ReviewerDate ReviewedVersionRatingReview
olivergiving Sep 25, 2013 2.65.1074
5 out of 5
5 stars all the way
alexalex Aug 24, 2011 2.58.1054 Beta
4 out of 5
This player has low memory consumption, great interface. Not as you said it's adware.
Richardky Aug 2, 2011 2.58.1054 Beta
1 out of 5
All this BS is making my head spin i almost vomit !! .. looks like something you would use on windows 98 .. back in the good old crapware days .. there are really nice clean freeware alternatives like UMPlayer which will play anything you throw at it and you dont need to download any codecs .. splayer is another nice one .
trents Nov 25, 2010 2.57 Build 1047 Beta
3 out of 5
That is true BS.Player is the best multimedia player in the world! Ever since it has been one of the world's most popular multimedia players.
Kajman Nov 18, 2010 2.57 Build 1047 Beta
1 out of 5
Outdated UI, there are many free players with more function:
MPC, VLC, Gom, KMPlayer, PotPlayer, Splayer...
shallot Nov 17, 2010 2.57 Build 1047 Beta
1 out of 5
There are others which do every thing this B*** S*** player does and more...

1. WMP11
2. Zune
3. FooBar2000
4. Media Player Classic
5. VLC
XXXXXXX Apr 20, 2010 2.53.1033
2 out of 5
Outdated UI, Free Version does not support HD Quality Video and Audio-You want HD Quality you have to buy the Pro Version.

Gom Player is far superior. Gives you everything you would have to buy in BS. Player Pro for free and much more.
Slipped it in Feb 26, 2010 2.52.1024 Beta
1 out of 5
Yes this is a BS Player. No support for AMD's Avivo video processing. What a piece of crap.
bopb99 Feb 5, 2010 2.52.1023 Beta
3 out of 5
I can watch rmvb with vlc media player version: 1.0.3!!!
(Download or update vlc media player and try it)
cristina123123 Feb 3, 2010 2.51.1022
5 out of 5
Short BSplayer review vith old version changelog.

Hope it helps...
Blaxima Dec 3, 2009 2.51.1018 Beta
4 out of 5
Like I've stated before, this has the best video image quality, followed by MPC HC. Codecs download locally so it doesn't conflict with your system in anyway like codec packs do. The only thing I do notice is that I can't play RMVB files even with the Real codec. I also had some issues with the last release not saving subtitle settings
Astro-SII Dec 3, 2009 2.51.1018 Beta
3 out of 5
well, the installer and codec manager ran without problems this time, but as soon as I try to play any basic AVI format stuff, it crashes. plays WMV and MKV OK so far. still needs work for windows 7 (X64)
daver18qc Dec 3, 2009 2.51.1018 Beta
1 out of 5
I think the "BS" is for bull sh*t... VLC is and will probably remain my favorite ever.
Astro-SII Oct 13, 2009 2.50.1013 Beta
3 out of 5
codec manager still crashes in windows 7x64, etc. why is there never a release notes put out with this ?

other than the codec manager it still kinda works. 3 stars still as it works otherwise.
Vexii Oct 9, 2009 2.50.1011 Beta
1 out of 5
Crap player! Unstable on win 7 with lots of bugs. MPC FTW!
Astro-SII Oct 8, 2009 2.50.1011 Beta
3 out of 5
still doesn't not work on windows 7x64, access violation in codec manager, invalid pointer operations, etc.

still gets 3 stars as it does work in XP,
dotnetnightmare Sep 29, 2009 2.44.1010 Beta
1 out of 5
Skin is base 1 skin from older versions. The default skin that is installed is the standard representation of a player. Very buggy under Windows 7. Switching from video to radio causes crash. Codecs manager did work and installed them correctly. I gave up on B*** Sh** Player and switched to the new Kmplayer, Screamer, and Foobar. There seems to be a huge trend for all in one software applications failing miserably. So sad.
Astro-SII Sep 29, 2009 2.44.1010 Beta
3 out of 5
Does not work in Windows 7 x64

codec manager constantly crashes, player itself gives errors.
unusable for me so at this point I am using windows media player classic (with no codec or player issues at all)

I kept 3 star rating as it does still work on XP, I hope it gets fixed for W7x64 soon though

@Dotnetnightmare... how can you tell what version that pic is? it is just a skin? and one that it is still included.
dotnetnightmare Sep 22, 2009 2.43.1008
5 out of 5
The picture is not of 2.43! This player is very light weight, full featured, and skinnable. Skins are as simple as click and they are installed. All needed codecs are available via download and user is presented with current, missing, and upgradable codecs and asks the user before acting! Adware? What idiot came up with that? Everything FREE nowadays offers to install something. OFFERS!!! You the idiot that clicked YES without reading are really the root of inappropriate and inaccurate reviews. This is the only player I have found to incorporate t.v. tuner and streaming radio. Video quality is better than KMPlayer and on par with Mplayer. Try this player out and I think you will be pleased.
Astro-SII Jul 2, 2009 2.41.1004
4 out of 5
I don't use this as an audio player, never have, but it is great for watching AVI's and other videos.
you can install it without the adware and it is still 100% functional, love it for what I need.
gate1975mlm May 22, 2009 2.41.998 Beta
3 out of 5
A nice player.

But I need to look for something better for my needs!
Morningdove Apr 17, 2009 2.40.997
4 out of 5
In another review I wrote that foobar2000 has the best audio quality of any player in my collection. BSPlayer is at the other end of the spectrum. It's not really bad, it just doesn't quite measure up. The bass is weak and gets thumpy when the lower frequencies equalization is increased. Mid range is a little flat and lacks the presence of other players.

On the other hand, video quality is very good and the TV image is sharp and easy to set up. It surpasses ChrisTV and lacks only direct channel access. Full screen sharpnes at 1600x1200 is superior to the KM Player and on my system the audio is better synchronized. The "Pan & Scan" setting will perfectly fit the image within the frame or screen without annoying black edges. This is by far the best TV player I have tested, but I do miss direct channel access.

