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Member since April 6, 2007

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    olaf kofoed berthelsen

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  1. Review - Norton AntiVirus

    2014 Beta (Aug 10, 2013)

    There was a time when Norton was ok but it was in the days of Windows 95/98 and since then it has been a piece of annoying virus software and useless too.

  2. Review - ClamWin Free Antivirus

    0.97.7 (Apr 9, 2013)

    I've been using ClamWin for years now, and it's my one and only virus protection. ClamWin is not like all the other fancy virus programs who pops up all the time and tells you a lot of useless information. ClamWin only act when there really is something to act for, and not just to look nice and smart like all the other jerkvirus programs. I also have tried a lot of all the other virus programs but everytime I went back to ClamWin after a couple of days, sometimes just a couple of hours. And today there is only one virus protection for me and that is ClamWin and for malwareprotection I use Spybot 2 and I think that is a good combination. ClamWin is beyond rating but anyway, five thumbs up. Hail to ClamWin

  3. Review - Google Chrome for Windows

    24.0.1312.56 (Jan 23, 2013)

    I've been using Google Chrome since it came out, and I'll tell you I've never looked back ever since. It is without any doubt the best and most fast browser anyone can get, no waiting on pages to load it's just quick and sleek. So folks, you can't get anything better, I've tried them all and they just can't live up to Chrome, believe me.

    and Chrome is in my opinion beyond rating, but anyway as allways, FIVE THUMBS UP!!!!

  4. Review - FreeFixer

    0.67 (Oct 11, 2012)

    I hate to open a new installed program, just to see an error message, because then I know that somebody out there hasn't done their programming properly. To this program I can only say that it sucks, and I'm glad I got rid of this so back to CrapCleaner, at least it don't mess your computer up.

  5. Review - Wise Care 365

    2.01.146 (Sep 20, 2012)

    I really like this program so I have thrown CCleaner out now. This is no bulls*** software and it works like intended. It has also become my favourite for cleaning my computer. I also like that it comes with no extra s*** like all the other freeware out there. I hope they keep up the good work and continue their style it's cool.

  6. Comment - Browser blowout: Which is fastest, most standards compliant [benchmarks]?

    2.01.146 (Jul 23, 2011 - 3:26 PM)

    I really can't understand these tests at all and I think It's B......., when I use my browser, that normally is Google Chromes beta versions because I feel, compared to other browsers, that Chrome is the fastest and best browser, notice that I said feel, that is my keyword here. I can tell that the only thing I felt when I used Internet Explorer, was that it was so slow and annoying that I never use it anymore. It's not about tests guys, it's about how you feel your browser is working and if you feel that the browser you use is good and fast enough then it's okay with me, because that is what it's all about. If you feel you have the worlds fastest browser, then they can do tests from here and untill we get green snow, and you still think you have the worlds fastest browser. You know, life is too short for slow browsers.
    I have tried tons of other browser of all kind, and I always keep coming back to my good ol' Chrome beta then you know you are home again.

  7. Comment - Mozilla releases Firefox 4 beta 8

    2.01.146 (Dec 29, 2010 - 3:50 PM)

    I am trying this release right now, and I must say that compared to the speed of Google Chrome's latest beta Mozilla have a long way to go before they are back on track. I've been using Firefox for a long time, but it was before Chrome's days and in those days Firefox was my number one browser. Today I am mostly using Google Chromes lastest beta versions and it's a bit sad because Firefox deserves better but they have to work hard if they wanna take back what they have lost to Chrome. First of all they have to do something to the speed of Mozilla Firefox it's way to slow and second they don't have to think about how fancy their browser looks because most users only take notice to the speed. So keep your browser simpel, sleek and fast and you have something to come up with.