ReviewerDate ReviewedVersionRatingReview
metapod Mar 18, 2012 5.6.1 Beta
5 out of 5
Limewire is good software i still use it to this day. If I want to download a music file I use Limewire always.
Donata Oct 11, 2010 5.6.1 Beta
1 out of 5
I joined Lime Wire back in 2006. I bought a so called 'LIFE TIME MEMBERSHIP" of the Pro Version. I've updated it several times. One of those times was on 12/18/2009. That was three yrs. after I purchased it. I went to update it again to their newest virsion & they told me that their LIVE TIME membersip was for tech. support only & it was only good for 3 yrs. Notice it was AFTER 3 yrs. when I did an update. I paid $ 22.46 for the Lifetime Membership & an extra $14.95 for the pro version. They WILL NOT honor that agreement & I cannot get the pro update. I was completely misled. I remember when I first ordered it they tacked on Spy Remover for $9.95 which I was totally unaware of ordering at the time. Most of been in the fine print, like everything else. I called my credit card & had it removed. They are trying to tell me I got my money back for pro version. I did not get money back for that & how come if I didn't pay for pro version was able to use it all these yrs. I always thought Lifetime meant till I leave this earth, NOT THREE YRS.! If you use their site be careful. I've downloaded many viruses from them.
Sven123456789 May 11, 2010 5.6.1 Beta
1 out of 5
Like Netscape, Napster and Aol software, this baby went to pasture a very long time ago. It had its day in the sun when you could download music. Now, its just a dinosaur on life support.
Jtaylor83 May 10, 2010 5.6.1 Beta
4 out of 5
Limewire now uses AVG's scanning engine for security purposes. Note: Limewire using AVG's scanning engine will not conflict with your resident AV.

And I have to agree with these reviewers that P2P software including LimeWire is being misused for copyright infringement and it should be used for corporate or home businesses. If you're using LimeWire, avoid downloading the fake ICPP Copyright Rogue, and other infected files that can corrupt your critical system files, including Parite, Sality, Virut, etc.
nvic May 10, 2010 5.6.1 Beta
2 out of 5
If you ever need to intentionally infect a computer for testing, its the best source I know of for getting malware samples. Beyond that, it's useless.
joe1699 Apr 26, 2010 5.6.0 Beta
5 out of 5
is hicky liein
Banquo Apr 20, 2010 5.6.0 Beta
1 out of 5
Should be called VirusWire. It's sad so many ignorant people install this crap.
DoHickey Apr 19, 2010 5.6.0 Beta
1 out of 5
Beware of any programs like this one. Not long ago someone in my state was arrested by the FBI for downloading child porn by mistake or accident.
It seems that for the FBI, it makes no difference if it was an accident, mistake or you were mislead by the name of the file you downloaded.
The case I refer to is real and not a scare tactic. The case against the person I refer to has been completed and the person is in prison. By the way, the download was a year before they were arrested. Think twice about using programs that let you download from another person's computer. You have no idea what it is till you open it. By then it's too late & you are in trouble.
Input Overload Feb 24, 2010 5.5.2 Beta
1 out of 5
An auto virus acquiring piece of software. Plus downloading copyright files can get massive fines esp in the UK/France/USA. I'm afraid the good old days are over & so is Lmewire.

What's that you use it for non copyrighted files, just fell off my chair laughing.
radiomaffia Feb 13, 2010 5.5.1 Beta
1 out of 5
LimeWire is something of the past. If you still such progz you probarly are living under a rock for the last 5 years.Grab your self together, inform yourself howto and install a decent Newsgroupreader and Biittorrentclient.
AmpFeare Feb 4, 2010 5.5.0 Beta
4 out of 5
It's something to use for music. this or frostwire ( i prefer this since its developed more often) aresgalaxy and soulseek are the way to go

full changelogs can always be found here
justlikemusic Nov 24, 2009 5.4.1 Beta
5 out of 5
limewire is great, used it for a long time. always updated it too. suggestions on not getting viruses, if u want to download music, only download mp3 or music files.all files will say what type it is beside the name.
If its an exe. file (program), can be a virus.theres an option to sort only audio files,recommend using it. the latest limewire does download faster and found 99.9% of the songs I look for. If you want to download programs, make sure your anti-virus is turned on and scan the file before opening. Its free music...dont recommend limewire pro, only difference is tech support which not necessary,both are fast downloads. PEACE
Dana1 Sep 29, 2009 5.3.5 Beta
3 out of 5
I have read so many bad reviews about Limewire. To me it does not matter what P2P program you use, you always have to be cautious about what you download. A quick trick I have discovered is to hover the mouse over a selection in the list. If it gives you a description tag it is actually a valid file. No tag and 10 to 1 it is a virus. I personally use Frostwire as it gives you a lot less garbage and viruses to choose from. I have about a 99% success rate in getting the file I am looking for on Frostwire. Frostwire, Limewire, Usenet, or any P2P programs cannot filter out all the bad stuff. Golden rule "PAY ATTENTION before you download anything. If you don't, you get what you deserve.
Reverb Sep 17, 2009 5.3.4 Beta
3 out of 5
ROFLMAO @ flippy!!

That website is full of malware!! Do a search and see for yourself or just read McAfee Site Advisor's comment:

I am somewhat flattered that you plagiarized my review from Feb 14 2008 on your website but I don't wish to be affiliated with spam/malware/adware ridden sites in any way. =
flippy Sep 16, 2009 5.3.3 Beta
5 out of 5
Best music download software I've used in years. I got no viruses from it or anything like that. It's been a couple of months since I started using it and I recommend it completely. I'm just downloading the new version now! Also I cna read a very very detailed review here:
Reverb Jun 12, 2009 5.2.2 Beta
3 out of 5
360baike: I see you are still spamming all the betanews reviews for P2P with that garbage Usenext which is a well-known scam. Thanks, but I have a REAL usenet provider so UseNext can go the way of 3WPlayer.

This new release of Limewire seems to filter more than previous versions (I.E., I get less 'fakes' in the search results) but there are still unrelated search results. I think the Gnutella network is in it's death throes.
some guy Jun 12, 2009 5.2.2 Beta
1 out of 5
just peer crap on a pure crap network
360baike May 27, 2009 5.2.1 Beta
2 out of 5
I do agree that there is so many problems with P2P, I recommend you guys to like this site ery excellent file sharing software, for the detailed review, please visit the site
no_one May 23, 2009 5.2.1 Beta
1 out of 5
I abhor Limewire as much as the next bloke, in fact I probably detest the app more than most, it has an appalling GUI, the people who bring it out do not give a damn what the customer thinks and it is everything else that I do not like.

But what it does NOT do is give you a virus, the program itself merely allows you to share files....if you are stupid enough to download and open a file without doing a virus check, then that is entirely YOUR FAULT.

The rule of use for Limewire is exactly the same as any other file sharing app....simply put; 'DO NOT DOWNLOAD PROGRAMS', and 'CHECK MOVIES ON BITZI FIRST'.

Yes Johnny (or whatever your current name is), if you download a virus from Limewire.....IT IS YOUR FAULT!

And if you do not want adult content.....FILTER IT OUT, the option is available.
pr1xsel May 23, 2009 5.2.1 Beta
3 out of 5
Yes , if you got few understanding what your downloading and don't know how to use junk filter correctly and don't have any brains and no virus protection then you will get your PC infected.
That's what ya get when you hurry downloading illegally!
Wan't songs then buy CD or use Itunes and support the artist!

Limewire is bloatware , adds junk and temporary files what aren't needed + Programs written in Java take to much computer resources.
Azureous also takes 120mb Ram when Utorrent takes only 10mb Ram for same speed :P
dstream May 23, 2009 5.2.1 Beta
1 out of 5
Huge amount of virus`es if you wnat an infected system download an mp3 of here.

most will ask you to accept this codec to continue and install spyware. Or they are infected exe.

every search will bring up fake infected files. Take your life into your hands and make sure your virus software is upto date.

Think your missing what im saying here the Program does not give you a virus the downloaded programs on there mostly do. The cracks the keygens the mp3`s renamed to wmv so they have to do a security update. Better still the this this file needs a drm update to continue. The list goes on.

The block filter is s***e most of the time you can type anything into the serach engine on it flatybollotossynarg for instance. itll find it from infected peers on the service who will gladly send you the mp3 called top10flatybollotossynarg.mp3

i just blocked thoese peers and it just found a fresh leaf with more infected nodes. It goes on everysearch im music and finds them.

Im not a noob for this program its days are done its gone the same as kazaa the virus crowd have taken over and just want to spread the spyware to the pc. Heres from other forums

Just for the record... I was downloading some music from limewire with an .mp3 extension, and my AVG Free picked it up as having an embedded trojan. really huh limewire no way [sic]

Obviously, someone has written a program that takes LimeWire searches, copies the name of whatever the user was looking for, takes one of their viruses and renames it, and then sends it back as a “match”. As you can see, they even add to the name by adding words like “greatest hits”, “(unplugged version)” “hot remix” and “MTV

you dont say!!!
Dana1 May 22, 2009 5.2.1 Beta
1 out of 5
I have to agree. Get Frostwire. It's free and it is also open source. Download speeds are at full tilt all the time. If you happen to download an mp3 file that comes from Limewire, it shows up in green text in your downloads. Less than half the viruses as Limewire. To me Limewire is on it's final legs. Who wants to pay to get a great selection of viruses.
donmor46 Mar 9, 2009 5.1.1
2 out of 5
Get FrostWire and get away from all the crap with LimeWire.
DoHickey Mar 4, 2009 5.1.1
1 out of 5
Why are the downloads so slow? I started a 700 MB file download & went to bed. When I got up the next morning it was still downloading the darn thing.
I've tried all the accelerators available & they don't do what they promise.
They might increase the speed by maybe 5 KB.
Lots of virus & fake files, child porn & all the bad things on the network.
A good tag line for Limewire would be "want a virus? get one today with Limewire"
Or " get investigated by the FBI today with Limewire"
CyberDoc999 Mar 4, 2009 5.1.0 Beta
1 out of 5
Lots of Viruses
you can buy mp3's for only 9 cents each at Legal Sounds
see LegalSounds
Manufacturer: LegalMedia
johnk119 Mar 4, 2009 5.1.0 Beta
3 out of 5
It's best to stick with bittorrent and distributed networks for file sharing.... They're far more reliable
no_one Jan 29, 2009 5.0.11
1 out of 5
I just got through taking 5.011 Pro off my computer, it is the worst GUI that I have ever seen on ANY program.
The screen is white and the writing is either pale blue or small and black.
The half-wits who came up with this rubbish have just got to be on drugs of some type...there is no way in hell anyone straight could come up with this !
And to top it off...when the rotten thing opens up, it opens up unerringly onto the home section so that you have to view what they want to sell.

After renewing my Limewire pro downloads licence every six months for the last four years, I have decided that these pricks can stick the whole show and caboodle right up their hairy black (insert what your imagination suggests)....and they can start with that rotten GUI !

