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Music4Ever Sep 18, 2016 RC3
1 out of 5
I used this for some time many, many years ago, today it's just not needed or IMO it's not even the right program for Win 7 & up. Registry cleaning with today's PC's makes little difference in speed & risks causing issues you may not even find for some time. If you have regular C:\ images fair enough if not avoid it. Many of the PC's I fix are messed up with so called 'clean/speed up' programs - Look at the past bug fixes & the times the accuracy of registry cleaning has been fixed.

Mixed views here:

CyberDoc999 Jul 11, 2015
3 out of 5
better have a backup before you use this..... it works but it can cause problems
carlvui May 1, 2015
1 out of 5
Their open source project to loot their end users has failed, leastways that's what they stated as an excuse for abandoning the project after collecting a nice amount of money which has just disappeared after all. They redesigned the icons in haste and are merchandizing the same old junk. The last OS that JV16 somewhat worked with was Windows XP.

Modern computing as well as new Windows systems and registry will not accept this old school cleaning and tune up softpack, it only causes damage. It needs a brand new approach to system maintenance which meets the system requirements that this tool fails to deliver and will never do as the development was halted many years ago and the company is only interested in ripping off their costumers.

To perform tune up by system cleaning, to fix system and registry errors please run proper analysis, contact technical support or visit Microsoft FixIt site that provides system repair patches for many different problems that will restore the damaged registry keys and errors to the original Windows settings without deleting or modifying any other values.
oldnuke69 Mar 18, 2015
4 out of 5
I'm surprised to see a new version of this released, given all the comments on the Macecraft forum and elsewhere that complained about the company founder absconding to the far east with money given to take the product open source. I never contributed to that, given that I already had a lifetime license. I haven't used it on Windows 7, as I haven't seen the need. For uninstalling crapware, I use IOBit Uninstaller (free and works well, but installs a trial version of other IOBit software that must be uninstalled itself). However, for my former Windows XP PC, it was the best registry tool (of a generally bad lot) I had tried. Several others, including Norton Utilities, had screwed up the system so bad as to require a reinstall from scratch. I didn't use agressive settings, however. My opinion nowadays is that registry cleaners in general, are unnecessary. With CPUs as fast as they are now, even a bloated registry can't take that long to process. I do think that using a registry is a bad design. A program should use it's own .ini file, resource file, or something similar, to store user and other program information. *Nix has the right idea.
AlphaBetaGamma Mar 17, 2015
4 out of 5
I have used Power Tools for years without major problems, and just upgraded to this latest version ( using the Platinum lifetime license I purchased a few months ago. I did not have any problems receiving it.

But as with any registry cleaner, you have to be careful. I have never had a crash or problem with the operating system because of it, but I do have to exclude one special-purpose utility. That is what the exclusions are for. I think the registry compactor and a few other options are more trouble than they are worth, and there is no point in removing items that will be recreated on the next reboot, but you can just add those items to the exclusion list. So learn how to use it, and if you like cleaning registries, it is one of the more thorough ones out there.
Andy Dean Mar 16, 2015
1 out of 5
I've tried this version out and to me it just seems like a reskinned version of PowerTools 2014.
I've used all the variations of this app for years and beta tested PT for Jouni since the programme was first introduced.
Personally I've never hosed my system with it or even introduced any minor problems.

A very big word of warning though. Macecraft had an active forum for years but this was recently removed due to all the posts about the company ripping people off by taking their money and not supplyiing them with a license.

I would be very reluctant to purchase from this company.
CyberDoc999 Mar 12, 2015 X
1 out of 5
you will need system restore for this
BANDIT- Oct 2, 2013 2014
1 out of 5
If it ain't broke.......... Break it with this..!!
ZILCH o Mundo stars. I'll give it 5 MOONS tho..
( ! ) ( ! ) ( ! ) ( ! ) & an Extra big one .. ( _ º _ )

[edit] Oct 3.
Re: (5* for everything) "Synsyn".. Well Spotted @M4Ever.. ~_^
Jeez, Macecraft even have a forum, Ya wanna see the
GOOF posted about jv16 PowerTools in there ..... sniggger.
Music4Ever Sep 26, 2013 2014
1 out of 5
Will in time totally bugger your PC up, most of the functions are vaporware - Enable GOD mode on your PC & use CCleaner if you really, really must run a registry cleaner. You really don't need this on any PC.

@Synsyn - I see you have only reviewed Macecraft software - Interesting ~
carlvui May 4, 2013 2013
1 out of 5
Just one warning if I may, please take it from me. The new version has a "Decrap my Computer" feature that promises to mass remove preinstalled bloatware.

This is a cheat, it only serves business purposes for better selling by promising to make your computer faster, but extremely dangerous. There is a little warning in the mass uninstall window, " Only use this option if you know what you are doing ! " i.e. they get rid of responsibility and leave you with the blame for destroying your PC. You can't be smart enough, you surely will kill your PC.

Please note that preinstalled software in your PC are integrated in your OS in a highly complex way and removing any of them without learning about the consequences might corrupt your system.

Some of them are Windows setting or system utility sotfpack, just the same as JV16 but comes as default specifically designed for your OS, and JV16 is busy to quickly remove it. But they are fully integrated. Please don't remove them even if you never want to use them.
Some others are associated one with another, and if you uninstall one you will kill three other important functions. Again, many of them are not even installed, just setup exe files and you need to check the agreement check-box to install and start them. They don't cause any problems, leave them there as you might need them later.

Yet, if you want to get rid of them preinstalled software, - not all of them bloatware - please use the OEM original software uninstaller/reinstaller utility. It will uninstall the software or bloatware in a way specifically designed for your PC.
JV16 doesn't know how to do that.

The OEM's own default uninstaller will remove them by only removing what is not integrated in the system, only deletes unnecessary registry keys and leaves the critical values intact. It is designed for that as the OEM bears responsibility for their products.
JV16 does not, they will call you dumb who doesn't understand the system if their softpack breaks it.

Also, please use the OEM own , in most cases animated helper. It will tell you how to uninstall bloatware, which of them can be uninstalled, in what order, i.e. uninstall this one to first and then that one to second etc. This is the proper expert way that JV16 doesn't know how to do, as it is different for every and each PC.

Be careful making changes with JV16 because if it fails you and you uninstall JV16, you will encounter serious difficulties in restoring changes you have made with it. Use Windows and the OEM own, completely safe and compatible features, they come as default, and you can undo changes at any time safely.

Again, Macecraft is selling functions that comes as default for each PCs straight from the OEM.
CyberDoc999 May 4, 2013 2013
1 out of 5
lucky I had a system restore ready for this junk
Synsyn Apr 25, 2013 2013
5 out of 5
I like this software. It's easy and fast and for me, it didn't remove anything important (didn't even tried, I check and appected) Just junk, temp-files, register errors etc. My computer works so much faster now.

Well, my computerskills are little above basic, so this works for me. I have just basic stuff in my computer and i'm using Windows Vista. There's so much stuff to do in this software and big plus for onlinehelper and language-options. I do can recommend this!
carlvui Apr 16, 2013 2013
1 out of 5
This software is dangerous because it has been hopelessly buggy for long years and NOT because the users don't know what they do. We know what we do.
It has even messed up, as many earlier comments put it, the Windows system of experienced computer experts, too.

It is dangerous because it doesn't work well on W7 and W8 and even on XP it works with incidents.

And finally, it is dangerous because most of its functions come as default for Windows7 and Windows8, and Jv16 does the same thing only to mess with the much better default Windows functions to ask money for that.
Raimondas Apr 12, 2013 2013
4 out of 5
Yes, it is dangerous software. But: if you know what you do it is pretty nice and fixed many problems on my PC did not have to re-intsall windows or use backup (I use jv16 2012).
For newbies: be careful registry defragmenting / any changes can do pretty much damage for your OS.
I give 4 stars of 5 only because it could be a bit cheaper.
Music4Ever Feb 18, 2013 2013 Beta 6
1 out of 5
I think this software is dangerous, it's messed up more PC's in my experience than all other software put together. There are lots of icons that do virtually nothing. Avoid unless you enjoy re-installing Windows. Although this is beta the final will still have major bugs in it & IMHO always will. BTW many years ago I was stupid enough to obtain a lifetime licence which goes unused.
carlvui Apr 2, 2012 2012 RC1
1 out of 5
@Uriel, or should I say Macecraft. Couldn't you come up with something new or better promotional comment? The last one was almost the exact copy of the many previous ones - the meaningless "I couldn't live without it, ...the wild cards".

Not just here, but when I look up any other review boards I find the same fake promotional post for JV. " I couldn't live without it" etc.

What kind of review is this? Macecraft, your softpack is just the same embarrassment as your unethical kind of marketing, yet you are unable to push the ratings higher.

Please, don't use review boards for marketing, pay the site owner for placing your ads in a professional way.
Uriel Mar 24, 2012 2012 RC1
5 out of 5
This is just a reminder that this isn't the final version yet. But if you like to help out with testing it, give it a whirl. Keep a system backup handy though.

I love this piece of software so much that I purchased the lifetime version of it. Not only does the registry cleaner do a superb job, but my favorite features are the directory finder and the file finder. Wild cards can be used with these finders and they are much more reliably deep and thorough compared to using Microsoft's file finder which seems to scan only the user files.

I also like to use this app to manually cleanup uninstalls that even Revo Uninstaller misses or leaves behind. It's a breeze to manually find directories and search for targeted keywords in the registry with JV16 Powertools. I couldn't live without it.

This piece of software is one of my all time favorites.
Input Overload Feb 1, 2012 2012 Beta 3
1 out of 5
You certainly don't keep re-writing a registry cleaner every year.

And unless you have full images of your hard drive that you keep for prolonged periods you shouldn't even consider using one to be honest.

The few orphan entries that cleaners find are miniscule compared to the size of windows registries.

I used to as many members on here it seems used registry cleaners in the past & even have a lifetime upgrade to JV16 & know from 'experience' they are far more trouble than they are worth & if you want problems on your PC they are the quickest way of going about it. (I think)
Hilbert Jan 5, 2012 2012 Beta 2
1 out of 5
@ carlvui

I've finally given up on jv16, I'm not even going to try this version.

After mucking about and destroying my registry I'd only have have to reload it from a backup. It'd serve no real purpose other than to waste time.

carlvui Dec 15, 2011 2012 Beta 2
1 out of 5
The saddest thing about this scamware that the long list of bugs are practically the same for many years long for each newer versions. Every new version suffers the same, they never seem to be able to finally fix them.

So much about their expertise.

Very disappointing and off-putting indeed. It's time for Macecraft to consider a refund and compensation for the destroyed Windows for many of their cheated customers. I was a fool I believed them.
Input Overload Dec 15, 2011 2012 Beta 2
1 out of 5
You only have to look at the bug fixes above to see why it's not a good idea to use this, if you MUST use a registry cleaner use Reg Organiser. A registry backup is no good with a none booting PC.

(- Bug fix: The Registry Cleaner can list empty file extension keys as safe to remove, even as those keys are needed by some third party software)

Aucune étoile
CyberDoc999 Dec 15, 2011 2012 Beta 2
1 out of 5
How many computers wiil Jv16 ruin ????
never again
Input Overload Dec 2, 2011 2012 Beta 1
2 out of 5
I used to always install JV16 for many years but I feel the need for such software is drawing to a close, & as below many functions are either useless or simply duplicated elsewhere in the program.

I actually have a VIP licence but wont be bothering with this anymore. I don't trust the registry cleaner either. Regardless don't use a registry cleaner that's in beta anyway unless it a dedicated test system.
CyberDoc999 Apr 3, 2011
1 out of 5
messed up my computer
Stephan44 Mar 31, 2011
1 out of 5
A new release with a number of bug fixes. Despite several bug fixes 'clean and fix my computer' gave a freeze on my pc.
The registry compact bug is still there and is causing troubles.
This release is a nice try, but still shame on Macecraft for all the bugs.
I removed this release again from my pc.
My advice: wait for better times before installing this product
Moreover you do not need this software on a Windows 7 pc.
carlvui Feb 20, 2011
1 out of 5
INTERFACE: A labyrinth, a maze without an end, confusingly uninformative and unclear. All they have done is; added new eye candy icons.
FEATURE SET: Collection of unnecessary, superfluous options and junk functions at the expense of quality and reliability. Excessively bloated and has gone beyond practical usability.

The Anti-Malware tool is a practical joke. An attempt to put Jv on yearly subscription fee? Its usefulness is absolute zero, leave it to the professionals ! Or is Macecraft entering the IT security market with their substandard product, testing and developing it at their customers' cost? ......Unethical as usual and ridiculous!
FUNCTIONALITY: Unreliable, not user friendly at all. Unstable, it cannot be trusted.
A sales-profit oriented ill conception of Windows maintenance. Buggy forever as Macecraft product history reveals it. Clogs and breaks the Windows system.
EASE OF USE: Needs a whale of commitment, long days of learning and even pro users can have hard time. Definitely not for home users!
VALUE: Even freebies do better job, Jv is wasted money.
New PAYEE UPGRADES are flowing on and on, falsely promising to fix its bugs just milking users for their money over and over again.
After many upgrades you realize that this softpack actually costs you 60 bucks or more, remains the same buggy and still there's no light at the end of the tunnel.

