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  1. Review - Panda Free Antivirus

    17.0 (Aug 29, 2016)

    So impressed with this I've ditched ESET & now use the pay version of Panda, light on resources & very configurable along with good interface. Gets good results on AV tests. Great program.

  2. Review - CCleaner for Windows

    5.21.5700 (Aug 16, 2016)

    How CCleaner has destroyed Fred's PC is beyond me, I've installed this program on more units than I can count. 'Destroying' a computer is a big statement to make, I wonder Fred: Have you ever visited the planet earth?

    Great program used for many many years, not one PC destroyed :-)

    What does Norton have to do with it anyway?

  3. Review - Emsisoft Emergency Kit (Aug 14, 2016)

    A mere 225 Meg - No need for that in 2016 ~ Although Emsisoft feel lots of Meg & associated high memory usage is a good thing? Cloud?

  4. Review - TrojanHunter

    6.2 (Aug 8, 2016)

    Now offering lifetime licenses, which it's odd as most have moved from the unsustainable lifetime system to yearly licenses. Most worryingly clicking on the forum link on the main website takes you to an extremely dodgy mp3/4 site? Something I would NOT expect to find on a security site unless something is badly wrong.

  5. Review - CCleaner for Windows

    5.19.5633 (Jun 21, 2016)

    'Upgrade' button now fluorescent green, can't see this being free for much longer?