Seventy seven pages of skin listings are available so one should never get bored looking at the same UI, although I personally use the default skin.
Astro-SII Mar 18, 2009 2.36.990
4 out of 5
I have been using BS player 1.36 forever, I think that was the last version before they started added adware and it has worked great. but out of curiosity, I installed this on a different box to test out the adware and you can unselect all the adware options and get just BS player.
so far so good!
Joco Mar 18, 2009 2.36.990
1 out of 5
KM Player freeware is better. There is no reason anyone would pay for this program having lower quality and an ugly interface.
gebeleizis Feb 22, 2009 2.35.985
5 out of 5
As far as I red, besides the ControlBar wich is optional upon installation, there is no adware in BSplayer.
In this case, from the beautiful memories I'll give it a 5 stars review and I will soon try the new non adware free BSplayer.
radiomaffia Feb 21, 2009 2.35.985
3 out of 5
BSPlayer and Deamontools both installing WhenUSave adware a.k.a ClockSync
From BSPlayer Pro 2.30 build(?) it didn't have this Adware, but I do not trust these companies and it seems looks like BSPlayer Pro is doiing a fine job and is good & clever programmed, but when you want to delete it leaves behind a lot, I say a lot of registry keys and given anoying problems and they apear everytime in registry cleaners, now what about that?!? Anyone has a Removal tool for BSP?No? I didn't thought so..
Rate it 3 stars cause it has potential and is good programmed, but the uninstaller and the adware scr*ws it up!

For those who need it:
SueAmma Feb 21, 2009 2.35.985
1 out of 5
@Blaxima: You are absolutely correct. I do not test adware but I do comment about it. When a program is clearly listed as adware (above), that's where it ends. Someone needs to take responsibility for posting proper information on this site, most likely whoever did the posting.

If the author cannot make up his mind whether it should be adware or shareware, I am still not interested. What if a future version becomes adware again, or worse? There are just too many other good media players out there.

UPDATE COMMENT: Although this version doesn't contain adware, the crippled freeware download does offer by default, three "goodies" you probably won't want to accidentally install.
Second Shadow Feb 20, 2009 2.35.985
3 out of 5
Just for the record, it's not Adware any more, but Shareware (again). However, the developer changed the licensing so that the license you get is good for 12 months (including any and all upgrades in between). Afterwards, if you want to keep upgrading, you have to renew your license. Not sure it's the best licensing scheme for this kind of program, but at least the developer moved away from adware. Deserves some credit for that.
SueAmma Jan 19, 2009 2.34.980
1 out of 5
The GUI is ugly AND it contains spyware. At least it's name is appropriate.
Blaxima Dec 19, 2008 2.34.980
5 out of 5
This is now a must have. It will find the codecs that are missing on your system and install them locally (inside the install folder) and with the ability to make the ini file go there aswell it makes it portable.

The start up use to be slow but not anymore. It loads files really fast and like I said before this player has in my side by side tests proven to me to have the best image quality. I've also never run into problems with subtitle files like I did with other players

This player reminds me very much of Opera in how it is bashed by people who like their software and haven't bothered to even try this one out. If they did they would see how above all this has superior video image quality and me thinks that is pretty damn important when looking for a video player.

EDIT. The picture here (as always) is a very old skin and like most software there are others so just change it if sucks but more importantly THIS CONTAINS NO SPYWARE. SueAmma obviously hasn't even installed this and tried it out.
McAleck Dec 16, 2008 2.34.980
5 out of 5
There should be a new entry for BSPlayer on FF. The 2.9 points doesn't do justice to this wonderful media player.
garny Oct 14, 2008 2.32.975
5 out of 5
This one is the best I know with audio stream switcher, subtitle editor with frame rate transformer, multi video enhancing paramters. And I like it clean and not caged to one or other codec. I prefer to choose by myself the codec to install.
Gomplayer is ages behind BSplayer.
Blaxima Sep 25, 2008 2.31.973
5 out of 5
I rate it the same as I did a couple of posts down but I just thought I would correct "radiomaffia" because this does play MP4 and Mov files with the right codec pack and seeing that it doesn't have built in codecs the fact that it won't play them for you is because you simply didn't install the codecs. It won't play nsv or flv files though
Conny Hendersson Sep 5, 2008 2.31.973
1 out of 5
The author better put more energy at making it better for what its supposed to do, instead of shady code perfection.
portezbie Sep 5, 2008 2.31.973
5 out of 5
Bsplayer is the best player out there for windows end of discussion. Very low memory consumption, great skinnable interface, best hotkeying of any media player and fully customizable, bookmarking, screen capturing, great subtitle integration. This is the best thing for watching videos out there. Its not bad for music either, but playing back video is where bsplayer exceeds all other apps.
radiomaffia Aug 11, 2008 2.30.968
4 out of 5
Remembers almost every position&setting
Many things can be changed&added
Skinsupport and there a lot to choose from
Briljant picture quality
Unbelieveble low CPU (23% on 2GB memory)
Does not crash, freez and works very stable, good programming!!

Does not have built-in codecs, a extern codecpack is necessery, does not support MP4, MOV, FLV
There is NO timeline to go forwards and backwards in a videofile (A missed change!!)
Starts a little slow comparing to other players, more then 2 seconds it takes, but then works fine

Note.On their site it says that you can download everytime a codec when necessery but i do not want a new codec installation everytime on my pc, I rather like to see it has a built-in codecpack and simply opening every videofile like Gomplayer&Alshow does, thats why I do not rated it a 5 star
gate1975mlm Aug 11, 2008 2.30.968
5 out of 5

BSplayer is now Adware FREE!!
Tao2005 Aug 11, 2008 2.30.968
3 out of 5
Fitting name, with all the ads that it installs on your pc. BSplayer, with out the ads would just be player.
Blaxima Jun 2, 2008 2.28.964
5 out of 5
thanks saadsaleem

This used to be my player of choice but I made many moves away from it because of the adware crap but in testing this again I have noticed that while it loads slower than others it has the best picture quality when compared against VLC, MPC Home Cinema, KMPlayer and Gom. It plays pretty much everything except nsv but only KMPlayer and winamp can play those. Even still, picture quality is very important imo so this gets a top rating again.

Loses a half point from me though because there is no portable version
saadsaleem May 13, 2008 2.28.964
5 out of 5
Get Ad-Free version from:
radiomaffia Apr 29, 2008 2.28.962
1 out of 5
*Great app but crippled, that says it all...
*Adware, end of the story...
*Should be rated as zero...compendre?
gate1975mlm Feb 28, 2008 2.27.958
5 out of 5
Best player for Video!
digitalking Jan 6, 2008 2.26.956
5 out of 5
For me, this seems to play 1080p movies the smoothest out of any of the players. Even better than MPC, which I previously thought was the best. This software seems to open faster than any other player, except MPC. I tried multiple formats, and did not have any issues with this player. Rating 5.
rseiler Nov 13, 2007 2.25.955
3 out of 5
Version 2.25.955 includes following bugfixes and improvements:
- fixed resize bug
- double rar'd Vobsubs will now be loaded when playing content from rar files
- player will now automatically unrar multimedia content from compressed rar files and play it
- automatic checking for new version of BS.Player at program startup (can be disabled by user)
- some minor tweaks
Tao2005 Sep 24, 2007 2.24.954
1 out of 5
Don't mind adware, but i hate spyware. You can always block the connection. Providing if the if you have a fire wall that'll allow you to do that.
belthurgp Sep 21, 2007 2.24.954
2 out of 5
I guess people don't get the general idea.

