Top 5 Downloads

DVD Decrypter


BurnAware Free




Spybot - Search & Destroy


K-Lite Codec Pack Update


Microsoft’s EMET 5.0 blocks vulnerable plugins

Microsoft's protects against even more vulnerabilities and 0-day threats

AOMEI OneKey Recovery allows you to recreate your PC’s recovery partition

Free tool provides alternative to manufacturer-supplied recovery options.

Microsoft unveils Word, Excel and PowerPoint for iPad 1.1, adds user-requested features

PDF export, better picture-editing tools and support for third-party fonts added to all apps.

Auslogics reveals BoostSpeed 7

New real-time features keep your PC running at peak performance

Review: CyberLink Media Suite 12 Ultimate

Get 15 CyberLink apps for the price of 2?

Google Chrome 64-bit Beta released, edges closer to final Windows release

New build requires Windows 7 or later to run; is not compatible with XP or Vista x64.

SUPERAntiSpyware 6 reveals new System Investigator

Easy manual malware hunting in the free and Pro editions

LibreOffice 4.3 FINAL released, promises more intuitive spreadsheet handling, adds 3D modelling to Impress

New release also improves comment management, document interoperability

Pale Moon 24.7 released, resolves rendering performance issues among other tweaks and fixes

New release also incorporates latest security fixes from the recently released Firefox 32 FINAL.

Today's Hot Files

Hyena 11.0 'D'

4.1 out of 5 stars

(August 1 - 6:28 PM ET)

Hyena is designed to both simplify and centralize nearly all of the day-to-day management tasks, while providing new capabilities for system administration. It uses an Explorer-style interface for all operations, including right mouse click pop-up context menus for all objects. Management of users, groups, shares, domains, computers, services, devices, events, files, printers and print jobs, sessions, open files, disk space, user rights, messaging, exporting, job scheduling, processes, and printing are all supported.

Bullzip PDF Printer

4.4 out of 5 stars

(August 1 - 6:28 PM ET)

Bullzip PDF Printer works as a Microsoft Windows printer and allows you to write PDF documents from virtually any Microsoft Windows application. It also allows you to write BMP, ESP, JPEG, PCX, PNG, PS, TIFF files.

PicPick 3.4.0

3.7 out of 5 stars

(August 1 - 6:25 PM ET)

PicPick is an all-in-one software for software developers, graphic designers and home user. It has an intuitive interface and simple, elegant operation. After starting the software, you simply select one of the tool from the PicPick Tools trayicon menu when you want. It features a powerful capture tool, image editor, color picker, color palette, pixel ruler, protractor, crosshair, whiteboard and etc. You can use all these tools freely.

CheatBook-DataBase 08/2014

4.5 out of 5 stars

(August 1 - 3:31 PM ET)

CheatBook-DataBase is a cheat-codetracker that makes hints and cheats easily accessible from one central location. If you're an avid PC gamer and want a few extra weapons or lives to survive until the next level, this cheat database can come to the rescue.

RealPlayer Cloud 17.0.12

2.2 out of 5 stars

(August 1 - 3:31 PM ET)

Watch your videos on your TV without connecting your computer. Access RealPlayer Cloud on your Roku or with Chomecast and see your videos on the big screen - no wires required. Share videos of any length with family or friends without having to put it on Facebook or YouTube. Your friends don't even have to create an account or download an app to watch your shared video. Move your videos easily between your computer and your smartphone or tablet. They are always correctly formatted for the device. You can even download videos to the device for offline use.

Mobile devices now support RealPlayer Cloud. Move, share, and instantly watch videos on smartphones and tablets with any of these apps.


4.6 out of 5 stars

(August 1 - 3:31 PM ET)

EventSentry is a monitoring suite that actively monitors your server's (or workstation's) event log and system health. Configure EventSentry to notify you if important events matching your filter criteria occur or consolidate your event logs into one central location such as a central ODBC database. System health monitoring can notify you if services are stopped (and optionally start them), software is installed, or essential processes are not running, if diskspace is low, backup event logs and more.

FreeFileSync 6.8

4.6 out of 5 stars

(August 1 - 11:48 AM ET)

FreeFileSync is a folder comparison and synchronization tool providing highly optimized performance and usability without needless user interface complexity.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom for Windows 5.6

3.4 out of 5 stars

(August 1 - 11:48 AM ET)

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is the efficient new way for professional photographers to import, select, develop, and showcase large volumes of digital images. So you can spend less time sorting and refining photographs, and more time actually shooting them. Its clean, elegant interface literally steps out of the way and lets you quickly view and work with the images you shot today, as well as the thousands of images that you will shoot over the course of your career. Because no two photographers work alike, Adobe Lightroom adapts to your workflow, not the other way around.

Lightroom lets you view, zoom in, and compare photographs quickly and easily. Precise, photography-specific adjustments allow you to fine tune your images while maintaining the highest level of image quality from capture through output. And best of all, it runs on most commonly used computers, even notebook computers used on location.

Reg Organizer 6.55

3.1 out of 5 stars

(August 1 - 11:48 AM ET)

Reg Organizer offers a variety of tools required for effective System Registry and configuration files management. This software lets you view, edit and clean the Registry and preview the registry files you want to import (preview files directly from Windows Explorer). The automatic Registry cleanup mode helps you optimize your system performance. You can thoroughly search the Registry to find all the keys related to a certain application.

