Xpeon-Zen 1.1.1

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Windows 7/8/Vista/XP / Freeware / 455 downloads

Xpeon-Zen enhances your desktop with a vertical bar and enables you to save ideas, perform math calculations or easily open a file or application with a special key. It also allows you to copy multiple text files from different sources to clipboard, quickly record ideas or add applications to be easily launched.

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  • Requirements

    .Net Framework 4

  • Latest Changes

    - Harsh Note has tool information (like save as, open, new)

    - Added new Harsh Note tool : Run

Reviews of Xpeon-Zen

  1. 2 out of 5 stars

    Reviewing 1.1.1 (Jul 28, 2013)

    This is an interesting take on the multipurpose sidebar/wharf idea. I've actually wanted something like this for years..a very straightforward quick-access sidebar with a calculator, notepad and important shortcuts. Unfortunately its clearly an alpha version with unfinished features, very rough graphic elements and frequent crashes (the multiext function, which I *think* is the multiple clipboard feature, crashes Zen every time its turned on). The user profile button (if that's what it is) appears to do nothing but fill up a progress bar. The wording used for various features, not to mention the app's name itself, is ultra geeky and non-descriptive. This could potentially be a very popular free applet once it reaches beta and the geek-speak is replaced with sensible nomenclature. Some features I would suggest the author's include:

    * Allow sidebar to be placed on either side of the screen.
    * Provide a selection of visual cues as to where the sidebar is located when its not visible. Perhaps a taskbar icon could have an arrow pointing towards what side of the screen the bar is currently active on.
    * Allow sidebar to reserve screen area like the Windows Sidebar in Vista did. Many folks would appreciate it always being visible. If the bar's width could be adjusted, perhaps even automatically, that would be even better.
    * Include drag-and-drop support for shortcuts, both onto and off of the Zen bar.
    * Provide API for plugins using common standards like XML, etc. Once Zen reaches a stable beta stage this will greatly increase its potential and popularity.
    * Integration with popular note-taking apps like Evernote or Onenote would be incredibly useful.
    * I would suggest "Zen bar" as the name for this application.

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