ReviewerDate ReviewedVersionRatingReview
dono1216 Jan 7, 2015 6.0.3
3 out of 5
Went back to version 5.7, for some reason all versions 6.0.x kept crashing every 15-20 minutes.
some guy Nov 6, 2014 6.0.0
2 out of 5
sure I do Tom you must not visit daily
TomA102210 Apr 14, 2014 5.7.2
4 out of 5
@someguy. Do you ever have anything positive to say about anything you download from fileforum? How it "tried" to download what you assert it was trying to do is beyond compreshension.

I rate this program a 4 by the way.
martadrab Mar 21, 2014 5.7.1
5 out of 5
works fine for me
some guy May 18, 2012 5.3.6
1 out of 5
crap tries to instal Real player lol
smaragdus Mar 27, 2012 5.3.4
1 out of 5
It was useful as a Gnutella client, but since Gnutella support has been dropped, it is useless as a Torrent client (one of the worst by the way) and ad-ware to boot.
gatorfan95 Mar 27, 2012 5.3.4
5 out of 5
Updates to this seem to be coming rapid fire lately. It does what i says it will and has a wide range of torrents to chose from.
freesoftpro Oct 1, 2011 5.1.5
4 out of 5
Download Frostwire For Free!

Frostwire is the leading P2P file sharing program. It allows you to download and share thousands of files for free! It works on Windows, Mac, Linux and Android.

I`ve downloaded all my music collection from frostwire and never had any problems. I love

this program!
some guy Sep 19, 2011 5.1.5
5 out of 5
good program on a crap network!
djb247365 Jun 24, 2011 5.0.4
3 out of 5
For some reason, the last few versions of FrostWire have been crashing my graphics driver. Why? I'm not sure. My drivers are all up to date, so there should be no issue. Until I figure out how to resolve this issue, I'll stay away from FrostWire
Input Overload Mar 24, 2011 4.21.5
4 out of 5
I removed this program today just after it updated. IMHO all is not well with this program & seems to have a mind of it's own.

Malwarebytes is blocking sites by the dozen with the program just idling. It might be me but if you use Frostwire just take care until you are used to it.

A very polished program however. Just have some anti-malware running.
Input Overload Mar 20, 2011 4.21.4
4 out of 5
Beware the spooks are watching you!

However as this program ‘can’ be used for legitimate uses - Highly unlikely but it is theoretically possible.

If used legitimately it's a good program.

P.S. Although frost don't contain spyware just running it drives 'Malwarebytes'/NIS crazy. It blocked about 50 connections in 5 mins - Beware.
119luke Nov 23, 2010 4.21.1
5 out of 5
Asking whether Frostwire is safe and legal is like asking whether a gun is safe and legal. It depends on who handles that. I saw an excellent review on this page.
Uriel Aug 7, 2010 4.20.8
2 out of 5
Nice application and it it open source. My main beef is that it is written in java so I can only rate it with two stars.
Dalek Aug 6, 2010 4.20.8
1 out of 5
I am very glad this program is so popular because it makes it so easy for Movie and Music industry to track people. This just takes the heat off the people doing it the "other" ways. Keep it up frostwire aka limewire :)
dink Apr 15, 2010 4.20.5
1 out of 5
It is not wise to use any p2p app like this one. What if the movie or music industry just happen to host a file so you will download it. Then they have your IP address and next thing you know your in court for copyright infringement!! People, Don't use this crap! There are better alternatives!
Dana1 Mar 9, 2010 4.20.3
5 out of 5
This is a great program and keeps getting better. I have been using Frostwire for a few years now and have yet to download a virus. Just have to pay attention to what yo click on before you download. All I download are mp3's so it works for me. No hijacking or any other side effects that people write about. Best thing, it's open source.
djurbino Jan 11, 2010 4.18.6
3 out of 5
@WhiteZero: I am not blind. Nor an idiot. I did uncheck them all. And it still hijacked my browser. Hence the warning.
WhiteZero Jan 11, 2010 4.18.6
4 out of 5
@djurbino, only if your blind and didnt uncheck all the Ask boxes.
Landsnes Jan 8, 2010 4.18.5
5 out of 5
Very good program!

