CryptoLicensing For ActiveX 2013

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Windows Server 2003/Server 2008/Vista/XP / Commercial Demo; $149.00 / 552 downloads

CryptoLicensing For ActiveX adds licensing, copy-protection, activation and hardware-locking capabilities to your VB6, VBA, RealBasic, Delphi, Borland, MFC, ATL, C++, etc applications, libraries, components and controls. CryptoLicensing uses the latest military strength cryptographic technology to generate secure and unbreakable licenses to ensure that your software and intellectual property is protected. A unique new feature is Usage Reporting which allows you to gain insight into how your software is used by customers.

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    CryptoLicensing For ActiveX

  • Limitations

    Yes - 20 day timeout

  • Uninstaller


  • Latest Changes

    - New Activation Console for management of activated licenses

    - Improved reporting for license validation or other errors

    - Improved tamper checking

    - New API

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