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Member since March 5, 2003

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    Ben BetaNews

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    United States of America

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  1. Media Player Classic for Windows 2000/XP
  2. Paint.NET
  3. SciTE

Recent Posts

  1. Review - Notepad++ (32-bit)

    4.8.5 RC (Apr 8, 2008)

    Notepad++ v4.8.5 fixed bugs and added features (from v4.8.2) :

    1. Fix crash bug while a "New 2" is in session.xml.
    2. Fix the Drag N Drop text bug between 2 views.
    3. Fix the annoying acrobat reader dialog problem.
    4. Fix the bug that the first new document encoding is not set as the setting in "New Document settings".
    5. Fix crash bug while running the command "Close All But Me" in some context.
    6. Add scroll to end line feature after document reloading from disk.
    7. Enhance checking modification from outside feature.

  2. Review - SciTE

    1.75 (Jan 8, 2008)

    Love Scite, been using it for years. Doesn't have all the features I would want but has all the features I really need.

  3. Review - Notepad++ (32-bit)

    4.7.3 (Jan 8, 2008)

    When it comes to producing your own syntax file it's much more limited then Scite and it the highlighter requires whitespace at times (which is bad). Lot of cool features but I won't be replacing Scite just yet.

  4. Review - Core Temp

    0.9.54 Beta (Aug 23, 2007)

    Works for me great. Not as configurable as SpeedFan.

  5. Review - HashTab for Windows

    1.14 (Aug 15, 2007)

    Great extension, been using it for years.

  6. Comment - Capitol communications systems crushed under debt ceiling debate

    1.14 (Jul 30, 2011 - 7:53 AM)

    But do we really live within our means? How many of us have credit cards? College loans? Car loans? Home loans? We, the American people, do not live within our means. Why should our government be any different?
    -- Devil's Advocate

  7. Comment - Capitol communications systems crushed under debt ceiling debate

    1.14 (Jul 30, 2011 - 7:43 AM)

    I think a DDoS is appropriate in this context, maybe not very useful, but akin to everyone screaming as the bus is driven off a cliff.

  8. Comment - FBI raids homes, makes arrests in connection with Anonymous hacks

    1.14 (Jul 20, 2011 - 11:33 AM)

    Arresting Anonymous hackers is just going to drive the other hackers in the "organization" (how can it be called an organization when they have no organization? collective maybe?) deeper underground. It won't stop the hacking, but it will make the Anon white hats paranoid and lead them to become disenchanted with the system, turning them grey or black.

  9. Comment - The irony and infamy of LulzSec's Rupert Murdoch attacks

    1.14 (Jul 19, 2011 - 9:58 AM)

    *LulzSec is just the rain before the hail, a small part of the storm that is brewing.

    Or i'm blowing it way out of proportion. *shrug*

  10. Comment - The irony and infamy of LulzSec's Rupert Murdoch attacks

    1.14 (Jul 19, 2011 - 9:50 AM)

    I agree.

    As a society we like them because they are often fighting some social wrong, typically greed and corruption. We don't care for their tactics because we don't want other people to use them but the rich and powerful are adept players of the system (it's how they got and stay rich and powerful) and more often than not the rich and powerful win.

    If you build a system without proper redress mechanisms, you will experience revolution that will force change. The more you ignore the call for change and fight the revolution to maintain the status quo, the worse the revolution will be. A) Fight them head on and you will get a worse revolution. B) Ignore them and the boarder skirmishes will continue. C) Reintegrate them into society reincorporating the energy of the revolution into redressing the situation and the revolution is averted.

    So far we have taken the options A and B, if we don't start taking some of Option C it's only a matter before it consumes all of us.

    LulzSec is just the rain before the hail, a mi