When there are good freeware media applications that top of the line, why would anyone want to install adware products...

If you have product that is good enough and you ask money for it..people will pay. Never give out adware.
McAleck Sep 13, 2007 2.23.953
4 out of 5
it still crashes when i use alt+F4 in full screen mode. still my favorite player though
speedwaystar Aug 2, 2007 2.23.953
1 out of 5

I would rather chew my own arm off than install "an adware application which delivers a limited number of behaviorally targeted and contextually relevant ads and comparative shopping results directly to consumers' desktops." But that's just me.
rseiler Aug 1, 2007 2.23.953
4 out of 5
August 1, 2007

BS.Player 2.23 is released and it includes fixes for broken 'Load subtitles' function, disabled 'Save subtitle' option in subtitle editor and other bug fixes

@knivez: See the message right before yours. Not sure how you missed it.
knivez Jul 31, 2007 2.22.952
1 out of 5
Avoid this spyware-laden program.

There are better free alternatives out there, such as Media Player Classic with FFdshow or the videolan player.

I don't see how an advanced user would ever install this over the alternatives mentioned.
rseiler Jul 27, 2007 2.22.952
4 out of 5

Is AdVantage spyware?

No, AdVantage is an adware application which deliver a limited number of behaviorally targeted and contextually relevant ads and comparative shopping results directly to consumers' desktops.


Version 2.22.952 includes following upgrades and bug fixes:

+ Added support for unicode subtitles
* Improved subtitle editor
+ Added audio stream time correction option
+ Added support for "One window only" skins
* Improved random playback, previous items are now remembered
* It's now possible to define media type for every extension, which is also used in media library
* ID3 tags can now be edited
- Fixed borderless window resize
- Fixed problem with .m3u, .pls, playlist loading, first item wasn't loaded
- Some vobsub fixes
- Some other bug fixes
cro_seaman Jul 14, 2007 2.21.950
5 out of 5
I downloaded "BSplayer 2.21 FREE" to check out this new release.
In the middle of installation my anti-virus,spam,worm program warn me about file
"BSplayer_WhenUSave_InstallerIns.exe" which is Win32:Spyware-gen. Trojan horse and it tried to install itself to my installation folder.
Do not download it!!!
Prospero424 May 5, 2007 2.21.950
3 out of 5
They rested on their laurels and decided to start bundling adware rather than put any actual work into significantly improving their player. Now the interface and features are just kind of sad, even if it still performs relatively well.

Use Zoom Player or Media Player Classic if you're looking for a good DirectShow-compatible player for free. There's really no reason whatsoever to recommend BSplayer over the alternatives anymore.
armpit May 4, 2007 2.21.950
1 out of 5
I hate "whenusave". BSPlayer is good but going adware with that spyware pos is unforgivable. No more good ratings for you "BS" Player.
brunok May 4, 2007 2.21.950
2 out of 5
BSPlayer was great, but nowadays it's pretty much the same since v1.xx and it has adware. There are many great options out there, such as GOMPlayer, KMPlayer, Media Player Classic, MPlayer (MPUI)...
Diam0nd May 4, 2007 2.21.950
2 out of 5
It's an OK player. But why pay if there is KMPlayer, for codecless playback; Light Alloy, a light playback if one does not mind installing codecs.
innerspirit Apr 26, 2007 2.20.949
1 out of 5
Contains adware. If you try to remove the adware, the program will stop working. This program used to be good... not anymore.
Joco Apr 25, 2007 2.20.949
1 out of 5
I used BS Player 3 months ago. Installed a video converter for my digital player which has nothing to do with BS but it could no longer start (always got an exception error poping up). I have uninstalled / re-installed countless time (BS, and any codecs imaginable). Then I follow the advice of some users in this forum to try GOM Player. GOM works right away. Not only GOM is better in stability and ease of use, GOM has a beautiful interface which contrasts with the catastrophic skins of BS. Not to mention the spyware that BS carries.
davidtb Apr 25, 2007 2.20.949
3 out of 5
Does anyone know of a small player loaded with codecs that will fit on a thumb drive?
Apr 25, 2007 2.20.949
1 out of 5
Still with spyware.
Nowadays many alternatives, free and with no spyware.
McAleck Apr 7, 2007 2.16.945
4 out of 5
aside from adware, BSPlayer is still one of the best players out there. I would give it 5 were it not for the crash bug that still persists in the latest version. So it's a generous 4.
JEdwardP Mar 30, 2007 2.16.945
1 out of 5
The free version now includes "Save!" spyware (at least they're honest enough to admit it on the website, so you know it before you download the wretched thing).

Why would we bother with this anymore, when a handful of other players force no spyware on us?
cip2kro Mar 28, 2007 2.16.945
1 out of 5
GOM Player is the next trend in video! Free not bloatware like this.
BOTOX Jan 30, 2007 2.14.942
3 out of 5
I've been using the old bloatware free version of BSplayer (1.0 something) and kept using it because of the ease of use and the ability to display subtitles.
But since I had some video quality problems with this old player, I tried other, free, alternatives. I must recommend KMplayer and GOMplayer, mainly because it does the same as BSplayer, without the adware. So just 3 pointer for giving me much pleasure by watching video's in the past.
Nikkie Nov 2, 2006 2.12.941
3 out of 5
Pro's always cost money and that doesn't kick ass!!
gate1975mlm Oct 24, 2006 2.12.941
5 out of 5
BSplayer Pro kicks ass!
ratkinson Jul 11, 2006 2.10.939
1 out of 5
Still using v1.0 Pro, not happy with pricing policy of pro version and cannot install free version because my PC security won't allow spyware onto my computer. Shame, used to be my favourite player. :(
gate1975mlm Jul 10, 2006 2.10.939
5 out of 5
BS Player is one of if niot the best for playing Videos!

Onlt bad thing is you need to pay for it in order not to get crappy spyware or adware on your system. Other then that I love BS Player 2.0!
Darktrik001 Jun 20, 2006 2.0
5 out of 5
ok honestly people! the program works great. love the new look which they don't even show here. if you don't like adware then buy the program. everyone wants something for nothing all the time. they have kids to feed to so quit your whining. the pro version doesn't have any ads and it's quite stable. works faster and has lots of improved features like the playlist/media library for starters.
be fare before you pass judgement. it's better than being stuck with windows media player, realplayer or any of the others that don't work well, are bloated, look like a child designed it, or spy on you.
Bagobie Jun 12, 2006 2.0
1 out of 5
"You are looking at the BS.Player™ with a new, prettier, more modern and most of all more user-friendly look."

