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  1. Review - CutePDF Writer

    2.62 (Feb 21, 2007)


    I submitted this program to be listed on FileForum/BetaNews almost 2 years ago!!!

    I LOVE this program!

    Simple. Fast. Free. No watermarks!

    Just print to PDF and have a nice day!

    ...And I don't know why it shows a snapshot of Foxit PDF Reader because this program is only a virtual printer for Windows. Not an actual program you interact with as shown above.

  2. Review - Screamer Radio

    0.3.9 Build 20070217 Beta (Feb 19, 2007)

    been using this for over a year. thought the developer quit on us but low and behold here is a new beta! to me this is more exciting than Vista being released. if you're looking for a good net radio player, THIS is THE ONE!

  3. Review - XAMPP for Windows

    1.5.5 (Jan 27, 2007)

    If there was a better option than XAMPP I would use it. But there isn't! My web development productivity level has increased significantly because of this amazing tool.

  4. Review - Google Browser Sync for Firefox (Jun 8, 2006)

    this IS a nice extention for firefox, but may i suggest Foxmarks??? ive been using it for a couple of months and it does what someone else asked about. being able to use different computers at the same time. or different browser windows. and it keeps them all in sync.

    u can get it from the mozilla extention site. i highly recommend it over this google extention

  5. Review - DownThemAll (May 30, 2006)

    been using this for about a month now and all i can say is WOW! i no longer need flashget and freshdownload (or whatever other download manager you're using now) as this does it all. its lightweight and does the job i need it to do. and its nice that its tightly integrated into FF.

    i recommend this to everyone. and they constantly update the software with new features/looks/bugfixes.

  6. Comment - EU Threatens Microsoft with Daily Fines (Dec 23, 2005 - 10:20 AM)

    i really think a lot of people here are either crazy (if you support the EU wanting MS to open up their code) or dont understand the issue (think EU just wants MS to open code to competitors for their own irrational reasons). really the only reason the EU is stirring up this mess is because MS implements WMP and IE into windows and DOESNT GIVE THE USER THE OPTION NOT TO INSTALL THEM DURING WINDOWS INSTALL!!! this means by default WMP and IE are chosen for media files and web browsing. this is unfair to competitors because they already have the lower hand in the equation. the EU is right in asking MS to deal with this issue, but opening the code to WMP and IE for competitors is NOT A SOLLUTION! the proper way to deal with this is to fine MS if they dont comply in ASKING THE USER during a windows installation if he/she wants to install WMP and IE or not. that way the user HAS A CHOICE before ever even having WMP or IE on their computer in the first place. THEN the user can decide afterwards to go solely with a 3rd party media player and browser OR to use MS's programs. this is the ONLY problem being dealt with by the EU and the US. so rant all you want about the open source demand. I agree that's insane! but understand at least how they got mad at MS in the first place, and then just point and laugh at the idiots for taking the whole conflict out of proportion and making insane demands.

  7. Comment - Apple Sued Over Nano Scratching (Oct 23, 2005 - 5:15 PM)

    Plain and simple:
    Profits belong to the company that developed, marketed, manufactured, and sold the product. Therefore, all profits are entitled to Apple and no one else.
    The people suing are exceptionally greedy!
    If there is a manufacturing defect, the manufacturer is obligated to correct any future problems and compensate those already affected in a responsible manner. I would recommend replacing the defective products entirely at Apple's cost and calling it a day.
    You can argue that it's crazy they had to file suit in order to get this done, which I will agree with. But under these circumstances, those filing suit have done NOTHING to deserve profits! Perhaps in addition to the replacement products they can get an extended warranty, travel charger, free download or two from iTunes. Something!
    Let's not go crazy here. It's an iPod. Not a car. Replace the damn thing, and maybe next time the end-users involved here will realize there are a million alternative brands they can buy that do the same thing if they are so unhappy with the quality of their purchase.
    My gavel has just dropped. Case closed.