ReviewerDate ReviewedVersionRatingReview
marty Feb 15, 2017
5 out of 5
Used it for years on all Windows Platforms including servers. Excellent.
CyberDoc999 Jul 15, 2016 Beta
1 out of 5
Marty is the only one that likes it

it is just another reg cleaner
marty May 17, 2016
5 out of 5
I've used this program on Windows 7, Windows 8.1. Windows Server 2016. I've had zeor problems. It even handled 29 updates on my wife's Windows 7 machine and I'm still alive!

I've bought the Pro version for a few added tweaks but the free version is just fine.
CyberDoc999 Mar 16, 2016
1 out of 5
this is a scam .... avoid it
marty Nov 27, 2015
5 out of 5
Peple can pan this program all they want. I've used on all versions of Windows Desktop AND Server products (including Windows Server 2016 TP 4). Never gives me a propblem
henrypeck May 8, 2015
3 out of 5
Works OK. Don't waste your money on the paid version.
gsteele May 8, 2015
3 out of 5
Adequate suite of tools for the neophyte PC user.
CyberDoc999 Apr 16, 2015
1 out of 5
pure junk
CyberDoc999 Mar 12, 2015
1 out of 5
DaComboMan Oct 25, 2014 8.0 Beta 3
1 out of 5

As previous users posted, best avoid this one and latest version too!
Steve1209 May 28, 2014
1 out of 5
Chrome Blocks this Download, I'd say that's a good reason not to use it!!
condorloco Mar 21, 2014
1 out of 5
I must add my DON'T INSTALL warning. Damage my computer.
chrispaul Feb 17, 2014
3 out of 5
3 stars
smaragdus Dec 12, 2013
1 out of 5
Extremely dangerous- if you want to destroy your OS- install it.
DKDude Nov 14, 2013
1 out of 5
If you don't wan't to render your computer useless, DO NOT install/run this crap, I've had to repair 6 computers for people, who used this program, and got their registry ****ed up.
marty Oct 30, 2013
3 out of 5
Unlike others I have not really had any problems with this program and it runs fine on Windows 2012 Servers as well as Windows 8.1. It is kinda hokey what twith smileys that are almost always frown - always when the OS starts. I would not run it in the background - it does not do much. However does no harm and I always install it.
plasticpig72 Oct 23, 2013 7 Beta 4.0
1 out of 5
Unfortunately, in my experience this cause to many problems to be of any use. I have tried various releases and all have been as bad.
DKDude Oct 23, 2013 7 Beta 4.0
1 out of 5
Stay away from this turd, it will ruin your computer, and this is what my browser tells me, when I click download.
BANDIT- Oct 2, 2013 7 Beta 3.0
1 out of 5
I've been very aware of this app for a long time, but never got drawn towards
it. There are So many snarls in the reviews, I decided to test this App.


I Made it portable & looked in the main App folder. I "DIDN'T" go any further than that. ffs.!! there are over 40 .exe files (apps) in there.
I know some of them will only be launched when using the program, but, going by the titles of some of the Apps, They are REALLY going to care for your system. (You know, "advanced like" lol. Like the title tells ya. "NOT"

This app will sink deep into your system. It will put Auto starts into your services. Dunno what will go into the registry, but it will certainly be a lot. All this bull about Tuning, & Boosting (should be called Busting).
If you want IObit to run your system, Install this proggy. If YOU like to be in charge of your own System. Give this a BIG miss..!! __ Sweet FA*

Advanced System Care... WOW.!! What a title to pull noobs to a quick death.
RWW Oct 1, 2013 7 Beta 3.0
1 out of 5
I used this in beta form when it first started and it worked quite well. At some time it became what it is today, quite unusable. Another example of tinkering with a good program until you ruin it.
DKDude Sep 30, 2013 7 Beta 3.0
1 out of 5
If you don't wan't to render your computer useless, DO NOT install/run this crap, I've had to repair 6 computers for people, who used this program, and got their registry ****ed up.
endless Jul 21, 2013
2 out of 5
Got the main IOBit malware program as a limited time special offer. It's performed ok for the past couple of months, but I noticed recently it started popping up with more windows requiring actions. This made me a little suspicious that some unscrupulous crap might be coat-tailed amongst all the continue and/or dismiss buttons. But, I figured IOBits had a reputation they'd want to maintain and wouldn't stoop to that. Call it coincidence, but, a couple days ago a new program suddenly appeared on my computer called Advanced System Care. It had really intrusive and persistent pop-ups. I checked in the registry and it said it was made by IOBits. Thinking that conferred some credibility to ASC, I went ahead and ran the offered SCAN. Within less than 5 minutes the results came back that I had more than 89,000 file errors, threats, registry issues, malware hits, etc., etc. It looked like the UI had been designed to make one feel lucky their computer was running at all! And, good thing I ran this ASC SCAN thingie in the nick of time! Gimme a frikkin break. I uninstalled ASC and started checking around for forum reviews. Thanks Betanews contributors for confirming my suspicions.
Inarius Jan 30, 2013
1 out of 5
Does anything BUT care and its online installer tries to hijack your browser, stay far away from this piece of SystemPlague.

Out of curiosity, I tried getting it, so I went to their homepage and saw that I need to download an online installer.

That never sits too well with me, so I submitted it to ThreatExpect.

It came back with some interesting results. According to them, the online installer calls "" for whatever reason, so naturally upon seeing these results I went back and launched the online installer again to search if there's any mentioning of "mybb" somewhere in the installer.

Sadly there wasn't, not even a single hint that it might try and contact that address nor was there any button that allowed my to disable it.
Music4Ever Jan 14, 2013
1 out of 5
micaofboca has either been bribed or works for IOBIT, although according to him/her after the advice not to use two modules it's difficult what there is left to rave about? Interesting that's it's his/her only review also - No professional would ever use this for anything, looks good but that's as far as it goes. No stars.

(I get paid for faffing with PC's & I certainly don't use it)
micaofboca Dec 26, 2012
5 out of 5
Advanced System Care is simply the GREATEST tool. ANyone who complains about the Malware scan should just NOT use it and just use Microsoft Security Essentials (or Avast! or AVG). Anyone who has improperly deleted files they need simply should not use that function which is reserved only for PROfessionals (meaning paid-for helpers). But this remarkable software has SO MUCH to offer it's beyond belief. Sure, it should be used in conjunction with CCleaner, and proper Firewalls and Updates should be monitored. But Advanced System Care is the most valuable multi toolbox offered anywhere anytime anyplace. It's not only helped me repair my computer but has also taught me the ins and outs of computer anatomy. Five stars doesn't even suggest how terrific this invaluable software is. I LOVE IT !!
gatorfan95 Dec 3, 2012
1 out of 5
If it says IObit, avoid it like the plague
JRice Oct 15, 2012
1 out of 5
crap, use CCleaner, Xleaner or maybe SlimCleaner....
Vivek Kowshik Jul 18, 2012 Beta 1.0
3 out of 5
I can see many of the guys here have had serious problems with this software, which I find not at all surprising. I noticed these problems myself a few months ago, after this software was updated and included a malware scanning option. This is the most likely source of the problem. I find this option shows a few false positives, and that too among system files.

Since I was very sure that my system was not infected, I disabled this option and opted not to clean my system, while all other options were enabled. I have not had any problem with the registry cleaner at all. All in all I find this a useful software, with many small utilities, but with some serious issues that need immediate attention. I use MS SecEss as my primary AV and Malwarebytes free as my secondary scanner. This has worked excellently for me.
cltx99 Jul 18, 2012 Beta 1.0
1 out of 5
I installed it and thought, I can do so many things with one program. So, I did all of the scans and thought, wow! This thing is fast. However, I did a reboot and my computer was doing strange things. I rebooted again and the strange behavior continued.

Anyway, I uninstalled it and guess what? Everything was back to normal. It's really a nice looking program, but maybe too many tasks are stuffed into one great looking package.
nzwebbie May 31, 2012
1 out of 5
Nightmare! Windows 7 32 bit running as a separate boot partition on Apple. Just downloaded the latest update and installed it. Ran a deep scan. The software made a backup to enable rollback. After doing a harddrive scan it found some issues and suggested I had to reboot after it fixed these.
After the system ran Windows checkdisk I was damned. Blue screen of death. Even a system repair which I ran twice couldn't resurrect my system. I had a backup image I made 2 weeks prior to this mishap which I'm now loading up with WinClone from my Apple partition. Hopefully this will enable me to get back to work. But from what I can see. You run a major risk in getting Advanced System Care to take Care of your system. Even though on the surface it really looks beautiful and polished. Don't say I didn't warn you!
Music4Ever May 31, 2012
1 out of 5
Registry cleaning can help to a degree, the problem is that issues can often arise some time after removing an entry when someone finds a control panel applet does not work or a system .dll is orphaned & a rarely used program does not work correctly.

It can be very time consuming to sort such issues out & for many will require a re-install of Windows. The MS Windows registry is huge & removing minuscule 'so called problems' does absolutely nothing to aid the performance of a PC.

@lightway ~ This program is not aimed at pros & that is the problem 99% of people using this program will not have full images backed up, I mess with the registry frequently but I also have dozens of C:\ images. The average user of such a free program as this will not have - I therefore feel the best form of so called 'idiot protection' is simply not to install this program.

If really you know what you are doing you will be either editing the registry manually or using a far more advanced program than this. There are reasonably safe registry editing cleaners that err on the side of caution or registry programs have highly specific uses that can be useful to advanced Windows tinkerers when used correctly - This however is not one of them.

Supposed Increases of performance of 10% are intriguing, how was this measured exactly?

'Advanced SystemCare Free (formerly Advanced WindowsCare Personal) has a one-click approach to help protect, repair, clean, and optimize your PC.'

You cannot ever have a one click approach when editing the registry or any in depth PC cleaning ~
gatorfan95 May 29, 2012
1 out of 5
bleh, getting a 1 for the false reviews. Everyone I know who has used this piece of crap spamware has removed it.
lightway May 27, 2012
4 out of 5
I use the pro version because this is a program that does what it says, but it is not idiot proof. It is serious software that can do what a lot of lesser programs cannot. But that comes with a price. It can fix or it can destroy based on what you do. The most dangerous program is the registry cleaner, because it will find problems others cannot. But that does not mean you should delete every entry that has a problem. Always review details before deleting registry entries. The "damage level" is NOT what the entry will do if left on your computer, it is what REMOVING the entry will likely cause if you do. Never remove "high" damage level components without knowing which ones you can remove safely. Read the help files and manual before using. This is not a program that should be learned by the seat of your pants, like so much other software is. But for those who are willing, it is a valuable program that will keep your computer functioning at high efficiency. i gave a rating of 4, instead of a 5, not because the program was not effective, but because I think that it could be made a little more "idiot proof" than it is.
gsteele Feb 24, 2012
4 out of 5
Easily cleaned up the operating system to a point where it increased the machines performance rating 10%.
jamwheat Jan 10, 2012
5 out of 5
I must be using a different "Advanced SystemCare" than others. I have NO problems with it "destroying windows" as others say, or any of the other problems. It helps systems run better- and I recommend it to my friends and customers. I have the paid version on my desktop and laptop. And about malware cleanup- it may not get everything, but what does?
Runs fine on everything I have put it on, from XP Home to Vista to Win7, 32 bit and 64bit.
gatorfan95 Jan 1, 2012
2 out of 5
I down loaded this and played with it for about a week then took it off, The malware cleaner is a waste of time, I ran it a few times then ran SUPER anitspyware and what do you know, advanced system care missed 15 infections. The auto defrag doesn't work well, after a week of letting it run in the background I then ran Defraggler and my hard drive as still 7% fragmented. CCleaner found 6.25 Mbytes of files that the disk cleaner missed. There is no real advantage to this program, if you use it you still need to have other programs to clean up what it doesn't. I removed it this morning.
Andy Murray Dec 13, 2011
5 out of 5
excellent system performance optimization tool, but...seems the screenshot is incorrect, while the "v3.0xxx" may be seen indistinctly??
alexalex Dec 12, 2011
4 out of 5
Keeps PC running smooth.
Easy fixes for common problems that can pop up from time to time (start up program management for one)
Great user interface makes getting around easy.
BlackDragon64 Dec 2, 2011
1 out of 5
I have a good one for you. This is a DANGEROUS program. Why? you may ask, simple. I ran this on my Windows XP box, and after it "cleaned" my PC, I did a reboot. AND GOT THE SHOCK OF MY LIFE. My XP was now NO LONGER ACTIVATED. And I had 3 days to activate. Mind you it was activated, and is a very legal copy. So I had to go through activation AGAIN. I IMMEDIATELY deleted this app, and I now WARN ALL OF MY FRIENDS TO BE VERY WARY OF THIS APP.
Input Overload Nov 23, 2011
1 out of 5
If you want your start menu to be filled with crap despite being told not to add to start this program totally ignores anything in settings. It was a good program, but any good it achieves is undone by the unneeded extra memory load it imposes. I gave up trying to stop this after numerous attempts.

