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BurnAware Free


K-Lite Codec Pack Update


DVD Decrypter


IrfanView PlugIns


K-Lite Mega Codec Pack


Opera FINAL 27 restores tab preview, fine-tunes navigation bar

New release also changes to new Flash plug-in.

Ra is a Chrome text editor/ file manager for your local storage

Copy, create, rename or delete local files from inside Chrome

Build the perfect portable toolkit with SyMenu

Organise and launch your favourite applications anywhere

Inside “Easy Disk Drive Repair” malware with VB Decompiler

What's this trojan really doing? We look at the program code

Labrys is an alternative Start Menu for Windows 7+

Yes, another one... But wait, this is a little different to the rest

LastPass for OS X puts password manager directly on the Mac desktop

New app sits alongside existing browser extensions for universal access from the menu bar.

Quickly transcribe audio files with pmTrans

Manually typing song lyrics? Here's how to make life easier

Chrome 40 for iOS brings browser Handoff support, Material Design UI

iOS 8 and iPhone 6 improvements on offer, too

IObit Malware Fighter 3 Free extends browsing protection

Protect your search and home pages, browser add-ons, DNS settings and more

Today's Hot Files

Rainmeter 3.2 r2355 Beta

4.6 out of 5 stars

(January 27 - 3:57 PM ET)

Rainmeter is a desktop customization platform. Through Rainmeter, you can enhance your Windows computer at home or work with skins: handy, compact applets which float freely on your desktop, much like Windows Sidebar gadgets, or dashboard widgets for the Mac.

Rainmeter skins provide you with useful information at a glance. It's easy to keep an eye on your system resources, like memory and battery power, or your online data streams, including email, RSS feeds, and weather forecasts. Many skins are even functional: they can record your notes and to-do lists, launch your favorite applications, and send your tweets to Twitter - all in a clean, unobtrusive interface that you can rearrange and customize to your liking.

Advanced SystemCare Free 8.1.0

3.1 out of 5 stars

(January 27 - 3:57 PM ET)

Advanced SystemCare is a comprehensive PC care utility that takes a one-click approach to help protect, repair and optimize your computer. It provides an all-in-one and super convenient solution for PC maintenance and protection. This program is available free of charge.

This program is available free of charge.

TSR Watermark Image

3.6 out of 5 stars

(January 27 - 3:57 PM ET)

TSR Watermark Image is a free software tool that can add digital watermaks to all your images, photos and pictures in a batch.

Free for personal use.

LangOver 5.0.48

(January 27 - 1:55 PM ET)

LangOver will convert your text quickly between languages. Have you ever tried to type in one language but the result was in another? Annoying, eh? That's because the keyboard layout was in a wrong language, and you forgot to use "ALT+SHIFT". You'll be able to convert your text quickly between languages. Just click F10 and your text will be fixed.

Earth Alerts 2015.1.12

4.4 out of 5 stars

(January 27 - 1:55 PM ET)

Earth Alerts allows you to monitor in near real-time a variety of natural hazard events that are occurring anywhere around the world. Alert notifications, reports, and imagery provide the user with a convenient way to view natural phenomenon as they occur, whether close to home or some far-flung corner of the globe.

Earth Alerts uses a variety of online resources provided by organizations such as the National Weather Service, U.S. Geological Survey and Smithsonian Institution (just to name a few), to identify what sort of activities "Mother Earth" is currently dishing out on the planet.

Universal Media Server for Windows 5.0.0

5.0 out of 5 stars

(January 27 - 1:55 PM ET)

Universal Media Server is a DLNA-compliant UPnP Media Server. The program streams or transcodes video, audio and image formats with little or no configuration. It is powered by FFmpeg, MEncoder, tsMuxeR, MediaInfo and more, which combine to offer support for a wide range of media formats.

Arasan for Windows 17.5

4.5 out of 5 stars

(January 27 - 1:55 PM ET)

Arasan is a chess program that includes an opening book with about 32,000 moves.

Pale Moon 25.2.1

4.1 out of 5 stars

(January 27 - 1:54 PM ET)

Pale Moon is the work of a single individual, using contributed Open Source code to create a full-featured, speed optimized version of the popular Firefox browser. Having seen the advantages on other systems (e.g. Linux) with regards to programs being compiled specifically for the capabilities of the machine it is installed on, it became obviously clear that Windows users were at a disadvantage: Mozilla only releases windows executables with maximum compatibility in mind, meaning that Firefox is made to run on as many different systems as possible, sacrificing efficiency and speed in the process to be compatible with, by current standards, absolutely ancient hardware.

Pale Moon is a middle road, cutting away support for ancient systems to achieve a significant speed and efficiency increase, but not trying to squeeze the last few percent more out of it by limiting the range of systems it will run on even more. It aims to not waste computer resources and power on inefficient programs, while at the same time serving a wide range of systems that are currently in use around the world.

doPDF 8.1.923

4.6 out of 5 stars Fileforum Pick

(January 27 - 9:27 AM ET)

doPDF installs itself as a virtual PDF printer driver so after a successful installation will appear in your Printers and Faxes list. To convert to PDF, you just have to print the document to doPDF, the free pdf converter. Open a document (with Microsoft Word, WordPad, NotePad or any other software), choose Print and select doPDF. It will ask you where to save the PDF file and when finished, the PDF file will be automatically opened in your default PDF viewer.

