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Reviewed Microsoft Security Essentials (32-bit)

We all are so used to nailing MS for software that falls short of expectations (Me included) it's hard to give em a thumbs up. This app seems well written, no install issues. Of course long term use will provode the final opnion in it's ability to... Read full review

Reviewed AOL for Windows 10.1 ( Beta 2

One would think that a company with a poor reputation and in danger of death would do their best to raise the the quality of their software. But as usual it is clunky, slow and real good at screwing up a users PC. If you need to use AOL then... Read full review

Reviewed Kantaris Media Player 0.7.9

The app is a basic player that installed and runs well in Windows 7. The interface though simple is in my opinion bulky but that in no way detracts from the way it runs. There are more then enough audio players available and more comin so if this... Read full review


Read full review

Reviewed EvilLyrics 0.1.91

Awesome program...nuf said Read full review

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