To be frank it assumes you are a total idiot.

Why the bloody hell can't the writers get it to do whats in settings is beyond me - For this it gets 1 star.
ppscslv Nov 20, 2011
5 out of 5
I was impressed with its features and performance, and... it's free!
Psychlone Oct 24, 2011 Beta 3
4 out of 5
I've used this program since it's inception, and it's come a LONG way.
While their tactics on the whole MBAM thing may or may not be legitimate, THIS program works as intended without stepping on anyone's toes and in fact is one of 3 programs that I actually trust in my business to help mitigate problems that my customers have created.

ASC alongside CCleaner Enhanced, the olden ATF Cleaner and the even older Spider are all I need to remove every bad monkey from a client's system.

ANYONE that's using this program - or any program like it - to "speed up their system" using it wrong. ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS look at what it's wanting to remove - go through *every* line and see if the removal is justified, see if every registry change is needed and if not, simply uncheck it.
Thing is, these programs can (and often are) the exact reason for most people's problems. Most people install and run registry cleaners and memory boosters because they've been lead to believe that they will increase their system speed, making it more efficient, etc. - but those in the know, know better.

These tools are very valuable for what they do - clean up residual junk. And this tool in specific, has yet to leave a system I've run it on (in the hundreds) crippled in any way.

The new ASC 5 Beta 3 loads up quicker, scans faster, and has found several entries that even v4 wasn't capable of finding, and for that, I give it 4 stars.
That elusive 5th star is reserved for the day that Iobit (or someone) creates a program that not only gets rid of all the junk in a system (including ALL the INDEX.DAT files) with a DOD9 wipe, but also is able to find every registry entry for every program that's been uninstalled and no longer needed. To date, no program has accomplished this feat, but ASC is getting closer.

IMO, if ASC were to incorporate the extendability of CCleaner Enhanced AND the ability to remove index.dat files like Spider, it will be even closer to that 5-star mark.

Overall, ASC has grown up to be quite the useful tool and I'm not ditching it any time soon.
thartist Sep 12, 2011 Beta 2
4 out of 5
i don't trust anymore the 5 star ratings (except from the usual names) but i'll give it a try some time after release when it's got a couple bugfixes in.
jessicabrown Aug 25, 2011 Beta
5 out of 5
I like this all-in-one program. It's my favourite.
A fantastic set of utility that keep my PC running at peak performance. Complete with a number of great features, it makes my PC running like new.
dorisgodess Aug 23, 2011 Beta
5 out of 5
This version adds Active Boost module for system real-time optimization. Nice updates.
Viki-ll Aug 16, 2011 Beta
4 out of 5
I am using version4, it is compatible with AVG. A good combination in my computer.
Input Overload Aug 15, 2011 Beta
1 out of 5
Look at ideal worlds profile & judge for yourself.

theidealword's Profile
Member since August 2, 2011


Review - Advanced SystemCare Free - & that's it.
theidealword Aug 15, 2011
4 out of 5
I tried this Free Advanced SystemCare on three computers and was used to the concept and basic performance of the software. As a free download it is more than adequate for the task.
smokingbeagle Aug 14, 2011
1 out of 5
Iobit are a bunch of tossers. Do they really think that phony "reviews" will fool any one?
fatray Aug 13, 2011
4 out of 5
It may do the bait and switch thing, but still the program works great. I had the paid version for a year (expired now) and it works even better cleaning up your pc. I recomended this to all my friends.
niknetpc Aug 12, 2011
1 out of 5
Agree with DKDude and Input Overload! Some people from IObit play a dirty game with promotion free version and redirect people to buy a full paid version.The same situation with another horrible app- RemoveIT Pro,make PC unbootable in seconds,lots of five star one time fake comments.One word- SCAMWARE!
DKDude Aug 12, 2011
1 out of 5
Be careful with this program, in seconds it will render your system useless.

Review of this program

If you need to do a cleanup on your system, use a safe program like.
it's free and won't trash your computer.

@Input Overload.

You are absolutely right, all those reviews are fake, made by the company, nothing new about that IOBlit does not have the best reputation.
thartist Aug 12, 2011
4 out of 5
Input overload, you seem right about the fake positives and they have a suspicious PR-like writing.
The program is fine by me.
Input Overload Aug 11, 2011
1 out of 5
Something not right here, all the glowing reports below were made by people who all joined a week ago. being a cynic I think they are are all fakes. Ignore them.

Iobit you should be ashamed of yourself!. And you think people are stupid enough to fall for a old trick like this. Sorry you picked um wrong person here. This shows something about your company. You also stole Malwarebytes signatures not so long ago.

If you really want to mess your registry up & have continual issues, then install this program. And yes I have used it,.
wacwogjla Aug 4, 2011
5 out of 5
It creates backup files so that in case of any emergency or problem, I can have access to all important data. The free is good, but it is recommended to use the paid version as it comes with a myriad of features for the end user.
iamfreee Aug 2, 2011
5 out of 5
Best product! Clean your pc fast and easy!!
cindylove141 Aug 2, 2011
5 out of 5
The system is consistently updated with fresh information to provide immunity to system from all kinds of security related problems. The information is also kept private and the cookies are removed so that the information is kept.
adamsguy Jul 29, 2011
5 out of 5
Equipped with a number of registry repair tools, Advanced SystemCare Pro V4 makes it easier for your PC to locate and quickly eliminate the registry errors. The cutting edge technology makes it possible to fix all kinds of errors. Another important factor which adds to the value of this softwre is the ease of installation. After you have done the installation, the program will function in the background and perform routine maintenance tasks and defrag process. You can also enjoy services of online support system which includes email support, online chat as well as the community forum that would make your experience an easier and memorable one.
bainbridge02 Jul 28, 2011
5 out of 5
Whether it is about your personal computer requirements or your office, this will definitely work in your favor and help you in reaping the maximum performance benefits from your system.
carmanwiam Jul 28, 2011
5 out of 5
If you wish to simplify the complete cleaning and organizing process of your registry then Advanced SystemCare works as the perfect and apt solution.
cindytk Jul 27, 2011
5 out of 5
As such it gives you an optimized solution to cater all PC health issues and ensures that the errors are fixed timely, the security is guaranteed and I can enjoy an improved performance. “Advanced SystemCare PRO v4? is complete with a comprehensive set of advanced registry tools which deliver mind-blowing performance.
theallen Jul 27, 2011
5 out of 5
IObit Advanced SystemCare is exceptional computer repair software that has won many awards, truly a must-have application for everybody. It’s capable of repairing almost any problem that your PC might encounter, use this computer maintenance program whenever you need to bring your computer to factory condition. It has an incredibly easy to use interface.
austin00 Jul 27, 2011
5 out of 5
With how the program works . As I said, it is difficult to measure how much faster your computer will be, because there is so much at play. But I felt that the system was better after a Deep Clean. My problem disappeared with that system does, which is a good sign.
jack00810 Jul 25, 2011
5 out of 5
Formerly named Advanced WindowsCare Personal, IObit Advanced SystemCare is an exceptional computer repair software that has won many awards, truly a must-have application for everybody.
John889 Jul 25, 2011
5 out of 5
Your computer is running extremely slow, are you experiencing system crashes or your PC is in need of urgent repair? You do not have to worry anymore, just take few minutes and completely fix your sluggish computer.
Easily and simply clean your computer, so whenever you need an one-click all-in-one solution to repair, optimize and protect your PC use this IObit Advanced SystemCare.
bettywt Jul 24, 2011
5 out of 5
Computer Crashes without Reason--Have you ever encountered your PC crashes and you even did not know why. After months or years of using your PC, there might be plenty of changes, which added burdens to your PC but never get cleaned. What Advanced SystemCare Free does is to clean the stuffs that are left over and clean craps to make your PC neat and clean.
annainlove011 Jul 21, 2011
5 out of 5
Advance SystemCare has made me feel secured and in full control of my computer. It gave me a very convenient means of regular maintenance and repair especially that I use my computer everyday. It has allowed me to gain maximum advantage and usage of my computer. I would love to see more innovations from the developers of this amazing software.
susansusie Jul 21, 2011
5 out of 5
Hopelessly in search of a cleaning and repair toolkit to optimize my PC performance since I'm an addicted gameplayer, iternet surfer and blogger.
I found lots of tools but they always made my windows crash eventually some way or another.
I discovered this tool on a compile disc of PC magazine (dutch) and tried it out. In a few months time I was convinced this was the best the market could offer me atm.
angelabe Jul 19, 2011
5 out of 5
At first till I ran the software on some old XP junkers, I used and built from parts and Honest to God they acted like they were newer. Faster and not sluggish anymore I was amazing the registries had 100's of problems hundreds of spyware and Malware just all sorts of messed up in my PC's Software .And Advanced Care Done it's thing found the 100's issues and fixed them and the PC ran smoother than it did when i first built them, and this was the free version of this software. Not Kidding the PC's Ran so smooth it was like getting new tires on your car. Thank Again!!!
katewhite Jun 29, 2011
5 out of 5
It helps me to improve the performance of PC by taking care of the maintenance needs. When there are multiple threats found in the system, I can easily repair the damage up to 10 issues per click which can be great time saver.
WandaMarie Jun 23, 2011
1 out of 5
Advanced SystemCare PRO is s piece of junk; added trash to my hard disk, rather than clean space. Isn't functional and can't be completely deleted once downloaded. Save your money - it won't be refunded. Find's free and it actually works.
tenseeker Jun 22, 2011
1 out of 5
Such a bad program that I went through the registration process on this site just to write a review for this.

At first, I thought this was a pretty neat program, until I downloaded Malware Fighter. Seriously, that program was crap. Then I started getting suspicious of this program and how my computer kept crashing and breaking all the time. So when I reinstalled my computer, I didn't get this program, and now my computer is faster than it ever was with this program.

Don't get it, unless you wanna break your computer.
DKDude Jun 17, 2011
1 out of 5
Be careful, after a simple system-cleaning, I had a defective system.

Removes important registry data.
CyberDoc999 Jun 16, 2011
1 out of 5
messed up my system
Viki-ll Jun 13, 2011 4.0.1
5 out of 5
Cool advanced systemcare4. with more skins for me to choose and quick care and deep care for my PC. Usually, the quick care is useful for me every day. I choose the deep care every two weeks. A good assist to my PC. Keep it!
yetisouth Jun 8, 2011 4.0.1
3 out of 5
A great program, and getting slowly better. However, there is one exception: the defrag module is totally and completely useless. It comes up with 368 files that need to be defragged, then it pretends to be 'fixing' them. The next day I run it, it comes with 732 fragmented files, although I have not used the computer, and not one single file was touched!
CyberDoc999 Jun 1, 2011 4.0.1
1 out of 5
Input Overload Jun 1, 2011 4.0.1
5 out of 5
Nice new interface. It's not just for new users as there are a few handy utils in it. Not worth buying the full version as the differences are small & the reg cleaner on the free version is safer.

FreeSpeech & HeilNizar doesn't seem to like anything, I'm looking forward to his/her software releases which I'm sure will get 5 stars he/her being a software engineer.
FreeSpeech May 31, 2011 4.0.1
1 out of 5
Any soft with a reg cleaner is pure garbage!!
This is n00bware!
craigun Apr 26, 2011 4.0.0
4 out of 5
Iobit has done a great job with the latest version. Kudos!
Input Overload Apr 26, 2011 4.0.0
5 out of 5
I assume all the 'reviewers' below have installed & used the program? I think not!

