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  1. Review - Opera for Windows (32-bit)

    10.60 Build 3445 Beta (Jul 1, 2010)

    @ dotnetnigtmare

    I tried to replicate your so-called" bug. Guess what ? It could not be repeated. When you close Opera, it closes the video. Just normal behavior... I encourage anyone to try not only Opera but also your alleged failure. It will give people an opportunity to appreciate your credibility, or skills...
    Most of "computer issue" are simply due to a "nightmare" somewhere between the keyboard and the chair.
    Opera 10.60 final works like a charm until now.

  2. Review - XnView for Windows

    1.93.4 (Mar 27, 2008)

    One version per day that's a lot...

  3. Review - XnView for Windows

    1.93.2 (Mar 26, 2008)

    Problem in version numbering. It's already 1.93.3 on their site.

  4. Review - TheWorld Browser (Jan 11, 2008)

    Rather disappointing.

    Sure it is very fast. Light ? 32 MB with only 3 tabs open does not appear very light.
    The main point is that it is lacking several basic features. No adblocking is a severe negative point : actually there is one, but it is so inefficient that no ad is blocked at all ! Favorites management is non-existent, which is a major negative. Worst : no session organisation and does not allow to open a session as user wants ( tabs order is not kept). Skin management the same, no spacer for toolbars, no button size choice, no toolbar placement choice... Very few plugins ( no Noscript, Flash blocking not working). Those are the few points I noted.
    No mail client included, etc...
    So very poor in general.
    That's a pity as it is very fast. At the same token, its speed could be hurt with more features.

  5. Review - Malwarebytes

    0.88 Beta (Jan 7, 2008)


    It's not you...¨Positive reviews are from the developpers. Once, just after I posted a negative review, a very positive one appeared. In that post there was a link; I clicked on it and I immediately got a virus which was detected and stopped by Antivir. Strange no ?

  6. Comment - Opera 11 launches in alpha, offers new features to test

    0.88 Beta (Oct 28, 2010 - 5:24 AM)

    Or select " Delete new cookies in exiting Opera". This option has been here for years in "Advanced" settings. But sure, it is "advanced".
    That's always the same with some people too lazy to do a minimum of work but daring to post comments about products that they don't even know.

  7. Comment - Opera Browser Gets Fraud Protection

    0.88 Beta (Oct 19, 2006 - 11:52 AM)

    I'll stick to Opera too, which is regularly tested the safest ( see Secunia) and the fastest.