Tor for Windows 3.6.5

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Tor is a toolset for organizations and people that want to improve their safety and security on the Internet. Using Tor can help you anonymize Web browsing and publishing, instant messaging, IRC, SSH, and other applications that use the TCP protocol. Tor also provides a platform on which software developers can build new applications with built-in anonymity, safety, and privacy features.

Communications are bounced around a distributed network of servers, called onion routers. Instead of taking a direct route from source to destination, data packets on the Tor network take a random pathway through several servers that cover your tracks so no observer at any single point can tell where the data came from or where it's going. This makes it hard for recipients, observers, and even the onion routers themselves to figure out who and where you are. Tor's technology aims to provide Internet users with protection against "traffic analysis," a form of network surveillance that threatens personal anonymity and privacy, confidential business activities and relationships, and state security.

Reviews of Tor for Windows

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    Reviewing 3.6.3 (Jul 28, 2014)

    Inforwars... Please. Read on for more exciting 9/11 was an inside job news.
    Tor is still safe to use as long as those using it don't get lazy or use old, buggy software. Tho if you're doing illegal stuff anywhere online you're taking risks.

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  3. 5 out of 5 stars

    Reviewing 3.6 (May 1, 2014)

    PERSONALLY .. I'm not bothered about the Arguments "For or Against" TOR

    For those who want to give it a Go. Tread "very" Carefully.
    It is "NOT" Noob territory.
    Google>>> "FBI Has Tor Mail's Entire Email Database".... (Posted Jan 2014).
    5* .. Coz I'm for the People........ "WHO" needs a spyglass up their Jacksie.
    This platform is Monitored 24/7/52 .. by "Take your Pick".

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    Reviewing 2.3.25-11 (Aug 13, 2013)

    Well said @Uriel

    It's simple. If you want to dabble with this project. Don't get up
    to any mischief. Hundreds, even thousands of the IP's used are listed
    on Honeypot & Anti-Spam sites. If you don't understand what I've just
    said, Leave well Alone. Still gets 5* tho..... lol

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    Reviewing 2.3.25-11 (Aug 12, 2013)

    @JKooks: That article is only partially true and aimed at those who don't understand how the onion network works. For example, there is no exit node if one stayed within the onion network where the URL address ends with ".onion".. And those who want more security should download the Linux distro named "TAILS" anyway. It's completely open source and the fingerprint isn't going to match your usual unsecured operating system. Heck, you can even run it off of a live CD or a thumb drive making it easy to conceal from the police. And for those who may still be paranoid about their activities should search for the term "wardriving" and learn how to protect yourself at your end even further

    As for this update, it probably has something to do with the FBI recently injecting spyware into the onion servers of a convicted paedophile. Those who visit these servers can become infected if their TOR Bundle hasn't been updated and still is running on Firefox 17. Those who have Firefox 17 can become infected through iframes and malicious java script so it's a good idea to update your TOR bundle.

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  1. Mar 21, 2014 - 10:26 PM

    3.5.3 is a version of the Tor Browser Bundle. Version of Tor itself is