BTW I don't need my hand holding I work in comms rooms as my employment.
HeilNizar Apr 26, 2011 4.0.0
1 out of 5
Just another program for those who need to be hand held.
Lsavagejt Apr 26, 2011 4.0.0
1 out of 5
I wonder, still ripping off legitimate software companies?
AthleticLatino Apr 14, 2011 4 Beta 3.0
3 out of 5
Please note that this new version beta 3.0 will cripple any previous beta versions of the software. It reduces functionality unless you purchase a Pro license.
baki_princ Mar 29, 2011 4 Beta 2.0
3 out of 5
it says i had vurnabilities and it started to download all 34 languages packs hahahahahaha
Input Overload Mar 18, 2011 4 Beta 2.0
3 out of 5
Wait for the final.
CyberDoc999 Mar 18, 2011 4 Beta 2.0
1 out of 5
Techy911 Dec 25, 2010 4 Beta 1
5 out of 5
I have used ASC for two years now on XP Pro, Vista 32, Vista 64 bit, Windows 7 Pro, Windows 7 Enterprise and it has always performed reliably and impressively. Others who see me use it quickly want to have it. Its disk cleaning utilities, access to MS utilities through its GUI make it convenient and fast to use. It optimizes and defrags well. I use it on my home PCs as a supplement to other free software protection tools such as CCTools, SuperSpyWareAntivirus and Windows Defendor to protect my PC (not including Anti-virus and firewall software).
ASC is impressive and I love it.
Psychlone Dec 9, 2010 4 Beta 1
3 out of 5
First of all, the program has always worked well on every computer I've run it on, but the new Beta 4 crashes in several areas when run on ANY computer I've tried it on.
The new UI isn't as proficient as Iobit was hoping for - try something new.

3 stars until things are fixed.
Input Overload Dec 9, 2010 4 Beta 1
2 out of 5
The registry cleaner is a bit on the harsh side for Win 7. Registry cleaners are not needed like in the days of XP as MS has made several changes.

I did used to like ASC, times change & there are true freeware programs that will do what ASC does without the update nag. Have I changed my mind about this program? - Yes.
CyberDoc999 Dec 8, 2010 4 Beta 1
1 out of 5
free but they twist you into a $20 upgrade...... pure scam
psycros Dec 8, 2010 4 Beta 1
4 out of 5
Good pack of utils for a free version, but if you're willing to put out $20 go with Tuneup Utilities. Its not hard to find for that price and has more features, more polish and many more options.
larry425 Dec 8, 2010 4 Beta 1
5 out of 5
Been using this excellent software for 3 years. On the rare occasion it fixes something in error, I always have the undo it creates. It speeds up my computer and has almost totally done away with crashes. For those who put this down, get a life.
Input Overload Sep 30, 2010 3.7.2
5 out of 5
tmac, It's not a scam, contact the company that you paid and who did the transaction for Iobit, I can understand you being annoyed, I would be too.

I've bought the full version several times & I still like it.
tmac Jul 11, 2010 3.6.1
1 out of 5

I've used the free version with good results.

For $19.95 I upgraded.

I'm out $19.95, no download, no response after two emails to customer service. If I have to call them on the phone to get some response I'll ask for my money back.

Rating should be zero, not 1.
Abbyli Lynn Jul 8, 2010 3.6.1
5 out of 5
got advanced systemcare from my friend, it is an easy control management tool for me. choose the Care button, it does all the things automatically.
there are many tools in advanced systemcare, i am not sure most of them will be used for me in future. but, some will be useful.
Input Overload Jul 3, 2010 3.6.1
5 out of 5
Overall I like this program in my toolbox & have used it for years. As regards 'Aimp' & associations I haven't had a problem but as we all have different combinations of hard/software it could be a bug. As far as I know ASC has never caused me a problem. I'll keep on eye on 'Aimp' though.
dotnetnightmare Jul 3, 2010 3.6.1
3 out of 5
Trying out Pro 3.6.1. Autocare runs and then I have lost file association for my audio files with AIMP2. Odd. I searched their forums and no mention of it yet. Might be specific to my software configuration and players of choice. Keep an eye out for this and let's see if it's reproducible for any others. Also I find the incorporation of so many tools that others have perfected to be a draw back. Your Uninstaller is the best. Spybot is the "immunizing" shiznick. Iobit's Smart Defrag is the best and lightest for optimizing file placement. The so called System Optimization of this is mainly disabling Windows services and for that Black Viper's guide for Windows 7 services is best. As a file cleaner it's average, it's registry cleaner is not all that SAFE. This really is a "NOOBS" program, they don't know the difference yet. I still find the knew Auslogic Boostspeed to be better at producing a "feelable" difference. It's new interface is an improvement on what TuneUP Utilities started. Computers like my damn car know and I can tell when something just doesn't feel right.
mike59 Jul 2, 2010 3.6.1
1 out of 5
Another n00bware one buton scamware PC destroyer. Cleaning the registry will not make you computer faster. It will make it slower and in many cases unable to boot.
Chetanny Bulf Jul 2, 2010
5 out of 5
Hey I tried the PRO one of advanced systemcare 3.6.0. An amazing tool at about 20 USD. When setting it, I select the autocare funtion. It helps me to maintain my PC when I am forgetting.
CyberDoc999 May 27, 2010
1 out of 5
this is the best way to damage your PC in a simple one-click just use this buggy program.
tipstir Apr 9, 2010
5 out of 5
I've use the Free and Pro. Now I am on the Pro. There still a glitch on netbooks as the software doesn't show-up in the system tray. I only have this issue on netbooks not on laptops nor desktops. Crazy they all run the same OS either 32-bit or 64-bit W7U. Other than that the software does perform very well indeed. I also use Windows Optimizer 6 but that doesn't go all the way like ADC does. I also use Tune-up Utls 2010. I still think that one hose down the system. I can tell you feature that's on ADC that's not on TU2010 then is the fact you can disable system resources that are using a lot of memory on netbook. ADC Turbo Mode is much better then TU2010 version of it. Anyway I use IOBIT Smart Defrag 1.45 with ADC 3.5.1x they works perfect together. Since ADC has features like Spyware Blaster does there is no need to use SB either. ADC supports better features for keeping spyware off the system under browser surfing and supports Google Chrome where as SB doesn't.
Input Overload Apr 6, 2010
5 out of 5
The memory load of ASC is 6,6464k, hardly worth a mention, 0 when not actually loaded. I've used this software for many years & yes I do fit it on PC's I care for. it's never caused me or others any issues,. Just because it has multiple uses does not in my opinion make it of no value. Worst of all I still use Vista on my main new DELL PC, which at idle runs at .85 of a GIG which is fine. I use several open source utils for defragging etc which & keeps my PC's lean & mean.

alalec, if you tried this on your 'test machine' what did you have to lose by letting the reg cleaner delete it's finding & then compared performance & found any issues this program created?,This would have been beneficial to all who read this, including me & the other testers. if you don't not thoroughly evaluate a piece of software on a 'test machine' or one with images backed up whats the point in even loading it. Therefore your findings were never completed & are of little value? Ramblings of icons & interface are of little or no value in a free piece of software which seemed to be your main gripe.

My name is Paul & I live in Derbyshire England in a town called Chesterfield. IObit.Com are from China. I have no, repeat absolutely no connection in any way with the author(s) of this or any other software by this company.
xsnred Mar 29, 2010 3.5.1
5 out of 5
Mr. Input. If you are a tech, which I have no doubt you are one, I don't understand why you would use this type of software. If you are evaluating it for beginners and giving it a 5 for them, then excuse me. Please tell me what the overhead is on this software. My system is tweaked and lean and I do it myself. Most of it is thru the registry and with some small free utilities that use no resources at all. I have no doubt that this software works well and I respect your input on it. Again I give it a 5 for the solitaire players.
Input Overload Mar 29, 2010 3.5.1
5 out of 5
Still very pleased with this program, gets better all the time & the registry cleaner is the only one I have used that doesn't trash my Serif applications. Brilliant program after many years of use.

alalec: BTW I rather like the interface & this program has not caused any issues with my new DELL. Or the one I used as a desktop before it that had one install of Vista, which was made on day one & sold a few weeks ago still running well & with the original install. If your somewhat brief encounters with this program caused you problems could you let everyone know specifically what the problems were? I await your answer.
alalec Feb 3, 2010 3.5.0
1 out of 5
After over one year of my first evaluation of this program, I wanted to have a look newly to see if there is any positive evolution. After making a full backup of my test PC, downloading the program, installing and running it, I was not surprised to see the same old and unpleasant user interface. After scanning the registry the program offered to remove hundreds of records. In one-click my PC has become full of errors and missing links. In conclusion, the best approach to damage your PC irremediably in one-click is to use this program. The idea that you can clean your PC in one-click is completely stupid and extremely dangerous.
Concerning the GUI, even after thousands of years of the invention of icons, the author of this program does not know yet how to use icons! Instead of writing harmful programs maybe he should study hieroglyphs.
The authors of bad programs have taken the habit of having several names or even using slave names to rate their own software. Upon reading a 4 or 5 star evaluation you can guess immediately whether it is a genuine or a composition by a slave name. I guess that after this evaluation, a slave name will jump out with a 5 star evaluation.
One star because there is no lower evaluation.
Input Overload Dec 29, 2009 3.4.2
5 out of 5
I bought the full version of this. The jury is still out regarding the half-inching of Malwarebytes. It's a great program. One of my must have installs.

xsnred I've been a 'Tech' for 15 years & happy to have this in my 'Virtual Toolbox' Just because a program has a few tools in it doesn't make it 'Babyware'. You overestimate yourself.
Timoleon Nov 23, 2009 3.4.1
1 out of 5
The problem with Advanced System Care is that it is made by Iobit, which has been caught red-handed stealing Malwarebytes property:
craigun Nov 23, 2009 3.4.1
5 out of 5
I find the software easy to use (love the memory manger), and very effective! I ended up upgrading to the Pro version.
some guy Nov 21, 2009 3.4.1
1 out of 5
The programmers should not be able to rate their own software and badmouth the people who it did not work for. Personally I call it another all in one crap ware will fix it all with a click of a button.
xsnred Nov 21, 2009 3.4.1
5 out of 5
Psychlone says,
"Anyone that rates this at less than a 4 obviously has no idea what they're doing behind a computer, and probably should take up another hobby."

This software is for non-techs, solitaire players. Do a Control-Alt-Del and tell me how much resources this program is using. While your in there, tell me how many processes are running on your system. Come on guys, there are too many programs out there that will keep your system safe and clean without using any resources. I'm sure this software is good and does what it says, but as a gamer and a tech I do not need it. I give it 5 stars for the solitaire players.
Clap Nov 14, 2009 3.4.0
5 out of 5
I've been using this sprogram for a while without any problems.....
Psychlone Nov 1, 2009 3.4.0
5 out of 5
Anyone that rates this at less than a 4 obviously has no idea what they're doing behind a computer, and probably should take up another hobby.
That being said, *ANY* program that claims to 'clean your registry' or 'immunize your computer against threats' - should have the contents of what it's recommending to be changed, scrutinized carefully.

I, along with thousands of other people that know what a computer is/does, have had absolutely NO problems with and of ASC's functions.
This is a perfect program, does what it says, and I find it impossible to rate it at anything less than a 5.

My only hope for Iobit, is that they won't let any of their softwares become bloated with add-ons. Perhaps a poll or vote on most-used add-ons would be in order?

Anyway, anyone experiencing problems with ASC needs to have their computer rights removed indefinitely, as they blatantly don't know what they're doing.

Good job, Iobit! Keep up the good work!
Input Overload Oct 30, 2009 3.4.0
5 out of 5
A great fee program that I have bought the full edition in the past & might do now. Warning it is unsuitable for use by Apes or Chimpanzees!
dcs1e Oct 30, 2009 3.4.0
5 out of 5
To: keish, leofelix, smurfberry & others who feel ASC destroyed their browsing or nuked their PC.

