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  1. Review - Trillian

    0.60 (Dec 2, 2000)

    wow what a killer prog but its a freakin shareware. dammit betanews! i give it 4 out of 5.

    PS: using odigo 3.0 right now. tehe.

  2. Review - Netscape Navigator for Windows

    6.0 Final (Nov 14, 2000)

    damn this thing is slow slow slowwwww on my pc my hard drive seems like its bieng defragmented it constantly spins and it takes boat load of ram plus its ugly too. they came up with this after two years of wait! total crap.

  3. Review - Yahoo! Player

    1.0 (May 25, 2000)

    installed it, found out yahoo player requires windows media player to installed on your system in order to work, uninstalled it.

  4. Comment - YooZee Browser - Just Better

    1.0 (Jan 19, 2001 - 6:37 PM)

    crap crap crap...said enough.

  5. Comment - Odigo 3.0 Alpha Testing Begins

    1.0 (Oct 16, 2000 - 5:55 PM)

    even if odigo didn't offer connectivity to icq, aim and yahoo its still a pretty damn good im client in itself with boat load of features.

  6. Comment - Odigo 3.0 Alpha Testing Begins

    1.0 (Oct 15, 2000 - 1:24 AM)

    dude this ain't no jabber crap, no it does not have msn support and yes it works with icq aim and yahoo perfectly, did you even try this program?

  7. Comment - Odigo 3.0 Alpha Testing Begins

    1.0 (Oct 14, 2000 - 6:50 PM)

    hell yea what a killer prog i've been using it for months, just got done installing version 3.0 alpha yesterday and its soooo much better than 2.5. can't believe people are still use aim and icq rather than odigo.

  8. Comment - Odigo for E-Mail

    1.0 (Oct 6, 2000 - 4:04 PM)

    true but odigo's is so much cooler thought.