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ektek3 Mar 8, 2012 6.29 Build 5026
1 out of 5
I too was taken in by Incredimail early on. When it first started it was great. Good Junk Filter included! I went ahead and purchased Incredimail Premium and my wife and I loved it. Then they came out with Incredimail 2 and Junk Filter Plus! At first the junk filter was included (and yes it was fairly lame as far as doing its job) and then they wanted $39.95 per year! You have got to be kidding me! For a few years I complained and Ofer Adler (Yes we were on a first name basis) would send me a new license key, but then I did not hear from him for a while. I finally dropped Incredimail 2 and switched to Windows LIve Mail, which isn't bad. Currently I am checking out eM Client and so far I like it. I will never go back to Incredimail the way it is now. It is a piece of crap now.
jonnieb57 Jan 26, 2012 6.29 Build 5026
1 out of 5
Straight to the point

I have been using IM for more than 8 years. I am a paying member (so I have lifetime priveledges, except for the spam filter).

ONCE UPON A TIME THE PROGRAM WAS GOOD. That is why I had tested it and then payed for my membership.

In the meantime it has become something else entirely.

The SPAM FILTER function (which you have to pay for) is USELESS. It lets so many things through, does not learn and is a great waste of money. My free Yahoo account is far, far superior.

As a lifetime payed member there should be no advertisement on the outgoing emails. SURPRISE - suddenly they have appeared again! I also receive adverts for their new products - - constantly jumping up at me when I open the program.... "please buy me too!!!" WHAT? This is inexcuseable.

CUSTOMER SUPPORT - what is this??? This has deteriorated to nothing more than an automatic message transmitting service. No one answers my questions any more - no one cares!!! After all, I have already paid, right? Inexcuseable.

SUMMARY: Do NOT buy any Incredimail services. The free stuff is for sure still good (and enticing), but they are currently trying to get you hooked.... and doing a good job..... but when you are an addict, they will destroy your services and disappoint you , leaving you frustrated, alone, and wondering just what happened.
chuckcloninger Jan 19, 2012 6.29 Build 5026
1 out of 5
Okay, let me throw in my 2 cents worth. First, I have no impressive credentials as a computer expert. I use a computer mostly for business and to keep in touch with friends and such. So I guess I'm just an average user. I bought a new laptop (Toshiba) and began downloading some programs and ran across Incredimail. Thought I would download it and take a look. I did and thought it was a little too juvenile but that my 8 year old might like it to send to his friends. However, the computer at that point began having hiccups. Well, worse really because it began running so slow and was sometimes completely unresponsive. So I had to write down all the programs installed, all the favorites I had know all the stuff you do when you are going to take it back to the original configuration. I dumped it all and started fresh and now I have a computer that works again. I can't say for sure it was Incredimail but that is the only thing I can put my finger on so I won't be using it again and if anybody asks me I will tell them to stay away. That's all I have.
stu99228 Jan 16, 2012 6.29 Build 5026
1 out of 5
Incredimail ripped me off. Bought a lifetime license for Incredimail XE Premium and letter creater. Now neither are any good. Have to pay to upgrade to 2.0 which won't install on my computer. Anyone interested in a class action lawsuit Would have rated lower if I could. Customer support sucks
PJ161 Jan 8, 2012 6.29 Build 5026
5 out of 5
I've had Incredimail ever since they first came out back in the 90s. I paid around $58 for the bundle package with IM-PREMIUM and LETTER CREATOR. I upgraded my computers to Windows 7 and now imail tells me my (Paid for) LIFETIME license is not valid! I dropped them and went to Windows Live Mail, which works great but, I have accumulated so much information in imail, it's near impossible to retain it all and move it to another program. As I have saved the data to a stick, I can access it and recover some of the mailings one at a time, but it will take forever. So I'm trying to get my licenses back and recognized by the program. Another thing is the I mail "2" doesn't recognize some older saved emails from earlier programs and displays them in unreadable garbage. PJ
so I'm trying to get my license back from them.
incrediaddict Jun 22, 2011 6.28 Build 4960
5 out of 5
After reading some of the comments I'm a bit confused.. slows down the computer? Takes ages to get mail in? I have been using IM for the last 9 years and I'm still very happy with it, the only thing is that you need to do is stay away from each update they give.. if you have a build that works.. STAY WITH IT! In the last 9 years I only updated when I really needed too (really outdated build) and never ran into problems.. so no I don't have IM2 and won't as long as I keep reading there are problems with it.. I'm not bold, not a real computergeek so I'm careful... all my contacts are saved on a flashdrive as is the stationary.. I have several people that have 2 or more addresses I just put a 1, 2 or 3 after there name and they all save so wonder why the fuss is about on that too.. the only minus I have is that each time they have a new build that window to update jumps up altough I have the option "check for updates" unchecked
Yeti Apr 19, 2011 6.27 Build 4918
1 out of 5
It ought to be possible to rate something like Incredimail 2 lower than 1.
I bought and used Incredimail for some years, as it gradually added more and more irrelevant options and kids' stuff. It seemed easy to use.
Gradually, I had more and more problems.
Then, one day, the pop-up offer was to migrate from Premium to Incredimail 2.
People, the great variation of scores given to this program probably reflect the experiences of those on basic Incredimail and those trying to live with 2. 2 is a disaster. It reflects the changes in the company's attitude, in that it is selling all day. I suppose we all feel as disgusted as each other by the recent way they structured things to prevent being asked for support/help.
I think I have probably experienced at least all the problems mentioned in the reviews, culminating in a newish laptop freezing and then emptying itself of files.
For some time, I have been learning how to use Pocomail - a grown-up mail client.
Goodbye Incredimail and, to anyone thinking of buying it... do yourself a favour. Don't.
morary Mar 22, 2011 6.27 Build 4918
1 out of 5
I started using Incredimail 6 years ago and at that time I really enjoyed it because of all the cute things you could do.ex.Beauty and the Beast dancing to the song, roses opening and closing to the tune of Phantom of the Opera ect. A few years ago I downloaded incredimail 2...bad mistake. Multiples of each email, like 10 -20 each started bombarded my mail box. the more I tried to get ride of them the more they incresed. Not being more pro-active I now have 128,369 emails in my box. It takes 30 min. to download anything on line. I can't just trash it all because I have e-bills, receipt etc. I am afraid I will lose them. I can not find a telephone number or
email address to get information from them. The "chat" on line for help is a joke.If I ever get this mess straightened out I will never touch Incredimail again. If anyone has a contact # or address Please, Please post it for me. I'm an old woman and I am afraid I my die before this mess gets cleared up!!!
djclermontfl Jan 8, 2011 6.25 Build 4807
1 out of 5
It takes forever to open or send an email, and it constantly freezes up so I can't even see what I'm typing. I can type a whole sentence and nothing shows up for five minutes. The only reason I kept it for so long is that it would not allow me to export my mail to Outlook Express so I could uninstall it. I just bought a new computer, and I have sent all of my email to a new gmail account so I could uninstall this s*** from Hell just to make sure that it doesn't somehow get into the new computer by accident. I WILLl NEVER USE THIS CRAP AGAIN!!!!
xtroszeus Jan 1, 2011 6.25 Build 4807
1 out of 5
I have been using Incredimail XE for many years and have always had good service from it. If I had a problem there was an e-mail address I could write to and would relatively quickly get a very helpful response. I recently upgraded to Incredimail 2 and found how the company has changed. I lost a great deal of data, am unable to contact the company, the automated chat is useless and they want me to pay to get help. It seems that this company has gotten too big for it's britches. I am trying a back door approach to reaching them. If that doesn't work I'm dropping them like a rock and looking elsewhere. It's a shame that a company that I found to be so good did a complete 180.
PigeonPuncher Nov 6, 2010 6.1.3 Build 4653
1 out of 5
I have just spent all night doing a clean install of XP and software on my mothers PC as it was running terribly. When I had finnished it ran like a dream. I then pleaded with her not to re-install IncrediMail, but she did it anyway. The PC is now back to it's useless self. IncrediMail is a terrible program. Anyone that insists on using it deserves the problems it causes. Unfortunately I can't rate IncrediMail any lower than 1 >:-(
berserkchaos Oct 9, 2010 6.1.3 Build 4653
1 out of 5
Trust me... You don't want to dealt with this piece of garbage.
Once you fall in their trap you are done.
They have crippled IM to the point that it lack supports for IMAP Sync, this was done in order to force user into keeping IncrediMail, the simply kidnap your mail.
tinfoilwizard Sep 23, 2010 6.1.3 Build 4653
1 out of 5
I recently purchased an iMac. When they transferred all of my information from my old PC to my new Mac NONE of the IncrediMail information transferred. I lost all of my email addresses as they were in an IncrediMail file. What a hassle trying to retrieve 10 years of addresses. NOT COMPATIBLE WITH AN iMac. Also, I received an email after this telling me that they had renewed my Junk Filter Plus. They did this without any pre authorization and charged my bank account. I have written numerous emails telling them not to renew this feature. I started writing writing 4 days before the amount was deducted from my bank account. Of course they did it anyway now I have to go through the hassle of going to my bank and filling out papers to have this charge removed. They are VERY DIFFICULT to deal with. Only automated responses and then no follow up. If you want to eliminate future stress in your life DUMP INCREDIMAIL or just never sign up.
vesku Jul 2, 2010 6.1.3 Build 4653
1 out of 5
I had to rate this program as 1 (Low) . I had this program installed for years, even had licenses for Letter Creator and Gold Galleries that i got as a gift. But I had to uninstall the whole program from my PC, it was a terrible resource hog, plus it was a kind of spyware; as i logged it's activities, it sent all kind of odd information to some sub-addresses of, plus it brought annoying unwanted popups to the taskbar (ads). It was not even a bit funny (that it supposed to be, i guess) , it was more naiive.

Functionally, the most advanced email programs were not able to read correctly the graphics composed with IncrediMail ; it simply was not compatible. The graphics in the email written with Incredimail were mostly readable only with another Incredimail client.

I have dumped Incredimail for good, and will never use that program, or any other product of this company any more. As i heard where the program is from, i was even more decided!
SnyPerNake Mar 27, 2010 6.0.7 Build 4537
1 out of 5
I piss on this program!
I have used incredimail 2.0 for 2.5 months and I must say, when you just have a new computer and you find him to fast, install Incredimail 2.0 and your computer become Incredi slow!
If you are awaiting on an e-mail, and you want him open right away? Forget it, go take coffee first, after 5 minutes or so is your message on the screen.
It is so horrible Sloooooooow!
Also very nice is that, without apparent cause, suddenly your keys have differed signs assigned.
Your ask mark is suddenly lost, also your @ sign. And many other sign are gone.
When I (incredimail) again had removed from my PC, this problem was solved.
This was necessary, because suddenly after cleaning up my hard drive wanted not start the program.
I now have Windows Live Mail and it works properly.