This is excellent, free software. The problems you encountered were a result of blindly accepting all recommended changes to your system without checking to see what those changes were.

Inability to open certain websites after using ASC was caused by your agreeing to "immunize" your system by blocking a list of thousands of tracking cookies, potentially harmful websites and ActiveX plug-ins. If you weren't willing to accept such "passive defense" restrictions to your browsing, don't accept them! Don't blame the software for doing the job it was designed to do. The software gave you an opportunity to review all changes before implementing them and even provided a mechanism to undo those changes.

I agree with clifton. The registry and privacy cleaning functions are comparable to CCleaner and many commercial software products. I have used this product since its Beta stage and never needed to undo any changes,... but then I always review those changes before enabling them.

"Software Informer" was another third party product that Iobit occasionally adds as a trial add-on in continual attempts to improve their products. Like other software and driver update products, these are strictly use at your own risk.
keish Oct 29, 2009 3.3.4
1 out of 5
Pleade do not download this - it's really a piece of crap - it corrupted the system I was unable to open sites which are my fav- Crap! waste of time- I followed the restore instructions before running the software.It still messed it up.

I'll stick with my C clean - It worked
I had to do system restore to remove its components.
Please dont download this.
I will not recommend to anyone-
worst and still downloads yahoo which I hate I hate tottally - It tried to change my search engine -
leofelix Oct 17, 2009 3.3.4
1 out of 5
One of the worst software I ever tried: it modifies your IE search engine, It installs "software informer", it can mess up your system.

Terrible, unfortunately there is no 0 star option here
Sep 24, 2009 3.3.4
5 out of 5
Very good at fixing errors,defragmenting the disk and the registry.It includes many utilities to optimize the PC,it gives you information about your computer and lets you tweak many settings.
smurfberry Sep 18, 2009 3.3.4
2 out of 5
After loading it on my computer I noticed that it will not allow certain pages to be accessed. e.g. Northwest airlines fare search. I get a message saying the connection was rest or cannot connect to site. Uninstalling the program has not helped. It probably is a result of "tuning up" my internet for speed.
trynow Jul 20, 2009 3.3.4
5 out of 5
Vista SP2 this patch tweaks. Some says SP2 blocks this type of cleaners. This type of system care is good for XP home and XP pro sp3. The other windows dont need.....Giving Rate for XP Home and XP Pro Sp3 added. So for XP five star....System Care for me pack me my tons of drivers ask me put a CD in cd writer write them there.System care must care I386 and webupdate part backup to a DVD thats all. I dont like a program runs and cleans puts little patches to internet explorer or Firefox. Is it advanced for Vista and Win 7 ,I dont think so....
mlsills Jun 30, 2009 3.3.4
1 out of 5
During install appears to give a choice whether to add the Yahoo Toolbar. However, even after selecting "No" it will switch your search provider to Yahoo unless you have Google which will alert you to the attempt.

Uninstalled, I'll stick with ccleaner

rodny335 May 1, 2009 3.3.1
3 out of 5
After using ASC PRO ( up to V.3.30), as well as many other "cleaner" programs, I find it to be a reliable program that can only be made better if its developers keep it from becoming tooooo big, and focus their attention on the basic need for good file and reg cleaning.

What users need to realize is that ASC, like any similar program, can be very destructive if you don't make a point to set it up according to your system needs, most important is choosing options and using the "ignore list' in order to avoid loosing unprotected files/reg entries.
This is often why people blame the program whenever something goes horribly wrong. I've had this argument many times with others that feel that the software should be non-destructive if you don't mess with the options menu, but that's simply impossible considering that all systems are basically unique as far as software/hardware configurations are concerned. The point is that if you find it too complex to set up then use a safer & less effective program. like that you won't have any major problems.

As a result, you have to do a bit of work in order to tweak any program that you need to work well for you.
clifton May 1, 2009 3.3.1
5 out of 5
I need to chime in here. I am a computer hardware tech. I've been working in the field for 20 years, mostly in hospitals and colleges.
I know my way around windows and all it's versions. This software is the very best out there. I have used it on hundreds of pcs and it has never let me down. PC's that I would have rebuilt entirely to get back original performance, I have been able to achieve the same perfomance leves just by running this software.
For those of you who have rated this poorly all I have to say is, thank you. without you I wouldn't be in business. You know just enough to be dangerous!
molumen Apr 30, 2009 3.3.1
5 out of 5
3.3.1 is not released yet, the download here is still 3.3.0 and it is the same on the website.

nice software, I use it without troubles since version 3
no_one Apr 30, 2009 3.3.1
1 out of 5
LOL indeed....

I have used the paid version on four separate machines for the last two years, and I think this version is rubbish, so much so that I have taken off my machines even though I have six months to go on my licence.

And yes....the version prior to three was better.
Psychlone Apr 28, 2009 3.3.0
5 out of 5

I have this program on 14 different machines, all with different flavors of Windows operating systems, all with different hardware and all with different uses - and I've yet to experience a single problem.

In fact, this is the *only* program that I absolutely trust. Most registry scanners will destroy your Windows registry and leave you with nothing but your backup image to resort to...but not ASC. It's never removed anything that's used at all, and only if you're absolutely stupid would you just click CLEAN without looking through the services registries it wants to change the values of (Diagnose System > System Optimization) - other than those specific user-unique settings (that obviously will be different for each individual user's needs), there's not a single thing that this program will screw up.

I've been using this since it's inception without a problem.

Good job Iobit!

About input for the program, I would like to see the links to Game Booster and Smart Defrag be able to determine if you've already got it installed (even in a different location than default - using registry entries?) and simply open the program instead of taking you to the Iobit download page to acquire them.

I would also like to see the Driver Update function come back...but in a new form. It should simply use Google to point you to the correct page based on information polled about the hardware. (i.e. ASC should determine what hardware the system is running, then using that, give you the option of what drivers to update, then dump you out right at Google with the relevant information already in the search.) - this would be much easier than maintaining a database of all relevant drivers for every possible combination/system, and would require only a basic knowledge of what hardware the user has.

On a side note, the program should be skinable, or come with some extra choices...I'm sure not everyone has a desktop that ASC would compliment with it's white or black skins.

Other than those things, everything about this program is spot-on.
alalec Apr 28, 2009 3.3.0
1 out of 5
This program is very dangerous for any PC. It also lacks logic, has an ugly illogical user interface, and tries to install unwanted adware. Though the icon concept/function has been used for more than 5000 years, it appears that it is not yet fully understood by some people living today. If you are able to install this program without any problem it means that your PC is not protected and not safe! But the real problem is worse; that is when the program starts to “scan/discover“ your PC and clean it !!!. I don’t want to be long about the outcome; the only advice is: BE CAREFUL AND KEEP A FULL BACKUP OF YOUR SYSTEM. I can assure you that this is the only program which was able to damage fully my Windows Explorer (using Vista). Though there is an installer, it does not remove every thing. In summary instead of fixing and cleaning your PC this program infects your PC. It is only a bad design, I can't believe that it was designed to harm. One star, only because there is no lower rating!
Landsnes Apr 18, 2009 3.2.0
5 out of 5
Works great for me!

I really like this PC optimizing application. An experienced PC user will have no problems. The registry cleaning utility works great, the free RAM utility works great and all the other features, except for the start-up entry utility, which is very buggy on Vista 64-bit. Not enough to give a minus to a freeware application.

Two thumbs up!
Sativarg Mar 19, 2009 3.2.0
4 out of 5
I am not sure this is what your windows update problem may be but try:
solutions that include using
regsvr32 MSXML3.dll /s
This is a good tool for being free but it could use a novice or safe mode in which strongly worded warnings are popped up when dangerous choices are made.
mfaccone Feb 25, 2009 3.2.0
2 out of 5
This is a love/hate piece of software... Some people just love it.
I don't. It used to be a fairly nice tool, but they had to add a bunch of things that now make it bloated and slow and can cause problems with some machines.
They should have just stuck with what works.
Charlie1A Feb 11, 2009 3.1.2
2 out of 5
This rating is only because of problems with "MY" operating system. The program runs great on Xp home edition 32bit, but has been messing up my Windows update (can't do a manual update) on my XP PRO x64 bit operating sys. Microsoft can't seem to find the problem, and IOBIT has not corrected it as of this posting.
stacey12003 Jan 20, 2009 3.1.2
5 out of 5
I am extremely joyous and ecstatic by this prooduct I went through a list of programs bitedefender kaspersky xsoft and a whole bunch of registry atttempt cleaners and there is absolutely nothing that can come remotely close to this product . I am posting this on my forum next , this is the next big thing .... my computer is brand spanking new again
flyflea Jan 13, 2009 3.1.2
5 out of 5
User-friendly interface, nice-looking, especially very easy to use, not only for me, also my families. I love it and I will support these guys for their great work.
cici26 Jan 13, 2009 3.1.2
5 out of 5
My laptop has a great amount unwanted registry and junk files. I tried many system tools before to clean them, but it seems that only AdvancedSystemCare Free can finish this hard work. It completely cleans off all annoying files just within few seconds. ooh...Unbelivable!
morrig Jan 9, 2009 3.1.2
5 out of 5
This latest flavour is the best yet,a lot more than the 2 series.It,s free,does the job just as well as to pay one care systems,and in all the years I,ve been using it , safe,with nothing untoward happening.
Having just read some of the previous reviews lambasting this software,I am astonished at this,I find this to be so safe to use I do not even check it,s repair findings,which I do with other software of this ilk.Once again this is very safe,simple to use,and excellent utility.
Jan 3, 2009
5 out of 5
Its actually really good you people are dumb i like it very much
robertmc8 Dec 23, 2008
3 out of 5
If you dislike the program get System Mechanic It's worth the 30 bucks for first year. Plus you can get cheaper at Wal-mart or anywhere else. After that you can renew it for $14.95 a year which is great price. So far I love SM8 I have no issue from my pc using it.
fatray Dec 23, 2008
5 out of 5
I can't understand what people are complaining about. Works perfect for me, I even paid for it. I know there really isn't a need to pay for this since you can get all the PRO features elsewhere for free. But something this good deserves my money.
LakotaElf Dec 23, 2008
1 out of 5
Is shouldn't bother if I were you. Not worth your time and in fact is a waste of time..
doctorsmith Dec 22, 2008
1 out of 5
I have to agree with the last few posts, what once was an OK piece of software is quickly becoming a joke.
JWvanLohuizen Nov 29, 2008 3.1.0 RC4
1 out of 5
This piece of crap used to be good. They kept adding all these features and promising it to be really great and fully automated. Now I have installed it on over 30 of my friends PCs and most are really peeved that it is taking up hard disk space and it is of no use, after I gave up my good name and assured them it was great and FREE.

You see like most pc users, they only have time for email and bills and if it stops working they take it to someone to fix or they call me. "Windows update, Adaware update, didn't I just do that?" It's been weeks or moths and they just forget. Well if they are conned into installing crap like this that gives them the false sense of security because it goes on and on about what it does, and provides security, when in actuality it only works during the beta period and now that it is released it just sits there doing absolutely nothing except looking pretty and taking valuable hard drive space. (Not everyone has 100gb of free space.) They, like me, feel duped in a bait and switch tactic to get lots of free testing and then try to steal their hard earned money. Most people are not computer professionals and can't afford to waste their time and money on greedy hacks.

Just PASS on this one. It's another Norton wanna be.

If you have it installed, just uninstall it and keep your junk files empty and your AV program up to date. The rest is just a waste of time!!!

