP, I still pointed the install to the programs folder overwriting v0.4.2 with no problems.
Great working release....Thanks
radiomaffia Oct 13, 2008 0.4.3
5 out of 5
As being a critical I can only say : this prog totally rocks! Being freeware and so handy to use, amazing!Now also for Vista, just install it and listen to all the stations you like and how cool is it then you directly can record them in MP3(!), the icon in the tray turns then into red, very handy now and directly change the max file lenght to ZERO in Preferences
Tip.In changing favorites you can simply your ad your own station if not present in the list in a notepad presentation simply by copy paste the allready present favorite(s) with your own url replaced, tested&works!In version 0.39 there where some problems rembering the added favorites, it seems that has been solved now with version 0.43. Low CPU usage offcourse, you do not mention that is ON except for the music offcourse!
Are there things I miss? Yes, a 3-bands equalizer, skinsupport and going to the tray while clicking on close instead of really closing,a little annoying
Edit : this can be changed in Preferences! Absolut 5* worth!
Looking for freeware prog supporting Last.Fm? Try RaimaRadio Free on and do not constantly asking the same question : I do like to see supporting it Last.Fm...
Undesired Username Oct 13, 2008 0.4.3
1 out of 5
I find it hilarious that henrypeck tries insulting me (a common response after one gives free crap a low rating), and then claims that the version I reviewed was a "beta". In fact, 0.4.1 was not, and neither is this version. Look at the home page, it says: "Latest stable v0.4.3 | Latest beta No current beta".

I'll never apologize for rating as I see fit. Grading on a curve is senseless.
philosopher_dog Oct 4, 2008 0.4.2
1 out of 5
Sorry this is a piece of crap. I know Screamer has its fans. But, no offense to the developer, who I'm sure is working as hard as he can, but this program is not being patched at all quickly, and certainly later versions are not ready for prime time. These are alpha releases at best. Consider, for instance, the windows stack problems that will bring your machine to its knees if you play this thing over a couple of days. How long has this problem been reported? Also, the presets make the whole thing lose menus, and this has been happening for how many revisions. Come on. I know its freeware, but does anyone need this hassle to run a radio program? Look. Save yourself a lot of grief. Download the best little player in the world. It's called XMplay. It has an amazing radio stream feature. It works like a rock, it actually screams, and is frugal on resources. But it will also play more than radio stations. It's simply the best solution I've seen. Winamp isn't bad either. I just find all these browser features and what not distracting if I'm just trying to work with the radio streaming some instrumental. Also, Winamp is less than frugal.
anomoly Oct 2, 2008 0.4.2
3 out of 5
Honestly? xmplay streams and sounds much better. Author doesn't update presets even when asked to in forums and apparently neither can I. I only like one station (3 really) and xmplay handles them fine.
anonymouscowturd Oct 2, 2008 0.4.2
5 out of 5
No problems so far with this update. Keeping fingers crossed on this one. 0.4.1 was bit of disaster with the menus vanishing and buffering problems.
GSMAN Oct 2, 2008 0.4.2
3 out of 5
I'm not gonna push Rarma like others, but I have to agree, its more than buggy since v0.38.
I see the same interface disappearance's, then it begins to somehow cause other open apps to lose their input response.
The whole time still playing and recording perfectly.
exit Oct 2, 2008 0.4.2
1 out of 5
I used screamer radio for long time then I discovered Rarma Radio
After trying I was buying
henrypeck Oct 2, 2008 0.4.2
5 out of 5
Undesired Username must have forgotten to take his Prozac. Too bad he doesn't understand what "beta" means.
hilfer Oct 2, 2008 0.4.2
5 out of 5
Nice piece of software.
Great recording quality.awesome.
Someone here sugested RarmaRadio ???what a joke !
It costs 30$ and this one is FREE...
Undesired Username Sep 19, 2008 0.4.1
1 out of 5
What a piece of crap. Half the time when I run it, the Presets menu appears in the tray menu but not on the main window. Sometimes, when I simply add a preset to my favorites, the ENTIRE menu disappears.

