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  1. Review - ICQ

    Alpha 5.05 Build #3619 (Oct 4, 2001)

    Well, I haven't used this version of ICQ yet, and I never plan to. Why? Because I use Trillian ( Trillian is a cost-free, ad-free, skinable IM and IRC client. It suppports Yahoo!, ICQ, MSN, and AIM by default, and is extensible so you can easily add support for other IM services. If you're sick of the bloat of ICQ or the hassle of having to use several IM clients simultaneously, check out Trillian. I don't think you'll be dissappointed!

  2. Review - Trillian

    0.6351 (Jun 21, 2001)

    This is an *awesome* chat program. I can deal with the ads in other programs... the lack of ads in Trillian is a goodie, but not the real reason I use it. I use it because it is simply a brilliant program. If you don't try it out, you are truly selling yourself short.