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  1. Review - Ashampoo Photo Commander

    12.0.0 (Jul 9, 2014)

    For basic photo viewing, quick cropping & leveling of photographs as well as basic brightness, contrast etc adjustment it's great - Costs me around £9 to upgrade & find it very useful - If you want to do advanced photo editing you need Adobe Elements or the unsurpassed Photoshop, although Serif Photo-Plus is also half decent. This version 12.0 is not the final.

    Betanoob don't be an idiot all your life, have a day off - Oh & try to get to school more.

    One of Betanoob's alter-ego's is Jetz BTW.

  2. Review - east-tec Eraser 2014

    11.1.2 (Jul 1, 2014)

    One & half years later the special offer reduction from, $49.95 to $34.95 (Summer Sale Limited Time Offers expires July 31) strangely is still on, if they can't be honest & upfront about the true cost of their software that puts into doubt some of their other claims.

    I stand by my original review, CCleaner will do as good a job for free, & the cost of this software is still prohibitive & expensive compared to other pay for cleaners - Also there is PrivaZer, again free or donate $10 for it.

  3. Review - Adobe Shockwave Player (Jul 1, 2014)

    It's bundled with Norton Security - What sane person while updating this sadly needed program would think oh I'll install Norton along with it - Crazy with massive bells on.

  4. Review - Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware (May 21, 2014)

    More UI tweaks & lots of program changes, if you have had issues with original 2.x try again.

    Full change log:


  5. Review - PrivaZer

    2.19 (May 13, 2014)

    Great program & always evolving - Worth donating as the donors version is better & other extra improvements on the way, but free version still good.