Top 5 Downloads

BurnAware Free




DVD Decrypter


K-Lite Mega Codec Pack


K-Lite Codec Pack Full


Securely encrypt single files with AES Protect

A tiny portable file protector you can run almost anywhere

Find and control Windows 10 privacy settings with WPD

Tweak more than 30 security and telemetry settings from one app

Extract icons and create image thumbnails with Thumbico

Thumbico creates thumbnails or extracts icons by dragging and dropping

Free Dictate add-on allows you to, well, dictate to Microsoft Office

Free add-on has been developed as a Microsoft Garage project.

Colour Contrast Analyser is a versatile accessibility checker

Check text legibility and simulate colour blindness in one compact app

Display live system stats on your taskbar with XMeters

Monitor CPU, RAM, hard drive and network use with a glance

Protect your privacy with Disable Nvidia Telemetry

Easily disable Nvidia's privacy-busting services and tasks

MyPC is a portable system information app

Explore, manage and troubleshoot your PC

OutWiker is a versatile personal wiki

Organise rich text notes in a configurable tree

Cut PNG and JPG file sizes with Black Bird Image Optimizer

Cut JPEGs to 15-25% of their original size

Today's Hot Files

NetSetMan 4.4.1

4.8 out of 5 stars

(June 23 - 6:47 PM ET)

NetSetMan is a network settings manager which can easily switch between 5 different, visually structured profiles.

SUPERAntiSpyware Free Edition 6.0.1244

3.7 out of 5 stars

(June 23 - 6:47 PM ET)

SUPERAntiSpyware is the most thorough scanner on the market. Our Multi-Dimensional Scanning and Process Interrogation Technology will detect spyware other products miss. Easily remove pests such as WinFixer, SpyAxe, SpyFalcon, and thousands more. Repair broken Internet Connections, Desktops, Registry Editing and more with our unique Repair System. Dedicated Threat Research Team scours the web for new threats and provides daily definition updates.

SUPERAntiSpyware Free Edition does not include real-time blocking or scheduled scanning.

ChrisTV Professional 6.45

3.1 out of 5 stars

(June 23 - 6:46 PM ET)

ChrisTV PVR (Personal Video Recorder) brings TV on your PC with high quality image and sound. The software is designed to control analog TV Cards, Graphic Cards with Video Input (VIVO),Webcams, TV Cards with MPEG hardware encoder: Hauppauge PVR series, Leadtek PVR2000, ATI Ehome wonder and works with many video capture devices. Features include: Multituner support, TimeShifting, support for Windows Vista, AVI and MPEG2 recording, advanced recording settings, advanced scheduler, recording profiles, radio FM support, channel autoscan with fine tuning, support for DScaler deinterlace filter and FFDShow filter. With the trial edition, recordings from TitanTV listings limit themselves to 45 minutes.

ChrisTV Professional is the top class product of this suite, including all the available features of the ChrisTV product series. Enjoy this professional PVR (Personal Video Recorder) application to watch, schedule and record analog TV & Radio FM programs.

EZ CD Audio Converter 6.0.7

3.9 out of 5 stars

(June 23 - 6:46 PM ET)

EZ CD Audio Converter is optimized for best audio quality, Fast and easy CD ripping, audio converting, and disc burning. All the best audio codecs are included. All audio conversions are made with 32-bit float accuracy. Supports multi-core processors and can run up to 8 parallel converters.


4.3 out of 5 stars Fileforum Pick

(June 23 - 6:46 PM ET)

AnyDVD works in the background to automatically and transparently enable read access of the contents of a movie DVD as soon as it's inserted into the drive. The DVD will become useable to your windows operating system and all programs on your computer, such as DVD-Backup-software like CloneDVD, Pinnacle InstantCopy, Intervideo DVDCopy and others, then supporting any DVD. AnyDVD optionally disables the RPC region codes, thereby making the movie region free and comfortably viewable on any DVD player and with any DVD player software.

AnyDVD is capable of disabling unwanted movie features such as forced subtitles, forced delays, and no-skip marks, giving you full control over your movie experience. It also allows you to launch an external application whenever you insert or remove a disc, and prevents unwanted software like 'PC-friendly' from automatically launching when you insert a video DVD.

