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  1. Review - Acronis True Image

    2017 20.0 Build 5554 (Sep 21, 2016)

    Bought last years bloated garbage but then found Macrium Reflect Free Edition which is easier to use & does the job perfectly. Looking at the file size for Acrosis which is around half a GIG is beyond ridiculous, Macrium is around half that. If you must have all the bells & whistles then go for Acronis, if you live on planet Earth then go for Macrium.

  2. Review - Ace Utilities

    6.3.0 RC1 (Sep 18, 2016)

    Another fix all program - Unneeded & has the ability to really, really mess a PC up, & eventually will - CCleaner does all you want & use that with care too.

  3. Review - jv16 PowerTools RC3 (Sep 18, 2016)

    I used this for some time many, many years ago, today it's just not needed or IMO it's not even the right program for Win 7 & up. Registry cleaning with today's PC's makes little difference in speed & risks causing issues you may not even find for some time. If you have regular C:\ images fair enough if not avoid it. Many of the PC's I fix are messed up with so called 'clean/speed up' programs - Look at the past bug fixes & the times the accuracy of registry cleaning has been fixed.

    Mixed views here:


  4. Review - Zemana AntiMalware (Sep 18, 2016)

    Similar to HMP but has real time protection & different strengths & weaknesses to HMP - Most impressive, nothing like the screenshot above now.

  5. Review - FastStone Image Viewer

    5.9 (Sep 15, 2016)

    Great program, cant fault it. Worth anyone with photos installing it.