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K-Lite Mega Codec Pack


K-Lite Codec Pack Full


Track your AdSense earnings with Auburn

Get desktop alerts as the cash floods in

Opera VPN 1.0 launches for Android, adds network security check

Release sees Opera’s VPN services extended from iOS platform.

Acronis True Image 2017 adds Facebook backup

Wireless mobile backups, AES-256 encryption and better NAS support also make the "what's new?" list

OpenOffice gets an unofficial iPad port

A text editor, spreadsheet, presentation builder and drawing app for your iPad

My Family Tree 6.0 improves GEDCOM support, date handling

One of the best free PC genealogy tools just got even better

How to instantly fill web forms with dummy data

Instantly fill web fields with fake data

Stress-test your PC with HeavyLoad 3.4

Put your CPU, GPU, RAM and hard drive under load with a click

ImBatch 5.0 adds multithreading for 400% speed increase

Superfast image processing is here! (But not in the free version.)

Watch and analyse chess games with Kvetka

Improve your chess-playing skills with this Windows freebie

Today's Hot Files

Mednafen (64-bit)

(August 23 - 10:33 AM ET)

Mednafen is a portable argument (command-line)-driven multi-system emulator. It has the ability to remap hotkey functions and virtual system inputs to a keyboard, a joystick, or both simultaneously. Save states are supported, as is real-time game rewinding. Screen snapshots may be taken, in the PNG file format, at the press of a button. Mednafen can record audiovisual movies in the QuickTime file format, with several different lossless codecs supported.

The following systems are supported: Atari Lynx, Neo Geo Pocket (Color), WonderSwan, GameBoy (Color), GameBoy Advance, Nintendo Entertainment System, Super Nintendo Entertainment System/Super Famicom, Virtual Boy, PC Engine/TurboGrafx 16 (CD), SuperGrafx, PC-FX, Sega Game Gear, Sega Genesis/Megadrive, Sega Master System, and Sony PlayStation.

Auburn 1.03

(August 23 - 9:59 AM ET)

Auburn is a Google AdSense Notifier. See your current earnings and get notified if you receive new earnings from Google AdSense. A tray icon shows your current balance or your earnings over the last 28 days.

WakeMeOnLan 1.77

(August 23 - 9:40 AM ET)

This utility allows you to easily turn on one or more computers remotely by sending Wake-on-LAN (WOL) packet to the remote computers. When your computers are turned on, WakeMeOnLan allows you to scan your network, and collect the MAC addresses of all your computers, and save the computers list into a file. Later, when your computers are turned off or in standby mode, you can use the stored computers list to easily choose the computer you want to turn on, and then turn on all these computers with a single click. WakeMeOnLan also allows you to turn on a computer from command-line, by specifying the computer name, IP address, or the MAC address of the remote network card.

OutlookStatView (64-bit) 2.06

(August 23 - 9:40 AM ET)

OutlookStatView scans your Outlook mailbox, and display a general statistics about the users that you communicate via emails. For each user/email, the following information is displayed: The number of outgoing messages that you sent to the user (separated by to/cc/bcc), the number of incoming message that the user sent to you, the total size of messages sent by the user, the email client software used by this user, and the time range that you send/received emails with the specified user.

Microsoft Visual Studio 15 Preview 4

4.3 out of 5 stars

(August 23 - 9:31 AM ET)

Microsoft Visual Studio is an integrated development environment (IDE) from Microsoft. It is used to develop console and graphical user interface applications along with Windows Forms or WPF applications, web sites, web applications, and web services in both native code together with managed code for all platforms supported by Microsoft Windows, Windows Mobile, Windows CE, .NET Framework, .NET Compact Framework and Microsoft Silverlight.

Visual Studio includes a code editor supporting IntelliSense as well as code refactoring. The integrated debugger works both as a source-level debugger and a machine-level debugger. Other built-in tools include a forms designer for building GUI applications, web designer, class designer, and database schema designer. It accepts plug-ins that enhance the functionality at almost every level—including adding support for source-control systems (like Subversion and Visual SourceSafe) and adding new toolsets like editors and visual designers for domain-specific languages or toolsets for other aspects of the software development lifecycle (like the Team Foundation Server client: Team Explorer).