The above description is just an outright lie!
ballyhairs Nov 20, 2008 3.1.0 RC4
1 out of 5
It used to be good, whats with author?!!! just when people started liking it he implemented a spyware in it!!!
Hall9000 Nov 18, 2008 3.1.0 RC4
1 out of 5
I just got rid of Advanced SystemCare. It made my computer run so slow I thought it had frozen, and that wasn't even the beta! It was the standard edition. Until I see better reviews as in real improvement that program is in the trash can for me. Wonder if I could find my old Old WindowsCare version again.
mfaccone Nov 5, 2008 3.1.0 RC4
1 out of 5
This keeps going downward as a good software. Once upon a time it was good. Now, its full of junk.
Letterman Nov 5, 2008 3.1.0 RC4
1 out of 5
If you want a reliable free system suite go for Glary Utilities.
wonderboy2die4 Nov 4, 2008 3.1.0 RC3.1
1 out of 5
i installed the advanced care3 and test the program for one thing only, the defragmenter. I analyze my disk with windows defragmenter and diskeeper then i ran the advanced care3 defragmenter prog. it took only 5 min to defragment my drive. i have to say that my disk was really fragmented. then i analyze again with diskeeper and the windows defragmenter programs and i found out that my drive was as fragmented as before so it seems that advanced care3 did nothing. I ran diskeeper and it took at least half an hour to defragment my hole disk. Make the test and you will see. I was very disappointed so far.
BigDick Oct 29, 2008 3.1.0 RC3.1
1 out of 5
I'm another guy, and this "suite" is a combination of crap tools.
ballyhairs Oct 27, 2008 3.1.0 RC3.1
1 out of 5
Advanced Windows Care went from an OK freeware program to a substandard shareware program. [3]
Letterman Oct 27, 2008 3.1.0 RC3.1
1 out of 5
Advanced Windows Care went from an OK freeware program to a substandard shareware program. [2]
henrypeck Oct 27, 2008 3.1.0 RC3.1
2 out of 5
Advanced Windows Care went from an OK freeware program to a substandard shareware program.
grinch89 Oct 12, 2008 3.1.0 RC2
4 out of 5
I have used this app since the first Beta release,while I found some of the early Beta 2's were pretty buggy,it has improved with time.I have never had this program cause any problems other than the GUI freezing,except for Beta 2.0.3 freezing my computer forcing a restart,other than that I like this app,but as with any program that plays with the registry a certain amount of respect is necessary,seems to me that if this app causes major problems,then maybe they were already there.
kubesa Oct 12, 2008 3.1.0 RC2
2 out of 5
It’s a pity that this software from such company is not working correctly - or better to say, you must be VERY VERY careful when using it. This software deleted all my startups programs, even I wasn't aware that it will do so. OK, I thought that at the beginning it asked me to do backup and I answered YES...unfortunately later I did not found any backup!! After using this software, my computer had first time ever blue screen during shutdown. Well...idea is ok however implementation is not so successful.
DaComboMan Oct 11, 2008 3.1.0 RC2
4 out of 5

I do believe you must backup your registry prior to making any changes the program wants to make.
CyberDoc999 Oct 11, 2008 3.1.0 RC2
1 out of 5
after I used this I had to re-format
landfish Oct 10, 2008 3.1.0 RC2
4 out of 5
works fine for me.
never had any of the problems others here are going on about.
rsvejkosky Oct 10, 2008 3.1.0 RC2
5 out of 5
OH so true net-junkie in the words of Mr.Gump STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES... I have used this program for 2 years now and never had any problems with it except for a few minor bugs which they corrected in the form of an update.
net_junkie Oct 10, 2008 3.1.0 RC2
5 out of 5
Because of the bad reviews, I felt I needed to add my review.

The change from "Windows Care" to "System Care", along with the redesign, was a good one. This new incarnation has better tools, and cleans more thoroughly than it's predecessor. I maintain 6 PCs, (one Vista, five XP). Unlike the users who posted reviews here, I have never had an issue concerning what System Care removed. I'm suspicious as if they are real reviews, or that these individuals did something wrong, or had major underlining issues with their machines. System Care asks you to back up your OS and your registry. Did you not do this? If you had, your system wouldn't have been "screwed up" to the point of not being recoverable. Also, the program shows you how to see a detailed list of what it has identified for removal. You can uncheck anything that you want to keep if you think System Care has made an error. Did you look at your lists before saying "repair"? Furthermore, you can undo changes the program has made. Did you try to undo these changes?

Why, with all the computers I have used this on did I not have an issue? With everything I have shown here, it seems "user error" is to blame and not the program itself, or they are simply fake reviews to defame the product.

In the end, I can only tell you that I think the redesign of System Care has made it better, and that I have had no issues at all. I recommend it.
hap8192739 Oct 10, 2008 3.1.0 RC2
2 out of 5
This wiped out my desktop after purging "invalid" registry keys ... what is worse , when I restarted it after rebooting, the restore entries disappeared ... I could not even extract them from the CAB file.
trynow Sep 30, 2008 3.1.0 RC1
4 out of 5
Advanced System Care 3 RC1 Can you put "DISK CLEANER" in part "MAINTAIN WINDOWS" list at the begining. I clean HDD first of all.RegFix then HDD def**ment.I do System Optimization at the end.Win XP home I use.So the program should understand what type XP do I use.Tell me You are using Xp Home or Xp pro and Recommends at first.If I choose Performance Home user tab Recommends must change must inform me not recommended or can be applied or not.Logon users has different strategy so can your software remember everones choices and record it for logon users when they login.
CyberDoc999 Sep 26, 2008 3.1.0 RC1
1 out of 5
This ruined my computer
Treize Sep 26, 2008 3.1.0 RC1
1 out of 5
It caused an RPC service to shutdown causing my computer to reboot every hour after I installed it. The problem went away after I uninstalled it.
catchpole Sep 26, 2008 3.1.0 RC1
5 out of 5
not crapware
ballyhairs Sep 26, 2008 3.1.0 RC1
1 out of 5
some guy Sep 25, 2008 3.1.0 RC1
4 out of 5
its clean
Cerviperus Sep 11, 2008 3.0 Beta 3.1.0
3 out of 5
Apparently SoftPedia disagrees with the claims of malware embedded in the sofware.

3/5 because I have not fully tried it myself, but I didn't want others to avoid it based on mis-informed claims.
pep086 Sep 2, 2008 3.0 Beta 2.8.5
5 out of 5
i have tested a lot of them, tuneup, system mechanic, fresh utilities and counting...
this is not for noobs, it manages services, temps, spyware, traces, startup and a few more options to optimize your computer...
earthquake10 Aug 14, 2008 3.0 Beta 2.8.2
5 out of 5
AWC v3.0 Beta 2.8.2 installed perfectly on my Vista Business SP1. It runs very well so far...and besides, it's free! I enjoy the functionality of the new interface, too. Many thanks to IObit for doing such a great job...can't wait for the final release!
Jammerdelray Aug 14, 2008 3.0 Beta 2.8.2
4 out of 5
Scanned with Mcafee Total Protection, it's clean.
Mumoto Aug 14, 2008 3.0 Beta 2.8.2
4 out of 5
Strange that when sending AWC.exe to it shows me this:

File AWC.exe received on 08.14.2008 21:03:21 (CET)
Current status: Loading ... queued waiting scanning finished NOT FOUND STOPPED
Result: 0/34 (0%)

Meaning no virus =)
Timoleon Aug 12, 2008 3.0 Beta 2.8.1
1 out of 5
NOD32 says it's infected with the NewHeur virus. Whether it's a false positive or not, I'm not taking the chance. None of the previous Advanced WindowsCare versions caused this to pop up. IObit needs to do something...
CyberDoc999 Aug 12, 2008 3.0 Beta 2.8.1
1 out of 5
this messed up my OS
fatray Aug 11, 2008 3.0 Beta 2.8.1
5 out of 5
Yea whats with the Avast Virus Warning? Is it just Avast?
matt2971 Aug 11, 2008 3.0 Beta 2.8.1
3 out of 5
I'm not reviewing this as it's not the kinda thing I need, but the last comment is priceless: "NewHeur"!

That'll be New Heuristic then... i.e. the AV heuristic scanner picked up something that looks like it "could" be a virus, but is much more likely to be a false positive. Doh.
ballyhairs Aug 7, 2008 3.0 Beta 2.8.0
1 out of 5
A nasty virus called (NewHeur) is included in this piece of s***, another good software gone crappy.
fatray Aug 4, 2008 3.0 Beta 2.8.0
5 out of 5
It just gets better and better each time. I don't see how you could have a better piece of software that does it all. Hands Down best Utility program out there.
legion Aug 4, 2008 3.0 Beta 2.8.0
1 out of 5
Hate this app, its ruin my OS...
joe.m Jul 16, 2008 3.0 Beta 2.7
5 out of 5
I paid zero dollars and zero cents for this product. For what it does it is one of the best products around. This product is stable and effective. If you require a more robust solution I suggest you fork over $79.00 to Symantec for Norton Utilities. Please don't kill a FREE, excellent piece of software with some unfair comments. If your system experienced issues as result of this product most likely it is your overworked and overburden PC. Advanced WindowsCare is an excellent piece of software work PERIOD!
iknowyouknow Jul 15, 2008 3.0 Beta 2.7
2 out of 5
Tis ok, but needs work esp opening ports etc
anonymous_user Jun 19, 2008 3 Beta 2.50 (Updated)
3 out of 5
Minus one star because I dont like skins. It should just use native skinning.

Minus another star because it doesnt seem as powerful as other programs (like Ace Utilities).

Its ok otherwise.
fatray Jun 19, 2008 3 Beta 2.50 (Updated)
5 out of 5
This is easily be greatest all-in-one tool on the internet at the moment. I can't find anything or any reason why anyone would think different. No longer do I need Crap Cleaner, Spybot&Destroy and Perfect Disc on my systems. This does it all and it looks great doing it. This is where my money will be going.
mfaccone Jun 15, 2008 3 Beta 2.5
2 out of 5
They have tried to advance this too fast and with too much vista bling. The older versions worked. The newer versions mess with too many things at once and doesn't allow you to control very much of what it does. Besides that, they are the hardest people to get a hold of... you can go to their forum, not much help there...
I know they just had that earthquake there, but lack of support was happening way before that.

Bring it back to the way it was, simple and effective, and I will allow it on my machines again. And for the love of software, get rid of that disk defragmenter. You obviously don't understand how one should work.
jack.alexander Jun 12, 2008 3 Beta 2.5
1 out of 5
All of the versions of this program I have tried un-register your archiver programs and re-registers zipfldr.dll. The port opening problem is a pain but any good firewall can stop it. Face it, if you want support you'll probably have to buy the paid version. I prefer to use programs that allow me to manually operate them and have complete control over them, hence I don't use their de-frag program either.
oompoop Jun 11, 2008 3 Beta 2.02
3 out of 5
... gave the earlier version four stars ...
Now the GUI is "modern", but you have to search ..
AND it does the same as IOBit's Smart Defrag in the newer version, it 'goes online' and opens a port without asking me.
I hate things moving and working behind me without any realizable reason ...
So now ...
mike-south May 12, 2008 3 Beta 2.02
5 out of 5
Excellent software. I cannot believe this software covers every aspect of computer maintainance, AND includes extra software to re-assure you computer security. I highly recommend it!
RWW Apr 21, 2008 3 Beta 2.0
3 out of 5
At the first beta of version 3 I sent in my suggestions and they jumped right on it....that I appreciate. The one thing I did suggest is what others have. I do not like the inerface. Version two worked well, was easy to navigate. A redo back to a simpler inerface with some of the new features would suit me well.
rcglidden Apr 21, 2008 3 Beta 2.0
1 out of 5
some fine publishers are ruining their own products by makeing them look more Vista-ish and turning them into bloatware at the same time... first Ada-ware, now this program!

It wanted to create a restore point, update itself, start a defrag, and got knows what else while Windows boots up. This was the "out of the box" set-up, I KNOW you can change this, but I uninstalled averything instead.

The "other" version is much better (version 2) to understand and operate. Now with version 3 you need a map to get around all the options.

Oh yea... and what's with all the shortcuts to IObit? desktop, start menu, bookmark... c'mon dudes! (this actually started in version 2)
Not to mention that it brings you to their web site when you uninstall it.

Keep it simple and clean like version does what it's supposed to do, and does it well!

