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Reviewed SPlayer

@Achauhan...I believe that You can choose in which folder the Splayer downloads the subtitles, and You can easily manage them form there. Read full review

Reviewed Opera for Windows 57.0.3098.91

This is not RC, this is Alpha to Beta RC Read full review

Reviewed IpfilterX D9-Immortal

I can't say if this product is good or bad, but when You have constantly maintained free versions of ipfilter.dat it is hard to justify 12$ for this one. I personally use Punisher version of ipfilter.dat. Read full review

Watchlisted Unstoppable Copier for Windows

Reviewed AIMP 4.51.2084

Great player. This version seems to be missing Audio Converter, though. Read full review

Watchlisted YeoWorks Reference

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