FileMenu Tools 7.3.2

4.2 out of 5 stars

(June 23 - 6:46 PM ET)

FileMenu Tools allows you to customize the context menu of Windows Explorer. You can add file/folder functions that are built into FileMenu Tools, such as copy/move, copy name/path, securely delete, change attributes, and many more.

NetSpot for Windows

(June 23 - 4:54 PM ET)

NetSpot is the first free Wi-Fi survey app for the rest of us. NetSpot features two major Wi-Fi troubleshooting modes: Discover and Survey. It is the only professional software for home and office Wi-Fi management, analysis, and visualization for Windows computers. You need just a few clicks to start your wireless network site survey. Just point to where you are on the map and watch NetSpot WiFi booster doing the magic.

Mozilla Thunderbird for Windows 52.2.1

4.4 out of 5 stars Fileforum Pick

(June 23 - 2:21 PM ET)

Mozilla Thunderbird is a redesign of the Mozilla mail component. The goal is to produce a cross platform stand alone mail application using the XUL user interface language. The intended customer is someone who uses Mozilla Firefox (or another stand alone browser) as their primary browser and wants a mail client based on mozilla that "plays nice" with the browser.

BulletProof FTP Server 2017.2.0.36

4.3 out of 5 stars

(June 23 - 1:19 PM ET)

BPFTP Server is an FTP Server which has all RFC-959 features plus many other options, such as resuming upload / download, viewing server activity in real time, ban, kick, anti hammering, ratio, quota groups management, event manager, real time statistics generator, top 10 user, virtual directories, and Chat.

D3DGear 5.00.2112

3.9 out of 5 stars

(June 23 - 1:08 PM ET)

D3DGear is an advanced utility for Windows DirectX & OpenGL games. It automatically measures a 3D game's frame rate and displays it on screen; user can customize font color, size and position of the frame rate display. D3DGear can capture 3D game screenshots with the press of a hotkey, and automatically save screenshots into a file; user can define screenshot hotkey, save file format and save file directory. D3DGear also can record 3D games to movie.

Restore Point Creator 6.3 Build 1

4.1 out of 5 stars

(June 23 - 1:08 PM ET)

Restore Point Creator will create and manage System Restore Points quickly and easily, all from a free simple program. No more drilling through multiple menus in Windows just to create a System Restore Point, now all you have to do is run this program and that's it. Follow the simple program layout and you have your System Restore Point created in no time at all.

Plus, for users of Windows 7 and Windows 8, creating System Restore Points is even quicker and easier with this program. Just pin this program to the Taskbar and you have the ability to quickly create System Restore Points using one of the two pinned Tasks ("Create System Checkpoint" and "Create Custom Named") that the program creates. It's that simple.

Emsisoft Anti-Malware 2017.5.2.7600

3.6 out of 5 stars

(June 23 - 1:08 PM ET)

Emsisoft Anti-Malware protects your PC from malware-based hacker attacks. Its special capabilities in dealing with trojans, worms, dialers and spyware make it an indispensable enhancement to any protection system, whether on a private PC or a company network.

The unique Malware-IDS technology in the background guard provides the first line of defense against individual attacks by highly specialized Trojans that cannot be recognized by signature-based anti-virus software. These types of Trojans are a favorite attacker tool for spying on Online Banking access data and company secrets. The Malware-IDS is also able to block Rootkits effectively.

iDevice Manager

3.2 out of 5 stars

(June 23 - 1:08 PM ET)

iDevice Manager can you look into the file system of your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and download / upload files by USB connection, regardless of the file format. Within this function you can use your iPhone/iPad/iPod as an "external disk". The program supports direct access to photos, emails, SMS, and video directories of the iPhone. View photos, emails, SMS, videos and all other files easily. The same function is also available for videos, music (from iPod-App) and ringtones. The highlight is the creation of your own ringtones with the ringtone editor from MP3, WAV, AIFF and M4A audio file formats.