It is a pay again and hope game.
Their motto: " Sluggish sales? Charge for it again ! "
Stephan44 Feb 20, 2011
1 out of 5
Well, the final release is there, the bugs also.
Shame on Macecraft. users of the 2010 are left alone with very annoying bugs (undelete, sorting, registry cleaning bugs).
When paying for the upgrade, you are paying for new bugs.
One big advice: visit the forum of Macecraft first and read about the (new) bugs
Besides this Windows 7 does not need a reg. cleaner at all and most utilities are already there..
So, waste of money.
navidh Feb 18, 2011
5 out of 5
I used RegSupreme Pro for years before this and never had a problem. Macecraft is a great company and jv16 PowerTools a great program.
CyberDoc999 Feb 13, 2011 RC1
1 out of 5
I did judge for myself.... this is the worst of the worst
better make a backup before you use this .... you will need it
Uriel Feb 11, 2011 RC1
5 out of 5
This software is the BEST of it's kind. Some of the features are unique especially when it comes to registry issues. The file and folder search engines both support wild cards very effectively. Try the trial out and see for yourself. The trial will prove this to you very much and you can judge for yourself.
Input Overload Feb 11, 2011 RC1
1 out of 5
Extremely unstable & buggy. If you want to trash your system install & run it. The developer has IMHO lost the plot totally.
Input Overload Jan 27, 2011 Beta 5
1 out of 5
None functional, for the Tech Minded, it's broken.
Hilbert Jan 12, 2011 Beta 4
1 out of 5
Even though this is a new version of jv16 (.993), I can't update the review w/o the post being truncated (seemingly having written a review for an earlier version), so I've omitted it altogether.

It hasn't done this previously between point releases.
CyberDoc999 Jan 10, 2011 Beta 4
1 out of 5
the 2010 version was much better
this is crap now
Input Overload Dec 16, 2010 Beta 3
1 out of 5
Can't hope to compete with Hilbert's in depth analysis. but I do know JV16 will not reside ion any PC of mine again. I'm now doing manual cleaning after removing a program using the now defunct but excellent 'Registry Crawler'.

Thanks again Hilbert.
carlvui Dec 15, 2010 Beta 3
1 out of 5
Great job taking the time and trouble for posting so many testing details. Very helpful indeed. Thanks a lot.

Unfortunately, I don’t have energy to put down everything in a post, all I can shortly say; the backup and restore option failed me. Restores files pretty effectively, but I have encountered serious incidents when trying to restore the registry changes and related system setting. Restore was ineffective, my PC BSODed. That refers to all versions of 2010 on, up to 2011 betas. XP SP3.
I restarted my computer after using Jv and made no system, registry or any other changes between using Jv and the restoring.

Their user questionnaire 27.07.2010 now can only be found in their news archive, (older news) but the user questionnaire itself has been closed and cannot be viewed.

Another thing, as of the strange system files I can confirm the presence of Sys6925.Config Collection.sys for Jv 2010 on XPSP3. I checked carefully, the file was not present before installing Jv. The new 2011betas are yet to be tested on XP and W7. I don’t like that file, could not find it installed on W7, though. I believe that some system files that Jv attempts to install might not be visible (or present?)on all (different) platforms and might be hard to find some of its hidden files. It needs more testing.

I think the testing will go for ever as Andy Dean put it.
No surprise here, as I noted Jv's manners in one of my previous reviews referring to some early posts of

I bought the license some time ago, but I regret it. I was lazy to roll down and read all the posts before paying for Jv. Big mistake! Now, many upgrades came and botched even what worked good once. I keep watching, though.
Hilbert Dec 15, 2010 Beta 3
1 out of 5
Review of jv16 PowerTools 2010 (SIC) Beta 3 (actually ver 2011--not 2010 as indicated).

This carries on from my beta 1 comment, (below).

Test conditions essentially the as beta 1 except the PC has been extensively used since beta 1 (many programs installed and uninstalled in the interim).


jv16 ver 2010
- Registry errors found: 433
- Scan time: 33 seconds
- Program completed normally

jv16 ver 2011
- Registry errors found: 5625*
- Scan time: 915 seconds*
- Program was terminated by user*.

* As for beta 1, beta 3 DID NOT COMPLETE NORMALLY--I terminated it after 915 seconds.

At least several thousand of the errors--I didn't bother counting them--were of the type 'Invalid owner' and 'Unneeded history data'. (Note: minutes earlier, the previous version, jv16 2010, did not give any such errors.)

Also, at the time I terminated it, I noted that jv16 2011 beta 3 was hogging over 500MB of memory and using nearly 50% of one CPU core's resources and 15 to 20% kernel time (the other three cores were idling).

As a reality check, I compared the jv16 products with these registry cleaners: RegSeeker 1.55, RegCleaner 5.2, TuneupUtilites 10.0.2020.9 and Glary Utilities They found registry 'errors' which ranged in numbers between the extremes of the two jv16 versions. As expected, with no two registry cleaners ever producing the same results, what they found was significantly different to that of jv16. Glary for example found 555 registry errors, but unlike jv16/2011, which ground itself almost to a halt without finishing, Glary and all these other products completed the registry check ok.

SUMMARY: Comment essentially as for beta 1. jv16 2011 beta 3, is still an alpha stage product and should not be here. In fact, as with beta 1, this version is potentially dangerous to the registry (if I'd proceeded to 'fix' the registry as jv16 suggested then it would have rendered it unusable).

(FYI, I let one rerun of jv16/2011/b3 go for over three hours. When terminated, it was still using 50% of the CPU core's resources and memory use had crept up to ~650MB. It never fully completed the run.)

@carlvui: Thanks, comments noted and essentially agree. Specifically noted your comment re survey (for some reason I'd not known about it).

@mike59, Andy Dean, et al. re mike59's comment:

'There is no reason to ever clean the registry. Cleaning it will never speed up your computer. In fact, it will slow it down and break things.'

Would mostly agree that registry cleaning doesn't speed things up significantly, but I'd also agree with Andy Dean. Sometimes, you've got to clean things up to get them working again. Most often, this is manual intervention and not done with automated cleaning tools. (Some programs simply will not run/reinstall unless certain traces of previous installations are removed).

For the record and to put my reviews into perspective, I should clarify what I do and why I sometimes clean the registry with automated cleaners and why I'm always tweaking it manually. As part of my work, I review software and hardware; my PC could see up to 200 new packages on/off it per month. Some software is reinstalled multiple times or has multiple instances--for example, today's problem is to figure out why DTP Scribus 1.3.6 and 1.3.8 work perfectly yet--so far--why ver 1.3.9 goes belly-up (today, all three versions have been installed both simultaneously and separately).

The software reviewing process not only includes a report on a program's attributes/functions but also its various impacts on a Windows installation (for instance, what happens to Windows if say a user deletes the '\Program Files' entries instead of uninstalling the program). In day-to-day operation my Windows installation can get pretty battered, it occasionally stops functioning and even BSODs are seen from time to time. As it's continually tweaked, my PC sits within easy access on the RHS side of my desk with its cover always left off.

Addressing mike59's issues specifically:

With the registry being the diabolical conception that it is, no two registry cleaners will find and clean errors the same way, thus I never rely on them to fix anything properly. At best, they provide only a rough and ready list of problems, issues, etc. which I usually address manually. To restore my PC to full/guaranteed health I use a different tactic altogether which is simply to reinstall the O/S to a pristine copy (this is important for control reasons). How I do this quickly and without fuss needs some explanation.

The original installation of Windows is done in discrete stages and a snapshot backup taken of every stage before Windows is ever used. Backups consist of both Windows BKFs together with complete file-by-file copies produced by using a separate boot CD such as BartPE etc. Also, each stage is fully documented.

Each stage is pristine w/o any MRUs etc. and the PC is never online at this point. 7 stages are typical and, all up, the installation usually takes about two weeks. Stage 1 is the default Windows installation, stage 1a are the tweaks to make Windows useable (Explorer icons to details mode, turn off automatic updates etc.), then successive stages, from those with essential low-impact/stable utilities through to the high impact programs (MSO, dev tools, OOo etc.) which are left until the last stage. Reinstalling any of these stages will return the O/S together with the programs to a pristine installation of that stage. (Note: care is taken to ensure program defaults/options are set correctly so they don't have to be redone later--it's ready to roll immediately after reinstallation.)

At most, reinstalling the O/S must only take a few minutes. To ensure this, no program userdata (DOC files etc.) ever resides on the installation drive, C:, rather it's on E:, F: etc. 'My Documents' is never used to store userdata but just in case some wayward program uses it, it's relocated to a new 'My Docs' dir in the root directory for instant checking. Thus, without any files of value, UBCD/Bart PE etc. can simply erase every trace of the complete O/S then copy over a pristine preinstalled working copy, all within a few minutes. Similarly, sliding in a new hard drive with a preinstalled virginal O/S takes even less time--only seconds in fact. Reinstalling the O/S, would on average, be done about once per month.

Between O/S reinstallations, I rely on what I consider the 'Utility of the Decade' to get me out of registry trouble, it restores a known good copy of the registry. ERUNT,, automatically and silently backs up my registry and ntuser.dat files on a daily basis and keeps copies of the last 30 days of registries, any of which I'm able to choose from to restore. Simply, a wonderful utility that's gotten me out of trouble many times.


@mike59 BTW, In my comment to which you refer:

"* Specifically, the registry cleaning function (the program cleaning mode is acceptable)"

I was referring to the files cleanup function of CCleaner, i.e. browser cookies, cache etc., not the 'Registry Integrity' function, which CCleaner also has a secondary function (afterthought?). It's nigh on useless other than to give a neophyte the sensation that something important is happening--and, to boot, it'll probably screw up file associations by deleting important ones.
Input Overload Dec 7, 2010 Beta 2
1 out of 5
Every dog has it's day...
carlvui Dec 6, 2010 Beta 2
1 out of 5
I second mike59 and this post of mine might partially be an answer for Hilbert for jv16's massive decline.

This archaic junk was designed for old Windows OS, up to Windows ME. They needed registry maintenance, though not this type of cleaning, but at that time, no better tool was available, therefore jv16 was popular. Microsoft was criticized for not providing registry cleaner.

They did not, as they knew it’s impossible to clean the registry safely and even today in their knowledge base they warn users that modifying the registry might result in disaster and Windows reinstall, i.e. you can't fix it any more.

Instead, Microsoft moved to the right direction and responded by improving the registry by creating the NT kernel registry (XP, Vista, W7). These platforms have different registry structures, they work well the way they are and they don’t need cleaning with third party registry cleaners, which are nothing more than search algorithms to find orphaned keys that are redundant ONLY AT THE MOMENT OF SCANNING. -------- Modern Windows registry rarely needs maintenance and if needs, definitely not this antiquated one.

As of jv16's system tuning; now that could be the only selling point for it but ironically enough, most of jv16’s functions are default for W7 (it's just a 30 bucks shortcut softpack to the already existing windows utilities) and even that doesn't work. It's better and safer to use Microsoft's freebie the Sysinternals Suit. Can be downloaded all in one or just the needed utilities separately.

Macecraft is going down as they have failed to adapt to new Microsoft technologies and are unable to keep up with the changes.Yet, they are still pushing and forcing their old unsafe, useless, outdated softpack on customers by using their cutting edge marketing technique.
But they are misleading their customers and in fact they just lag behind.
Modern windows systems will never accept jv16.

Andy Dean
Old and high risk solution. For leftover regkeys after uninstall; the safest is, to visit the developer homepage and download (or ask their support for) their exe regcleaning file for the given software. They are tested, safe and remove only the safely removable leftover keys of their own uninstalled software. Trusted softmakers all provide them for free download.

None of us has information on what is going on inside Maceraft, even if we had, it might not be proper to disclose it on a public board.
Meanwhile, I find it worthwhile and safe to publicly mention that Macecraft in their latest online survey was searching for their existing customers’ approval to sell out the company. That was a public survey and possibly, they were not asking this without reason. That explains a lot.
Also, I second you; Macecraft tends to dig in users/site-visitors' privacy, precaution required.


As of their forum; a few friends of mine and I tried to make some sense and discuss some more serious problems. Our posts were never approved. The whole complaints there, are just the tip of the iceberg.
Andy Dean Dec 6, 2010 Beta 2
4 out of 5
Hilbert I agree with most of your points, however if I do a registry scan with 2011 beta 2 it completes in only 2 minutes. Running 2010 it completes in 40 seconds. Like you I've used jv16 PT since the freeware days and have been involved in most of the beta testing since those early days. I'm taking a rest for now though and not getting heavily involved in testing this version, it just goes on for ever.

@ mike59 It will only slow it down and break things if you don't know what you are doing. There is no such thing as a registry cleaning tool that is failsafe. The main reason to clean the registry is due to bad uninstall routines which leave the registry littered with redundant entries.
mike59 Dec 6, 2010 Beta 2
1 out of 5
"If anyone knows the reason for jv16's massive decline then please share it.
* Specifically, the registry cleaning function (the program cleaning mode is acceptable). "

That's simple. There is no reason to ever clean the registry. Cleaning it will never speed up your computer. In fact, it will slow it down and break things.
Hilbert Dec 2, 2010 Beta 1
1 out of 5
First, as Andy Dean says, this is NOT jv16 v2010 but a 2011 beta!

I've been using jv16 since it was freeware, I've paid Macecraft licences for both the defunct RegSupreme Pro and jv16/2010 and all previous versions back to the first commercial release. The oldest version still in my archive is jv16pt_setup_1.1.0.155.exe (2002).

Comparison of jv16/2010 ( with jv16/2011 ( beta.

Users will know jv16/2010 was delayed because of problems (and the current version,, still has many annoying bugs), nevertheless, here I've used it as a comparative reference.

Test environment: Intel/Q9550/Core-2 Quad CPU/4GB mem/XP-sp3.

Test: 'Registry Cleaner' on 2nd engine setting [#2 of 4], same for both 2010 and 2011 beta. Only results were noted, NO changes were made to the registry either by jv16/2010 or this 2011 beta.



Errors found: 69
Erroneous registry keys: 8
Erroneous registry entries: 61
Run time: 34 seconds

The cleaner ran more or less as expected, a cursory manual check of errors found nothing abnormal. (Note: this XP was a clean re-installation only a few weeks ago; essentially, all programs function correctly.)


Errors found: 7719 [Right, this number of 7k+ errors is no mistake.]
Erroneous registry keys/entries: N/A -- DID NOT COMPLETE -- manually terminated.
Run time: 1327 seconds (~22 minutes) before termination.


1. - Beta ...988 DID NOT finish, I terminated it after ~22 mins (it slowed and almost stalled, yet still produced 7719 errors on only setting #2).

2. - Compared to 2010/...986, this beta was unbelievably slow.