What's next in this trend? CrapCleaner?
mfaccone Apr 21, 2008 3 Beta 2.0
1 out of 5
Why does Iobit consider betanews a spyware risk site and try to block its cookies in the Security Defense?
I broke silence and installed this new version on my test box just to see... Version 2 is still better than 3. The older version 2 was the best. Iobit is going backwards. Their new defragger has had big problems yet its automatically active in this beta. Are they just trying to fry as many harddrives as they can in order to take over the world?
I'm giving it a low score mainly because the developers and people over at Iobit won't communicate.. won't answer tech support questions.. and now makes me wonder if they don't block betanews cookies so unsuspecting people can't log in here to post a comment.
some guy Mar 25, 2008 3 Beta 1.1
2 out of 5
no really
ingram091 Mar 25, 2008 3 Beta 1.1
4 out of 5
not a big fan of the new shell in version 3. The above image is from version 2.

Its just not quite as straight forward IMHO. However the functionality id fine and worth using...
tigreseis Mar 25, 2008 3 Beta 1.1
4 out of 5

Are you a rock? Or, you just sleep under one? Threatfire is PcTools version of BOclean from Comodo.

As far as AWC, It is not any better than Glary Utils, but with GU I don't have to click off the annoying log screen.
ballyhairs Mar 25, 2008 3 Beta 1.1
2 out of 5
Were you awake when you typed that? this is not an anti virus software, I even never heard of the one you mentioned till now, what was it called? ThreatFire? give me a break!
Back to this... I tried their last beta and it didnt work, I think they wanted to say "early alpha", so wait till the final release for second try.
christoofar Mar 25, 2008 3 Beta 1.1
4 out of 5
Used to use this, but prefer ThreatFire for auto-updates & realtime monitor protection
trynow Mar 24, 2008 3 Beta 1.0
5 out of 5
Many thanks to iobit team. You must have one. It is a very good software for friends. I use the boost part every time i works fine.My laptop is very happy with it. Freeware works like pro. Your windows gets more confortable after it done its work.
mfaccone Mar 24, 2008 3 Beta 1.0
2 out of 5
Watch how you use this... I installed it on a friends computer against my better judgement seing how Iobit is heading towards... and most everything installed won't work without uninstalling. I even couldn't log into this website because it seriously screwed with IE7 settings. Be careful.
ballyhairs Mar 23, 2008 3 Beta 1.0
2 out of 5
I give it 2 for releasing this as a BETA, Jesus Christ, this is far away from BETA
zzGUY46 Mar 20, 2008 3 Beta 1.0
1 out of 5
Can't find any info on compatibility with Win XP Pro x64. Anyone know?
ingram091 Mar 19, 2008 2.7.1
4 out of 5
I have to admit I preferred the package when it would actually just Update instead of forcing a new download all the time, as it has been recently. Their reason? Not really much improvement in the software per say, but instead so they can push Toolbars on you. At least thats what it seems like to me. Yes they still allow an Opt out of it immediately without adverse effects. However its still do we really need to download a new engine Every few weeks? Why not just update the signatures as they used too? That simple reason for me has been a reason I have held off getting the Pro paid version, cause I honestly do not know how reliable they are going to stay with this trend.

The tool itself is a good alternative to a Norton systemworks or MS onecare, whatever. There seems like there are dozens of them now of various quality. This one seems the best of the free ones thus far.
darthbeads Mar 3, 2008 2.7.0
5 out of 5
5 stars just to offset idiots who complain that there is a perfectly clearly communicated and optional installation of the Yahoo toolbar bundled, as well as the mindless dribblings of sx66gns.
ballyhairs Jan 15, 2008
3 out of 5
I wonder how long it will take them before they follow the rest making it a crappy software, it was good till they added Yahoo and Google crap to it, now this, I wonder what next!!!
So far Tuneup Utilities is on top.
DKDude Jan 15, 2008
5 out of 5
I've just installed it, there's no yahootoolbar installed.

Great program.
coover Jan 14, 2008
3 out of 5
Still good software but they have added Yahoo Toolbar. Evidently, Yahoo paid them to add this to the software. So if you wish to add this software to your computer, or upgrade from an earlier version, if you dislike Yahoo Toolbar like I dislike Yahoo Toolbar, watch carefully during the installation to be sure you do not check the Yahoo Toolbar box.

Remove Yahoo from this software, and it again is a 5.
speklbellybeagle Jan 3, 2008
5 out of 5
Works great, it is simple, fast and free - and the "free" version actually allows you to clean-up your system! That's a true plus; however, it didn't resolve the "1406. could not write value to key..." error that I was trying to fix with it... Is there any registry fix tool that can do this?!
RWW Dec 15, 2007
5 out of 5
Works great, have written about it before. Last version will not leave the screen without using task manager for some reason. Little something to fix.
oompoop Dec 7, 2007
4 out of 5
... you're all right, but ...
In Tools/StartupManager the programm only indicates 2, but I have 4 running of 9 (CodeStuff Starter)
Nevertheless ...
TomA102210 Nov 30, 2007
5 out of 5
Simply put, a great utility. Intuitive and easy to use and does what it says.
stevewwestfall Nov 21, 2007
5 out of 5
I have used many different utility programs over the years and I can honestly tell you this one will not only be easy on the pocket book but does a very complete diagnostic scan and complete repair.
fushir Oct 29, 2007
5 out of 5
My system runs much better and more efficient. I’m using Ad-aware, Spy-bot, and pest patrol for several years and this program still found problems that the other prograns should have found. This program works fast and is very thorough. It sure did a great job of cleaning my system and making it faster. Keep up the great work and continue to improve the software
ingram091 Oct 15, 2007
5 out of 5
This is quickly becoming my favorite program 3rd party tool to add to client machines to do preventative maintenance.

This along with Grisoft AVG, is a nice little add on for any new installation. Easily the equivalent of Windows live onecare which is subscription based...

(Just make sure and add on MS Defender for antispyware as a minimum)

This cleans up so much I just can not tell you everything it does. Even issues when you funk up the IE interface because of a bad uninstall of Yahoo, Google, wild tangent or other such unwanted services from your browser... Instead of going through all the Registry entries to fix it manually; this does it in one scan and fix.

Has a great immunizer for spyware and adware, and the startup tools are really nice as well...

Add to it that features for backup and recovery of safe states. that too is nice to have.

All around this is a good program, well worth a download.
tuneslover Sep 20, 2007
5 out of 5
kghdu Sep 16, 2007
5 out of 5
The best Windows Optimizing software out there. Does what it says. My computer's performance increased by 500% when I used it. I would recommend this software to everyone. Thanks IObit, the software you create is the best that I have ever used in my life.
walterbivins Aug 10, 2007
5 out of 5
I have been using Advanced Windows Care Personal betas and programs, Advanced Windows Care Pro program, and Iobit Smart Defrag Betas for over 2 years total now, and I find that they do what they are supposed to do extremely well. I also will use any future Iobit Products and review them as they run on my computers.
rumiguru Aug 3, 2007
5 out of 5
I have been using AWC for sometime and I have to say it is one of the best free utilities.It is fast,compact and keeps the computer cruissing.I use it daily and also the free defrag program is great..Other utilities dont even come close to doing what AWC does...It optimises your TCP stack as well and makes surfing the web fast and furious

photonboy Jul 8, 2007
4 out of 5
It is very difficult to find unbiased reviews. Sometimes the best solution is to download the individual components such as Antivirus, Firewall, Antispy/malware etc.
-Many Routers have NAT and do NOT need a software firewall (to verify, you can google "test firewall" if you can't confirm with your manual)

A little known solution is to use Firefox with the add-on "NoScript"; I've tested this extensively. Many of the worst problems come from clicking on a website and IMMEDIATELY having code screw up your computer EVEN WITH THE BEST SOFTWARE PROTECTION.

NoScript works best by automatically blocking most of the webpage's links until you authenticate they are okay. I can't stress enough how important this is. I was shocked how well it works. I used all the main programs (demos that work 100%) and NONE of them managed to block 100%. I went to a couple sites that I knew had malware/adware and I was infected ALWAYS except with NoScript (which is free).

*Before you surf too much, I recommend using a program like Acronis True Image and make backup Image of your Windows partition (usually Cdrive). On High Compression, most people need 2 or 3 of the 4500MB discs. AKA DVD5 or single-layer DVD, which comes in DVD-R or DVD+R. If in doubt, LG burners and Verbatim DVD-R or +R are ideal. (get a dual-layer burner.)

Educate yourself. Wikipedia is a great resource.
fredra Jul 7, 2007
5 out of 5
I was a bit sckeptical with this Advanced WindowsCare from IOBit.
Lets be blunt here, it claims it can do a lot of good stuff, but if it does it to your PC and reduces your PC to a door stop, then it is totally worthless. That was my doubtful approach to using it.
I made an "image" of my hard drive (just to be on the safe side, if anything happened) and installed Advanced WindowsCare (AWC) from IOBits.
After cautiously running each module (and viewing the "problems" it found), letting it "fix" those problems, I have to admit that my sckepticism was not warranted.
The program functions as they say it does ... it WORKS.
I am NOT paid to endorse this product and I am in no way connected to the company, however, when a piece of software functions properly, it needs to get the accolades it deserves.
morgan0 Jul 7, 2007
5 out of 5
I've downloaded and uninstalled tons of cleaning software that didn't work well, froze my puter, and refused to uninstall themselves at all! IOBit is fantastic! So many options that work smoothly, seamlessly and quickly. It really revved up my performance. Recommend highly to everyone looking for fast, hassleless problem solving.
Yemaya Jul 1, 2007
5 out of 5
Even the most uninformed, and newest of users can implement the IOBit programs with ease. This has to be the greatest set of programs to hit the Information world. IOBit is the "Set it, and Forget it!" appliance for pc and Internet users, and BEST OF ALL... IT'S FREE!!! WOW! is all I can say! I've been a techie for many years, and have used, I think, every repair, protect, and shield program out there, but since I found IOBit, I have wiped all of them off my 'puter. Thanks, IOBit team! Kudos to you! Can't wait till you get your "SpyWare Defender" completed and ready for downloading.
Quack24 Jun 30, 2007
5 out of 5
Best Free Windows Care Products i Have ever used!! If it were possible i would give it a well earned 100/100. I recommend it to all.
littlemike54 Jun 30, 2007
5 out of 5
One of the better products I've used!
Ezmerelda Jun 30, 2007
5 out of 5
The IObit programs for cleaning are absolutely amazing. They're quick, efficient and my computer has been running like the day I bought it. I wish all programs were this good!!
the artist Jun 25, 2007
4 out of 5

it may not be the best at every area it tackles, but IT'S A SAFE A PROGRAM, IT DOESNT DELETE ANY IMPORTANT REG ENTRY NOR FILE, AS MANY OTHER SPECIALIZED PROGRAMS DO. You can give this to your friends or a newbie and it won't screw anything! All those registry cleaners out there always delete more than the account.

ITS A SAFE CLEANING SOFTWARE BY DEFAULT, and that plused with the vast cleaning it does, deserves a definite 5. However, file cleaning is very poor, maybe it waits a few days after deleting temp files (as ccleaner does) but i don't really think that's the case, so 1 point down.

I've spoken! ;)
RWW Jun 25, 2007
5 out of 5
What was refered to as cleaning things you do not wish to be changed was using the system optomization section of the scan. If your system is tweaked, registry changed, etc. then you do not wish to run this part. Just uncheck it. Anyone not taking the time to read and see what they are changing in their machine should not be using this type of software. I recommend this software to people all the time but advise them of this.
ballyhairs Jun 25, 2007
2 out of 5
My advice?
Antivirus: NOD32
Antispyware: Hitmanpro (7 in 1 + more)
Registry cleaners: tuneup utilities and regseeker
Cleaners: ccleaner.
betavirus1025 Jun 25, 2007
1 out of 5
The Advanced "pay for" version is not very good, so I can't imagine that the "free" version is worth the effort to download and install.
oubeaver Jun 14, 2007
5 out of 5

Very well said. You seem very articulate.