My Family Tree (64-bit)

(August 23 - 9:21 AM ET)

My Family Tree is a free genealogy application for Windows. It has been carefully designed to help you quickly create your family tree using a simple and intuitive interface. For those just starting out investigating their family history, it provides an easy way to visualize and share your family tree with photos, stories and basic facts about each person. More experienced genealogists will find full support for citations and evidence and options to transfer data using the GEDCOM file format.

Database .NET 19.2.6079

4.9 out of 5 stars

(August 23 - 9:04 AM ET)

Database .NET is a simple, uniform and intuitive database management tool for multiple databases. It makes Local and Remote database administration easier without installing anything. With it you can Create databases, Design tables, Edit data, Export data, Generate scripts and run SQL queries.

An innovative, powerful and intuitive multiple database management tool, based on .NET Framework 4.0.

foobar2000 1.3.11

4.5 out of 5 stars Fileforum Pick

(August 22 - 1:45 PM ET)

foobar2000 is an advanced audio player for the Windows platform. Some of the basic features include full unicode support, ReplayGain support and native support for several popular audio formats.

GOM Media Player

3.8 out of 5 stars

(August 22 - 1:45 PM ET)

GOM Media Player is an all-purpose video player that plays almost any video with ease. With its user-friendly interface, advanced functionality, and free price tag, it's the only media player you need.

WifiChannelMonitor (64-bit) 1.45

5.0 out of 5 stars

(August 22 - 1:39 PM ET)

WifiChannelMonitor is a utility for Windows that captures wifi traffic on the channel you choose, using Microsoft Network Monitor capture driver in monitor mode, and displays extensive information about access points and the wifi clients connected to them. WifiChannelMonitor also allows you to view the information about wifi clients that are not connected to any access points, including the list of SSIDs (network names) that they are trying to connect.

Wine 1.9.17 Development

4.6 out of 5 stars

(August 22 - 1:22 PM ET)

Wine is a project to allow a PC running a Unix-like operating system and the X Window System to run x86 programs for Microsoft Windows. Alternately, those wishing to port a Windows application to a Unix-like system can compile it against the Wine libraries.

Trend Micro Ransomware Screen Unlocker Tool

(August 22 - 1:19 PM ET)

Ransomware is a type of malware that prevents or limits users from accessing their system. This type of malware forces its victims to pay the ransom through certain methods in order to grant access to their systems, or to get their data back. There are two (2) types of Ransomware: Lock Screen which limits the users from accessing the computer and Crypto (File Encryption) which encrypts files to limit users from access their files. Trend Micro Ransomware Screen Unlocker Tool is designed to eliminate Lock Screen ransomware from your infected PC.

Trend Micro Ransomware Screen Unlocker Tool for USB

(August 22 - 1:18 PM ET)

Ransomware is a type of malware that prevents or limits users from accessing their system. This type of malware forces its victims to pay the ransom through certain methods in order to grant access to their systems, or to get their data back. There are two (2) types of Ransomware: Lock Screen which limits the users from accessing the computer and Crypto (File Encryption) which encrypts files to limit users from access their files. Trend Micro Ransomware Screen Unlocker Tool is designed to eliminate Lock Screen ransomware from your infected PC.

Use the USB version when Lock Screen Ransomware is blocking both normal mode and safe mode with networking.

Coollector for Windows 4.7.9

4.3 out of 5 stars

(August 22 - 12:21 PM ET)

There are so many movies and series! It's hard to decide what to watch, or to remember what you've seen and what videos you own. Coollector Movie Database can catalog your collection of DVDs and video files, efficiently and beautifully. It can also analyze your taste to predict how much you'll like a show. You instantly know if a show is worth your time or not, and you'll discover some great shows that you would have missed otherwise.

NETFLIX, HULU, and AMAZON PRIME: browse their catalogs of streaming movies and series to evaluate if it's worth subscribing to their service, or if you're already subscribed, decide what to watch now.

Restore Point Creator 4.7 Build 9

4.0 out of 5 stars

(August 22 - 12:18 PM ET)

Restore Point Creator will create and manage System Restore Points quickly and easily, all from a free simple program. No more drilling through multiple menus in Windows just to create a System Restore Point, now all you have to do is run this program and that's it. Follow the simple program layout and you have your System Restore Point created in no time at all.