3. - Of the 7k+ errors found, by far the vast majority were 'permission/invalid owner errors'--[false or trivial errors]--for example:

" HKCR\.7z\, {KEY}, {KEY}, 05.09.2010, 23:59, 85, Registry key with incorrect permissions or owner, N/A, Invalid owner,
HKCR\.8ba\, {KEY}, {KEY}, 13.10.2010, 18:44, 85, Registry key with incorrect permissions or owner, N/A, Invalid owner,
HKCR\.8bc\, {KEY}, {KEY}, 13.10.2010, 18:44, 85, Registry key with incorrect permissions or owner, N/A, Invalid owner,"

4. - The remaining (other) error count was much higher than those produced by v2010/...986. Most of these, too, were 'false' errors.

5. - Other registry cleaners were tried, whilst the number of errors found varied considerably from v2010/...986 it was nothing like 7k in number--perhaps several hundred max.

6. - If jv16/2011beta/ had been allowed to remove the erroneous errors, the registry would certainly have been destroyed (as most of the CLSID etc. entries were valid (parts of properly installed programs)).

7. - This beta produced an initial setup and a debug file which were both placed on the Desktop. Macecraft suggests that these files be sent to its software forum but:

- (a) it was not clear that the files could be sent anonymously as

- (b) they contained identifying information (license information etc. along with hundreds of identifying program CLSIDs amongst other data).

Whilst my jv16 license is valid (legit)--the 2011 beta found the existing 2010 license and installed it--it should not be sent along with other identifying info to the forum. NOT ONLY IS THIS UNPROFESSIONAL BUT IT'S VERY STUPID--AS I'VE NOT SENT THE FILE OUT OF PRIVACY CONCERNS--THUS THE DEVELOPER HAS MISSED OUT ON IMPORTANT BUG INFO.

8. - This jv16/2011/ver2.0.0.988 beta is only two sub points from the current 2010/ver2.0.0.986 yet it is very different to this former one, thus should be designated 'v3.x.x' or at least 'v2.1.x'. One wonders what's going on in the mind of the developers when the version numbers are essentially meaningless (useless).

9. - This comment only covers the most obvious issues/problems, there are many other bugs that would be mentioned in a full and comprehensive review.

10. - Clearly, jv16/2011/ is, in reality, a very early alpha and should never have been released as a beta.

General Comment on jv16

11.- In recent years this program has expanded into more a general purpose maintenance utility and it seems it's at the expense of key registry functions. For instance, the 'Duplicate File Finder' function is nigh on useless when compared with separate dupe utilities (such as the excellent 'DoubleKiller' from Big Bang enterprises).

12 - For example, the important 'Registry Finder' function has languished for some years UNCOMPLETED in that important and obvious functions are missing! Take the "Search by date" feature: it's granularity is simply appalling, as the smallest search window is only ONE single day. It ought to be obvious to any user--and foremost the developer--that the 1-day granularity is orders of magnitude too coarse!

12.1 - If one is looking for ALL the registry entries of a program which, say, has just been installed--or perhaps a virus's entries--then ALL the 'entry' times will be within minutes if not seconds--and thus that's the window over which the search should be conducted. Searching with a full one-day window will usually produce many thousands of entries most of which will have to be examined manually and thus very time-consuming. Why bother having a computer if you have to do the work yourself? Today, my machine has been operating for only 2:12 minutes, yet according to jv16, 13,435 registry entries have been added or changed.

12.2 - Clearly, the 'Search by date' function needs to be expanded to include:


- Ignore (when linked in Boolean search with other fields)
- On (date)
- Before (date)
- After (date)
- Between (dates)
- Not Between (dates)


- Ignore (for whole day)
- At (a specific time, e.g.: 2:35:20 hours--includes seconds)
- After (a specific time, e.g.: 2:35:20 hours)
- Between (specific times, e.g.: 2:35:20 and 3:15:33 hours)
- Not Between (specific times, e.g.: 2:35:20 and 3:15:33 hours)
- +/- Time period (eg within one hour of or within +/- 6 hours of)

Keys/Values etc.

- Search only/include keys (values, attributes, strings etc. etc.).

It's very clear to me that the inclusion of an almost useless search facility in jv16, means that the developer never really uses the facility on a regular basis. The omission of such important search criteria together with a comprehensive Boolean search engine can only be considered as peculiar.

13. - In a similar vein, other tools are missing similar sophistication (for example 'Registry Cleaner' regularly leaves many CLSIDs and other old program info from previous installations. Essentially, jv16 does not clean very well. This can be demonstrated by first running jv16 then running another registry tool--even Piriform's near-useless* 'CCleaner' will find many leftover program entries AFTER jv16 has finished.)

14. - Until a few years back, jv16 offered so much promise, for a while it led the pack of registry cleansers. However, in the last few years its slip from grace has been nothing short of spectacular--basically, it is now at third-rate product. Does anyone know what's actually happened at Macecraft, have all good programmers left leaving only incompetents?

If anyone knows the reason for jv16's massive decline then please share it.


* Specifically, the registry cleaning function (the program cleaning mode is acceptable).
New Doraemon Dec 2, 2010 Beta 1
1 out of 5
Hey Input Overload. I'm with you. Bought a couple of renewals in 2007 & 2008 and last year the same VIP lifetime as you did. Money for nothing I guess... I found this program to be great some time ago but now it just went downhill. The analysis, the cleaning, everything this app does is sooo un-smart... Very reputed years ago, now dissed by everyone. And with reasons.
I do hope that Macecraft will make a real effort to revamp this program. Until then I won't reinstall this sh!t anywhere.
CyberDoc999 Dec 2, 2010 Beta 1
1 out of 5
read the hundreds of complaints in Macecraft forums....
jv16 PowerTools is full of bugs
Input Overload Dec 1, 2010 Beta 1
1 out of 5
I must say after using JV16 since version 6 I think when it was free I have always defended it. But it does seem with version 2010 that the developer is over his/their head(s) & to be frank does not know what he/they are doing most of the time.

Numerous serious bug fixes, problems that can't be solved etc. I am concerned whether changes have been made to system files on this new 7 install & whether to image back to the initial clean install?

Look in the 'Macecraft' forums & form your own opinion & It was with reluctance I removed Power Tools & can't see me using it again. I have certainly have no axe to grind & I actually bought the 'VIP' licence a year ago.

But I can't have what seem like a bunch of amateurs messing with my PC's registry. Sorry Macecraft but you have lost the plot, though that is just my opinion.
Andy Dean Dec 1, 2010 Beta 1
4 out of 5
Please Beta News get your headers correct. Its jv16 PowerTools 2011 beta not 2010.
So many misleading errors on this site recently.
carlvui Nov 6, 2010
1 out of 5
Uriel please!

Will you consider the long list of bug fixes for the countless new version updates of JV 2010? Read the hundreds of complaints in Macecraft forums?
Look up Jv16 history in their site news section/older news. It’s all about bug fixes for the unfinished version releases and it's yet far from being over.
Care to explain why, if the software is so awesome or are you serious saying that all it's problems are nothing but newbies’ ineptitude?

Stephan44 is right about the strange system files and simply by installing and letting Jv analyze your system, it will change important Windows settings without asking for permission.
Now, Jv16 even has serious compatibility and driver issues, too. So, calm down with your newbies theory and don’t accuse users for Macecreaft obvious failure to make this software safe and operational. It’s potentially harmful and not user friendly at all.

The one star reviewers are neither newbies nor dumb, they are just telling the truth.
Uriel Nov 6, 2010
5 out of 5
Awsome software. The reviews with one star are obviously from newbies who or end user who obviously doesn't know what the hell they are doing.
Stephan44 Nov 3, 2010
1 out of 5
If you do not like black flickering screens, do not install this version...
This version has still a cleaner bug. The wipe tool also does not functioning yet.
The support is good, however why pay for serious bugs? BTW When installing
a trial version some (strange) sys files are installed. You can read all about it on the site of Macecraft. Macecraft is saying: "easier and more fun to use".
Sorry, to say it is more easier and fun to wipe powertools from you hd, as powertools does not promise what macecraft is saying.

Uriel visit the support site: file recovery not working, system cleaner freeze, wiper does not work, access problems, reg cleaner problems, refresh problems. Handy tool??? lol
johnusa Oct 19, 2010
1 out of 5
Would you believe that this software, which its sole job has to do with Windows Registry, does NOT have backup option.
It is mind boggling.
I wanted to test this software, and before I started messing around with it I wanted to backup my full registry, just in case something went wrong and also to be on the safe side.
There is NO feature to to this backup.
In plain English, this software s*cks.
Even 1 is too generous. I would have rated it a big ZERO.
carlvui Oct 13, 2010
1 out of 5
Jv16 2010 came after 7 main betas that had more than 10 version releases, followed by 3 RC with 5 version releases and a long, half year testing period with an excuse for the delay, saying they only want to perfect it and make it work flawlessly before the final release. Lies and broken promises, the trademark of Macecraft, as the final release was buggy and unserviceable from the outset.

Until now, the final release has had 7 full version updates in three months, the 2010 -961, 963, 964, 966, 970, 980 and the present 981 version. All of them are bug fixes. Yet, it is still not fully operational and is incurably buggy with the potential of destroying the Windows system.
After all, they have the gall to advertise it as the safest utility suit, instead of squarely warning users “Use at your own risk”. They’re just using us as guinea pigs for our 30 bucks.

This is a frigging disaster.
Hilbert Oct 11, 2010
2 out of 5
I've used jv16 for years, even before it was a commercial product, and I've always liked it. But I have to agree with Stephan44, the 2010 edition was very late and bug-ridden.

That said, my preliminary tests on this version show that some (but not all) of the bugs have been fixed. The irritating and annoying windowing bug appears to have bitten the dust. At least that's a good start.
Stephan44 Oct 11, 2010
1 out of 5
The new list of bug fixes of version 981 is impressive, however shame on Macecraft. Why? When opening and closing screens you first get a 'black screen' and some seconds later the real content. Macecraft knows about this (driver) conflict. I tried powertools again, however when using the encryption tools I got an access violation. The hd wiper does not work, and so on.
Again I removed powertools from my HD.
My advice: take a look at the supportforum of powertools first and read about the many, many bugs. Again shame on Macecraft.
navidh Oct 9, 2010
5 out of 5
I have been using software from Macecraft since the past 5 years or so. Regsupreme Pro stands as one of the best and most reliable programs I have ever used. jv16 PowerTools 2010 is a fantastic program and well worth the price of admission. Malicious elements have poisoned this great program's ratings and reviews. Shameful!
Stephan44 Aug 24, 2010
1 out of 5
I was hopeful as many bugs were fixed in the latest release version 2.0.0 970.
What a big disappointement. I used the Registry Information tool and got right away an access violation.
To be honest, I always enjoyed Powertools from Macecraft. I used this set of utilities many times. My opinion changed with the introduction of the 2010 version. With this release many bugs were introduced. My computer did not boot anymore after using the registry compressing tool and my Outlook 2010 settings got damaged after using the cleaner. Fortunately Macecraft has a good support. My conclusion, leave powertools alone and use your money for other software or beer or wine.. Powertools is with all the bugs a waste of money
mike59 Aug 10, 2010
1 out of 5
One of the biggest PC destroyers made. Only use if you want to destroy your windows install. It will never boot again!
Input Overload Aug 1, 2010
5 out of 5
Delighted with this software, the best version yet. Get round to the idea you have to pay for some software. Open wallet, remove Vista/Master-card insert details - done. Although this version is a FREE update to any other paid for version.

As I've said before if you have any intelligence whatsoever you will image your C:\ regularly, then if any issue should arise 6 minutes later your back in business. I must say JV16 has yet to cause me to restore an image. Great stuff.

FreeSpeech, I don't know what applications JV16 has broken for you, how about a list of damaged software? Then we can compare notes? I've never had an application break yet using this software. And it does keep my PC running well. and I spend my life in com rooms and was not born yesterday, nor did I drop off a Christmas tree.

carlvui, you have a full month to try this software un-crippled, just how log does it take you to decide whether it's for you or not? Why would you want a refund after you have tried it for free for 30 days? Your logic is flawed.

Oh & BTW I have nothing to do with Macecraft & never have apart from using the software for some years. I live in the good old UK.
FreeSpeech Jul 31, 2010
1 out of 5
Cleaning the windows registry is a HUGE SCAM! It will not make your computer any faster noobs! Cleanig it is a waste of time and is risky. Sure, it may work for you, but it is not worth the risk. It breaks many applications.
carlvui Jul 31, 2010
1 out of 5
There they go again. The post below is just another advertisement from Macecraft.
It's called comparative advertisement (they love to bring down competitors).
Stealth marketing. Stingy Macecraft would never pay the site owner for advertising, they think it's more effective to pose as a reviewer and anyhow, they enjoy having free lunch. I wish they were as good at writing programs as good they are at posting their ads with sock puppeting.

BTW. for sake of changes, this time the registry cleaner freezes. Every week under new version number they deliver patches, which fix one and create ten new bugs, killing even what once worked when you paid for it, wasting your money, rendering the whole softpack unusable.
And still no refund policy.
john263 Jul 31, 2010
4 out of 5
I have for years used Registry First Aide weekly. I really need a SAFE program that does pick out enough errors to make it worthwhile, and at the same time NEVER causing me grief. The ability to list what is being corrected generally does this for me. RFA does not work on 64 bit windows (7) systems so I begrudged looking for a replacement. In a Trade Station Forum someone making his own suggestion to others about utilities spoke highly of jv16, and before then I had never heard of it. When I tried it vs RFA on my 32 bit machine, it found 20% more entries that I could verify were useless, before I deleted them. They allow 60 days trial, and it may take that for a problem to show up. They offer lifetime upgrades for their $40 fee, and I have bought upgrades for RFA in the past. I like Smarty Uninstaller so I don't need theirs. I grant you their other utilities seem to replicate features I can do on already (start menu or service manager), or that I don't want to do (clean my registry at startup). Thus far I have ran and checked their registry cleaner about 9 times during a lot of uninstall and reinstall of many programs where I need to be sure the remains of the old were cleaned out. Neither the manufacturer nor my Smarty uninstaller programs a thorough enough job, while the jv registry cleaner did. I am on day 21 of my trial and intend to buy their product for the safe and complete registry cleaner that works on 32 and 64 bit systems. The program seems very upfront as to the fully functioning trial, and the layout seems user friendly to me. They did a review of many registry cleaners (google jv16 reviews) that appears verycomplete to me and which could have been self serving. When I compared their results to my own comparison to RFA, I found my results verified their statements. Maybe 3 years from now I will give their product a 5 because I will know for sure of any faults. Thus far I am totally happy.
mike59 Jul 27, 2010
1 out of 5
This is moronware. Input Overload don't post here anymore since this software destroyed his computer. He lost everything including his mind.
guevara Jul 4, 2010
1 out of 5
still freezes when analyzing my system
carlvui Jul 3, 2010
1 out of 5
Macecreaft did it again.
An eye candy GUI update and the usual long list of lies. The same bugs are still persistent.

