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  1. Review - SpeedFan

    4.35 (Aug 20, 2008)

    Actually, the next beta should see the light in a few days and 4.36 should be released very soon.

  2. Review - SpeedFan

    4.34 Beta 51 (Apr 20, 2008)

    The beta requires a free registration because it requires advanced users that know what they are doing. A few ISPs are blocking the confirmation email and they never answered my requests for clarification. I receive about 6K emails per day and try to answer all of them. This is not the 51th beta. It's the beta number 51. I will always use as many betas as needed to release a quality software.

  3. Review - SpeedFan

    4.34 Beta 21 (Oct 9, 2007)

    Adrian, did you ever read install instructions before posting thing that are absolutely wrong?

  4. Review - SpeedFan

    4.33 Beta 18 (Aug 27, 2007)

    SpeedFan works great on the P5B. Most likely you downloaded the beta and didn't properly install it.

  5. Review - SpeedFan

    4.29 (Aug 6, 2006)

    lgjivic, you simply need to properly configure SpeedFan and fan speeds will be automatically reduced as soon as possible, that is: when temperatures will start decreasing a little bit showing that fans are running too fast.