No release notes... that's it. Just a new UI for the app and new theme for the site. Woohoo that made me forget all about the adware it comes with. Lame...
McAleck Jun 11, 2006 2.0
3 out of 5
'tis a pity. used to be my favorite player
Zankur Jun 11, 2006 2.0
3 out of 5
its a good player but marred with adware programs!
siliconego Jun 11, 2006 2.0
2 out of 5
Its a pretty good darn player. But with SPYWARE "WHENUSAVE" which is a pretty bad one to have on your system. Not a good trade off no matter how good the player is. If you remove when u save; BSPLAYER stops running.

Not worth it. Find an alternative.
Theoldwino Jun 9, 2006 2.0
1 out of 5
Why do they even bother.
niti Jun 9, 2006 2.0
1 out of 5
dont want any adware!
Lands Jun 9, 2006 2.0
1 out of 5
alanpalmer Jun 9, 2006 2.0
1 out of 5
Well-named. Adware. Avoid.
jerry4dos Jun 8, 2006 2.0
1 out of 5
The bundled adware application is "Whenu Save!". Do a Google search for "Whenu Save!".
FlipmodeBG Jun 8, 2006 2.0
2 out of 5
adware crap!
stick with 1.37
Richardky Jun 8, 2006 2.0
1 out of 5
crapware means there products no longer exist to me
hepman Jun 8, 2006 2.0
2 out of 5
kpouer Jun 1, 2006 1.42.833
1 out of 5
Like previous version the software is good but it comes with a spyware, you cannot uninstall it without removing BS Player.
benZin May 31, 2006 1.42.833
3 out of 5
1.37 still on my desktop.
willistired May 23, 2006 1.41.832
1 out of 5
I used to love this player, but now i hate it. Thanks for the adware, but if you look around you can still find the old version without the adware just look around at the forums, you will find it.
BSfromBS Apr 12, 2006 1.41.832
1 out of 5
BSPlayer turned to BS and I'm done with it. I guess greed got the best of them. The When U save, "BSware" is killing my machine. The solution was to remove BSplayer and the added Bulls***-ware it came with. I used to love it and suggested it to all my friends. Now I will only suggest it to my enemies. Ahh ha ha ha.
Jose Apr 10, 2006 1.41.832
2 out of 5
Used to be a great app around ver 1.32... now another useless adware crap. When will the World realise that to be able to sell something, you don't have to be mean?

Hey, BSPlayer developers, your marketing folks suck!
kxxxxk Apr 4, 2006 1.41.832
1 out of 5
it WAS really great app .. but sadly its adware now.
from 5 to 1 with one release as someone already said.
villager Mar 28, 2006 1.41.832
2 out of 5
lol lzvk 25 ^^

but yeah, its adware now :( and ya cannot install it without the included "BS" :P
still a good app tho...

reverted back to version .39
lzvk25 Mar 28, 2006 1.41.832
1 out of 5
Now with the adware, you can know what the "BS" in "BSPlayer" stands for.
dejavu Mar 27, 2006 1.41.832
3 out of 5
It's a great software! Developer (like everybody) needs wampum! But, at this moment, I don't allow the adware status to any software. Maybe in the future, maybe with clear rules and important: after sweep out companies that spoted the vocable "adware".

Have you support Windows Vista adware?
Astro-SII Mar 27, 2006 1.41.832
3 out of 5
-- llivinglarge --

state a reason... why is crap? not talking about the adware portion... just don't slam a program without stating why.

I have been using this for a long time and it is a great player, my only complaint is the adware in the new versions, which is why I am sticking to the last FREE one.
llivinglarge Mar 27, 2006 1.41.832
1 out of 5
BSPlayer is crap even without the adware.
christoofar Mar 26, 2006 1.40.830
3 out of 5
While the whole idea of adware personally makes me gag, I also DO understand that hosting bandwidth for a website does cost $, and deveoloping an application takes up a persons time. It's nice that we can all sit back & condemn someone trying to keep improving a useful application that costs time & money to do so & still offer it for free. I'm sure if he started only offering a shareware version, all of ya'll would fall silent....
Second Shadow Mar 26, 2006 1.40.830
1 out of 5
I had NEVER seen a program go from 5 stars to 1 star in a single release. But, here it is. Sadly enough, BS Player is now adware ... :(
I wonder what the hell is inside the developer's head ....
Maybe he thought: "Hey, I just came up with an idea that will allow me to keep BS Player free, AND STILL make a lot of money out of it. Boy, am I brilliant or what?"
Yeah, brilliant my *ss
If the best you can come up with is stuffing your users' PCs with a sh*tload of whenusave adware, then you are in seeeerious trouble ...
Anyway, there you go: ONE STAR!

Ok, people, nothing to see here, move along, use another player ....
the artist Mar 24, 2006 1.40.830
1 out of 5
i love this progr...//

hell, it became adware! sad.
templarâ„¢ Mar 24, 2006 1.40.830
1 out of 5
I am really, really sad.... I used to love BSPlayer so much. I introduced it to my friends bcos it was so good.

But now, they just betrayed their loyal users by making it an adware. I mean, come on. Isn't there any other alternative?

And why choose "whenu"? That's one of the worst!

I really feel betrayed. This is just sad...... sigh.... :(
Theoldwino Mar 24, 2006 1.40.830
1 out of 5
I used this player at one time, when i found the adware i moved on to MPC and never looked back.
tinkerdill Mar 24, 2006 1.40.830
1 out of 5
adaware :(
zee7 Mar 24, 2006 1.40.830
1 out of 5
Adware. What a shame.
Niksa Mar 24, 2006 1.40.830
1 out of 5
BS Player used to be one of best video players on market. But now, since it's bundled with adware, it's crap :( Too bad for product that was that good :(
ranasrule Mar 24, 2006 1.40.830
1 out of 5
sucks....and not just because of the adware...use VLC or MPC
eMWu Mar 24, 2006 1.40.830
3 out of 5
tamahome320 are you sure about what you wrote? In the previous version you could disable the adware and run bsplayer without problems, but the 1.40.830 one detects if WhenUSave is running and refuses to work if it isn't.
imright Mar 24, 2006 1.40.830
1 out of 5
I don't understand why there's a 4 out of 5 rating for it since it bundled with a adware. Yes, you can remove the adware and keep BSPlayer working but why take the trouble? The are better players out there that don't junk your PC with adware and always keep their users satisfied.
Mar 24, 2006 1.40.830
5 out of 5
I have NO idea what you guys are all talking the program...stop the service that it starts, delete the folder the spyware adds, and more spyware...I downloaded this, followed these steps, and BSPlayer runs just fine, I assure you...still the best player out there ^_^
Richardky Mar 23, 2006 1.40.830
1 out of 5
*ADWARE* BOO BOOO BOOOO ..stop now ..dont support dont download ..

my fav app went down the crapper !!
Pcfreakske2000 Mar 11, 2006 1.39.829
4 out of 5
Hi all ,

I haven't installed the new version , I will stick with the old version after reading what they have included in it.