Added Anti-Malware tool that serves Macecraft future business plans to charge yearly SUBSCRIPTION fee. That’s why 2010 upgrade is free and Macecraft is busy pushing users to update. Marketing!!! It's online with your sensitive Windows settings, putting Macecraft in full control over your PC.

Meanwhile, the best system and registry maintenance tools are all available free from Microsoft or from other trusted developers. Many of JV's features are nothing but shortcuts to the Windows utility tools and are default for W7 or downloadable freebies such as the MS Powertoys Tweak UI, or's world class freeware the Sysinternals Suit, or to handle and fix registry and system errors the Microsoft Fix it Center. And there are many more great free solutions.

And here comes Macecraft with their expensive, badly bloated, buggy, hard to use old-school, unsafe, heavyweight monster and their usual lies. Hopeless forever.
mike59 Jul 3, 2010
1 out of 5
All registry cleaners are a scam!
This is $30.00 scamware. It is intened for noobs that don't have a clue like inputoverload.
Input Overload Jul 2, 2010
5 out of 5
Well worth updating to 2010, esp as it's for free. The reg cleaner is much faster & the installer finds more junk than previous incarnations. A must have program for anyone that has any interest in having their PC's running top notch. A brilliant program & well worth waiting for. In years JV16 has never caused me any issues. Ten stars! :-)
Uriel Jul 2, 2010
5 out of 5
The picture show here at Fileforum is for Jv16 2009 and not the 2010 version. JV16 has been totally revamped and the upgrade is free for current license owners of 2009. Totally recommended and safe from my experience of the software. Much recommended! Try it and you won't be disappointed!
charlesn56 Jul 1, 2010
5 out of 5
Great software !! If you know what you are doing, this is the best software out there. As with any software that works with the system and registry files you have to understand what you are changing or you can get into trouble. Macecraft got it right with this 2010 version.
carlvui Jun 28, 2010 RC1
1 out of 5
Before downloading and installing, it might be a good idea to expand the reviews and read the following posts.
They are spot on, informative and can be helpful .


There are of course many other very good reviews.
guevara Jun 28, 2010 RC1
1 out of 5
I gave 5 stars for thearlier version, but this freezes on startup, and dont work on my win 7 64 bit.
Input Overload Jun 28, 2010 RC1
5 out of 5
mike59, can you let us know how your registry was destroyed & what steps were taken to cause this.

Maybe if you used bullet points we will get a clearer picture as try as I can I cannot trash my registry. I am assuming you tried the software? What modules do you feel are helpful and which are not. Have you bought this product in the past or are you just being a moron? Going to have another attempt to trash my registry, wish me luck, I will survive regardless as I have images going back to 1951 ;-)
mike59 Jun 28, 2010 RC1
1 out of 5
Another n00bware/scamware/malware registry destroyer.
bossmj Jun 22, 2010 RC1
5 out of 5
@Input Overload

Hear hear! Phew. I was really rather chuffed to see carlvui taken him down a peg or two.

JV16 has been a 'bleeding edge' utility since time in memorial. Back in the day, it could break your machine in a heartbeat, if you didn't know what you were doing. Still can if you muck about w/ its settings. This is a 'big boy tool'.

Here comes 'x' with...well, let's say here comes carlvui et al.

Guerilla marketing. [Must have caught sight of the worldcup snafu by the Dutch Brewery] and to master the word 'guerilla', used it in a sentence hence we get his contribution.

Don't mean 'nuttin' by it, carlvui. Just a little riled coz this site is really not for passive discussion but for industrial strength considerations and contributions.

Not for colour coded pc assemblers but for those with an intimate understanding of how the entire system [HW & SW] work together.

It doesn't help when one devotes the time to swing by here (which i l do religiously since the days when the homepage was a single page [sans fileforum tab or colour]) and ...bam. You run across nonsense that amounts to a late night 'informercial'. {Speaking of.... what do you think of 'finally fast?' Best thing since sliced bread?}

I can point you to CNET for your pleasure. As the heading says, [CNET Reviews is your home for the best unbiased reviews of computers, digital cameras, cell phones, and more.]
guevara Jun 22, 2010 RC1
5 out of 5
works fine here on win 7 64 bit.
dont think the tweaks are usefull, but the registrycleaner and compressor is ok (and better than ccleaner)
Input Overload Jun 22, 2010 RC1
5 out of 5
carlvui, to 'Rebuild' windows takes less than 7 minutes. (Have you ever heard of imaging programs such as 'True image', 'Ghost’ etc. It seems not.

I have never received one penny from Macecraft whatsoever. As stated before I live in the UK & happen to think JV16 is a dam good set of tools if you have a brain. As you don't even make images of your system lest a problem should occur your review is not so valid.

I can only assume you got your PC recently & are less than a pro & your review should be viewed from that angle. I repeat! Not one penny piece from Macecraft ever. Paul, Derbyshire, UK.
It seems that yet another person has come out of a hole believing until their dying day that software developers should work & distribute software for free, wake up this is 2010 not 1995.
carlvui Jun 21, 2010 RC1
1 out of 5
Macecraft is at their best.
Every time a poster dares volunteering a negative opinion, there come the Macecraft affiliates calling them dumb and filling up the board with 5 stars posts and ratings.

Macecraft's site Affiliate Program pays in cash for as they say... “Simply by recommending our product”. That’s what the whole thing is all about.

JV16 is just a buggy overloaded collection of other well-known free source Windows system care/tuning programs. An awkward copy of the world renowned freeware of's Sysinternals Suit and Microsoft free download, the PowerToys Tweak UI.

There's nothing to do Guerilla Marketing is legal, softmakers' manipulating of review boards is common, learn to read the smart way !!!!

Devote time, read all the posts. It takes only 30 minutes. To rebuild your Windows might take a day, let alone you pay for something that you can get not only for free but what is more important, in better quality.
Input Overload Jun 21, 2010 Beta 7
5 out of 5
Kamika007z, you best carry on using the free version then & you will be happy.
Kamika007z Jun 21, 2010 Beta 7
1 out of 5
Not to be mean about it, but CCleaner is better and free. I cannot justify an overbloated registry cleaner that costs anything after using the above mentioned. Also, it this software used to be better when it was free.
TomA102210 Jun 18, 2010 Beta 7
5 out of 5
I've been using jv16 Power Tools for quite some time. Currently using the 2009 edition on a 64 bit system and have never, ever had a problem.

I have been beta testing the 2010 edition on a test computer, trying to break it and haven't been able to. This is an excellent program.
felixml Jun 18, 2010 Beta 7
5 out of 5
The VERY BEST there is.
I do not think it is even possible to mess up your PC with it even if U try hard.
Use and enjoy!
Input Overload Jun 12, 2010 Beta 7
5 out of 5
I can only wonder what you people do as I am unable to replicate messing my system up using JV16. It is by far the best registry tool out there. I'm sorry others have issues but after seeing JV16 friends & colleges have bought it without messing their systems up either. Perhaps you should take the PC back to the shop & buy something else instead, I still believe a lot of complains are sour grapes caused by Macecraft charging for the product.
carlvui Apr 19, 2010 Beta 5
1 out of 5
What issues I am having? Asking me, Input?

I write in hope my feedback can be a little help for those believers that I used to be.
Macecraft lied to me many times over their live help, they tricked me into paying for JV16 that totally messed up my system and their support just made it worse.

I install all the new versions on my test computer just waiting for one that eventually would work for my money.
All I can see it’s getting worse, more bloated and buggier each time they „improve it”.
I DON'T WANT READERS TO BELIEVE ME, just to be cautious and read all the reviews, consider very carefully before downloading and paying for this.

People, take your time and consider better alternatives before downloading JV16. You have nothing to lose.
waddywonka Apr 14, 2010 Beta
5 out of 5
jv16 rules, using it from day 1, if u know what ur doing its the best there is.
Uriel Apr 12, 2010 Beta
5 out of 5
I have been eagerly following JV16's development blog for the last few months anonymously. The team has done some major overhauling of the 2010 beta since the last beta using the latest version of Delphi.

This tool is full of unique features that Windows lacks that will enable the experienced user to repair system problems. This program is one of my favorites and I couldn't do without it.

Please keep in mind that this latest version posted here is still a beta version and could cause you and your system problems. If you come across any bugs in this beta, please report them so that they can be fixed.
Input Overload Apr 12, 2010 Beta
5 out of 5
dotnetnightmare, I've used JV16 tools for years & have yet to have an issue. I too use Acronis but have never had to because of JV16, ever. My PC's run like well oiled machines. JV16 = No worries.

It seems the ones who 500 years ago who resented paying someone to work for a living are still alive & kicking. & Hey! If using betas worries you here is a tip:- Wait for the Final.

BTW, carlvui, I find the one star posters even more suspicious, If you don't like JV16 which you obviously detest, why keep installing it & moaning, it's been around long enough to get a good idea what 2010 is going to be like which is a free update to registered users! Get a life.

Exactly what issues are you having? Oh that's if you even bothered installing, which I doubt you have. if you have a good backup routine it's only 8 mins to revert to an image.

10 stars.

BTW I have nothing to do in any way with JV16, I live in the good old UK.
dotnetnightmare Feb 27, 2010 Beta 4
1 out of 5
This thing scares the hell out of me! In one click I can totally hose my system! I have Acronis! When it asks if I'm sure or to select the right settings for accuracy I keep thinking that if I knew which registry error were "errors" why in the hell would I need this! Can't something just work? Yes, CCleaner does and it's free! It has never screwed any computer up during normal use. I don't use CCleaner. I recommend it to those that need something safe. JV16 should bundle their s*** with Acronis, cause your gonna need it!
carlvui Jan 7, 2010 Beta 3
1 out of 5
Betas upon betas, they replace them nearly weekly 'cause none of them works, yet they sell them for money and even users have to pay them for beta testing.

So, I do not think that reviewers " loose" their time posting here.

On the contrary, what unacceptable is that any poster tries to discourage others in volunteering their opinion on a public review board if they don't like or not satisfied with the product.

I rather find the five star posts suspicious, as they might be what Victoras mentioned in his post. Many of them here seem to be advertisement and they show up even more childishly and aggressively on Softpedia’s site under JV16.

I am not the only poster who noticed this.
shroom Jan 7, 2010 Beta 3
4 out of 5
So many reviewers that deep-test every new version and yet complain for the same thing over and over again. *sarcasm*

If you don't like it, and moreover if you don't even try it (which is obviously the case for most of the 1-star reviews), you can loose your time elsewhere don't you think ?
ubermann Jan 7, 2010 Beta 3
1 out of 5
I never ever in my life seen a program that removes the .exe association!!!
Frank Holman Jan 1, 2010 Beta 2
1 out of 5
jv16 PowerTools 2010 Beta2 released!

Postby jv16 on Thu Dec 31, 2009 6:23 pm
Update: The beta2 wasn't working properly under 64 bit Windows and therefore it is no longer available. An updated beta version will be made available shortly.
Assirius Jan 1, 2010 Beta 2
1 out of 5
Yeah messed up my system too , I stopped using it since years
CyberDoc999 Dec 31, 2009 Beta 2
1 out of 5
Wost mess I have ever tried...... made a mess of my system
AlphaBetaGamma Dec 31, 2009 Beta 2
3 out of 5
The Beta 2 has been taken down to fix some bugs in x64 systems. A new beta should be out in a few days.
Uriel Dec 31, 2009 Beta 2
5 out of 5
As I stated before, this is an excellent tool for techies. For those of you who don't know what you are doing, I suggest a registry cleaner that is programmed for grandmas and newbies.
carlvui Dec 14, 2009 Beta 1
1 out of 5
Slows down the system, latest version 2010. It's their heaviest, buggiest program ever with dozens of functions that average users don't need and will never be able to safely use, yet we have to pay for it.

An aggressive and overcomplicated-overdeveloped program that takes control over important default Windows system settings with the great possibility of causing Windows violation, even if you don't use all of its functions.

DON'T BELIEVE their installation screen that says: "stay cool" and don't mind if you can't or don't know how to use many of the complicated features.
They are just trying to talk you out of fully testing the program before buying it, thus hiding the bugs. It's just business
At least as it is of today, as they might think about it and remove or replace this patronizing, unprecedented, misleading sales gag.

YES, BE SURE to test this program patiently and thoroughly before paying and regret it later. Take your full one month trial time.