That was the last money they will get out of me !
kholdstare Jan 22, 2009 5.0.9 Beta
3 out of 5
Limewire was the best but sense the Gnutella network, (yes kids it not all limewires fault for it being bad) got bombarded by fake files and viruses it is best to stay away from it. wish limewaire could find another P2P network to use because the gnutella network is done
DoHickey Jan 17, 2009 5.0.6 Beta
2 out of 5
Too much child porn disguised as something else. It's a big shock to open something & see that in your face. Fake movie & mp3 titles, it's just too frustrating to deal with anymore.
It's slow as can be & the accelerators never worked for me.
radiomaffia Jan 11, 2009 5.0.4 Beta
2 out of 5
Using a client of the Gnutella network (MP3Torpedo) but i must agree...
There are allways fakes mp3 ( for example: search omd-maid of orleans I get allways : 'omd maid of orleans' so easily to reqonize, but is stays frustating ). The programs same thing goin on, allways the same virusfile with same length comes with the searched name in it. I only use it when nowhere else i can find where I am looking for but I am not taking P2P seriously anymore...Something of the past..And for Edonkey counts the the same, hit 100 mp3's, get 1 that will download..that is not working is this way..
some guy Jan 8, 2009 5.0.4 Beta
3 out of 5
I like Frostwire better it uses the same network.
But I tend to stay away from this network period .
Genital.Joe Jul 25, 2008 4.18.3
5 out of 5
Limewire dead? I hardly think so. This program does everything I ask of it, used it for years, and will continue doing so.
Adrian79 Jul 25, 2008 4.18.3
5 out of 5
works great for me.. people below saying its dead? lol why if it its whats the "new thing".. i want to know, i dont want to miss out on the next best thing!
madmike May 5, 2008 4.17.9 Beta
1 out of 5
Limewire is long dead, in the land of the must-ran, supported by freeloaders who just dont beleive in paying for software/films and think they had a right t download for free.. long gone and not missed
Reverb Feb 14, 2008 4.17.4 Beta
5 out of 5
Limewire does not have any kind of adware, spyware, badware etc. Apart from the "upgrade to Pro version" nag on startup this and Cabos are the best Java-based Gnutella clients. I like Limewire's ability to categorize searches, something Cabos lacks. On the other hand I like Cabos' ability to retain the list of incomplete/aborted downloads so you can restart them in the future. Downloads are very fast unless you're connected to a slow host. Yes, it is a resource hog as are all java-based clients but the non-java clients are unreliable or unstable (Sharezza, KCEasy, Gnutella).

My biggest gripe is with the Gnutella network itself. Why is it when I do a search I get unrelated results (FREE RINGTONEZ HERE, HOT DATE WAITING FOR YOU, etc)? These things are ALWAYS at the top of search results! Even if you type random characters in search this garbage comes up from multiple hosts! If you have a virus or malware after installing Limewire it more than likely came from something you downloaded from Gnutella, not bundled with Limewire.
pafinator11 Feb 13, 2008 4.17.4 Beta
5 out of 5
Excellent P2P application. To all of you who believe it is malware ridden, I'd like you to prove it. I've never had a problem with it. Just to see what you guys were whining about, I set up 3 test virtual machines. The first thing I did in each virtual machine was install limewire and download a few songs. Next in each virtual machine I installed a different security setup. One had Avast Antivirus, Spybot S&D, Microsoft's anti-spyware product. The next machine had AVG and Webroot's spy sweeper and the last machine had Symantec's corporate antivirus and ad-aware pro.

Each machine was updated to the latest versions of all software. I scanned 3 times with each program, no malware was found.

So the question now is... why are you guys lying?
RWW Feb 13, 2008 4.17.4 Beta
4 out of 5
I used LimeWire exclusively until the FrostWire project started. LimeWire worked well and I never experienced any of the malware others speak of. Sometimes I wonder if they are confusing what came in with downloads with the program itself.
I continue to use FrostWire as my primary P2P and have zero problems.
Hellcat_M Feb 13, 2008 4.17.4 Beta
1 out of 5
LimeWire has so much spyware, just use Frostwire, almost the same program without all the spyware.
TomA102210 Feb 13, 2008 4.17.4 Beta
5 out of 5
Reviewer: chrisking1981 said:
Version: 4.15.2 Beta

Just use bearshare! Contains no virus or spyware if you do not use and old version of bearshare. So I recommend bearshare and not limewire, which has spyware. This article tells more about spyware in :
I have not found one shred of spyware in Limewire. I would suggest that perhaps you and/or bearshare have a vested interest in discouraging folks from trying Limewire. Maybe you work for bearshare?
chrisking1981 Jan 9, 2008 4.15.2 Beta
5 out of 5
Just use bearshare! Contains no virus or spyware if you do not use and old version of bearshare. So I recommend bearshare and not limewire, which has spyware. This article tells more about spyware in :
roj Dec 26, 2007 4.15.2 Beta
1 out of 5
Pure and utter filth.


Loaded with it.

Avoid at all costs.

ONE star for known MALWARE.
christ999 Dec 26, 2007 4.15.2 Beta
1 out of 5
The easiest way to catch virus malware and other "things"

Use the safe eDonkey Network (eMule, eMule plus etc) for any files

or Ares (for fast downloads and small files)

or Torrent clients (Azures, Haalite) for very big files


Dont use gnutella network. Safe because there are no servers but very "dirty"...
crashoverride Dec 12, 2007 4.15.1 Beta
2 out of 5
You would do well to check out Frostwire. You get the turbocharged downloads without the need to buy a "Pro' version. There's no popup everytime you start it asking you to upgrade to the "Pro" version with Frostwire.
TomA102210 Dec 12, 2007 4.15.1 Beta
5 out of 5
Never, ever a problem with LimeWire. I use LimeWire on my notebook and 360Share on my Desktop. Great programs for file sharing.
mikelvgh Nov 19, 2007 4.14.10
2 out of 5
Full of crap (spyware adware etc) but its the same with all p2ps, however uses a huge amount of my processor!! When downloading 3 file was using 98% of my processor, to put this into perspective programs like the sims 2 and unreal 2004 only use about 70%.
uberfly Sep 19, 2007 4.14.10
5 out of 5
has always worked great for me. Much better than the other major gnutella clients, as well as source spin-offs like frost. Too many strange bugs in the others for me that don't exist in lime.
Paul Skinner Sep 18, 2007 4.14.10
5 out of 5
Pro, being as astonishingly easy as it is to get, works very well for me when I just need one song.
christ999 Aug 16, 2007 4.14.7
1 out of 5
limewire sux

use kceasy (has filters) or phex (open source)
if you still like limewire, use its open source fork frostwire
mikeyx11 Aug 7, 2007 4.14.1
1 out of 5

- It has ads.
- Program is built on java, so it's slow.
- File transfers are slow.
- User interface is complicated and ugly.

BearShare Lite 5.2.5:

BearShare Lite program is fast, has fast file transfers, is very easy to use and has NO ADS.
wellingtonadd Jul 29, 2007 4.14.0
5 out of 5
Faster, Easier, Better than any others P2P.
Simply the Best!
tuneslover Jul 17, 2007 4.13.12 Beta
5 out of 5
though LimeWire Free version is not so good but LimeWire Pro is the world best file sharing software. I love it.
Reverb Jul 14, 2007 4.13.11 Beta
4 out of 5
This is probably the best Gnutella client for Windows...which isn't saying much as the Gnutella network has gone the way of Fasttrack - searches bring unrelated material (FREE RINGTONEZ HERE, CLICK HERE TO GET A HOT DATE etc..) and this garbage always is placed at the top of the list not to mention there's tons of fakes.

R.I.P. Gnutella network
darkripper Jul 3, 2007 4.13.10 Beta
1 out of 5
Not many files
Not big files (the biggest file must be 10 mb?)
Not many sources (a popular file has 5 sources?)
Program has Ads
Network has fake/malicius files

No servers
No queues or big waiting times
Great for slow connections/56K etc.

i agree with bigmama at all

GNUtella is a little bit "DIRTY"!!!

eDonkey is the best p2p network out there... Use opensource clients like eMule, eMule Plus, aMule etc.
Alpha258 Jun 15, 2007 4.13.8 Beta
5 out of 5
Limewire is a superb product. The interface and start up time is brillant. People who give this a bad rating because other people host viruses, spyware etc are fools as it is nothing to do with Limewire. Plus all you have to do is scan the item before opening it. It doesn't take a genius to figure out how to use limewire safely.
Adrian79 Jun 14, 2007 4.13.8 Beta
5 out of 5
frostwire sucks!!
kholdstare Jun 14, 2007 4.13.8 Beta
5 out of 5
Limewire is the best P2p out there right now . Granted you do finad alot of malware and viruses on there but that is not limewire that is part of the Gnutella network that limewire is using. But people come on it is easy to ID what files are viruses or not. If you don't know how to at least do that god knows what else you download to your PC's just be surfing the net. Good Program but do not listen to the haters on here as they cannot write a professional review on it to justify what they say
bigmama Jun 14, 2007 4.13.8 Beta
1 out of 5
First of all frostwire has not ads. It's silly for an open source project to include ads, because everyone can modify the code ;removing ads etc.
Frostwire is the clean version of limewire.

However frostwire limewire cabos shareaza and all gnutella clients are just trash. Nothing more...

Limewire is the king!!! The crapiest of crap!!!
PaceyPimps May 30, 2007 4.13.6 Beta
5 out of 5
Nigga Limewire is the best to download music and small videos Bittorrent is good for Movies Full CD's Warez only and edonkey sucks not enough content and less users slower download rates. Frostwire has ads so just download Limewire pro from mininova using utorrent and thats it. New version works well on vista and downloads jre 1.6.x
Pegusis2 May 27, 2007 4.13.6 Beta
1 out of 5
One of the best ways to get all your viruses, spyware, and many other things you'd not want to have! Best on the market.

bigmama May 26, 2007 4.13.6 Beta
2 out of 5
limewire is a little bit #$@#%@#*#

download frostwire
the opensource and clean version of limewire

however the best solution is to change network
gnutella is dead
switch to eDonkey (emule, emule+ etc.)
mrbag May 25, 2007 4.13.6 Beta
1 out of 5
davidt18 May 3, 2007 4.13.3 Beta
2 out of 5
Limewire was ok back in the day but now its crap. The only thing its good for is geting adult files. Bittorrent is they way to go now for p2p.
runningfool May 3, 2007 4.13.3 Beta
2 out of 5
frostwire is better than limewire

...but then again, cabos is years ahead of either of them. like frostwire on crack.
Notreallyhere May 2, 2007 4.13.3 Beta
3 out of 5
Not bad but go with frostwire just in case.
kid_icarus33 Feb 26, 2007 4.13.2 Beta
4 out of 5
Four because of LimeWire's easieness of use, great gui, and relatively quick downloads.

Downside, LimeWire's only problem is that the "Lable As Junk" feature seems useless. The extreame levels of junk data is over crowding the Gnutella network.

Favorites still include emule, utorrent, limewire pro.
slinkys_delsol Feb 26, 2007 4.13.2 Beta
4 out of 5
All you people complaining about speed need to STOP DOWNLOADING THE VIRUSES AND SPYWARE!

I just fixed a PC that some young kid though he was getting all the programs:

• Symantec Antivirus
• Adobe Photoshop CS2
• Macromedia Flash

Problem was, they were all the same 800k+ file. He has 300 of the same file downloaded, all the same Spyware / Virus. MAKE THESE FILES ON LIMEWIRE AS JUNK PEOPLE! How many files have you downloaded and clicked on and “NOTHING” happened…? That “NOTHING” was a Spyware or Virus program.

