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  1. Review - Malwarebytes (Dec 20, 2016)

    Still have issue mentioned in changelog above '- Fixed issue where “Real-Time Protection disabled” notifications would display throughout the day (NOTE: this notification may still be seen on reboot on some systems, but we’re working on another longer-term fix to address that separately' (I'm so very happy) This was reported on first beta BTW DKDude.

    Seems its mainly with fast SSD's & many others have the same problem along with other unsolved problems, should have stayed in beta longer - Been a fan of this program for many, many years but what idiot thought the version before this was a final?

    Solve the bloody problems in beta next time.

  2. Review - Total Commander (32-bit/64-bit)

    9.00a (Dec 15, 2016)

    All the reviews below are fake apart from BooM13's - All the other members below gave a review on the day they joined & a few reviews to other programs on the same day & never gave another review - Very sad when any company needs to do that.

    This has the ugliest UI on any program ever made, not bad but Free Commander is almost as good & don't cause you to vomit while using it & is free ~

  3. Review - Malwarebytes (Dec 9, 2016)

    @Steve1209 - Agree with you regarding beta issues carried on into the final.. I have a problem where the program insists all security setting haven't been set & I get a pop-up on each re-boot. Seems on the forum this is a known problem with the releases build. Not a good idea to release a program with such large problems to the general public as some will try it have problems & never return.

    Still needs work & many are having the program use large amounts of RAM among other problems ~ However from memory this has happened several times in the past with early Malwarebytes release builds & betas in the past have always been unusually buggy & more like alpha builds - You might be best to wait a couple of weeks before installing?

  4. Review - Malwarebytes (Beta) (Nov 25, 2016)

    Looking good - Now combines anti-malware, exploit protection & anti-ransom products in one. I'm having a few problems with the beta remembering my settings on re-boot but happy issues will be sorted on final. Scans far faster than original Malwarebytes along with many new features.

    It's now being touted as a 'Next-Generation Antivirus Replacement' - So make of it what you will :-)

  5. Review - O&O SafeErase Professional (64-bit)

    11.0.89 (Nov 17, 2016)

    I've bought this since version 5 & the changes from version to version are miniscule. I wont be buying it anymore, it has few functions if any CCleaner don't have. O&O just roll a new numbered version out every year like clockwork to extract cash from their users as they do with all their products.- Don't bother.