What else is that I annoy me?

The following: very fine: you can not e-mail messages outside Incredimail save to a file format that Windows can access without Incredimail.
You can not import e-mail address book from competing providers in Incredimail.
You can not import account data from another email program to Incredimail.
You cannot store one contact of 1 person under 2 different email addresses.
You must then create a whole new contact.

- Another great misery: from Incredimail, when you have opened the program, and you want after a while your server to check for new e-mail: you can not!
- There is no button: new mail.
- Spell checker: each time you have to reset to the language of your message.
The spellchecker has no learning capability, and does not automatically corrects text.
The customer service is deaf to criticism.

I irritated so much that I come up with the idea to change the name in Incredidebielmail that's Dutch, and this is freely translated: Incredi madcap mail.

A good email program if you're not older than 5 years, and love to the top right where are all stupid advertisements to be read.
Including the so called even better, read more, irritating version, Incredimail 20.XL
When you pay for this program.
I am quite willing to pay for software that offers value. But I dis-advise strongly.


The Netherlands
TC17 Jan 21, 2010 6.0.4 Build 4474
5 out of 5
I have this installed on another family members computer. However I just wanted to say I disagree with many of the negative posts here. This software is very user friendly, it also does not bog down your system unless you have some ancient old computer. The ONLY negative I have about it is that they charge extra if you want the extra graphics. Its a lot easier to view and use than for example, Outlook is. Some comments here are just lies.
Earl40 Sep 21, 2009 5.8.6 Build 4332
3 out of 5
Incredimail Xe is a program that requires a lot of work to use. If you do not need it do not download and instal. This is high maintenace software.
Simply David Sep 16, 2009 5.8.6 Build 4332
1 out of 5
I'll preface this review with the statement that I work at an IT company based in Georgia. Today was my very first encounter with Incredimail as prior to this day I'd not heard of such a program. We needed to replace an old computer with a new one and one of the programs that apparently needed to be put on the new machine was Incredimail. This machine was a new Optiplex 960 machine and had never had a single program besides Microsoft Office package loaded onto it. We loaded up incredimail on the box and immediately regretted the mistake. The computer became so bogged down that the core 2 duo processor inside ground to a screeching halt and the program refused to take the OE data. This crashed to program, which normally would have been a blessing, except that after this, the computer became so unresponsive that it had to be restarted. Incredimail upon startup runs such a heavy system process that it bogs a computer down as much as or more than heavy virus software. No mail service should bog down a system as much as this does. After the machine runs for about ten minutes, it'll function like a normal service and it even took the files, but our antivirus software tagged it as a virus and it runs too many programs in the background for me to give it my blessing. I don't trust it.
Geoff50 Sep 10, 2009 5.8.6 Build 4300
4 out of 5
I have been using incredimail since 1998 - Best email client out there.
Amystone Aug 23, 2009 5.8.6 Build 4300
3 out of 5
Easy to use and more fun than other email programs on the market.
Peteremail Aug 23, 2009 5.8.6 Build 4300
4 out of 5
I downloaded IncrediMail over 6 Months ago and within 24 hours I had uninstalled Outlook Express because I was sure that Incredimail could do all and much more than other Email providers. I haven’t looked back since.
Jessicalng Aug 23, 2009 5.8.6 Build 4300
5 out of 5
I have been using IncrediMail for 6 years and I think it’s great. It’s much more simple and fun than other email clients I’ve tried using and still has all the usual features. I really only have good things to say about IncrediMail.
Johnsims Aug 23, 2009 5.8.6 Build 4300
4 out of 5
I have used several email client applications and I still have a thing for IncrediMail. It has a clean and pleasant look and it works great.
tim778 Aug 23, 2009 5.8.6 Build 4300
4 out of 5
I have been using IncrediMail for free for quite some time now and I am very satisfied.
no_one Jan 19, 2009 5.8.6 Build 3964
2 out of 5
There are two things that really peeve me off about this application, the first is when you click for the menu in the tray so that you can exit the rotten thing, the so-and-so's have put "tell a friend" right at the bottom of the menu.
The next thing is that rotten screaming welcome voice....I would dearly like to choke the mongrel who came up with that.
Khorgan Oct 5, 2008 5.8.5 Build 3806
3 out of 5
Sorry to desagree.
I have used several email client applications like TheBat! and I still have a thing about incredimail. That's not the make up or the stationary letters and the emoticons. I really don't like it.
Its the clean pleasant look it has and the way it works. Is very very fast and never slowed my computer. It deals with heavy messages and anyone can add a filter easilly.
The only thing that made me leave incredimail was the way it stores the contacts. Is outdated and is indeed bad. If you want to add another email address to the same person you will have to come up with a new name to that person because it can only store one functional address for each name in your contact list. Besides this, such a visual based application does not let you add a photo for you contact like outlook or TheBat! does.
So far I've tried Eudora, Pegasus, Outlook express and his elder brother Outlook, Starfox and I can only tell you that the best email client application in the Market is indeed TheBat!, but Incredimail comes second.
nfl Jun 28, 2008 5.80 Build 3647
4 out of 5
Have you ever seen such extremes!About 100 rate it a 5 and another 100 rate it a 1.That tells me that about 1/2 of you have no idea what you are talking about.Three guesses as to which half.Slows down your computer?That's a load of crap.Ad-ware?What ads??Used by two-year olds?I use it and retired years ago.The only legit gripe is the $$$.
Mischief Jun 16, 2008 5.70 Build 3642
1 out of 5
Installed it, used it, liked it at first, imported my inbox and all that from outlook express. Realised my pc had slowed down somewhat (probably the registry issue that others have mentioned elsewhere in these reviews), decided to uninstall incredimail and see if there was an improvement - and there was a big difference (much better again). Now - how the heck do I import the emails back to OE?? The clever SOBs at incredimail have made sure you can't leave them. Fortuntely the thing is still on my system so if I need an old email I can still find it. The minute I can import the email back to OE incredimail is GONE! The incredimail email export tool no longer exists, or the guy wants money to use it. probably Incredimail bought him out, or plentyof people want to get rid of it and he can make a mint.

I guess the cutsie aspect of incredimail is ok if you're a kid, but i'm not & it's just annoying having animated crap on the emails. I even get irritated getting email from someone that uses it.

Gimme plain old OE anyday of the week. At least I don't keep getting emailsfrom microsoft telling about the new super duper updated email program that I really need. If I want an update, I go to their website and look for one. These people who don't mind the ads on Incredimail probably also enjoy getting junk sent to their cellphones.
mskitty68 May 22, 2008 5.7.0 Build 3586
5 out of 5
Incredimail is the best email client i've used! is easy to use, has all the stuff that others have but is a lot more fun. i create letters using the letter creator. i have been using a paid version for a long time and i think it is well worth it. plus, the key is a lifetime key! i will continue to use incredimail for as long as i have a computer and an internet connection. :)
gehtnix Apr 8, 2008 5.7.0 Build 3505
1 out of 5
If you feel the need to create html emails using
huge fat letters in colours that don't match with
the ugly background patterns, than this is for you.
Be "creative" and use a lot of the daffy emoticons
to tell your friends and family how you feel ATM.
In my opinion this application should be ignored
and not used at all. I never thought there was an
app that would create documents even more worse than
powerpoint, but when i saw an email sent to me by a
buddy my mind changed (until today i did not tell
him to use another app, i don't want to offend
Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa, and Po think the
same, that sais enough i guess...
xippon Feb 13, 2008 5.7.0 Build 3400 Beta
1 out of 5
Mail client great not only for womens.
But still miss option to change keyboard shortcuts. Every version has the same bug with pressing alt+s, alt+l when somebody whant to use it on national letters.
fatray Jan 22, 2008 Beta
4 out of 5
It's a great program and one of the best email clients IMO. I stopped using it because the company has gotten VERY greedy charging you for bits and pieces for IncrediMail. First you buy the program to get rid of the adds. 2nd you buy the "good" funny animations and smileys. 3rd you buy the "good" email stationarys & fonts. 4th you have to buy the "good" email notifiers (cleaver ways to be notified of new emails". Then to top it all off, 5th you have to buy the "Subscription" for it's junk mail filter. If you don't get the junk mail subscription and you have an older email account you get flooded with junk. The filter works great, but how much money can you bleed from a single program.
jerrybj Jan 21, 2008 Beta
4 out of 5
I have been using Incredimail for several years-and have been running the beta -I love it, there has been some problems in the beta but thats what the testing is for -the people working on it have been great to work with
simko Jan 21, 2008 Beta
3 out of 5
personally i dont use it my mother swears by it and she and here friends are nuts about it but as long it doesnt spread virus and stuff and so far havent found anything that points to that except the adware in the software wich imo really is no prob.