LimeWire is not the issue with your speed, if you continue to download these bogus files (Spyware and Viruses) and also at the same time simultaneously download 8 other files while allowing the upload of 5 more, its called RESTRICTING YOUR BANDWIDTH! You have created a Traffic Jam people.

LimeWire is an EXCELLENT P2P, but blaming it for your “SLOOOOOOOOOOOOOW” issues is no the problem. Remember, PCs will ONLY do what you tell it. It did not download that Spyware / Virus, YOU DID!

Do yourselves a favor people, get some good virus Software (KEEP IT UP TO DATE TOO)! Keep Windows up to date ( or Also, get some decent (PAY FOR IT) Spyware software (Ad-Aware Professional: and keep the PC clean and you will have plenty of speed and bandwidth.

Another handy little utility I found is @ – IE Privacy Keeper. Cleans out all traces of Internet Browsing along with TEMP files and anything else on your system that is more or less a nuisance or temp.

Scott (AKA: SLINC)
Notreallyhere Feb 25, 2007 4.13.2 Beta
4 out of 5
Ads and such don't come with this software like those other people say. It does ask you to upgrade but all you have to do it say no. It has done better than all of the other software I've tried. See also Frostwire.
RaiseUrHands Feb 7, 2007 4.13.0 Beta
1 out of 5
Cannot comment on download speed, resource usage etc.
But I can say this is the most ad-ridden p2p application on the planet. Full to brim with tiny silly files which disguise the proper content.
p2p of choice are shareaza (is gnutella supported anymore though?) and emule (works well with upload limit over 10 but below upload bandwidth max).
Avion Airplane Jan 26, 2007 4.13.0 Beta
2 out of 5
I installed the program , was ok I guess downloaded some old music i like. What I did not like was the program starting itself after I turned it off. I uninstalled the program and I still get pop up messages wich is very annoying !!!

Good thing is. I use my old crap computer to test this stuff. So I give it a 2 Rating just because of the POP UP CRAP!!!
hellrazor238 Jan 25, 2007 4.13.0 Beta
1 out of 5
wtf is this so much S*** on here junk junk slow connections everything is wrong go with cabos or frostwire
WhiteZero Nov 2, 2006 4.13.0 Beta
4 out of 5
lmao @ NEOBassDUDE
Again, FireDog proves to be the most inferior PC repair service. Technician my arse. Geek Squad wannabees...

Anyway, Limewire dosent magically give you adware, viruses and whatnot. It's just half the people that use the program are idiots who download the malware from people sharing files laced with it. If you have half a brain, you'll avoid obvious tricks like CoolSong.mp3.exe. But you'd be surprised.

Anyway, Limewire is one of the fastest ways to get MP3s currently. It's a clean program, albeit having a long initial load time.
Pkshadow Nov 1, 2006 4.13.0 Beta
4 out of 5
As usual a good program.

Yes people who do not know about files can damage them selves but that has "nothing" to do with the program.

Would be nice if people rated the program as a program instead of forcing personal opinions on others.

And if you must know I use the open source FrostWire instead.
Pegusis2 Nov 1, 2006 4.13.0 Beta
1 out of 5
And for the record... there is no forcing happening here... it's simple fact. Don't like to read other people's opinions, then don't read em. Bla Bla...

Another worthless program... These type of programs invite problems to computers. Don't use them and you will have a good clean running system. The only real users who get away with using them are people who KNOW what they are doing when they are downloading. Most of the people who do use these file sharing programs are people who are less then 100% computer smart and do not know how to tell a good download from a bad one... and these are the folks who always have problems with their computer.

The money you will save by not having to hire someone to fix your computer will pay for the music you are wanting to download anyway.
NEOBassDUDE Nov 1, 2006 4.13.0 Beta
1 out of 5
As a firedog Technician without exception every customer who has brought me a computer that has had Limewire has also had lots of viruses.
Nov 1, 2006 4.13.0 Beta
4 out of 5
not bad but i use cabos (http://fileforum.betanew...or_Windows/1101753564/1)
same network/results as limewire but i find it faster and lighter.
Blackhole8746 Aug 10, 2006 4.12.5
2 out of 5
I've changed my point of view for the gnutella network that LimeWire uses. About two weeks ago fakes started appearing in overwhelming numbers, about 1523 sources were delivering junk content (songs that dont play but named otherwise - and NO I DON'T LACK ANY CODECS) while about 20 sources delivered decent content when I searched for a specific song, say "Where'd you go by Fort Minor" this, is a pity

Yet LimeWire has a rating feature by which you can rate each file available for download. Most if not all of junk material was explicitly rated as junk which should prevent users from downloading it, thus keeping the network clean.
But since the average computer user is stupid and unaware, not to mention irresponsible these days, people download junk content which does not play (EVEN though it's rated as junk but some users don't even look at the ratings column) and that's not the worst part! Yet after they download them and actually find out they don't work, they don't delete them from their shared folders (which is the default download directory in LimeWire) and therefore become sources themselves for the junk content.

Users need to be aware of this, because otherwise the number of sources (and downloads) for junk content will never stop increasing!
The problem's not with the program, nor the network but with the dumm users.
Paul Skinner Aug 9, 2006 4.12.5
5 out of 5
This version doesn't exist yet on their site (4.12.5), it is neither a stable version nor a beta as of now.
The Pro site doesn't have it either.
KittyCat_19 Jul 25, 2006 4.12.3
4 out of 5
LimeWire is my favorite p2p program, though often I get the message "More sources needed" and then, as u might know, I have to right-click on the file asking the program to try harder =P

The good thing is that once Lime started to download something, it will surely download it all and not like other programs - that often pop with bugs in already-started downloads.
Zankur Jun 22, 2006 4.12.3
5 out of 5
Well it seems stupid people who supposedly dont use or like the product still waste time just to ridicule other's work!!
Limewire is the best p2p application with great search results,light on resources!!!
themanhimself Jun 13, 2006 4.12.0 Beta
1 out of 5
Just another P2p to support Warez and dongles, do the right thing and buy the movie/software etc dont support theft
hellrazor238 Jun 11, 2006 4.11.3 Beta
5 out of 5
this 1 got even better if u want to get skins like the black 1 which 1 have heres the link
midnighter_9999 Jun 9, 2006 4.11.3 Beta
4 out of 5
Where can i get frostwire themes from????????? ESPECIALLY BLACK THEMES????????
TheJMT Jun 9, 2006 4.11.3 Beta
5 out of 5
Limewire is the greatest file sharing program out there right now
HurricaneGame Jun 8, 2006 4.11.3 Beta
1 out of 5
Limewire sucks, it just a computer lagging, virus nest! I wouldnt touch it!! I would rather find an alternative! I don't know what to recommend as I don't use anything like this anymore.
slimy May 31, 2006 4.11.1 Beta
1 out of 5
LimeWire is simply too bloated nowadays. It has way too much junk that is completely useless. I would have to recommend Cabos as the best alternative, in terms of the Gnutella network.
Dwiebelhaus May 25, 2006 4.11.1 Beta
3 out of 5
Look into "Frostwire"
hotbod May 5, 2006 4.11.0 Beta
1 out of 5
i bought limewire pro and had nothing but problems, when i contacted the pro support they were not helpful and in the end ignored my emails, i would not advised paying for limewire pro, not unless you like throwing money away.
hellrazor238 May 1, 2006 4.11.0 Beta
3 out of 5
Blackhole8746 Apr 29, 2006 4.11.0 Beta
4 out of 5
The PRO version is worth looking at, you can get it free too, search google and I'm sure you'll find it
Das mod Mar 13, 2006 4.11.0 Beta
3 out of 5
dont they mean "Lame Wire" , just kidding :P ...
this prog. is good, altho i have some issues with timeout and servers ... hopefully this version takes care of that
princeofpentacles Mar 8, 2006 4.10.9
5 out of 5
This is the best p2p application out there.Amazing download speeds.I use Limewire Pro and no other p2p app comes even close.Highly recommended.
Lebowski Feb 28, 2006 4.10.9
2 out of 5
Getting worse and worse with each new update. Takes up all my resources and its getting harder and harder to find content.
hylena Feb 28, 2006 4.10.5
2 out of 5
Way to bloated, i don't like it, it was using 60% of my CPU all the time, why does a program need to use this much?
desibabausa Feb 5, 2006 4.10.5
4 out of 5
I Liked the old limewire better...

its available at
mark111757 Jan 10, 2006 4.10.3 Beta
2 out of 5
was very disappointed with this version. was hooked up on line via dial up and when downloading material, even a single song file, more often than not, the program would disconnect itself, but the download would continue and i would get a message saying that the proggie would try to continue to reconnect to the net. checked some of the forums on line and no one had heard of this problem. never had this trouble with 4.9.33 so i went back to that version and all seems fine.
sumant30 Dec 31, 2005 4.10.0
1 out of 5
To tell the truth people i absolutely don't like this new release of lime wire.The problem i faced was it really never started and was constantly giving me error for jvm.Also i would like to say that once limewire goes legal its gonna start filtering to stick to the original liewire core which is 4933.Its the best and the most stable core.The other option is to use frostwire the clone of limewire.
NinjaOfLove Dec 29, 2005 4.10.0
5 out of 5
Great program with lot's of users and fast downloads.

A lot of misinformation in these reviews, though.

Limewire is adware and spyware free. None. Zip. Nada. If you got malware or a virus, it's due to your own stupidity. But this is usually the case in the computing world.

Also, people rating the program lower because it is written in Java (OMG LOL CUZ JAVA SUX!!!11), get a clue. Do some research and read up some benchmarks before you regurgitate some popular idea you read somewhere.
RoSmecher Dec 29, 2005 4.10.0
4 out of 5
basically just good for music. also i don't know why people are blaming the program if they download viruses, they should know a little about p2p at this point and know that most of the stuff on their is bulls***. :) stop download britney spears nude videos or whatever is new now a days. also only 4 because java sucks and because i can't fast forward in the built in media player it has.
HurricaneGame Dec 28, 2005 4.10.0
2 out of 5
Very laggy, and got me loads of unremovale virus's now I had to reformat pc....STAY AWAY FROM IT :(

@mufdvr3669 - beacuse 4.9 is NINE 10 is TEN :)
some guy Dec 28, 2005 4.10.0
3 out of 5
software is ok the network sucks filled with virus, trojan and fake files more or less don't waste your time.
tpaman1975 Dec 28, 2005 4.10.0
3 out of 5
Their software has been very lukewarm lately and as they've improved the interface the product seems to be more sluggish.

As to the version number issue, the last version was listed as 4.9 and this one is 4.10. They should have either listed the last one as 4.09 or waited and released a major update bringing it to 5.0. That's an error of stupidity on their part.

Regardless, the product is the best viable product out there for MP3 sharing and just okay for sharing applications.

They could improve it further by allowing us to filter searches by file size, thus eliminating a lot of the bogus entries Limewire returns on its searches.
mufdvr3669 Dec 28, 2005 4.10.0
5 out of 5

how does my brother and girlfriend have version 4.9 installed, and version 4.1 is just released? can anyone clear that up? i don't use it, personally.. but i told them a new one was out and they said the version number went backwards.

