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  1. Review - ImgBurn (May 12, 2012)

    Still a good piece of software,except for the added ASK TOOLBAR!

    The ASK tool bar INI file is set to 1 (yes please)as standard ,as if you and everyone would always give consent from the beginning without being asked.(which is nonsense behaviour of advertisers and all the other companies that want to mine data ,otherwise they would not get many people wanting their crap added extra's installed )

    An easy way to bypass the data miner from going anywhere !Just download 7zip and when it's installed (7zip) just right click the setupimg exe and choose 7-zip ,then choose extract to "setupimgburn"

    Now this will extract the contents of the imgburn exe to a folder,now you can open that folder and start imiage burn just by clicking the imgburn exe.The programme will start straight up into image burn without you being bugged for installing the ASK toolbar data miner ,as this method bypasses all the guff .

    You could also go into the same folder and into the $PLUGINSDIR folder and delete both the apnstub exe and the apntoolbarinstaller exe just to further prevent any trickery.

    Simples !!!!!