So id give it a ok=3
jspratjr Jan 18, 2008 Beta
5 out of 5
My wife has been using Incredimail for 4 or so years - loves it. Glad to see they finally came out with a version for Vista .. she never has a problem with it and says it's "fun"...personally I wouldn't use it but she asked me to rate it a 5 (and she'd rate it a 10 if she could)
markww Jan 18, 2008 Beta
5 out of 5
I have had Incredimail for a couple of years.Yes If you do not buy it you will get advertisements. As to email its self, Works and is better tan most email programs, and IT WORKS right. I am happy about Incredimail,and find that it is a easy to do system.
Do not know why people bash something that works.
pdail Jan 7, 2008 Beta
5 out of 5
I used this, way back when, it first got stared. It was sorta cool then. But now, its way more than cool!! I love it! It's more stable, than Yahoo mail. And the ads, don't interfere. If you like Yahoo mail, you will love this. This is not crapware! This is coolware!! The letter backgrounds, are very easy to change, and the spell checker, is great also. There is so much you can do with this, its just the way, E-Mail should be.
jayw654 Jan 7, 2008 5.70.3295 Beta
5 out of 5
Okay this crap about incredimail being garbage makes me sick!! For one there are advertisements in yes and that's because they want you to buy it. What did you expect?, something free? Next there is no spyware in there product, They do get usage data on there backgrounds, letter art and notigiers but this has nothing to do with your emails or personnal data. Yes there IS an advertisement at the bottom of the emails but as i said before they want you to buy it. As far as the junk mail, well that's because you gave your email out you moron, but i use gmail with my incredimail and gmail filters that crap out pretty well but the junkmail is NOT from incredimail. The one sucky part is they do charge for the junkmail filter and it's 40 bucks a year and that's a bit sad IMO. But as i said gmail can filter your mail so this isn't a big issue. The premium they just recently had on sale for 20 bucks. If you buy a key all those adverts would be gone and you would have access to there gallery. This program rocks and has gotten very stable over the years. I bought a premium and gold key and i have no regrets but please think of the free version of Incredimail as nothing more than trialware and stop basing your reviews on the trailware.
simko Dec 18, 2007 5.70.3290 Beta
1 out of 5
flirt with women with all the bells and whistles but i honestly wouldnt recommend this to my worst enemy.
Umapathy Nov 27, 2007 5.70.3231 Beta
1 out of 5
There are many professional email clients out there like Mozilla Thunderbird. I would suggest to look for something else than this one. I have tried this crap in the past only to find that the junk mails have increased and also add the advertisment crap at the bottom of the email. Never looks like a program needed for a professional environment. I have problems with virus in the past and the antivirus program has quarantined the whole email backup. I suggest better to be away from this product than feel sorry after wards. After all who cares about the graphical evironment in the working environment?. All we need is a better spam filter and easy to backup email client.
Dreimanis Nov 27, 2007 5.70.3231 Beta
3 out of 5

IncrediMail DOES NOT display any kind of pop-ups whatsoever
IncrediMail DOES NOT install any kind of 3rd party utilities or toolbars
IncrediMail DOES NOT harm its users in any way
Canuckistani Nov 27, 2007 5.70.3231 Beta
1 out of 5
In a way, I find IncrediMail sort of useful. If I recieve a mail made with this client I know the sender is someone I don't need to take seriously.
hilfer Nov 27, 2007 5.70.3231 Beta
3 out of 5
Maybe you are right and this is something to reject.But tell me where to find another client with such a useful notifier system ?? I never loose an e-mail with this client.
Beestie Nov 26, 2007 5.70.3231 Beta
1 out of 5
I installed this program and it practically wrestled my computer to the ground. Ripped it out by the roots and it fought me tooth and nail every inch of the way.

There are better solutions that don't take liberties with your computer. This program is just bad.
why hello there Nov 26, 2007 5.70.3224 Beta
1 out of 5
I have had to fix so many computers with this crap installed that I am considering refusing to touch any computer that has it installed. Do yourself a favor & use another email client.
JSTUA Nov 6, 2007 5.70.3188 Beta
1 out of 5
I purchased this abomination for my eight year old daughter, for my trouble I have been inundated with sales pitches and adds from the company, I am extremely unimpressed with the application permanently running in the system tray.....also a note, when changing identities the application reopens to the last opened identity(NOT THE DEFAULT) when the application is next opened, the same goes for the last folder opened which is a pain in the arse if the last folder opened is not the in-box.
Diam0nd Nov 6, 2007 5.70.3188 Beta
1 out of 5
Great email client! For kids below 2 ;|
sulasno Nov 5, 2007 5.70.3188 Beta
1 out of 5
unable to install the latest beta; got blue screen under WinXP SP2 :-(
indiarajarajan Oct 26, 2007 5.67.3132
5 out of 5 At August 17,2006 I have already written a review. I stand by that till today. Incredimail is the best and It will remain forever. Recently Incredimail launched wallpapers. But, they donot upload a lot of wallpapers. The screeen savers are good. But they have to increase the number of wallpapers and make a gallery just like the galleries for letter,notifier etc. and allow people to upload good pictures.
Regarding incredimail, everything is perfect.Smart notifiers, letter creator, gold gallery all are fine. Gold gallery contents are the same since 2004. A very little has been added.
I have uninstalled , backuped, installed for a hundred times. No problem at all. It works like a breeze. Switching identity is a very great feature. Gmail and Incredimail = bread and jam.
brusco Oct 11, 2007 5.67.3132
1 out of 5
Garbage. It fills the registry with lots of crap.
I'm pretty sure the ad technology is pretty efficient but the email part is absolutely dire.

RWW Oct 10, 2007 5.67.3132
1 out of 5
I tried Incredimail several years ago and before I realized how troublesome it is I talked a couple friends into downloading it. Just so happens I maintain their machines for them and cannot talk them into dumping it. It really messes with the registries and a thorough cleaning means having to reinstall the program. Initially a neat program but not worth it. Why do you think there aren't a lot of copycats?
sulasno Oct 10, 2007 5.67.3132
3 out of 5
sending mail is very slow
milt82nd May 17, 2007 5.50.2931
5 out of 5
Sandra Asks About Incredimail
I am thinking of downloading Incredimail and was wondering if you can tell me what you think about it? I am fairly new to computers so your advise would be very welcome. Keep up the good work as your information has helped me out lots of times. Thank you Sandra.

We don't believe any company making an email program has any right to track your email, including date, time, the number of times you use the email program, the "pictures you used" the time and date you send email, and then store this information on a server located in a foreign country. Unless you're familiar with the privacy and security laws of other countries you're taking the follow risks:

1. That the only data collected by Incredimail is what they say they collect:
Since they openly admit they collect some information about the email you send, including the number of emails you send, time and date, etc. that means a data collection and transmission mechanism is installed. Theoretically, with such a link between your computer and their server they could collect any information you enter into you email program including the contents of your email message. We're not saying they will do this, we're saying when tracking mechanisms are installed the instrumentality for tracking is in place.

2. The data that is collected may be stored on servers located in the country in which Incredimail is based
This means your data, while collected in the United States, Britain, Australia, or wherever you live is transmitted to and stored on servers located in Israel. Are you familiar with the privacy and security laws in Israel? Are they more strict or less strict than your country?

Incredimail is located in Israel (with an "office" in New York). If Israel is not where you live and you're not familiar with the security and privacy laws in the country where your information is being stored and "processed", you should consider carefully whether you want to agree to the collection and storage of ANY information from you.

We do not agree with some of their marketing techniques. For example, when you visit their main site, there is no indication that there is anything to pay for. They don't indicate that the "free" version of Incredimail is adware; they don't indicate that the free version of Incredimail inserts a rather ugly advertisement at the bottom of every email you send (but you don't see it, only your recipient does). They make claims on their site that are not substantiated in the "Full Privacy Policy" which contains several questionable clauses like the one below:
spongebobgarry May 17, 2007 5.50.2931
1 out of 5
This works just as good as the junk filter and its free!

You can bypass InrediCraps new \"Junk Filter\":

1. Make a New Folder and Name It Junk & Unapproved

2. Click on Tools, Make a Message Rule for this folder. Pick Message Rule Received from Unapproved Sender

3. Apply this message rule to Inbox

This tweak enables everything that the old junk mail folder had but the feature that deletes older email from the folder automaticly
DixieD Mar 28, 2007 5.50.2876
1 out of 5
Incredimail Mail Programs is fine but if you wish to upgrade to any of their software then UK buyers beware. The cost is in USD but they will take from your credit card the same amount of UKP. So if it’s $29.99 in the US and you come from the UK then they will take £29.99 and you won’t get it back.
Superhighway Robbery.
Aserone Mar 22, 2007 5.50.2876
1 out of 5
Scammers.. Stay away.

Many 5 star reviewers obviously has some sort of connection with the company. Ignore them.
nycgirl78 Mar 22, 2007 5.50.2876
1 out of 5
I tried to uninstall it and delete the keys from my registry but when I installed the older version it wouldn't load so I was forced to redownload the new one and I made the mistake of paying for premeum cause I got fooled by the life time serial # and all u get for 30 bucks is no adds UGH I'm about to just get rid of it all together
mentallo666 Mar 21, 2007 5.50.2876
3 out of 5
trkdrivingman Nov 1, 2006 Build 2590
5 out of 5
I can't believe all you whinners out there about junk filter plus costing a bit of money. I have used Incredimail for 5 years and have never had a problem. what you had before was a folder titled junk and unapproved which really did nothing to filter out the spam and such from arriving at your computer. Now instead, the folder is titled junk filter plus which , if it isn't activated acts just the same as the old filter. Junk filter plus has alot more features which goes far beyond the old system to protect your computer from incoming virus's but if you don't want to pay for the developed technology ( which cost to develope in case you thought it didn't) and you still don't want to see all the junk mail in the folder, just right click on the folder and then click on "empty folder" and poof... the mail in that folder is gone. I will continue to use Incredimailfor years. It is the best mail program out there wether you use the free version or the paid one.
indiarajarajan Aug 17, 2006 Build 2479
5 out of 5
I have been working with incrediMail for the past 2 years. It is the best. I have the premium version with lifetime license for the version IncrediMail Xe Build id : 4001930. I can give the IncrediMail Patch file and you can also have the premium lifetime licence. With Premium Lifetime license before i was able to download all the gold gallery contents also. But, now gold gallery cannot be downloaded. Anyway i have the premium license with whick i can get smart notifiers, no ads at the bottom, and access letter creater for lifetime. Any one need , please do not hesitate to write to me to NEED INCREDIMAIL PREMIUM VERSION - SEND MAIL TO ME.
Zankur Jul 19, 2006 Build 2448
5 out of 5
Like many other products,incredimail is being slammed simply because people just don't wanna tax their P-II processors and their bank account.
There canbe no bigger stupidity than slamming the products not for its bad features or support or bugs but simply because people have now got fancy of opensource products like thunderbird..
I have used incredimail free for quite some time and it works well and does the job well
Lawry Jun 30, 2006 Build 2407
2 out of 5
I used Incredimail when it first came out and for a few years afterwards. I loved the program; I designed my own artwork; recommended it to friends etc etc
Then as they say "familiarity breeds contempt" after loosing my mail database 3 times after upgrades and discovering that the program crashes when your mail file gets to a large enough size and the mail file has some weird threaded structure.
This was a real problem for me because I subscribe to a number of newsletters and I like to keep the emails as a searchable reference.
For a while I ran both Eudora and Incredimail in concert using Incredimail to make my emails and Eudora to store the outs and ins. Eudora stores it's emails as a linear text file unlike Outlook and Incredimail.
It is really sad that the people at Incredimail don't wake up to the goldmine they have.
If they stopped all the weird background adware shinanicans; stored the mail in a standard text file; cut the price in half; developed decent customer service; they would be the only email package on the map and be raking in millions a year. This is a company I would love to CEO.
bjenkins May 29, 2006 Build 2253
5 out of 5
I have used Incredimail for years now. I haven't had much of a problem with it. What problem I have had the support techs have helped me out and fast....when I email them. I get a response either that day or the next.
I read about the upgrades before I actually do them and from what I read about the lastest ones since 2031 I haven't done them.........I stick with and will con't to stick with that build.
I have enjoyed IM so much......I love it. I am a member in many groups where we create letters n tags.
I am sure if there was such a huge problem with it, there wouldn't be so many groups out there through MSN, Yahoo, Google, different language groups in different countries still using it and many more joining it.
Maybe its just those that don't know to read up before doing upgrades or just have other programs conflicting with it that think IM is so bad.....there are many many programs out there that put tons of keys on your pc...that you don't know about.
Your pc will be fine as long as you clean it reg. ALOT like your don't change the oil every 3500 miles it will soon mess up too.
I guess its like the virus programs.......some people love McAfee, but others perfer Norton or AVI because McAfee doesn't work right on their really it is a to each his own......and one should deter someone else from trying it out themselves
Skinni Feb 20, 2006 Build 2206
5 out of 5
I have been using incredimail since 1996.
Other than bad tech support (But show me any program with good tech support, with any that have english speaking techz),I have never had an issue with this. I have been a premium user since day 1. I create letters using letter creator & I own a yahoo group that uses incredimail only.
U can get around all the issues of this program if U have any kind of computer knowledge.
Best email client in cyberspace.
It uses alot of resources granted, but I got an external harddrive just for this program & never have any problems.
Would never use anything else. Outlook is the worst.
You all need 2 chill.
proflamer Feb 12, 2006 Build 2206
1 out of 5
Only junk programs charge $39.95 for their junkmail filter.
deedadee Feb 12, 2006 Build 2206
1 out of 5
I hate to say it, but people have been warning about this program for years. Let's hope they finally go out of business now.
pc.pain Feb 12, 2006 Build 2206
1 out of 5
First the started charging for stale old stationary, now they charge for a junkmail filter? And, they do the upgrade automatically, behind you back and without your permission. Even the paid version does not exempt you from new charges!
ogman Feb 12, 2006 Build 2206
1 out of 5
Incredicrap company is now ripping people off with a $40.00 junk mail filter. Just another demonstration of abusing their customers with a bad product and lousy service.
fanboy Feb 12, 2006 Build 2206
1 out of 5
LOusy program and a ripoff company! Don't buy it from them or the user below.
Amanda5635 Feb 3, 2006 Build 2206
5 out of 5
You can bypass InrediCraps new \"Junk Filter\":

