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  1. Review - CCleaner for Windows

    5.01.5075 (Dec 18, 2014)

    I really don't need or will use some of the new features in CCleaner but it remains a stable & the best all round cleaner there is - Always 5 stars.

  2. Review - IObit Driver Booster (Dec 18, 2014)

    No problems with the program - Though IMO if your recent PC is running well updating drivers unless you are a gamer can cause more problems than it solves, if in doubt leave well alone as most updates come along with a share of new bugs. Updating drivers is an overrated pastime :-)

  3. Review - WindowBlinds

    8.09 (Dec 17, 2014)

    Been totally stable for some years now, no changes in responsiveness of the PC running it whatsoever. Heaps of free skins available which although add no functionality, do make using Windows more enjoyable - A great program.

  4. Review - Opera for Windows

    26.0.1656.60 (Dec 17, 2014)

    Still unable to add bookmarks in folders onto the bar below the address bar as in just about every other browser on earth - It seems Opera feel users don't use bookmarks if you research. (you can import them though)

    Though I suppose the ones that did use bookmarks have long since buggered off to alternative browsers long ago & the few users that Opera have left don't need them. Privacy is not high on Opera's list of importance either & few things can be customised, it seems you do it Opera's way or not at all from my hour spent with it today.

    IMHO the worse browser in the entire world which also left huge amounts of junk after uninstalling esp. in the registry, so be prepared to either restore an image or spend half hour cleaning your PC of this browser.

    If you are inclined to give it a try again, don't bother, it really is a piece of junk which requires alternative thinking way beyond that needed to use Windows & Linux on the same PC.

    @rafaelluik - I tried it stupidly again & still dislike it with bells on.

  5. Review - UnHackMe (Dec 11, 2014)

    Actually I install everything I review on here & always have - One thing people should be aware of is unlike Mbam there is no free trail & no free version either, on install you are immediately greeted with a large garish banner asking for $34.00 with a special offer for 2 PC's at the same cost.

    After scanning the program found 'WinPatrol' as malicious & it certainly isn't, the program however does come with an uninstaller though, (did you install it Pkshadow?) but adds 2 run entries on startup - Prefer Mbam & as I fix PC's for a living I've seen just about all the malware there is around - Free ADW Cleaner along with free Mbam & TDS cleaner will find just about all there is.

    This program is not highly rated on here though the author gave it 5 stars - To be fair I will not review it again.