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  1. Review - Outlook on the Desktop (64-bit)

    3.2.3 (Jul 27, 2015)

    gawd that looks awful, the sooner you all abandon microsh!t the sooner we can live in a more interoperable world

  2. Review - Linux Kernel

    4.2-rc3 (Jul 23, 2015)

    Probably the single most important piece of code in the world today.

  3. Review - VoodooShield

    2.78 Beta (Jul 23, 2015)

    Windows will NEVER be secure, EVER. Install all the programs you like to make it safe, you are accomplishing nothing. Linux runs all phones, all of them, not viruses. Please find an argument to refute that cyberf**gtet999

  4. Review - Debian

    9.0 (Stretch) Alpha 1 (Jul 22, 2015)

    Ya forget that , Sparky might be the way to go now with gnome shell.

  5. Review - CCEnhancer

    4.3.1 (Jul 6, 2015)

    All this deleting stuff is rarely necessary. Most programs have a limit to how much they will cache, so when it hits that limit then it will start deleting the old stuff, like browsers do. If you delete the cache then the first thing the program will do next time you run it is start fulling up the cache again. Most of the things deleted by CC are silly, and in some cases will make it so you can no longer uninstall or update some applications.

    And 99% of the time when I see someone swearing by a program like CC, they are the dumbest mutherfukker computer users in the universe.

  6. Comment - Identify edited images with JPEGSnoop

    4.3.1 (Feb 4, 2011 - 2:28 PM)

    How, so you could tell which ones had their boobs altered in post?

  7. Comment - Latest Winamp adds access to CBS Radio stations

    4.3.1 (Jul 18, 2008 - 10:37 AM)

    Funny, when you install AIMP, you have the option to install various languages, including English.

    I did not switch on to AIMP until the 2.5 betas started apparing, then I installed it with the Winamp skin, and quite frankly it looks identical to Winamp 5 but still sounds 10 times better and has more features. Give it another look, its here on fileforum.

  8. Comment - Latest Winamp adds access to CBS Radio stations

    4.3.1 (Jul 17, 2008 - 3:45 PM)

    Switched to AIMP a year ago, from winamp, about 10 trillion times better. Winamp is dead, sorry to say.

  9. Comment - Apple Releases Mac OS X 10.4.8

    4.3.1 (Oct 2, 2006 - 10:59 AM)

    No, they have bought a lot of companies who actually do make software good, but like all the other software companies they have bought over the years, this latest batch will be ignored by MS and their user base will all leave and go to Open Source apps instead.

    MS is the greatest supporter for Open Source I have ever seen! By cutting support for all the products they buy and try to integrate, they leave people with no choice but to use open source!

    God I love MS, they is sooo smrt.

  10. Comment - Apple Releases Mac OS X 10.4.8

    4.3.1 (Oct 2, 2006 - 10:55 AM)

    Ubuntu is gonna kick both your OS's butts, so chew on that for a while. Oh, and its free unlike yours, and it always will be.

    Its gonna be a different PC world in a year or so, Ubuntu + crossover = happinness.