Answer: R-E-A-D 4.10.0 not 4.1.0
donahu1 Dec 28, 2005 4.10.0
4 out of 5
Oh my gosh, if I had to download at 5kbps, I would stop doing it! Broadband spoils us all. I get speeds of 220kps and sometimes faster when joined together...
Been using this program since before Napster went belly up. Still the best.
Rootwiler Dec 28, 2005 4.10.0
5 out of 5
waht has changed? lol
SirMango Dec 28, 2005 4.10.0
4 out of 5
lol funny mistake by chinch
Pretty good software, very stable and all
The soft is a bit slow on the loading, but that's probably
because of the Java.
WhiteZero Dec 28, 2005 4.10.0
5 out of 5
chinch, learn to read. It's 4.10.0
Not 4.1.0

Love how idiots give it a 1 Rating for no reason.
chinch Dec 28, 2005 4.10.0
1 out of 5

how does my brother and girlfriend have version 4.9 installed, and version 4.1 is just released? can anyone clear that up? i don't use it, personally.. but i told them a new one was out and they said the version number went backwards.
sumant30 Dec 23, 2005 4.9.41
5 out of 5
I just wanna say people that it is da best gnutella client.I have a dial up line but i get continous 5kbps on it.Tell its not bearshare which only downloads spywares.Also it is more stable than anything else i have used.Morpheus is a piece of s***.
RoSmecher Dec 23, 2005 4.9.41
4 out of 5
not file sharing program indeed. however 4.10 is here i believe.
dazed_00 Dec 22, 2005 4.9.41
5 out of 5
This is one of the best P2P clients out there, and the best Gnutella client, hands down.

Interface is simply and not quite hard to use. Downloads are almost 100% reliable. Has an ample amount of filesharers too.

Limewire using Java is actually quite a good thing as it makes implementing it much easier in different OS platforms. Users having problems with Java should try upgrading to the latest version of Java VM - Link: (I recommend the manual, offline installation so you can save the installer file)
Adrian79 Dec 16, 2005 4.9.38 Beta
1 out of 5
morpheus ultra 5.1......nuff said
No Beer For You Dec 15, 2005 4.9.38 Beta
4 out of 5
Limewire is good. It is VERY resource heavy, I managed OK on 512RAM (XP) but any thing less and this program struggles.

Limewire has a good network, although this was recently hit by P2P throttling by my provider.
3 Kb/s is not my idea of fun.
I switched to Cabos which is less system intensive and can still connect OK through my IP.

I remember the old Limewire fondly (before my IP blocked the higher ports that it uses)

Rated 4/5 (-1 for being a system hog)
jsc315 Dec 15, 2005 4.9.38 Beta
4 out of 5
Lime wire is great if you have the pro version, but the basic version it good too. I use it from time to time. The only problem i have with it is thats its java based, and for some reason my computer tends not to handle well in java. Other than that it's great and fast. i love that you can do multiple searches at one time, and downloads fast.
mufdvr3669 Dec 15, 2005 4.9.38 Beta
5 out of 5
I tried cabos and thought it was crap. I even switched from Azureus to Utorrent because Utorrent was so much quicker. Maybe the guys from Utorrent should start up makin Utella or something, cause Cabos is crap. Seriously go buy a new computer from the last 3 years and Limewire won't run slow.
orizng Dec 15, 2005 4.9.38 Beta
4 out of 5
Cobas may have less function: no minimize to tray, no chat with remote host, ... BUT, it IS faster.
For all those illegal talking people, there is nothing wrong about software, ALA u dont use it dl illegal music or something else, so when u rate software, plz forget legal issue, p2p is not necessarily illegal. For people whose PC got trojan and dialing africa, plz install AV and internet security software, and firefox browser. dont complaint here, coz there is no relationship.
Nov 27, 2005 4.9.37 Beta
5 out of 5
carbos = sh!t this is mutch better
ye110mann Oct 28, 2005 4.9.37 Beta
3 out of 5
Not bad but why use this when there's Cabos?
imfrog2002 Oct 28, 2005 4.9.37 Beta
5 out of 5
It's GREAT. I just got a virus for a file though. At least my virus catcher saw it before it could do anything.
eyv Oct 26, 2005 4.9.37 Beta
4 out of 5
No kidding. Marking down a program because you think P2P in general is bad. Come on, there IS a difference!
Oct 26, 2005 4.9.37 Beta
4 out of 5
just boosting the rating cause of idiots who are scared of P2P cause they don't know how to use it properly and get viruses. LOL some ppl eh. no wonder those "xxxx for DUMMIES" books sell so much.

As for limewire, its a good network but the client is sluggish at times. I prefer CABOS, which uses the same network and has the same awesome download speeds.
Pegusis2 Oct 26, 2005 4.9.37 Beta
1 out of 5
As always... P2P is a bad thing. That's all I'll say on that. :o)

It shouldn't be P2P it should be V2C or Virus to Computer. :o)

I could go on and on... but what's the point?

Have a good one.
RoSmecher Oct 26, 2005 4.9.37 Beta
4 out of 5
great program, especially for music. anyone know where i can find the changelog though?
pyridox Oct 26, 2005 4.9.37 Beta
3 out of 5
They never post a changelog! So you never know what they fixed/added/deleted.
phillykid Oct 16, 2005 4.9.33
3 out of 5
The song selection it the best. Never had a problem with a virus and have come across very few corrupt files.

however, there is way to much porn on this. And child pornography. How do people get away with sharing all this stuff on there? Give you an example: i was looking for youth of a nation from P.O.D and got some unpleasent returns.
is there a way to block this?
I never remember seeing this problem with napster before.
[deXter] Oct 11, 2005 4.9.33
5 out of 5
Wow hypatech, great review. P2P is going down the drain, so lets all give LimeWire a 1 rating shall we?

AFAIK nothing of that sort can happen- look what happened when they struck down Napster- it was replaced by 10 more networks (for eg.). They said they shut down ed2k too, but ed2k still works for me, and so does KAD. Limewire still works, and if any major shutdown operation takes place, rest assured, it will be counteracted. Thats how the system works. Thats life.
hypatech Oct 7, 2005 4.9.32 Beta
1 out of 5
Sorry Limewire just doesnt do it for me anymore!

P2P is going out the door!
Laws for it are just to confusing and to hard to keep up with so I just gave up on using p2p apps!

It's just easier to share music with your (friends only) at least I hope thats legal!

Well anyways p2p is going down the drain and so will Limewrie unfortanetly!
bigsexy022870 Oct 6, 2005 4.9.32 Beta
3 out of 5
i'm not a limewire fan cause of java. but it's my only alternative being so many p2p's have closed down. What worries me is i dont think limewire will last long either. the days of there p2p programs is nearing a end. Bitorent is what i use for other stuff and i feel that it has a much better chance of suviving the long road.
Lazio009 Sep 25, 2005 4.9.30 Beta
5 out of 5
Hi Guys, I hope you all had a good weekend.. This is my first review posting so apologies if part of what I say makes no sense.. I originally used to use WinMX as my primary file sharing software but as you all know WinMX has shut down following a possible lawsuit.. So I spent most of the weekendl searching the net for a replacement to WinMX which despite its faults was reliable.. I tried LimeWire 4.9.30 and I must admit that I was extremely impressed by the number of search result that it displayed.. I compared my version of LimeWire to Morpheus 5.0 and Ares p2p and both these programs were no match for LimeWire, both Morpheus and Ares had a very slow connection as I had to wait almost 5 minutes just to get connected whilst with LimeWire I connected so much faster... The only downside to LimeWire 4.9.30 is its size of around 20MB which for a file sharing software is a lot when considerung that most file sharing softwares tend to be under 5mb.. Also the ad recomending to purchase the pro version of LimeWire can become annoying after a while but all in all I think LimeWire have done a super job with this new software and in my opinion it is without a doubt one of the best file sharing softwares around.. Im slightly concerned about the possibility of spyware on the new LimeWire software so I was wondering has anyone used the version 4.9.30 and come across any possible spyware? Thankx...
AsianNCN Sep 15, 2005 4.9.30 Beta
4 out of 5
Isnt Limewire illegal? I mean the program is legal but the way you use it .... IDK. won't you get caught if you downloaded the mp3s on the p2p file sharing program?
mlevit Sep 15, 2005 4.9.30 Beta
5 out of 5
Definitely the best P2P program out there for MP3's.

But like mentioned before, would run a lot faster and smoother if written in C/C++.
GeorgeSantayana Sep 15, 2005 4.9.30 Beta
4 out of 5
A great p2p program, but why not compile it for Windows using JET? Java GUIs are so flippin slow. It'd have much better performance...
hypatech Aug 26, 2005 4.9.27
5 out of 5
My Wishlist For Version 5.0

1.Use C++ programing not Java
2.Add better Support For Windows Vista Beta 1
3.Add Bit-torrent support and search

Im not copying the person below me its just what I wish for 5.0.

Hope the limewire team reads this!
Check out my blog at
PaceyPimps Aug 25, 2005 4.9.27
5 out of 5
Check the changes in the updates and you will see that its less and less everytime. I think it comes to perfection and now its just about adding new features. P2p is good for downloading pictures and Music but for cracks and serials Astalavista is still the king. To download full albums and Wares BitTorrent is still the best.
New Wishlist for version 5.0
1. Do BitTorrrent searches and downloads
2. Make downloads faster
3. Make all betas with out ad banners cause we are help you make it better.
4. Incorporte open nap or let us use privet servers to get faster speed like when old napster was around.
5. Make smaller foot print which i think you can do if you did not have to use Java.
6. More search options on programs like size of program manufacture ect..
7. Have daily updates on currupt files like Kazza Resurction
8. Program updates instead of installing new version all the time.
9. You should have your owen anon servers to give users high speed access to good files tested by your team this cause no one wants to share there bandwith.
WhiteZero Aug 21, 2005 4.9.24 Beta
5 out of 5
Also, don't forget it's one of the few open source P2P programs. Which, IMO, makes it more trustworthy.
michael15000 Aug 8, 2005 4.9.16 Beta
4 out of 5
My Favorite P2P, I have tried every single P2P out there. Great connections, great sort ability once finding what you are searching for. Speed, connections, size type etc. As with all P2P programs. You should be careful of downloading any programs or exe files period. Having Antivirus protection is not enough. Scanning a file with that anti-virus is not enough. You should also have realtime spyware prevention running in the background. I have two running one is the "giant" microsoft antyspyware. This is great for that program that you thought was no good once you downloaded it scanned it with your antivirus , double clicked it and nothing happens. So you thought. (meanwhile in the background it unleashed a mother of a virus) This anti spyware not only monitored the virus as it tried to take over IE it stopped it in its tracks and then went into high gear deleting every possible backdoor or registry key. This has happened in Exe files and when simply unzipping exe files. Plus you should run a registry cleaner and a separate spyware program daily (full scan) if you download often. I have found that depending on one spyware program is often times not enough. Load time was slow but tolorable but overall for P2P my favorite.
terminalx Aug 7, 2005 4.9.16 Beta
4 out of 5
OK to the one that rated limewire a 1...first off you did not review the product at all you lumped it with every other file sharing give it a bad rating because people can download a virus? Yeah and so does email and even going to websites (spyware such a nuisance) so wow we should rate all browsers as a horrible rating as well and so does that mean every email program you use gets a bad rating as well? Limewire is a product and it does what its supposed to (download files from other users) its free and they keep working on it to make it better and more efficient. You run the risk of downloading from other users but if you are not downloading exe files a virus is highly unlikely especially if you are downloading musik files because there is NO way you can encode a virus into an mp3 there is NO EXE. plus if you do download a file theres this new invention its really fascinating called an ANTIVIRUS program omg you say? and before you even open the file you can SCAN it and see if there is in fact a virus (wow that is fascinating)
This junk you are talking about is spyware...spyware is bundled in programs to keep them free.
Limewire has NO spyware in it so some research before you rate a product..this forum is for rating the product not giving an opinion on products like the one being tested.
Right I was just making a point rating this product low because it has the potential to give you a virus is not limewires issue and therefore it is up to the user it has no bearing on the rating of the product
RoSmecher Aug 6, 2005 4.9.14 Beta
5 out of 5
great program, only problem i have with it is that it takes to long to load and also once it is loaded it takes too many system resources, this is probably because it was written in java but still, hopefully they can optimize the code in the future.
PaceyPimps Aug 4, 2005 4.9.13 Beta
5 out of 5
The Best P2p Program i have tried Ares and KCeasy but Limewire has these extras the they don't
1. More graphical interface
2. Easyer to use
3. More spesific searches
3. Better filters of bad files and file types
4. More connections
5. Faster downloads
6. Better a detecting firewalls and working with them