Some stations are identified by their owner name (i.e. "ChroniX Radio"), even when that owner may have several stations of a DIFFERENT subformat and/or bitrate within the same genre.

There's no search functionality for presets, which sucks. You can't tell what bitrate a station is in before you play it, which sucks. You can't tell what URL a station uses before you play it, which sucks.

And how could anyone SERIOUSLY think that using multiple fly-out menus is a good interface design? It's beyond awful.

Take a look at RarmaRadio's interface. You can browse presets in a tree. You can sort them. You can search for and filter presets. You can see URLs and bitrates for any preset. You can view/configure/use the home URL for any station. You can customize and add toolbars. And so on. I'm not saying the RarmaRadio interface is perfect, but its interface blows Screamer Radio out of the water. It's like Dasani versus benzene.

By the way, RarmaRadio can show album art and song lyrics. It works with Last.FM. It has "dynamic boost" for stations that have a crap bitrate. Enjoy your freebie, but personally, I want something that doesn't suck, even if it costs me money.

People are so easily impressed and happy to settle it disgusts me--never more so than when I have to sift through a stack of free-but-highly-rated crap just to arrive at something decent.
zeltus Aug 28, 2008 0.4.1
4 out of 5
Great interface but still very much a beta.

GUI lost menu items (in particular, Presets) may come back if you toggle the "Always on Top" option - but this is a fairly serious issue that needs addressing with a new release.

Cannot play UK BBC Radio - wrong media type - this is a must-have for me.

Sometimes loses all settings temporarily if it cannot connect to - summat funny going on there, somewhere.

Would like to be able to set up timed recording "record BBC Radio 4 at 4pm for 1 hour" sort of thing.

Don't get me wrong, this is definitely something I want on my system - when it works, it's so sweet it's magical. At the very least, keep an eye on this one and get it when you think it's usable enough.
mmatheny Aug 25, 2008 0.4.1
3 out of 5
Presets keep disappearing (not the presets themselves, the menu item!) and can't figure out the when or why.
ljepava Aug 23, 2008 0.4.1
5 out of 5
definitly great app. a must have for music lovers.
cees2000 Aug 22, 2008 0.4.1
5 out of 5
Well, I don't go screaming my head of that easily but this app is my favorite for a long time and I just don't know any other which is this good!!
Keep up the great work guys!!!
coover Aug 22, 2008 0.4.1
5 out of 5
This application is certainly among the best free audio players. I find myself using it about the same amount of time that I use Spider. Both are excellent. Both are fives.
Qlib Aug 19, 2008 0.4.0
5 out of 5
ok, so its been a while since the last update but this program is so good I'll forgive it!
hilfer Aug 19, 2008 0.4.0
5 out of 5
This is really the best stream radio on the web.
Besides that it has a wonderful record function with great audio quality.Fantastic.
neptunek Aug 19, 2008 0.4.0
5 out of 5
This is very very useful and the best player to internet radio!!

Very Thanks!!!!!
therube Aug 19, 2008 0.4.0
4 out of 5
That didn't work. The forum ate my code!
Have a look at this:


No need to edit presets.xml.gz.

Use favorites.xml. Start by saving the currently playing station as a favorite.

Favorites | Add current station to Favorites

That should create a favorites.xml.

Edit that file, placing whatever stations you want in there, then go to File | Reload Favorites to refresh the Favorites list.

Note the format of the .xml file.