1. Make a New Folder and Name It Junk & Unapproved

2. Click on Tools, Make a Message Rule for this folder. Pick Message Rule Received from Unapproved Sender

3. Apply this message rule to Inbox

This tweak enables everything that the old junk mail folder had but the feature that deletes older email from the folder automaticly
nzder Jan 31, 2006 Build 2185
4 out of 5
I still run the free version and for free I cant bleet, but as far as paying for the junkfilter get real half the junkmail comes from them (incred) I have version 1.0.0 so if u want and its okey with file forum get my email address from them and will send u a copy make sure u put incredimail as subject.
stand Jan 9, 2006 Build 2185
1 out of 5
I have been using IncrediMail for several years, I started way back in 1997 I think. I purchased the "Premium" with everything. In the early days the primium support was actually very good. But not now. I did the normal upgrade thing and got burned on the Junk Mail filter like others here have indicated.

I uninstalled the ripoff upgrade and went back to build 2031 and got the free Junk Mail filter back. This filter actually works very well, but I am in the process of configuring Thunderbird to be my amil program.

What I have been having problems with in Incredimail is that during exit it comes up with an exception error in msvcrt.dll. The error doesn't affect anything other than being a nusance.

I don't know what the limits are, but this problem apparently is caused by some limitation on the size of the mail folders. I haven't isolated what the size limit is. I just delete files until it starts working again.

So if you are experiencing this problem purge some of the mail you've been accumulating.

aivo Dec 29, 2005 Build 2185
1 out of 5
The latest is that when you upgrade to version 2077 the spam filter is changed with a new one that is disactivated by default and you have to pay a yearly suscription to activate it.

That means that to buy Incredimail, not see their publicity banners and avoid spam, you have to pay around $ 90 the first time and $ 40 each year to be protected against spam plus at least $ 25 a year if you want to be a Gold Member which gives you more backgrounds and other graphics to use.
dracula666 Dec 28, 2005 Build 2185
1 out of 5
No guevara, the hostility against Incredicrap is this company hooks you on a "free option" like the junk mail filter, and then once you are hooked, they then "upgrade" and force you to pay for what they use to give you for free...and give you no option, you pay or else.

As I said in my earlier review, I upgraded my system and when I could not get my info back from the earlier version, I went into apanic as I had serials and codes from purchased software that I was ASSURED by incredicrap support that I could import to the newer version. Imagine my suprise when I received an e-mail reply from them (after sending over 10 e-mails) saying that they were wrong and I would now have to pay for the junk filter...but I COULD NOT import my folders from an older version to this newer version.

I spent over 21 days tearing the net apart and reading every forum I could until I found a way to get my old license back and then and ONLY then did it allow me to import my folder, but I lost all my letters and additions I had placed and created for my personal use.

And PLEASE don't get me started on CS telling me that my serials that I purchased were on two computers that do not exist and REFUSING to allow me to use my legally purchased serials again...

I am in talks with an attorney right now to try and get a class action lawsuit against this company for fraud and improper business dealings in the US. And as soon as I get their main office in Israel, I am telling them the same thing and am also going to send a copy of the possible fraud lawsuit to Interpol so they can place it on their world wide records and warn people against doing business with this bunch of creeps!

If my attorney and myself have anything to say about this...incredicrap's days are numbered!
liza Dec 21, 2005 Build 2185
5 out of 5
I love this and stop this anti israel nonsence
guevara Dec 21, 2005 Build 2185
4 out of 5
Why all these negative reviews

IS this because it is from Tel aviv israel
as you could read in an other rewiew

antisemitism has no place here,

maybe it have some adaware inside - but nothing
like hotbar etc.
If you like to put stupid things in your email
this one is nice.(many people do )
i dont
but find the critics in the other rewiews
to far out
skayers Dec 19, 2005 Build 2180
1 out of 5
Incredimail?? This piece of crap should be called IncrediJUNK. What a piece of garbage. This program is constantly screwing up and rendering user's PC's useless to receive mail. I have known of several cases where this software has screwed up the mail settings to the point that you must uninstall INCREDIJUNK and then clean the registry just to receive mail again. I STRONGLY recommend NOT INSTALLING this garbage. There just is no reason to use this program. Pure and Simple, NO REASON.

Incredijunk brings nothing to the equation, NOTHING. Just a ton of headaches, believe me.
aivo Dec 8, 2005 Build 2154
1 out of 5
After update you have to pay now 40$ EVERY SINGEL YEAR to keep junkfilter working.

You never know how they screw you next time
dracula666 Dec 1, 2005 Build 2154
2 out of 5
I wanted to rate this higher, but recent events do not allow me to do so.

I upgraded my machine from ME to XP and increased the hd space as well as the cpu and memory. At first my incredimail premium xe would not work and I was forced to donload the latest version. I then tried to use my legally purchased license numbers I was told that I had to contact support. I contacted them and much to my suprise I was told that I had this program on five computers...and I only use three in the first place (home-business and my laptop) I was told that two other people were using my serial and I sent an e-mail to the addresses they gave only to have them both come back as no such e-mail address. I sent this to these rats in Australia and told them that this was not possible as these accounts did not exist. Their answer was that I had to physically TRACK this computer down and take the license off of it before they would allow my serial to be reactivated. When asked how I was suppose to locate them when the e-mail addresses were faked, I was told that this was my problem. And to make it worse, I could not import the settings or the mail from the older version to the newer version! So all my letters and such I have just lost.!!!!

I am in the process of not only moving to a different e-mail account, but I am reporting them to the Better Business Bureau as well as Interpol for possible fraud.

This is a load of horse crap!!!
memphisangel06 Nov 23, 2005 Build 2154
1 out of 5
Incredimail sucks as far as customer service...i purchased the premium service and i had to do a system restore....needed to reinstall incredimail....requwested my codes...and all they sent me was the letter creator code...would not send me my premium that meant i would have to pay twice for the same thinks not...they are cons and rip off artist...blah to them
abbafan1972 Nov 22, 2005 Build 2154
1 out of 5
Are you talking about the same program? I used Incredimail for about 2 years with no problems. I had bought the premium version. When I had a new computer and installed it on there, I was appalled to find the junk filter had gone and Incredimail wanted more money from me to upgrade, no way!

Get Thunderbird instead, it's free and does the job like a dream.
U.S. Patriot Nov 12, 2005 Build 2140
5 out of 5
I've had Incredimail for 3 years with no problems what so ever. It does take about 3-4% resources, but it's the best 3-4% I think I've ever used.
The best thing about it is the spam filter giving me total control over incoming emails.
Support is also pretty good. I asked a pretty technical question not long ago and got an excellent answer in two days. Lots of great options.
Best email program I've seen.
ranma.2 Nov 7, 2005 Build 2140
1 out of 5
well if you like the google things
why not incredimail.
i dont like this prog but it is not intrusive as google desktop
in the same category as google products
not better- not worse
lsparkes Oct 30, 2005 Build 2116 Beta
1 out of 5
Why would anyone pay for this program when Outlook Express will do the same things for nothing (backgrounds or graphics). I used to have Incredimail and had to have it uninstalled by a professional. It totally screwed up my computer and kept locking up and after paying for the premium version I could not get any help or answers. Stay away from this program.
Star_Haze Oct 30, 2005 Build 2116 Beta
1 out of 5
Hello everyone i to used the incredimail for about a year and i really liked it so i went ahead and paid them people $51.55 to get the bundle and all the decided they wanted to give me was the Gold Gallery. There customer support really sucks because i sent in over 50 emails trying to get the issuse fixed and they refuse to contact back. Argh
earthshoes Oct 29, 2005 Build 2116 Beta
1 out of 5
Another long-time customer here (Four years, I think?). I made the mistake of upgrading Incredimail this evening only to discover that it had changed the JunkFilter to something called JunkmailPlus and it refused to turn the feature back on without my purchasing just that feature for $39.95!!

