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K-Lite Codec Pack Full


BurnAware Free


K-Lite Codec Pack Basic


K-Lite Codec Pack Standard


DVD Decrypter


Easiest malware removal trick. Ever.

Stop this Trojan from booting. No typing or clicking required.

Insert special characters into any document with WinCompose

Easily enter math symbols, accented characters, superscripts and more

Translate website text by pointing at it with TransOver

Quick and easy web translations for Chrome

VMware Workstation 12 Pro, Player 12, Fusion 8 ship with Windows 10 support

Run Windows 10 as a host, or in a VM - and faster than ever

How to create a system restore point – even if your PC is sleeping

It can be a lifesaver - but is your PC's System Restore set up correctly?

Microsoft launches Cortana beta for Android

Who needs Google Now, anyway?

Synchronise media players for group viewing with Syncplay

Watch movies together - no matter where you are

Ultimate Windows Tweaker 4.0 launched for Windows 10 users

New release provides convenient access to over 200 tweakable settings.

Network Inventory Advisor is a one-stop auditor for PCs and Macs

Get detailed hardware/ software reports on all your network computers

Give your screen a custom tint with ColorVeil

Place a color filter over your screen with a click

Today's Hot Files

Mozilla Firefox for Windows 40.0.3

4.0 out of 5 stars Fileforum Pick

(August 27 - 5:08 PM ET)

Mozilla Firefox is a free and open source Web browser descended from the Mozilla Application Suite and managed by Mozilla Corporation. Firefox is the second most widely used browser.

To display web pages, Firefox uses the Gecko layout engine, which implements most current web standards in addition to several features that are intended to anticipate likely additions to the standards.

Ad-Aware 11.8

3.4 out of 5 stars Fileforum Pick

(August 27 - 5:05 PM ET)

Ad-Aware is designed to provide advanced protection from known Data-mining, aggressive advertising, Parasites, Scumware, selected traditional Trojans, Dialers, Malware, Browser hijackers, and tracking components.

Ad-Aware Free is available for personal home use only. Commercial use is prohibited.

MikroLock 1.0

4.6 out of 5 stars

(August 27 - 3:38 PM ET)

MikroLock is a fast native implementation of the minilock file format. Despite its name (and in contrast to the original implementation), it can also handle BIG files.

A minilock ID is a short public key derived from a secret passphrase and an E-mail address. This ID may be published on websites, mail signatures, twitter etc. to enable anyone to encrypt data for this ID. Only the receiver who applies the correct mail and passphrase to derive this ID can decrypt the content.

Since the minilock IDs are very comfortable to handle, there is no need for a cumbersome key exchange process like using keyservers or manually copying key files to hosts.

Retcon 0.1.2

(August 27 - 3:37 PM ET)

Retcon provides you with a way to access Twitter without having to use a web browser. It acts as a desktop client for the social network, enabling you to access your account, read posts of people you follow and publish your messages.

NCID (Network Caller ID) 1.1

(August 27 - 3:02 PM ET)

NCID (Network Caller ID) is Caller ID (CID) distributed over a network to a variety of devices and computers. The NCID system consists of the required NCID package and optional packages. Third party addons are also available. The NCID package consists of the server, gateways, the universal client, and client output modules. The NCID server monitors either a modem, Caller ID device, or gateway for the CID data. The data is collected and sent, via TCP, to one or more connected clients. The server supports multiple gateways which can be used with or without a modem or device.

XAMPP for Windows 5.6.12

4.7 out of 5 stars

(August 27 - 3:02 PM ET)

XAMPP is an easy-to-install Apache distribution containing MySQL, PHP and Perl. It is really very easy to install and to use: just download, extract and start.


4.1 out of 5 stars

(August 27 - 1:20 PM ET)

Daminion is an affordable, easy-to-use digital photo and media management solution for your precious multimedia content. Easy asset cataloging means goodbye to last-minute scrambling. Daminion also supports storage of data inside files, including copyright information, synchronization of database information with EXIF, IPTC, XMP, and MWG, as well as format-specific metadata in a wide variety of formats. The metadata mark your copyrighted material; this helps to protect your intellectual property rights.

Daminion supports a wide variety of media formats, including raster, vector, camera RAW images, video, music and PDF files. Your library remains portable: catalogs contain relative file paths. That means you can easily move a folder with media files and the catalog to a new location. Multiple catalogs can be opened in separate tabs simultaneously in modern web browsers. You can work with Shared and Local catalogs in the same workspace as well.

Actual Multiple Monitors 8.5

4.4 out of 5 stars

(August 27 - 1:20 PM ET)

Actual Multiple Monitors is the unique toolkit which improves the usability of Windows user interface and make the work with multi-monitor setups much more comfortable and effective.

This Free version is for Personal Use only. A Pro version is also available for a cost.

O&O ShutUp10 1.0.1344.1

5.0 out of 5 stars

(August 27 - 1:20 PM ET)

O&O ShutUp10 means you have full control over which comfort functions under Windows 10 you wish to use, and you decide when the passing on of your data goes too far. Using a very simple interface, you decide how Windows 10 should respect your privacy by deciding which unwanted functions should be deactivated.

Ubuntu 15.10 (Wily Werewolf) Beta 1

4.2 out of 5 stars

(August 27 - 1:10 PM ET)

Ubuntu is a Linux distribution that starts with the breadth of Debian and adds regular releases (every six months), a clear focus on the user and usability (it should "Just Work", TM) and a commitment to security updates with 18 months of support for every release. Ubuntu ships with the latest Gnome release as well as a selection of server and desktop software that makes for a comfortable desktop experience off a single installation CD.