You can also create "groups" (fly-out lists) by placing stations within a Group tag.
anomoly Aug 19, 2008 0.4.0
4 out of 5
Need a better way to update presets than posting a screamer forum request.
If anyone knows how to edit the presets.xml.gz file so that it can be saved correctly for screamer, please let us know.
sps Aug 19, 2008 0.4.0
5 out of 5
WOW!!! Impressive!
Thanks to the author!
Cekay Aug 18, 2008 0.4.0
5 out of 5
Wow. This is an absolut top notch freeware radiostreamer. Were even the paid Streaming radios suffer in recording streams like it does it job so wonderful. Thank you very much to make this available to us.
boaz Aug 18, 2008 0.4.0
5 out of 5
Yea! at last a new version. I've been using the previous version for quite some time, to listen to steaming music, and it works great.
lls Aug 18, 2008 0.4.0
5 out of 5
There are four varieties of the newest stable version:
- for 2k/XP/Vista - installer,
- for 2k/XP/Vista - portable ZIP,
- for Windows 9x - installer,
- for Windows 9x - portable ZIP.
exit Aug 18, 2008 0.4.0
4 out of 5
I always thought that Screamer Radio is a great freeware radio and it truly is
May I suggest that you try out
To see what Screamer Radio is lacking this is Shareware that was once
Freeware but its truly worth a try to see what a great radio can be.
Nighted Jul 1, 2008 0.3.9 Build 20070222
5 out of 5
This is a truly fantastic internet radio software. Almost every possible feature has been implemented. Only thing I can think of that's lacking is a search for stations. Other than that's it's loaded with every feature I could possibly imagine.

A truly well designed application.
And| May 18, 2008 0.3.9 Build 20070222
5 out of 5
New 0.4.0 beta available in the forums.

Best, ever.
radiomaffia Feb 11, 2008 0.3.9 Build 20070222
5 out of 5
Higly recommended, works perfectly in XP and Freeware. You can search by Genre, add to favorites (to change favorites you directly go into notepad, great advantage!) and record the streaming in MP3 and having the name of the song also added in the MP3name!
Add your own station also and light CPU. Absoluty Rocks! I'm waiting for the new release for Vista support...
THZGryphon Feb 11, 2008 0.3.9 Build 20070222
4 out of 5
Works great, no problems. No reason for the developer to be actively working on a functioning, free, product.
philosopher_dog Feb 5, 2008 0.3.9 Build 20070222
1 out of 5
Buggy and over rated. Also, the developer doesn't seem to be actively working on it. I'd stay clear of the beta.
mememe Apr 30, 2007 0.3.9 Build 20070222
2 out of 5
Many of the presets don't work. and It crashes frequently.
pattard Mar 21, 2007 0.3.9 Build 20070222
5 out of 5
Have been using v0.3.8 for over a year now. Fantastic application. Have had no problems till recently when the application crashed with error "buffer overrun detected". The error has occurred twice now. Will upgrade to v0.3.9 beta to see if it still occurs. No error recorded in the event log.
anomoly Feb 23, 2007 0.3.9 Build 20070222
3 out of 5
Perfect-almost. (xmplay has better stream support)
I gave author this stream
and he added it to presets. It's the only station I bother with. problem is when you open the preset (KPOA), author added more to the line:
Why is this extra bs there?
I don't have any problems opening KPOA in xmplay OR screamer without the ?MSWMExt=.asf added to end of url. It will play either url but for some reason always has a connection error on start with or without the extra. I continually have to press play to get it to connect.
This is my only beef other than the extra bs at end of source url.
F1Racer Feb 23, 2007 0.3.9 Build 20070222
3 out of 5
OK the good and the bad (at least for me).

The good is this program is brilliant !
Loads of presets (including the ever popular scanners :)) Some comedy radio would be nice though.
Love the way, when you record, it not only records direct to MP3, butsplits them up automatically when the radio changes its song. How cool is that !??
Simple GUI, no messing, no BS. Just does what it says on the tin.

Now... saying all that I am having problems with it (the current beta, and now the 0.38stable). When Screamer is running, I can no longer access folders on my desktop, or favourites in my browser (Firefox). They just don't open.
Also the Menu titles in Screamer disappear and reappear for seemingly no reason. Reloading the config temporarily fixes it until they go again.
The record button being clicked causes this for example.
Same in the preferences. Click on the recording tab and it disappears, so then does the Encoding tab.

