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  1. Review - CCleaner for Windows

    5.19.5633 (Jun 21, 2016)

    'Upgrade' button now fluorescent green, can't see this being free for much longer?

  2. Review - Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit (Jun 18, 2016)

    I have actually bought the full product though in the year I've used its never flagged an issue - I'll still use it after the renewal date but MAY use the free version.

  3. Review - AdwCleaner

    5.200 (Jun 18, 2016)

    First class but make sure flagged issues are genuine as it can flag genuine programs/files as suspicious, but still a great product for cleaning up an infected PC !

  4. Review - Panda Free Antivirus 2016

    v16.1.3 (Jun 18, 2016)

    Although I use ESET SS on my main PC I have been most impressed with this running on a second PC - Most reviews of this AV have been excellent & IMO you wont go far wrong with this as an AV solution !

    P.S - My girlfriend got pregnant soon after installing this product so beware & if you use Panda take proper & reinforced precautions.

  5. Review - AnyDVD HD (Jun 2, 2016)

    ChipChop - I'm inclined to agree with you