RawTherapee 5.1

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RawTherapee is a photo editing application aimed at unprocessed images from digital cameras (RAW format). It features a wide array of tweaks and filters.

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    - Pentax Pixel Shift support, to automatically combine sub-images from a Pentax Pixel Shift raw file into one high quality image, with support for automatic motion detection and masking

    - Support for processing any sub-image from raw formats which support multiple images. Currently up to 4 sub-images supported

    - Dynamic Profile Creator to automatically generate per-image custom processing profiles by merging existing processing profiles based on image metadata (Exif)

    - New command-line executable "rawtherapee-cli(.exe)" to reduce startup time for command-line operations

    - HaldCLUT paths are now relative to the HaldCLUT folder as set in Preferences. This enables you to share PP3 files easier

    - Auto White Balance now has a Temperature Bias, letting you make the automatic temperature warmer or cooler

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