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  1. Review - Directory Opus (Oct 13, 2006)

    Great replacement for windows explorer.

  2. Review - Windows Live Mail

    Beta (Jun 22, 2006)

    Off to a good start. The navigation is easy to use and its sticking with the rest of the "live" GUI. You can add additional pop accounts. I dont like having to have seperate inboxes for each account. A universal inbox like outlook has is much better IMO. The ads are a little annoying. I dont think Ill be using it but others may find it a good alternative to what they are using now.

  3. Review - AOL Explorer

    1.5 Build Beta (Mar 22, 2006)

    It keeps getting better. It's my choice when using an IE based browser. Has a bunch of features that are not seen in IE, plus has a sleek, clean & easy to navigate controls. Still Opera is my first choice.

  4. Review - RoboForm

    6.6.5 (Feb 8, 2006)

    I agree with others. This is the reason why I can use Opera as my default browser. It is just the best password mananger and form filler out there. Always works all the time.

  5. Review - Microsoft Internet Explorer for Windows XP

    7.0 Beta 2 Preview (Feb 1, 2006)

    Its not bad. I do like the built in RSS reader. Works great. But right now I still prefer the AOL Explorer browser over this. Has all the features IE7 has plus a little more. Ill skip this for now.

  6. Comment - Microsoft: We're Close to Shipping IE7

    7.0 Beta 2 Preview (Aug 25, 2006 - 10:01 AM)

    I tried IE7 around the first release of it. I liked it but was having issues with a particular app that I use constantly. With this release I have no problems at all. Ill be using IE7 at this point.

  7. Comment - Dell to Preinstall Google Software

    7.0 Beta 2 Preview (May 25, 2006 - 7:24 PM)

    Personally, I wish they came with nothing preinstalled except the OS. This is what I dislike about pre-built computers. First thing I want to do is uninstall all the junk that is preinstalled on them. I guess some people like preinstalled software and probably would have never tried the certain software if it wasnt installed in the first place. For me its more of a annoyance.

  8. Comment - Office 2007 Downloads Top 200,000

    7.0 Beta 2 Preview (May 25, 2006 - 5:06 PM)

    After installing it and running it for about 2 days, my system was having some problems. I used faithful acronis true image and restored my system back to the point before I installed office 2007. Im going to wait a bit longer before trying it again.

  9. Comment - Microsoft, MTV Put URGE Service Live

    7.0 Beta 2 Preview (May 18, 2006 - 12:00 PM)

    I downloaded it and gave it a go. I still think it has a way to go to compete with iTunes. Ease of use is what makes iTunes my choice. The GUI is much improved with the new WMP. The interface is still not as simplified as iTunes. As of now, there is no reason to switch to this. Im sticking with iTunes.

  10. Comment - AOL Explorer Gets Widgets, Themes

    7.0 Beta 2 Preview (Mar 17, 2006 - 11:23 PM)

    The best IE browser shell I have tried. Has some really nice features. The widgets are pretty lame right now. Only as good as the web panels you have.