Cyotek Gif Animator Beta

(January 27 - 9:27 AM ET)

Cyotek Gif Animator is an easy to use creator for GIF animations. Using Cyotek Gif Animator you can quickly make an animation from a series of still images, modify existing animations, extract frames, work with color palettes, perform batch operations to create and maintain animations and more.

DVDFab All-In-One for Windows

3.5 out of 5 stars

(January 27 - 9:26 AM ET)

DVDFab All-In-One, a versatile package containing all DVDFab products -- DVD Copy, DVD Ripper, Blu-ray Copy, Blu-ray Ripper, Blu-ray to DVD Converter, 2D to 3D Converter, Blu-ray 3D Ripper, Video Converter, HD Decrypter, and File Transfer. It provides totally complete solutions for all your DVD/Blu-ray/video issues and performs perfectly. Each product can be purchased separately.

Mozilla Firefox (Beta) 36.0 Beta 4

3.5 out of 5 stars Fileforum Pick

(January 27 - 9:26 AM ET)

Mozilla Firefox is a free and open source Web browser descended from the Mozilla Application Suite and managed by Mozilla Corporation. Firefox is the second most widely used browser.

To display web pages, Firefox uses the Gecko layout engine, which implements most current web standards in addition to several features that are intended to anticipate likely additions to the standards.

AnyDesk 1.2.2 Beta

4.1 out of 5 stars

(January 27 - 9:14 AM ET)

Forget about low reliability and tedious fire­wall configurations. Use your perso­nal computer from any­where and without any head­aches. Whether for five minutes or five hours - you won't even notice AnyDesk is there. Your personalized AnyDesk-ID is the key to your desk­top with all your applications, photos, docu­ments and files. And your data stays where it belongs. On your hard drive, and nowhere else.

True Burner 2.6

4.2 out of 5 stars

(January 27 - 9:08 AM ET)

True Burner is simple, but powerful burning software, which enables you to make and burn standard, multisession and bootable CD, DVD, Blu-ray Disc with various file systems, including ISO 9660 and UDF. With True Burner you can create Data and MP3 Discs, DVD-Video.

NirLauncher 1.19.19

4.0 out of 5 stars

(January 27 - 9:07 AM ET)

NirLauncher is a package of more than 100 portable freeware utilities for Windows, all of them developed for NirSoft Web site during the last few years.

Q-Dir 6.07

4.9 out of 5 stars

(January 26 - 7:43 PM ET)

Q-Dir makes your files and folder easy to manage. Fast and easy access, with an amazing Quadro-View technique. You don't have to renounce the usual, Drag and Drop, all Views, and other functions of your system. No! Q-Dir gives you other nice functions, that make you happy. One can save many hand moves and also time.

Syncios 4.2.1

4.6 out of 5 stars

(January 26 - 5:03 PM ET)

Syncios is an easy-to-use yet powerful iOS device manager, which is well-designed for users who want to manage media contents between iOS devices and PC freely. As an iOS manager, Syncios supports accessing any iPod touch, iPhone or iPad to export apps, photos, music, ringtone, videos, and eBooks to your PC for backup. Transfer files from your PC to iOS devices will be also available.

Far Manager 3.0.4255 Beta

4.6 out of 5 stars

(January 26 - 5:03 PM ET)

Far Manager is a program for managing files and archives in Windows operating systems. It works in text mode and provides a simple and intuitive interface for performing most of the necessary actions: viewing files and directories, editing, copying and renaming files and many other operations.

Data Crow 4.0.15

4.6 out of 5 stars

(January 26 - 5:03 PM ET)

Data Crow allows you to create a huge database containing all your collected items. You can use the excellent online services to retrieve the information instead of typing all the information yourself. Don't strain yourself in maintaining your items and trying to keep track of their location, start using Data Crow today.

cFosSpeed 10.02 Build 2180

4.1 out of 5 stars

(January 26 - 5:03 PM ET)

cFosSpeed is a high-performance network driver for DSL modems and routers. Highlights of this program include Traffic Shaping, For DSL modems and routers, Fully compatible with conventional PPPoE drivers, Automatic router detection, Self-calibrating, Highly responsive when used with online games and Peer-to-Peer networks like eMule or Kazaa, and Freely configurable priority classes.

Sandboxie (Beta) 4.15.9 Beta

4.6 out of 5 stars

(January 26 - 5:02 PM ET)

Sandboxie allows you to run your browser, or any other program, so that all changes that result from the usage are kept in a sandbox environment, which can then be deleted later. This allows you to remove traces of your Internet or PC activities, as well as reverse any changes to your Favorites, home page, registry and more. Even files that were downloaded during a sandbox session will be wiped after the sandbox is cleared. The program runs in the system tray and if you want to start a sandboxed session, simply launch your browser, or any other program via the tray icon, rather than the regular way.

HWiNFO32 (Beta) 4.49-2390 Beta

4.8 out of 5 stars

(January 26 - 5:02 PM ET)

HWiNFO32 (Hardware Information) is a professional hardware information and diagnostic tool supporting latest components, industry technologies and standards. It's targeted to recognize and extract the most possible amount of information about computer's hardware which makes it suitable for users searching for driver updates, computer manufactures, system integrators and technical exteperts too. Retrieved information is presented in a logical and easily understandable form and can be exported into various types of reports. System health monitoring and basic benchmarking available too.