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  1. Review - Office XP Service Pack

    1 (Dec 13, 2001)

    Same problem - does not install !

  2. Review - Netscape Navigator for Windows

    6.2.1 (Dec 7, 2001)

    COME ON - why bother with netscape ever again - because of the great name it ones used to be ????
    go get mozilla instead.

  3. Review - DJ Mix Pro

    2.5 Build 18c (Dec 7, 2001)

    hmm after playing around with this proggie all i can say is - IT IS REALLY COOL. If you dont have the ability and practice to make your mixes life (like me..) but still want to listen to music your way - this program is for you.
    After messing about with settings you can make it sound just right.. and this beatlocking thing is of great help.
    man i am really considering buying this toy.
    5 stars !!!!

  4. Review - RealTimes (formerly RealPlayer) Beta (Dec 6, 2001)

    still has a few minor bugs though...

  5. Review - Trillian

    0.70 (Dec 6, 2001)

    would not go as far as buying it, but it is a great program!