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  1. Review - Miranda IM

    0.10.31 (Apr 27, 2015)

    This is the release notes for this release:

    – Add SQLite database driver beta to contrib package (Use at your own risk!)

    and that comes from the Miranda page. Funny... they refuse to incorporate Bonjour, which a WIDE base uses, especially in Mac/PC environments... but they will include a driver beta and warn you that it's at your own risk.

    It's official. Miranda devs are the dumbest mofos in captivity.

  2. Review - Microsoft Windows 10 (x86)

    Technical Preview Build 10041 (Mar 26, 2015)

    Avoid this build. Super buggy. memory crashes, flashplayer lock up and crashes. Interface hiccups.

    Trust me... wait until a few patches release, but avoid this release.

  3. Review - OSForensics

    3.1.1005 (Feb 19, 2015)

    this is a bump for my previous review. This software helped me complete a research paper regarding the possibility of completely scrubbing a system and leaving no traces behind.

  4. Review - AdwCleaner

    4.111 (Feb 19, 2015)

    an absolute must have in the malware tool box.

  5. Review - MultiBootUSB

    7.3.0 (Feb 17, 2015)

    Tried multiple times with multiple different flavors... mint, ubuntu, fedora...
    this thing never worked.

    Looks good, functions like crap.

  6. Comment - Julius Baer drops suit against Wikileaks

    7.3.0 (Mar 6, 2008 - 12:50 PM)

    The only reason for a person, persons, company or companies to have a problem with a whistleblower is that they were involved in wrong doing to begin with. With that in mind, the public by and large have the right to know. Don't put your hand in the cookie jar, and you will never get caught with it there.

  7. Comment - Three Cellular Carriers Fined Over 911

    7.3.0 (Sep 1, 2007 - 6:03 PM)

    Um, you're not getting those phones for free, no matter what they tell you. You are in a contract that costs way more than you should have to pay for using phone service. Do you think you're really paying a fair price and getting what you're paying for? Keep telling yourself that. You WAY MORE than pay for those phones throughout the course of your contract. Try and cancel a contract and guess what? You get to pay a nice hefty cancellation fee. What do you think that fee is mostly for? You guessed pay for that "free phone" you thought you got.

    Tracking people in 911 calls is not done by GPS.. it's done by cellular triangulation, and some other high technobabble.

  8. Comment - Google Opens Gmail Signups Further

    7.3.0 (Feb 8, 2007 - 2:54 PM)

    Hotmail has the wonderful feature of setting up a white list that blocks out all emails from anyone except those that you specifically identify. Gmail doesn't have this. While the spam filter works fairly well, it still sickens me that the box fills up with close to 1500 spams over the course of 2 - 3 days. It wouldn't be a probolem with a configurable white list, which I've submitted requests for, but those requests seem to have fallen on "deaf ears, blind eyes"

  9. Comment - Microsoft Rushes to Fix Critical XP Flaw

    7.3.0 (Jul 18, 2005 - 8:32 PM)

    If MS was informed in May, how can they say they're "rushing" to fix this? Shouldn't the patch have been made available at the very next set of updates? Oh yeah sure... 'they've been working on it'. Uh huh.

  10. Comment - Citigroup Loses Data on 3.9 Million

    7.3.0 (Jun 7, 2005 - 11:07 AM)

    that's why they call it a 'class action suit' and yes, UPS deserves to be made to pay for their incompetence. Over the past 5-10 years they've been damaging and losing packages at an alarming rate, and they've been delivering packages late by sometimes as much as a day or two. WHat many customers don't realize is that they are entitled to refunds for these late or lost packages. UPS and other shippers rely on this ignorance to keep the 4 billion or so annual dollars a secret so they will not have to pay it back.