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  1. Review - MultiMonitorTool (64-bit)

    1.30 (Apr 4, 2013)

    not sure if this is useless-ware. people with multiple monitors usually have a graphic board added to the motherboard and the graphic board makers provide sophisticated software (genuine and tested) to do the same as this freeware proclaims.

  2. Review - KeePass Password Safe Professional Edition

    2.21 (Feb 4, 2013)

    i've been using keepass for years. so to this end, i can't really complain about anything with the program, other than importing is tedious.

  3. Review - Maxthon Cloud for Windows RC1 (Feb 2, 2013)

    works pretty good on win7 64. seems to have lots of bells and whistles that are masked behind icons, like night mode.

    not sure if i will give up my pale moon however, this maxthon cloud browser is definitely a keeper.

  4. Review - Opera for Windows (32-bit)

    10.50 Build 3294 RC4 (Mar 1, 2010)

    it works fine on my machine.

    has a nice appearance and looks pretty good.

    seems to have additional features not found in other browsers that would be helpful to college students and researchers.

    however, it doesn't seem to have "import" favorites or bookmarks.

    but there is on reason why i won't continue to try it out.

  5. Review - Autoruns

    9.55 (Oct 2, 2009)

    i ran autoruns and simply disabled a few nuiscance startups, like googletoolbar updater.

    however after reboot, vista failed to start.

    something about autochk was a problem and in safemode the system would halt after crcdisk.sys

    repair install and restore proved unuseful.

    but i learned that my system was not making system restore points, though the system protection feature was enabled.

    conclusion, don't recommend this dl for vista users.

  6. Comment - I want my Windows Update Rollup!

    9.55 (Aug 12, 2011 - 12:44 PM)

    the problem with roll up's is that they change the version of the o.s.

    nothing is worst when one needs to do a "repair install" (which is an ingenious feature provided by the xp cd) only fo discover the cd doesn't match the o.s. on the computer.

    perhaps, roll ups might be convenient for us, but there is likely a good percentage of people that will buy a new computer and o.s. to match, if the o.s. is problematic and not worth repairing for them.

  7. Comment - We want your Windows XP memories

    9.55 (Aug 12, 2011 - 12:38 PM)

    unfortunately, i am not impressed with vista or win7 and i think xp is microsoft's crowning achievement.

    vista is a elephant and win7 is a boar.

  8. Comment - FDA to regulate medical smartphone, tablet apps

    9.55 (Jul 20, 2011 - 10:08 AM)

    if the fda does get their way.and regulate these devices, what will we be seeing in the future, little messages on the screen or on the side of the packaging?:

    "Warning: This app or smartphone has not been FDA approved. Using this app or device is hazardous to your health"

  9. Comment - FDA to regulate medical smartphone, tablet apps

    9.55 (Jul 20, 2011 - 10:01 AM)

    mobile apps is no different than those on the internet and the fda is not regulating these.

    my vote is "NO" to the fda.

    besides the fda is always whining about not having enough money to do the job they have "NOW", so why in hell do they want to get their unproductive paws into mobile communications.

    we should all tell the fda "NO and butt out!"

  10. Comment - You can remove TDL4/ Popureb malware from Windows PCs

    9.55 (Jul 12, 2011 - 10:09 AM)

    i read the article at the link you provided and correct me if i'm wrong,

    microsoft eludes that having mse installed, will prevent this particular threat / infection to being with..