I still use version 1.37 now.

I'll stick to that one.

To bad that they are adding adware and stuff to it.

I don't want that on my computer, so that's why I'm sticking to the old version.

Greetings ,

hishadow Feb 20, 2006 1.39.829
2 out of 5
Installs adware now for it to run. One point extra though for making this clear during the installation.
Dreimanis Feb 17, 2006 1.39.829
1 out of 5
sad, it has become adware
Goldengamegod Feb 17, 2006 1.39.829
4 out of 5
um.. people, you can remove the adware without disabling the program!!

Just kill the process named VVSN.exe and then delete the VVSN directory under program files.

I know, it's a PITA, but bare with it. The devs get cash for each install, Which means more releases:)
sQin Feb 17, 2006 1.39.829
1 out of 5
I hope future k-lite codec packs wont have bsplayer including spy
christoofar Feb 16, 2006 1.39.829
2 out of 5
Too bad this nice player is now infested. I understand that there are costs for hosting files & continuing development, but malware will just drive people away from using it altogether. And from reading the other comments on this board, this already appears to be the case.Too bad that BSPlayer went the same way as Burn4Free...
Arutha Feb 16, 2006 1.39.829
1 out of 5
"You were the chosen one! It was said that you would destroy the Malware, not join them. You were to bring balance to the Media Players, not leave it in darkness!"

BS Player: [shouts] "I hate you!"

Former BS Player fan: "You were my brother, BS Player. I loved you."

Twisted by the Malware, BS Player has become. The Player we all knew, gone it is... Consumed by the Dark Side.
dvferret Feb 16, 2006 1.39.829
1 out of 5
awful! Stop Supporting this program until they stop with the crapware!
Edu_SS Feb 16, 2006 1.39.829
2 out of 5
A very good player until the 137.826 version. It was my player. Now, I turn to Zoom Player.
Zerbe Feb 16, 2006 1.39.829
1 out of 5
Use to be good, but with all the crapware it comes with now it gets a 1.
Bixente Feb 16, 2006 1.39.829
1 out of 5
Malware, do not support !
joeshmoe7 Feb 16, 2006 1.39.829
1 out of 5
tried it once, didn't think it was that great. Now with crapware bundled, only one worth getting would be the paid for version. Would have given it a 3 but now with the crapware -2 points.
Zyxyx Feb 15, 2006 1.38.828
1 out of 5
What a pity !
Maybe the best player until... this.
Do I really have to find another one ? Ok, I will.
We can't support software with any kind of malware.

If they want to make some (more) money, why don't they keep only their paying version ? The malware trend is a growing problem and I won't play their (crappy!) game.

If you have money to spend in their (yes) great software, do it and enjoy ! But the "free" version, bundled with malware, isn't worth it.

Let's find its free (or open ?) successor, there must be one waiting to take the BSPlayer's place.

[sorry for my poor english]
tremens Feb 15, 2006 1.38.828
5 out of 5
I purchased it. One of the best.

"This version has an client-side software application Whenu Save! that deliver a limited number of behaviorally targeted and contextually relevant coupons, ads and comparative shopping results directly to consumers desktops - without compromising the privacy, security or smooth functioning of peoples computers!
No URL hijacking or redirects!

You can use BSplayer for free, and support our future development, through support from Whenu Save! If you don’t want Save! Ads, or if you install now and decide later you don’t want the ads, just upgrade to our BSplayer Pro version."
horsecharles Feb 15, 2006 1.38.828
5 out of 5
Just use the version bundled w/ K-Lite Mega Codec Pack(just got updated yesterday btw)-- works fine & has no such issues.
davygiven Feb 15, 2006 1.38.828
1 out of 5
Well NOD32 killed it dead before it could even finish downloading.

It's a pity because I like this software.
BoNeLeSS Feb 15, 2006 1.38.828
2 out of 5
I'll still give out 2 points because is a damn good video player itself. But the spyware has thrown away the other 3 points. We'll always have Media Player Classic...
gate1975mlm Feb 15, 2006 1.38.828
5 out of 5
Yes with the new release the Free player now comes with spyware/Adware. But the good news is the pro version is still spyware/Adware FREE! I think a lot more software will be doing this also with there free versions. I guess this is the way they can get people to buy there full product. It sucks but thats life get used to it.

As for my rating BSplayer Pro is my favorite player for watching all my Xvid,Divx files! I have tried all of them and this is the best one for me.

Another great software Weather Watcher which is also free has started coming with spyware/Adware. But I think they also have a version with out it.
Mirrebex Feb 15, 2006 1.38.828
1 out of 5
used to be my favorite player.. i still use an older version of it.. trying to find another one..
Richardky Feb 15, 2006 1.38.828
1 out of 5
I loved this app been a long time user but i say death to adware/spyware ,,

copied from there site..

This version has an client-side software application Whenu Save! that deliver a limited number of behaviorally targeted and contextually relevant coupons, ads and comparative shopping results directly to consumers desktops - without compromising the privacy, security or smooth functioning of peoples computers!
No URL hijacking or redirects!

put a end to adware/spyware by not supporting such acts do not download any further release until forced to remove.
dejavu Feb 15, 2006 1.38.828
3 out of 5
Sad News: Bsplayer became adware!
nicobarengo Feb 15, 2006 1.38.828
3 out of 5
WARNING: This version has an client-side software application Whenu Save! that deliver a limited number of behaviorally targeted and contextually relevant coupons, ads and comparative shopping results directly to consumers desktops - without compromising the privacy, security or smooth functioning of peoples computers!
No URL hijacking or redirects!