I second other posters, don't attempt to install this program or any of the final releases without having a third party, Acronis, Ghost etc. professional full system recovery solution.
Uriel Dec 5, 2009 Beta 1
5 out of 5
Been using it for years. Great tool for those who know what they are doing.
Input Overload Dec 5, 2009 Beta 1
5 out of 5
CyberDoc999, have you never heard of a registry backup, or Ghost, or Acronis True Image? You really ought not to be trying Beta software unless you have a disaster backup system, or intelligence. I've used this program since day one & it has yet to cause me any issues. I’m looking forward to the 2009 final later this month. A must have program!
CyberDoc999 Dec 4, 2009 Beta 1
1 out of 5
I had to re-format after using this
charlesn56 Dec 4, 2009 Beta 1
4 out of 5
Please correct me if I am wrong, but this version I think should be list as Power Tools 2010 beta 1 !!!!
groucho Nov 26, 2009
1 out of 5
The last three versions of this product are very dangerous. They find hundreds and even thousands of False Positives. If you follow their "findings" and delete all those registry keys or values, your system will crash. Abandon jv16PT and use a good free registry tool like TweakNow RegCleaner or EasyCleaner.
oblivion62 Oct 30, 2009
5 out of 5
I've been using jv16PT for all its life. There /have/ been (I think) two occasions when it's caused me a problem, but its backups have never failed me. Not sure what the scare-mongerers below are going on about: competitive FUD, I expect. Time and again, it's been rated the best of the bunch. (Fred Langa has a particularly high opinion of it, if memory serves, after exhaustive testing.) Yes, it's not for the foolish or uninformed, it's a tool for techies. You can make it break your system, if you try. But it's never broken mine, and it's solved a good few problems that have evaded other tools, which makes it (in my eyes, anyway) a Damn Fine Product.
Zoroaster Oct 22, 2009
4 out of 5
I partially agree with madmike, but his rating IMHO is exaggerated. I know this application ever since its start, I agree that time has modified some things (which ones?) but overall it remains healthy, and efficient. I stick on 5 stars for two reasons : 1- It works, 2- Staff and forums are dynamic (they strive for quality).
A good product.
madmike Oct 21, 2009
1 out of 5
was a good program once but now bloated and beaten by free alternatives
carlvui Oct 20, 2009 Beta
1 out of 5
It seem to me Victoras' post of Feb 5, 2009 is the most correct and revealing information on Macecraft products.

I am not against registry cleaning I myself use one and tried many, among others JV16, but yes, I am against buggy weak products.

JV16 not only damages your OS but as if it wasn't enough its own restore and undo is useless, that is why their very own home-site in the news section of
"10.09.2009 - Potential problem in jv16 PowerTools 2009"
advises users to download registry patches from another site to restore the system, damaged by their product.
Leastways, it remains there until they remove this piece of news.

Yes, as many poster reported it correctly, JV16 is still buggy.

Good idea to be patient and check out all the other available products very carefully before installing this one.

Take your time, don't hurry.
the_root Oct 20, 2009 Beta
5 out of 5
Has worked well for me for years. Never had to undo anything this program has done.
Uriel Oct 19, 2009 Beta
5 out of 5
The negative reviews here reminds me of some moderators at certain tech support site that harp the dangers of even looking at a reg cleaner.

Not only is Powertools the best reg cleaner for techies, but it is chalk full of other useful tools. A couple of my favorites is the ability to search for files using wild cards and the ability to search the registry for a single word and have it return a list of results. The directory finder is another feature that I use quite often. There are also many other useful features that I will not mention here that are very useful.

JV16 Powertools hasn't toasted my system yet and I have been using it for a few years now. But for those of you who say it has toasted your system, where is your backups? Your JV16 created registry backup and your system backup should have saved you if you had prepared.
Input Overload Oct 16, 2009 Beta
5 out of 5
I don't know what you people are doing but I have yet to have an issue with this program. In my HO it's the best reg cleaner out there. As with the licence I have it on two laptops & this new DELL desk running Vista. Never had a BSOD with Vista since day one final. You sure it's not sour grapes from 300 years ago when he actually wanted paying for the program?
carlvui Oct 15, 2009 Beta
1 out of 5
They don’t know the trick how to make a safe, yet thorough registry cleaner that many other developer knows.
Either you set it to aggressive mode and will retrieve a myriad of false positives or to mild and it will miss too many useless keys.

Moreover, this tool searches the registry with a totally harmful conception of the developer and retrieves registry keys that are not errors and should never be deleted.

Unfortunately damage from wrong deletions cause problems much later when you lose association with registry cleaning and you can’t fix it any more.

JV16 is getting worse every year.

Avoid this tool. Curiosity killed the cat.
Juhandra Oct 14, 2009 Beta
1 out of 5
It makes you computer so clean that it BSOD's after restarting.
CyberDoc999 Oct 9, 2009 Beta
1 out of 5
I had to reformat after using this.......
the performance increase that you obtain by deleting reg errors is nothing in comparison to the harm that this does to your OS.

BEWARE !!!!!
poisonu May 26, 2009
5 out of 5
Version is the best yet!!
It is a Must have tool.
Input Overload Apr 1, 2009
5 out of 5
I've used this & previous incatations for several years & it's one of my 'must have ' programs. great stuff!
frites Apr 1, 2009
2 out of 5
I used to love JV16 but since 2004 it has really kept going downhill. The last two years for JV have not been good , I dont like it at all anymore but i use the older version and it works well and is easy to use.
bugphobia Feb 27, 2009
5 out of 5
My, my! jv16 PowerTools has done it again. Frigging awesome software. I still use the old interface, but the functionality has definitely gone up a few notches.

The system optimizer thingy has especially caught my attention. Forcing the Windows core files into RAM seems like such a reasonable thing, I wonder why nobody else has come up with ideas like this before.

The guys developing this software are either geniuses or have way too much time on their hands. I'm inclining to believe the second. Nonetheless, pure awesomeness.
betanewsfan2009 Feb 17, 2009
5 out of 5
Jeez -- how many people try a program and then load up a website to brag about it? I mean what's the ratio? Whatever it is, count me in! I can't believe this software. It ****a c t u a l l y --- w o r k s*****. No - it's better than that and people should know this. I wish I could give a 10 rating. Thanks for giving people a voice. Your audience should know good software before they download it. Thank you fileforum AND JV16!!
george123 Feb 9, 2009
5 out of 5
I am a math teacher and I use a lot of programs for calculations and school situations for my kids and for my other teacher colleagues and the computer the school gave me is not one the fastest and I have to deal with that. So after installing all of those, I waited for a long time to turn on my computer, but not after I installed jv16 Power Tools ; it really cleaned all the registries and now the computer boots twice as fast as it did before installing jv16 Power Tools.
By far the best I used till now and I think it's wrong to compare it to other cleaning tools. And if u want to test it, just try the free trial, but I am sure you will be pleased.
applemc Feb 9, 2009
5 out of 5
3 words to describe this program: CHEAP, EFFICIENT & USER-FRIENDLY! My computer is fast and more responsive now, definitely is worth every cent I paid. I even notice that the registry cleaner is a lot more precise than before, the developer must have done some great improvements which I am very very happy about it! Nice job!
Adem Feb 7, 2009
4 out of 5
I've read all the reviews and my recommendation is to use the free trial first to see if it's right for you - be careful with the registry / auto pilot. The Gui is cool but I was surprised to read that the 2007 update had no new features. I still give it a 4 stars though, it's pretty user friendly.
priyankagupta Feb 7, 2009
5 out of 5
Hello all, speed up your Windows by installing jv16 Power Tools 2009 and within 4 mins you will experience the same way as I had. Now my Windows runs smoothly with a very fine speed.Now I do not need to install several other softwares for cleaning or managing. Its just one thing and I am sorted :-)
farooq_ali Feb 7, 2009
5 out of 5
The application suits for your computer to make it more strong. Very flexible and reliable. It also comes with a very useful help file to help people set this program up. I will personally advise you to use this application to boot up your system.
It will help you to pull up your PC health.
Easy to Install and easy to use. The graphical user interface of the system is also good.

Hopefully they'll keep enhancing to scan for more items in the future.
priyamani Feb 6, 2009
5 out of 5
Hi friends, I am one of the users of this jv16 powertools 2009
I had been using this jv16 powertools 2009 for the past one year.
Still I couldn’t find any problem in my system, registry and the operating system.
Actually I felt bad after I was reading some bodies reviews but it’s absolutely wrong Information.(Always bad news spread faster than good news know).
But after using this jv16 powertools 2009 I still utilizing its benefits.
Its cost is low compare to its worth.
Its functionality is very useful, it deleting unwanted files, It automatically cleanup my windows registry from obsolete and unneeded data, it can control the entire computer in our LAN.So
My system is working fast and getting extra spaces also.
jv16 powertools 2009 product itself search and delete unwanted files and data ,its automatic. Its take much time when we do it by manual.
After using this jv16 powertools 2009 product I recommended to my friends. They were also using it now. My friends also saying its working very fine and its feature is excellent.
So I recommend you friends, its friendly to operating system and the user.
It’s working fine and good. It’s downloading speed also low so no one sit long time for downloading.

Thanks and Regards
Victoras Feb 5, 2009
2 out of 5
OK boys and girls. First, I am an advanced user and I know the jv16 powertools for a couple of years now and I am a registered client. I think that the 5 star ratings are from those that either they work for macecraft or they are macecraft's affiliates. Anyone who wants to use JV16 as an autopilot software, he/she will destroy his/her OS. For those who know about OS then they can use it with caution. Last year's update was actually a GUI update of the 2007 version rather than a features update. It was buggy from its launch to its replacement. Personally I do not know if I will give them $7 for the upgrade. I am really cautious on a soft pack that on a clean install of OS finds more than 500 registry mistakes. On a recent conversation with an MS soft engineer, he said to me DON'T TOUCH THE REGISTRY. Now I am telling you that the performance increase that you obtain by deleting reg errors is nothing in comparison to the possibility of harming your OS. I consider myself as the person that should be in the Guiness book of records due to the number of formats I have made in various PCs including my personal one.

So, if you use your PC for serious work then DO NOT USE JV16 unless you are a soft engineer.

If you are a student then I recomment JV16 use. It will help you to grow up and teach you that you should never touch something that you are not 100% sure what it is or what it does.
shroom Feb 4, 2009
5 out of 5
The tool went to shareware years and years ago and still, people can't understand the need to earn money.
jv16 deserves its price, it never crashed my system and I've been using it for years.
Uriel Feb 4, 2009
5 out of 5
begem0t, it isn't idiot proof so you better not use it. An advanced user will have a backup (including a system backup). Oh wait, one of the new features in 2009 is an automatic backup. I guess this means the writer of this application is advanced.
Input Overload Feb 3, 2009
5 out of 5
I've been using JV16 since vesion 6 & find them the most usefull registry tools there are bar none. How 'begem0t' managed to damage two installations is beyond me if he.she is an 'Advanced User', I suspect he/she is one of the people who expects people to work for nothing. Well dome Macecraft, 2009 a nice set of tools at a resonable price & now a really good looking ointerface. I would give it 6 stars if I could.
thezelda Feb 3, 2009
1 out of 5
Used to be free. Bait ans switch. quality has gone down since going paid. Also makes mistakes and removes things that cause issues.
begem0t Feb 3, 2009
1 out of 5
I strongly advise agains the use uf this thing. I'm fairly advanced user, and I had two of my windows installations damaged beyound repair thanx to older versions of this.

Any tweak you need, better do it yourself, using a simple Registry Editor, instead of risking a reinstall with this.
picsoetje Feb 3, 2009
1 out of 5
JV has abandonned his loyal test-partners in a very unfriendly way years ago.
Now I (one of his loyal followers) abondoned him and his Macecraft (whaever the quality of his products may be.
Btw :
- The jv16 PowerTools are still MUCH TO COMPLICATED for home users
- very ugly user-interface
- and bad user-guidance (too many decisions to be made by the user)
- They will never be accepted in business invironments.
Zoroaster Feb 3, 2009
4 out of 5
There is a new version jv16 PowerTools 2009 which has just been released and corrects a problem in the license registration process.

Otherwise, jv16 PowerTools 2009 is a real leap from 2008. Very good.
Morningdove Feb 3, 2009
5 out of 5
jv16 PowerTools is a set of 24 utilities tied together with a common interface and restore facility. Some of the utilities will be used extensively while others may never be used. If you don't have comparable separate utilities for those you use, this is probably the best collection available.
wyzwyk Jan 17, 2009 RC1
5 out of 5
I've been using JV16 Power Tools since it was freeware and have always been happy with it. While it is a complete suite of maintenance utilities the registry cleaner is the crown jewel of the lot. It is aggressive at removing invalid registry entries but at the same time is safe by not removing valid ones. The $7.00 Macecraft asks users to pay for this new version upgrade is EXTREMELY reasonable. Don't be fooled by the no frills look of JV16 Power Tools as it is quality software.
Uriel Jan 3, 2009 Beta 4
5 out of 5
One of my favorites. I will be one of the first in line to pay the small fee for the upgrade when the final comes out Feb 2.
johnnydollar Dec 22, 2008 Beta 3
5 out of 5
I am not aware of any freeware that has a set of tools like JV16. You can get the last freeware version from this website if it is that important to you. This is the only registry cleaner/utility that I know of that has a full featured 30 day trial period with no restrictions, and also the only one that I know of that does not expire after one year. The license is good for 5 pc's also. The price is in line with other commercial reg cleaners, but JV16 offers you so much more than just cleaning the registry. It has good documentation and safe settings to use and will warn you before performing a potential dangerous act in case you don't know what you are doing. I have used it for nearly a year and it has come in very handy at times. I give it a 5.
AshG Dec 10, 2008 Beta 2
5 out of 5
This is one of my favorite tools when cleaning up messes made by some of the people whose computers I take care of. The price is comfortably low as well. I appreciate the continued improvement of this product.
Chocobito Nov 24, 2008 Beta 1
5 out of 5
This tools its really useful, not only the reg cleaner its great, the file tools and search its very good not like the WindowsXP search that is awful. Very very goos program, yeah the interface is not so good looking but that its nonesense for rating this program so low. Deserve a Five.
PRoBiSoNe Nov 5, 2008
5 out of 5
Nothing but greatness!!! I have used JV16 since it was in its infancy and freeware. It is such a great piece of software with so many utilities and has never done me wrong, that I bought the 2008 powertools suite! A strong 5!
Brian49 Sep 13, 2008
5 out of 5
An excellent set of tools. The registry cleaner, the software manager and the file finder are especially good.

