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Member since March 1, 2012

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    Cool Britannia

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    United Kingdom

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  1. Review - CCleaner for Windows

    4.17.4808 (Aug 27, 2014)

    Brilliant program, used it since the beginning & no problems, no need to buy other fancy cleaners this is all you need.

  2. Review - Ashampoo WinOptimizer

    11.00.41 (Aug 5, 2014)

    I'm not fond of this or any other fix all utility programs - 30 years ago with Win 95 maybe, but most internal Windows settings can be enabled by using 'GOD Mode' if you really feel the need, registry cleaners can cause more problems than they solve - Using a free program such as CCleaner is really all you need.

  3. Review - Reg Organizer

    6.55 Beta 3 (Jul 26, 2014)

    The latest additions on version & the & the last update are unwanted & unneeded, the author does what he thinks is right but does not listen to his customers, yet more pointless changes with this version, though still a good program for those who tinker with the registry - This is expensive software & I would not pay the sites asking place but search for discounts - If the program gets more unwanted changes in time I will ditch it.

  4. Review - Ashampoo Photo Commander

    12.0.0 (Jul 9, 2014)

    For basic photo viewing, quick cropping & leveling of photographs as well as basic brightness, contrast etc adjustment it's great - Costs me around £9 to upgrade & find it very useful - If you want to do advanced photo editing you need Adobe Elements or the unsurpassed Photoshop, although Serif Photo-Plus is also half decent. This version 12.0 is not the final.

    Betanoob don't be an idiot all your life, have a day off - Oh & try to get to school more.

    One of Betanoob's alter-ego's is Jetz BTW.

  5. Review - east-tec Eraser 2014

    11.1.2 (Jul 1, 2014)

    One & half years later the special offer reduction from, $49.95 to $34.95 (Summer Sale Limited Time Offers expires July 31) strangely is still on, if they can't be honest & upfront about the true cost of their software that puts into doubt some of their other claims.

    I stand by my original review, CCleaner will do as good a job for free, & the cost of this software is still prohibitive & expensive compared to other pay for cleaners - Also there is PrivaZer, again free or donate $10 for it.