4.9 out of 5 stars

(June 23 - 1:08 PM ET)

Balabolka is a Text-To-Speech (TTS) program. All computer voices installed on your system are available to Balabolka. The on-screen text can be saved as a WAV, MP3, MP4, OGG or WMA file. The program can read the clipboard content, view the text from DOC, EPUB, FB2, HTML, ODT, PDF and RTF files, customize font and background colour, control reading from the system tray or by the global hotkeys. Balabolka uses various versions of Microsoft Speech API (SAPI); it allows to alter a voice's parameters, including rate and pitch. The user can apply a special substitution list to improve the quality of the voice's articulation. This feature is useful when you want to change the spelling of words. The rules for the pronunciation correction use the syntax of regular expressions.

Balabolka can save the synchronized text in external LRC files or in MP3 tags inside the audio files. When an audio file is played with players on a computer or on modern digital audio players, the text is displayed synchronously (at the same way, as lyrics for songs).

VMware Workstation 12.5.7-5813279

3.6 out of 5 stars Fileforum Pick

(June 23 - 12:53 PM ET)

VMware Workstation features the ability to run multiple operating systems on the same PC without the need to partition the hard drive, or rebooting. Users can isolate and protect each operating environment, and the applications and data that are running in it. It allows users to interoperate among each of these operating systems, including full networking, device and file sharing, and cut-and-paste capabilities, and undo changes made in a given session. It allows operators to encapsulate and manipulate each operating environment, and have the ability to roll back and restart an application, or move an environment among differently configured machines.

VMware Workstation Player 12.5.7-5813279

4.5 out of 5 stars

(June 23 - 12:53 PM ET)

VMware Player is free software that enables PC users to easily run any virtual machine on a Windows or Linux PC. VMware Player runs virtual machines created by VMware Workstation, GSX Server or ESX Server and also supports Microsoft virtual machines and Symantec LiveState Recovery disk formats.

VMware Player is ideal for safely evaluating pre-built application environments, beta software, or other software distributed in virtual machines. With VMware Player, anyone can easily experience the benefits of preconfigured products rapidly without any installation or configuration hassles.

Vivaldi for Windows (64-bit) 1.10.867.42

3.6 out of 5 stars

(June 23 - 12:53 PM ET)

Vivaldi is a new Web browser from the founders of the original Opera Web Browser. Vivaldi will adapt as you browse the web. A clean and modern interface to complement the content you are browsing. It's also highly customizable - don't like the tabs on top? Simply put them where you want, bottom, left or right.

Mp3tag 2.83

4.8 out of 5 stars Fileforum Pick

(June 23 - 12:52 PM ET)

Mp3tag can rename files based on the tag information, replace characters or words from tags and filenames, import/export tag information, create playlists, and more. It supports online freedb database lookups for selected files, allowing you to automatically gather proper tag information for select files or CDs.

ServiWin (64-bit) 1.70

(June 23 - 12:46 PM ET)

ServiWin utility displays the list of installed drivers and services on your system. For some of them, additional useful information is displayed: file description, version, product name, company that created the driver file, and more. In addition, ServiWin allows you to easily stop, start, restart, pause, and continue service or driver, change the startup type of service or driver (automatic, manual, disabled, boot or system), save the list of services and drivers to file, or view HTML report of installed services/drivers in your default browser.

Under Windows Vista/7/8 - If you want to change the status of services, you must right-click the ServiWin.exe and choose 'Run As Administrator'.

RegRun Security Suite Platinum

2.9 out of 5 stars

(June 23 - 12:26 PM ET)

RegRun Security Suite will make your computer-management life easier, and will help protect you from much of the destructive activity of today's Trojans.

Platinum Edition includes integrated anti-rootkit UnHackMe and unique feature for analyzing Windows boot-up process Bootlog XP.

IpfilterX C9-Ogre

3.8 out of 5 stars

(June 23 - 11:25 AM ET)

IpfilterX blocks Anti-P2P companies and the organizations that support them, Corporations, Military Ranges, Government Agencies, Law Firms, P2P spammers and many more. There's no need to block more than 1 billion of IPs to be protected, overloading further to a certain value will result in banning innocent IP ranges which means legitimate P2P sources, this paranoid setting will hog your machine. You won't run into risks using IpfilterX and won't run into more risks than using an overbloated ipfilter.

Linux Kernel (Beta) 4.12-rc6

5.0 out of 5 stars

(June 22 - 6:00 PM ET)

Linux Kernel is the essential part of Linux, responsible for resource allocation, low-level hardware interfaces, security, simple communications, and basic file system management.