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  1. Review - Mozilla Thunderbird for Windows

    45.7.1 (Feb 9, 2017)

    Simple mail client that does what it should, you may need go elsewhere if you need more features or complexity, never had problems with it on any Windows version.

  2. Review - Black Bird Cleaner (Feb 9, 2017)

    £37.21 GB Pounds or $41.94 USD Eeeek - Some of the options are potentially downright dangerous such as removing installers etc, the standard clean removed several extensions on Chrome - Spelling mistakes & bad English in the program & on the Ukrainian website do not inspire confidence Very expensive for what it does, free edition limited. CCleaner still best option & the free edition still not crippled.

    Edit: IMHO If you run this program be sure you have a C:\ image file, it is still version 1.x & should be treated as such, though does have some interesting ideas.

  3. Review - RegRun Reanimator (Jan 26, 2017)

    I have a full license for un-hack me & that & this program do feel like they were designed by a committee who weren't talking to each other - Continues to have an less than polished & unfinished feel to it. Though good at removing nasties.

  4. Review - Malwarebytes (Jan 26, 2017)

    Most issues resolved now, & it seems issues on both my home PC's are sorted. It has taken a month & a half though from initial final to do this. Several on the main forum complaining about high CPU use on manual scanning though seems it's intentional, I suspect an option to change the priority with be forthcoming.

    Good anti-malware program though whether it is a replacement to running a standard AV along with it is up to the user, I still do.

    'Fixed issue where ‘Real-Time Protection turned off’ notifications would display incorrectly on initial startup' - That's because it was :-)

  5. Review - Malwarebytes (Dec 20, 2016)

    Still have issue mentioned in changelog above '- Fixed issue where “Real-Time Protection disabled” notifications would display throughout the day (NOTE: this notification may still be seen on reboot on some systems, but we’re working on another longer-term fix to address that separately' (I'm so very happy) This was reported on first beta BTW DKDude.

    Seems its mainly with fast SSD's & many others have the same problem along with other unsolved problems, should have stayed in beta longer - Been a fan of this program for many, many years but what idiot thought the version before this was a final?

    Solve the bloody problems in beta next time.