Wish list
1. Keep improving graphical interface
2. Make smaller footprint
3. Works faster with Java 1.6.0 beta
Pegusis2 Aug 3, 2005 4.9.13 Beta
1 out of 5
Please don't get upset folks... but my experience tells me that any of these file sharing programs are more trouble than they are worth. I fix and repair computers and in many cases it's File Sharing at the root of their problems bringing in all kinds of junk and virus based files. Don't get me wrong if you knew who you were sharing your files with it wouldn't be so bad but you are connecting to anyone and everyone who has a computer and in many cases the folks you are connecting with are either infected with a virus and they don't know it, or they just want to share their problems with everyone else. Just my point of view and before I get jumpped... we are all allowed our opinion.

:o) Smile Jesus loves you :o)
Tokar Aug 3, 2005 4.9.13 Beta
4 out of 5
Its a great program, but i wish they didnt have a pay-version which unlocks full connection and downloading ability.

KCeasy gives you full access to GNUtella 1/2 with no limitations. Its free and open source.
And it comes with Ares and Gift network acccess.
Zankur Jul 30, 2005 4.9.11
5 out of 5
i think a very good update,working better than ever,and i m happy to learn that it has been dubbed 4.9 and not 5,so that more bigger release can be made availabl;e
princeofpentacles Jul 30, 2005 4.9.11
5 out of 5
You are absolutely right guys.Atleast use a program and then rate it people.Limewire is absolutely great for finding mp3 stuff and ofcorse bittorrent better for loading large files.
ArabianNight Jul 29, 2005 4.9.11
4 out of 5
johnk119 you are a pure idiot. P2P is a different network structure than Bit-torrent, so you cant compare the two. I've tried LimeWire, but I dont use it, so dont think I'm just protecting a program I like.
AlexBR1974 Jul 29, 2005 4.9.10 Beta
5 out of 5
I think Limewire is great. But I also use Shareaza and Emule Plus. I find this the perfect combination.
I feel sorry for stupid people like this "johnk" that probably use other programs and give limewire a low rating based on the fact that he just likes other software. I bet this dumba** didn´t even try limewire. Unfortunately this site is full of idiots like this one.
The purpose here is rating software based on your experience using it. Why do people give software a low rating just because they don´t like it? It is very easy to say that it is not ' reliable', blah, blah, blah... but where are your arguments? Bunchafools!
princeofpentacles Jul 28, 2005 4.9.9 Beta
5 out of 5
Limewire is the number one gnutella client for me & johnk119, instead of advertising for bittorent(which is also quite good for new files),on this page, you should a review on some of the bittoreent clients, i believe.
johnk119 Jul 26, 2005 4.9.5 Beta
1 out of 5
try out a bittorrent client much better and more reliable
Neoprimal Jul 21, 2005 4.9.5 Beta
4 out of 5
It's a good program. No complaints. It's come a FAR way from what it used to be. The bad part is ofcourse registration - if Limewire goes down, and it probably will based on all these new P2P laws targetting programs - so will all the people that registered in order to use it.
Peguis. To be honest that doesnt sound like something from limewire, dialers come from shady websites, the kid was probably looking for porn or cracks to programs. While it CAN be downloaded through limewire, EXE files cannot self execute, neither do COM or BAT - someone or something HAS to run them; if her computer was even semi-secure, that could not have happened so...don't bash the program since it probably wasn't the real cause of the dialer infestation.
Peltec Jul 21, 2005 4.9.5 Beta
5 out of 5
Limewire is a great P2P program...great for finding older MP3s. Its very stable and gives
good results that lead to connectable sources. It is my Gnutella program of choice. I'm glad they are still trying to improve it with these new betas...maybe in the future they can combine
bittorrent...if its possible.
Sabz Jul 21, 2005 4.9.5 Beta
5 out of 5
excellent P2P Program ..worth buying the Pro, but try 4.9.7 ,, this is outta date
WhiteZero Jul 20, 2005 4.9.5 Beta
4 out of 5
LimeWire is the most reliable and speedy source for DLing audio and video today.
Pegusis2 - All those terrible things can be downloaded through any other P2P program.
Pegusis2 Jul 20, 2005 4.9.5 Beta
1 out of 5
Although the idea behind file sharing is a valid one and a pretty good idea... it's the files that you are getting that need to be kept at baye.

Limewire would be a great program if it were only used to share files with people we know... but in almost every case you have no idea who it is you are getting your files from. What happens is you download a program and it seems it doesn't work so you delete it and go on about your day, but in the background you've just installed your problems. If you are lucky maybe all you get is just a virus, but I've seen much worse on computers running Limewire.

One lady I know ended up with a $800 phone bill. One of her kids installed Limewire and in the background some kind of Phone Dialer was installed and at 3:00 am it was calling some number in Africa.

On another mans computer I found some really sick idiots idea of sharing files... Child porn ended up on this fellows computer lots of it, and I don't just mean soft porn... pretty nasty stuff.

I would suggest to anyone wanting to use these types of programs to have them installed on a seperate un-important computer that's not on your network, or at the very least has no connections on your network. These kinds of programs can lead to Real Trouble and I don't just mean computer problems.

I'm sorry WhiteZero... I should have specified: WinMX; LimeWire; Kazaa; Gnewtilla; Grokster; All P2P file sharing programs in general... I should have been more specific. Thanks for correcting me.
Jul 20, 2005 4.9.5 Beta
3 out of 5
personally i just dont like it.
downloads are fast and results are good, thats a plus. the interface is kinda nice too (except for being kinda mac-esque)
however it absolutely blows that it is based on JAVA... which makes it cumbersome on most average systems.

on my bros Sempron2800, 1gig ram it was an absolute slow to start up and shut down and even use.

i have had awesome results with shareaza and unless it starts crapping out on me i don't see myself switching to this any time soon. also its not totally free despite being listed here... AFAIK you have to register to get "full" or "extra" functionality that is otherwise available in other fully freeware or open source software.
Jul 18, 2005 4.9.4 Beta
5 out of 5
you my friend are an idiot winmx sucks whenever you try to download somthing you have to wait thats if you find what you want but limewire you can find pritty mutch anything the only bad thing is that its made with java witch doesnt worry my becuase my computer isnt a sack of sh**t
Zygi Jul 18, 2005 4.9.4 Beta
1 out of 5

don't say anything about WinMX because its small, and don't have any adware or spyware.

if LimeWire got them, i'll not install it, i had to reinstall windows because of edonkey2k and they agressive spyware, even if you uncheck it during installation, it will install anyway.... ms antispyware detected and removed it but, then network part of windows, stopped working :-/
dirtyangel Jul 18, 2005 4.9.4 Beta
4 out of 5
First off, a reply to hartcliffer regarding the startup time and possibly basicly it being a bit slow. The reason for this is because it's written in Java, which means it can run on any kind of machine with a Java virtual machine installed (see WIKIPEDIA for more info on this). Anyways, this is a great program !
PaceyPimps Jul 15, 2005 4.9.2 Beta
5 out of 5
Best P2P Program yet though P2P is no good for warez or cracks & serials. For cracks and serials its best to got to Bittorrent or warez sites are better for Warez even irc is better. P2p is good for Music & Porn. And Yes it does have Spyware but can be removed with Spysubtract 3.0 It has Grokster and Sherman Networks ltd. but after you remover works great. It's even in the Pro version i use. Don't remove the Limewire shop cause that will make the program not work. If any one knows any good warez pages please pose them here.
hartcliffer Jul 15, 2005 4.9.2 Beta
5 out of 5
Ok, first off.........why does it have to take so long to start up? I swear it feels like its getting in a car and driving somewhere to get the files sometimes............

Right, thats the negative out of the way, onto the good stuff. First up is the speed. Even on my awful AOHell dial-up connection, I get good download speeds comparable to a website, let alone P2P. Also, it has a very simple and straight forward GUI, no clutter, even my missus finds it really easy to use. I always get a good connection to the network, something that I only sometimes got with WinMX, and the search results are usually quick (unless it's something obscure). I will be honest, I only got Limewire because Ares went down, but I am so glad I chose this one as its replacement, instead of my usual choice of WinMX.

As to the spyware/adware issue, I use Spybot, Ad-Aware, Spywareblaster and Pest Patrol, and of the three scanners, only Pest Patrol picks it up as spyware. However, saying that, it also detects Kazaa (sorry for my foul language), an awful piece of software that has never graced my hard drive. I can only assume that this is some kind of conflict of companies, rather than spyware issues. It's interesting to note that of my three scanners, only the one that has to be paid for picked it up.......Perhaps eTrust set it in the Pest Patrol definitions because it would be possible to get their program and not pay for it, and if so, perhaps it is the same for the others too.

Oh, I forgot one other thing that I don't like. I hate it asking me if I want to upgrade to Pro every time I start it. The only advantage I can see is the accelerated speeds, but due to my dial-up limitations, it won't get any faster.
Sabz Jul 13, 2005 4.9.2 Beta
5 out of 5
Excellent Software as usual an doesnt Crash ,, keep the Good work up,
Pegusis2 Jul 13, 2005 4.9.2 Beta
1 out of 5
Sorry... but just a few weeks ago I formated a mans machine that had just been formated 4 weeks before, they installed Limewire and 3 weeks later their computer was so full of garbage it was not funny! Worst I'd ever seen in the last 5 years... and not just your average crap either, stuff that'd make a porn star blush... not even funny it was that bad... the Bearly Legal was right out the window. I always suggest to all computer users who enjoy their computer running Bug Free that they should not use this type of junk on their machines... Kaza, Grokster, Limewire, WinMX... and many many others. You put these P2P programs on your computer and you never know who you are hooking up to or what you may or may not end up with.

