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Watchlisted CrystalDiskInfo

Watchlisted DNSQuerySniffer

Watchlisted VirtualBox for Windows

Reviewed WinToFlash 1.11.0000

Why would I pay for something I can get for free? There are free alternatives out there. Read full review

Reviewed PHP 7.3.1

I remember Installing and configuring apache + php was a nightmare.
I switched to NodeJS and never looked back. Read full review

Reviewed File Converter (64-bit) 1.2.3

.net - go home Read full review

Reviewed Eagle Mode 0.94.0

The user interface looks like an old DOS game that didn't hit the market because it was too ugly. Read full review

Reviewed Universal Media Server for Windows 8.0.0 Alpha 1

requires Java? go home. Read full review

Reviewed AIMP 4.51.2084

Beats winamp. Lightweight, regular updates, portable, great gui Read full review

Reviewed Apple iTunes for Windows 12.9.2

Further bigger, fatter and slower each new version.
Floola does the job better. Read full review

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CrystalDiskInfo 8.0.0

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DNSQuerySniffer 1.72


VirtualBox for Windows 6.0.0-127566

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