Plus, for users of Windows 7 and Windows 8, creating System Restore Points is even quicker and easier with this program. Just pin this program to the Taskbar and you have the ability to quickly create System Restore Points using one of the two pinned Tasks ("Create System Checkpoint" and "Create Custom Named") that the program creates. It's that simple.

Unchecky 1.0.1

4.9 out of 5 stars

(August 22 - 12:17 PM ET)

Unchecky aims to keep potentially unwanted programs out of your computer.

Have you ever felt, while installing software, that the installer tries to push additional unwanted programs at all cost? Ever missed a checkbox, and spent hours afterwards removing adware? Ever opened your browser after an installation, only to find out that you have a new homepage, a new search engine, or even a new browser? Unchecky will your checkboxes clear.

PDF ShapingUp 4.0.0

4.0 out of 5 stars

(August 22 - 12:16 PM ET)

PDF ShapingUp is a comprehensive editor allowing you to create and edit any PDF documents thanks to its many integrated tools. Without compromise, it's the all-in-one perfect editor for users who want the best of the PDF without complexity for free or light prices. It will become your preferred PDF partner for all your daily works, from the most basic to more sophisticated, such as, display multiple documents simultaneously, fill in forms fields, split large documents into smaller files, merge several documents in one document, protect and encrypt documents using digital signatures and opening passwords, linearize documents allowing quick display on websites, convert from/to numerous format, easily rearrange pages with drag and drop, extract texts and images included in a page, a document or several documents, manually or automatically build and edit the bookmarks tree, â?¦ and in its most elaborate edition, you can easily create, move, resize, rotate, change properties and delete all PDF objects constituting the pages of any non-protected document (texts, images, form fields, annotations, vectors and bar-codes).

Its numerous visual interactions ensure an immediate and effective handling, give you unmatched comfort of use by minimizing the tedious and hazardous keyboard settings and boost your creativity and productivity. Unlike competing products that display their functions in a tote toolbar, PDF ShapingUp has an ergonomic and intuitive interface and distills its many features in contextual toolbars only when you need them.

Free Monitor Manager 3.2.80

4.6 out of 5 stars

(August 22 - 12:14 PM ET)

Free Monitor Manager is a simple and absolutely free utility that allows you to easily change your monitor's brightness (by changing backlight intensity), contrast and RGB values.

WinSSHTerm 1.4.4

5.0 out of 5 stars

(August 22 - 12:12 PM ET)

WinSSHTerm is a portable PuTTY/KiTTY interface for accessing remote systems via SSH. It helps you to be more productive. Using keyboard shortcuts and intelligent navigation tools allows you to quickly switch between or start new SSH sessions even if you have to manage many systems. It has built-in support for copying files and running X applications. The terminal colors are carefully selected to minimize the stress for your eyes. WinSSHTerm is easy to use, lightweight and stable.

BDtoAVCHD 2.6.0

4.3 out of 5 stars

(August 19 - 2:07 PM ET)

BDtoAVCHD is a tool to create AVCHD discs from Blu-Ray or HD MKV files. As output we get the folder structure ready to burn to a DVD5 or DVD9. The software compresses the video to achieve the desired overall size of 4.7 GB with the highest possible quality. It is ideal for backing up Blu-Ray's with much smaller size and maintaining high quality.

Also can convert Blu-Ray to MKV, MKV to AVCHD, Blu-Ray 3D to AVCHD/MKV 3D SBS/TAB and ability to encode MKV's using x265/HEVC codec.

Discord for Windows 0.0.295

(August 19 - 1:30 PM ET)

Discord is an all-in-one voice and text chat for gamers that's free, secure, and works on both your desktop and phone. Stop paying for TeamSpeak servers and hassling with Skype. Simplify your life.

Discord is always completely free to use with no gotchas. This means you can make as many servers as you want with no slot limitations.

Website-Watcher 16.3 Beta 2

2.6 out of 5 stars

(August 19 - 1:19 PM ET)

WebSite-Watcher checks an unlimited number of web-sites for updates and changes with a minimum of time and online-costs. When changes in a website are detected, it saves the last two versions to your hard disk and highlights all changes in the text.