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  1. Review - Microsoft Windows 8.1 Update (x86)

    (Apr 9, 2014)

    @GylmerM - The radical changes & U turn MS has done with 8.1 shows that MS got it wrong with 8, if not why the changes? BTW: losers not loosers ;-)

    8.1 is pretty good.

    @johnusa - You must stop these overly emotional outbursts it will be your undoing & you come across as somewhat unhinged?

  2. Review - Microsoft Windows 8.1 Update (x64)

    (Apr 9, 2014)

    Windows 8 was the baby of Steven Sinofsky who has left MS (actually fired) - Despite negative feedback on the release of beta's of 8 MS decided to bulldoze it's users into using a touch screen interface with a mouse & keyboard instead of giving the option on install of a simple choice - Big mistake, this has caused MS to do a big U turn with 8.1 & hopefully will cause some corporate users to move to 8 as 8 has had the worst reception since Vista.

    8 has some significant advantages over 7 with security & improved code - I personally think MS has annoyed so many people with 8 whatever they do now wont work & it needs a re-name (9 Maybe?) - The 100 people on the planet who feel 8 was better with a mouse than 7 must now be kicking themselves with 8.1 - Took a while to get there MS & shame on you thinking your user base were idiots - Win 7 would get 5 stars ~

    @Infidelus - People have the right to express their opinion as long as it's done properly, me I hated 8 unless was modified with add-ons, the lack of sales & the large changes with 8.1 showed people voted with their wallets & rejected 8 in it's initial form, I was one of those :-)

    @johnusa: Executing people for writing software is way OTT though :-)

    Though not liking 8 did not mean you were an idiot though.

  3. Review - Ashampoo Burning Studio

    14.0.5 (Apr 7, 2014)

    Isn't it about time Betanoob was barred from this forum?

    @ BANDIT : - I 'had a go at you' because you in the link you posted did not install the software so how can you review that? I stand by that statement, You simply cannot review something you have never used recently.

    FUI - I have put 2 reviews of this software (Ashampoo Burning Studio) if you care to scroll down a little

    As for Betanoob his/her reviews recently called the German firm Ashampoo a term used around WW2 which is highly illegal in Europe & has no place on any site public or not, actually that review was removed as I reported it - Such comments not only can cause legal proceeding against the person but also the site hosting the comments - If you really have anything to do with IT you would certainly know that? It does seem from your own words you are a hacker/cracker & warez distributor, though highly unlikely but still unwise to post such comments on a public forum don't you think?

    Noobs other pointless reviews usually contain expletives & have referred to stealing software off 'The Pirate Bay' which it thinks is preferable to buying software & I think it's time its brainless reviews were removed - Disagree if you wish, although it seems you may do the same.

    On this review you yet again haven't reviewed the software as it's obvious you don't use it & just has a prolonged rant, this software is pretty good & an great alternative to Nero, read up before you comment next time please, or do you feel you are some sort of tech guru? You gave this software 1 star, can you explain why, you have yet to do that ~

    Your recent review on 'RegSeeker' : Once again you haven't used it, I agree with you the registry cleaning part being dangerous but I know that because I ran it, recently & years ago - You however did not & just made a generic comment regarding it, unless 'Not Tested' does mean installed & ran?? - At the very least run programs you review or don't type, that's not so complicated is it?

    I never review software I haven't tested.

    Oh & BTW I've worked with PC's/Servers since day one & no I'm not German & not into Warez either & forgot more than you will ever know :-)

    As for your moronic comment RE: 'Making my info public' - Is that a threat? Yet another unwise comment to make - What an edjit you really are ! Says lots about you & your overwhelming crass stupidity & lack of intellect - You get no stars.

  4. Review - Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware (Apr 7, 2014)

    Some good interface improvements after following feedback on their forum, still more improvements in the pipeline but looking & performing very well indeed.

  5. Review - Norton Internet Security

    2014 (Mar 29, 2014)

    I actually beta tested this as I have for some years & was glad to see the back of it, yet again the UI changes are unnecessary - Norton is once again losing the plot, compare the install size of Norton @ 280 meg against ESET SS @ 78 & ESET for example is by far the better product, you can do much better than Norton ~

    (Mikebray is a spammer)