You can use BSplayer for free, and support our future development, through support from Whenu Save! If you don’t want Save! Ads, or if you install now and decide later you don’t want the ads, just upgrade to our BSplayer Pro version.
BoNeLeSS Dec 12, 2005 1.37.826
5 out of 5
This is my video player of choice. I know it also plays audio files quite well, but I prefer foobar200 for that purpose. MPC is fine too but for some reason is a bit sluggish on my PC.
mlkmlk Nov 12, 2005 1.36.825
4 out of 5
an excellent movie player. i use both mpc and bsplayer. i have used zoom as well. i have issues with zoom, it does play all the movie files well enough and even allows you to pick filters manually for pretty much everything inc dvd playback. the interface in however awkward and clunky, regardless of skin. bsplayer however has nice skins available. quite a few are rubbish, inc. the default! i use sasakama, it is small and isn't obtrusive. bsplayer doesn't always take to some codecs though. it lost a star for this! it doesn't like real alternative for instance, it has taken to it eventually, but sometimes it just won't accept it. there isn't much point complaining about the sound and vision of this player as it uses whatever codecs are installed. i have direct show ogm, ffdshow, windows media lite, real and quick alternatives. using this it is quick and reliable. shame it doesn't play dvds as dvds though, but then it would cross into either bloat-land or be poor at it like mpc.
benZin Sep 6, 2005 1.36.825
5 out of 5
Very very good player.
The best with VLC ^^ MPC is dead.
dejavu Aug 19, 2005 1.35.823
5 out of 5
Five Stars, but download link is broken!
dazran Aug 19, 2005 1.35.823
5 out of 5
Very good but Media Player Classic much better ;-)
photonboy Aug 18, 2005 1.35.823
5 out of 5
A great program that was my number one choice until I began to use Zoomplayer. I suggest that the main codecs should be ffdshow and ac3filter.

As a free program it is definitely worth 5 stars if you use the skin MC-1. There are two interfaces to be concerned with, the main one and the full-screen interface. I have tried every skin and this is the only one that I really like.

I especially like the option of the borderless play windows as I like to watch video in a small window while doing other tasks.

(side note: it is inexcusable to give a product a low score based on the number of releases of the product, and BSPlayer has NOT had too many releases if you compare it to most other products)
animecabbit Jun 24, 2005 1.32.820
5 out of 5
An excellent player that takes up a small footprint both in drive space and memory usage.

The default skin is very ugly -- so go to their web site and download the skin called MacOS X Aqua Style. It is very small and easy to use, and has an intuitive layout.
JeRrYFaR Jun 23, 2005 1.32.820
5 out of 5
No problems with this one.. as stated before, of course a player is only as good as the codecs, and this in conjunction w/ K-Lite Mega Codec Pack is the way to go imo..

I can't get this new one though, as the file has been taken down.
g400 Jun 23, 2005 1.32.820
4 out of 5
great player with really, really good quality.
only the interface is really ugly... but this is something to argue about ;-) ... i just prefer apps complying to the native system look....
Mountain_Man Jun 23, 2005 1.32.820
2 out of 5

A new build every single day is a bit too much.
DeadFly Jun 23, 2005 1.31 Build 819
5 out of 5
The coolness of this player is without question, but this listing says v131 build 819 and v132 build 820 is available on the website.
jesus...the dead one Jun 23, 2005 1.31 Build 819
5 out of 5
always kickin asses!
plooter Jun 23, 2005 1.31 Build 819
5 out of 5
This really good player, but I miss iRadio into player
photonboy Jun 22, 2005 1.30 Build 818
5 out of 5
Just remember, it's only as good as the codecs it is using. I like the no border option. I think the best skin is MC-1 (go fullscreen and see why).

I use ffdshow and AC3filters. Sometimes other filters are required.
JeRrYFaR Jun 21, 2005 1.30 Build 818
5 out of 5
I always preferred Windows Media Player Classic, but I tried this one yesterday. I'm using it for everything now, including MP3's. Bye-bye foobar2000.
cool_guy Jun 21, 2005 1.30 Build 818
5 out of 5
very good

well that's all I can say :) my score says it all :)
ohsh1t Jun 20, 2005 1.30 Build 818
5 out of 5
About damn time the new release came out. This program has great combatability and can be extensively customized
Nikkie Mar 11, 2005 1.22 Build 817
4 out of 5
Nice little music player ..
eps Mar 7, 2005 1.22 Build 817
5 out of 5
Excelent video player, handles subtitles very good. also very stable and plays every type of file. Very recommended
ct@work Jan 23, 2005 1.1 Build 814
5 out of 5
The download is not direct - but the software is fine!
pvolk Jan 22, 2005 1.1 Build 814
5 out of 5
The best video player ive ever used, kicks the crap out of windows media player. Its stable and has lots of cool features, you gotta get it!
Marcinneekk23 Jan 22, 2005 1.1 Build 814
4 out of 5
Very good!! But the best is SubEdit: http://alfa.imi.pcz.czes...nglish/information.html
aLPhatONic Jan 22, 2005 1.1 Build 814
2 out of 5
nice style but i stay with my loved winamp2.91c! :D
yokozuna Oct 3, 2004 1.02 Build 812
5 out of 5
Definitely the best player available now. I am not a skin enthusiast, but there are some BSPlayer skins that behave EXACTLY the same as hardware DVD players, which can make migration even easier.
marcos_cu Sep 13, 2004 1.0 Build 811
5 out of 5
The best player at ALL.
And for some blind dude :
Name and email adress are needed for NEWS.
Get yourself a glasses
voloda Jul 17, 2004 1.0 Build 810 Final
5 out of 5
Perfect Video PLayer, but EQ does not have presets, I must create them by myself and it does not work anyway :))