What were these people thinking? With all the free e-mail programs out there, as well as the open source software, not to mention Outlook Express which comes as a part of every Microsoft Office program, this was stupid move.
stubbie Oct 26, 2005 Build 2116 Beta
1 out of 5
Hrm what can I say, disapointed or what, I like most of you have purchased incredimail, the gold gallery and now junk filter !!

and i'm getting a bit pied off with it all, I wrote to them and got a snotty reply as when I first sore junk filter it was $29.99 a year and so I said to them is there going to be a reduction ?? as of coure as people leave incredimal they panic and drop the price and any way they said no, I purchased it and 2 days later there it was $10 discount !!!! I complained and again got fobed off again. now ok I can't be bothered.....

But junk mail uninstalls itself every week again and again and again I have to reinstall it, again I have complained and reported it as a bug, but some 2 months later i'm getting really good at reinstalling the junk filter !!!

Incredimail you have lost my recommendation and as i'm in hosting sales thats a lot of people I talk to about this

and why, your bad customer skills i'm affraid to say and advancing a product that was not fully tested correctly. now i'm not saying its a bad product, its you the company i'm affraid to say

and where are all the extras that we have been promised over the years, like catch up, yes I can use ctrl-a and delete, but if its that easy whuy is there no catch up link ?? and the ability to save an email as a template and then recall it edit it and resend it !!

i'm sorry, but you seem to be looking for advaces that get you money, instead of looking after the customers you already have
atomicsox Oct 22, 2005 Build 2116 Beta
1 out of 5
This really SUCKS. I have to agree the Pay for SPAM filter is retarded. What the hell were they thinking here... I have used Incredimail for years as a paying customer but might have to change that, what a rip off.
lostinspace Oct 15, 2005 Build 2116 Beta
1 out of 5
I too, downloaded the latest version and discovered the junk mail filter rip-off. At first I was overwhelmed becuase I was getting over 400 emails a day, with 95% of them spam. After coming to this forum (of course after download), I searched for a program that would filter spam and not cost me 40$ a year and found it. It is called Spam Assault! 5.0. I open the program, it pulls my emails, I mark them saved, delete, bounce, etc.. The program does its business and the 3rd step it opens incredimail and downloads the emails that I want. I have gone from over 400 emails to maybe 20 or 30 a day. This is a shareware program and cost $20. - a far cry less then what incredimail is hawking. Also uninstalling incredimail, if you have made personal folders the program does not allow you to export them. perhaps if you have the paid version, but I was stuck and knew if there was a will, there was a way. Check out this program.
mcmurphy_rp Oct 10, 2005 Build 2089
1 out of 5
I am completely disgusted with what Incredimail had done with their junk mail filter, and have just sent them an email telling them so. I'd suggest that others do the same. Perhaps if they are inundated with email complaining, they'll get off their asses and do the right thing.
Chienne1 Oct 9, 2005 Build 2089
1 out of 5
I purchased incredimail about 5 years. I am so mad about the junk mail filter now costing 40.00 that I am un installing it and going else where. I was a VIP until I complained about the junk filter being removed on my paid program, how they won't answer. Buyer beware, You don't get to keep the features you bought to begin with. They take them away and then offer them back to you for more money......... First it was the gallery and now junk filter. What is next.
JocDaRipper Oct 3, 2005 Build 2089
1 out of 5
I'm another of the premium users of Incredimail that is sorely disappointed in the way the so called VIP support, and the new subscription requirements put dollars into their greedy hands. Today we pay monthly fees for most anything. Our cable and/or dish TV's that cost and are laced with useless ads for crap no one needs, magazines, newspapers all loaded with advertising. I waiting for toilet paper to have coupons printed on it so you can browse the roll when you forget your reading material while stuck on the throne. How about instead of a dial tone when you pick up your phone a sweet voice with a bevy of sales pitchs that you have to key out on your touch pad in order to make a call?
I'm replacing my mailbox with a shredder so at least that way I won't have to walk daily to get more useless offers for credit cards so I can get more stuff from the greed mongers like Incredimail and all these other so called services we all need in order to get through life. Some day our children will likely have to pay an annual maintanance fee to visit our gravesite. Fire up the kiln I'm outta here!
sevenof9fl Oct 2, 2005 Build 2089
1 out of 5
OK, a very nice user sent me build 2031 which is pretty new and WITHOUT the rip-off spamguard, which I have loaded on my website:

Before installing, the newer version must be uninstalled; this included the Incredimail folder in the Windows program directory - you may find you also have to edit the registry entries or the installation may fail.

I advise downloading WinZip to unzip the file as the native Windows unzip utility seems to gag on the file size.

Good luck, and once again, thanks to the great person who send ME the file.

Let this be a lesson to the rip off artists at Incredimail, there's more than one way to skin a cat.

Sevenof9fl/mary ann mcintosh
belvadere Oct 1, 2005 Build 2089
1 out of 5
incredimails junk plus filter is a total rip. they charge you $19.95 for something they used to give you free with your incredimail purchase and it doesn't work any where near as good as the free one did. They keep telling me it will work better the more I use it. Yeh rite. The same spam files keep being delivered to my mail even after i've reported them as spam many times. I want my money back but I can't even seem to get that, as promised. BEWARE
potter Sep 24, 2005 Build 2089
1 out of 5
I wrote to Incredimail and this is the answer.

Hello Linda,

IncrediMail Premium and JunkFilter Plus are two different products.

It should be clear that IncrediMail Premium offers numerous special features that enhance one's overall email experience. JunkFilter Plus is not in any way related to the Premium features, and certainly does not affect your continued use and enjoyment of these features.

To learn more about Premium extra features, please click here.

JunkFilter Plus does not harm, limit or in any way affect the IncrediMail Premium package that you purchased. All the Premium features that originally comprised the Premium package are still available only to Premium members and none of them have been removed.

Please note that IncrediMail's basic JunkFilter was offered to all IncrediMail users free of charge. JunkFilter Plus is an upgrade and major improvement to the basic JunkFilter, and therefore it is not available free of charge. Since JunkFilter Plus is a much more powerful tool than the basic JunkFilter, we have decided to replace the basic JunkFilter with the new and improved JunkFilter Plus, and the basic JunkFilter is no longer available.

JunkFilter Plus includes:
Powerful anti-spam filtering

White & Black listing

Mail analysis & Reporting tool

Automatic fraud protection

Real-time anti-spam protection

To learn more about JunkFilter Plus, click here.

Since you have already purchased an IncrediMail product, I would like to offer you a $10 discount coupon for a JunkFilter Plus subscription, which means that the one-year subscription will cost you only $29.95.

You can click here to place your order and take advantage of the discount.

Best regards,

IncrediMail Support
----- Original Message -----
Sent: Friday, September 23, 2005 12:35 AM
Subject: junk mail filter

Hello PR,

You received an email regarding: junk mail filter.



I can not believe that you are charging for the junk mail. Your product worked great. I have used it for a long time. I paid fifty dollars for incredimail plus incredimail letter creater. I will not use it again. I really loved this product and it saddens me that you have done this. Linda

why would they have you pay for something that worked just fine. Oh well
azimov Sep 20, 2005 Build 2089
1 out of 5
I used to use this in the past. I didn't like the way it just didn't make it easy to have a portable e-mail service. It's e-mails files are non-standard format, Produce loads of extra files and was impossible to restore or control what went where on your HDD. I moved over to Poco System, Pocomail, That did everything I needed. Portability, control over what went were etc.

Nah, I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.
hearse74 Sep 19, 2005 Build 2077
1 out of 5
I Too have had many problems with getting any kind of help from Incredimail Support for Returning to the Original Junk Filter...They think its just so grand that they can play strong arm tactics with their users and just do away with their original programming of the Junk Filter and nothing will happen...But get this I have it in an email that they claim they don't have any ownership of the Junk Filter...But I say this if they don't own the Junk Filter then why is it that they can charge $40.00 for the program....I do think they are the owners of the Junk Filter and they have just gotten greedy just like every other Upstart Company has ever done...Money hit them and now they want more...Me I paid for a Lifetime Gold Licenses and got nothing... I haven't even bothered to download the new Filter and probably never will....I think Incredimail is such a poor company to not even as so much email their Users and let them know anything.....I find them crooked as any other Upstart Company, Who makes a little bit of money and then it all goes right to their heads..Very Bad Business practices....I can't even get a refund from them for a Lifetime Gold Licenses.. That I paid for less than a year ago...So folks your not alone in this one...Incredimail I'm sure will be losing Users real fast...
cellix Sep 19, 2005 Build 2077
1 out of 5
Wish could rate a 0!!!

Wish I could read old policy to see if they had the right to take away junk filter.

The Incredimail Management would not let me download older version of software.
They say they no longer have it. Lied!!
I will not pay for their junk filter plus service. My old one was find.

I now also must start at the beginning to great a new junk filter system which I have read about.

Other problems with the newer version is I get mail into my deleted box, my deleted box will not delete the emails after closing program, problems with message rules with emails going into different email boxes. STRANGE! and “Poor Customer Service”

I wonder if there could be away getting many Incredimail users together and sue in civil court for breach of contract, lost of productivity and any other grievances that may apply.

Is there a Lawyer out there that would look into this??

I hope this really is the downfall of Incredimail.

DO NOT UPGRADE!! It is a Trick....
sevenof9fl Sep 15, 2005 Build 2077
1 out of 5
I, too, was one of the stupid people who purchased Incredimail when I ordered a new laptop. When I downloaded the new version, the junk filter of course was gone, replace by the "new and improved $40 per year junk filter. They've received about 10 nasty emails from me within the last week and I'm planning on putting a "Buyer Beware" page on my web site.

If anyone has an older version I can install, at least I can get my money back sortof for the version I paid for.

email me at

That'll teach me to "open" instead of "save."

From now on I plan on saving this type of stuff to a CD.

Mary Ann M. Ft. Lauderdale.
Abbe1 Sep 12, 2005 Build 2077
1 out of 5
What a ripoff!
As soon as they have your money, you just try and try and try to see if they will ever help you. They JUST DON'T GIVE A DAMN.
It is now 20 days since I paid for it with my credit card and I still don't have UNincredimail. The best name for it, UNINCREDIMAIL.
They don't deal with those things called, "customers."
Sep 11, 2005 Build 2077
1 out of 5
can ne one give me build 2031 of incredimail cause the new one gets rid of ur filter (my email is thanks so much!
hkm Sep 8, 2005 Build 2077
3 out of 5
I too have complained about the "strong-arm" tactics as another reviewer mentioned to get you to buy more add-on junk. Pure madness to pay more & more & more. I let them have it but good. I loved this proggie, but am now having 2nd thoughts. I too weaned my wife off another counter-intuitive email prog by setting up Incredimail for her. She was so happy she called me her "IncrediMale" for a while. But now....
We're both switching back to Thunderbird freeware. If you haven't tried T-Bird, give it a whirl.