NVIDIA GeForce Experience

3.3 out of 5 stars

(August 27 - 1:05 PM ET)

NVIDIA GeForce Experience allows you to keep your Nvidia graphics card drivers up to date by notifying you of all new releases. Easily update your drivers with a single click without leaving your desktop. It also optimizes your game settings based on your CPU, GPU and display monitor. Enjoy the highest image quality while maintaining optimum performance for all supported games.

Avira Free Antivirus

4.3 out of 5 stars

(August 27 - 1:05 PM ET)

Avira Free Antivirus offers effective protection against computer viruses for the individual and private use on a single PC-workstation. It detects and removes viruses and includes an Internet-Update Wizard for easy updating. The built in resident Virus Guard serves to monitor file movements automatically, for example when downloading files from the Internet. Heuristic scanning protects Protection against previously unknown macro viruses.

Bullzip PDF Printer

4.4 out of 5 stars

(August 27 - 1:05 PM ET)

Bullzip PDF Printer works as a Microsoft Windows printer and allows you to write PDF documents from virtually any Microsoft Windows application. It also allows you to write BMP, ESP, JPEG, PCX, PNG, PS, TIFF files.

Vivaldi for Windows (64-bit) Snapshot

4.3 out of 5 stars

(August 27 - 1:05 PM ET)

Vivaldi is a new Web browser from the founders of the original Opera Web Browser. Vivaldi will adapt as you browse the web. A clean and modern interface to complement the content you are browsing. It's also highly customizable - don't like the tabs on top? Simply put them where you want, bottom, left or right.

UVK - Ultra Virus Killer

4.1 out of 5 stars

(August 27 - 1:04 PM ET)

UVK - Ultra Virus Killer bundles advanced tools to repair, clean, boost and optimize Windows. With user friendly interface, UVK allows users to easily remove all kinds of malware, and perform all tasks related to Windows repair, maintenance, optimization and info retrieval.

Note: Most UVK features are free, but some require a user license.

WinRAR (64-bit) 5.30 Beta 3

4.7 out of 5 stars Fileforum Pick

(August 27 - 1:04 PM ET)

RAR is a general purpose archiving and compression program competing with/replacing programs such as PKZip, ARJ, and others. It offers significantly improved compression ratios, easier use and a cheaper price as well as supporting long file names, disk spanning, and self-extracting file creation.

You can also try RAR for Mac OS X, Linux, or FreeBSD.

IObit Start Menu 8 v2.3.0.200

3.1 out of 5 stars

(August 27 - 1:04 PM ET)

Start Menu 8 is specially designed for Windows 8. It offers a perfect solution for users who work with Windows Start Menu all the time and are not accustomed to the new Metro start screen in Windows 8. This smart tool brings back both the start button and Windows Start Menu, and offers the option to skip Metro start page, allowing users who only work on desktop to boot to Windows 8 desktop directly. It's the best start menu replacement for Windows8.


4.3 out of 5 stars

(August 27 - 1:03 PM ET)

EventSentry is a monitoring suite that actively monitors your server's (or workstation's) event log and system health. Configure EventSentry to notify you if important events matching your filter criteria occur or consolidate your event logs into one central location such as a central ODBC database. System health monitoring can notify you if services are stopped (and optionally start them), software is installed, or essential processes are not running, if diskspace is low, backup event logs and more.


4.3 out of 5 stars Fileforum Pick

(August 27 - 1:03 PM ET)

AnyDVD works in the background to automatically and transparently enable read access of the contents of a movie DVD as soon as it's inserted into the drive. The DVD will become useable to your windows operating system and all programs on your computer, such as DVD-Backup-software like CloneDVD, Pinnacle InstantCopy, Intervideo DVDCopy and others, then supporting any DVD. AnyDVD optionally disables the RPC region codes, thereby making the movie region free and comfortably viewable on any DVD player and with any DVD player software.

AnyDVD is capable of disabling unwanted movie features such as forced subtitles, forced delays, and no-skip marks, giving you full control over your movie experience. It also allows you to launch an external application whenever you insert or remove a disc, and prevents unwanted software like 'PC-friendly' from automatically launching when you insert a video DVD.

Ares 2.3.2

4.4 out of 5 stars

(August 27 - 1:03 PM ET)

Ares is a peer to peer file sharing program that enables users to share any digital file including images, audio, video, software, documents, etc. You may now easily publish your files through the Ares Network. As a member of the network, you can also search and download just about any digital media file. You can also join or host chat rooms and meet new friends.

D3DGear 4.97.1949

3.8 out of 5 stars

(August 27 - 1:02 PM ET)

D3DGear is an advanced utility for Windows DirectX & OpenGL games. It automatically measures a 3D game's frame rate and displays it on screen; user can customize font color, size and position of the frame rate display. D3DGear can capture 3D game screenshots with the press of a hotkey, and automatically save screenshots into a file; user can define screenshot hotkey, save file format and save file directory. D3DGear also can record 3D games to movie.

REAPER for Windows (64-bit) 5.01

4.7 out of 5 stars

(August 27 - 1:02 PM ET)

REAPER is a powerful but sensible Windows application that lets you record, arrange, edit, and render multi-track waveform audio. It provides an extensive set of features, but is a very small and lightweight application (the installer is less than 1 megabyte, and includes many effects and a sample project).

REAPER supports ASIO, Kernel Streaming, WaveOut, and DirectSound for playback and recording. It reads WAV, OGG, and MP3 files, and records WAV files. You can arrange any number of items in any number of tracks and use audio processing plug-ins (DirectX and Jesusonic). REAPER also supports volume, pan controls and envelopes per track, multi-layer undo/redo, and user creatable color themes.