If you totally must use these programs I'd strongly suggest using them on a seperate computer from all others... even on their own little network, and not a computer that you would have any personal information on.
TheJMT Jul 13, 2005 4.9.2 Beta
5 out of 5
Limewire has everything that Ares doesn't. I use Ares as my primary file-sharing program, mainly for music, and most of the time if I can't find something on Ares, it will be on Limewire. Nice, fast speeds, good interface, the searching could be improved, like the speed of getting results, and the description of the files your about to download. Limewire is much better than Morpheus, Shareaza, Bearshare, and all the others out there. It's all about Ares, Limewire, and Bitcomet!!!
hypatech Jul 13, 2005 4.9.2 Beta
5 out of 5
It's always on my top list!However there are some bugs but not big ones.It's fast and great results!Also try Motpheus Beta(It's pretty Good)
Zankur Jun 25, 2005 4.9.0 Beta
5 out of 5
Another stupendous update from limewire,new "metal skin",ad-free,improved ram usage,improved speed pf loading on start-up,imp download speeds.
Visit the forums for complete change-logs!!
Nikkie Jun 23, 2005 4.9.0 Beta
3 out of 5
You guys would like ''cabos'' better ..
littlebits Apr 12, 2005 4.8.1
5 out of 5
The best of the file sharing clients. Has an excellent installer, it even installs the most current version of Java. Very Windows friendly and easy to use. No spyware or adware. Excellent connection every time. Great search results and fast download speeds. Nice interface with many different skins that you can download from the site. LimeWire is my prefered choice for file sharing. The only other program that comes close is Shareaza.
pimp_in_da_crib Mar 25, 2005 4.8.1
5 out of 5
best p2p file sharing on the internet. no extra software unlike kazza. kazza,youve been exposed and
you have lost
PaceyPimps Mar 13, 2005 4.8.1
5 out of 5
Best P2P program and keeps getting better. Pro version is worth the money if you have high speed internet.
There is some spyware on the program even on pro edition but can only be removed with Spysubtract you can get it from
But still great with or with out but just so you know it can be removed. Try it!
kise Mar 10, 2005 4.8.1
4 out of 5
It feels so good. No loger udp and crash bugs like in 4.4.x. I even find more songs nowdays then with Ares. My only wish is native C language insteda of java. Also my computer tends to freeze ONLY when limewire is in use.. maybe becouse i got AMD 64-bit Clawhammer.. still anoying.
Zankur Mar 3, 2005 4.8.0
5 out of 5
I just can't believe people write all such rubbish abt a prog like limewire,post 4.4,it has come down on installation prog size,faster to boot,no ad-ware,spyware.Quick downloadsEtc...
Maybe people here are too used to waste-wares like morpheus and kazaa,which do nothing except increase no of spywares on one's system.
Maybe people love cleaning,formatting their system again&again,and with limewire u cant do such extra-suff!
Otherwise,dude just download this soft and be merry!
JazzyJeff Mar 2, 2005 4.8.0
4 out of 5
LimeWire has come a long way since it's first version. They've really managed to load it up with features but still its only problem IMHO is its ugly GUI. Selected items in lists stay that way until they are dismissed from the screen, list items aren't 'snaggable' (SnagIt window capture doesn't work in LimeWire but Kleptomania's window capture does, albeit in a messy way. I use such apps to capture the UL/DL list). Aside from those issues, LimeWire rocks!
Kamika007z Mar 2, 2005 4.8.0
4 out of 5
Nice program, but why does it take so dam long to shutdown ever since 4.4.x? They added a shutting down screen for it.
g-smooth2k Feb 27, 2005 4.6.0
4 out of 5
LimeWire is 1 of the best decentralized p2p client out there.
It Connects to the Gnutella network.
LimeWirePro is absolutely Adware/Spyware Free!!!
It also uses Sun's Java in order to run.
It may run slow on some systems with low system specs.
Overall: 4.37
LiNUS|X Feb 12, 2005 4.4.4
4 out of 5
Limewire is the best P2P i know, it doesnt got so much files like in eMule/donkey, but. ... if you are a pro member (like me), you could find alot of good things, and download them with the maximal speed!

one thing isnt so nice, thats why i only gave 4/5 points ...

... its based on Java, Java takes too much performance! that could sucks, i use a AMD AthlonXP 2600+, and the Javastart tooks about 12seconds, and in this 12 seconds my pc is un-useable, through the high usage of java.
kise Feb 11, 2005 4.4.3 Beta
3 out of 5
The beta version (4.4.3) is unstable and crash without warnings (I turned all warnings off in settings). This java app takes about 36% of my Cpu (Amd Clawhammer 64-bit 2.2 GHz) and that's like running 7-8 instances of Windows Media Player.
kingclyde Feb 8, 2005 4.4.1 Beta
5 out of 5
You know,I have been using LimeWire for years and the only thing i don't like is the ads in the old versions.It really burns me when someone says"if you like crap on your machine, throwing away your money for something you could have for free with programs like Shareaza (without adware crap), and generally being brain-dead, then buy this mess.", I think that in some programs (unlike LimeWire!) you should not be bothered by ads. Hell, you are pirating music and software as it is(or "file sharing"). Don't get me wrong,I do a fair share of it myself but if you find a good client and it has ads : 1)read the EULA for the client 2) when it asks if you want the additional software click NO and then run adaware or a similar program.Other then that stop whining and be glad we can still file share in the 1st place.Enough said I think LimeWire is a good program.
NinjaOfLove Feb 7, 2005 4.4.1 Beta
4 out of 5
Some clarifications: Limewire puts nothing on your system, and it is free. Try actually using a product before you rate it, morons.
Raven Sati Jan 26, 2005 4.3.3 Beta
1 out of 5
if you like crap on your machine, throwing away your money for something you could have for free with programs like Shareaza (without adware crap), and generally being brain-dead, then buy this mess.
Zulithe Jan 26, 2005 4.3.3 Beta
4 out of 5
hmm. well the interface is looking better lately, points for that. Bittorrent clients aside, I think it's one of the best file sharing apps aside from my personal favorite (which is Shareaza)
kise Jan 13, 2005 4.3.1 Beta
2 out of 5
I rather use BitComet (torrent) and Ares or KCeasy with Ares plugin (openFT, Gnutella and Ares in one) and NO ads.
blackcherry Jan 13, 2005 4.3.1 Beta
1 out of 5
"new interface" means a couple of new icons.
this program crashes WAYYYYYYYYYYYY too much in this release. it's as buggy as all f***. stay WELL AWAY
beebopo Dec 11, 2004 4.2.5
1 out of 5
Wont install, msi install error, i tried limewire in the past and it sucked....
Zeeshaan Dec 4, 2004 4.2.4
5 out of 5
Arutha Dec 3, 2004 4.2.4
5 out of 5
Good search results. Good interface. Fast downloads. No Spyware.

Works for me ...
Zankur Dec 3, 2004 4.2.4
3 out of 5
I think the new version sucks!U can find my review little hard,since my 4.1.4 version review rates it 5!However,this one ****s!
bbmuc Nov 18, 2004 4.2.2
5 out of 5
MASSIVE speed improvement to the interface...great!!!
Portal3 Nov 18, 2004 4.2.2
1 out of 5
It seems very difficult to find any software that is't copyrighted or that doesn't require registration with this client. FreeWare can be found all over the net from more creditable sources. P2P + Adware + Minimal FreeWare/Opensource + Porn = waste of time. The Ads are a great deterent for me. I've never clicked an ad since I've started using the internet. LimeWire isn't about to convince me too.
You might find it a little boring for any legal activities. Not much you can do in that area.
Zankur Nov 12, 2004 4.1.10 Beta
5 out of 5
Finally,after 6mths of limewire's 4.0 release,people have realised that it's the best.I think 4.1 will be another step forward.
l_p_4_7 Nov 1, 2004 4.1.8 Beta
5 out of 5
This is now one of my favourite P2P programs. Excellent.
Agent31 Oct 25, 2004 4.1.7 Beta
5 out of 5
4.1.7 beta has HUGE interface and speed improvements, won't be going back to Kazaa Lite unless I get desperate.
sfo Oct 25, 2004 4.1.7 Beta
5 out of 5
finally LimeWire is beginning to lead the pack. Gnutella is now a great network, especially since LimeWire is the only client on all networks that support firewall to firewall transfer (that means that YOU are gonna get a whole heck of a lot more sources for your searches. I like it, especially the way searches are organized. All in all, a great client in my opinion, especially is you are just a casual downloader
Peltec Aug 16, 2004 4.1.4 Beta
5 out of 5
They changed the GUI looks quite a bit. Definitely, Limewire is my FSP of choice. Unfortunately, installing this beta uninstalled my Pro version. Ad_Aware SE detects no Spyware. Nice overall, but the search options leave something to be desired. Searching while selection specific options produces unpredicable results. And scrolling way down to enter a bitrate for a song is goofy. And would a volume control on the media player be too much to ask for? Maybe its a Java thing, dunno. :-) But overall still a great non-centralized P2P proggie!
serrebi101 Aug 16, 2004 4.1.4 Beta
4 out of 5
The version adds the ability to do firewall to firewall transfers! I hate java, so it gets a four. I hope other gnutella clients inpliment firewall to firewall transfers.
terry12591 Jul 21, 2004 4.0.7
5 out of 5
Well...Auctually this program is Great! Even though i gotta deal with the stupid java bulls***. Basically its awesome! And check out for the beta testings of LimeWire 4.1.2 at
Zankur May 22, 2004 4.0.4
5 out of 5
i think it's now the no#1 file-sharing downloads,excellent search results and above all no spyware installed!
  May 18, 2004 4.0.2
1 out of 5
A slow, buggy, extremely clunky Java interface, which behaves in a non-standard fashion of course (just try using Ctrl/Shift to select search results). Slow load times. Terrible search results. Seeming inability to actually DOWNLOAD anything. A stupid "Shopping" tab, curiously placed right next to the "Library" tab. The piece of junk lets you select a nonexistent download directory, but doesn't automatically create it (nor prompt you to create it--it just throws an error, "Could not move to library"). Incessant nagging to shell out $19 for the "pro" version (very reminiscent of that annoying QuickTime garbage). The "uninstaller" leaves several directories on disk, and a ton of registry entries (most of which are due to the installer itself, though). No thanks; this sucks to the extreme. LimeWire 4.0 is a complete turd.
SeanR561 May 13, 2004 3.9.11 Beta
5 out of 5
Strange I just installed version 3.9.12 on my PC without any problems.
Suchie8122 Feb 24, 2004 3.8.6
1 out of 5
This one gets a bad review, msi error sod this
adam7121 Feb 23, 2004 3.8.6
1 out of 5
it has ebates money maker and LimeShop i hate EBATES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
goFurShELF Nov 10, 2003 3.6.12
5 out of 5
the Best fileshare client ever, although it doesn't have the support of Kazaa Lite which I will forever cherish...the DLs are faster than any other prog, and it has the BEST interface. GUI is pretty, features good, prog USER-FRIENDLY ***** A MUST HAVE
betamember Oct 3, 2003 3.5.8
5 out of 5
very good or best program on the market, maybe in the future with WASTE, see this linklist:
Scorched Earth Jul 12, 2003 3.2.3
5 out of 5
LimeWire is my favorite Gnutella app. I'm not exactly nuts about Gnutella, I can hardly find anything I want on the network. However, LimeWire is the only Gnutella app I've tried that gives good speeds for the few files on the network. Shareaza is good too, but not so much for Gnutella 1 transfers. So, comparing LimeWire to other Gnutella apps, it's damned good.
espectro Jul 8, 2003 3.2.2
4 out of 5
last time i used this, i could not get anything with it.
this time, i got lots with good speed, and the open source version does not have any ads/spyware at all
toekneec67 Jun 24, 2003 3.1.0 Beta
5 out of 5
Looking below you will see that everyone agree the user interface is great. Limewire has made this so easy that even my mom can use it. As for finding files, I have never had any problem, anyone I have told to use this hadn't had any problems. If go options you can set it up to show everything out there, downloads are quick. In fact, most of P2P programs work, most connect to the same network, why not do it in style. It's also not spyware, Install Limewire, then ad-aware, nothing found.
kingclyde Jun 24, 2003 3.1.0 Beta
2 out of 5
The GUI is clean and nice,but there are too few files on the servers and the transfers are way too slow.If you can get them to connect to the source to begin with.The last good version was Limewire 1.8,stay with kazaa lite.
H8TEIRIS May 4, 2003 2.9.10 Beta
1 out of 5
schweb Mar 18, 2003 2.9.3 Beta
5 out of 5
This is really a great program. I use it both on WinXP Pro and my Mac OS X system. Very stable, very powerful!
Alex T. Mar 11, 2003 2.9.1 Beta
1 out of 5
Horrible program! Spyware and adware run rampant to no avail!
donahu1 Dec 17, 2002 2.8.2 Beta
5 out of 5
With Napster out of the way, by far the best file sharing program out there. Great speeds and lots of choices.
Faction Oct 31, 2002 2.7.3
1 out of 5
this program SUCKS locks up my PC and the Java u have to install suxks too . IMHO 1 star