Anyone else getting this ?

If I delete the folder for Screamer and unzip 0.38 again, when it runs all is fine again. As soon as the presets are loaded, half the menu headings disappear then they reappear randomly when pressing buttons.
So for this I can only give 3 stars on an otherwise good program. Too buggy :(
Stryfe Feb 23, 2007 0.3.9 Build 20070222
4 out of 5
Just wanted to say it is also working flawlessly on Windows Vista Business 32bit edition.
Pcfreakske2000 Feb 23, 2007 0.3.9 Build 20070222
5 out of 5
I use version 0.38.
I like this program , it's the best program to listen to online radio stations with.
I like it also because my favorite internet radio station is listed in the Presets :

Overall a great program and a worth to download.

You won't regret it.
radiomaffia Feb 19, 2007 0.3.9 Build 20070217 Beta
5 out of 5
Best internet player you can find, I am using 0.3.8 and the only thing that needs improvement is the way you can remove your favorites, it's working with Notepad and you have remove the lines yourselve. There should be an option with or without Notepad (automatic/handly) and a equalizer implented would ROCKS!! Still give it a rating because its works so well, low cpu and allways getting me in the mood :-)
srotman Feb 19, 2007 0.3.9 Build 20070217 Beta
5 out of 5
been using this for over a year. thought the developer quit on us but low and behold here is a new beta! to me this is more exciting than Vista being released. if you're looking for a good net radio player, THIS is THE ONE!
marie3a Feb 18, 2007 0.3.9 Build 20070215 Beta
5 out of 5
best radio out there!!
i have it from the beginning and have never change to another one.
i will recommend it to all radiolovers:)
nailzs Feb 17, 2007 0.3.9 Build 20070215 Beta
5 out of 5
Runs fine under Wine in Ubuntu 7.04 build 4 live CD.
chaat Feb 15, 2007 0.3.9 Build 20070215 Beta
5 out of 5
This is an excellent program. The author is very responsive to the user base in terms of implementing changes to make the program more usable.

The large font issue is important to a large segment of the user population. The support of large DPI font is greatly appreciated.

Chuck H.
anomoly Feb 15, 2007 0.3.9 Build 20070215 Beta
5 out of 5
yeah well MS did. It's called the onscreen magnifier. Get used to it. This is not a handicap oriented website. Complain direct to author instead. Besides who needs eyes when all you need is ears? just kidding
Suggestion: User should be able to copy and cut or paste url direct from gui.
binarykult Feb 15, 2007 0.3.9 Build 20070215 Beta
4 out of 5
To all reviewers here : maybe some people have handicaps to see, and that's why i guess they get fed up no software engineer thinks about this ...
No what about you all ? You can read perfectly ?
Hope you'll never get any handicap in your life, then i think you'll understand why i say all of these, when people doesn't consider you "normal".
boaz Feb 8, 2007 0.3.9 Build 20070128 Beta
5 out of 5
Dixon_Butz (nice username); Who gives a rats behind about large font support. This program is SWEET! Works very good, and has a record feature built-in.
midnighter_9999 Jan 30, 2007 0.3.9 Build 20070128 Beta
4 out of 5
Unable To Download...Its says Server Error!!
-Lord- Jan 29, 2007 0.3.9 Build 20070128 Beta
5 out of 5

Your review, like your nickname are a disgrace. you rate a piece of software low because you don't like the look of the app, rather than the app's functionality, which is what this rating system is supposed to be for.