Works great for me on both Ubuntu 9.10 and Windows 7 64-bit! I've had no problems and during installation I UNTICKED the adware (i.e. toolbar, homepage, etc.) and none of that was installed. This excellent open source program should replace LimeWire totally in my opinion.

Highly recommended, full score!
djurbino Dec 28, 2009 4.18.5
2 out of 5
Warning - even if you opt out of all the Ask com "extras" - the installer will hijack your browser and set Ask com as your default home page. And who knows what else.
wharke Dec 8, 2009 4.18.5
4 out of 5
Good program, but it states it is version 4.18.5 when it s actually 4.18.4 that is downloaded.
Aegis69 Dec 8, 2009 4.18.5
3 out of 5
New versions of shareaza 2.5.1 are much safer and better than this...
Dana1 Dec 8, 2009 4.18.5
5 out of 5
I have to say that this is the best P2P program I have ever used. Use it everyday. Works perfect, smooth as glass. It is a shame that MusicGuy is having problems. I can assure him that it is not Frostwire giving him the problems, Maybe there is a doodoo in his computer. Just a great program.
some guy Dec 8, 2009 4.18.5
5 out of 5
good program on a crap lime wire network
anomoly Dec 8, 2009 4.18.5
3 out of 5
It may work but it is like putting a fishing hook out over the internet. When it is able to take a list of desirables and grab exactly what I want (with no errors) & no intervention I'll try it again.
MusicGuy Sep 9, 2009 4.18.1
1 out of 5
Guys on here have been way too generous to that crap called FrostWire.

I tried to contact the developer after my upteenth crash in one day on the system.

Anytime you browse someone with a lot of files be prepared to see that ship sink!

FrostWire will crash 100% of the time! That you can take to the bank!

How am I supposed to know whether the guy you are browsing has 100, 1,000 or 100,000 files?

You never know. If you don't browse doesn't that defeat the purpose of sharing??

I also don't get why I need to browse someone to find stuff that is important to my search. Shouldn't it just be displayed? Most of time I wouldn't browse if the content was shown, not hidden!

Not the loads of porn and fake files, I tried a few yrs ago to filter it out.

But it doesn't work. You will be blacklisting sources which you actually want.

It's all a freakin game it's like going to gamble and almost never winning.

Maybe it's free, but I'd rather pay a million dollars then go thru the stress and uncertainty

of dealing with this and my time goes wasted. Not only that but you get to accumulate

almost as many files that you download in incomplete files. No sugarcoating it

I waste 3 gigs and over 3,000 files right now for the sources that either

sign off or get the crash like I do. Sometimes you may never see the uploader's files

ever again.

The service is a crapshoot at best. No one simplifies any of this. Updates normally

are much worse than versions a few years ago. I found out that several companies

on purpose plant fatal errors in the code so no one uses the outdated software!

I tried to be nice but my mom said don't sugar coat things when you feel strongly about something.

I could not apologize to the guy because I was right. Yes the truth hurts!

I thought Frost was like the covering on the unhealthy cereal my mom wouldn't let me eat as a kid.

Her words you shouldn't eat that sugar frosted crap in my house!

I wonder if that's how they FrostWire got its name, its not sugar coated, but it is crap. You can't

sugar coat it anyway you try!

About the only good thing I can say is that Gnutella aka LimeWire and Frostwire have certain music promo stuff

I can't get on the torrent sites or I would never open FrostWire or LimeWire ever again!

Appropriate rating, hmmm thats a good one, can I give a mark of -1, minus one? lol

