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  1. Review - Trillian

    0.70 (Dec 6, 2001)

    Although I liked the last version (0.63), I kept my original IM clients because 0.63 didn't support file transfers. This version does, and it does it well! I love the single interface for all clients and it's intuitive interface. I donated 15.00, and wish I could have given more. Great work!

  2. Comment - Microsoft Reissues DirectX 9 Update

    0.70 (Mar 27, 2003 - 4:00 PM)

    Like the last guy wrote below, I can't capture any video using my ATI All in Wonder card. My trouble report to ATI resulted in the same links to their FAQ and website help (which I had exhausted before asking them for help). No matter what setup mode (avi, wmv, vcr, mpg) I use, capture starts (most of the time) then stopy after from a couple os seconds to a minute or so. ATI thinks it is still capturing (the "captured" time keeps counting up, but it is not. I have a fresh (fully updated) copy of XP including DX9 (9a isn't available just now when I checked), ATI AIW Catalyst 3.2 (inclusing ATI TV WDM capture, control panel and multi-media center). My machine isn't the problem as capture has worked impecably in earlier versions.

    Can anyone offer insight into this? Should I just wait for MS and or ATI to work this out?


    Mark Pomory