Easy Photo Uploader for Facebook

2.7 out of 5 stars

(August 1 - 11:48 AM ET)

Easy Photo Uploader for Facebook will resize and send photos to Facebook album from the shell explorer. Right click on any photo format (including raw files, CR2, NEF, etc.) and the program will send by batch the pictures in any new or existing Facebook photo albums. Resize is done with the best quality possible, and the highest resolution accepted by Facebook.

YUMI (Your Universal Multiboot Installer)

5.0 out of 5 stars

(August 1 - 11:40 AM ET)

YUMI (Your Universal Multiboot Installer), is the successor to MultibootISOs. It can be used to create a Multiboot USB Flash Drive containing multiple operating systems, antivirus utilities, disc cloning, diagnostic tools, and more. Contrary to MultiBootISO's which used grub to boot ISO files directly from USB, YUMI uses syslinux to boot extracted distributions stored on the USB device, and reverts to using grub to Boot Multiple ISO files from USB, if necessary.

Dropbox 2.10.27 Final

3.9 out of 5 stars

(August 1 - 11:40 AM ET)

Dropbox is the easiest way to store, sync, and, share files online. There's no complicated interface to learn. Dropbox works seamlessly with your operating system and automatically makes sure your files are up-to-date. Available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Calibre 1.47.0

4.4 out of 5 stars

(August 1 - 11:40 AM ET)

calibre is a free and open source e-book library management application developed by users of e-books for users of e-books. It has a cornucopia of features divided into the following main categories: Library Management, E-book conversion, Syncing to e-book reader devices, Downloading news from the web and converting it into e-book form, Comprehensive e-book viewer, Content server for online access to your book collection, and E-book editor for the major e-book formats.

SynWrite 6.6.1280

4.7 out of 5 stars

(August 1 - 11:18 AM ET)

SynWrite is a powerful text and source code editor with many features like syntax highlighting, code folding, tree structure, auto-completion, code templates, string extraction and clipboard history. Almost all kinds of encodings are supported. The use of external tools makes it possible to check your code and navigate to errors. As "Notepad replacement" Synwrite gives you a lightweight and full-featured alternative for windows text editing. Also runs as portable app or plugin for file manager "Total Commander".

Plex Media Server for Windows

4.8 out of 5 stars

(August 1 - 11:18 AM ET)

Plex is a powerful media-sharing and streaming server solution that works across your local network and the wider internet too. Plex bridges the gap between your computer and your home theater, doing so with a visually appealing user interface that provides instant access to your media. It can play a wide range of video, audio and photo formats without having to install any third party video plugins and can stream online audio and video content served by Plex Media Server.

AusLogics BoostSpeed

3.9 out of 5 stars

(August 1 - 11:18 AM ET)

AusLogics BoostSpeed is your one-stop computer maintenance and optimization tool, providing you with everything you may need to keep your PC running fast. The program will clean up, speed up and repair your system, tweak Windows settings to your liking and protect your privacy.

Microsoft Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit 5.0

3.8 out of 5 stars

(August 1 - 11:18 AM ET)

Microsoft Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit is a toolkit for deploying and configuring security mitigation technologies. The enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit (EMET) is designed to help prevent hackers from gaining access to your system. Software vulnerabilities and exploits have become an everyday part of life. Virtually every product has to deal with them and consequently, users are faced with a stream of security updates. For users who get attacked before the latest updates have been applied or who get attacked before an update is even available, the results can be devastating: malware, loss of PII, etc.

SUPERAntiSpyware Free Edition 6.0.1102

3.7 out of 5 stars

(August 1 - 11:18 AM ET)

SUPERAntiSpyware is the most thorough scanner on the market. Our Multi-Dimensional Scanning and Process Interrogation Technology will detect spyware other products miss. Easily remove pests such as WinFixer, SpyAxe, SpyFalcon, and thousands more. Repair broken Internet Connections, Desktops, Registry Editing and more with our unique Repair System. Dedicated Threat Research Team scours the web for new threats and provides daily definition updates.

SUPERAntiSpyware Free Edition does not include real-time blocking or scheduled scanning.

BitTorrent for Windows 7.9.2 Build 32692

3.8 out of 5 stars

(August 1 - 11:09 AM ET)

BitTorrent is a protocol for distributing files. It identifies content by URL and is designed to integrate seamlessly with the Web. Its advantage over plain HTTP is that when multiple downloads of the same file happen concurrently, the downloaders upload to each other, making it possible for the file source to support very large numbers of downloaders with only a modest increase in its load.

Wireshark 1.12.0

4.8 out of 5 stars

(August 1 - 11:09 AM ET)

Wireshark is a network protocol analyzer for Unix and Windows. It allows you to examine data from a live network or from a capture file on disk. You can interactively browse the capture data, viewing summary and detail information for each packet. Has several powerful features, including a rich display filter language and the ability to view the reconstructed stream of a TCP session.

Mozilla Firefox (Beta) 32.0 Beta 3

3.6 out of 5 stars Fileforum Pick

(August 1 - 11:09 AM ET)

Mozilla Firefox is a free and open source Web browser descended from the Mozilla Application Suite and managed by Mozilla Corporation. Firefox is the second most widely used browser.

To display web pages, Firefox uses the Gecko layout engine, which implements most current web standards in addition to several features that are intended to anticipate likely additions to the standards.

µTorrent for Windows

4.5 out of 5 stars Fileforum Pick

(August 1 - 11:09 AM ET)

µTorrent is an efficient and feature rich BitTorrent client for Windows sporting a very small footprint. It was designed to use as little cpu, memory and space as possible while offering all the functionality expected from advanced clients.