The program works, is very light, and is totally free. Very worthy.
DaComboMan Jan 29, 2007 0.3.9 Build 20070128 Beta
5 out of 5
Me thinks Dixon_Butz needs to buy a magnifying glass. Excellent program!!!
Dixon_Butz Jan 29, 2007 0.3.9 Build 20070128 Beta
2 out of 5
Still no large font support.
The buttons dont function at all if you use large fonts. I'm not rating on looks. I'm rating on functionality which for me and other large font users is totaly non functional. Just for that it deserves a 1. So STFU!
knuckles Jan 22, 2007 0.3.9 Build 20070120 Beta
5 out of 5
"Dixon_Butz", you're giving it a three because screamer radio has a simple interface. A program needs functionality before all else and screamer radio does exactly that. With a small file size, hundreds of stations, low system load, and the ability to record stations. There is no other internet radio program that has as many features in such a small size. Maybe in the future the creator will allow customization of the interface, but I hope it will only be minor and not a full blown skinning interface because it would increase the screamer's use of system resources. Screamer radio continues to be my favorite program to recommend to people. Keep up the good work.
Dixon_Butz Jan 22, 2007 0.3.9 Build 20070120 Beta
3 out of 5
Needs large font support. Looks like crap. Other than that, it's great!

Yes I gave it a 3. Get over it.
Without large font support, the buttons do not function at all.
Icfu Jan 22, 2007 0.3.9 Build 20070120 Beta
5 out of 5
No gimmicks, no banners, no junk – just pure radio fun in the slimmest player available. If you like the command line, there also is a console tuner available on the website.
marie3a Dec 16, 2006 0.3.9 Beta
5 out of 5
just the best!
have used it from beginning and
never have to changed. because i
havent find anything better than
screamer radio:)
Coltman45 Nov 14, 2006 0.3.9 Beta
5 out of 5
Screamer Radio is the best. And free too!!!
Perth, Australia Aug 13, 2006 0.3.9 Beta
4 out of 5
I too have been using Online Radio Tuner and found this program quite nifty.

I wanted to know if there one that has timed recording where you can enter the time for it to record?
Jordanr05 Jul 13, 2006 0.3.9 Beta
5 out of 5
Wow i've been using Online Radio Tuner until I heard about this and gave it a shot. Simply amazing. So compact and efficient to use, you can record, and it has 0 impact on system resources. Best of all the sound quality is superb.
JMeckles Jul 6, 2006 0.3.9 Beta
5 out of 5
WoW! I've been using Screamer Radio from 1998 and it is going just perfect. Excellent footprint! My only problem is the ISP that I am connected to. Confident that all future versions will make their marks. Keep up the good work.
gnosh Jun 18, 2006 0.3.9 Beta
5 out of 5
I fell in love with this little gem immediately. It makes listening to internet radio so simple and satisfying.

Would like to recommend to the author that the Edit, Save, Reload Favourites options be moved to the Favourites menu.
hepman May 21, 2006 0.3.9 Beta
5 out of 5
I really like this program!
Very easy to use and with small footprint...
5/5 from me!
Screamer + DFX (Y)
hariskar May 16, 2006 0.3.9 Beta
5 out of 5
Great application! A must for avery music lover. Anything similar for internet tv?
And| May 16, 2006 0.3.9 Beta
5 out of 5
Best internet radio application... EVER! I have used this piece of software for well over a year now. I have tried alternatives, but believe me, this is the best. No bloat, it just works. I just would have wished for a changelog.
RaMb0z0 May 16, 2006 0.3.9 Beta
5 out of 5
Wonders what i could use winamp for now...hmmmmm...nope cant think of anything.
munga42 May 15, 2006 0.3.9 Beta
3 out of 5
Need a hotkey for mute

- playback stops sometimes..
enrom May 15, 2006 0.3.9 Beta
4 out of 5
I install Screamer Radio but suddenly my system break the emision. I don't know what happen. Believe my OS don't work good. Wait your recomendation. Best regards.
photonboy May 15, 2006 0.3.9 Beta
5 out of 5
Nothing compares!! (although I listen to mainly just one station which is SKYFM best of the 80s.)

I tried several radio programs which all sucked horribly and then stumbled across this one. I occasionally look around but I haven't seen another program that compares. And free!
benZin May 15, 2006 0.3.9 Beta
5 out of 5
HEY, but the dev is a god :D
anomoly Apr 20, 2006 0.3.8
5 out of 5
Works well & can be run from a flash drive.
tipsyboy Feb 27, 2006 0.3.8
5 out of 5

Where is the latest beta 0.3.9 ? ? ?