Too, the niceties of this "for dummies" email addons really chew up CPU if you're on an older 'puter, so beware. Also, the ads really take their toll in the adware vers.
tekuniversity Sep 5, 2005 Build 2077
1 out of 5
I have noticed that my recently installed Adware Gold goes off when I open my Incredimail. I installed it for other reasons, but never suspected Incredimail. It may be "calling home", I don't know.
Anyhow, I'm not real happy with the cost of suprise costs of the add-ons. I also don't like the fact that I can't transfer my paid in full program from my home computer to my laptop without having to remove the license and transfering it back and forth.
No matter how many Incredimail programmers or employees that try to post their glowing positive reviews, they'll see that they can't take advantage of consumers forever. I've read in several newsgroups, and the word is spreading.
geekboy2000 Sep 5, 2005 Build 2077
1 out of 5
They got an e-mail from me as well, complaining about their attempt to strong-arm people into paying annually for the junk mail filter. I also uninstalled and rolled back to build 2031. I use it for only a few accounts, so it'll be easy enough to dump it all together. I have a feeling they got plenty of complaints about this. I'm betting (though I hope I'm wrong) that they'll do nothing about it though.
txmom Sep 4, 2005 Build 2068
1 out of 5
I have been using Incredimail for years now, and it was the only way I could wean my husband off of AOL. Broke down and bought the premium version last year, then discovered "Gold" versions of all the cool notifiers and stationery and animations... that cost more. I had a glitch in my email (that turned out to be a Norton thing after all) but in the process I upgraded my Incredimail only to find that my Junk mail from hotmail was being downloaded straight into my Inbox - complete with pictures!!! and to use a Junk filter now I need to pay an annual subscription???

Fortunatley I had an older version stored and was able to delete the new version and reinstall the old one, but this is the last straw for me. Outlook Express is looking just fine.
dwsokay Sep 1, 2005 Build 2068
1 out of 5
Why would any company choose to scam customers by offering an 'upgrade' to their program and then take away the free 'junk mail program' that was offered with the old program to take care of scammers? Sort of a two-way sword, isn't it? I thought IncrediMail was the 'cat's meow' until they showed their real claws... I have paid for several of their programs offered, but I won't be paying for this one. I'm not sure I want involved with a company that 'SCAMS' their own customers. Check Thunderbird out... Now that looks like a nice program. I think we all need to say audios to IncrediMail and let them find out what their little trick has cost them. They have gone from a 5 til a low 1 in just one short evening.
drmerillat Aug 29, 2005 Build 2068
1 out of 5
A few days ago I would have rated IncrediMail with a 5, but then I downloaded the upgrade. As the others have reported the latest upgrade STEALS your junk filter capacity and BLACKMAILS you into paying $40 to get it back.

I wrote to IncrediMail and got and told them that I wanted the old version back and they said it was not possible. I have warned everyone I know not to upgrade. I have replaced IncrediMail with Thunderbird. I hope they get such a mass rash of uninstalls that they are forced to go back.
itsapat Aug 25, 2005 Build 2068
1 out of 5
Talk about being underhanded. I downloaded the update to Incredimail only to find out I no longer have a junk mail filter. They didn't even warn you this was going to happen. I thought with an upgrade you will suppose to add things or make things better, not force you to pay an additional yearly fee. I will be looking around for another email program.
aledany Aug 25, 2005 Build 2068
3 out of 5
Dont download build 2068 if you don't want to lose the basic Junk mail filter.
I'm an Incredimail Premium user and made the mistake to upgrade it, now they want 39.95 for their Junk Mail Filter Plus.
ferdthe3rd Aug 23, 2005 Build 2068
1 out of 5
I agree with the other Incredimail users. I refuse to pay any more money to Incredimail. I have already spent $50 for Incredimail Premium and Letter Creator and I'm not going to play their game anymore. If anyone figures out how to install an older version and get the basic Junk Filter back let me know ( This sucks.
rogerz44 Aug 23, 2005 Build 2068
3 out of 5
Incredimail is showing a total disregard for it’s customers by sneaking in this “Junk Mail Plus and forcing us to pay $40/year to use it. I was very happy the way things were. You don't know that you have been had until after you install the upgrade. You can’t go back to an earlier version, they make sure of that. Everything I blocked is gone and if I want protection I now have to pay. This company is really money hungry. They don’t care a thing about the people that supported them in the past. I wouldn’t buy this new feature on principle alone.
jenmur63 Aug 23, 2005 Build 2068
2 out of 5
I've used Incredimail for several years now and liked it for the most part. But over the last year or so I've watched them make free stuff into subscription stuff. OK. But this new junk filter takes the cake! Nowhere does it let you know ahead of time that the filter is $40/year. You don't get that little nugget of info until after you do the upgrade/install. By then you have no way to revert to the previous version because they don't let you do that. AND, now you've lost access to all of the blocked/accepted addresses and domains that you built up while using the last version and your inbox becomes crammed with junk mail. At least give people the option to choose. Very classy move Incredimail.
Aug 22, 2005 Build 2068
1 out of 5
new junk filter plus that costs 40 to add to incredimail and all the letters emeticons and 3-d animations all cost money now cause of the gold plan. I used to have all the same ones as in the gold ones but now u have to pay for a junk filter for 40 bucks and gold membership wich is horrible.

New features in this build include:
The New JunkFilter Plus - mail analysis and reporting tool
Enables white & black listing
Automatic fraud protection
Real-time anti-spam protection (all this crap for 40 bucks and this should be free)
Lainey Aug 16, 2005 Build 2031
5 out of 5
I have used incredimail for over 3 years now and i love it. So many people have said it slows down their pcs but i have used in on win 98,Me and now xp and it hasn't slowed mine down. You can add animations, make backgrounds. I love it!!! And you can forward the pics on emails without having to save them and send as attachments as you do with hotmail and gmail.There's no limit to email storage either. I think it's the best.
yeapot Jun 23, 2005 Build 1930
1 out of 5
Incredimail is horrible. It's bulky, heavy, when users send me mail their emails won't open up in my email program forcing me to install incredimail on my computer. It's invasive, has way too many graphics and it's extremely difficult for novices to use. Horrible idea to not integrate with most used mail programs like outlook express.
dsilvia May 10, 2005 Build 1888
1 out of 5
If eye candy at any price is your thing, then get Incredimail (and price is not just money, it's expense of use).

The glitz is really all it's got going for it, otherwise it's a pretty plebian email client, nothing remarkable at all, except that it's _extremely_ resource intensive (price!)

It also overbloats the registry (price!)

If/when you tire of it and uninstall, it leaves behind a lot, including >512Kb of junk in the registry (price!) And if you're not to technically savvy, you're stuck as most registry cleaners won't find it!

Bottom line, it's a helluva price to pay for some cheap eye wash you'll probably grow weary of!

Try something more useful and completely free, like Thunderbird or some other reputable open-source client.
leemedic Feb 8, 2005 Build 1825 Beta
5 out of 5
I have been using Incredimail for years now, and still is my favorite e-mail client. I have tried every e-mail client out there and still will stick with my incredimail. Yes, I purchased a license, and paid for the Gold. They are constantly trying to improve the program. I myself with stick with Incredimail. I like all the bells and whistles that come with it.
ogman Jan 22, 2005 Build 1812 Beta
1 out of 5
Bloated junk. Gets worse every version and their support absolutely sucks. May very well total your computer setup. Company does lame things like suddenly charging for previously free stationary. Save your money and avoid this program.
sorahl Jan 22, 2005 Build 1812 Beta
1 out of 5
This program is a virus.... I have had friends install it and it messes up their email. Stay Away From It!
smillo Jan 22, 2005 Build 1812 Beta
3 out of 5
It behaves odd on a multiple screen setup. The application window on one screen, the drop-down menus on the other one. Very annoying.

I haven't found an option to turn off the skins.

E-Mail seems to work though... Lots of fancy bells & whistles that I have no use for. All in all I find there are better alternatives available (e.g. Foxmail) so I don't see why I should put up with this one.
petgamer Dec 1, 2004 Build 1710
4 out of 5
IncrediMail I think is a nice nifty program. If you love adding emotions, backgrounds, sounds to your e-mails to spice them up WITHOUT adding spyware to your computer then this program is for you. This program DOES NOT add spyware to your computer but yes, there is an advertisement in the top right corner of the program but it's no big deal. It says in your system tray, checks for mail, and displays a notifier of your choosing when you have mail (which can be turned off). I love it.
Niksa Oct 19, 2004 Build 1687
2 out of 5
Nice idea, but sluggish design. It uses lot of memory and is quite slow. So I prefer to use Mozilla Firefox or Poco Mail
Zankur Oct 13, 2004 Build 1613
5 out of 5
Still the best of the best!
beast64 Sep 25, 2004 Build 1609
3 out of 5
I think this app has been a little misjudged here, it has a lot of useful features, as an email client it's a pretty good one, but as an app it's a pretty s***ty one, it always has bugs no matter what version, it sluggish and it consumes A LOT of memory, there is no way to disable skins which makes it quite a memory hog...I'll try FoxMail and we'll see...
Anastasia Jul 15, 2004 Build 1524
5 out of 5
I have been using Incredimail for about three years. It is very user friendly and fun to use. I have enjoyed using different stationary, fun emoticoms, and many other easy ways to customize a note to a friend. It is at the very least a must try. It sure beats the crap out of Outlook Express, in my oppinion! If there is something better I wish someone would tell me, because I just can't imagine!
animal44035 Jul 3, 2004 Build 1524
5 out of 5
I am happy with all aspects of incredimail. Great program and have no problems with it at all.
ogman Jun 23, 2004 Build 1524
1 out of 5
Bad program, terrible service, lousy company. Avoid at all costs!
vibes Jun 23, 2004 Build 1524
1 out of 5
Unfortunately this program like a lot of other programs has become bloat ware. They should change the name to Incredicrap.
TC17 Jun 23, 2004 Build 1524
1 out of 5
The program itself I like, bloated or not, I formats messages nicely, such as when you quote replies. Many other email programs are not good at this.

However this company itself is why I give it a 1 star. I paid for this program a couple of years ago. A few months ago they started charging for stuff that was supposed to have been free. And on top if it for some ridiculous yearly price (costing more than what I paid for the email program itself).