If you have problem downloading it from its homepage then you can download it from
jrepin Jul 17, 2004 1.0 Build 810 Final
5 out of 5
This is an excellent video player. I still have Zoom Player as my default but if I need subtitles I use this one.
marsovac Jul 16, 2004 1.0 Build 810 Final
5 out of 5
This is THE THING! Absolutely the best. If anyone still uses RadLight (The WORST!) it is now the hightime to switch to this Slovenian masterpiece...
Yakuzing Jul 16, 2004 1.0 Build 810 Final
5 out of 5
Its the best player!
You people have misunderstood cause you can just press DOWNLOAD and it will download.
bobad Jul 16, 2004 1.0 Build 810 Final
1 out of 5
What's all the download BS? What in the heck does he want names and e-mail addresses for? He can keep his BS.
Death-Axe Jun 18, 2004 1.00 RC1 Build 809
4 out of 5
Really good bit of software, playes movies at best quality. The download procedure needs to be changed. Having to sign up to his crappy forums in order to download. He must be very lonly. So 4 stars as its a right mess about to dl.
cricri_pingouin Jun 18, 2004 1.00 RC1 Build 809
3 out of 5
I'm sorry to have to agree with BootBlock, but either you want to distribute your product and don't mess around, or you don't really want people to get it and you can keep it. The download process as it stands makes me believe BSPlayer now belongs to the former category.
BSPlayer is still an excellent "free" alternative (I write "free" because of the annoying process to actually get your free download), especially for BivX, and I've been using it over others solely for this reason. Since I see more cons than pros in BivX now, I'll stick to Media Player Classic.
jazzy_ Jun 17, 2004 1.00 RC1 Build 809
5 out of 5
Amazing player. The best video processing engine there is hands down. Videos that are laggy on slower systems played through other media players run smoothly thruogh BSPlayer. Couldn't recommend a better media player. Be sure to get a good codec pack and you will be able to play almost all video files with this player.
BootBlock Jun 17, 2004 1.00 RC1 Build 809
2 out of 5
I also used to rate this 5 stars. But messing with something as simple as downloading a program can really turn people off. Right, so I need to enter my email address and then await download instructions? Wha..? Sorry, seems I'm going to be sticking with Media Player Classic (although it does tend to do a weird green/yellow smearing effect with some XVid files on my system). Don't make me jump through hoops and I'll probably leave my lazy daze and use it as a supplementary player (eg. for that XVid issue above).
cricri_pingouin Apr 29, 2004 1.00 RC1 Build 808
3 out of 5
Some time ago, I rated this program 5 stars, and indeed it's very good, and I guess it still is.
BUT, now it gets 3 stars, because firstly, as the user below mentionned, I do not like installers either, and I can't find the zipped version that used to be offered. Secondly, they require you to enter your email to which download instructions will be sent. Sure, they promise not to send spams, but curiously, lots of people promised the same thing, yet I get loada them. I don't know who's honest and who's not, but I don't take chances anymore. Either you genuinely want people to benefit freely from your software, and do so without condition, or you don't want them to simply get it for nothing. BSPlayer fails to join the first category nowadays, and that's very unfortunate. Thus, I'll stick to Media Player Classic, as well as PowerDVD that I got for free in a retail bundle (albeit I agree that it doesn't compete in the same league, and PowerDVD is by no mean the reason why I rate BSPlayer a 3 stars).
Kylde Apr 29, 2004 1.00 RC1 Build 808
3 out of 5
cant be bothered with the ridiculous download setup
animecabbit Apr 28, 2004 1.00 RC1 Build 808
5 out of 5
Great program! Use this with the MacOS X Aqua skin and it's an excellent and streamlined player with perfect button placement with no guessing what each button does. -- New in this version -- new icon! =o)
emperorubby Feb 29, 2004 1.00 RC1 Build 806
3 out of 5
It does not collapse items in a folder. You have to drag and drop the items into the playlist. You cannot just drag a folder with media content and it reads only the media. Poor there.
animecabbit Feb 29, 2004 1.00 RC1 Build 806
5 out of 5
From the sounds of the previous reviews, either you love this player or you hate it. =)

I for one, think it sucked when I first used it but found an excellent skin for it, the MacOSX skin, which actually made it very usable and easy to navigate. I highly suggest this skin for this programs' first use, otherwise you may hate this program. -- This program plays everything I throw at it and I've been using it for over a year now. It's small, lightweight, takes very little resources, and works on my dual monitor setup. -- The only complaint is the newest release RC1.806 has a stupid message that pops up and says "Free for non-commercial use". What the hell? No other versions had this and it was probably unnecessary to put it in this version!
uNdisputed Feb 29, 2004 1.00 RC1 Build 806
2 out of 5
hi say`s it has an equilizer, the option`s there but i don`t see one.
the older version did pop up the dfx plugin . .but it wont with this version.
i`m sure it will improve
perica Feb 28, 2004 1.00 RC1 Build 806
5 out of 5
One and only video player for me, never crashed on my machine pretty good for RC, all files playing correctly, if you didnt had prejudices on it you would find great skins, excelent subtitles support, and winlirc compatible.
Enough said.
FDisk80 Feb 28, 2004 1.00 RC1 Build 806
5 out of 5
BSPlayer 0wn3z!!!
scodan Feb 22, 2004 1.00 RC1 Build 805
1 out of 5
AMPTI (Another Media Player with a Terrible Interface). The skins make this thing torture to use, as far as I'm concerned, and it wouldn't even play streams correctly for me.
uNdisputed Feb 3, 2004 1.00 RC1 Build 805
3 out of 5
Still think zoom and mpc` are better
christoofar Jan 28, 2004 1.00 RC1 Build 805
3 out of 5
I have never had very good results using this player. Dunno why illuvatar thinks it's so great, but whatever. I tried using just ffdshow & ac3filter like he suggests, but it doesn't play most of my media . Don't like the "detached screen/gui" look. K-Lite Codec packs have always worked perfectly on my machine with zero problems, so again , dunno what he is talking about. Of course installing it didn't get bsplayer to play any more files than before. Zoom or MPC for me, thanks. I need a "multi-media" player ,not one for each format. JMHO.
illuvatar Jan 27, 2004 1.00 RC1 Build 805
5 out of 5
Hi all, bsplayer is still the best... it just doesn't get better than this. I only use this baby for playing divx: it's light, fast and has tons of features. Here's a list: - to "undisputed": your review blows. You don't say anything about what you think of bsplayer, just what you think of other players - to mirrebex: codec packs mess with your system, use ffdshow and ac3-filter and you're all set.
Mirrebex Jan 27, 2004 1.00 RC1 Build 805
5 out of 5
- This is the BEST video player. Combined with Kazaa Lite CONDEC Pack it plays EVERY SINGLE FORMAT!!... guive it a try
Ehrihk Dec 26, 2003 1.00 RC1 Build 803
5 out of 5
Simply the best! Fast and feature-full!!
FDisk80 Dec 19, 2003 1.00 RC1 Build 803
5 out of 5
And with this skin

I really looks amazing.
kandjar Nov 26, 2003 1.00 RC1 Build 803
5 out of 5
This player is great !!!
And It's one of the first time i see a application like that taken the multimonitor in account ! GREAT !
I also like windows media player classic, but this one has a better quality in the 16bits video modes. Really great player ! :)
Musashi_Sama Nov 25, 2003 1.00 RC1 Build 803
5 out of 5
The best player available because your engine is fast even in slow systems.
A must have for videos fans.
baarsel Nov 25, 2003 1.00 RC1 Build 803
3 out of 5
Shame... why am I being forced to enter my private data before I can download this freeware program? I'd like to try it, but now I'm forced to enter fake-data if I don't want to receive _another_ newsletter (and other stuff?). If I'd like to subscribe to an announce-list I'll do that, but don't force me!
illuvatar Nov 25, 2003 1.00 RC1 Build 803
5 out of 5
Hell what can I say; the best gets better. This is my fav player and the only one worth using for divx. Check out my comments at the bottom of this page.

SkySurfer Nov 11, 2003 1.00 RC1 Build 800
4 out of 5
bbhermit wrote "Not a bad alternative video player. However, It would be better if you could add several files to a playlist."