Should be here on BETA NEWS - shouldn't it?!

pattard Feb 20, 2006 0.3.8
5 out of 5
This has got to be one of the BEST programs for listening to internet radio... no drop outs, no problems with buffers, etc. The amount of programs to listen to is fantastic!!!
Blue Joker Feb 7, 2006 0.3.8
5 out of 5
I don't own a broadband connection ,
ISDN128k , and i would love to listen radio using
what i have .
Winamp disapointed me too much...
I can not believe now ,
this program gave me the joy finally...
I can download and browse Internet and listen to my favorite radio without any load buffering...
Who coded this owns high skills , for real.
Thank you very much.
Karl :)
nezzi Feb 7, 2006 0.3.8
5 out of 5
is the best internet radio plyer out ther.. :D
thx David
Maverick_16 Feb 6, 2006 0.3.8
5 out of 5
Excellent all around.
It even comes with a well tasty presets/channels.

I mostly like the minimalist approach to it, rather than having the bloat that comes with skinning and plug-ins.

So, please David, keep it this way and thank you for the great SCREAMER... can you hear it:)
Adrian79 Feb 6, 2006 0.3.8
5 out of 5
does it have radio stations built in? or do u have to websearch still?
srotman Feb 6, 2006 0.3.8
4 out of 5
this program is perfect!
the only reason i give a 4 is that there is no ability to use DSP plugins or anything similar to them. people complain about winamp, but i find it loads just as fast as this does, and winamp uses JUST over 3mb RAM, while this uses just UNDER 3mb. so not THAT big of a dif. definitely a nice piece software. but once they add DSP capabilities so i can make the incoming streams sound that much better, it will be a permanent tool I use daily. until then, it's still winamp for me
Lycox Feb 6, 2006 0.3.8
5 out of 5
Loads even faster than WinAmp with less memory usage. Great work.
benZin Feb 6, 2006 0.3.8
5 out of 5
Nice program, very fast and very light.
elopez17 Feb 6, 2006 0.3.8
5 out of 5
Good program keep the good job, great selection

Buen programa estan hacienndo buen trabajo
robertguda Feb 6, 2006 0.3.8
5 out of 5
incredible audio !!! supereasy and no fuzz installation. who cares if the configuration is done by xml and manual or not ? works flawlessly ! a charm !!! try it out !!! fantastic little program !!! kudo's for the author....
verdegal37 Feb 6, 2006 0.3.7
5 out of 5
Maravilloso i simple a la vez que funcional
ya esta la nueva version v.0.3.8
Gracias por este fantastico programa
unikum Dec 31, 2005 0.3.7
5 out of 5
Wonderful program. I love it.
benZin Oct 23, 2005 0.3.7
5 out of 5
Ouh, this one rocks!! Excellent!!
Callandor Sep 28, 2005 0.3.7
5 out of 5
Excellent program. It installs and runs with ease and the quality of the audio it delivers is brilliant. No problems at all, sweet! Good selection of presets too!
httpd.confused Sep 9, 2005 0.3.7
1 out of 5
Terrible interface, configured by manually editing an XML file, no scheduling... Sorry, no grading on a curve for freeware by me.
GravityFX3 Aug 2, 2005 0.3.7
5 out of 5
Nice stream radio, for listening and recording. Nice Good Job!
poeha Jun 24, 2005 0.3.7
5 out of 5
Awesome program. Does its job and does it very well.