I would give both -2 if not for my promo cd I can find on Frost/LimeWire.
Zarggg Dec 2, 2008 4.17.2
4 out of 5
Very good program. The .torrent association bug was a killer bug that almost made me uninstall forever, so I'm glad to see this is (supposedly) fixed now.
frankwick Dec 2, 2008 4.17.2
5 out of 5
As far as P2P, this client is one of the best. Its roots are in Limewire without the adware/spyware. I don't like many Java based apps, but this is a good client. It's very stable and not updated often.
radiomaffia Nov 10, 2008 4.17.1
3 out of 5
Peer2peer is something of the old days. Consider your self to use uTorrent with Bit Che searchtool or dive into newsgroups with News Bin Pro or Surfino Newsreader. There is to many rubbish on peer2peer and 50% of the times you will not find what you are looking for or it is a virus, corrupted file or low quality, only handy to download one specific MP3 so now and then but that's about it
BK553 Jul 16, 2008 4.17.0
3 out of 5
Cabos FTW!
egg83 Jul 14, 2008 4.17.0
3 out of 5
Let's face it. It is pretty good for music, that is, music that is fairly recent and popular. As for other types of files (i.e. software), this is not the best software to use. Will be a lot of fake files that are usually viruses or trojans or the like. Limewire networks for file sharing is an idea that has come and gone.....
kbsoftware Jul 14, 2008 4.17.0
1 out of 5
I always opt out of installing toolbars/spyware by not installing the main program in the first place.
I was interested, even downloaded it but then read about the toolbar and then simply just deleted this program.
That's unfortunate but I do not support spyware directly or indirectly period.
Papa Lazarou Mar 18, 2008 4.13.5
1 out of 5
Limewire standard is just as fast [and no toolbar] , there is absoluteley no reason to use this antique , torrents are the way forward - get UTorrent or BitTorrent instead.
Reverb Dec 21, 2007 4.13.4
3 out of 5
I haven't used this in over a year (or any other Gnutella client because the Gnutella network is clogged with too much garbage) but my nephews and all his friends use it because it's probably one of the easiest P2P applications to use. You load a client, it connects, type what you're looking for and download. Small wonder 1 in 3 PCs have Gnutella (Limewire) installed. The authors' website admit that this latest release comes bundled with ASK toolbar but insist it is an optional install:

Here is some more information on the ASK toolbar and it's methods for re-directing web traffic:

You be the judge.
allthebestnamesgone Dec 20, 2007 4.13.4
1 out of 5
I would normally rate this at 5 stars but the sneaky double tickbox for the ASK toolbar means I'm going to dock it 4 stars.
hayls106 Dec 6, 2007 4.13.3
3 out of 5
Limewire has previously given me a virus and so i'm unsure about downloading this program
Any recommendations for the best free music downloader? preferably ones that don't contain al the adds, pop-ups and viruses
asloane Sep 26, 2007 4.13.3
2 out of 5
FrostWire lower rating because
(IAC even when option was unchecked
and poor column layout

Otherwise looks good and has useful features but I am a n00b with these P2P clients and have only looked at KCEASY which seemed to have less features but better laid out descriptive columns
RWW Sep 10, 2007 4.13.3
5 out of 5
Still my main sharing choice. Word to the now wants to install Ask toolbar. Unclick BOTH choice boxes at install and will let you install without it.
Zarggg Aug 2, 2007 4.13.2
4 out of 5

Wrong, Cabos does use Java. As soon as I opened it, my firewall yelled at me about inbound connections coming to javaw.exe.

As to FrostWire, I think this will still be my choice for time to come.
Fr@nKy Aug 2, 2007 4.13.2
4 out of 5
I don't like Gnutella but from time to time to have a client for it is handy so from all I've seen this is the most close to LimeWire, the de facto standard, (it's based on it) without so much crap!
christ999 Jul 31, 2007 4.13.2
3 out of 5
ok better than limewire

but i like kceasy that you can download automatically filters

another good client is phex
allthebestnamesgone Jul 31, 2007 4.13.2
5 out of 5
Why the low ratings? It's a mystery to me .....
echohead Jul 30, 2007 4.13.2
3 out of 5
...really? they still make this? really?

