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  1. Review - Trillian

    0.70 (Dec 6, 2001)

    Now that they delivered as promised, I think it is about time that we started donating so they will keep this great program going!

  2. Review - nVIDIA GeForce Drivers for Windows 9x/Me

    7.17 (Jan 15, 2001)

    7.17 has been out for MONTHS. And they have been working great on my Creative Anhilator 2.

  3. Review - IE QuickStart

    1.8.175 (Jun 26, 2000)

    This program is a good idea, but has a serious problem: it opens each new browser window as a separate process. That means that it uses up an enormous amount of memory. I use internet explorer 5.01 under win 98SE and have only tested the program on that platform. The alternative method for the program to function would be use open all of the windows using the same process (like hitting [ctrl-n] ) which would use a fraction of the memory. The way the program works right now, if I allowed it to open 24 addresses, it would use ~360 megs of memory.

  4. Review - Watchman

    4.1 (Mar 16, 2000)

    Useful program. Unfortunately, it only works for 15 min at a time in unregistered form. And it is not worth registering. I have also had some problems with the process identifiers were the program starts trying to shut down some essential windows components.

  5. Review - MotherBoard Monitor

    4.12 (Nov 20, 1999)

    I could not get the program to run under win 98 SE either. It crashes right after the splash screen.