Jegar48 Jun 4, 2007
5 out of 5
As with any registry cleaner, it is not wise to be running that portion of the program all the time. Once every two weeks is more than enough. The other features included in Advanced Windows care make it well worth a 5 rating
robmanic44 Jun 4, 2007
2 out of 5
This software is another of those that does things to your system, some of which you probably don't want done.
petgamer May 23, 2007 2.4.1 Beta
5 out of 5
* Fix bug in Privacy Scan
* Fix bug in detection video card
+ Improve system optimizations
+ Improve language pack
RWW May 10, 2007 2.4.0
5 out of 5
I'm amazed at how the speed has increased with this release. Many bugs are now gone.
coover May 9, 2007 2.4.0
5 out of 5
Now out of beta, the installation problems that were being found have been resolved with version 2.4. It now works with Vista and is worth the download.
KSzostek Apr 23, 2007 2.4.0 Beta 3
1 out of 5
Way to buggy and way to hard to uninstall the entire program.
teranova52 Apr 23, 2007 2.4.0 Beta 3
1 out of 5
Yes , this version does not start at my PC too .

Crash log
AppName: awcl.exe AppVer: ModName: kernel32.dll
ModVer: 5.1.2600.2991 Offset: 00012a5b
Budgie29 Apr 17, 2007 2.4.0 Beta 2
3 out of 5
nowhere near as good a Iolo's system mechanic
did not do what I expected it to do
henrypeck Apr 17, 2007 2.4.0 Beta 2
2 out of 5
This version won't even start on my machine. The previous versions ran flawlessly.
Jegar48 Apr 17, 2007 2.4.0 Beta 2
5 out of 5
The Rating says it all.
godzila Apr 17, 2007 2.4.0 Beta 2
5 out of 5
M a t t L e e Apr 10, 2007 2.3.0
4 out of 5
have to admit this has finally won me over some specially since it found spyware no other anti spyware has found. i actually replaced spyware terminator with this and havent been disappointed yet
PSILVIS Mar 22, 2007 2.3.0
5 out of 5
barebear Feb 23, 2007 2.3.0
5 out of 5
I highly recommend the freeware version of Advanced Windows Care -- it noticeably improves system performance and is ultra easy to use.

I specialize in system hardening and optimization and after installing and running AWC found that 3 previously installed pieces of software that had been acting buggy all of a sudden started working perfectly
jbl Jan 17, 2007 2.3.0
4 out of 5
Simple, intuitive and clean. Runs quickly and has a simple fix it path.

The section on deciding which startup programs to not use, is not very clear. I ended up choosing the wrong things to not have at startup time, and the things I didn't want to continue have in the startup path. It needs a clear description to 'check the things you want to have included in startup.'
darthbeads Jan 8, 2007 2.3.0
5 out of 5
I have been running and installing new versions of Advanced WindowsCare for a while now, and have never run across the RedV threat mentioned below.

Otherwise, I am generally quite happy with the work that Adv. WC does.
FmlyRnn Dec 22, 2006 2.3 Beta
5 out of 5
After having used this Program for a few months I have made this finding through a process of elimination of certain Programs that I have Downloaded recently. Well, I think that I have found a problem with Advanced WindowsCare. It is bundled with RedV Protector. Although the program does what it says it has been deceptive in not revealing this detail to everyone. Furthermoe, I caught this several times using Norton Antispy [included with the Yahoo Toolbar], and Arovax Antispyware, which should be used by everyone. Meanwhile, You can click on the Link(s) below, and read more.

RedV Easy Install
From the RedV Easy Install EULA:

In order to provide this service, RedV Network collects information on your web usage that remains anonymous to third parties. RedV Network may derive personal preference profiles from your Personal Information and web usage.

RedV Easy Install is bundled with file sharing programs such as Grokster.

The classifications of RedV software varies. PestPatrol classify it as Adware and Tracking cookie. Lavasoft states that it is a browser hijacker. The forum at SpywareInfo mention RedV Easy Install.
Bundled software

If you have any of the files related to RedV Easy Install on your system, please send them for additional analysis. Generally, I have only analysed a few versions for each software component listed at this web site. With your help I will be able to look at both old and more recent versions of the RedV Easy Install software. Thank you very much for your time!
RedV Network
Bazooka Adware and Spyware Scanner does not detect RedV Easy Install.
Uninstall notice for RedV Easy Install
Notice that removing RedV Easy Install may cause the program that bundled it to not function as intended.
Uninstall procedure
Uninstall RedV Easy Install from "Add/Remove Programs" in the Windows® Control Panel. If you run into problems uninstalling RedV Easy Install, please contact the vendor for support.
eviljolly Nov 27, 2006 2.2.1
4 out of 5
Decent little program. Simple and clean interface, but it does nothing I can't do with freeware utilities, and those will automatically update without requiring purchase. I am not giving this program a 4 because of the money though, it just doesn't feel robust enough to deserve a 5.
planetrj Nov 24, 2006 2.2.1
5 out of 5
I've read many complex and often incomprehensible explanations and reasoning for various MS Windows repair/cleaners, and so I have decided to post in very simple terms for those who are not-so savvy on computers.
Over the past few years, I probably have installed and tested far too many Windows "Fix" softwares than one computer should handle. However, IObit offers a refreshing version of the new generation "All-In-One's" with their WindowsCare 2.
WC2 is very simple and an easy tool to use which can clean the registry, perform many 'fixes' which may cause your computer to run slowly, perform sweeps on temp files, privacy, and even find holes and leaks in your system's security.
All of these are available in many products, but I do not believe all of the items that WindowsCare 2 offers are in one single tool as yet, which in my mind means less time executing files and waiting for one to finish then open another to begin.

IObit offers a free personal version, and is well worth trying out a few times. You have the ability to backup your registry as well, so if
you make a mistake (or the program does), you may use your previous configuration, should anything get messed up.

So far, I have not experienced any issues with the program, and if anything, my computer had over 3,000 issues fixed, and is now opening new windows faster than it has in over 6 months.
democlees Nov 22, 2006 2.2.1
4 out of 5
Nice bit of software i use it alot and have only had 1 problem, it wants to wipe out all my internet temp files but a few of my files i'd like to keep. egg publisher, if i deleted it id only have to d/l it again and its 9mb or so. Would be a 5 rating if it had an exclusion for button so i could save the stuff i want.Thx ppl who made gd stuff
ftballtw Nov 14, 2006 2.10
5 out of 5
This is a great program. I have experienced no problems and it really boosts your security. It is great for the average computer user who really does not know what to do for protection. Very easy to use. I recommend completely.
redrose387 Oct 27, 2006 2.01
5 out of 5
it does exactly what it says it will do it makes my computer run great
romulus15 Oct 12, 2006 2.01
3 out of 5
Not a bad program for a home user, but be very careful if you're a business user/domain user.

Most of the registery items it found on my system are actually totally legitimate and should not be removed or changed. They will break applications. The rest are unneeded registry entries, however they would have no effect on system performance if removed.

All of the speed optimizations come from modifying the UI settings, which reduce visual appeal of XP.

It is a _must_ to create a restore point before running this application.
Terumo Oct 12, 2006 2.01
5 out of 5
Jeg liker dette programmet for det rensker godt opp i systemet mitt.
Det holder maskinen på topp uten at en behøver å tenke på det.
Kan anbefales.
edmpscowan Oct 12, 2006 2.01
3 out of 5
Um, this program was excellent, but then it decided to remove most of the options for this version, which means the word 'freeware' has to be taken with a pinch of salt.
Treize Oct 11, 2006 2.01
3 out of 5
Seemed to clean up windows well, but it also prevented flash player from running.
FmlyRnn Oct 11, 2006 2.01
5 out of 5
Well, If I could rate this Application higher I would! Meanwhile, I had Windows One Care, and when it stopped being free I was stumped but now I am happy that this came along. I have it on my PC, and Laptop. Simply outstanding!!! Furthermore, It is free and does what it says! Very User Friendly.
rokkyofnh Oct 8, 2006 2
5 out of 5
This program is great. I repair PCs as a hobby, this is by far the best diagnostic tool for clearing out junk files and fixing the registry. The interface is very clean and straight forward. Highly recommmended!
pONg04 Oct 2, 2006 2
5 out of 5
use this and I assure you,99.99% without regret..even i have only windows care personal.. its ok.. because its a big help to improve my computer performance...It cleans my registry it optimize my computer into it peak performance and clean my temp files.. I want to upgrade really into pro but i dont have money.. but even i only use personal, i realy treasure it...If i were you buy now!!!
jinno Sep 27, 2006 2
5 out of 5
I fix quite a lot of computers for my friends.
and many come in with "garbages, forgotten temp
files of multiple users, spyware, adware, etc.
Recently I installed Advanced WindowsCare
into such troublesome computers.
There is a guy who brings his computer almost
every month (saying windows is sluggish, some programs don't work...) I have not heard from him for some time after I installed Advanced WindosCare.
Onsoku Sep 26, 2006 2
4 out of 5
I still think that Advanced WindowsCare 2 3.7 Beta was the best freeware version out there...
JaapB Sep 26, 2006 2
5 out of 5
There is only one word for this app. : EXELLENT !
TomA102210 Sep 26, 2006 2
5 out of 5
"Do we have to pay for it now? Clicked on the d/l link, and it took me to:
"I am sorry but the page you are trying to access is not currently available or does not exist. Please check the link you would like to access and try again."
No problems with the download and install here. Might try a reboot, clearing your cache and trying again.
Onsoku Sep 22, 2006 2 Release Candidate
4 out of 5
Do we have to pay for it now? Clicked on the d/l link, and it took me to:
"I am sorry but the page you are trying to access is not currently available or does not exist. Please check the link you would like to access and try again.

If you need assistance, please contact or click here to search for the product you are looking for. "

After I searched for it:

I guess it's back to Windows OneCare:
robertguda Sep 22, 2006 2 Release Candidate
5 out of 5
exellent app ! i have found this program in combination with abexo's registry cleaner is all i need to completely cleanup my computer. found it to work flawlessly, also when used alone...
DiamondT Sep 22, 2006 2 Beta 3.7
5 out of 5
I have been using this since the first beta.
Installed on all our loan officer pcs and a notebook. After using beta 2, this has basically saved 4 systems so far. So impressed!
Now if it just had a defrag...perfect.
rafaelcage Sep 21, 2006 2 Beta 3.7
5 out of 5
Awesome! :)
RWW Sep 16, 2006 2 Beta 3.7
5 out of 5
So far saved two machines that the owners thought would have to be reformatted. Very close to dumping several other apps. for cleaning.
Great job!!
Techguy22 Sep 14, 2006 2 Beta 3.7
5 out of 5
Advanced WindowsCare has come along way I started using it at version 1.5 and have kept using it to this day.
It provides in one application just about every thing you need to keep your computer runnig smoothly.
It does agreat job of optimizing a novice's computer and it allows advanded users to control what it does.
Over all it does a great job fixing your computer and version 2 Final (released September 21) looks even better! recomended for every computer user.
Fluxx Sep 11, 2006 2 Beta 3.7
4 out of 5
It works well but my antivirus software says that it has a hidden install (riskware)when i start to install it. Anyone who has got that aswell.
Avion Airplane Sep 11, 2006 2 Beta 3.7
5 out of 5
This Software is Great ! Does exactly what it says it does. Fast , Clean , Crisp and it is not bloated
TomA102210 Sep 11, 2006 2 Beta 3.7
5 out of 5
" If your satisfied with what you have, what do you want with a beta product? "
Because you like to test beta products, maybe?
cbrumer Sep 11, 2006 2 Beta 3.7
5 out of 5
Great little program that does exactly what it says it does. I've cleaned up 4 or 5 machines with this program, improving performance significantly.
marty Sep 10, 2006 2 Beta 3.7
3 out of 5
Since I haven't actually used it (I run Vista RC1 64 bit dual boot with Windows XP x64) I give it a 3. The previous posted however seems either totally off base or has been duped. A trip to the site shows the program is completely free. So why did you buy it at any price (of course you could be joking)
owl2u Sep 7, 2006 2 Beta 3.61
5 out of 5
I have 3 computers 1 to 4 years old, worked well on them all without any problems, I like it so much I bought it, good value for what it costs
robmanic44 Sep 6, 2006 2 Beta 3.61
3 out of 5
I think this falls under the rubric "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." If your satisfied with what you have, what do you want with a beta product?
noBuddy Sep 5, 2006 2 Beta 3.61
3 out of 5
First I was really impressed of this software.
Now, the Regscan only finds MRUs. It doesn´t find orphan DLLs or .ax, which I noticed after running Gspot.
After checking the registry more deeply: A lot of orphan files are still there.
Security Defense: Works okay, same way SpyBot does.
And the Memory manager: Showing 700 Mb of free PageFile - I don´t use a page file.
mfaccone Sep 5, 2006 2 Beta 3.61
3 out of 5
For some reason, I wish someone would write a real review of this software. The company has made a contest for free subscription to the best reviewer which kind of taints these reviews a bit.
I wouldn't put stock in any of these reviews.
That said... the program is so so... works well... but not as fantastic as these reviews seem to suggest.
Piccpete Sep 3, 2006 2 Beta 3.6
5 out of 5
My latest purchase of a fairly decent e-Machine is all of 2 weeks old. I uninstalled all the $#@! that came with it (AOL, Napster, MSN.. the usual cast of characters), set up my cable modem, wireless network, other new machine, installed Firefox, didnt like it, uninstalled it, my version (licensed!) of M$Office2003 hung the machine; I had to do two System Restores, uninstall the "sample trial version" of M$Office2003 that came with it, reset up everything again, etc. I use Spyware Blaster, Spybot, AdAware, ZoneAlarm, Google toolbar / Popup blocker (with no feedback sent to Google), everything to keep my machine clean.
Advanced WindowsCare simply and beautifully blocked tons more of adware, got rid of about 1/3 of my registry - keys unneeded for such stuff as AOL, made a number of tweakes, and my machine runs so fast and smooth and clean, it is a dream come true.
BTW, I did send a short review saying so to Steve Bass, Tips & Tweaks, PCWorld, also with a HIGH RECOMMENDATION!
GREAT PROGRAM! Aug 29, 2006 2 Beta 3.6
5 out of 5
My first personal review here of software that deserves recognition and kudos to the developers. May I say that this software truly does what it says it is intended for. I have tried this software on a few dozen systems and let me tell you for the novice user this is the best utility created which will not interfere and remove parts of programs and cause havok on a novices computer. I must say that I highly recommend this for your basic registry/spyware/free space and other pc tweaks for the novice computer user customers or individual user.