use CABOS. google it. its faster, smaller, and doesnt use java.
y0himba May 29, 2007
4 out of 5
Granted, support for JAVA 1.6 is needed, but this will work with 1.6 alone. When. Let it start to download the JAVA components, then cancel the download, and it will warn you and take you to a page to grab 1.5...close the page. Install completes normally, and it runs.
Zarggg May 29, 2007
4 out of 5
It's funny that you would say that, since FrostWire and LimeWire are based on the same source code. (LimeWire _is_ an Open Source project.)
Adrian79 May 29, 2007
1 out of 5
i'll stick to limewire
buzzyboop May 29, 2007
3 out of 5
Does not work with Java 1.6, only 1.5. I won't have both in my system.
the FIRSTcastaway Apr 30, 2007
3 out of 5
so far i have only found one con to frostwire but it is a HUGE one (unless something is wrong with my settings or something)
after a little while frostwire begins to chew up processor % like a starving hound,
at first it's pretty normal 5-20% up and down, no biggie.
but in about half an hour or so it's up to 60-90%
( and with an athlon fx-60 dual core that's a LOT!!!!!!!.... of processor power!)
i've tried sniffing around java settings,frostwire settings, but it still does it.
if i turn it off and back on it will be reasonable for a while but then creep back up
to idiotic levels of processor use again.
any ideas?
Notreallyhere Jan 23, 2007
5 out of 5
always the best. Turbo connection to the network for free.
williamflinn Dec 4, 2006 4.10.9 Beta
1 out of 5
something has gone wrong with Frostwire , for the last few days it will start but gets no further than starting connection . All the goole queries will confirm that there is a problem , I think it is connected with Java but that is just a guess . I'll keep with shareaza until its fixed
hellrazor238 Nov 24, 2006 4.10.9 Beta
5 out of 5
great i use this and limewire pro
Nikkie May 5, 2006 4.10.9 Beta
5 out of 5
O my my my ... You guys know lime is open and this program pretty much is the same due to that . This is lime but minus the junk . If you want an even more stripped down version than go for ''cabos'' ...

Otherwise , This is a fantastic , clean alternative ..
Blackhole8746 Apr 21, 2006 4.10.9 Beta
1 out of 5
Geez, it's the same interface as LimeWire!! The looks, the toolbars, the buttons, it's also made with Java, its interface is a ripoff, much less its engine and core application!! It even sounds like LimeWire damn!
cltx99 Mar 14, 2006 4.10.9 Beta
1 out of 5
Didn't work at all.
ramday Mar 14, 2006 4.10.9 Beta
3 out of 5
RE: Just made this my default file sharing program. Will not start, wonder if it because I have installed latest Java?

I have the same problem with the lastest Limewire beta and I also have the lastest java installed. I was looking to use this as an alternative but I guess now I shouldn't bother.
kezra35 Mar 13, 2006 4.10.9 Beta
5 out of 5
RTFW before you start to bash...

"FrostWire is a fork of the very popular LimeWire Gnutella client. The purpose of FrostWire is to keep and maintain the freedoms that LimeWire LLC may be forced to withdraw.

LimeWire LLC has been considering an alternative path to keep them out of any legal situations they could be forced into. From what we understand, LimeWire LLC intends to implement a DRM filtering technology into their client. If LimeWire ever decides to implements this DRM technology, we will be prepared to remove it from our code and distribute the client under our own branding. However, we will continue supporting the LimeWire client development and do not wish to make fundamental or drastic changes to the LimeWire core itself. FrostWire will not break with LimeWire's design philosophy. We will always do our best to maintain a strong relationship with the LimeWire Development Team.

FrostWire, although very much like LimeWire, will never offer a paid version or a subscription service for the download or use of the FrostWire application. FrostWire is a not-for-profit project. We will never bundle our software with any type of adware, spyware, malware or collect any personal or private data. FrostWire will always remain free as in both price and freedom."
Das mod Mar 13, 2006 4.10.9 Beta
5 out of 5
been using it for quite some time already .... way faster that lamewire .....
jp122182 Mar 1, 2006 4.10.5 Beta
5 out of 5
Yeah it is a rip off of limewire, but it downloads and runs faster
sirred2000 Mar 1, 2006 4.10.5 Beta
1 out of 5
The file is a ripoff of limewire and should not be used
RWW Feb 18, 2006 4.10.5 Beta
4 out of 5
Just made this my default file sharing program. Will not start, wonder if it because I have installed latest Java? Cannot install 1.5 Java unless you take the old off. If anyone knows.......
ucforces Feb 10, 2006 4.10.5 Beta
3 out of 5
I am not using this software, but this is from the Frostwire site :

FrostWire is a fork/spin-off of the LimeWire client. The purpose of this fork is because of the company, LimeWire LLC, and its standing position that may soon filter content on the Gnutella network from within the LimeWire client.
y0himba Feb 1, 2006 4.10.5 Beta
5 out of 5
This is an excellent, fast, feature full clone of Limewire Pro. Almost exactly like it. I cannot see paying for software that accesses a free network to download files that are offered for free. The goal was freedom of sharing, and to try and make money off that is pathetic, immoral, and a travesty. Kudos to the authors of Frostwarie and keep up the great work, this is incredible.
Tokar Feb 1, 2006 4.10.5 Beta
5 out of 5
Blackhold8764: You you read at all? Frostwire IS limewire...code for code.