By the way, a review should consist of comments on the software, not comments on what someone else has said.
seneka Aug 28, 2008
5 out of 5

I really don’t get people like you.

JV16 PowerTools was way more “dangerous” to use back then as it is to use right now, because now it has an enabled by default Backup feature.

Also, I’m not quite sure that I follow your logic. What are you talking about here? The old program or the new? And which one is the terrible and which one is much better? And more important still WHY? If you'll say that because the developers are actually trying to make some money off their work, then you are dead wrong. The only thing terrible here, is your attempt to sound old-school. Please try to actually use a program before you give a review to it.

Btw, for the rest of the people here, sorry about the squabble and to be on topic, this program rocks.
wolssiloa Aug 21, 2008
5 out of 5
I've been using this program for more than 4 years. It has never been very user friendly as it is for Windows enthusiasts and power users. Admittedly I mainly use the Registry Cleaner and Registry Compactor tools the most as they are the best in the field. The breakdown list after a registry scan is detailed and can be analyzed quickly. Many other registry cleaning programs have been playing catchup to this program.
alshawwa May 9, 2008
4 out of 5
Still good , but CCleaner (Crap Cleaner) already took jv16 powertools throne.
zapatero Mar 31, 2008
2 out of 5
Searches in the Registry are terribly slow, it is difficult and confusing to use. For me Registry First Aid is a much better Registry cleaner.
sixara Mar 2, 2008
1 out of 5
Back in the mid to late 1990s this program was really good as it was then owned by the original creators. This version is nothing like the old. The old was better if used with care. It never had the rep of being user friendly to newbies. As this could cut a hole in your system in a mous click. Terrible program!
poisonu Mar 2, 2008
5 out of 5
Superb registry & PC maintenance tool....
skidmarks Mar 1, 2008
1 out of 5
This program was, is and probably will always be lame.

I can do a better job using the regedit command which is a standard feature of the Windows OS

2 thumbs down
pforbes Mar 1, 2008
2 out of 5
After trying it deeper I change my rating because I find it very dangerous for newbies and relatively very slow in some of its features, even compared with other freeware similars.
Haaglander Mar 1, 2008
2 out of 5
I understand that jv16 pt is written by the Kalahari Bushmen. Well, the UI is very natural. Too natural imho. :)
Raysy Feb 29, 2008 RC1
5 out of 5
High-quality program! I'm using it since some years. There are "registy cleaners" and "pc boosters" everywhere on the internet, but you can't compare them with jv16!
kiliya Feb 28, 2008 RC1
5 out of 5
Can someone here at BetaNews change this rating from 3.0 what appears to be a 4-4.5? And why does anyone listen to retarded analogies about "Kalahari Bushmen"? As far as I know the "bushmen" live under completely different circumstances and couldn't make a living writing software even if they wanted to. I love free software but again it's called BetaNews not FreeNews. Rating it low because it isn't free is idiotic and myopic. The only "crap" here is your smelly review.
cannie Feb 27, 2008 RC1
5 out of 5
An excellent lot of programs. I've used it for many years. In fact I only use 5 of the many options and never any of the others. I would suggest to the developers, if I'm allowed to, to give the buyer the possibility to install the desired features and not inevitably the whole lot. BTW they may consider the possibility of making it freeware, but they have also the right to sell the fruit of their efforts as any other people.
Chocobito Dec 8, 2007
5 out of 5
This software have, for far, the best cleaning engine from any registry cleaning out there and the other tools are very useful.

PS: FREE software DOES give money. Only think in Linux ;)
dhry Dec 7, 2007
2 out of 5
Just so we all understand: Kalahari Bushmen don't have money and they "live". Therefore, this program is crap.
shroom Aug 30, 2007
5 out of 5
You know that making a free software doesn't bring money ? You know people need money to live ? I think it's really time to forget the "It was free, it should have stayed free". If you're not happy, try to work for free.
This tool deserves a 5 and the license fee is not expensive at all.
FinnDeLux Aug 5, 2007
5 out of 5
I rate it 5 as I 've used it for a long time without any problem whatsoever. I don't know what more anyone would expect from a prog such as this?
dclong Aug 5, 2007
5 out of 5
I purchased jv16 PowerTools 2007 because of its high recommendations everywhere and after a couple of days of very successful and impressive results.

This suite is - IMHO - by far the best that's out there and the many, many other suites I've purchased in the past.

The only thing that struck me as odd that, on the order page, you are also asked whether you want to purchase either a 1-month or 3-month support -- never seen that before.
Alex Stevens Aug 4, 2007
2 out of 5
Too expensive (these used to be free also, you can still find them if you search a bit). For registry cleaning I use the free CCleaner. There are free and probably better alternatives for all of these utilities.
midfingr Aug 4, 2007
5 out of 5
Great program. I use this for finding tough to get at registry entries. The new interface is an improvement over previous versions, which is nice to see. I also like the security updates for the registry cleaning engine. There are many tools in this app, but having a simple interface, it takes time to read through and find some of the really useful utilities.
armpit Aug 4, 2007
1 out of 5
There are better freeware alternatives.
minklein Aug 3, 2007
5 out of 5
Thanks for the info re the trojan. I like this prgram and have used it for several years. I gave it a 1 for quality control but overall I have to give it a 5. I like the interface in the RAW mode, like the old jv16 displayed when cleaning up.
Andy Dean Aug 3, 2007
5 out of 5
This was a known false positive generated by Avast and was fixed in later sig updates.
minklein Jul 27, 2007
1 out of 5
This download indicated a Trojan during install. Tried the file direct from Macecraft, same thing. Using Avast.
shroom Jul 27, 2007
5 out of 5
And people are still whinning four years after... Don't use the software if you don't want. At the moment those who help him making the software better receive a free license which is fair enough.
Input Overload Jul 26, 2007
5 out of 5
Brilliant program, I've used this for some years & find it one of the most useful progs I have. The last two updates Power Tools 2007 & 2006 have been free updates or for $5. Highly recommended.
Mastertech Jul 26, 2007
1 out of 5
This author originally wrote the free but now severly outdated and buggy RegCleaner:

This has known bugs. Some of which were corrected when the author integrated this into his JV16 powertools program which since 2003 has been a PAY to play program. He claims he rewrote the registry cleaner when he did this.

The new updated Registry Cleaner can now be found as a standalone PAY to play program call RegSupreme:


JV16 Power Tools was initially free and the author received free beta testing in his forums from enthusiast end users, until one day for no reason he simply killed the forums and left every single person there in the dark. He then in 2003 released these all as PAY to play programs under the company Macecraft:

I have no respect for the author for the way he did this. Nor for the way he treats the end users who used and helped him test his software.
poisonu Jul 26, 2007
5 out of 5
Superb tool....

Btw, build 404 was released a few hours ago....
Neutronbeam Jul 25, 2007
5 out of 5
I've used this program consistently for at least 3 years, including the latest version--and I paid for it. It's not for unsophisticated users (even with all the colorful new GUI bells-and-whistles)but what it does, it does well, and quickly, at a decent price point. Good registry cleaners and editors seem to be diminishing in availability, and many people visiting this site seem to expect to be able to come here and only get world-class software for free--and that attitude is not realistic. If you like it, buy it, and if you don't, then help everyone by recommending something better--even if it is not freeware.
RSMurphy Jul 24, 2007 Beta
5 out of 5
BETA yes but excellent at what it does.

A 5 Star rating, especially because Mastertech and his mindless opinions are the dictionary definition of absurd.

I don't recall seeing anywhere a claim that the software would be forever free. If you are only looking for free try

Software is *never* final until development stops.
dougau Jul 24, 2007 Beta
5 out of 5
To all saying it's buggy, it IS in BETA so bugs are to be expected. if you don't want bugs use the latest Non BETA verson.
biligt Jul 14, 2007
5 out of 5
I'm using it since it was freeware. But now it's not good as before.
mrainey Jul 9, 2007
4 out of 5
New versions are consistently very buggy. I suggest waiting another month or two before trying 2007.

I get tremendous service from the final release of 2006.
Mastertech Jul 9, 2007
1 out of 5
This author originally wrote the free but now severly outdated and buggy RegCleaner:

This has known bugs. Some of which were corrected when the author integrated this into his JV16 powertools program which since 2003 has been a PAY to play program. He claims he rewrote the registry cleaner when he did this.

The new updated Registry Cleaner can now be found as a standalone PAY to play program call RegSupreme:


JV16 Power Tools was initially free and the author received free beta testing in his forums from enthusiast end users, until one day for no reason he simply killed the forums and left every single person there in the dark. He then in 2003 released these all as PAY to play programs under the company Macecraft:

I have no respect for the author for the way he did this. Nor for the way he treats the end users who used and helped him test his software.
mickrussom Jul 9, 2007
1 out of 5
Used to be good when it was free. Now that the author went form free to extortion, it hasn't progressed and simply isn't worth the extortion fee. Plus some of the cleanups are destructive.
RSMurphy Jun 12, 2007
5 out of 5
Excellent utility. Does what it says and does it well.
armpit Jun 8, 2007
1 out of 5
Used to be good.
minklein Jun 8, 2007
3 out of 5
I went back to 2006 version. I don't like the way 2007 displays the errors and initiates the clean up procedure. JV used to be a 5 for me but they wrecked it in version 2007. I think after Beta 5 JV went to the new format for error display.
poisonu Jun 8, 2007
5 out of 5
Zoroaster Jun 8, 2007
5 out of 5
More powerful than ever. Has discovered new aberrations in my Registry. And yet no false positives, as with many other similar products. And Registry handling is only one of its many features. As far as I'm concerned, jv16 PowerTools is better than ever, as well.
toasale May 24, 2007 RC3
2 out of 5
This is not a slam at jv, but...if you play with the registry, be prepared to have the reinstall media available.

I've betaed for the better registry correction
software's not worth the aggrevation -:)
stevenarcher May 24, 2007 RC3
3 out of 5
I have been using this for a while now though admitedly I do not use all the features so cannot give it a 5 I have yet to have a problem. Perhaps HVACR could enlighten us and mention the so called alternatives!
hvacr May 23, 2007 RC3
1 out of 5
Much better software out there for far less money.
pforbes May 23, 2007 RC3
5 out of 5
Excellent running Windows 98 SE, no crashes, no problems at all (some features are only available for NT based OS). Of course, you must be careful with the changes you make in the register.
Haaglander May 9, 2007 RC2
1 out of 5
Once this was a good program .... but now? It crashes after 10 seconds.
Bachalor May 8, 2007 RC2
1 out of 5
After the first start my 'security suite' detect unauthorised creation of file(s) into my ..\windows\system32 folder and the registry.
Why want jv16 PowerTools 2007 write after the first start files and registry entries ?
Maybe a shareware protection ??
The author give not an answer, if you ask about that.
shroom May 8, 2007 RC2
5 out of 5
Used to work very well and still do :)
Go for it !
bigmama May 8, 2007 RC2
1 out of 5
promising but now.... :-(

tune-up utilities and ccleaner the best combination
Letterman May 2, 2007 RC1
1 out of 5
Used to work very well.
V.A May 1, 2007 RC1
1 out of 5
I have known this software when it just came out : it was soooooo promising.
The only remark I made to the writer was : do something about your user-interface - he didn't.
Nowadays, after it has been taken over by Macecraft, I'd say do something about everything.
cricri_pingouin Apr 26, 2007 Beta 5
1 out of 5
Oh my... I've tried it for around 5 minutes, and I had to run it/close it/kill a couple dozen times because it would hang/crash/misbehave constantly.
Now I managed to remove 4 "New file" keys (which took jv16 well over a minute), but can't manage to restore them due to immediate crashes!
*EDIT* so now the program crashes within 10 seconds of running it, even after re-installing. And no, I didn't use a crack in case you're wondering. So I merged manually the 4 removed keys, and removed them with RegCleaner v4.3. It took the latter a couple of seconds!
Definitely a 1 rating here.
adamlau Apr 3, 2007 Beta 5
4 out of 5
Simple, lightweight (can be pared down to under 1MB on disk), straightforward (I only require six of the available tools) and has not caused more problems than it has fixed. This is across multiple XP boxes, nLite and default installs included. As a former RFA user, I find jv16PT to be a conservative solution that performs as advertised.
TomA102210 Feb 16, 2007 Beta 4
5 out of 5
Reviewer: ranma.2 Feb 13, 2007
Version: Beta 4

this sucks
That's all, eh. No reason why.
csgalloway Feb 14, 2007 Beta 4
3 out of 5
Be nice to include some of the changes in the different betas...... Very good software tho....
ranma.2 Feb 13, 2007 Beta 4
1 out of 5
this sucks
Sandi_Jones Feb 2, 2007 Beta 2
5 out of 5
I have been using jv16 for the past 4 years, and have not found another program more reliable for editing or cleaning my registry. I have however also been upgrading my operating systems along the way. When evaluating the beta versions I have found a bug or two, but all are fixed in further beta releases. Personally, I wouldn't use another program.
jv16_2 Jan 27, 2007 Beta 2
5 out of 5
"Once AGAIN on this website this program reads 'Windows (ALL)' ! As soon as I try to install it on Win 98, I get a 'missing NT DLL !' Can you people EVER get it right as to which systems these apps run on and which ones they don't? This is getting old FAST !"

From the Release Notes of the Beta2 (and Beta1):
"* This version does not run under any Win9x system, such as Windows 95, 98, 98 SE nor ME. The program doesn't start due to a missing NT-only DLL file."