J. Pereira
styckx Aug 28, 2006 2 Beta 3.6
5 out of 5
I usually avoid software of this nature at all costs cause I found I could usually do the same thing, without all the harmful side effects (as mentioned earlier) most of these programs do (ie: deleting registry keys that shouldn't be etc).

This programs be running on my PC for 3 days now, and all I have to say is... It just does exactly what is says and nothing else..

Kudos to the development team of this fine program.
susieinnm Aug 23, 2006 2 Beta 3.6
5 out of 5
iobit has done it again, simply outstanding!!!
wognum Aug 23, 2006 2 Beta 3.6
5 out of 5
simply 5 stars :-)
aainternet Aug 21, 2006 2 Beta 3.5
5 out of 5
I give AWC a 5 because it is the only tweaking tool that effectivly increases computer productivity without harmful side effects, it also cleans a computer of unwanted junk files and make registry settings to suit the type of computer you own.
crpr1 Aug 20, 2006 2 Beta 3.5
5 out of 5
I've tried a few programs which combined do the same scanning as Windowscare but this seems to be the best and not only does it deal with problems it is also quick. Give it a try!
mfaccone Aug 20, 2006 2 Beta 3.5
3 out of 5
I like this program... but I have a few questions about it.
1. Why does it want to disable security center?
2. Why does it seem to want to change other settings back to being default that are unnecessary, like the balloon tips.
I know you can put things in ignore, but I really would like to have a comprehesive listing of why it does what it does, and for what reason they felt it necessary to do the disabling of security center. If its legitamate... then explain it to me.
Bearcat411 Aug 19, 2006 2 Beta 3.5
5 out of 5
Yes IObit has done it again.This version has everything the user needs to keep his or her pc running the way it should.I've been a user of their products for over a yr and with the final version {RETAIL} about to hit the market it's sure to gain my vote of for usage. Aug 17, 2006 2 Beta 3.5
5 out of 5
I am one of the "senior" users of this wonderous product. I have been looking for more easy ways to keep my dear "Matilda" running quick and error free, and you have made it. On click and all the work is done and I can see what was done. Matilda runs faster and with less problems, inspite of the "loose nut on the keyboard." Every other day I run my other system programs after running Beta 3.5 of Advanced WindowsCare 2 and the always find nothing, nada, zilch. So, You have a winner, and just as soon as the finished product is avalable I will install it and remove all the others. One simple click is the way to go.
siliconman01 Aug 17, 2006 2 Beta 3.5
5 out of 5
Have been utilizing the Beta version for a number of weeks now.
1. Developers are very responsive to recommended changes, bug fixes, and new features.
2. It found and repaired a significant number of system level errors in settings (XP-SP2 HE). Did see an improvement in system responsiveness following the fixes.
3. The system Services section should not be taken at face value for its recommendations. There are some services that a user may have disabled totally, but AWC may recommend that they be either Manual or Automatic. The newly revised "Ignore" list permits the user to tell AWC to always ignore these services.
4. The price for the PRO version seems very reasonable considering it permits utilization on up to 3 computers.
5. The GUI is easy to use and understand. A novice computer user should be able to comprehend what AWC is recommending for fixing.

I would recommend it for users who do not already have a number of comparable utility programs installed and in use. I've not seen any conflicts with other utility programs; but there is or may be, as always, a lot of overlap between such programs. Based on what the program is designed to do and how effectively it does those functions, I give it a 5 rating.
RWW Aug 16, 2006 2 Beta 3.5
3 out of 5
After first use of this program I started to write a glowing review but after more experience with it I decided to give it a three.
I will test it again down the road but at this time something about it gives me an uneasy feeling when using it. I test a lot of software and it seems weird to say "It just doesn't feel right." Not in these high tech times, but it does.
susieinnm Aug 16, 2006 2 Beta 3.5
5 out of 5
This is an outstanding program, does everything it says it will do, no problems at all. Each update keeps getting better and better
ijustwish Aug 9, 2006 2 Beta 3.1
1 out of 5
I ran this program and I was no too lucky because
I lost everything on my machine. I am glad that I backup everything and got everything running. I just wipe everything off...So for me this is not what I was hoping for :{
mastergeese Aug 6, 2006 2 Beta 3.1
3 out of 5
Major problem is AWC always disable Windows Xp Security Center...
Just correct it in next build and i'll rate it perfect.
Boring to fix it myself every time!
markww Aug 4, 2006 2 Beta 3.1
5 out of 5
The Program works. To the Negative 5 compaint. Its been known for ages that NORTON takes over a whole computer ,and basically when you install Norton it wants to do everything it wants too Bloats the whole system up. I used Norton products for years and found that Norton was actually the case of many of the computer problems.So I took Norton out,and will never use another one of their programs. Another thing that Norton and me had a real bad time at was when I had a computer crash Those update icons you have in the system to re download what a joke Norton wouldn't even let me update known programs that I had a license for that were still within the warremty period SO bye Bye Norton

eblade Aug 4, 2006 2 Beta 3.1
1 out of 5
I can't find any indication of what this program actually does, if it does anything, nor does it appear to actually do anything except take up some resources.
ghammer Aug 4, 2006 2 Beta 3.1
4 out of 5
A nice package indeed.
Needs to be configured a bit, make certain of what it is going to change. Then it is reliable.

Would I run this or any similar tool without looking through what it wants to remove or change? No way. But that is not a fault of the tool, it is up to the user.

Getting better with each Beta for me.
tamateo Aug 3, 2006 2 Beta 3.1
5 out of 5
This Program does what is says. It a great Program!
Pkshadow Jul 27, 2006 2 Beta 3.02
1 out of 5
3) Well after task bar icons and running programs wiped out even after I had told it not to am back fron a recovery (norton save & restore) and will rate this program a -(negative)5 for a irresponsible and devastating program!

2)After having this "thing" clean up I am left with only 2 programs running in my start bar.
I had told program not to remove them and now they are gone...gone...gone!

As for previous rating of a 4 for Balloon Tips being restored this program gets a 1 (ONE) for wrecking a system that was working just fine.

Am experienced/pro user and default settings of this program will toast you and recommend "NOT" to use this!

1) This does do what it says but will get a 4 because it wants to turn Balloon Tips back on.

I will say though this program is not for the novice and could cause system problems for people with the amount of corrections in the registry it want s to do.
A careful look through the list had 3/4 of them turned off from correction.

Considering I run Norton System Works to figure out my problems (which i do manually and supervise each correction)I was surprised at the amount of so called problems it found as well as suggested cures for sytem performance like turning Balloon Tips on.

Do not turn this loose on a novice and do do a backup before using this program.
terminalx Jul 26, 2006 2 Beta 3.02
5 out of 5
"absolute crap" wow! you are the best beta tester ever such a very thought out description on what is wrong about the program! the program does what it says it will and quickly and its free...whats not to like?
mikeyx11 Jul 26, 2006 2 Beta 3.0
1 out of 5
absolute crap.
TomA102210 Jul 25, 2006 2 Beta 3.0
4 out of 5
"This is not freeware. You have to buy a license."
How do you figure that? Where it says "License:", just to the right it also says,"Freeware".
sjc001 Jul 25, 2006 2 Beta 3.0
3 out of 5
This is not freeware. You have to buy a license.
tom3311 Jul 25, 2006 2 Beta 3.0
5 out of 5
First time I've tried the program...and my first impression is that it does a lot of good things in a very effective way that almost any skill-level computer user could work with and not be concerned about "blowing something up". The interface is good..the comments about what each tool does is good. I'll now live with it for a week or two and see what the long-term impacts are... but I suspect this software is a "keeper".
tigger4046 Jul 13, 2006 Beta 2.10
4 out of 5
Product has come a long way since it's first revision. Also, there are two copies of the product this is the free version, but the pro is one for purchase.
henrypeck Jul 13, 2006 Beta 2.10
3 out of 5
Does a fairly nice job, but is a bit jumpy and froze a couple of times.
guitardave78 Jul 13, 2006 Beta 2.10
5 out of 5
Very nice software.
It seems to do a good job. It is freeware, you have to pay for a subscription if you want the pro version.
As for the 1900 vunrabilities, this relates to it killing off sites using the hosts file and the retricted sites setttings (I think, it picks up similar things to

It looks good, seems fast and caused no problems!!
mastergeese Jul 12, 2006 Beta 2.10
5 out of 5
Great prog, very detailed in cleaning and free.
But each time i start it, it says it's first time i use it and i need to backup in system restore.
Maybe a bug ?
sarrik Jul 12, 2006 Beta 2.10
4 out of 5
Quite good at what it does.
I must admit that I don't run the cleanest machine in the world, and my system was starting to get bogged down.
Now my system is almost as resposive as the first day I installed windows. Which is very cool indeed.
Also cleaned up my cookies without nuking important, non evil stuff, like fileforum.

sjc001: Did you install the Pro edition? if so, it looks like you need to pay for that version. Try the Personal one.
Anyway, a 4, as I'd like it not to change some visual settings (right-click menu fading, that kind of thing) and I think it should ask if I want it to load at startup or not.
andyted2 Jul 12, 2006 Beta 2.10
5 out of 5
Excellent program I ran this then ran my usual registry cleaner prog which only hit one error, I would strongly reccomend this and the GUI is really easy and straightforward to understand I have already recommended this to my friend ,evey now and again a really good program comes along such as AVG,Ad-Aware,Spybot,ZoneAlarm, I would put this high in the Ranks up beside these,I timed my computer from switch on and timed it , it took only 48.5 seconds from switch on to ready for me to start working I would reccomend this to anyone.Andy
sjc001 Jul 12, 2006 Beta 2.10
3 out of 5
This is not freeware. You have to pay for the subscription to it.
1uk3 Jul 12, 2006 Beta 2.10
5 out of 5
Great and easy to use program.

I've been using previous versions of this for quite a long time. Nice to see it appear on FileForum.