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  1. Review - CutePDF Writer

    2.7 (Apr 7, 2007)

    I give 4 stars because the program does what it's supposed to fairly well. However, if I was going to recommend a free PDF creation program, I would have to go with PDF Creator. PDF Creator also does a great job and INCLUDES the GhostScript in the install. CutePDF requires a separate download and install. It's a minor thing, but I think PDF Creator will be an easier setup for most folk.

    In regards to bigmamma, it is possible folks might want to create PDF files from non-office apps.

  2. Review - Mozilla Lightning for Windows

    0.1 (Mar 21, 2006)

    This is a nice start, but it doesn't quite integrate in a really intuitive way yet. The calendar takes up too much of the mailbox window. It would work better if the mailboxes were a seperate tab along with the "todo" and "calendar" tabs. I'm not sure what the purpose of the little calendar is, but I wish I could turn it off.

    Overall, I'm really looking forward to the development of this software.

  3. Review - Exstora Freeware

    0.9.8b (Mar 2, 2006)

    I give it a 3 for average, but it's a good start.

    I remember a few years ago the PIM included with Wordperfect office functioned something like this. I really liked that program and have searched for something similer for years. Sidebars are all too bloated and are designed to pretty much reside on the desktop all the time. The todo and calander list would slide in from the side when the mouse move over it. I feel like this program should do that, but it doesn't. Instead you have to click the icon in the iconbar. Same idea, but it was slicker that other way.

    It could also use to be a little more secure. The encryption seems to stay open indefinately once the password has been entered. The calander could use some polish too. It works, but it doesn't look very impressive. It would be really cool if this could sync up with iCal servers.

  4. Comment - Cops raid Gizmodo editor home -- you don't mess with Steve Jobs

    0.9.8b (Apr 27, 2010 - 1:02 PM)

    I'm sure it's nice to think that, but no. I'd love to believe that if my 2002 Camry was stolen that I would get this kind of service from the police department.

    I asked a colleague in my office about this. She's was a police detective for several years. In her district at least, only violent crimes or grand larceny would qualify for this kind of response. Even grand larceny would be a stretch unless the amount exceeded $20,000. Keep in mind that even though Gizmodo paid $5000 for the device, it's retail value is still expected to be ~$700 at the high end. So it's hard to claim that the phone was "worth" $5000. That's just what one person paid for it.

    I agree completely that Gizmodo was out of line on this one. They should have returned the phone to Apple the moment they had it, or the finder should have. I also agree that this search and seizure was way out of line and scope to the crime committed. There seems to be a very disturbing mindset among some in this thread that once you commit a legal infraction of any degree, then any and all degrees of response are appropriate. That's absurd. It's possible to accrue $700 worth of library fines. Should the police break down your door and confiscate your property for that?

    However, it's also a little presumptuous to assume Steve Jobs is the puppet master behind this whole mess. It could just as easily be an over-zealous detective trying to make a name for himself. Apple has been much more blog-friendly recently then they have in the past. Maybe they pressured the police and maybe they didn't, but there is no real evidence either way.

  5. Comment - Congress: Should cell phone exclusivity contracts be illegal?

    0.9.8b (Jun 23, 2009 - 11:46 AM)

    I really think your warping this entire argument for your own agenda. No one is asking for handouts here. We just want to choose what we want for our money. If ATT can subsidize an iPhone, why can't they do the same for a Palm Pre? Or an android phone? Apple and Palm both do their own R&D, they aren't subsidized by Sprint or ATT. They make money on the phones. (and in Apple's case, the App Store.)

    Of course phone companies have a right to recoup there expenses on subsidized phones. That's why we sign CONTRACTS. If I leave ATT for Verizon, I still have to buy out of the contract no matter what phone I have. Their costs are covered, so why do they care what I do with the phone?

  6. Comment - More PCs in 2009 to sport Switchable Graphics, says Intel exec

    0.9.8b (Jan 16, 2009 - 12:44 PM)

    OMG would you please READ something before responding to it!!!

    This article is about POWER SAVING TECHNOLOGY!!! It has nothing to do with SLI, Crossfire or Hydra. It is about SWITCHING from the GPU to the IGP and shutting the GPU off. It is NOT about COMBINING the power of several GPUs, or an IGP and a GPU or whatever. It doesn't matter how long you have been discussing GPU scaling, that still isn't what this article is referring to. I am not insulting hydra tech, I'm sure it will be great when and if it shows up in the real world but it is not a SWITCHABLE solution, it is a SCALING solution.

    Say it with me... SWITCHABLE graphics. OK? Not distributed graphics. I'm done. Go argue with your mom about cleaning your room or something.

  7. Comment - More PCs in 2009 to sport Switchable Graphics, says Intel exec

    0.9.8b (Jan 15, 2009 - 11:07 PM)

    OK, I am wrong... How exactly?? I notice you don't really elaborate much. Perhaps you could share your obviously hard earned experience with us.

    SLI DOES do that with integrated graphics. It's called HybridSLI, I've seen it work. It's no miracle, but it works. Have you actually SEEN Hydra work? If not the you are the one spouting nonsense from a brochure. But as long as we're on the subject, show me ONE place where Hydra is mentioned to work with an IGP?

    Then again, from the nebulous nature of your response, I'm not even sure you understand the conversation being had. I apologize for speaking over your head. How very rude of me.

  8. Comment - More PCs in 2009 to sport Switchable Graphics, says Intel exec

    0.9.8b (Jan 15, 2009 - 10:10 AM)

    Not to intending to sound flip about this, but did anyone actually read the article or the tech brief at all? Three people have said this tech is old or dumb because they can already run dual displays or use the IGP for less intensive tasks. If you pay attention you will see that that is not what this tech does. This is about power saving NOT faster gaming. If your playing a game with one display and browsing the web with another, you're still powering both IGP and GPU. Using your IGP to surf the web on another monitor does NOT disable the GPU. It just doesn't use it at that moment. It's still ON!

    Switchable graphics actually switch the main graphics card on or off completely to save power. It has nothing to do with dual monitors. In fact it's just the opposite because in these setups both the IGP and the GPU are used to drive the same display (or displays) but the GPU only engages and begins to draw power when needed. Even at idle the average modern desktop gaming card draws ~130W, that's an awful lot if you're not gaming. While primarily used in laptops at the moment this tech has a lot of potential for energy efficient small desktops and HTPC systems.

    Lucid's Hydra tech is just platform-independent SLI/Crossfire. Again, nothing to do with power saving. I'm also pretty sure Hyrda doesn't work with IGP because it needs independent graphics memory, I could be wrong on that though.