Hey man, RTFM !!! Off course you can add files to the BS Player playlist !!!
vfxi Nov 11, 2003 1.00 RC1 Build 800
5 out of 5
Simple, versatile, small, effective, free, and all around an awesome program.
more10s Nov 2, 2003 0.86.501
2 out of 5
well, I like it better than Windows Mediaplayer...but it's no way as good as Zoom Player!
bbhermit Sep 20, 2003 0.86.501
4 out of 5
Not a bad alternative video player. However, It would be better if you could add several files to a playlist.
xippon Jun 27, 2003 0.86.499
5 out of 5
The best user friendly player for video.
Play better divix files on my comp (Celeron 466) than other players. Beside it has subtitles support and is fully customizable.
In this version fix fullscreen bug. Thanks
And add mouse gestures. I've mouse wheel up/down (wolume up/down) and mid button to switch full screen. It's juts perfect.
One thing could be improwed... more skins witch support double mode when play on fullscreen (mouse down shows mini player). Maby contest to the best skin ?
klumy Jun 20, 2003 0.86.498 Beta
5 out of 5
Great piece of software.
D0Ze Jun 20, 2003 0.86.498 Beta
3 out of 5
Didn't crash on my win2k using a voodoo 3 card, but lamentably didnt play some avi and mpg files...i think its because the new WMP9 codecs. There must be a way to fix this problem downloading the correct codecs. Anyway the program has a good interface and seemed very stable playing other formats like mp3s and wma.
phatsoft Jun 20, 2003 0.86.498 Beta
5 out of 5
A good player, with a great subtitles features.. ;-)
johnny143 Jun 20, 2003 0.86.498 Beta
2 out of 5
It is questionable what the BS in BSplayer stands for, since using the program usually results in computer slowdown before eventually it crashes. I'm guessing its an aptly named player, BS, because it is BS (bulls...t!).
nickpowers101 Jun 19, 2003 0.86.498 Beta
5 out of 5
Great program... Better than 5.0 (piece of sh*t)... Windows Messenger 4.7 is a great to have on the side if you're really not into all the funky new features of MSN Messenger 6.0 - but MSNM6 is so new and "cool" that it's become my IM of choice now...
n4srX Jun 19, 2003 0.86.498 Beta
1 out of 5
SiGiN Jun 18, 2003 0.86.497 Beta
5 out of 5
Best player for me.. Latest stable version has problem sometimes going into options, but not this.

Very light, and have everything I need - stay on top, subtitles, playlist..

If in doubt - try it out, chances, that you wouldn't regret this, are quite high.
dejavu Jun 17, 2003 0.86.497 Beta
5 out of 5
Great freeware, but not the best player yet! Work in progress...!!!
lachupa Jun 9, 2003 0.86.496 Beta
4 out of 5
One of the best player that i've ever tried.
Personally, not the best but something very close.
You absolutely have to try it.
Niliaend Apr 22, 2003 0.86.494 Beta
5 out of 5
My favorite video player! It has the nicest appearance, with very easy skining, eats few ressources, handles all common video (avi, mpg, asf, ogm, wmv, divx, asx, m2v, dat) and audio formats (mp3, wav), is translated in 30 languages. It reads subtitles (sub, txt, srt, stf) with smoothing, can delay them if they aren't synchronized, has a playlist, screen capture, a lot of customizable hotkeys, ...
Perezoso Mar 17, 2003 0.86.494 Beta
2 out of 5
It crashed a couple of times on me. :(
illuvatar Mar 12, 2003 0.86.494 Beta
5 out of 5
This player rox! Works smooth on my OS (win2k), uses way less memory than other viewers and comes packed with tons of features wmp hasn't even heard of: custom pan scan, easy subtitle management, great ac3-support, many ways to navigate through a movie,...

Most important of all this baby plays all my divx and xvid movies without any problem on my ancient computer! This programme is a must-have and a dream app compared to wmp.
jrepin Feb 8, 2003 0.86.494 Beta
5 out of 5
This is a very good app. i use this and Zoom Player all the time for watching videos. Great work!
hydothe May 1, 2002 0.85.485
5 out of 5
fast play back... good visual... mmm... very optional... but not capable with some display card might crach...
bbhermit Feb 24, 2002 0.84.480
1 out of 5
system spec: compac amd athelon 700mHz, 20g hd, 128 meg ram, Windows Me OS. It is entirely possible, this program works fine for others. However, it crashed my system. The uninstall was not correctly registered in Control Panels add/remove programs. The uninstall in the program folder worked ok. I tried installing it twice. Major crash twice.
I also had to do a system restore, as other programs froze up afterwards. Fair warning folks. Download and install at your own risk! ( Beta's are a risk. However, I would think more pre-testing should be made, before releasing it to the general public, even as a beta. )
Darken Feb 24, 2002 0.84.480
5 out of 5
I work great on WinXP. Great soft ! See ya, Darken
xweston Feb 24, 2002 0.84.480
5 out of 5
Think before you post... it works perfectly on my machine and it always has! Great program. Lets see some new features!
bobad Feb 24, 2002 0.84.480
1 out of 5
Heh....doesn't even work! Software must work before it is unleashed on the public. Try it on your friends before putting it on a download site next time. (
klumy Feb 20, 2002 0.84.479 Beta
5 out of 5
Excellent Program, but it has just one little disadvantage.
If this could be fixed, it would be perfect.

I think most of my friends love the way MEDIA PLAYER controls are atached to the MOVIE WINDOW.
BSPLAYER has an option to SNAP the CONTROL TO MAIN MOVIE (or something) but it's an ugly way, and it's left behind if u resize the MAIN MOVIE WINDOW (getting the main control in back it's really bad...).
I am wondering if there is a way to remove the control panel (as an option, of course) and add the controls on the main window (the one with the movie)... It's more simple, more facile, more ergonomic... and you don't stay all the time to rearange the windows and stuff..
outlaw_immortal Oct 23, 2001 0.84 RC 4
5 out of 5
This great player is loaded with features;
- subtitles
- PanScan, Custom PanScan
- Winamp Plugin support (DFX !!!)
- Skinable!
- remember settings per movie
etc etc etc etc

and a lot of shortcut keys and rightclick menu's to access these features
haven't found a better player yet
tommyabe Oct 23, 2001 0.84 RC 4
5 out of 5
I think this program is very ggod. I have not had any problems durin Win2k or WinXp. This is also one of the few programs that can view movies or videoclips with subtitles. You can also change the font of the subtitles. For people who have videclips or movies with subtitles i would recommend this.
masoud Oct 23, 2001 0.84 RC 4
1 out of 5
...crashed on my win2000---
El Thorbo Oct 22, 2001 0.84 RC 4
4 out of 5
Well I don't have any problems with BSplayer 0.84 and didn't have troubles with earlier versions either. It works both under Win2k (SP2) and WinXP. Nice little prog for viewing some movies.