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  1. Review - Macromedia Flash MX

    30-Day Trial (Mar 16, 2002)

    I have used FLASH since version 3 but now that Livemotion 2 has come out I will never use it again

    I tried the MX version but it lacks anything new that I have use for. The new features may benefit some developers but only a minor few.

    I have been in the web/it business for 8 years and I can tell if a product is worth it's liscensing fees in comparison with it's competitors. For me it's Livemotion 2 for myself and my employees as far as flash content goes.

    1. shorter learning curve in LM2
    2. Better integration with PhotoShop and Illustrator
    3. OK I could go on and on but I am bored............

  2. Review - FAS Script Editor

    1.2 Beta (Sep 10, 2001)

    poor marks for wise installation screw up mate
    "demo installations only run on the computer they were created on"

    I had to crack the wise installer before the bloody thing would install. Otherwise, Decent program