The purpose of Frostwire is to offer Limewire with the illegal-content filtering feature removed...a feature no one needs or asks for.
Blackhole8746 Feb 1, 2006 4.10.5 Beta
3 out of 5
I'd personally say this is a LimeWire ripoff
JaapB Feb 1, 2006 4.10.5 Beta
5 out of 5
As far as I can see FrostWire = LimeWire. When you run it in Dutch (like I do) it even calls itself LimeWire. The only difference i did find was that it didn't ask te be upgraded to "pro" .
Nikkie Jan 31, 2006 4.10.0 Beta
4 out of 5
I am a cabos user but frostwire looks like a great alternative to limewire...It has everything lime has but better..
Arnvid Dec 30, 2005 4.10.0 Beta
5 out of 5
I must say that I find the arguments against FrostWire / LimeWire a tiny bit odd. This is open source, and even Firefox was developed from the source built in Mozilla, that again was built on Netscape open source. As Rick1488 explain below, this is not against LimeWire - but a development built on some different concepts compared with the LimeWire development. That LimeWire eventually will come with a PRO version and FrostWire is absolutely a different concept. From my testing of FrostWire I find it very good compared to most alternatives around and have no problem giving FrostWire a yellow five rating.
outofcoffee Dec 30, 2005 4.10.0 Beta
4 out of 5
shockme17, Limewire *is* open source. You can download the code yourself and develop it, much as the FrostWire devs did if you like.
Aires Dec 30, 2005 4.10.0 Beta
3 out of 5
I'm fed up with apps for Windows that look like they should be on the Mac. I don't like LimeWire and I don't even like AquaLime. I'm sure this is a very good app for what it does but get rid of Java already. And anyway don't you guys know there's already Cabos?
Rick1488 Dec 29, 2005 4.10.0 Beta
5 out of 5
To tweakerxp

FrostWire and LimeWire
The FrostWire Team does its best to maintain good relationship with the LimeWire project. The FrostWire Team, all of whom are still members of the LimeWire open-source community, disagrees with LimeWire's decision to consider filtering content on the Gnutella network (LimeWire has not implemented this type of DRM technology into their client as of yet). However, we will continue supporting the LimeWire client development and do not wish to make fundamental or drastic changes to the LimeWire core itself. FrostWire will not break with LimeWire's design philosophy.

FrostWire, unlike LimeWire, will never offer a PRO version. The FrostWire project will always remain strictly non-profit without any bundled software, including advertisements, spyware, adware, malware or any code outside the scope of the general network that will transmit private information. FrostWire will always remain Free as in both price and freedom.
tweakerxp Dec 29, 2005 4.10.0 Beta
2 out of 5
This is such a rip off LimeWire it's not even funny. The interface is almost an exact replica. Even more funny is how LimeWire won't launch when FrostWire is open because it thinks It’s already open. Too funny!
shockme17 Dec 29, 2005 4.10.0 Beta
3 out of 5
ok.. so this is basically.. an open source limewire?

enough with the java apps.. they use up too many resources.. i understand that it makes it easier to make cross platform apps, but it uses too many resources.
midiaa Dec 29, 2005 4.10.0 Beta
4 out of 5
Lots of configuration options.
Easy to change cool skins.
Lotsa advanced statistics makes it geeky.
Speedy searches and good download interface.
I like the "Monitor" -- incoming searches and upload activities.

Takes a little long to start up. hmm Java.
FrostWire Media player doesn't work unless you right-click on the audio file in the interface and select "Launch".
Typical Java heaviness.
Skins selector should probably be within Tools...Options box.

It's a neat program that's already well developed and ready for more tweaks. Very usable.