The program also has LIMITED activations then it will no longer let you activate it to register it.
So if you reinstall your operationg system or hardware, you need to know this.

I consider all this stealing from customers.
donahu1 Jun 23, 2004 Build 1524
5 out of 5
I am using the registered version and enjoy it immensely! Notifiers, mood stationary with annimations,what more could one ask for in an email program? It even has a plug in so I can use it with Office XP's Outlook.
I contacted VIP service just recently with a minor problem and they responded within the day and instantly solved my problem.
I can't speak to the 'adware' version.....
Dapple Jun 23, 2004 Build 1524
1 out of 5
You get a version that works great , then you are forced to update and it stuffs everything up. Damn crap software. I blocked the update feature and then I got an email saying it was an illegal copy. LOL it was a shareware version. I would never spend money on something that forces you to update to versions that have more bugs than the version you are using.
wildizzy Jun 14, 2004 Build 1488
1 out of 5
I have to say that it is one of the worst customer service and communication is horrible. I had purchased it before really researching it and boy I was in for it. I ordered on a wed. it said it would send and email with the info within 24 hours. Well they didnt. Then I emailed them like THEY said to and still on monday ( 5 days later) and still no response. I emailed tech support, customer service you name it (like 5 different departments). I would purchase it over the phone with a live operator!!!! I do however like the program. The kids love it and thinks its fun.

UPDATE****** 8 days After sending this website with the coments on it to company they did get back with me and send me codes....*******************
jrepin Jun 6, 2004 Build 1488
1 out of 5
This e-mail application generates way too bloated mail. And why would you pay for ad-free client if there are better free apps. I recommend you take a look at Mozilla Thunderbird. It is currently the best one.
ogman Jun 6, 2004 Build 1488
1 out of 5
Free??? Adware is not free. The program is nothing like it used to be, they took free stationary and started making customers pay for it, and the service is horrible. Don't let Incredimail employees fool you, its a bad program and a waste of time and money! And this is just a lie - " If it is not what you are looking for, so easy to uninstall it." This program is NOT easy to uninstall. It leaves junk all over the registry that takes hours to remove.
Zankur Jun 6, 2004 Build 1488
4 out of 5
The best around,much better than bat,thunderbird.However,still needs to be stable like eudora.
leemedic May 27, 2004 Build 1487 Beta
5 out of 5
There is nothing wrong with the program Incredimail. I have been using it for years.Consumers are complaining because Incredimail is charging a fee for some of the Extras that can come with Incredimail. This program is totally free, and comes with a multitude of options.Some are complaining because the designers of Incredimail are starting to charge for some of the "letter Backgrounds." Well, there are plenty of FREE backgrounds all over the internet, or you can create your own backgrounds. I have never had Incredimail cause any problems with the four computers I have had it installed on. Listen, the program is free, just download it and try it for yourself. If it is not what you are looking for, so easy to uninstall it. Do not let the negative reviews, my gosh, this thing is free!
mastercpu May 25, 2004 Build 1487 Beta
1 out of 5
Wouldn't use it if they gave it away! Oh, they do. Ok, still won't use it. Terrible company.
rakmup01 May 25, 2004 Build 1487 Beta
1 out of 5
Let me continue the string of bad reviews on this program. The company has gone waaaaaaay down. E-maill addresses are now hidde, service is terrible and almost never answered, content that was once free is now charged for, etc. This company has no regard for their customersat all. Strongly NOT recommended!
geekz May 24, 2004 Build 1487 Beta
1 out of 5
Bad "service"??? No, more like outright theft! Don't buy it!
ogman May 24, 2004 Build 1487 Beta
1 out of 5
I used to like this program, but greed and bad customer service have taken this company over. The licensing scheme is terrible aqnd customer support is unresponsive. I strongly recommend AGAINST using it and would definitely NOT purchase it.
RedBadger May 24, 2004 Build 1482
1 out of 5
Another update from me on this stupid program. Like Ramses said farther down below. This product has LIMITED activations. I was skeptical of his comment when I read it, but it has just happened to me. I had trouble getting this program to work correctly under the NTFS file format and had to install it several times... now it tells me I can no longer use my serial number to activate it. That is complete BS. Why is the FBI not raiding companies like this that steal from customers? They have no problem raiding warez groups who they claim steal from companies. At least warez groups don't steal actual money.
star51L May 16, 2004 Build 1482
1 out of 5
I bet you cannot find a computer help forum that DOESN'T have a thread going about how IncrediMail has caused them problems. Foxmail, Eudora, Phoenix Mail, etc., much better choices and no barking dog to announce you have mail.:-P
geekz Apr 9, 2004 Beta Build 1452
1 out of 5
Twenty six bucks a year to get the new artwork? Ha!!! Nope. And why would you sign up for a lifetime subscription, so they can come out with a Platinum membership next year? Sad to see a good program go down.
rakmup01 Apr 9, 2004 Beta Build 1452
1 out of 5
Ditoo on that Outlook addon thing. I got the program as a gift so I could use the addon, and as soon as I upgraded to Outlook 2003 I couldn't use it anymore. I sent an email inquiry weeks ago about when they would have the addon done, and got this short reply, "soon." Waste of money!
BonnieD Apr 9, 2004 Beta Build 1452
1 out of 5
I'm reversing on this program, too. Customer service is terrible, the Outlook addon for 2003 has yet to materialize, and it now appears that they are looking to charge registered user even more money.
leemedic Apr 9, 2004 Beta Build 1452
5 out of 5
I have been using Incredimail for 3 years now, and was an original beta tester. Here we are suppose to be rating the program itself, and I give it the max of 5 points. I am not happy about the additional charges for the extra graphics, but what can you expect for a quality program that is free. The designers/programmers are constantly improving Incredimail, and have come a long way. My recommendation is for you to download it and try it for yourself and you be the judge.
Apr 8, 2004 Beta Build 1452
3 out of 5
I'm a paid user for almost a year now. Everything is just ok, but just pissed me off more with the optional graphics and animations that they want you to pay for now EXTRA. They were all free for the longest time for paid users of the program itself. The filters are not as near as good as Outlook and let a lot of spam by, all spam.
herpie Mar 29, 2004 Build 1338
5 out of 5
Excellent. The best mail software.
ogman Mar 9, 2004 Build 1338
5 out of 5
RedBadger Mar 8, 2004 Build 1338
1 out of 5
In the past I have given this 5 stars each time. But today I just received an email from them wanting to charge for all new animations and graphics they add. Not to mention the fact they are even charging more than the email program costs.

I purchased this program under the assumptions all upgrades are free. Well apparently that is no longer true. Once again I have been burned for buying a program. Then people wonder why warez exists.
Ramses Feb 25, 2004 Build 1338
1 out of 5
Has anyone who has purchase this software at 49.00 actually reviewed this? I have and I can say after 2 years of use and problems, it is a incredible rip off. First off...there is NO SUPPORT PEOPLE! They do NOT answer emails, the activations of your code are limited. If you reformat, get a new computer and DO NOT UNINSTALL THE CODE you will run out of activations and GOOD LUCK getting them to reset them! Secondly, they DO MONITOR YOUR USE OF THEIR PROGRAM. YES THE DO! Third, they have now reduced ALL CONTENT that they use to have and gave to premimum users, and now THEY HAVE CHARGED A SUBSCRIPTION FEE FOR! With each sneaky upgrade the content would no longer function so they took it off their site. Now it all comes back...and you can get it all back for a subscription fee. WOW what greed.
wolseleydude Jan 13, 2004 Build 1338
5 out of 5
Hotmail schmail... For pop accounts, Incredimail does what it says. No more no less.
cm2gj Jan 11, 2004 Build 1338
4 out of 5
Is a perfect email solution, but don't allow html email like hotmail.
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mastercpu Dec 22, 2003 Build 1324
5 out of 5
Excellent email...should be rated much higher.
geekz Dec 21, 2003 Build 1324
5 out of 5
Gotta have it!
wolseleydude Dec 18, 2003 Build 1324
5 out of 5
Incredimail is simply the best email client there is. I am very satisfied with it. I also love the new bouncing ability, and the fact that, with a full licensed version, you can create message rules, granting you more control over your inbox.

Incredimail is great!
RedBadger Dec 17, 2003 Build 1313
5 out of 5
The best email program in my opinion. Anyone calling names here is obviously jealous or an author of one of the other email clients trying to draw customers away.

If you subscribe to the Incredimail newsletter, they give coupons every now and then for $10 off. Their December newsletter has one. They also archive older issues at the link on the bottom of their webpage named "Newsletter Center".
BonnieD Dec 6, 2003 Build 1313
5 out of 5
I Luv Incredimail. Don't be dull, use Incredimail!
Paradox_3445 Dec 4, 2003 Build 1313
5 out of 5
Been using it since 2000 - Really nice program. Two thumbs up!
Tornadowpg34 Dec 4, 2003 Build 1313
5 out of 5
Simply the best program out there!!!
wolseleydude Dec 4, 2003 Build 1313
5 out of 5
Just got v.1313 today! Incredimail just rocks. And acknowledging those silly rabbits (geeks with no social skills) who bash incredimail is a waste of time! LOL Incredimail users know this app is one of the best e-mail client out there.
-Overlord- Dec 2, 2003 Build 1313
5 out of 5
Sounds an awful lot like a previous unnamed poster (BB). Still an Incredibly good program, and that comes from someone who uses it.
ogman Dec 2, 2003 Build 1313
5 out of 5
OhBoy, a review from a ten year old! Nice to see the juveniles can use a keyboard now.
rakmup01 Nov 30, 2003 Build 1313
5 out of 5
I just got this as a gift and I love it!
spiderz Nov 28, 2003 Build 1313
5 out of 5
Just another excellent feature added to a terrific email program.
hagman777 Nov 27, 2003 Build 1313
5 out of 5
Very good e-mail client and much more fun than outlook express some of you guys need to get out more its only software not a matter of life or death !.
Syfi Nov 27, 2003 Build 1313
5 out of 5
BillyBob..sounds like the Gods weren't too kind to you as you advanced through your own "3 step program". You seem to have missed the point. The women seem to really like dim dar fancy emails that I send to them using IncrediMail. Anything that improves the relations is worth looking at twice. Sure, I've gone through the drival of setting up Outlook, Endora or Bat, and frankly, they can be a real pain in the Keester. This prog does the same thing as every other emailer, just adds a little bit of the ol fun factor to it. Very easy and fun to use.
mastercpu Nov 26, 2003 Build 1313
5 out of 5
Yo, Braskey, less coffee dude! It's software, and software that you are ripping for no reason, in addition to ripping it's users. Then you wonder why they rip back??? Social skills man, social skills!
geekz Nov 26, 2003 Build 1313
5 out of 5
Yup, looks like Billy is not taking a little disagreement too well. Still a GREAT PROGRAM!
techt Nov 26, 2003 Build 1311 Beta
1 out of 5
wolseleydude Nov 26, 2003 Build 1311 Beta
5 out of 5
Simply the best program and Billy Goat... get some anger management.
cyberlord Nov 26, 2003 Build 1311 Beta
5 out of 5
Yes! A big five stars for a great email client!
RedBadger Nov 25, 2003 Build 1311 Beta
5 out of 5
I can tell the people who haven't used this program, because they have no clue as to what they are talking about, such as lack of features.

