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Member since March 1, 2012

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    Cool Britannia

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    United Kingdom

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  1. Review - Ashampoo Burning Studio

    14.0.9 (Oct 29, 2014)

    Good burning program though seldom used these days as hi-fi on streaming .flac now & rarely burn CD/DVD these days so 14.xx will probably be these last version I buy - One of the better burning programs & easy to burn ISO,CUE, Bin etc. ~

  2. Review - CCleaner for Windows

    4.19.4867 (Oct 25, 2014)

    Used on dozens + of PC's over the years never had a problem - The winapp2 additions offer greater cleaning, just gets better & amazingly still free.

  3. Review - IObit Smart Defrag (Oct 23, 2014)

    Adds crap when installed & also adds 2 startup entries - You can do far better than this, mostly used by IOBIt to get you to try their other products.

  4. Review - - Windows Repair

    2.10.0 (Oct 23, 2014)

    @FreeSpeech - My Pc's are imaged regularly & can be restored in a matter of minutes - This program can be useful in repairing PC's used by those who don't image & backup, these things can be done manually of course but it's still a useful program IMO ~

  5. Review - Ad Muncher

    4.94.34115 Beta (Oct 21, 2014)

    It doesn't work at all in IE 11, despite claims it works in all browsers, added to the point it doesn't work on encrypted pages on any browser has now made it pretty much useless - Version 5 is as elusive as ever.

    As an ex premium user I stopped using it when it stopped working on half the internet despite having a viable licence - Being free now doesn't change that - Hopefully version 5 will be available in the near future!

    Though 5 was talked about almost 10 years ago & the interface was done 6 years ago?

    --------------> http://forum.admuncher.c...topic.php?f=8&t=569

    --------------> http://www.murrayhurps.c...og/ad-muncher-version-5