Does need some extra options tho.
The favorites section doesnt work properly, but the creator says he's working on it so that will be fixed.
Support for hotkeys is something I would LOVE to have, but no doubt that will come to :)

The best i have tried yet, period.
Keep up the good work!
xezi01i Apr 2, 2005 0.3.6
5 out of 5
GOOD STUFF!!!! Has the genres that I wanted, and it works straight as if its straight from windows media...forget windows media...this prog here loads much faster..(Instant).. But the only drawback is the GUI style, but it compensates for its appearance, IT DOES THE JOBS!!! THUMBS UP, NO DOUBLE THUMBS UP, I give Massive Props (= its the good sht mang!
2xG Mar 24, 2005 0.3.6
5 out of 5
This does what it says it does, and it does it well. I have no complaints, it's simply a great program.
soccer5sg Mar 22, 2005 0.3.6
5 out of 5
this program rocks.. especially the recording feature.. keep it up!
ralexpdx Mar 3, 2005 0.3.6
4 out of 5
Great program! Very low impact on resources. If you like this program, please donate to encourage this talented programmer.
Dj_John_2001 Feb 25, 2005 0.3.6
1 out of 5
it's good, But.......haven't GREEK stations and i give for that ..1..
Schalos Feb 25, 2005 0.3.6
4 out of 5
I love it. Radio streaming off the internet while I surf. It is only using 3% of my cpu. If I didn't have to write an xml to put favorites, I'd give it a 5
Mountain_Man Feb 24, 2005 0.3.6
5 out of 5
Good selection of stations, small memory footprint, nice icons, good performance.
dgg Feb 24, 2005 0.3.6
4 out of 5
If only it was easier to add favorites....then I'd give it a 5.
dsilvertx Feb 24, 2005 0.3.6
5 out of 5
Wow! No setup, works great out of the box. One of the coolest programs - free or not - that I've downloaded in quite awhile. Small, efficient, and just FUN!
Eric20 Feb 24, 2005 0.3.6
5 out of 5
Incredible! This is my first use of a radio program like this, and I must say I love it! This definatly must be one of the best ones out there! Definatly recommend!
pleionis Feb 24, 2005 0.3.6
5 out of 5
The best radio...great job!!!
lls Feb 24, 2005 0.3.6
5 out of 5
Golden bar for the developer!

(The screenshot above is out-of-date. Click it to see the recent one.)
tobashadow Jan 30, 2005 0.3 Beta 5
5 out of 5
Works great here, Small simple easy
cemcd Jan 30, 2005 0.3 Beta 5
5 out of 5
This is EXCELENT software! Screamer Radio works Great :-)

I would also give this program a rating of 10 if I coulc.
sflorack Jan 30, 2005 0.3 Beta 5
3 out of 5
Reviews are opinions, and the review I left was my opinion. I don't know why there is constant flaming in reviews; I'm glad you like the program, I do not. No one has to take my word for it, which is the great thing about freeware.
yokozuna Jan 30, 2005 0.3 Beta 5
5 out of 5
@sflorack, are you nuts? Screamer Radio is really great. Thank God it is simple and does not need a lot of resources and HDD space. Moreover, the quality of sound is superior.
guti Jan 30, 2005 0.3 Beta 5
5 out of 5
Wooow sflorack,

Since the times of the Spectrum 48K I haven't seen any application using 1.7 K.

I give it a 5 then.
CyberDoc999 Jan 25, 2005 0.3 Beta 4
5 out of 5
very nice program!
select "effects" (compressor) if you want
to listen to great sound!
I would give this program a 10 if I could!

sflorack.. you need to pull you head out..
you are nuts if you don't like this one!
sflorack Jun 8, 2004 0.3 Beta 3
3 out of 5
Uses less resources (1.7k) than Winamp 5 (17k), but otherwise is inferior in all other aspects (sound quality, favorites, GUI, etc). No equalizer, very bland GUI, and doesn't even automatically assume duties as PLS file player. Recommended if you have limited resources and don't want to get an earlier version of Winamp.
Polychronopolis Jun 8, 2004 0.3 Beta 3
5 out of 5
Simple, small, and does very well at what it states.. Could use an bit more in the line of favorites but that's minor.
Thermoptic Jun 8, 2004 0.3 Beta 3
5 out of 5
A really great radio/shoutcast application! simple and easy design. And a list of nice features. excellent work!