Also check, and do a search for incredimail. You will find well over 2800 people have rated this program, and 95% of them give it a thumbs up. That speaks for itself.
mastercpu Nov 25, 2003 Build 1311 Beta
5 out of 5
Say no to repeat posts! ;o)
-Overlord- Nov 25, 2003 Build 1311 Beta
5 out of 5
I use it all the time and love it. Good work!
geekz Nov 24, 2003 Build 1308 Beta
5 out of 5
Great email program. Useful, entertaining and well written.
ogman Nov 24, 2003 Build 1308 Beta
5 out of 5
Excellent program, getting better with each version.
jcorque Nov 24, 2003 Build 1308 Beta
4 out of 5
I personally do not use Incredimail BUT I did install it on a family members computer and it works great. He has been using Incredimail for awhile now and finds the various functions easy to use. To lordcyber: he is not a teenager; he is Director of Nurses for a Home Healthcare Agency!
BonnieD Nov 23, 2003 Build 1306 Beta
5 out of 5
I love IncrediMail! It's a cool program!
ogman Nov 23, 2003 Build 1306 Beta
5 out of 5
Man, if you can't use the program, don't. But don't try to trash it because of a personal problem!
spiderz Nov 23, 2003 Build 1306 Beta
5 out of 5
Incredimail is awesome!
RedBadger Nov 23, 2003 Build 1306 Beta
5 out of 5
Jeez, certain people don't need to be posting a dozen 1 star reviews of the same program to bring its rating down. This IS the *best* email program I have used, and I even registered mine. There is a beta version on their website to download that is even better yet (I think you must be registered to use that, but not sure). As for importing/exporting... it doesn't get any easier than with Incredimail. In the files menu, choose "data and settings transfer" and choose whether you want to export the email messages or import them. Its extremely EASY. It exports/imports it exactly every time, including all folders. I think others here that gave it 5 stars need to post 5 stars again to even out the reviews.
lordcyber Nov 22, 2003 Build 1306 Beta
1 out of 5
the version that was installed on my customers freshly installed system was a lot older than the current version. I personally have no use for this software, Yes I have no knowledge of it, I do not want to have to ever deal with it again after the last experience. And to those who made the comments about me getting a job in the IT department, I already stated that my main area of recent experience lies with Linux and Networking, hence my previous statement. If you like this program by all means use it, but do so on your personal system at home. Our computer usage policy at work prohibits the installation of any unauthorized software. And yes, if you worked for my company and I found out that you installed software like this, you can and would be fired for doing so.
mastercpu Nov 22, 2003 Build 1306 Beta
5 out of 5
I have a couple of questions. First, why blame the software if you don't know how to use a computer? If your computer files are a mess because you don't know how to take care of your system, that is not the fault of the software. Second, why are there so many people who can't use a computer messing around with the type of software you find on this site?

As others have said, excellent program.
andynko Nov 22, 2003 Build 1306 Beta
1 out of 5
I can´t run it on my W2K PRof sp4 edition with MSIE 6.0 sp1
because setup writes, that MY ole2.dll si wrong version :(
geekz Nov 21, 2003 Build 1306 Beta
5 out of 5
"I don't use incredimail, never have never will." -lordcyber-

Then why in the world are you reviewing it? You don't even know that you can import and export mail with it, you admit not using it, and yet you review it based on a bad experience on someone else's machine? C'mon dude, give the software and yourself a break.

Incredimail is an excellent e-mail program, highly recommended - from someone who actually uses it!
cyberlord Nov 21, 2003 Build 1306 Beta
5 out of 5
This is a nice program. I can't believe that anyone can't use it??? How in the world did you get a job in IT lordcyber?
DiDied Nov 21, 2003 Build 1306 Beta
5 out of 5
It's Fantastic. There is no email program that offers more fun for the buck.
DrJ Nov 21, 2003 Build 1306 Beta
5 out of 5
I agree with wolseleydude. If you dont like the program, why review it? The functions Incredimail provides are good and fun to use. The 'you-have-to-update' comment is nonsence because you do not have to update. I've bought the program and never had those "There is a new version. In order to keep using Incredimail you have to update now" questions so I don't know what everyone is talking about. Maybe they are not using a 'legal' version?!
wolseleydude Nov 21, 2003 Build 1306 Beta
5 out of 5
I have to agree with the latest reviewer. There is NOTHING wrong with Incredimail. If you dislike it, don't use it. If you can't crack it, live with it. I paid for mine, and I have had NO PROBLEM with this application. Besides, adware remains adware if you won't pay for an application. And if one prefers the Bat, that's great. Just don't gripe here.
-Overlord- Nov 20, 2003 Build 1301 Beta
5 out of 5
Wow, such venom from those who know so little. As others have pointed out, Incredimail is only spyware/adware if you don't BUY it. It only sends an ad at the bottom of emails if you don't BUY it. And, unless you are totally illiterate, you KNOW this when you use the FREE version.

This program does what it says it will do and provides alot of fun for the people who want to use it and even more for those who pay for it. Based sheerly on that, it should be more highly rated. As another poster said, most of the critcism is probably coming from those upset because they have not been able to crack it. As for the person that said it trashed their machine, I strongly suggest operator error on that one.
lordcyber Nov 15, 2003 Build 1298 Beta
1 out of 5
pure crap.

I have seen this take a system functioning with no problems what so ever (freshly formatted and installed in fact) and after this was installed it was so screwed up it had to be reloaded again. And unfortunately if you have used it for any length of time there is no way (to my knowledge anyway) to import the saved mail from this to another program or even back into itself on another system running the same program.
zik Nov 10, 2003 Build 1292 Beta
5 out of 5
yeah, like last review, good for fun! :D
ogman Nov 10, 2003 Build 1292 Beta
5 out of 5
Blah, blah, Bat! Obviously the Bat fans can't read. Incredimail is adware unless you PAY for it. If you don't want it, don't buy it! Some of these fools are probably also ticked off cuz Incredimail is tough to crack! Pay for what you want or quit griping! Flame on!

Great program for fun e-mail.
DrJ Nov 7, 2003 Build 1287 Beta
4 out of 5
The only thing I don't like about Incredimail is the use of so many registry settings to store everything. Almost everything is stored in the Registry. Which can be very annoying if you want to move your ENTIRE Incredimail to another PC (including templates and such). The option to put all this information in a CAB file and import them on a new installed Incredimail version helps, but isn't complete. Email rules and such wont be transfered. Besides that I like Inredimail. It's a fun way to send emails!
wolseleydude Nov 6, 2003 Build 1287 Beta
5 out of 5
You get what you pay for. Having said that, once you purchased a valid key for Incredimail, the said ads are gone.

In general, Incredimail is a good program. It doesn't have to run in the taskbar at all times (for those who complain about resources). I use mailwasher (free version) to check my pop3 account. I activate Incredimail upon receiving messages.
RehabDJ Jul 2, 2003 Build 1184
4 out of 5
Purchased over a year ago. Had been working great until I had to move to new hard drive. Registry was a mess. Emailed for support two weeks ago. My VIP status is getting no special treatment. Too bad, I REALLY LIKED the program. Have had to return to Outlook mangaging two accounts.
wolseleydude Jun 19, 2003 Build 1177
5 out of 5
I love it. I have used it for the last two years. Yes, it is a resource hog, but it has caused no problem with XP Professiona.
geekboy2000 Jun 3, 2003 Build 1155
2 out of 5
I can't say that it destroyed my registry, or caused a problem with it, but it certainly adds more entries to the registry than Rosie O'Donnell has chins. My basic problem(s) with Incredimail continue to be the lack of "internet style" quoting (as opposed to OE's top-quoting), the fact that it "phones home", the lack of "per account" signatures, and the lack of "separate checking intervals per account".
webmast Jun 3, 2003 Build 1155
5 out of 5
Excellent program, a little heavy on the system resources but a nice software!
GrimRX Jun 2, 2003 Build 1138
5 out of 5
I like Incredimail and purchased a copy, but while the program and WinXP Pro ran fine, I stopped using it after I noticed it made a mess in my WinXP Pro Registry. Has anyone else run RegCleaner or RegSeeker after installing this program and noticed the same?
RedBadger Oct 7, 2002 Build 811
4 out of 5
This is a very nice email program. Definitely the nicest looking for the interface. It does need more options though, such as a "print preview" function that almost every program has except this. And it needs to have the ability to make seperate folders for each person. Otherwise I do really like it, even with the ads. The spell checker in this is excellent.
DigitalSin Feb 24, 2002 Xe Build 616
4 out of 5
I think this is a pretty sweet little program. I used it some time ago, but it looks like it has since improved. I really like how you can disable scripts in the preview window.

My only gripe would be the larger memory footprint than say, Outlook Express.
rkwone Jan 22, 2002 Xe Build 560
2 out of 5
Kept crashing while using XP. Changed my desktop settings??
rwh57 Jan 22, 2002 Xe Build 560
5 out of 5
I've been running 1.4. Works like a champ
Future Jan 17, 2002 Xe Build 560
3 out of 5
Freeware NOT!... Its a cool program but one bug i noticed from the first time using it is I sent an email to someone with it and they recieved it as 3 attatchments for the sounds/animations it adds. I dont like that. Its pointless to send an email then they gotta open attatchments just to see it how you had sent it...
barvuz Oct 23, 2000 Beta
5 out of 5
A fantastic program. Easy to download and set up and use, with too many features to list. I've tried Outlook, Eudora, Pegasus and Foxmail, and this beats them all. There's lots of extras you can download if you want them too. Absolutely brilliant, especially since it's free!
DigitalSin Sep 15, 2000 Beta
5 out of 5
This is a really nice e-mail client. What would make it even better is if the mail icon in the system tray would show the subject and from fields when you get an e-mail.