il stick to Kazzalite and the Freelime Blow Chanks too Samn as limewire

only good thing i can say is it looks good
toekneec67 Sep 16, 2002 2.6.3 Beta
5 out of 5
Without a doubt, the best looking file sharing program. It simple interface is what the others are lacking. When it comes to music (I don't download other files), it works. Never had a problem getting any song I'm seeking.
crabbyappleton Jul 25, 2002 2.5.4 Beta
5 out of 5
yohimbe9 Jul 25, 2002 2.5.4 Beta
3 out of 5
is there any way to get a change log here? i use limewire and have no problems (except for the java itself) but i'm not going to upgrade without knowing what's new.
golbex Jul 4, 2002 2.5.2 Beta
1 out of 5
Sorry, but thumbs down all the way. Anything that does cruddy things has to be crud.
arnab Jul 3, 2002 2.5.2 Beta
5 out of 5
Anything that does dood things has got to be dood!
mbear Jul 3, 2002 2.5.1 Beta
5 out of 5
LimeWire won't install add-in software w/o explicit permission - no way to do so by accident and they've dumped the spyware folks. also LW is* Open Source, there are even a couple of popular variations based off of their code (AquaWire & FreeWire.) It's a good client and they're doing dood things.
tvaccari May 30, 2002 2.4.4
1 out of 5
Program is slow and buggy.
MamiyaOtaru May 29, 2002 2.4.4
5 out of 5
bryank1: regarding AquaLime-
memory leaks, no. skins use a bit extra that's all (you can't add something and not use any extra resources at all). versions up to 240 had a bad memory bug, but that bug came from LimeWire. It was in LimeWire as well, I didn't create it. (in fact, I got rid of it for AL retro) I am just very open about acknowledging when a version has a shortcoming. And it doesn't run slow in java 140, but slowER, and not terribly slower.

The corrupted downloads are also a 'feature' of LimeWire, not unique to AquaLime. All the problems that you're so scared about are in LimeWire too. If I read it right, you didn't even try it, so you don't have much to go on then do you.

LimeWire is great. Ultrapeers work well, and the latest code has HUGE hashing implemented, as well as browse host. Don't think this one has been released yet, but it will be soon, it's already in the CVS (and AquaLime of course)
Palomino May 29, 2002 2.4.4
2 out of 5
slow and dated. I'd give it 1 star but I like the icon.
mbear May 5, 2002 2.4.1 Beta
5 out of 5
Yes LimeWire keeps getting better and better. So some folks don't like it, then don't use it. What I like is that it's Open Source so folks can see it's code (spot nasties) and Java-based so if properly written it's reasonably secure. Actually though I'll check out this latest LimeWire these days I've moved on to FreeWire at It's based on the same LimeWire code but for me it seems a bit more tweaked and hasn't had the spyware issues LW has had (true probably because they're come about since those problems and learned.) Whatever the case doing a "Minimal" FreeWire install means *just* the client gets installed and no unwelcome spyware or extra shortcuts added to my desktop. As to features they seem a slight bit ahead of LimeWire. My biggest like (now also in LimeWire) is that when I perform a search on a file I'm already downloading the new hits automagically get added to my download-attempt list. More clearly if my original search & download shows 3 sites with a file and my second shows 5 then those additionial sites will get added to my download attempt. Sure sometimes they're dupes but every good hit helps, nothing like seeing a big file chuggin' away at 200bps from 4 servers from a big list of alternates.
DigitalSin May 4, 2002 2.4.1 Beta
4 out of 5
I like Limewire, I've used it for some time now.

Bobad - You obviously know nothing about .NET or where Microsoft is headed with it.

If you use XP, you're in a tough spot because MS is going to make it part of the XP Service Pack

bobad Apr 28, 2002 2.3.4
1 out of 5
kgruber: I agree that Limewire is a bad piece of software, but it's not as bad as dot net! Swapper requires that you download the 20 MB MS dot net plugin. I want no part of this lameness. Thumbs down to both Swapper and dot net.(
kgruber Apr 26, 2002 2.3.4
1 out of 5
There are too many competent alternatives that don't require additional software from Scum, err Sun. I recommend giving Swapper a try! It's a little more than 400K, and supports Ultrapeer as well. http://fileforum.betanew...ail.php3?fid=1017169942
espectro Apr 26, 2002 2.3.4
1 out of 5
i dont care much about the ads, but i do care that the program can not connect reliable to the servers thus it cant download a single file. I have the same problem with any gnutella program. Therefore, it sucks.

I use a cleaned-up kazaa with no ads or spyware, and it works fine. Morpheus is dead
primalgoo Mar 23, 2002 2.3.1 Beta
2 out of 5
This program is pretty spyware soaked, but let's remember it's still allows you to download something for free. I would suggest using the new music sharing program at to get some good stuff. Not the end all music program, but worth the download..
aeroe Mar 19, 2002 2.3.0 Beta
3 out of 5
why use renegade when it's so far behind cleanlimewire? even clw is behind, so compiling limewire yourself is the best bet for a ad/spyware free client. also the clw project had bandwidth problems with their free page provider.
flamester Mar 19, 2002 2.3.0 Beta
1 out of 5
Go to:

and download the Renegade.exe file. This is Limewire without the spyware and scumware. I've been using it for quite a while now. I used to use the real Limewire, but they chose not to respect me by putting scumware/spyware on my computer. So I don't respect them by using a clean version they didn't release.
Mar 19, 2002 2.3.0 Beta
1 out of 5
For those who asked it looks like the clean limewire site was shutdown down because of some sort of lawsuit from Limewire about distributing a clean version without ad software. The new site does exist but I don't have the link at this time.
errderr Mar 19, 2002 2.3.0 Beta
1 out of 5
Anybody know what happened to the Clean Limewire site? I know it moved (to the link shown below), but that site hasn't worked in weeks either.
coch Mar 6, 2002 2.2.3
1 out of 5
get this one instead !
MyMaster Mar 6, 2002 2.2.3
5 out of 5
geez, this spyware thing is getting outta control. die spyware die...
DigitalSin Mar 6, 2002 2.2.3
5 out of 5
Limewire is excellent. I originally installed it on my linux box as I couldn't seem to find anything else at the time. It grew on me though, and now that Morpheus is crap I decided to install it on my Windows machine. Very excellent imo (granted I haven't tried the one with ads). I can now almost concede that I have found an app written in java thats actually worth something. I will admit though that all those drawing applets are a lot of fun (all 5 million of them) ;)
crypto Feb 17, 2002 2.2.0 Beta
5 out of 5
Works fine :-) No problems!
Feb 3, 2002 2.1.3
1 out of 5
Nope, I won't get it. Even worse, if you have 1.7 or an older one, Limewire sends a code over to slow it down. Ever since I've been getting upgrade notices to do the latest, it's been slow, sluggish, and not working well. I think that Limewire is trying to disable old versions out there.
golbex Jan 22, 2002 2.1.3 Beta
2 out of 5
I used the latest LimeWire to download the older one (ha ha) and now running 1.7c, my fav.
golbex Jan 16, 2002 2.1.2 Beta
1 out of 5
Don't Get This Version!! Here's what they added:
* LimeWire Marketplace (I don't like where this is going...)
* A "Buy" button right next to the download button.
* A Shop menu.
* Ability to track sites you've been to to help LimeWire choose the best ads.
* Worst of all, a nag screen that comes up everytime you start the prog. asking to buy the Pro version.

Eh... anyone still have their setup for version 1.7? I hope I can still find an older one somewhere!
sorlag Jan 12, 2002 2.1.1 Beta
1 out of 5
i know why we never see a text with new features.
cause every new release they bring out, has even more spyware as feature *g*

yes its true, all they change throught versions is adding more spyware.
the app is awesome, but recode it in a real language, not java, that has problems with repainting the gui or uses +40% when playing mp3 with the included player, and is a resource hog at all.
Peltec Jan 11, 2002 2.1.1 Beta
5 out of 5
people are unfair to this program. Other gnutella client take a while just to connect to the network. Limewire connects quickly and gives good / quick search results. Some of the spyware can be disabled and the banner ads are no big deal. Morpheus and the Napster have banners. Limewire is a good gnutella client and worth looking into. All the naysayers want something for nothing...that's why they pirate music and video in the first place I guess...
xweston Jan 11, 2002 2.1.1 Beta
3 out of 5
Napster had ads and it was good. Remember?
johnmunsch Jan 9, 2002 2.0.5 Beta
5 out of 5
Yeah, you are really being boned bad by having to pay $6 for a version where they don't have to make money off of it a penny at a time from ad crap. Everything must be free or else it's not worth your time right?
Jan 6, 2002 2.0.4
1 out of 5
It looks like the professional version that's being sold doesn't have the Adware or Spyware and has more features than the shareware versions. Looks like we've been boned.
zildy Jan 6, 2002 2.0.4
4 out of 5
All that remains in 2.0.4 is the cydoor stuff, which can be uninstalled from the limewire program directory (cydoor_uninstall.exe). The spyware/trojan stuff is no longer present in 2.0.4.
espectro Jan 5, 2002 2.0.4
1 out of 5
linux version is spyware free and trojan free :P
Still, i get poor search results. I wish somebody here would make a page explaining how to compile limewire yourself ( so you can delete the ads and trojans
nevers Jan 5, 2002 2.0.4
3 out of 5
To my knowledge, the latest version is 3.0.3.After trying it in the demo, I purchased the software thru DigitalRiver as directed by Panda.I also downloaded it from Digital River : that was version 3.0.2 only. The so-called "intelligent update" to 3.0.3 does not work. No reply from techsupport.
The new version has interesting Internet security features but there are not executable in the demo.
maconjr Jan 4, 2002 2.0.3
1 out of 5
Gack! Terrible program. It used to be alright, back when there was no advertising. They are definately finished.
fooooobar Dec 20, 2001 2.0.2
1 out of 5
Limewire never was the best gnutella client, but adding spyware ? sorta pisses on the original ethic dont it? Anyway, with Fastrak clients like Morpheus, who needs this anyway! :op
bobad Dec 20, 2001 2.0.2
1 out of 5
This program was ruined by recent changes. Totally trashed! Just say no to this program and the plethora of spy ware and adware it represents. (
kingclyde Dec 20, 2001 2.0.1 Beta
2 out of 5
The interface is better but,when I connect I only can get 2 hosts with 0%I/0%O bandwidth. I loaded 1.7 and I got up to 269 hosts with a lot o' bandwidth.What the heck is going on?Ihope this problem gets resolved.
mhs03 Dec 19, 2001 2.0.1 Beta
5 out of 5
this program is good
sal_undy Dec 19, 2001 2.0.1 Beta
1 out of 5
To Limewire LLC: This program used to be rated in the mid-to-high 4's, and with your recent "enhancements" has now dipped below 3. While the people posting on this forum might not be a fair representation of the general user base, there are people who frequent this site who can be termed "knowledgable", and in any case such a precipitous drop in perception should not go unnoticed by any well-run company or any company that claims to listen to its users.