The full Release Notes are available at:
poisonu Jan 26, 2007 Beta 2
5 out of 5
jv16 PowerTools are Superb...
They include the Most Reliable & Trustworthy registry cleaner tool in the industry, plus many more superb tools.
And they are Not bloatware....
jv16 PowerTools 2007 1.7.0.x introduce a disk defragger for Win XP & "higher".
Pls don't forget this is a Beta release.
Happy New Year to All,
cannie Jan 26, 2007 Beta 2
5 out of 5
Good but not valid for all OS. Nevertheless in my opinion it would be a good idea to keep the "All" mention doing the neccesary corrections in the program, because Windows 98 SE keeps being used by millions of possible jv16 users all over the world. These users who have not changed until now won't presumably change now, they stick to their own business when it doesn't pay to upgrade or change to Linux, and programs like this are a must to keep the good "oldie" working properly.
gbjennings Jan 26, 2007 Beta 2
1 out of 5
Once AGAIN on this website this program reads 'Windows (ALL)' ! As soon as I try to install it on Win 98, I get a 'missing NT DLL !' Can you people EVER get it right as to which systems these apps run on and which ones they don't? This is getting old FAST !
jv16_2 Jan 24, 2007 Beta 1
5 out of 5
This website contains some errors and misunderstanding about me and the product jv16 PowerTools. I would like to make a statement about certain allegations made here (and also in some other discussion forums).

Allegation #1: "The author said he jv16 PowerTools will never become shareware".
Reality: I, the main developer of jv16 PowerTools, once developed a freeware program called RegCleaner as a hobby. I have said RegCleaner will not ever become shareware, I have never said such thing about jv16 PowerTools. And RegCleaner is still freeware, feel free to use it the way you want.

Allegation #2: "The author deceived beta testers when jv16 PowerTools was converted from freeware to shareware".
Reality: Every single beta tester who gave valuable feedback received a free personal license to the shareware version of jv16 PowerTools. In fact, the company (Macecraft Software) still has the same policy: if you give us good quality feedback, such as bug reports, you will receive a free personal license for the product. This is officially stated in:

Allegation #3: "Macecrfaft bought jv16 PowerTools and converted it to shareware"
Reality: Macecraft Software is company founded by the original author of the software (that would be me). This was done because I'm a professional software developer, this is what I do for my living. It doesn't pay the bills to write freeware software, I'm afraid.

Allegation #4: "Going to shareware was simply greed, asking for donations and/or going to 'free for non-commercial use' would have generated enough income to keep the project running"
Reality: jv16 PowerTools was 'free for non-commercial use' for a long time, and I also accepted donations. The main website for the products ( also contained banner ads which users were recommended to click to support the development. Still, all these income sources were not making practically anything.

If you have any questions or wish to contact me for more information, feel free to stop by at

Thank you.
iNsuRRecTiON Oct 28, 2006
3 out of 5

suite is ok, but not everyone wants a suite and personally I like an standalone registry cleaner/maintenance tool, much more/better.

RegSupreme Pro fits in that, but it doesn't include/contains all Registry related tools from jv16 PowerTools 2006, that's bad..!

So they have to integrate all Registry related maintenance tools, engine and features from PT into RegSupreme Pro and then everyone is/will be happy..

RegSupreme standard set of features is ok, but RegSupreme Pro is for more advanced users/professional(s) (usage)/experts and so, I really miss all the registry features/components from PT 2006!

Therefore I will rank only 3!

best regards,

NyaR Oct 27, 2006
3 out of 5
this sucks

regcleanr standalone is much better, they shouldnt have abandoned it
Letterman Oct 18, 2006
4 out of 5
This is a really nice piece of software but when concerns about the registry cleaner, we always have RegSeeker available for free.
RSMurphy Oct 17, 2006
5 out of 5
Paulm & Satansgeek: It's interesting how you two feel compelled to "evaluate" the latest version of a program you feel is inadequate by a developer you dislike. This is the sort of drivel that negates any merit you think your words might have.

No one was deceived when it became shareware. A programmer(s) deserves compensation for a well-wriiten program. If it doesn't do the job well then no one buys. That simple. I seriously doubt the company will fold because you two can find another cleaner for free. Yes, Google can even make you appear resourceful. Have at it.

A true reviewer should rate the functionality of a program and not his/her feelings.

This is a great program with all the convenience and functionality I want and then some. A workhorse that keeps the garbage off my system far better than any other of its kind.

Well worth the fee. I too used this when freeware . . . found it to be excellent then as I do now having paid for it.
Satansgeek Oct 17, 2006
2 out of 5
I heartily concur with member Paulm who states the case most accurately...the utility works fairly well (with a few glitches) but doesn't have a particularly notworthy registry cleaner...there are better free products to be had. The way the developer treated the tester community in the past has made me utterly unwilling to support any product(s) he may offer and I would advise a prospecticve purchaser to steer well clear.
paulm Jul 19, 2006
2 out of 5
Pretty much all of the functionality of this programme is available as freeware. If you want all that functionality in one application, and don't mind paying for it, then this app. is semi-useful. I still remember a few years ago when the author and parent company (Macecraft) deceived beta testers when switching from freeware to shareware. My memory will last a lifetime where this product is concerned!!!
The registry cleaning function (which is the most useful part of the application) is mediocre. There are at least a couple of freeware registry cleaners that are its equal or better.
the artist Jul 19, 2006
5 out of 5
People, go back and read Zoroaster's Feb-20 review! It's so bizarre-ly corny!

ahem, yes this package is great, but i think it is too subdivided into too many apps. uncomfortable.
Brian49 May 5, 2006
5 out of 5
The registry cleaner tool gets better and better - my registry has never been so free of useless clutter.
ranasrule Apr 7, 2006
5 out of 5
nice.....i like
Brian49 Mar 31, 2006
5 out of 5
There was a problem with - a fixed version,, has been issued.
Zoroaster Mar 31, 2006
5 out of 5
Caution: jv16 PowerTools 2006 proposed here is not the same as the one on the author's homepage.
sQin Mar 25, 2006 RC5
5 out of 5
now it is better than ever was
Brian49 Mar 25, 2006 RC5
5 out of 5
A very effective and reliable program. I get tired of seeing `reviews' in this forum by people who obviously haven't even downloaded the software they purport to be talking about.
Banquo Mar 24, 2006 RC5
2 out of 5
I already have the free version and it works just fine.
Brian49 Mar 8, 2006 RC3
5 out of 5
The registry cleaner is the best there is.
madmike Mar 8, 2006 RC3
3 out of 5
Was when it first came out very nicer, it was in fact freeware. Although now its upto RC3 it has bloated a tad and err its , IMHO not as sharp as it used to be.

Fianlly, it has been superceeded by another quality programs that does the same job and is free on cover disks of PC Magazines.. name slips me of the one in mind, but it does a better job and its Free
Zoroaster Feb 20, 2006 RC1
5 out of 5
Someone asked me what was my secret to have such a smooth running system. I answered that, beyond a wholesome discipline including of course anti-virus and firewall, anti-spyware and anti-trojan, anti-badware as a whole (at least for the definition), I had a 3 point menu which has proven to be effective:

1- jv16 PowerTools (Registry Cleaner in particular);
2- ERUNT Registry Optimizer (NTREGOPT);
3- ERUNT Registry Backup.

I've always been a very happy jv16 PowerTools user, except perhaps when the idea of getting even deeper in registry cleaning by means of an AI had been brought to our attention. A few mistakes then, but since jv16 continued cruising just fine.

Finally, this: Not once have I been obliged to retrieve a backup because of erroneous cleaning, whilst other cleaners both made mistakes and missed true cleaning opportunities. jv16 Power Tools is reliable.
RWW Feb 9, 2006 Beta 4
5 out of 5
sQin Feb 1, 2006 Beta 3
5 out of 5
gettin better every release
midfingr Jan 31, 2006 Beta 3
5 out of 5
I bought this a while back. I find that it works very well. A handy item to have around the house to be sure! Happy cleaning :)
clawso1 Jan 31, 2006 Beta 3
3 out of 5
To Reviewer: the_root

“I have never seen such a bad reaction to a program going from free to paid. JV deserves to be paid for his work and the program works very well. If it doesn't and you have problems you can always contact him and get the problem fixed.
I am a regular user and a beta tester for JV 16 Power Tools and have yet to have a serious problem with it and I use it every day.”

The problem is that a lot of users of jv's freeware and forum at that time was that they say he didn't do what he said he would concerning the launch of PowerTools shareware! He said that he would let the forum members know before he would begin to charge for PT, but he didn't, instead he just up and started charging for it and closed the forum two days after doing so. So, they feel that he lied to them.

But it doesn't bother me one way or the other that jv began to charge for his software, nor how he went about doing so because I have the "Option" of using PT or not!
Flying Desktop Jan 31, 2006 Beta 3
5 out of 5
I have used the paid for version of Jv16 for some time, it cost me the sum of $5 to upgrade to version 2005. I really don’t understand the problem these cheapskates have over Jv16 going none freeware. I really thought they would have got over it by now. It’s a great addition to my toolbox & is for me a must have piece of software that keeps getting better, Great stuff!
yizuman Jan 31, 2006 Beta 3
5 out of 5
The thing that gets my goat is that ppl are too cheap to pay for anything.

Get a job freeloaders!
dougau Jan 26, 2006 Beta 2
5 out of 5
jv16 PowerTools works as advertised and the author certainly has a right to be paid for his work.
the_root Jan 26, 2006 Beta 2
5 out of 5
I have never seen such a bad reaction to a program going from free to paid. JV deserves to be paid for his work and the program works very well. If it doesn't and you have problems you can always contact him and get the problem fixed.
I am a regular user and a beta tester for JV 16 Power Tools and have yet to have a serious problem with it and I use it every day.
robmanic44 Jan 7, 2006 Beta 1
1 out of 5
This was once a must have, now it's a must avoid.
lswinney Jan 1, 2006 Beta 1
1 out of 5
To me it seems there's something wrong with charging users to beta test software that is still in the beta stage.
jv16 PowerTools 2006 ...... BETA 1
bobad Dec 31, 2005 Beta 1
1 out of 5
It's an accurate and effective program. Works Well. However, there are Freeware programs that work just as well if not better. That effectively makes the program a very poor value at the high asking price. Even if money is no object, there are Freeware programs that match up well in features and effictiveness. RegSeeker comes to mind.
BIL Dec 30, 2005 Beta 1
5 out of 5
I hadn't tried JV since 1.4. I didn't care that much for 1.4. This new beta found about 70 registry entries that were sucessfully deleted and left over files from applications previously deleted. This was far more than RegScrubXP had found. There may be better tools out there, but are they as simple and as safe to use? I upped this to a 5. Just to add on. I tried RegSeeker 1.35 and it erroneously identified many registry entries as safe to delete. Beta 1.45 of RegSeeker may be better than 1.35, but they already metioned on the site "If after a cleanup, your Add/Remove control panel doesn't work ...merge thier registry file into your registry. Sounds pretty flakey to me. JV seems safer to me.
finalcut Dec 30, 2005 Beta 1
2 out of 5
yup the free version is still the best!
Banquo Dec 30, 2005 Beta 1
2 out of 5
I wouldn't give $2.95 for it, let alone $29.95 which is absolutely ridiculous. This was a great program when it was free but now it not only stinks but it costs too much money. Guess what though, the old free version still works perfectly fine. I guess they don't want people to know about that though.
guevara Sep 26, 2005
2 out of 5
This one is not getting better
It was a usefull program- not any more
SY16 Sep 12, 2005
5 out of 5
Been using jv16 for over a year, using v1.4 atm.
This is the only register cleaner i have ever used that does an excellent job of cleaning the registry without removing anything important by mistake. The only reason i wont be upgrade to 2005 is that i'm too used to the 1.4 GUI
Highly recommend this program.
rpavl Sep 12, 2005
5 out of 5
I agree with poisionu...this is a great app if you arent looking for some fancy smancy GUI, like all the bozos here seem to want. This app works beautifully and is consistent in removing more junk from the registry than all the hyped apps..++
poisonu Aug 3, 2005
5 out of 5
Best of Breed product.
Meant for professional users, thus no fancy interface, Just a damned honest Good tool.
Cheers & Best Wishes to All,

Betamaniac Jul 13, 2005
4 out of 5
I trialed the last release and wasn't really happy with it. Too many bugs . I feel this version will be a whole lot better from what i've read on the Macecraft Forum ...lot of fixes, time will tell!
I'm gonna review it now before trying it, as it's had so many problems in the past that I reckon they've got it right this time.
sQin Jun 30, 2005 Beta 4
4 out of 5
dont compare this with Crap Cleaner, it has more features, has better reg cleaner. 2005 version is a bit slower than 1.4, and interface in ugly, so i give 4
rpavl Jun 30, 2005 Beta 4
1 out of 5
Pure Junk....Crap Cleaner is FREE and much faster and more versatile.
rkwone Jun 30, 2005 Beta 4
2 out of 5
Barely adequate. Last freeware version can be downloaded from Works great for what I do
dustdevil Jun 30, 2005 Beta 4
1 out of 5
This program gets worse with every new version. If you absolutely need a registry cleaner get Reg Supreme Pro.
Dirk van Hoofen Jun 23, 2005 Beta 3
2 out of 5
Juny 2003 create Jouni Vuorio (the author) MACECRAFT Software. Since from now on the jv16 PowerTools was no longer freeware.
Harm for us pupil and student. One era goes to the end. Now also the author is packed by the commerce.
Kamika007z Jun 19, 2005 Beta 2
3 out of 5
The creator of this program actually created macecraft. JV (I can't spell his name) in jv16 stands for the creator's name.
kmleow Jun 19, 2005 Beta 2
2 out of 5
Was once a very good freeware tool.
Those were the days.....
DACWILSOL Jun 17, 2005 Beta 2
3 out of 5
Use to be a great program when it was at 1.4. I actually paid for a license after the free version. The new version has some updated features, but you have to set them up. I have since moved on to Ashampoo Winoptimizer Plantinum Suite 2. It uses a few more resources, but it has a easy mode and an expert mode. Cleans system and improves speed with no problems.
DLX Jun 14, 2005 1.5.1 Beta 1
2 out of 5
jv16 PowerTools has become crapware since original developer sold it to Macecraft. Registry cleaner marks important keys as "safe to remove" and is slower then ever before etc etc

Sigh. Used to be one of my favourite tools. Now it is next to worthless.
jofin Jun 13, 2005 1.5.1 Beta 1
2 out of 5
I used this progran when it was freeware and tho it has some nice touches to recommend it, it should come with a health warning!
Some very dangerous options are very easily enabled and except for the very experienced user, should not be altered.
alberta expediter Jun 13, 2005 1.5.1 Beta 1
1 out of 5
Pile of crap. I hate betaware. Took me a month to straighten out my system after jv1
shroom May 1, 2005
5 out of 5
Nice "review" bunghole... Never had any problems with this app, the developper answers to the mails, to the forum questions and fixes bugs.
Works flawlessly for me.
bunghole May 1, 2005
1 out of 5
To the developer:

No thanks. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.
[deXter] Apr 30, 2005
4 out of 5
Phew! That looks like the last batch of them nasty bugs!

