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  1. Review - Virtual Hypnotist

    5.51 (Sep 2, 2007)

    I've been a practicing hypnotist for over 5 years now. I primarily do comedy and nightclub shows, but will sometimes sponser a "weight-loss" or "stop-smoking" seminar from time to time.
    I've tested this software package fro the last 3 months now, and I've had outstanding results with it. I've found it works well when I'm flying or traveling. I simply turn on my laptop, plug in my headset, and run the software. I use it for relaxation, concentration and focus, and confidence and motivation sessions. It'a tool like any other. There are no perfect tools, so don't expect this one to answer all your prayers. But it does do what it says it will do. And it does it well. I have recommended it to several clients and friends. Enjoy the gift that is being offered. All negative posters should get some hypnotherapy and improve their self image and be more positive towards life. Remember...tomorrow you what are you going to do with the time left?!?!