Also, if I contribute to your open-source projects, do I get a cut of the revenue from your ads and sales of your Pro version? After all I am fixing bugs ad adding features to products that directly make you money and contribute directly to your bottom line (this is what makes you different from the Mozilla or OpenOffice initiatives). And if you complain that you're not making money, you're either:

A. lying, like Bud Selig, commisioner of baseball, or
B. stupid, because you can't make money in the first place.
sorlag Dec 19, 2001 2.0.1 Beta
1 out of 5
try the limewire mp3 player, lol
and then look on your cpu bar :P

Dec 19, 2001 2.0.1 Beta
1 out of 5
I will have to agree. I still have Limewire 1.7 and have made it available when I use limewire or other gnutella products. If Limewire removes the spyware, recodes it in C++ or so then I'll use a new version. Otherwise, I'm taking the suggestions many have given me and go to another system
sorlag Dec 18, 2001 2.0 Beta
3 out of 5
remove the adware, code it in another language (not java, thats to slow for that reason) and i would love this app.
kingclyde Dec 18, 2001 1.9c Beta
1 out of 5
Limewire just keeps getting worse with each release. I can't get any more than 2 servers on 1.9c when with 1.7 I can get a few hundred easy.And that spyware is very annoying,if I run ad-aware and i remove cydoor the program won't work. This sucks! Stay with 1.7 if you can still find it.Hind morpheus.
kmansuri Dec 17, 2001 1.9c Beta
1 out of 5
Apparantly Limewire LLC doesn't realize that its software should become MORE userfriendly, MORE stable, and LESS aggravating to its users. But apparantly with each beta, Limewire LLC adds even more spyware, ad-ware, and Gator-ware. While Limewire itself is a resource hog, it is made worse by its bloated java-driven AD that takes whatever resources Limewire didn't. The result? You can't do jack while Limewire is open! Do yourself a favor and stick with other gnutella clients or even Kazaa or Morpheus.
Dec 16, 2001 1.9b Beta
1 out of 5
No way. Limewire 1.7 is the only good version of this program. The rest of it is garbage and spyware.
Dec 9, 2001 1.9 Beta
1 out of 5
Not for me. Limewire 1.7 was the last great version they had. Since then it's now bloatware, spyware and adware all in one program. I'm sticking with 1.7 or compiling my own opensource version minus the adware. Sorry Limewire but when I remove one piece of spyware and then the program crashes, I draw the line.
RedBadger Dec 9, 2001 1.9 Beta
2 out of 5
Limewire used to be my favorite of the file sharing programs. But I don't know what happened with the author, and the last couple of versions with all the adware, but its gone down hill fast because of it. Not to mention all the crap spyware it tries to load during the install.
Palomino Dec 9, 2001 1.9 Beta
1 out of 5
LimeWire NO, Bearshare YES. LimeWire is slow (Written in JAVA), doesn't show decent statistics, and includes unrelated programs that can't be disabled. Bearshare has no "SpyWare" Everything that comes with Bearshare can be disabled.
Dogma Nov 23, 2001 1.8c Beta
2 out of 5
Bah... more Gnutella... this app was ok, but spyware? c'mon.

File Rogue ( ) finally has terrabytes of stuff, and NO SPYWARE! Check it out!
CacheXpress Nov 23, 2001 1.8c Beta
5 out of 5
This Beta does not require a 15 day key. This beta will work until Dec 1. Once we get the feedback from this beta a full release will become available as a full evaluation. We have gone away from requiring a trial key. CacheXpress 2.0 will work for 15 days then stop unless you wish to purchase the software. The e-mail form is so we can track how many people are using the software.

Please note: This software is intended for ISP's or companies that require a proxy server or wish to reduce their bandwidth overhead and to accellerate web browsing by using a caching product. Later on we will be releasing a personal edition for home users.
aeroe Nov 22, 2001 1.8c Beta
1 out of 5
forced ads, forced spyware, bulky ui, slow, eats ram.
any other reasons Not to use it?
jgoins Nov 18, 2001 1.8b
1 out of 5
BOOO! Moved on to NON-JUNKWARE gnutella clone software (which is hard to come by these days). Basically if you have 1.7, stick with it unless you like a bunch of ads all over the place. Guess freeware does come with a price. I don't understadn why they did this with so many other gnutella access software. Oh well....
bobad Nov 16, 2001 1.8b Beta
1 out of 5
Stick with 1.7. Limewire was previously a pretty good program, but is now ruined. It's just a matter of time before the author shuts down the older versions. Use 1.7 while you can.(
XanTium Nov 14, 2001 1.8
4 out of 5
One of the best progs using the gnutella-network. I agree that audiogalaxy is alot better , but AG can be stoppped and has already alot of banned songs. Gnutella has no central database and cannot be stopped. So for the future I think gnutella clones will be important.
simonchretien Nov 14, 2001 1.8
2 out of 5
The only advantage of Limewire is the interface. Why would anyone use Gnutella anyway, it's so weak compared to Audiogalaxy. AG has 10 times more good quality mp3s, and you can at least see what's going on. What about these damn stars, I want the exact encoding quality, not pretty graphics!
golbex Nov 13, 2001 1.8
1 out of 5
Ewww.... there's a big AD now and they took out the status of how many files are being shared across Limewire - it's a secret now. I actually should have stayed downgraded to 1.7d. I'm serious!
Nov 13, 2001 1.8
4 out of 5
Not a bad upgrade however I'm now turned off to Limewire since version 1.8 includes Spyware and you cannot remove it without crashing the program. Ad-ware can remove it but if you do, it will crash the program. I'm going to an opensource version that I can control without using spyware or so.
sal_undy Nov 13, 2001 1.8
1 out of 5
Now Adware (read SPYWARE) -- blech... onto open source PHEX:
animespy Sep 9, 2001 1.7 Beta
4 out of 5
I like this new version so I'll bump it's rating up a tad. Unlike 1.6d, when you resize the window now, it will straighten itself out. I'm still waiting for a feature to message people, though. Come on... make it...
espectro Aug 12, 2001 1.6d
4 out of 5
They finally fixed the installation bug under kde (linux)
I am happy
kevinmook Jul 28, 2001 1.6b
3 out of 5
I'd say it's a mediocre program. I'm not too fond of the JRE in the first place, and this doesn't help its cause. I suppose it's nice that someone is developing across multiple platforms. The program could use some improvement -- I'm not aware of the features of Gnutella, but can you not implement filters for Bitrate? Also, I don't want to search for *all* audio, I also want to search for just .MP3 files or just .WMA files or just .WAV files. So far I'd say this is the best Gnutella-network client I've used, but it still needs help!
bobad Jul 15, 2001 1.6
4 out of 5
Nice Gnutella client. It now saves settings better. Still has weired install, or rather update. It has an annoying bug where it blinks a lot while searching and scrolling.
sal_undy Jul 14, 2001 1.6
5 out of 5
Version history of LimeWire is here:

Basically the same feature set of 1.5, and I think they got the Java VM installer problem fixed under Windows. They also have a version now that works with a previously installed Java 1.3 VM.
espectro Jul 14, 2001 1.6
5 out of 5
What are the differences between 1.4b and 1.6? I cant find a "what's new" page or similar
jgoins Jul 14, 2001 1.6
5 out of 5
Best version yet! The star rating system (I had an old version that didn't have this, so I don't know if this is new in 1.6) makes downloads a breeze. Also with Napster shutdown, seems a lot more material is on gnuteela, and this client is the BEST yet.
sal_undy Jul 5, 2001 1.5
5 out of 5
The problem with LW 1.5 was with the installer for the Java Runtime Environment for Windows. I already run a separate JVM, and I set up LW 1.5 to run with that, and I have had no problems whatosever with LW 1.5
ShafuyZ Jul 5, 2001 1.5
5 out of 5
Although on their homepage it WARNS:
We have taken down version 1.5 due to some Win95, Win98 and WinMe problems
Sintex Jul 5, 2001 1.5
5 out of 5
And to answer your question monoman67, here: We have taken down version 1.5 due to some Win95, Win98 and WinMe problems. Check here for a workaround to the 1.5 issue.
monoman67 Jul 5, 2001 1.5
4 out of 5
The LimeWire site reverted back to 1.4. Does anyone know what happened?
Loopy666 Jul 4, 2001 1.5
5 out of 5
LimeWire is superb, one of the best GNUTella apps out there. Just wanted to point out that bobad is mistaken in saying that it doesn't run on Win2K. Too flat out a generalization, he should say it doesn't run on HIS Win2K...I've been running it under Win2K for several versions now, about the only time it's a resource hog is on startup (but hey, it's written in Java) and when it refreshes your list of shared files.

LimeWire has an extensive FAQ on install/platform issues and decent message boards for help on install/running the proggie. It's one of the few programs out there that's worth any trouble you might have getting it going.
NoLimit Jun 30, 2001 1.4b
1 out of 5
I Wish I Could Actually Download Something Without It Timing Out Or Getting Queued
johnmunsch Mar 30, 2001 1.3
5 out of 5
LimeWire has had install issues on a few machines according to their own website but they've tried to document workarounds. I've had absolutely no problems myself. It's easy to use, looks good, and is written in Java so I can get it on any platform I use. It beats every other Gnutella client I've seen with a stick.
RedBadger Mar 18, 2001 1.3
5 out of 5
I voted for the Linux one before by mistake. I use this version on WindowsME and its the best.

As for it being bloated... I'd like to know what funny cigars you are smoking. It is not bloated. It also is the most stable file sharing program I have used, plus the nicest looking.
Fundoctor Mar 17, 2001 1.3
4 out of 5
WTF are you talking about? It runs fine on both my Win2K boxes. Works well and finds a hell of a lot more than Napster ever did. The only thing I don't see is the bitrate of the mp3 files I am searching on. This does kinda suck, but everything else works fine.
bobad Mar 17, 2001 1.3
5 out of 5
Limewire does not work on Windows 2000. I've tried 2 different builds, and both used 100% of the CPU cycles. It took 20 minutes just to get it shut down so I could uninstall it. Totally useless! These people should try software out on their friends before they release it on the public.