Finally this product is eligible for being called 'stable'. I only hope that they dont power down the registry cleaner. As long as stuff goes OUT of the registry, it can't be bad; who cares if a couple of programs don't work later on... Re-install f00!

And might I mention the MRU cleaner is prety decent as compared to some of the full-fledged MRU cleaners I've tried.

Only I wish that the author didn't UPX the exe. It increases the overall distribution size. Un-UPXing the exe however crashes the program (intentional?)
mrainey Mar 18, 2005
3 out of 5
A followup to my previous negative review.

The bugs are being weeded out. There were too many at first, it was pretty bad.

The opening of a forum where we can communicate directly with the developer has given me a much better feeling about the future of this product.

Be very careful with deep/aggressive registry scans. They're still not trustworthy, in my opinion. The developer now says to use only the normal scan unless you're an expert.
[deXter] Mar 16, 2005
4 out of 5
I'm not surprised that yet another build is out. But its good to see that they have fixed most of the bugs that were plaguing the earlier versions.

Aside the bugs, jv16 has, although common, powerful and fast tools. The searching/cleaning effectiveness of the registry cleaner is quite superior compared to other programs (RegVac was my second choice- but funnily enough, both the new RegVac and jv16 face the same problem- clumsy UI!). Another good thing about this program is its ability to use multiple threads to speed up search results.

It was however, irresponsible of the makers to release this program under a final tag- They could have rather released it as a beta (atleast they could have used the excuse that it was a beta...)

Hopefully this build should put an end to most unstablilty problems. The new jv16 is definately worth the try.
BlackDex Mar 16, 2005
4 out of 5
It has his bugs like any other app.
But it works great for me.
It misses some featurs compaired to the previus version. But those will be re-added.
misuse86 Mar 14, 2005
1 out of 5
PURE JUNK. Anyone can do the same job MORE COMPLETELY & EFFICIENTLY with the standard regedit & msconfig command lines that comes with windows.

This program keeps getting worse & worse with each new release.
Bachalor Mar 10, 2005
2 out of 5
This version create 'little' problems on my pc. The start works, but if I want close it, a protection fauld was appears.
DIRKES Mar 8, 2005
2 out of 5
Sorry, every new release do NOT RESET THE TRIAL-period. It refuse, that the user can renew the testperiod, if a bug was present. That bring the review points down.
ghammer Mar 2, 2005
1 out of 5
Tried it.
Spend awhile trying to fix what was wrong with this and that afterwards.
Did a restore from True Image.

Won't be back to this again anytime soon...
mliviua Mar 2, 2005
2 out of 5
It sucks! 1.3 was the best verion. Then they started to get greddy. Now it's ugly and inefficient.
mrainey Feb 27, 2005
1 out of 5
I've been a happy user of either RegCleaner, JV16, or RegSupremePro for several years now. I had developed total confidence that what they told me to delete was safe to delete.

JV16 2005 changed that. The program is somewhat unstable, but worse, when I deleted everything it said to delete, many programs wouldn't run any more. It actually listed 2350 entries not spotted by JV16 1.4.1. How is that possible?

That's what backups are for, so I'm okay. But I won't be using the registry cleaner part of JV16 again any time soon.
Caratacus Feb 27, 2005
3 out of 5
"jv16 PowerTools 2005 is available immediately. A normal license for new users is priced at $29.95. Upgrade licenses for current license owners of jv16 PowerTools version 1.4.x are available for $5.95."

httpd.confused Feb 25, 2005
1 out of 5
I have always disliked this guy's crapware, and I have always said so. But the funny thing is that all the typical idiots gave it rave reviews when it was freeware, but the second it went shareware, it started getting slammed with negative reviews and ratings as we see here.

Did the software itself get worse? No, it has always sucked. Rating on price makes no sense.
port8001 Feb 25, 2005
1 out of 5
I have to Agree, this used to be my only program for keeping my system clean and running great. but as it sits now this software is has become very unstable and completely unusable.
theDUD3 Feb 25, 2005
3 out of 5
i used to love the jv16 powertools when it was just small, fast and reliable now it's bloated, slow and unstable. worst of all it's now SHAREWARE!! i wouldn't have mind paying for the previous freeware versions coz they did the job well.
dougau Feb 24, 2005
1 out of 5
I may be missing something on the jv16 PowerTools website, but even if you did purchase version 4.1, you don’t get a upgrade price for jv16 PowerTools 2005. Not a good way to keep existing, or gain new customers for your products.
dustdevil Feb 24, 2005
1 out of 5
Jouni Vuorio played a real dirty trick when he went to the shareware version and left a registry entry which prevents the freeware versions from working.I would not want this version at any cost for it is a ugly piece of crap.
horsecharles Feb 23, 2005
5 out of 5
Ditto everyone here: 5(or higher if possible) for the non-time limit versions up to

The downfall gradually began with and higher: these would upgrade to subsequent updated versions that imposed a trial time limit-- without any advance warning one went overnight from a 'permanent' utility to a 'temporary' one.

without even getting into any recent bugs/issues, I'd surmise this likely turned off a lot of potential updaters who 'might' have sprung $$ for updated versions. In fact, i'd also have offered a substantial discount for those holding previous versions(and as well removing any earlier versions from site): perhaps many'd have thought they were getting over by finding some free version elsewhere on the web... this likely would've maximized income... chess players & strategists in general, as well as advanced marketers, would readily understand such a plan.
Inray Feb 23, 2005
2 out of 5
Buggy and extremely slow !
surfbum4fun Feb 23, 2005
4 out of 5
4 stars for the old free version. this one, i don't think I'll try it...
Bachalor Feb 23, 2005
1 out of 5
My system (XP pro) freezing after the clearing up process was finish. Now I must use the taskmanager for cancel this task.
Dirk van Hoofen Feb 23, 2005
3 out of 5
It works, but if i start it 2 times, the software hang and it blocked my system. I must reset it complett.
Primis Feb 23, 2005
2 out of 5
My how the mighty have fallen.

Do yourself a favor and just Google up an old copy of the freeware RegCleaner if you have use for it, and avoid this "suite" of tools.

-- Primis.
bunghole Feb 23, 2005
1 out of 5
betasun Feb 23, 2005
3 out of 5
Freezing when finding errors in the registry .
InSuboRdiNaTioN Feb 23, 2005
4 out of 5
Yes, this is the final version.

I have the same problem which stevvie complained about in Beta 1; it renders the Device Manager Inoperable. It would get a 5, but that is a pretty considerable bug.
dzjepp Feb 23, 2005
4 out of 5
I wonder if this is the final... it was supposed to be released on February 23rd.

Anyways, this is one of the best registry cleaners around.

EDIT: This bug still lingers in the final version? :/

I will admit, I too got this bug back in Beta 1. It was very annoying. I will drop my score from 5 to a 4 because it was not fixed for the final release. I didn't bother notifiying the developer because I thought someone else or he would already know about it, but I guess not. :/

Anyway, there is a fix for the device manager failure. I went over to kellys-korner-xp and downloaded the "Restore the Device Manager" and tweak 230. "Restore Group Policy Snap-in" (although I'm not 100% sure if the second one is the actuall one I used - don't have the 2 tweaks on my drive anymore).

And after rebooting the device manager came back.

I've since formatted, it would be a shame to install the new version to again see the device manager problem. :/

EDIT 2: Notes from their homepage:

A slightly updated build ( was released a moment ago. It should resolve the problem of the Registry Cleaner feature freezing during a scan. The problem did not occur in our extensive beta testing program nor in our own testing environments. Update: Some users have reported that the Registry Cleaner still freezes, we are currently working on to fix the problem.
stevvie Dec 9, 2004 2005 Beta 1
1 out of 5
I've used JV16 Powertools Before. This is the FIRST one to mess my machine up. I can no longer run Device Manager anymore I get the error "Snap-in failed to initialize. Name:device Manager CLSID{7426BFC-4C96-11D0-ABEF-0020AF6B0B7A}" And it seemed to wipe all system restore points from the registry although the files are still on the Hard Drive.
dustdevil Dec 8, 2004 2005 Beta 1
2 out of 5
The Registy Finder fails to complet the scan.The user interface isn't as friendly as past versions.
AlexanderKraeved Dec 8, 2004 2005 Beta 1
4 out of 5
Why no changelog published? :(
dougau Dec 8, 2004 2005 Beta 1
4 out of 5
Anyone know if this is a free upgrade for registered users of version 1.4.1 or if they will offer a special upgrade price?
clawso1 Dec 8, 2004 2005 Beta 1
3 out of 5
Registered users of jv16 PowerTools will get a reduced upgrade price.
kmleow Oct 9, 2004
1 out of 5
$29.95 for this thong? Oops I meant thing.
rhon32 Mar 1, 2004
5 out of 5
I just don't understand what's your problem! Comparing this to some medicore program like RegSeeker or EasyCleaner is almost criminal in my opinion! Just run the registry cleaner and see the difference in results, while RegSeeker found like 500 and EasyCleaner like 400 invalid files from my registry powertools found over 1000! And this even gets better, while the other programs ran for a few minutes, the powertools did the job in well under a minute. So hmmmm.... it's faster and finds more invalid files, just makes me wonder what are you all whining about!?

And btw, the same line continues if you bother to test the program at all, like the duplicate file finder. EasyCleaner 2.0 wrongly says that my C:\ dir had 40 duplicates, while jv16 powertools found all 120 (I have quite a few backups files, that's why I didn't believe EasyCleaner's result at the first place). I could go on for ages but what's the point, test it yourself before making up your mind and don't believe this nonsense you can read here.

Bought the program after testing it a few days and the more I use it the more I like it! And just to let you know, no matter what they say, there is no such thing as free - you pay the price in a way or in another, in this case in poor quality and performance.
plasticpig72 Dec 27, 2003
1 out of 5
I am with everyone else on this one - used to be quite good is worse now and even more insulting it costs. Reading these review is helpful and I would like to thank paulm for reminding me of an old favourite - easycleaner which is good but the other one regsweeper is excellent and better still both are FREE.
ssb Dec 8, 2003
1 out of 5
Just useless considering the price and the better cleaner available (freeware or shareware) like Regseeker, RegHealer etc
paulm Dec 7, 2003
2 out of 5
This programme has become obsolete since it went shareware. I'm not going to flame it because most flamers, and I include myself here, wern't happy in the manner the author switched from freeware to shareware, not the fact he did, as that is his perogative. But it is adequate in what it does, and its registry cleaning component (which is all I used to use) was functional in performance, but there are far better freeware registry cleaning programmes available. Two I recommend using as they compliment each other, and tests show they find far more obsolete entries than jv16 PowerTools. Particularly the latter, are...
EasyCleaner 2.0 and Regseeker 1.35 beta.

Try them, you'll be pleasantly supprised!
zephlin Nov 29, 2003
1 out of 5
Has any one else noticed that since the switch to shareware the regcleaner does not list ANY unsafe to remove entries? I run version 1.3 & get at least 25 Red or Unsafe entries. Then run 1.4 and it will not list any unsafe or ignored entries. Why? The regcleaner is fast taking only 11sec. versus 1.3 taking 60sec. How did he make such an amazing leap in speed and make it so accurate that all found entries can be removed.. I like the speed but do not trust it based on the above mentioned and the authors attitude towards answering e-mail and support forums.
vick_n Nov 23, 2003
1 out of 5
This prog is fake.When i boot my xp it creates every time these files:edb.log;res1.log;res2.log each of them 5 MB.This makes boot process very slowly???So better ununstalled it (no more these logs).
JolinFire Nov 15, 2003
1 out of 5
I am stuck with latest freeware version, the 1.3.

it was a good program, making it shareware kills it.
pluizebol Nov 14, 2003
1 out of 5
A far too complicated patchwork of tools for me. I particularly dislike the unfriendly chaotic userinterface.
Not my piece of cake.
hedgehog Nov 14, 2003
1 out of 5
what a stupid way to get other people's attention! a false update news!
and now on their website they changed the version back to, how sick is this!
freeza Nov 13, 2003
1 out of 5
sticking to the free version.

what a rip-off. the guy didn't even tell people about this change and he bailed on his own forum
lastsamurai Nov 13, 2003
1 out of 5
what a joke, had to uninstall it right after installing it. it still says version, what the hell are they thinking?! why put out a fake version to waste other people's time?!
sirhardi Nov 13, 2003
5 out of 5
No changes listed ?...why download it ?
lastsamurai Oct 29, 2003
1 out of 5
well...Im still using an old version of RegCleaner and its free.
hedgehog Oct 23, 2003
1 out of 5
my reviews have been deleted at least 3 times,lol, lets see how long this one will stay.
bob56 Oct 20, 2003
5 out of 5
was using many other progs before found this one..... well worth the 30 bucks if you ask me!
565 Oct 20, 2003
4 out of 5
ggg Oct 20, 2003
5 out of 5
Amazing program, simply amazing! I bought this only for its registry cleaner but after using it a while I found all the other cool features and there's just no way I could ever imagine living without this one any longer!
borisf98 Oct 19, 2003
4 out of 5
Very useful and almost error-free program. Nice to use if you can ignore ugly interface.
Somnambulator Oct 15, 2003
1 out of 5
haha, maybe went over the review limit? i wont even dare mention censorship...
huh Oct 15, 2003
3 out of 5
h'mmm wonder why all reviews are erased.....